SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 26
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHAWKL000 S_AHR_61002894 Create Wage Types for Cost Accounting 
2 OHAWMZ001 S_AHR_61002133 Determine Units of Currency 
3 OHAWOCA002 S_AHR_61012658 Set Up Absence Valuation for Off-Cycle Activities 
4 OHAWOCAP001 S_AHR_61012659 Define Default Values for Payments in Advance 
5 OHAWOCMCP1 S_AHR_61012661 Settings for Printing Check Using Manual Number Assignment 
6 OHAWOCPM001 S_AHR_61012663 Create Process Models 
7 OHAWOCPM01 S_AHR_61012660 Check Payment Key 
8 OHAWOCRP01 S_AHR_61012662 Replace Checks 
9 OHAWPART S_AHR_61002904 Part-Month Parameter for Differing Time Units 
10 OHAWPAY002 S_AHR_61002392 Define Schedule for Payroll Calendar 
11 OHAWPAY003 S_AHR_61002395 Specify Version for Payroll Driver 
12 OHAWQUOTACOMP00 S_AHR_61019353 Create wage type catalog 
13 OHAWQUOTACOMP01 S_AHR_61019354 Assign Wage Types to the Quotas to be Compensated 
14 OHAWQUOTACOMPTM S_PH0_48000248 Prerequisite Data Maintenance in Time Management 
15 OHAWR1024 S_AHR_61002935 Define rules for limits 
16 OHAWR1025 S_AHR_61002965 Set up wage type classes and attach limits 
17 OHAWR1026 S_AHR_61007073 Set limit modifier 
18 OHAWR1027 S_AHR_61002891 Maintain wage types for limits 
19 OHAWRI011 S_AHR_61003037 Prepare Wage Type Overview 
20 OHAWRI012 S_AHR_61003038 Obtain Overview of Accounts 
21 OHAWRI013 S_AHR_61019350 Posting to Company Code Clearing Accounts 
22 OHAWRI015 S_AHR_61002376 Define Employee Grouping Account Determination 
23 OHAWRI031 S_AHR_61002334 Define Posting Characteristics of Wage Types 
24 OHAWRI042 S_AHR_61002358 Define Symbolic Accounts 
25 OHAWRI051 S_AHR_61002337 Assign Balance Sheet Accounts 
26 OHAWRI052 S_AHR_61006977 Assign Expense Accounts 
27 OHAWRI053 S_AHR_61002352 Assign Customer Accounts 
28 OHAWRI054 S_AHR_61002355 Assign Vendor Accounts 
29 OHAWRI055 S_AHR_61002401 Assign Loan Accounts 
30 OHAWRI056 S_AHR_61002349 Assign Technical Accounts 
31 OHAWRI061 S_AHR_61006982 Set up Fixed Cost Postings 
32 OHAWRI062 S_AHR_61002408 Check Consistency of Customizing Entries 
33 OHAWRI063 S_AHR_61002413 Generate Posting Dates for Payroll Periods 
34 OHAWRI064 S_AHR_61019349 Set Up Substitute Cost Centers 
35 OHAWRI070 S_AHR_61006984 Set-up Line Item Text 
36 OHAWRI071 S_AHR_61002421 Create Posting Variants 
37 OHAWRI080 S_AHR_61002398 Create Variants 
38 OHAWRI081 S_AHR_61006979 Authorizations and Profiles 
39 OHAWRI090 S_AHR_61002383 Set Up Export to R/2 System or R/3 System <4.0 
40 OHAWSL001 S_AHR_61002888 Cumulate and Store Time Wage Types 
41 OHAWSL002 S_AHR_61002960 Form Cumulation Wage Types Based on Master Data 
42 OHAWSL003 S_AHR_61007074 Create Cumulation Wage Type on Basis of External Transfers 
43 OHAWTI110 S_AHR_61002871 Define Time Types 
44 OHAWTI120 S_AHR_61007054 Assign Time Identifiers to Time Pairs 
45 OHAWTI130 S_AHR_61002879 Define Processing Types 
46 OHAWTI210 S_AHR_61002883 Check Access of Day Processing 
47 OHAWTI310 S_AHR_61002861 Set Groupings 
48 OHAWTI321 S_AHR_61002840 Retrieve Planned Working Time From Work Schedule 
49 OHAWTI322 S_AHR_61002845 Import Substitution Data 
50 OHAWTI323 S_AHR_61002849 Import Absence Data 
51 OHAWTI324 S_AHR_61002856 Import Overtime Data 
52 OHAWTI325 S_AHR_61002837 Define Breaks to be Read 
53 OHAWTI330 S_AHR_61003026 Compare Daily Work Schedule with Time Data 
54 OHAWTI340 S_AHR_61007050 Evaluate Break Data 
55 OHAWTI361 S_AHR_61002580 Define Valuation Classes for Period Work Schedule 
56 OHAWTI362 S_AHR_61002591 Set Generation Rules 
57 OHAWTI363 S_AHR_61002585 Define Groupings 
58 OHAWTI364 S_AHR_61002600 Generate Wage Types 
59 OHAWTI370 S_AHR_61007002 Compensate overtime 
60 OHAWUM002 S_AHR_61002385 Maintain Authorizations 
61 OHAWUM003 S_AHR_61002389 Maintain Profiles 
62 OHAWUM006 S_AHR_61007043 Assign Payroll Accounting Areas to Period Modifiers 
63 OHAWUM008 S_AHR_61002826 Generate Payroll Periods 
64 OHAWUM010 S_AHR_61002780 Employer Addresses 
65 OHAWUM012 S_AHR_61002812 Define Period Modifiers 
66 OHAWUM013 S_AHR_61002808 Protect Personnel Calculation Rules 
67 OHAWUM014 S_AHR_61002817 Define Date Modifiers 
68 OHAWUM015 S_AHR_61002829 Generate Calendar 
69 OHAWUM016 S_AHR_61002834 Check Calendar for Cumulation 
70 OHAWUM022 S_AHR_61002785 Maintain customer-specific processing classes 
71 OHAWUM023 S_AHR_61002790 Maintain customer-specific evaluation classes 
72 OHAWUM024 S_AHR_61002794 Create Wage Type Catalog 
73 OHAWUM025 S_AHR_61002797 Change Wage Type Texts 
74 OHAWUM026 S_AHR_61007039 Change Wage Type Characteristics 
75 OHAWUM104 S_AHR_61002864 Check Assignment to Wage Type Group 
76 OHAWUM105 S_AHR_61002867 Check Logical View 
77 OHAWZA1040B S_AHR_61007064 Check Payroll Schema 
78 OHAX0902 S_AHR_61010284 Check Cumulation Calendar 
79 OHAX0903 S_AHR_61010301 Define Cumulation Types for Wage Types 
80 OHAX0911 S_AHR_61010288 Define Cumulation Types 
81 OHAX0912 S_AHR_61010293 Assign Cumulation Types to Time Units 
82 OHAX0913 S_AHR_61010297 Define Cumulation Periods 
83 OHAX1016 S_AHR_61010392 Assign Processing Classes to Wage Types 
84 OHAX483 S_AHR_61010218 Convert Old Customer Form 
85 OHAX601 S_AHR_61010725 Convert Old Customer Form 
86 OHAXAB001 S_AHR_61010835 Describe Absence Valuation Rules 
87 OHAXAB002 S_AHR_61010876 Group Absences for Absence Valuation 
88 OHAXAB003 S_AHR_61010867 Define Grouping for Absence Valuation 
89 OHAXAB004 S_AHR_61010764 Define Day Rules 
90 OHAXAB005 S_AHR_61010808 Create Wage Type Catalog 
91 OHAXAB009 S_AHR_61010936 Valuate Absences Using "As If" Principle 
92 OHAXAB010 S_AHR_61010960 Special Processing for Absence Valuation Rules 
93 OHAXAB011 S_AHR_61010928 Create Counting Classes for Absence Valuation 
94 OHAXAB012 S_AHR_61011004 Valuate Absences by Constants/Averages 
95 OHAXAB200 S_AHR_61010912 Valuate Absences after Quota Deduction 
96 OHAXAL01 S_AHR_61010877 Bases 
97 OHAXAR_GL014 S_L7D_24002244 Note for relevance 
98 OHAXAV001 S_AHR_61010760 Bases for Valuation of Averages 
99 OHAXAV511A S_AHR_61010859 Create Calculation Rules for Averages 
100 OHAXAV511B S_AHR_61010879 Create Cumulation Rules for Bases for Calculating Averages 
101 OHAXAV511C S_AHR_61010873 Create Adjustment Rules for Bases for Calculating Averages 
102 OHAXAVBAS S_AHR_61010799 Create Bases for Calculating Average Values 
103 OHAXAVP15 S_AHR_61010837 Assign the Valuation of Averages to a Primary Wage Type 
104 OHAXAVX017 S_AHR_61010786 Create Relevancy Test 
105 OHAXAVX018 S_AHR_61010783 Create Final Processing Rule 
106 OHAXAVXT00 S_AHR_61010869 Adjust Calculation of Averages Within the Payroll Run 
107 OHAXBEN001 S_AHR_61010506 Wage Type Catalog 
108 OHAXBEN002 S_AHR_61010510 Set Up Current Benefit Area 
109 OHAXBEN003 S_AHR_61010514 Define Wage Types for Benefit Plans 
110 OHAXBEN004 S_AHR_61010488 Assign Deduction Models 
111 OHAXBEN005 S_AHR_61010462 Assign Reasons for Off-Cycle Payroll Runs 
112 OHAXBE_OVERTIME_BRRT S_L7D_24000140 Map Wage Types to Source Grouping 
113 OHAXBE_OVERTIME_UEX S_L7D_24000141 BAdI: Activate Overtime 
114 OHAXBW004 S_AHR_61010806 Define Wage Type-Dependent Constants 
115 OHAXBW005 S_AHR_61010803 Define Pay Scale-Dependent Constants 
116 OHAXBW006 S_AHR_61010821 Create Person-Related Valuation Bases 
117 OHAXBW019 S_AHR_61010779 Assign Valuation Bases 
118 OHAXBW21 S_AHR_61010849 Determine Valuation Basis for Different Payment 
119 OHAXBW22 S_AHR_61010828 Calculate Valuation Basis with Higher Value 
120 OHAXDE1040B S_AHR_61010422 Check Payroll Schema 
121 OHAXDE1041 S_AHR_61010494 Define Priority for Deductions 
122 OHAXDE1043 S_AHR_61010500 Maintain Recovery of Arrears 
123 OHAXDE1044 S_AHR_61010497 Maintain Arrears Deductions for Retroactive Accounting 
124 OHAXDE1046 S_AHR_61010503 Split Unconditional Deductions into Paid Amount and Advance 
125 OHAXDE1048 S_AHR_61010491 Check Wage Type Group 'Deductions for Arrears' 
126 OHAXDEX10 S_L9C_94000096 Define External Application 
127 OHAXDEX20 S_L9C_94000097 Define Wage Types 
128 OHAXDEX30 S_L9C_94000098 Activate Calculation 
129 OHAXDL021 S_AHR_61010479 Activate Calculation 
130 OHAXDL022 S_AHR_61010483 Store Additional Values 
131 OHAXDL023 S_AHR_61010485 Check Payroll Constants 
132 OHAXDL024 S_AHR_61019101 Adjust Value Date 
133 OHAXDL025 S_PH0_48000275 Specify Interest Calculation Method 
134 OHAXDL030 S_AHR_61018922 Maintain Loan Types 
135 OHAXDL031 S_AHR_61010469 Create a Loan Type 
136 OHAXDL032 S_AHR_61010473 Assign Repayment Type 
137 OHAXDL033 S_AHR_61018930 Adjust Screen Control 
138 OHAXDL034 S_AHR_61010477 Create Loan Conditions 
139 OHAXDL035 S_AHR_61019099 Control Allocation of Loans 
140 OHAXDL036 S_PH0_48000183 Set Up Customer Payment Types 
141 OHAXDL037 S_PH0_48000184 Program Processing Logic for Payment Types 
142 OHAXDT002 S_AHR_61010306 Set Up House Banks 
143 OHAXDT003 S_AHR_61010309 Define Sending Banks 
144 OHAXDT004 S_AHR_61010271 Check Text Keys for Payment Transactions 
145 OHAXDT009 S_AHR_61011017 Note Several Payment Runs per Period for Garnishments 
146 OHAXDV001 S_AHR_61010466 Make Settings for Transferring Last Payroll Result 
147 OHAXEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61010557 Provide Remuneration Statement in Internet 
148 OHAXEDTINTERNET1 S_PL0_09000244 Provide Remuneration Statement in Internet 
149 OHAXEDTINTERNET1_102 S_PLN_62000198 Edit Variant and Feature EDTIN 
150 OHAXF0002 S_AHR_61016543 Design form 
151 OHAXF0004 S_AEN_10000029 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
152 OHAXFO002 S_AHR_61011052 Create Draft Form 
153 OHAXFO003 S_AHR_61010730 Copy Form 
154 OHAXFO004 S_AHR_61010731 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
155 OHAXFO004_FR S_AEN_10000030 Manage evaluation classes and corresponding values 
156 OHAXFO004_GB S_AEN_10000051 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
157 OHAXFO005 S_AHR_61010733 Set Up Alternative Currency 
158 OHAXFO006 S_AHR_61010546 Set Up Address 
159 OHAXFO008 S_AHR_61010549 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
160 OHAXFO008_FR S_AEN_10000031 Modify Address Infotype (0006) 
161 OHAXFO008_GB S_AEN_10000052 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
162 OHAXFOPA002 S_AHR_61010559 Set Up Payroll Account 
163 OHAXFOPJ100 S_AHR_61010562 Convert Old Form 
164 OHAXFOPJ201 S_AHR_61010564 Set Up Page Header 
165 OHAXFOPJ202 S_AHR_61010544 Set Up Payroll Excerpts 
166 OHAXFOPJ203 S_AHR_61010517 Set Up Continuation Excerpts 
167 OHAXFOPJ204 S_AHR_61010519 Set Up Totals Display 
168 OHAXFORS001 S_AHR_61010551 Convert Old Form 
169 OHAXFORS002 S_AHR_61010554 Set Up Remuneration Statement 
170 OHAXFORS010 S_AHR_61011066 Example: Cumulation Identifier in Single Field 
171 OHAXFORS030 S_AHR_61011069 Example with New Procedure 
172 OHAXFORS031 S_AHR_61011071 Example with Old Procedure 
173 OHAXFORS040 S_AHR_61011072 Example: Leave-Data in Window 
174 OHAXFORS050 S_AHR_61011074 Example: Time Quota in Single Field 
175 OHAXFORS060 S_AHR_61011075 Example: Time Quota in Window 
176 OHAXFORS070 S_AHR_61011077 Example: Notification in Window 
177 OHAXIE1021 S_PH9_46000306 Rename wage types for arrears processing 
178 OHAXIE1024 S_PH9_46000302 Define rules for limits 
179 OHAXIE1025 S_PH9_46000304 Set up wage type classes and attach limits 
180 OHAXIE1026 S_PH9_46000303 Set limit modifier 
181 OHAXIE1027 S_PH9_46000305 Maintain wage types for limits 
182 OHAXIE1040B S_PH9_46000307 Check payroll schema 
183 OHAXIE1041 S_PH9_46000309 Define priority for deductions 
184 OHAXIE1043 S_PH9_46000311 Maintain recovery of arrears 
185 OHAXIE1044 S_PH9_46000310 Maintain arrears deductions for retroactive accounting 
186 OHAXIE1046 S_PH9_46000312 Split unconditional deductions into paid amount and advance 
187 OHAXIE1048 S_PH9_46000308 Check wage type group 'Deductions for arrears' 
188 OHAXIW035 S_AHR_61011026 Define Payroll Control 
189 OHAXIW037 S_AHR_61010934 Hourly Wage 
190 OHAXIW0392 S_PH9_46000519 Monthly Wage 
191 OHAXIW041 S_AHR_61011019 Time Ticket Form 
192 OHAXIW061 S_AHR_61010946 Check Procedure in Payroll 
193 OHAXIW063 S_AHR_61010812 Create Wage Type Catalog 
194 OHAXIW065 S_AHR_61010944 Check Assignment to 'Incentive Wages' Wage Type Group 
195 OHAXIW069 S_AHR_61011028 Maintain Wage Types for Transfer to Cost Accounting 
196 OHAXIW082 S_AHR_61010948 Check Bases for Calculating Average Values 
197 OHAXJW000 S_AHR_61010278 Create Annual Values 
198 OHAXKF001 S_AHR_61010796 Create Reduction Factors 
199 OHAXKF002 S_AHR_61010768 Assign Reduction Factors 
200 OHAXKL000 S_AHR_61010775 Create Wage Types for Cost Accounting 
201 OHAXMZ001 S_AHR_61010209 Specify Currency Units 
202 OHAXNGL001 S_AC0_52000439 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
203 OHAXNGL001_BR S_L4H_49000142 Determine time for segment activation 
204 OHAXNGL002 S_AC0_52000441 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
205 OHAXNGL002_BR S_L4H_49000143 Include segment as other controlling object 
206 OHAXNGL003 S_AC0_52000442 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
207 OHAXNGL003_BR S_L4H_49000145 Deactivate restriction in the FM area 
208 OHAXNGL004 S_AC0_52000440 Define Type of Distribution 
209 OHAXNGL004_BR S_L4H_49000146 Define distribution type 
210 OHAXNGL005 S_AC0_52000443 Maintain Wage Type Grouping for Cost Distribution 
211 OHAXNGL005_BR S_L7D_24001826 Maintain wage type grouping for cost distribution 
212 OHAXNGL006 S_AC0_52000444 Activate Cost Distribution Using Function XCODI 
213 OHAXNGL006_BR S_L7D_24001825 Activate cost distribution with the role XCODI 
214 OHAXNGL007 S_AC0_52000445 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
215 OHAXNGL007_BR S_L4H_49000154 Adjust account assignment types for symbolic accounts 
216 OHAXNGL008 S_AC0_52000446 Determine Time for Posting Payments 
217 OHAXNGL008_BR S_L4H_49000151 Determine moment for posting of payments 
218 OHAXNGL009 S_AC0_52000447 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
219 OHAXNGL009_BR S_L4H_49000152 Specify bank clearing account for HR payments 
220 OHAXNGL010 S_AC0_52000448 Adjust Advance Payment from Master Data for Posting 
221 OHAXNGL011 S_AC0_52000449 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
222 OHAXNGL011_BR S_L4H_49000155 Insert allowed values for fixed account assignment FM/GM 
223 OHAXNGL012 S_AC0_52000450 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
224 OHAXNGL012_BR S_L4H_49000156 Define fixed account assignment grouping for FM/GM 
225 OHAXNGL013 S_AC0_52000535 Maintain Wage Types for Distributing Retro.Accntng With Inflow Principle 
226 OHAXNGL013_BR S_L7D_24001824 Maintain relevant wage types for retroactive accounting differences 
227 OHAXNGL014 S_PCO_36000379 Note on Relevancy 
228 OHAXNGL014_BR S_L4H_49000147 Note for relevance 
229 OHAXNGL015 S_PCO_36000380 Possible Solutions in New General Ledger 
230 OHAXNGL015_BR S_L4H_49000141 Possible solutions in the general ledger accounting 
231 OHAXNGL016 S_PCO_36000388 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
232 OHAXNGL016_BR S_L4H_49000144 Maintain characteristic for object selection 
233 OHAXNGL017 S_L7D_24000156 Enter Wage Types for Posting Payments 
234 OHAXNGL017_BR S_L4H_49000153 Insert wage types for payment posting 
235 OHAXNGL105 S_L7D_24001602 Activate Cost Distribution via Function XLIDI 
236 OHAXNGL105_BR S_L4H_49000148 Activate cost distribution with function XLIDI 
237 OHAXNGL106 S_L7D_24001603 Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle 
238 OHAXNGL106_BR S_L7D_24001828 Distribution of liability wage types and inflow principle 
239 OHAXNGL107 S_L7D_24001604 Expense-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types 
240 OHAXNGL107_BR S_L4H_49000150 Distribution by expenses of the liability wage types 
241 OHAXOCA001 S_AHR_61010444 Assign Absences to an Off-Cycle Reason 
242 OHAXOCA002 S_AHR_61010448 Set Up Absence Valuation for Off-Cycle Activities 
243 OHAXOCAE001 S_AHR_61016677 Specify Default Values for Payroll Results 
244 OHAXOCAP001 S_AHR_61010453 Define Default Values for Payments in Advance 
245 OHAXOCMCP1 S_AHR_61010460 Settings for Printing Check Using Manual Number Assignment 
246 OHAXOCPM001 S_AHR_61010388 Create Process Models for Off-Cycle Subsequent Processing 
247 OHAXOCPM002 S_PH9_46001009 Create Process Model for Mass Off-Cycle Payments 
248 OHAXOCPM003 S_PH9_46001018 Create Process Model for Subsequent Processing in Off-Cycle Payroll 
249 OHAXOCPM004 S_AHR_61019077 Create Process Model for Subsequent Processing in Off-Cycle Payroll 
250 OHAXOCPM005 S_AHR_61019078 Create Process Model for Mass Off-Cycle Payments 
251 OHAXOCPM01 S_AHR_61010457 Check Payment Key 
252 OHAXOCR001 S_AHR_61010438 Set Up Off-Cycle Reasons 
253 OHAXOCRP01 S_AHR_61010428 Replace Checks 
254 OHAXOCV001 S_AHR_61010440 Set Up Report Variants for Off-Cycle Activities 
255 OHAXOCWT001 S_AHR_61014415 Specify Default Values for Wage Types 
256 OHAXOCZW001 S_AHR_61014416 Specify Default Values for Payment Methods 
257 OHAXPART S_AHR_61010791 Partial Period Parameters for Various Time Units 
258 OHAXPAY002 S_AHR_61010629 Define Schedule for Payroll Calendar 
259 OHAXPAY003 S_AHR_61010634 Specify Version for Payroll Driver 
260 OHAXPU1200 S_AHR_61010637 Interface Toolbox: Connection to Third-Party Systems 
261 OHAXQUOTACOMP00 S_AHR_61010908 Create Wage Type Catalog 
262 OHAXQUOTACOMP01 S_AHR_61010595 Assign Wage Types to the Quotas to be Compensated 
263 OHAXQUOTACOMP01_PT S_L9C_94000099 Assign Wage Types to the Quotas to be Compensated 
264 OHAXR1021 S_AHR_61010417 Rename Wage Types for Arrears Processing 
265 OHAXR1024 S_AHR_61010397 Define Rules for Limits 
266 OHAXR1025 S_AHR_61010406 Set Up Wage Type Classes and Attach Limits 
267 OHAXR1026 S_AHR_61010401 Set Limit Modifier 
268 OHAXR1027 S_AHR_61010411 Maintain Wage Types for Limits 
269 OHAXREP210 S_L7D_24000568 Maintain Wage Type Applications 
270 OHAXRI011 S_AHR_61010522 Prepare Wage Type Overview 
271 OHAXRI012 S_AHR_61010524 Obtain Overview of Accounts 
272 OHAXRI013 S_AHR_61019208 Posting to Company Code Clearing Accounts 
273 OHAXRI015 S_AHR_61010529 Define Employee Grouping Account Determination 
274 OHAXRI031 S_AHR_61010537 Define Posting Characteristics of Wage Types 
275 OHAXRI042 S_AHR_61010533 Define Symbolic Accounts 
276 OHAXRI051 S_AHR_61010541 Assign Balance Sheet Accounts 
277 OHAXRI052 S_AHR_61010644 Assign Expense Accounts 
278 OHAXRI053 S_AHR_61010649 Assign Customer Accounts 
279 OHAXRI054 S_AHR_61010652 Assign Vendor Accounts 
280 OHAXRI055 S_AHR_61010654 Assign Customer Accounts for Specific Loan Posting 
281 OHAXRI056 S_AHR_61010647 Assign Technical Accounts 
282 OHAXRI061 S_AHR_61010657 Set Up Postings for Fixed Costs 
283 OHAXRI062 S_AHR_61010660 Check Customizing for Account Determination 
284 OHAXRI063 S_AHR_61010663 Maintain Posting Date for Payroll Periods 
285 OHAXRI064 S_AHR_61019222 Assign Substitute Cost Centers 
286 OHAXRI070 S_AHR_61010640 Set Up Line Item Text 
287 OHAXRI071 S_AHR_61010594 Create Posting Variants 
288 OHAXRI075 S_L7D_24001551 Create Run Variants for Parallel Processing 
289 OHAXRI080 S_AHR_61010611 Create Report Variants 
290 OHAXRI081 S_AHR_61010615 Authorizations 
291 OHAXRI090 S_AHR_61010620 Set Up Export to R/2 System or R/3 System <4.0 
292 OHAXRI091 S_AHR_61019227 Set Up Customer Exits 
293 OHAXRI092 S_PL0_09000069 BAdI: Control Posting of Payroll Results 
294 OHAXRI095 S_AC0_52000451 Allow Use of TemSe Files as of mySAP ERP 2005 
295 OHAXRI100 S_L7D_24001080 Activate Archiving Function for Posting Index 
296 OHAXRU_DL024 S_XC0_18000141 Adjust Value Date 
297 OHAXSL001 S_AHR_61010817 Form Cumulation Wage Types from Time-Based Payments 
298 OHAXSL002 S_AHR_61010823 Form Cumulation Wage Types Based on Master Data 
299 OHAXSL003 S_AHR_61010801 Create Cumulation Wage Type Based on External Bank Transfers 
300 OHAXSZ050 S_AHR_61010887 Define Time Specifications for Lengths of Service 
301 OHAXTI110 S_AHR_61010819 Define Time Types 
302 OHAXTI120 S_AHR_61010815 Assign Time Identifiers to Time Pairs 
303 OHAXTI130 S_AHR_61010814 Define Processing Types 
304 OHAXTI210 S_AHR_61010772 Check Access to Day Processing 
305 OHAXTI310 S_AHR_61010797 Define Groupings 
306 OHAXTI321 S_AHR_61010865 Read Planned Working Time from Work Schedule 
307 OHAXTI322 S_AHR_61010863 Import Substitution Data 
308 OHAXTI323 S_AHR_61010855 Import Absence Data 
309 OHAXTI324 S_AHR_61010851 Import Overtime Data 
310 OHAXTI325 S_AHR_61010826 Define Breaks to be Imported 
311 OHAXTI330 S_AHR_61011031 Compare Daily Work Schedule with Time Data 
312 OHAXTI340 S_AHR_61010871 Determine Break Times 
313 OHAXTI361 S_AHR_61010833 Define Valuation Classes for Period Work Schedule 
314 OHAXTI362 S_AHR_61010829 Define Generation Rules 
315 OHAXTI363 S_AHR_61010831 Define Groupings 
316 OHAXTI364 S_AHR_61010848 Perform Time Wage Type Selection 
317 OHAXTI370 S_AHR_61010839 Compensate Overtime 
318 OHAXUM002 S_AHR_61010624 Maintain Authorizations 
319 OHAXUM006 S_AHR_61010916 Check Payroll Area 
320 OHAXUM006B S_AHR_61010889 Check Payroll Area 
321 OHAXUM008 S_AHR_61010891 Generate Payroll Periods 
322 OHAXUM010 S_AHR_61010951 Maintain Employer Addresses 
323 OHAXUM010B S_AHR_61010901 Generate Calendar for Cumulations 
324 OHAXUM012 S_AHR_61010905 Define Period Parameters 
325 OHAXUM013 S_AHR_61010955 Protect Personnel Calculation Rules 
326 OHAXUM014 S_AHR_61010918 Define Date Modifiers 
327 OHAXUM022 S_AHR_61010961 Maintain Processing Classes and Their Specifications 
328 OHAXUM023 S_AHR_61011006 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
329 OHAXUM101 S_AHR_61010938 Create Wage Type Catalog 
330 OHAXUM102 S_AHR_61010941 Change Wage Type Texts 
331 OHAXUM103 S_AHR_61010939 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
332 OHAXUM104 S_AHR_61010932 Check Assignment to Wage Type Group 
333 OHAXUM105 S_AHR_61010930 Check Logical Views 
334 OHAXXCOM001 S_PH9_46000320 Carry Out Shift Change Compensation 
335 OHAXXGR111 S_AHR_61018949 Jurisdiction 
336 OHAXXGR112 S_AHR_61018950 Category (Priority of the Order) 
337 OHAXXGR113 S_AHR_61018951 Agency 
338 OHAXXGR114 S_AHR_61018952 Reason for Change 
339 OHAXXGR117 S_AHR_61018953 Create Debt Types (Assign Claims to Debt Types) 
340 OHAXXGR118 S_AHR_61018954 Priorities 
341 OHAXXGR119 S_AHR_61019138 Garnishments Elements 
342 OHAXXGR2180 S_AHR_61018943 Characteristics of Service Charge 
343 OHAXXGR219 S_AHR_61018942 Define Service Charge Modifier 
344 OHAXXGR220 S_AHR_61018948 Characteristics of Service Charge 
345 OHAXX_PM_CREATE S_AHR_61010810 Create Process Model 
346 OHAXZA1043 S_AHR_61018895 Maintain Recovery of Arrears 
347 OHAXZA1046 S_AHR_61018896 Split Unconditional Deductions into Paid Amount and Advance 
348 OHAX_AV_1 S_AHR_61011011 Bases for Valuation of Averages 
349 OHAX_AV_1_GB S_L6B_69000637 Bases for Valuation of Averages 
350 OHAX_AV_1_ZA S_L6B_69000639 Bases for Valuation of Averages 
351 OHAX_AV_2W S_AHR_61010841 Create Bases for Calculating Average Values 
352 OHAX_AV_2W_ZA S_L6B_69000638 Create Bases for Calculating Average Values 
353 OHAX_AV_ABCR S_AHR_61010844 Create Calculation Rules for Averages 
354 OHAX_AV_ABCR_ZA S_L6B_69000640 Create Calculation Rules for Averages 
355 OHAX_AV_P S_AHR_61010846 Assign the Valuation of Averages to a Primary Wage Type 
356 OHAX_AV_P_ZA S_L6B_69000641 Assign the Valuation of Averages to a Primary Wage Type 
357 OHAZA0902 S_L9C_94000217 Check Cumulation Calendar 
358 OHAZA0903 S_L9C_94000221 Define Cumulation Types for Wage Types 
359 OHAZA0911 S_L9C_94000218 Define Cumulation Types 
360 OHAZA0912 S_L9C_94000219 Assign Cumulation Types to Time Units 
361 OHAZA0913 S_L9C_94000220 Define Cumulation Periods 
362 OHAZAAB001 S_PH9_46000576 Describe Absence Valuation Rules 
363 OHAZAEDTINTERNET S_PL0_09000341 Provide Remuneration Statement (ESS) 
364 OHAZAFO002 S_AHR_61018850 Create Draft Form 
365 OHAZAFO003 S_AHR_61018851 Copy Form 
366 OHAZAFO005 S_AHR_61018853 Set Up Alternative Currency 
367 OHAZAFOPJ201 S_PH9_46000173 Set Up Page Header 
368 OHAZAFOPJ202 S_PH9_46000174 Set Up Payroll Excerpts 
369 OHAZAFOPJ203 S_PH9_46000175 Set Up Continuation Excerpts 
370 OHAZAFOPJ204 S_PH9_46000176 Set Up Totals Display 
371 OHAZANGL008 S_PCO_36000203 Determine Time for Posting Payments 
372 OHAZANGL009 S_PCO_36000204 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
373 OHAZANGL010 S_PCO_36000205 Adjust Advance Payment from Master Data for Posting 
374 OHAZAPU1200 S_PH9_46000323 Interface Toolbox: Connection to Third-Party Systems 
375 OHAZARI092 S_PL0_09000235 BADI: Controlling the Posting of Payroll Results 
376 OHAZARSC002 S_AHR_61019228 Maintain Regional Service Councils 
377 OHAZARSC003 S_AHR_61019229 Maintain RSC Allocation 
378 OHAZARSC004 S_AHR_61019230 Maintain Wagetypes for RSC Applicable Earnings 
379 OHAZARSC005 S_AHR_61019231 Assign Specifications to Wage Types for RSC Processing 
380 OHAZARSC06 S_AHR_61019234 Execute the Regional Service Council Report 
381 OHAZA_BR011 S_AHR_61002317 Copy Wage Types for Bonus Run 
382 OHAZA_BR111 S_AHR_61018893 Processing of Normal Deductions 
383 OHAZA_BT011 S_AHR_61002980 Copy Wage Types for Balances and Totals 
384 OHAZA_BT012 S_AHR_61002987 Assign Processing Classes to Wage Types 
385 OHAZA_BU100 S_XC0_18000083 Copy Model Wage Types for Bursaries 
386 OHAZA_BU110 S_XC0_18000084 Screen Control : Infotype Bursary Payments SA (0848) 
387 OHAZA_EEA003 S_AHR_61012512 Maintain Employee 'Ethnic Origin' Information 
388 OHAZA_EEA004 S_AHR_61012513 Execute Employment Equity Workforce Analysis Report 
389 OHAZA_EEA005 S_AHR_61018890 Maintain Ethnic Origin for Designated Groups 
390 OHAZA_EEA006 S_L6B_69000708 Maintain Remuneration for Income Differentials (EEA4) 
391 OHAZA_EEA02 S_AHR_61012511 Maintain 'Challenged' Employee Information 
392 OHAZA_ESS01 S_PH0_48000435 ESS - Check Transation 
393 OHAZA_ESS02 S_PH0_48000443 Default Effective Date for Salary Packaging 
394 OHAZA_ESS03 S_PH0_48000444 Default Direct Updates by Employees for Salary Packaging 
395 OHAZA_ESS04 S_PH0_48000446 User Exit: Scheme Selection for Salary Packaging 
396 OHAZA_ESS05 S_PH0_48000448 User Exit: Converting Amounts for Salary Packaging and Rounding Types 
397 OHAZA_ESS06 S_PH0_48000449 Setup Payslip for ESS 
398 OHAZA_EXTINSTYP S_AHR_61018894 Determine the Type of Insurance Payment 
399 OHAZA_FB011 S_AHR_61002261 Set-up Wage Types for Fringe Benefits 
400 OHAZA_HA011 S_AHR_61011767 Assign Relevant Contants for the Benefit Value Calculation 
401 OHAZA_HA013 S_PH9_46000350 Assign Rental Attributes for Housing Benefit 
402 OHAZA_IRP510 S_L7D_24000168 Maintain Monthly Monetary Cap for Medical Aid 
403 OHAZA_IRP519 S_AHR_61002248 Maintain Tax Registration Number for Payroll 
404 OHAZA_IRP52 S_AHR_61002254 Maintain PAYE Tax Reference Information 
405 OHAZA_IRP529 S_PCO_36000400 Maintain UIF Reference Number for Reporting 
406 OHAZA_IRP55 S_AHR_61002251 Maintain Addresses 
407 OHAZA_IRP56 S_AHR_61002257 Determine if 'Old' Certificates Issued (1999 Tax Year) 
408 OHAZA_IRP58 S_AHR_61002259 Execute Run Administration 
409 OHAZA_LS011 S_AHR_61002325 Create Dynamic Actions 
410 OHAZA_LS012 S_AHR_61002321 Copying Model Wage Types 
411 OHAZA_MA001 S_AHR_61018704 Maintain Payment Models for Medical Aid 
412 OHAZA_MA002 S_AHR_61018705 Execute Medical Aid Scheme Conversion Report 
413 OHAZA_NQF010 S_AL0_96000717 Maintain Academic/Occupational Fields 
414 OHAZA_NQF030 S_L9C_94000429 Maintain Proficiency Scales for Qualification Unit Standard Outcomes 
415 OHAZA_NQF040 S_L9C_94000575 Maintain NQF Unit Standard Catalog 
416 OHAZA_NQF050 S_L9C_94000576 Maintain Qualification Types 
417 OHAZA_NQF100 S_AL0_96000418 Execute the Initial Set-up for NQF 
418 OHAZA_NQF102 S_AL0_96000716 Instructions for Checking NQF Setup 
419 OHAZA_NQF60 S_L9C_94000604 Check NQF Templates 
420 OHAZA_NQF70 S_L9C_94000605 Maintain Link Profile Views to NQF Appraisals 
421 OHAZA_PY000 S_PH0_48000255 Maintain Calendar for Payment Models 
422 OHAZA_PY011 S_AHR_61007070 Define Payment Models 
423 OHAZA_PY012 S_AHR_61007067 Set Pay Periods 
424 OHAZA_PY013 S_AHR_61002924 Set Default Values for Payment Models 
425 OHAZA_PY014 S_AHR_61002928 Maintain Payment Model Allocation 
426 OHAZA_RI091 S_PL0_09000032 Customer Exits 
427 OHAZA_SOC00 S_PL0_09000013 Standard Occupational Category 
428 OHAZA_SOC01 S_L9C_94000797 Maintain Standard Occupational Category (SOC) Codes 
429 OHAZA_SOC02 S_L9C_94000798 Assign SOC Codes to Jobs 
430 OHAZA_SOC03 S_L9C_94000799 Assign SOC Codes to Positions 
431 OHAZA_SOC04 S_L7D_24001630 Assign SOC and OFO Codes to Positions 
432 OHAZA_SP003 S_AHR_61016739 Define Salary Components 
433 OHAZA_SP005 S_AHR_61016741 Define Compensation Groups 
434 OHAZA_SP006 S_AHR_61016742 Assign Organizational Assignment to a Compensation Group 
435 OHAZA_SP010 S_AHR_61016744 Assign Salary Components and Eligibility Rules to Compensation Groups 
436 OHAZA_SP011 S_AHR_61016753 Define Standard Categories 
437 OHAZA_SP013 S_AHR_61016756 Maintain the Variant for Payroll Simulation 
438 OHAZA_SP014 S_AHR_61016757 Maintain the Payslip Variant 
439 OHAZA_SP014A S_L9C_94000215 Maintain the Payslip Variant 
440 OHAZA_SP015 S_AHR_61016758 Maintain Company Car Regulation 
441 OHAZA_SP015A S_L9C_94000216 Maintain Company Car Regulation 
442 OHAZA_SP016 S_AHR_61016759 Maintain the Bonus Date 
443 OHAZA_SP017 S_AHR_61016760 Define Receiver Travel Allowance Rates 
444 OHAZA_SPBADI01 S_L9C_94000250 BADI: Maintain Salary Packaging Subscreens 
445 OHAZA_TAX01 S_AHR_61018739 Execute South African Tax Conversion Report 
446 OHAZA_WSP01 S_L9C_94000800 Maintain Skills Priorities 
447 OHAZA_WSP01_CHP S_AL0_96000862 Information on Training and Event Management Data for WSP 
448 OHA_BR_RI096 S_PL0_09000121 BAdI: Control of payroll results posting 
449 OHA_CN_BADI00 S_PL0_09000241 BAdI: Controlling the Posting of Payroll Results 
450 OHA_DK_CUSTREP S_AHR_61018640 Maintain Customer Enhancement for Danish Employee Reports with ALV Output 
451 OHA_IEGRS S_AHR_61012494 Cumulations for gross up 
452 OHA_IE_RI091 S_PL0_09000038 Customer Exits 
453 OHA_KR_BADI00 S_PL0_09000238 BAdI: Controlling the Posting of Payroll Results 
454 OHA_KR_EDUBD01 S_L9C_94000885 Define Education Background 
455 OHA_KR_EDUBD02 S_L9C_94000886 Convert Standard Educational Establishment to Korean Education Background 
456 OHA_NL_EIR_009 S_L4H_49002397 Determine Illness and Recovery Reporting 
457 OHA_NL_EIR_011 S_L4H_49001952 Set up Authorizations for Electronic Reporting 
458 OHA_NL_EIR_012 S_L4H_49002339 Define Default Values for Illness Reporting: Details Infotype 
459 OHA_RUQUOTACOMP00 S_XC0_18000171 Create Wage Type Catalog 
460 OHA_RUUM023 S_XC0_18000110 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
461 OHA_RU_RI092 S_XC0_18000262 BAdI: Control Posting of Payroll Results 
462 OHA_ZADEDS011 S_AHR_61006957 Set-up Accumulation of Wage Types with the Form Editor 
463 OHA_ZA_GROSS002 S_PH9_46000287 Define the Guaranteed Net Amount Type 
464 OHA_ZA_GROSS_003 S_PH9_46000288 Define Deductions to be Used 
465 OHBEN001 S_AHR_61002302 Define Benefit Area 
466 OHBEN0010 S_AHR_61002297 Define Benefit Providers 
467 OHBEN002 S_AHR_61002294 Set Current Benefit Area 
468 OHBEN002A S_AHR_61000293 Set current benefit area 
469 OHBEN004 S_AHR_61002345 Define Benefit Plan Types 
470 OHBEN005 S_AHR_61002342 Define Benefit Plan Status 
471 OHBEN006 S_AHR_61002299 Assign Currency to Benefit Area 
472 OHBEN0071 S_AHR_61002219 Define Eligibility Rules 
473 OHBEN0072 S_AHR_61002199 Define Eligibility Groupings 
474 OHBEN0073 S_AHR_61002206 Define Termination Variants 
475 OHBEN0074 S_AHR_61002226 Define Eligibility Variants 
476 OHBEN0075 S_AHR_61002211 Define Termination Groupings 
477 OHBEN0076 S_AHR_61002203 Define Termination Rules 
478 OHBEN0077 S_AHR_61002222 Assign Dynamic Eligibility Conditions to Date Types 
479 OHBEN0078 S_AHR_61002224 Define Date Types 
480 OHBEN0081 S_AHR_61002186 Define First Program Grouping 
481 OHBEN0082 S_AHR_61002178 Define Benefit Programs 
482 OHBEN0083 S_AHR_61002184 Define Second Program Grouping 
483 OHBEN0101 S_AHR_61002187 Define Qualifying Event Coverage Periods 
484 OHBEN0102 S_AHR_61001947 Define Notification and Payment Intervals 
485 OHBEN0103 S_AHR_61002194 Assign COBRA Events to Personnel Actions 
486 OHBEN0104 S_AHR_61002359 Define Early Termination Reasons 
487 OHBEN0105 S_AHR_61002182 Choose COBRA Plans 
488 OHBEN0106 S_AHR_61001966 Define Processing Parameters 
489 OHBEN0110 S_PCO_36000280 Define Unavailability Reasons 
490 OHBEN0121 S_AHR_61002237 Copy Benefit Area 
491 OHBEN0122 S_AHR_61006969 Delete Benefit Area 
492 OHBEN0123 S_AHR_61006972 Configuration Consistency Check 
493 OHBEN0124 S_AHR_61002438 Plan Overview 
494 OHBEN0125 S_AHR_61002336 Currency Conversion 
495 OHBEN0126 S_AHR_61002340 User Exits 
496 OHBEN0128 S_L7D_24002890 Define Employment Class Field in IDoc 
497 OHBEN0131 S_AHR_61002377 Define Stock Purchase Plan General Data 
498 OHBEN0132 S_AHR_61002228 Define Employee Contribution Variants 
499 OHBEN0133 S_AHR_61002068 Define Employee Contribution Rules 
500 OHBEN0134 S_AHR_61002065 Define Employer Contribution Variants