SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 9
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHADST_ELSTAM_050 S_HRI_55000056 No Call Authorization: Influence Date 
2 OHADST_ELSTAM_060 S_HRI_55000057 BAdI: Determine Start of Employment Relationship 
3 OHADSVB11 S_AHR_61006171 Set Up Health Insurance Funds 
4 OHADSVB12 S_AHR_61019021 Set Up Subsequent Administration for Locked Health Insurance Funds 
5 OHADSVB14 S_AHR_61006172 Maintain Default Employee Fund 
6 OHADSVB15 S_AHR_61006173 Set Up Exemption Reasons 
7 OHADSVB16 S_AHR_61006174 Set Up SI Contribution 
8 OHADSVB17 S_AHR_61006159 Set Up Workers' Compensation Associations 
9 OHADSVB18 S_AHR_61006347 Assign Workers' Compensation Associations 
10 OHADSVB19 S_L7D_24000110 Set Up SI Contribution 
11 OHADSVB21 S_AHR_61006162 Set Up Additional Health Insurance Funds 
12 OHADSVB23 S_L7D_24000457 Reimbursement of Employer Expenses - General Information - 
13 OHADSVB24 S_L7D_24000469 Maintain Attributes 
14 OHADSVB25 S_L7D_24000458 Configure Calculation of Reimbursements 
15 OHADSVB26 S_L7D_24001852 Set Up Contribution to Insolvency Fund 
16 OHADSVB27 S_L7D_24001874 Setup Workers' Compensation Association for DEUEV 
17 OHADSVB28 S_L7D_24001875 Maintain Company Numbers of Workers' Compensation Association for DEUEV 
18 OHADSVB29 S_L7D_24001876 Define 8-Digit Hazard Pay Area for DEUEV 
19 OHADSVB30 S_L7D_24001936 Correction of Working Hours for DEUEV Notification 
20 OHADSVB31 S_L4H_49001057 Import AI Master Data Files 
21 OHADSVB32 S_L7D_24002729 Activate Use of AI Membership Key 
22 OHADSVB33 S_L7D_24002730 Maintain AI Data of Company 
23 OHADSVB34 S_L7D_24002732 Define Key for Alternative AI Carrier 
24 OHADSVB35 S_L7D_24002733 Define Alternative AI Carrier for Each Company 
25 OHADSVB36 S_L7D_24002731 Assign Membership Key to Company 
26 OHADSVB37 S_HRI_55000008 Activate AI Minimum Remuneration 
27 OHADSVC01 S_AHR_61006121 Encode Wage Types for SI Special Features 
28 OHADSVC02 S_AHR_61006122 Define Calculation Type for ER HI Allowance 
29 OHADSVC11 S_AHR_61006124 Change Constant for Health Insurance 
30 OHADSVC12 S_AHR_61006125 Change Constant for Pension Insurance 
31 OHADSVC13 S_AHR_61006110 Change Constant for Care Insurance 
32 OHADSVC14 S_AC0_52000407 BAdI: Exit to Determine Whether CI Contribution Bonus Is Due 
33 OHADSVC15 S_L7D_24000127 Required Activities 
34 OHADSVC20 S_L7D_24001614 Specify Wage Types for Benefit According to Time Assignment 
35 OHADSVC201 S_AHR_61006165 Create Wage Type Catalog 
36 OHADSVC2021 S_AHR_61006142 Change Wage Type Text 
37 OHADSVC2022 S_AHR_61006118 Assign Wage Types to 'Social Insurance' Wage Type Group 
38 OHADSVC2023 S_AHR_61006119 Define Wage Type Characteristics 
39 OHADSVC2024 S_AHR_61006120 Change Permissibility of Wage Types 
40 OHADSVD11 S_AHR_61006113 Change Data for Deduction of Contribution Amount 
41 OHADSVD13 S_AHR_61006139 Define Assignment of Statement of Contributions Paid to EDI Payee Fund 
42 OHADSVD14 S_AHR_61006140 Maintain EDI Parameters for Each Sender and Payee Fund 
43 OHADSVD15 S_AHR_61006141 Define EDI File Number for Each Sender and Payee Fund 
44 OHADSVD16 S_L7D_24000056 Assign Procedure for Statement of Contributions Paid to Payroll Areas 
45 OHADSVD17 S_L7D_24000057 Procedure Basis Prev. Month's Contributions: Maintain Correction Factors 
46 OHADSVD1A S_AHR_61006112 Prepare Data for Deduction of Contribution Amount 
47 OHADSVD21 S_AHR_61006127 Percentage Rate for Pension Increase West 
48 OHADSVD22 S_AHR_61006128 Percentage Rate for Pension Increase East 
49 OHADSVD31 S_L9C_94000101 Maintain Wage Types for Capitalization 
50 OHADSVD32 S_AHR_61006131 Create Standard Texts 
51 OHADSVD33 S_AHR_61006132 Change Form Settings 
52 OHADSVD35 S_AHR_61006217 Define List Background 
53 OHADSVD36 S_AHR_61006218 Define Fields to Be Printed in List 
54 OHADSVD37 S_AHR_61006219 Define Letter Background 
55 OHADSVD38 S_AHR_61006220 Define Fields to Be Printed in Letter 
56 OHADSVD39 S_AHR_61006133 Handling of Multiperiod Benefits Payments 
57 OHADSVD41 S_AHR_61006115 Specification List 
58 OHADSVD42 S_AHR_61006116 Statement of Contribution Totals Paid 
59 OHADSVD44 S_AHR_61006136 Specification List 
60 OHADSVD45 S_AHR_61006137 Statement of Contribution Totals Paid 
61 OHADSVD47 S_AHR_61006117 Specification List 
62 OHADSVD48 S_AHR_61006134 Statement of Contribution Totals Paid 
63 OHADSVE11 S_AHR_61006222 Define Personnel Areas for BVV Pension 
64 OHADSVE12 S_AHR_61006224 Code BVV-Liable Wage Types 
65 OHADSVE13 S_AHR_61006209 Indicate Absences 
66 OHADSVE14 S_AHR_61006210 Set Up BVV Contribution Classes 
67 OHADSVE15 S_AHR_61006211 Define Employer Portions for BVV 
68 OHADSVE16 S_AHR_61006212 Define Special Payment Percentage Rate 
69 OHADSVE17 S_PH9_46000681 Specify Percentages for BVV 
70 OHADSVE18 S_PH9_46000682 Check BVV Income Threshold 
71 OHADSVE1A S_AHR_61006223 Define Sender's Address 
72 OHADSVE21 S_AHR_61006214 Define Personnel Areas for Press Insurance Fund 
73 OHADSVE22 S_AHR_61006216 Encode Wage Types Subject to PPPI Contributions 
74 OHADSVE23 S_AHR_61006233 Indicate Absences 
75 OHADSVE24 S_AHR_61006234 Define Percentages for Press Insurance Fund 
76 OHADSVE25 S_AHR_61006235 Check Minimum Amount for Pension Fund 
77 OHADSVE26 S_AHR_61006236 Check Difference Income Threshold 
78 OHADSVE2A S_AHR_61006215 Define Sender's Address 
79 OHADSVE31 S_AHR_61006237 Define Personnel Areas for General Supplementary Pension 
80 OHADSVE3A S_AHR_61006238 Define Sender's Address 
81 OHADSVF11 S_AHR_61006225 Set Retroactive Accounting for HI Fund Changes 
82 OHADSVF12 S_AHR_61006226 Change Contribution Scales for Health Insurance 
83 OHADSVF13 S_AHR_61006227 Change Contribution Scales for Care Insurance 
84 OHADSVF14 S_AHR_61006228 Change Levels Table for Health and Care Insurance 
85 OHADSVF21 S_AHR_61006188 Create SI Gross Amounts 
86 OHADSVF22 S_AHR_61006189 Create SI Assessment Thresholds 
87 OHADSVF23 S_AHR_61006190 Process SI Gross Amounts 
88 OHADSVF24 S_AHR_61006191 Output SI Wage Types 
89 OHADSVF25 S_AHR_61006176 Set Up Special Rules for Social Insurance 
90 OHADSVF26 S_AHR_61006177 Set Up Special Rules for Supplementary Insurance 
91 OHADSVF27 S_AHR_61006178 Create SI Attributes 
92 OHADSVF28 S_AHR_61006179 Maintain SI Key 
93 OHADSVF29 S_AHR_61006180 Control of Default Values 
94 OHADSVF30 S_L9C_94000322 Maintain Successor Insurance Funds for West/East Legal Adjustment 
95 OHADSVK01 S_AHR_61006230 Change Contribution Rates 
96 OHADSVK11 S_AHR_61006208 Change Assessment Thresholds (West Germany) 
97 OHADSVK12 S_AHR_61006232 Change Assessment Thresholds (East Germany) 
98 OHADSVK21 S_AHR_61006185 Change Other Constants East 
99 OHADSVK22 S_AHR_61006186 Change Other Constants West 
100 OHADSWB00 S_AHR_61006348 Set Up Special Processing for Wage Types 
101 OHADT511K0 S_AHR_61005576 Maintain Surcharge for Washing Machine 
102 OHADT512E011 S_AHR_61005772 Wage Type List for Calculating Full-Time Employees 
103 OHADT512E012 S_AHR_61005776 Create New Wage Type List 
104 OHADT512E021 S_AHR_61005801 Maintain Wage Type List for Calculating Full-Time Employees 
105 OHADT512E022 S_AHR_61005804 Create New Wage Type List 
106 OHADT512E023 S_AHR_61005798 Enter Absences 
107 OHADT512E03 S_AHR_61007710 Absences 
108 OHADT51301 S_AHR_61005709 Jobs 
109 OHADT51302 S_AHR_61005808 Jobs 
110 OHADT513S01 S_AHR_61005713 Job Titles 
111 OHADT513S02 S_AHR_61005811 Job Titles 
112 OHADT517TY1 S_AHR_61007741 Educational Unit/Specialist Fields of Post-Doctoral Thesis 
113 OHADT588N S_AHR_61006109 Enter Account Assignment Block Fields 
114 OHADT588O S_AHR_61006108 Assign Function Modules to Feature 
115 OHADT596J01 S_L9C_94000033 Wage Types for Gross Tax Amount in EF 23 
116 OHADT596M_KHST S_L7D_24000169 Maintain Encryption Number of Hospital 
117 OHADT5D5F S_AHR_61005889 Maintain Case Groups 
118 OHADT5D5K S_AHR_61005886 Maintain Case Group Catalogs 
119 OHADT5D5L03 S_AHR_61005637 Encryption of Career/Pay Scale Group 
120 OHADT5D5L04 S_AHR_61007744 Encryption of Career/Pay Scale Group 
121 OHADT5D720 S_AHR_61005462 Maintain Houses 
122 OHADT5D721 S_AHR_61007692 Maintain Houses 
123 OHADT5D730 S_AHR_61005487 Maintain Apartments 
124 OHADT5D740 S_AHR_61005580 Maintain Apartments 
125 OHADT5D750 S_AHR_61005574 Maintain Prices per Square Meter 
126 OHADT5D760 S_AHR_61005479 Modify Official Housing Rule 
127 OHADT5D770 S_AHR_61007640 Maintain Maximum Official Housing Payment 
128 OHADT5D790 S_AHR_61005472 Control Wage Types for Official Housing Gross Amount 
129 OHADT5D7A S_AHR_61006102 Enter Catalogs of Service Types 
130 OHADT5D7C S_AHR_61006103 Enter Service Types 
131 OHADT5D7E S_AHR_61006104 Enter Service Categories 
132 OHADT5D7J S_AHR_61005946 Define BDA and Cost-of-Living Allowance Relevance 
133 OHADT5D7K S_AHR_61005948 Define Parameters for Determining Pay Seniority 
134 OHADT5D7L S_AHR_61005950 Maintain Parameters for Higher/Lower Grouping 
135 OHADT5D7M S_AHR_61005891 Define Classification of Compensation/Salary Groups 
136 OHADT5D7N S_AHR_61005953 Determine Age Levels for Pay Seniority 
137 OHADT5D7O S_AHR_61006105 Assign Catalog of Service Types to Company Code 
138 OHADT5D7U01 S_AHR_61005768 Statistics Area for Full-Time Employee Statistics 
139 OHADT5D7U02 S_AHR_61005797 Define Evaluation Area 
140 OHADT5D7U03 S_AHR_61005794 Statistics Area for Personnel Level Statistics 
141 OHADT5D7U1 S_AHR_61005598 Statistics Area for College Statistics 
142 OHADT5D7U6 S_AHR_61005688 ISKD Statistics Area 
143 OHADT5D7V01 S_AHR_61005718 Define Exceptions 
144 OHADT5D7V02 S_AHR_61005814 Assign Exception to a Form Line and Form Column 
145 OHADT5D7V03 S_AHR_61005623 Define Exceptions 
146 OHADT5D7V1 S_AHR_61005603 Define Exceptions 
147 OHADT5D7X0 S_AHR_61007702 Assignment Using Employee Subgroups 
148 OHADT5D7X03 S_AHR_61005625 Assignment Using Employee Subgroups 
149 OHADT5D7Y01 S_AHR_61007767 Assignment Using Service Type and Service Category 
150 OHADT5D7Y02 S_AHR_61005779 Define Assignment Using Service Type and Service Category 
151 OHADT5D7Y1 S_AHR_61005609 Assignment Using Service Type 
152 OHADT5D7Z01 S_AHR_61005732 Assigment Using Job 
153 OHADT5D7Z02 S_AHR_61005783 Define Assigment Using Job 
154 OHADT5D8A S_AHR_61007608 Maintain Occupational Code 
155 OHADT5D8B S_AHR_61005413 Maintain Utilization of Employer's Resources 
156 OHADT5D8C S_AHR_61005396 Maintain Approval Requirement for Sideline Job 
157 OHADT5D8E S_AHR_61007681 Maintain Accommodation 
158 OHADT5D8F S_AHR_61005543 Maintain Meals 
159 OHADT5D8H1 S_AHR_61007736 College Table 
160 OHADT5D8I01 S_AHR_61005739 Assignment Using Position 
161 OHADT5D8I02 S_AHR_61007811 Define Assignment Using Position 
162 OHADT5D8J01 S_AHR_61005745 Assignment Using Organizational Key 
163 OHADT5D8J02 S_AHR_61007815 Define Assignment Using Organizational Key 
164 OHADT5D8K01 S_AHR_61007781 Assignment Using Organizational Unit 
165 OHADT5D8K02 S_AHR_61005790 Define Assignment Using Organizational Unit 
166 OHADT5D8L01 S_AHR_61005795 Assignment Using Supervisor Area 
167 OHADT5D8L02 S_AHR_61005792 Define Assignment Using Supervisor Area 
168 OHADT5D8M1 S_AHR_61007704 Position table 
169 OHADT5D8N S_AHR_61005524 Maintain Employment Offices 
170 OHADT5D8O S_AHR_61005532 Maintain Regional Boards 
171 OHADTI110 S_AHR_61006281 Define Time Types 
172 OHADTI120 S_AHR_61006282 Assign Time Identifiers to Time Types 
173 OHADTI130 S_AHR_61006299 Define Processing Types 
174 OHADTI210 S_AHR_61006300 Call Day Processing 
175 OHADTI310 S_AHR_61006301 Define Groupings 
176 OHADTI321 S_AHR_61006303 Provide Planned Working Time from Shift Schedule 
177 OHADTI322 S_AHR_61006304 Import Substitution Data 
178 OHADTI323 S_AHR_61006305 Import Absences 
179 OHADTI324 S_AHR_61006306 Import Overtime Data 
180 OHADTI325 S_AHR_61006291 Define Breaks to Be Imported 
181 OHADTI330 S_AHR_61006596 Compare Daily Work Schedule with Time Data 
182 OHADTI340 S_AHR_61006293 Determine Break Times 
183 OHADTI350 S_AHR_61006294 Determine Core Night Work 
184 OHADTI361 S_AHR_61006295 Valuation Classes of Period Work Schedule 
185 OHADTI362 S_AHR_61006297 Define Generation Rules 
186 OHADTI363 S_AHR_61006296 Define Groupings 
187 OHADTI364 S_AHR_61006298 Generate Wage Types 
188 OHADTI370 S_AHR_61006274 Compensate Overtime 
189 OHADTI380 S_AHR_61006250 Update Monthly Balances 
190 OHADTR100 S_AHR_61003653 Import Travel Expense Wage Types from Old Payroll Account 
191 OHADTR200 S_AHR_61003660 Store Travel Expense Wage Types As SI Wage Types 
192 OHADTR300 S_AHR_61003666 Import Travel Expense Wage Types from Old Payroll Account (PS) 
193 OHADTR500 S_AHR_61003669 Assign Travel Expense Wage Types to Form Printing 
194 OHADUM0002 S_AHR_61006280 Set Up Authorizations/Maintain Roles 
195 OHADUM0003 S_AHR_61006276 Maintain profiles 
196 OHADUM0004 S_L4H_49002413 BAdI: Authorization Check Using Transaction Code 
197 OHADUM0005 S_L4H_49002414 BAdI: Authorization Check Using Transaction Code and Personnel Area 
198 OHADUM001 S_AHR_61006287 Maintain Assignment of Company Features 
199 OHADUM002 S_AHR_61006290 Maintain Employer Addresses 
200 OHADUM003 S_AHR_61006275 Define Assignment of Legal Person to Personnel Area 
201 OHADUM004 S_AHR_61006289 Group Personnel Areas 
202 OHADUM006B S_AHR_61018715 Check Payroll Area 
203 OHADUM008 S_AHR_61006285 Generate Payroll Periods 
204 OHADUM010B S_AHR_61006286 Generate Calendar for Cumulations 
205 OHADUM013 S_AHR_61006277 Maintain Processing Class and Its Specifications 
206 OHADUM013B S_AHR_61018717 Protect Personnel Calculation Rules 
207 OHADUM014 S_AHR_61006278 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
208 OHADUM105 S_AHR_61006279 Check Logical View 
209 OHADUW001 S_AHR_61006450 Set Up Value Limit for Transfer Amount 
210 OHADUW100 S_PL0_86000143 General Information on Direct Debit 
211 OHADUW110 S_PL0_86000144 Collection from Employee Account 
212 OHADUW120 S_PL0_86000147 Collection from External Accounts 
213 OHADUW125 S_PL0_86000148 Activate Automatic Debit Authorization Indicator 
214 OHADUW130 S_PL0_86000151 Specify Automatic Debit Authorization for External Accounts 
215 OHADUW140 S_PL0_86000153 Assign Payment Method for Debit Memo 
216 OHADVB111 S_AHR_61006534 Create Wage Type Catalog 
217 OHADVB1121 S_AHR_61006535 Check Wage Type Text 
218 OHADVB1122 S_AHR_61006543 Check Assignment of 'Capital Formation' Wage Type Group 
219 OHADVB1123 S_AHR_61006551 Define Wage Type Characteristics 
220 OHADVB1124 S_AHR_61006552 Check Permissibility of Wage Types 
221 OHADVB1125 S_AHR_61006553 Check Payroll Procedure 
222 OHADVB12 S_AHR_61006554 Supplement Number of Parallel Contracts 
223 OHADVB132 S_AHR_61006556 Define Employer's Contributions 
224 OHADVB133 S_AHR_61006544 Process Employer's Contribution in Payroll 
225 OHADVB134 S_AHR_61006557 Calculate Employer's Contribution 
226 OHADVB141 S_AHR_61006548 Maintain Bank Details Manually 
227 OHADVB142 S_AHR_61006549 Set Up Payee Key 
228 OHADVB143 S_AHR_61006550 Define Permissible Payee Keys 
229 OHADVB16 S_AHR_61006545 Maintain Default Values 
230 OHADVB17 S_AHR_61006507 Create Special Regulation 
231 OHADVB18 S_AHR_61006546 Check Investment Types for Capital Formation 
232 OHADWG000 S_AL0_96000082 Analyze Time and Value Credits of Company 
233 OHADWG100 S_AL0_96000073 Define Value Credit 
234 OHADWG200 S_AL0_96000074 Specify Attributes of Value Credit 
235 OHADWG300 S_AL0_96000075 Assign Attributes to Value Credit 
236 OHADWG400 S_AL0_96000078 Assign Wage Types to Value Credit 
237 OHADXPSVEOD0 S_L9C_94000459 Filling of Fields for Federal/State-Internal Purposes 
238 OHAE0001 S_AHR_61004403 Create company address for Internal Revenue Service 
239 OHAE00010 S_AHR_61004324 Assign company head office to company groups/groupings 
240 OHAE0002 S_AHR_61004409 Check business activity of company 
241 OHAE0003 S_AHR_61004411 Create Internal Revenue Service offices/branches 
242 OHAE0004 S_AHR_61004416 Set company fiscal data 
243 OHAE0006 S_AHR_61007358 Define company groups/groupings 
244 OHAE0007 S_AHR_61007341 Create company social insurance data 
245 OHAE0008 S_AHR_61004337 Create company address for Social Insurance 
246 OHAE0009 S_AHR_61004343 Set Social Insurance collaboration company 
247 OHAE0010 S_AHR_61007708 Define generation of personal calendars 
248 OHAE0011 S_AHR_61005560 Set relevant absences 
249 OHAE0012 S_AHR_61005588 Set absence modifier 
250 OHAE0013 S_AHR_61007182 Identify relevant wage types 
251 OHAE0014 S_AHR_61003699 Identify wage types for imputed income 
252 OHAE0015 S_AHR_61003701 Determine constants for imputed income 
253 OHAE0016 S_AHR_61003713 Set processing for original period 
254 OHAE0016D S_AHR_61007205 Set processing deferred period 
255 OHAE0017 S_AHR_61004097 Determine welfare benefit recovery 
256 OHAE0018 S_AHR_61004127 Identify relevant wage types 
257 OHAE0018D S_AHR_61007239 Identify relevant wage types 
258 OHAE0019 S_AHR_61007258 Set daily basis 
259 OHAE0020 S_AHR_61003981 Calculate standard wage maintenance 
260 OHAE0021 S_AHR_61003988 Define wage supplement 
261 OHAE0022 S_AHR_61004015 Set daily basis 
262 OHAE0023 S_AHR_61004021 Calculate standard wage maintenance 
263 OHAE0024 S_AHR_61004027 Define wage supplement 
264 OHAE0025 S_AHR_61007271 Determine welfare payment wage types 
265 OHAE0026 S_AHR_61007273 Determine welfare payment wage types 
266 OHAE0027 S_AHR_61004101 Set processing in situation of TI and leave 
267 OHAE0028 S_AHR_61007285 Set processing in situation of TI and leaving the company 
268 OHAE0029 S_AHR_61004223 Identify relevant wage types for bases 
269 OHAE0030 S_AHR_61004231 Identify relevant wage types for apportionment 
270 OHAE0031A S_AHR_61007328 Check daily rounding of days worked before cutback 
271 OHAE0031AA S_AHR_61004272 Check monthly rounding of days worked before cutback 
272 OHAE0031B S_AHR_61004283 Check daily rounding of days worked after cutback 
273 OHAE0031BB S_AHR_61004299 Check monthly rounding of days worked after cutback 
274 OHAE0031C S_AHR_61007307 Check daily rounding of TI days after cutback 
275 OHAE0031CC S_AHR_61004134 Check monthly rounding of TI days after cutback 
276 OHAE0031D S_AHR_61004137 Check daily rounding of total basis after cutback 
277 OHAE0031DD S_AHR_61007293 Check monthly rounding of total basis after cutback 
278 OHAE0032 S_AHR_61007703 Set Bolsa de vacaciones 
279 OHAE0033 S_AHR_61007701 Set cost-of-living allowance 
280 OHAE0034 S_AHR_61004066 Set attendance and punctuality bonus 
281 OHAE0035 S_AHR_61007267 Set suppressed holidays bonus 
282 OHAE0036 S_AHR_61004086 Set banking absence 
283 OHAE0037 S_AHR_61005232 Set rounding off 
284 OHAE0038 S_AHR_61005243 Allocate reduction factors in TI 
285 OHAE0039 S_AHR_61004347 Determine actions for RED system 
286 OHAE0040 S_AHR_61004171 Check correction of regulatory base for TI 
287 OHAE0041 S_AHR_61004218 Define Social Insurance contribution types and bases 
288 OHAE0042 S_AHR_61007374 Create Social Insurance offices 
289 OHAE0043 S_AHR_61004165 Check monthly basis for daily-paid employees 
290 OHAE0044 S_AHR_61007344 Define headquarters for Social Insurance 
291 OHAE483 S_AHR_61003904 Convert old form 
292 OHAEAB001 S_AHR_61005431 Describe absence valuation rules 
293 OHAEAB002 S_AHR_61005436 Group absences for absence valuation 
294 OHAEAB003 S_AHR_61005442 Define grouping for absence valuation (original period) 
295 OHAEAB003D S_AHR_61005449 Define grouping for absence valuation (deferred period) 
296 OHAEAB004 S_AHR_61007631 Define day rules 
297 OHAEAB005 S_AHR_61007636 Create wage type catalog 
298 OHAEAB009 S_AHR_61005467 Valuate absences according to as-if principle 
299 OHAEAB010 S_AHR_61005181 Define special processing of absence valuation rules 
300 OHAEAB011 S_AHR_61005464 Create counting class for absence valuation 
301 OHAEAB012 S_AHR_61005174 Valuate absences according to constants/averages 
302 OHAEAB021 S_L7D_24000656 Activate counting of leave quotas using infotype 2006 
303 OHAEAB022 S_L7D_24000654 Create legal absence classes 
304 OHAEAB023 S_L7D_24000655 Assign legal class to absence category 
305 OHAEAB024 S_L7D_24000651 Create time quota compensation 
306 OHAEAL01 S_AHR_61005734 Reduction/cutback bases 
307 OHAEAN1A S_AHR_61007697 Define payment methods 
308 OHAEAN1B S_AHR_61005575 Define symbols for payment periods 
309 OHAEAN1C S_AHR_61005570 Create payment sequences 
310 OHAEAN1D S_AHR_61005595 Define actions and their effect on seniority 
311 OHAEAN2A S_AHR_61007683 Define valuation methods 
312 OHAEAN2B1 S_AHR_61005526 Create valuation wage types 
313 OHAEAN2B2 S_AHR_61005639 Assign constant value to valuation wage types 
314 OHAEAN2B3 S_AHR_61005630 Assign variable value to valuation wage types 
315 OHAEAN2C S_AHR_61005628 Assign valuation wage types to methods 
316 OHAEAN3A S_AHR_61005615 Define calculation procedure 
317 OHAEAN3B S_AHR_61016670 Suggest calculation procedure 
318 OHAEAS001 S_AHR_61003670 Define association processing 
319 OHAEAV001 S_AHR_61005223 Define bases for valuation of averages 
320 OHAEAV511A S_AHR_61005148 Create calculation rules for averages 
321 OHAEAV511B S_AHR_61007515 Create cumulation rules for bases for calculating average values 
322 OHAEAV511C S_AHR_61005157 Create adjustment rules for bases for calculating average value 
323 OHAEAVBAS S_AHR_61005130 Create bases for calculating average value 
324 OHAEAVP15 S_AHR_61005170 Assign average valuation to primary wage type 
325 OHAEAVX017 S_AHR_61005134 Create relevance test 
326 OHAEAVX018 S_AHR_61005140 Create final processing 
327 OHAEAVXT00 S_AHR_61005160 Adapt calculation of averages in payroll run (original period) 
328 OHAEAVXT00D S_AHR_61005165 Adapt calculation of averages in payroll run (deferred period) 
329 OHAEBW004 S_AHR_61007520 Set wage type dependent constants (original period) 
330 OHAEBW004D S_AHR_61005199 Set wage type dependent constants (deferred period) 
331 OHAEBW005 S_AHR_61007530 Set pay scale dependent constants 
332 OHAEBW006 S_AHR_61005207 Create valuation bases relative to person (original period) 
333 OHAEBW006D S_AHR_61005214 Create valuation bases relative to person (deferred period) 
334 OHAEBW019 S_AHR_61005219 Assign valuation bases 
335 OHAEBW020 S_AHR_61007582 Cumulation and storage of time wage types 
336 OHAEBW021 S_AHR_61005323 Determine overtime payment (deferred period) 
337 OHAEBW022 S_AHR_61005319 Set annual legal limit for catastrophe overtime 
338 OHAEBW21 S_AHR_61005297 Determine valuation basis for different payment 
339 OHAEBW22 S_AHR_61007574 Calculate higher-level valuation base 
340 OHAECX006 S_AHR_61004205 Configure transfer of last payroll result 
341 OHAEDEA_0100 S_L7D_24000907 Overview 
342 OHAEDEA_0110 S_L7D_24000909 Define variable keys for subtypes of infotype Delt@ (0968) 
343 OHAEDEA_0120 S_L7D_24000908 Specify screen control for infotype Delt@ (0968) 
344 OHAEDEA_0126 S_L7D_24001245 Maintain authorisation for the use of function codes in the infotype 
345 OHAEDEA_0128 S_L7D_24000911 Assignment of options to Delt@ situations 
346 OHAEDEA_0130 S_L7D_24000910 Process dynamic actions for infotype Delt@ (0968) 
347 OHAEDEA_0210 S_L7D_24000916 Define place types 
348 OHAEDEA_0220 S_L7D_24000917 Define variance 
349 OHAEDEA_0230 S_L7D_24000918 Define work types 
350 OHAEDEA_0240 S_L7D_24000919 Define specific physical activities 
351 OHAEDEA_0250 S_L7D_24000920 Define forms of injury 
352 OHAEDEA_0260 S_L7D_24000921 Define parts of the body 
353 OHAEDEA_0270 S_L7D_24000922 Define injury descriptions 
354 OHAEDEA_0280 S_L7D_24000923 Define material agents codes 
355 OHAEDEA_0290 S_L7D_24000924 Define employee national occupations 
356 OHAEDEA_0310 S_L7D_24000925 Maintain economic activities for IA and ID contributions (CNAE) 
357 OHAEDEA_0320 S_L7D_24000926 Maintain time-dependent CAC features 
358 OHAEDEA_0330 S_L7D_24000927 Maintain collective agreement codes and descriptions 
359 OHAEDEA_0340 S_L7D_24000928 Maintal postal codes and towns according to INEM 
360 OHAEDEA_0350 S_L7D_24000946 Maintain company data 
361 OHAEDEA_0360 S_L7D_24000950 Assign countries to Social Insurance key (RED System) 
362 OHAEDEA_0370 S_L7D_24000965 Maintain additional CAC information for Social Security 
363 OHAEDEX10 S_PL0_09000200 Specify the External Program 
364 OHAEDEX20 S_PL0_09000201 Specify the Type of Salary 
365 OHAEDEX30 S_PL0_09000202 Activate the Calculation 
366 OHAEDL021 S_AHR_61007161 Activate calculation 
367 OHAEDL022 S_AHR_61007165 Create additional values 
368 OHAEDL023 S_AHR_61003642 Check constants 
369 OHAEDL024 S_PH0_48000009 Set value periodicity 
370 OHAEDL025 S_PH0_48000369 Set interest calculation 
371 OHAEDL030 S_PH0_48000371 Create loan types 
372 OHAEDL031 S_AHR_61003611 Create loan types 
373 OHAEDL032 S_AHR_61003616 Assign depreciation types 
374 OHAEDL033 S_PH0_48000370 Adapt screen control 
375 OHAEDL034 S_AHR_61007157 Create loan conditions 
376 OHAEDL035 S_PH0_48000375 Control loan commitment 
377 OHAEDL036 S_PH0_48000373 Set customer-specific payment types 
378 OHAEDL037 S_PH0_48000374 Program processing logic 
379 OHAEDT002 S_AHR_61003654 Define house banks 
380 OHAEDT003 S_AHR_61003663 Define issuing banks 
381 OHAEDT004 S_AHR_61003821 Check text keys for payments 
382 OHAEDT009 S_PH0_48000385 Make several payments per period in the event of garnishment 
383 OHAEEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61007409 Provide remuneration statement (ESS) 
384 OHAEFO002 S_PH9_46000318 Design form 
385 OHAEFO003 S_PH9_46000319 Copy form 
386 OHAEFO004 S_PH9_46000321 Maintain valuation classes and their values 
387 OHAEFO005 S_PH9_46000322 Install alternative currency 
388 OHAEFO006A S_PH9_46000333 Create address 
389 OHAEFO006B S_PH9_46000334 Change Addresses infotype (0006) 
390 OHAEFOPA002 S_PH9_46000344 Create payroll account 
391 OHAEFOPJ100 S_PH9_46000345 Convert old form 
392 OHAEFOPJ201 S_PH9_46000346 Create page header 
393 OHAEFOPJ202 S_PH9_46000347 Create remuneration statement excerpt 
394 OHAEFOPJ203 S_PH9_46000348 Create continuation excerpt 
395 OHAEFOPJ204 S_PH9_46000349 Create cumulation display 
396 OHAEFORS001 S_PH9_46000335 Convert old form 
397 OHAEFORS002 S_PH9_46000336 Create remuneration statement 
398 OHAEFORS010 S_PH9_46000337 Example: Ident. cumulation in individual field 
399 OHAEFORS030 S_PH9_46000338 Example with the new procedure 
400 OHAEFORS031 S_PH9_46000339 Example with the old procedure 
401 OHAEFORS040 S_PH9_46000340 Example: Vacations in window 
402 OHAEFORS050 S_PH9_46000341 Example: Time quota in individual field 
403 OHAEFORS060 S_PH9_46000342 Example: Time quota in window 
404 OHAEFORS070 S_PH9_46000343 Example: Notification in window 
405 OHAEFZ100 S_AHR_61001885 Code Valuation Rules According to Absence Symbols 
406 OHAEGAR_0100 S_L7D_24001336 Overview 
407 OHAEGAR_0110 S_L7D_24001323 Specify infotype properties (ES) 
408 OHAEGAR_0115 S_L7D_24001362 Define variable keys for subtypes of Garnishments IT (0887) 
409 OHAEGAR_0120 S_L7D_24001337 Specify screen control of Garnishments ES (0887) 
410 OHAEGAR_0130 S_L7D_24001338 Define ID interval for garnishments (ES) 
411 OHAEGAR_0140 S_L7D_24001339 Adapt main payroll schema 
412 OHAEGAR_0150 S_L7D_24001324 Specify subtype properties (ES) 
413 OHAEGAR_0160 S_L7D_24001325 Specify subtype properties 
414 OHAEGAR_0170 S_L7D_24001326 Specify payrolls admitted to garnishments (ES) 
415 OHAEGAR_0180 S_L7D_24001360 Create own rule and adapt subschema for judicial withholdings 
416 OHAEGAR_0190 S_L7D_24001361 Create own recipient keys 
417 OHAEGAR_0200 S_L7D_24001377 Assign options to garnishment situations 
418 OHAEGAR_0210 S_L7D_24001481 Define days as not relevant for garnishments 
419 OHAEHU001 S_AHR_61004038 Process original period 
420 OHAEIW035 S_AHR_61007779 Set payroll calculation control 
421 OHAEIW037 S_AHR_61007693 Define hourly wage 
422 OHAEIW041 S_AHR_61007774 Form time ticket form 
423 OHAEIW061 S_AHR_61007564 Check process in payroll calculation 
424 OHAEIW063 S_AHR_61007560 Create wage type catalog 
425 OHAEIW065 S_AHR_61005285 Check assignment to Incentive Wages wage type group 
426 OHAEIW069 S_AHR_61005681 Update wage types for transfer to Cost Accounting 
427 OHAEIW082 S_AHR_61005622 Check bases for calculating average value 
428 OHAEJW000 S_AHR_61007170 Form annual values 
429 OHAEKF001 S_AHR_61005333 Form reduction factors 
430 OHAEKF001D S_AHR_61005337 Form reduction factors 
431 OHAEKF002 S_AHR_61005343 Assign reduction factors 
432 OHAEKF003 S_AHR_61005267 Form Cost Accounting Wage Types 
433 OHAEKF004 S_AHR_61005256 Identify wage types for TI 
434 OHAEKF005 S_AHR_61004131 Check cumulations of gross amount 
435 OHAEMZ001 S_AHR_61003894 Determine currency units 
436 OHAEPART S_AHR_61005330 Set partial period parameters for different time units 
437 OHAEPAY002 S_AHR_61004492 Define schedule for payroll calendar 
438 OHAEPAY003 S_AHR_61004499 Specify version for payroll driver 
439 OHAEPU1200 S_PH9_46000412 Interface-Toolbox: Connection with external systems 
440 OHAEREDA S_AHR_61004354 Assign country keys according to RED system 
441 OHAERI011 S_AHR_61005654 Prepare wage type overview 
442 OHAERI012 S_AHR_61005665 Provide accounts overview 
443 OHAERI013 S_PH0_48000384 Post to company accounts 
444 OHAERI015 S_AHR_61004368 Set employee grouping for account determination 
445 OHAERI031 S_AHR_61004520 Set properties of wage type assignment 
446 OHAERI042 S_AHR_61004427 Define symbolic accounts 
447 OHAERI051 S_AHR_61004533 Assign clearing accounts 
448 OHAERI052 S_AHR_61004545 Assign expense accounts 
449 OHAERI053 S_AHR_61004557 Assign customer accounts 
450 OHAERI054 S_AHR_61007402 Assign vendor accounts 
451 OHAERI055 S_AHR_61004571 Assign loan accounts 
452 OHAERI056 S_AHR_61004549 Assign technical accounts 
453 OHAERI061 S_AHR_61004573 Maintain fixed cost postings 
454 OHAERI062 S_AHR_61004578 Check consistency of customizing 
455 OHAERI063 S_AHR_61004509 Maintain posting date for payroll periods 
456 OHAERI064 S_PH0_48000383 Assign substitution cost centers 
457 OHAERI070 S_AHR_61004437 Define line item text 
458 OHAERI071 S_AHR_61004443 Create posting variants 
459 OHAERI080 S_AHR_61004454 Cretae report variants 
460 OHAERI081 S_AHR_61004464 Create authorizations 
461 OHAERI090 S_AHR_61004469 Define company codes in R/2 or R/3 systems <4.0 
462 OHAERI091 S_AL0_96000562 Create user/customer exits 
463 OHAERI092 S_PL0_09000225 BAdI: Control of Payroll Calculation Results Memorandum 
464 OHAESB001 S_AHR_61004055 Check special processing of payments/periodic deductions 
465 OHAESCHREG S_AHR_61004176 Check control of regulatory basis and maximum IA/ID limit 
466 OHAESFOR1 S_AHR_61007302 Create attendance type for planned training hours 
467 OHAESFOR2 S_AHR_61003677 Post planned training hours 
468 OHAESFOR3 S_AHR_61003685 Check allowances received per hour of planned training 
469 OHAESFOR4 S_AHR_61003688 Check CA code for training contracts 
470 OHAESL001 S_AHR_61005273 Create cumulated wage types from master data 
471 OHAESL003 S_AHR_61005279 Create cumulated wage types from external transfers 
472 OHAESNGL008 S_PCO_36000215 Define date for posting payments 
473 OHAESNGL009 S_PCO_36000216 Enter bank clearing account for HR payments 
474 OHAESNGL010 S_PCO_36000217 Adjust advance payment from master data for posting 
475 OHAESNGL010MX11 S_PCO_36000376 Adjust advance payment from master data for posting 
476 OHAESREDB S_AHR_61008376 Activate payroll calculation for deferred period 
477 OHAEST001 S_AHR_61003706 Set estimation of gross pay 
478 OHAESZ010 S_AHR_61005607 Set special remuneration type 
479 OHAESZ020 S_AHR_61005624 Define special remunerations 
480 OHAESZ030 S_AHR_61005620 Determine entitlement period type 
481 OHAESZ040 S_AHR_61005648 Define fixed times 
482 OHAESZ050 S_AHR_61005653 Define seniority-dependent time data 
483 OHAESZ060 S_AHR_61005651 Set basis for calculation of entitlement 
484 OHAESZ070 S_AHR_61005644 Form valuation basis for special remuneration 
485 OHAESZ080 S_AHR_61005635 Set processing of pending entitlements 
486 OHAESZ110 S_AHR_61005556 Define prejudicial actions/absences 
487 OHAESZ120 S_AHR_61007678 Delimit entitlement and determine pay 
488 OHAESZ210 S_AHR_61007675 Create wage type catalog 
489 OHAESZ221 S_AHR_61005582 Check wage type texts 
490 OHAESZ222 S_AHR_61005568 Check Special Remuneration wage type group 
491 OHAESZ223 S_AHR_61005591 Determine entry acceptability in infotype 
492 OHAESZ224 S_AHR_61005537 Specify wage type properties 
493 OHAESZ230 S_AHR_61005566 Set acceptability of wage type by personnel subarea and employee grouping 
494 OHAESZ240 S_AHR_61007687 Encode wage types for special remuneration 
495 OHAESZ250 S_AHR_61005611 Determine special remuneration apportionment 
496 OHAESZ310 S_AHR_61005626 Valuate special remuneration wage types 
497 OHAESZ320 S_AHR_61005618 Set seniority-dependent factors 
498 OHAESZ410 S_AHR_61005552 Check final processing 
499 OHAESZ510 S_AHR_61007699 Create entitlement quota afterwards 
500 OHAES_0900 S_L6B_69000219 Cumulations