SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 28
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHIC0121 S_AHR_61002846 Maintain Vacation and Public Holiday Compensation 
2 OHIC0123 S_AHR_61011448 Define attribute classes 
3 OHIC0124 S_AHR_61011450 Define employee attributes 
4 OHIC0125 S_AHR_61011451 Determine field assignment to infotype 
5 OHIC0126 S_AHR_61011466 Determine limited compatibility of attributes 
6 OHIC0127 S_AHR_61011452 Employee attribute default values 
7 OHIC0128 S_AHR_61011449 Field documentation for attribute classes 
8 OHIC0129 S_AHR_61011453 Batch maintenance of employee attributes 
9 OHIC0322 S_AHR_61010984 Define payee key 
10 OHIC0371 S_AHR_61001778 Maintain UVG plant sections and contribution rates 
11 OHIC0480 S_AHR_61011254 Maintain general pension fund data 
12 OHIC0481 S_AHR_61011327 Maintain pension fund and insurance type 
13 OHIC0482 S_AHR_61011328 Determine pension fund contribution percentage 
14 OHIC0484 S_AHR_61011323 Define summarized transaction types 
15 OHIC0485 S_AHR_61011324 Maintain summarized transaction types 
16 OHIC0486 S_AHR_61011325 Maintain pension types 
17 OHIC0488 S_AHR_61011326 Determine pension rates 
18 OHIC0489 S_AHR_61011334 Define company pension fund factors 
19 OHIC0510 S_AHR_61011129 Copy HR master data sheet 
20 OHIC0511 S_AHR_61011139 Define Data Origins 
21 OHIC0515 S_AHR_61011140 Assign Data Origins 
22 OHIC0517 S_AHR_61011122 Output order from SAPscript text elements 
23 OHIC0530 S_AHR_61011130 Standard Fields 
24 OHIC0532 S_AHR_61011120 Employee attributes 
25 OHIC0535 S_AHR_61011117 Values derived from infotype fields 
26 OHIC0540 S_AHR_61011121 Pension Fund: PK Value Types 
27 OHIC0545 S_AHR_61011118 Entry from payroll unit 
28 OHIC0547 S_AHR_61011119 Date Specifications 
29 OHIC0550 S_AHR_61011123 Adjust SAPscript form 
30 OHIC0560 S_AHR_61011131 Check HR master data sheet 
31 OHIC0601 S_AHR_61011603 Create residence status 
32 OHIC0602 S_AHR_61011554 Define residence approval authority 
33 OHICA365 S_AHR_61010761 Define obligation 
34 OHICAIT80100 S_AHR_61011614 Set admissability for maternity/paternity leave 
35 OHICAIT80101 S_L7D_24001087 HR-DK: Feature to Determine the Msg for Incorrect Modulo 11 Check for CPR 
36 OHICPK002 S_AHR_61011329 Create wage type catalog 
37 OHICPK004 S_AHR_61011330 Check wage type texts 
38 OHICPK005 S_AHR_61011331 Check wage type group 'Pension fund' 
39 OHICPK006 S_AHR_61011332 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
40 OHICPK007 S_AHR_61011333 Check wage type characteristics 
41 OHICPK008 S_AHR_61011320 Define entry permissibility per pers.subarea and EE subgroup 
42 OHICPK009 S_AHR_61011321 Define wage type models 
43 OHICQ002 S_AHR_61001837 Maintain Tax Canton 
44 OHICQ003 S_AHR_61001832 Define Liability to Pay Withholding Tax 
45 OHICQ004 S_AHR_61001829 Structure Withholding Tax Table 
46 OHICQ005 S_AHR_61001826 Maintain Withholding Tax Liability per Canton 
47 OHICQ006 S_AHR_61006903 Maintain Withholding Tax Bases 
48 OHICQ007 S_AHR_61006907 Maintain Withholding Tax Calculation 
49 OHICQ010 S_AHR_61001842 Maintain Fee Amount 
50 OHICR490 S_AHR_61011322 Maintain transaction types 
51 OHID0036 S_AHR_61011670 Define name of employer 
52 OHID0043 S_AHR_61011631 Additional child data 
53 OHID0072 S_AHR_61011349 Define Challenge Groups 
54 OHID0074 S_AHR_61011359 Define Challenge Types 
55 OHID0099 S_AHR_61011472 Define employee attributes 
56 OHID0100 S_AHR_61011483 Define terms of employment Germany 
57 OHID0234 S_AHR_61010710 Define Availability Types 
58 OHID0620 S_AHR_61011360 Define pension types 
59 OHID0621 S_AHR_61011350 Define pension fund 
60 OHID0622 S_AHR_61011351 Define name of pension fund 
61 OHID0623 S_AHR_61011352 Define provision groups 
62 OHID2001 S_L9C_94000205 Set Eligibility for Infotype 
63 OHID2002 S_AHR_61010289 Define Absence Types 
64 OHID2003 S_AHR_61010273 Define Default Absence Types 
65 OHID2004 S_AHR_61010285 Define Types of Birth 
66 OHID2005 S_AHR_61010280 Define Maternity Protection Periods 
67 OHID2005_DE S_L7D_24000470 Define Additional Maternity Protection Periods for Germany 
68 OHID2006 S_L9C_94000206 Set Eligibility for Infotype 
69 OHID2007 S_AHR_61010308 Define Absence Types 
70 OHID2008 S_AHR_61010304 Define Default Absence Types 
71 OHID2009 S_AHR_61010296 Define Periods 
72 OHID2010 S_AHR_61010292 Define Military Ranks 
73 OHID2011 S_AHR_61010300 Define Service Types 
74 OHIE0028 S_AHR_61011582 Determine NIF ID Number 
75 OHIE0064 S_AHR_61011648 Define street abbreviation 
76 OHIE0280 S_AHR_61011646 Define agreed salary 
77 OHIE0281 S_AHR_61011647 Adapt the feature for agreed salary 
78 OHIE0318 S_AHR_61010986 Determine calculation methods 
79 OHIE0319 S_AHR_61010987 Determine seniority bonus 
80 OHIE0320 S_AHR_61010988 Define default values 
81 OHIE0326 S_AHR_61011005 Define union's function 
82 OHIE0328 S_AHR_61010999 Adapt the feature for union's contribution 
83 OHIE0329 S_AHR_61011000 Determine union's contribution 
84 OHIE0340 S_AHR_61010973 Define companies for IA and ID 
85 OHIE0341 S_AHR_61010977 Define companies for non-ind. disease 
86 OHIE0342 S_AHR_61010978 Define contract types 
87 OHIE0343 S_AHR_61010965 Determine contribution groups 
88 OHIE0344 S_AHR_61010966 Determine epigraphs 
89 OHIE0345 S_AHR_61010968 Assign modifiers to personnel area/subarea 
90 OHIE0346 S_AHR_61010969 Define professional categories 
91 OHIE0347 S_AHR_61010970 Determine professional category per contribution group 
92 OHIE0348 S_AHR_61010967 Define modifiers for categories 
93 OHIE0349 S_AHR_61010971 Activate discharge on the day before a public holiday 
94 OHIE0411 S_AHR_61010884 Set tax modifier per province 
95 OHIE0412 S_AHR_61010886 Define payment keys 
96 OHIE0413 S_AHR_61010888 Determine tax table 
97 OHIE0414 S_AHR_61010921 Set reasons for change of income tax percentage rate 
98 OHIE0415 S_AHR_61010904 Set minimum income tax percentage rate for special cases 
99 OHIE0416 S_AHR_61010974 Check minimum basis for part-time contracts 
100 OHIE0417 S_AHR_61010976 Check basis for ind. diseases and ind.accidents 
101 OHIE0418 S_AHR_61010975 Determine percentages for social insurance contributions 
102 OHIE0578 S_AHR_61011128 Define income categories 
103 OHIE0579 S_AHR_61011003 Define membership fees / unions 
104 OHIEGC11A S_AHR_61011101 Check valid contracts for social insurance 
105 OHIEGC11B S_AHR_61011088 Check contract validity period 
106 OHIEGC11C S_AHR_61011089 Check workday for part-time contracts 
107 OHIEGC11D S_AHR_61011092 Check assignment of contracts to contract groups 
108 OHIEGC11E S_AHR_61011093 Check entries for calculation of contributions 
109 OHIEGC11F S_AHR_61011090 Check requirements for special contracts 
110 OHIEGC11G S_AHR_61011091 Check contract groups for calculation of contributions 
111 OHIEGC1A S_AHR_61011098 Define processing methods 
112 OHIEGC1B S_AHR_61011099 Assign special processing and processing methods 
113 OHIEGC1C S_AHR_61011100 Define contract conversion 
114 OHIEGCA S_AHR_61011095 Define contracts 
115 OHIEGCB S_AHR_61011096 Define groupings for contracts 
116 OHIEGCC S_AHR_61011097 Classify contracts 
117 OHIEGCD S_AHR_61011094 Check global data of contract entity 
118 OHIEGCE S_AHR_61011102 Maintain INEM offices 
119 OHIF0002 S_AHR_61011588 Create INSEE code 
120 OHIF0003 S_AHR_61011613 Specify qualification for pay slip 
121 OHIF0358 S_AL0_96000260 Set work contract type 
122 OHIF03591 S_AHR_61011087 Social Insurance 
123 OHIF03592 S_AHR_61010757 Contribution exemption, CSG 
124 OHIF03601 S_AHR_61011067 Specify fund 
125 OHIF03602 S_AHR_61011070 Address of fund 
126 OHIF0361 S_AHR_61011073 Contributions 
127 OHIF03621 S_AHR_61011076 Determine validity period 
128 OHIF03622 S_AHR_61010746 Maintain percentages, assign wage types 
129 OHIF03631 S_AHR_61010748 Name contribution model 
130 OHIF03632 S_AHR_61010754 Combine contributions to model 
131 OHIF03633 S_AHR_61010751 Assign contribution model 
132 OHIF03634 S_AL0_96000758 Transfer Data 
133 OHIF03635 S_AL0_96000765 Introduction 
134 OHIF0364 S_L6B_69000060 Contribution Exemption for Specific Contracts 
135 OHIF03641 S_AHR_61011245 Reason for payment 
136 OHIF03642 S_AHR_61011233 Annual data 
137 OHIF03643 S_AHR_61011246 Data from a five-year period 
138 OHIF03644 S_AHR_61011244 Define profit sharing modifier 
139 OHIF03645 S_AHR_61011234 Define Profit-Sharing Contributions 
140 OHIF03646 S_AL0_96000546 Select particular employment categories 
141 OHIF03647 S_AL0_96000548 Exclude/Exempt Contract Types 
142 OHIF03648 S_AL0_96000549 Introduction 
143 OHIF03649 S_PL0_09000042 Modify profit sharing calculation base 
144 OHIF0366 S_AHR_61011081 Personnel area specification 
145 OHIF0366_ENT_ET_FR S_XC0_18000038 Fill in company/branch data 
146 OHIF0402 S_AHR_61011082 Create wage type catalog 
147 OHIF0404 S_AHR_61011083 Change wage type texts 
148 OHIF0406 S_AHR_61011085 Check wage type characteristics 
149 OHIF0408 S_AHR_61011084 Check Assignment to Wage Type Group 
150 OHIF0410 S_AHR_61011086 Check logical views 
151 OHIF0422 S_AHR_61011078 Create wage type catalog 
152 OHIF0424 S_AHR_61011079 Change wage type texts 
153 OHIF0426 S_AHR_61011080 Check Assignment to Wage Type Group 
154 OHIF0428 S_AHR_61010935 Check wage type characteristics 
155 OHIF0483 S_AL0_96000263 Define Specific Employment Category 
156 OHIF5F4J S_PL0_86000037 Enter socio-professional categories 
157 OHIFIN020 S_PH9_46000920  
158 OHIFRPBS001 S_KI4_29000155 Définir le code vues infotypes 'Secteur Public France' 
159 OHIFRPBS002 S_KI4_29000137 Traitement périodique : Matricules en situation indéterminée 
160 OHIFRPBS003 S_KI4_29000139 Définir les écrans d'infotype du Secteur Public France 
161 OHIFRPBS004 S_KI4_29000138 Définir les valeurs propres à l'utilisateur 
162 OHIFRPBS011 S_KI4_29000145 Définir une position statutaire 
163 OHIFRPBS012 S_KI4_29000144 Définir une position administrative 
164 OHIFRPBS013 S_KI4_29000140 Définir les autorisations pos. adm. par type de personnels 
165 OHIFRPBS014 S_KI4_29000141 Définir les propriétés des positions administratives 
166 OHIFRPBS018 S_KI4_29000142 Définir les motifs des positions administratives 
167 OHIFRPBS019 S_KI4_29000143 Définir un organisme externe 
168 OHIFRPBS021 S_KI4_29000134 Définir les modalités d'activité 
169 OHIFRPBS022 S_KI4_29000135 Définir les propriétés des modalités 
170 OHIFRPBS023 S_KI4_29000136 Vérifier les motifs des modalités d'activité 
171 OHIFRPBS031 S_KI4_29000146 Définir un code SFT 
172 OHIFRPBS032 S_KI4_29000153 Définir le plafond de ressources de l'enfant 
173 OHIFRPBS033 S_KI4_29000154 Définir un lien familial 
174 OHIFRPBS034 S_KI4_29000152 Vérifier la valeur mensuelle du SMIC 
175 OHIFRPBS035 S_KI4_29000151 Vérifier les valeurs plancher et plafond du SFT 
176 OHIFRPBS036 S_KI4_29000148 Vérifier les éléments fixes et proportionnels du SFT 
177 OHIFRPBS041 S_KI4_29000149 Définir un corps 
178 OHIFRPBS042 S_KI4_29000150 Définir un grade 
179 OHIFRPBS043 S_KI4_29000112 Définir une échelle, un groupe hors-échelle 
180 OHIFRPBS044 S_KI4_29000118 Vérifier les correspondances indices bruts, indices majorés 
181 OHIFRPBS045 S_KI4_29000106 Affecter à un échelon son indice brut 
182 OHIFRPBS046 S_KI4_29000107 Affecter à un chevron son indice majoré 
183 OHIFRPBS047 S_KI4_29000133 Affecter les corps à une conv. coll., champ d' appl. territ. 
184 OHIFRPBS048 S_KI4_29000115 Affecter à un grade son échelle, ses groupes hors-échelle 
185 OHIFRPBS049 S_KI4_29000105 Vérifier la valeur de l'indice 100 
186 OHIFRPBS04A S_KI4_29000147 Vérifier les catégories 
187 OHIFRPBS04B S_KI4_29000116 Vérifier les types d'ancienneté (infotype 0576) 
188 OHIFRPBS04C S_KI4_29000157 Paramétrer le calcul d'ancienneté 
189 OHIFRPBS04D S_KI4_29000113 Définir les échelons d'une échelle 
190 OHIFRPBS04E S_KI4_29000114 Définir les chevrons d'un groupe hors-échelle 
191 OHIFRPBS04F S_KI4_29000117 Extensions client (exits utilisateur) 
192 OHIFRPBS04G S_KI4_55000268 Ouvrir, clore la table de sélection d'un processus de promotion 
193 OHIFRPBS04H S_KI4_55000306 Définir une succession de grades 
194 OHIFRPBS04I S_KI4_55000194 Définir un exercice 
195 OHIFRPBS04J S_KI4_55000318 Saisir des exits utilisateur 
196 OHIFRPBS04K S_KI4_55000195 Définir un procédé de conversion 
197 OHIFRPBS04L S_KI4_55000190 Vérifier les modes d'accès 
198 OHIFRPBS04M S_KI4_55000189 Définir un module de conditions 
199 OHIFRPBS04O S_KI4_55000192 Appliquer un module de conditions à une succession de grades 
200 OHIFRPBS04P S_KI4_55000266 Définir une étape de processus de promotion 
201 OHIFRPBS04Q S_KI4_55000267 Assigner une succession d'étapes à un processus de promotion 
202 OHIFRPBS04R S_KI4_55000191 Saisir des substitutions et des règles 
203 OHIFRPBS04S S_KI4_55000193 Affecter un procédé de conversion à une succession de grades 
204 OHIFRPBS051 S_KI4_29000108 Rattacher une commune à une zone de résidence 
205 OHIFRPBS052 S_KI4_29000109 Rattacher un domaine/sous-domaine du personnel à une commune 
206 OHIFRPBS053 S_KI4_29000110 Définir et rattacher un lieu de travail à une commune 
207 OHIFRPBS054 S_KI4_29000111 Vérifier les taux des différentes zones de résidence 
208 OHIFRPBS055 S_KI4_29000126 Vérifier la valeur de l'indemnité de résidence plancher 
209 OHIFRPBS061 S_KI4_29000127 Définir les durées de stages par grade 
210 OHIFRPBS062 S_KI4_29000158 Paramétrer le calcul d'ancienneté 
211 OHIFRPBS071 S_KI4_29000130 Actualiser les contingents avant un 1er calcul de paie 
212 OHIFRPBS072 S_KI4_29000128 Autoriser les catégories d'absence (maladie) 
213 OHIFRPBS073 S_KI4_29000129 Vérifier la gestion maladie 
214 OHIFRPBS074 S_KI4_55000334 Paramétrer le calcul d'ancienneté 
215 OHIFRPBS081 S_KI4_55000553 Définir la qualité 'Titulaire / Non-Titulaire' des catégories et statuts 
216 OHIFRPBS082 S_KI4_55000554 Définir une catégorie de date 'Date de Titularisation' 
217 OHIFRPBS091 S_KI4_55000550 Rattacher un département à une zone de bonification 
218 OHIFRPBS092 S_KI4_55000551 Vérifier les taux des différentes zones de bonification 
219 OHIFRPBS093 S_KI4_55000552 Réduire le montant de rubriques de paie pendant le congé bonifié 
220 OHIG0066 S_AHR_61011414 County/Region (GB) 
221 OHIG0151 S_AHR_61009166 Define Models for Qualifying Days 
222 OHIG0155 S_AHR_61009174 Define QDP 
223 OHIG0156 S_AHR_61009180 Generate QDP 
224 OHIG0157 S_AHR_61009456 Display QDP 
225 OHIGA208 S_AHR_61009711 SSP and SMP Exclusions 
226 OHIGBPBS010101 S_KI4_55000282 Interface Data Derivation Amendments 
227 OHIGBPBS010102 S_KI4_55000299 Interface File Layout Amendments 
228 OHIGBPBS0103 S_KI4_29000080 Go Live! 
229 OHIGBPBS020101 S_KI4_29000083 Activate syncronisation during Personnel Actions 
230 OHIGBPBS020102 S_KI4_55000220 Set up selection criteria 
231 OHIGBPBS020103 S_KI4_55000367 Deactivate international constraints 
232 OHIGBPBS02010301 S_L6B_69000633 International Infotype Copy 
233 OHIGBPBS02010302 S_L6B_69000634 Multiple Employment Infotype Copy 
234 OHIGBPBS02010303 S_L6B_69000707 Earliest Master Data Change Copy 
235 OHIGBPBS020104 S_PL0_09000020 Activate syncronisation across Multiple Employments 
236 OHIGBPBS020201 S_KI4_29000077 Activate the Multiple Employment Solution 
237 OHIGBPBS020202 S_KI4_29000078 Transfer wage types from non-primary to primary contract 
238 OHIGBPBS020203 S_KI4_29000079 Set up report consolidation 
239 OHIGBPBS020205 S_PI7_68000016 Activate that employees are "Pay on Claim" for the NI calculation 
240 OHIGBPBS020401 S_KI4_55000360 Define when each Payroll Accounting Area will Go Live 
241 OHIGBPBS020402 S_KI4_55000361 Set up employees as "Pay on Claim" for the NI calculation 
242 OHIGBPBS020606 S_KI4_55000207 Active in 1996 Research Assessment Exercise 
243 OHIGBPBS020701 S_L6B_69000635 Exclusion from SxP Payment 
244 OHIGBPBS030101 S_KI4_29000096 Create Absence Evaluation Scheme 
245 OHIGBPBS030102 S_KI4_29000097 Attach Absence Evaluation Scheme 
246 OHIGBPBS030103 S_KI4_29000098 Refine Absence Evaluation Scheme 
247 OHIGBPBS030104 S_KI4_29000099 Create Absence Evaluation Scheme Rules 
248 OHIGBPBS03020101 S_KI4_29000100 Create Absence Groupings 
249 OHIGBPBS03020102 S_KI4_29000095 Attach Absence Groupings 
250 OHIGBPBS03020201 S_KI4_29000090 Create Payment Band Wages Types 
251 OHIGBPBS03020202 S_KI4_29000091 Create Payment Band Valuation Rules 
252 OHIGBPBS03020203 S_KI4_29000092 Attach Payment Band Valuation Rule Groupings 
253 OHIGBPBS03020301 S_KI4_29000093 Create "From Where" Rules 
254 OHIGBPBS03020302 S_KI4_29000094 Create "How Far Bck/Fwd" Ruls 
255 OHIGBPBS03020303 S_KI4_29000104 Activate Customer Exit for new "From Where" rules 
256 OHIGBPBS03020401 S_KI4_29000102 Create Non-Qualifying Days Rules 
257 OHIGBPBS03020501 S_KI4_29000101 Create Entitlement Limiting Rules 
258 OHIGBPBS0302060101 S_KI4_29000103 Attach A Nil Pay Payment Band To A Scheme 
259 OHIGBPBS0302060201 S_KI4_29000070 Activate Part Day Processing For A Scheme 
260 OHIGBPBS0302060202 S_KI4_29000071 Activate the Customer Exit for new Part Day processing 
261 OHIGBPBS0302060203 S_KI4_29000072 Attach Part Day to Complete Day Valuation Rules 
262 OHIGBPBS0302060301 S_KI4_29000073 Create Time Units 
263 OHIGBPBS0302060302 S_KI4_29000074 Attach Time Unit Groupings 
264 OHIGBPBS0302060303 S_KI4_29000075 Attach Time Unit Multipliers 
265 OHIGBPBS0302060304 S_KI4_29000069 Activate the Customer Exit for complex Time Units 
266 OHIGBPBS0302060401 S_KI4_29000063 Define OSP and OMP Basic Payments 
267 OHIGBPBS0302060402 S_KI4_29000064 Define OSP and OMP Daily Rates 
268 OHIGBPBS0302060501 S_KI4_29000065 Create Non-Payment Days Rules 
269 OHIGBPBS0302060601 S_KI4_29000066 Activate the Customer Exit for Overriding Entitlements 
270 OHIGBPBS0302060701 S_KI4_29000067 Activate Absence Entry Checking 
271 OHIGBPBS0302060702 S_KI4_29000068 Change The Open Ended Absence Processing Limit 
272 OHIGBPBS0302060703 S_KI4_29000076 Activate Manual Absence Splitting 
273 OHIGBPBS0302060704 S_KI4_29000084 Activate the Customer Exit for Manual Splitting Report 
274 OHIGBPBS0302060801 S_KI4_29000085 Attach Seniority Calculation 
275 OHIGBPBS0302060802 S_KI4_29000086 Activate the Customer Exit for the Seniority Calculation 
276 OHIGBPBS03020609 S_KI4_29000087 Activate Original Absence Record Retention In Payroll 
277 OHIGBPBS030301 S_KI4_29000088 De-activate Absence Entry Checking 
278 OHIGBPBS030302 S_KI4_29000089 Generate Used Entitlement History 
279 OHIGBPBSBAR01 S_PL0_09000028 Assign reasons for bar point set up 
280 OHIGBPBSBAR02 S_PL0_09000029 Assign reasons for overriding a bar point 
281 OHIGBPBSBAR03 S_PL0_09000426 Check screen assignment for bar pointing 
282 OHIGBPBSBAR04 S_PL0_09000427 Configure feature to use bar point screen on infotype 'basic pay' 
283 OHIGBPBSBAR05 S_L6B_69000197 Pay Scale Reclassification 
284 OHIGBPBSBAR06 S_L6B_69000587 Customer Exit for Pay Scale Convertion 
285 OHIGBPBSCE010001 S_L6B_69000093 Activate Concurrent Employment for Personnel Administration 
286 OHIGBPBSCE010002 S_L6B_69000094 Description of Personnel Assignments 
287 OHIGBPBSCE010003 S_L6B_69000095 Personnel Assignment Overview and Personnel Assignment Details 
288 OHIGBPBSCE010004 S_L6B_69000096 Actions for Concurrent Employment 
289 OHIGBPBSDRLDWN01 S_KI4_55000368 Implement business add-in for drilldown reporting 
290 OHIGBPBSDRLDWN02 S_PL0_09000018 Set up RPUDIRG0 to derive and check data from an HR perspective 
291 OHIGBPBSDRLDWN03 S_PL0_09000120 Overview 
292 OHIGBPBSHE0101 S_KI4_55000170 Specify USS Institution Code 
293 OHIGBPBSHE0102 S_KI4_55000171 Specify USS Pension Schemes 
294 OHIGBPBSHE010301 S_KI4_55000172 Create Number Range Interval 
295 OHIGBPBSHE010302 S_KI4_55000173 Contributions 
296 OHIGBPBSHE01030201 S_KI4_55000174 Specify Member's Contributions Wage Types 
297 OHIGBPBSHE01030202 S_KI4_55000175 Specify Member's AVCs Wage Types 
298 OHIGBPBSHE01030203 S_KI4_55000176 Specify Member's Continued AVCs Wage Types 
299 OHIGBPBSHE010303 S_KI4_55000177 Specify Warning Wage Types 
300 OHIGBPBSHE010304 S_KI4_55000178 Develop Customer Exits 
301 OHIGBPBSHE010401 S_KI4_55000179 Create Number Range Interval 
302 OHIGBPBSHE01040201 S_KI4_55000180 Create Wage Type (Grouping) 
303 OHIGBPBSHE01040202 S_KI4_55000181 Attach Wage Type (Grouping) 
304 OHIGBPBSHE01040203 S_KI4_55000182 Assign Wage Types to the Wage Type (Grouping) 
305 OHIGBPBSHE01040204 S_KI4_55000183 Include Additional Payments/Deductions Infotype 
306 OHIGBPBSHE01040205 S_KI4_55000319 Assign Go Live Date 
307 OHIGBPBSHE010403 S_KI4_55000184 Specify Warning Wage Types 
308 OHIGBPBSHE010404 S_KI4_55000185 Develop Customer Exits 
309 OHIGBPBSHE0201 S_KI4_55000196 Assign Institution Code for HESA 
310 OHIGBPBSHE020201 S_KI4_55000197 Check mapping of Nationality 
311 OHIGBPBSHE020202 S_KI4_55000198 Check mapping of Ethnicity 
312 OHIGBPBSHE020203 S_KI4_55000200 Set up Mapping of Clinical Rates 
313 OHIGBPBSHE020204 S_KI4_55000210 Map SAP Payscale to HESA Grade Structure 
314 OHIGBPBSHE020205 S_KI4_55000215 Determine date type for "Date entered service in current HEI" 
315 OHIGBPBSHE020206 S_KI4_55000226 Map SAP Payscale to HESA Salary Point 
316 OHIGBPBSHE020207 S_KI4_55000230 Determine Casual and Hourly Staff 
317 OHIGBPBSHE020208 S_KI4_55000362 Identify challenge groups that are considered "disabled" for HESA purposes 
318 OHIGBPBSHE020209 S_KI4_55000233 Identify Casual Staff 
319 OHIGBPBSHE020210 S_KI4_55000248 Map Challenge group of infotype Challenge (0004) to Disability 
320 OHIGBPBSHE0203 S_KI4_55000199 Set up Number Ranges for Staff ID 
321 OHIGBPBSHE020401 S_KI4_55000232 Set up Notional Annual Salary for Casual Employees for FTE calculation 
322 OHIGBPBSHE020402 S_KI4_55000279 Attach Wage Type (Grouping) 
323 OHIGBPBSHE020403 S_KI4_55000278 Set HESA eligibility for wage types 
324 OHIGBPBSHE020404 S_KI4_55000280 Create salary wage type (Grouping) 
325 OHIGBPBSHE0205 S_KI4_55000201 Check Institution IDs and Maintain Addresses 
326 OHIGBPBSHE020601 S_KI4_55000202 Check Destination on Leaving Code 
327 OHIGBPBSHE020602 S_KI4_55000203 Check Grade Structure 
328 OHIGBPBSHE020603 S_KI4_55000204 Check Principal Source of Basic Pay 
329 OHIGBPBSHE020604 S_KI4_55000205 Check Secondary Source of Basic Pay 
330 OHIGBPBSHE020605 S_KI4_55000206 Check Previous Employment 
331 OHIGBPBSHE020606 S_KI4_55000208 Check Code for "Active in 1996 Research Ass. Ex." 
332 OHIGBPBSHE020608 S_KI4_55000212 Check Cost Centres (HEFCE) 
333 OHIGBPBSHE020609 S_KI4_55000228 Check HESA Code for Academic Disciplines 
334 OHIGBPBSHE020610 S_KI4_55000229 Check HESA Code for Highest Academic Qualification 
335 OHIGBPBSHE020611 S_KI4_55000297 Check HESA Codes for Highest Academic Qualification held 
336 OHIGBPBSHE020612 S_KI4_55000298 Check HESA Codes for Academic Disciplines 
337 OHIGBPBSHE020621 S_PI6_40000223 Check Occupational categories for HE Staff 
338 OHIGBPBSHE020622 S_PI6_40000224 Map SAP Job keys to Occupational categories 
339 OHIGBPBSHE020631 S_L6B_69000747 Check Regulatory Body Code 
340 OHIGBPBSHE020632 S_L6B_69000748 Check NHS Contract Grade Code 
341 OHIGBPBSHE020633 S_L6B_69000749 Map Registration types to Regulatory bodies 
342 OHIGBPBSHE020634 S_L6B_69000750 Map Honorary NHS type to NHS contract grade 
343 OHIGBPBSHE020635 S_L6B_69000751 Set up threshold(%) for annual salary calculation 
344 OHIGBPBSHE0207 S_KI4_55000209 Check Campus Identifier 
345 OHIGBPBSHE020701 S_KI4_55000276 Implement Business Add-In 
346 OHIGBPBSHE020801 S_KI4_55000217 Check Subtype of General Attribute Maintenance 
347 OHIGBPBSHE020802 S_KI4_55000216 Set up General Attribute Maintenance Infotype 
348 OHIGBPBSHE0209 S_KI4_55000211 HESA Aggregate Staff Return and New Aggregate Staff Return 
349 OHIGBPBSHE020902 S_KI4_55000281 Determine if notional salary is always used 
350 OHIGBPBSHE021001 S_KI4_55000218 Set Up Contract Types 
351 OHIGBPBSHE021002 S_KI4_55000219 Set up Contract Types 
352 OHIGBPBSHE021003 S_KI4_55000231 Set up default for Primary Employment Function 
353 OHIGBPBSHE021004 S_KI4_55000366 Switch off checking of begin date against hire date 
354 OHIGBPBSHE021005 S_KI4_55000369 Set up default for Contract Type 
355 OHIGBPBSHE021009 S_KI4_55000273 Implement Redundancy Payment calculation 
356 OHIGBPBSHE0211 S_KI4_55000221 Check Number Range for HESA Run Number 
357 OHIGBPBSHE021201 S_KI4_55000250 Enter go live date 
358 OHIGBPBSHE0214 S_AL0_96000289 Check Assignment of Region to Institution Code 
359 OHIGBPBSHE0301 S_KI4_55000238 Set up Professional Bodies 
360 OHIGBPBSHE0302 S_KI4_55000237 Set up Status of Membership 
361 OHIGBPBSHE0501 S_KI4_55000227 Default for Primary Employment Function 
362 OHIGBPBSHE0601 S_KI4_55000274 Set up Academic Qualification Types 
363 OHIGBPBSHE0602 S_KI4_55000275 Set up other Academic Institution 
364 OHIGBPBSHE0603 S_KI4_55000277 Set up Academic Disciplines 
365 OHIGBPBSME0101 S_PL0_09000023 Activate that only the primary receives a Remuneration Statement 
366 OHIGBPBSME0102 S_PL0_09000027 Activate consolidation in the Remuneration Statement 
367 OHIGBPBSME0103 S_L6D_84000008 Activate consistency checks during payroll 
368 OHIGBPBSME0201 S_PL0_09000024 OHIGBPBS020205 
369 OHIGBPBSTPS S_L6B_69000366 TPS Annual Retrun 
370 OHIGBPBSTPS01 S_L6B_69000402 Specify field used for teachers' DFES number 
371 OHIGBPBSTPS0201 S_L6B_69000367 Check LEA numbers and names 
372 OHIGBPBSTPS0202 S_L6B_69000403 Assign unique LEA number / Area code 
373 OHIGBPBSTPS0203 S_L6B_69000368 Assign multiple LEA numbers 
374 OHIGBPBSTPS0301 S_L6B_69000369 Specify primary and additional TPS pension schemes 
375 OHIGBPBSTPS04 S_L6B_69000405 Check TPS Recordable Service 
376 OHIGBPBSTPS0501 S_L6B_69000373 Assign school/type of employment number 
377 OHIGBPBSTPS0502 S_L6B_69000374 Assign TPS Salary Scale Codes to SAP Salary Scales 
378 OHIGBPBSTPS050201 S_L6B_69000393 Specify Management Allowance Level 1 wagetypes 
379 OHIGBPBSTPS050202 S_L6B_69000394 Specify Management Allowance Level 2 wagetypes 
380 OHIGBPBSTPS050203 S_L6B_69000395 Specify Management Allowance Level 3 wagetypes 
381 OHIGBPBSTPS050204 S_L6B_69000396 Specify Management Allowance Level 4 wagetypes 
382 OHIGBPBSTPS050205 S_L6B_69000397 Specify Management Allowance Level 5 wagetypes 
383 OHIGBPBSTPS050211 S_L6B_69000398 Specify Retention Allowance Level 1 wagetypes 
384 OHIGBPBSTPS050212 S_L6B_69000399 Specify Retention Allowance Level 2 wagetypes 
385 OHIGBPBSTPS050213 S_L6B_69000400 Specify Retention Allowance Level 3 wagetypes 
386 OHIGBPBSTPS050214 S_L6B_69000401 Specify Retention Allowance Level 4 wagetypes 
387 OHIGBPBSTPS050215 S_L6B_69000712 Specify Retention Allowance Level 5 wagetypes 
388 OHIGBPBSTPS050216 S_L7D_24000376 Specify TLR Allowance Level 2 Wage Types 
389 OHIGBPBSTPS050217 S_L7D_24000377 Specify TLR Allowance Level 3 Wage Types 
390 OHIGBPBSTPS050218 S_L7D_24000378 Specify TLR Allowance Level 4 Wage Types 
391 OHIGBPBSTPS050219 S_L7D_24000379 Specify TLR Allowance Level 5 Wage Types 
392 OHIGBPBSTPS050220 S_L7D_24000380 Specify TLR Allowance Level 6 Wage Types 
393 OHIGBPBSTPS050221 S_L6B_69000404 Check TPS Salary Scale Codes 
394 OHIGBPBSTPS050222 S_L7D_24000381 Specify TLR Allowance Level 7 Wage Types 
395 OHIGBPBSTPS050223 S_L7D_24000382 Specify TLR Allowance Level 8 Wage Types 
396 OHIGBPBSTPS050224 S_L7D_24000383 Specify TLR Allowance Level 9 Wage Types 
397 OHIGBPBSTPS0503 S_L6B_69000375 Identify 'Fast Track' Employment 
398 OHIGBPBSTPS0504 S_L6B_69000376 Identify TPS relevant Absences Rules 
399 OHIGBPBSTPS0505 S_L6B_69000377 Identify 'Safeguarded' wagetype maintenance 
400 OHIGBPBSTPS0506 S_L6B_69000378 Identify 'Irregular' part-time employment 
401 OHIGBPBSTPS0601 S_L6B_69000388 Set eligibility for TPS Annual Salary 
402 OHIGBPBSTPS060201 S_L6B_69000391 Set eligibility for TPS Additional Contributions Wage Type 
403 OHIGBPBSTPS060202 S_L6B_69000392 Set eligibility for TPS Additional Contributions as Refund Wage Type 
404 OHIGBPBSTPS0603 S_L6B_69000389 Set eligibility for TPS Other Pensionable Allowances 
405 OHIGBPBSTPS0604 S_L6B_69000390 Set eligibility for TPS Local Supplement 
406 OHIGBPBSTPS0607 S_L6B_69000379 Identify 'Casual' staff 
407 OHIGBPBSTPS060801 S_L6B_69000380 Specify Inner London Allowance wagetypes 
408 OHIGBPBSTPS060802 S_L6B_69000381 Specify Outer London Allowance wagetypes 
409 OHIGBPBSTPS060803 S_L6B_69000382 Specify Inner London Supplement wagetypes 
410 OHIGBPBSTPS060804 S_L6B_69000383 Specify Fringe London Allowance wagetypes 
411 OHIGBPBSTPS060901 S_L6B_69000384 Specify Higher Rate SEN Allowance wagetypes 
412 OHIGBPBSTPS060902 S_L6B_69000385 Specify Lower Rate SEN Allowance wagetypes 
413 OHIGBPBSTPS061001 S_L6B_69000386 Specify Higher Rate SPA Allowance wagetypes 
414 OHIGBPBSTPS061002 S_L6B_69000387 Specify Lower Rate SPA Allowance wagetypes 
415 OHIGBPBSTPS0701 S_L6B_69000370 Check number range interval 
416 OHIGBPBSTPS0801 S_L6B_69000371 Implement Business Add-In 
417 OHIGBPBSWTD01 S_KI4_55000354 Activate WTD Check (during entry of Planned Working Time) 
418 OHIGBPBSWTD02 S_KI4_55000355 Amend WTD limit 
419 OHIGBPBSWTD03 S_KI4_55000356 Attach an Employee Start Date derivation method 
420 OHIGBPBSWTD04 S_KI4_55000357 Attach a Relevant Period length in weeks 
421 OHIGBPBSWTD05 S_KI4_55000358 Assign Overtime Wage Types 
422 OHIGBPS011 S_KI4_29000230 Assign Vehicle Class to Cubic Capacity 
423 OHIGBPS012 S_KI4_29000231 Define Annual Car Allowance for Essential Car User 
424 OHIGBPS013 S_KI4_29000232 Assign Vehicle Types for Business and Private Mileage 
425 OHIGBPS014 S_KI4_55000257 Activate Payroll Function GPCS 
426 OHIGBPSBSHE029901 S_KI4_55000213 Set up Registration Types 
427 OHIGBPSBSHE029902 S_KI4_55000214 Set up Honorary NHS Status 
428 OHIGBPSBSHE029903 S_KI4_55000234 Set up Clinical Specialties 
429 OHIGBPSBSHE029904 S_KI4_55000235 Set up Hospitals Bases 
430 OHIGBPSBSHE029905 S_KI4_55000236 Set up Health Trusts 
431 OHIGB_COMPCAR_000 S_AL0_96000261 Define Company Cars 
432 OHIHKV_T7HK01 S_AHR_61011628 Maintain the family member's occupation 
433 OHIHKV_T7HK03 S_AHR_61011353 Maintain the notice period in time units 
434 OHIHK_1011 S_AHR_61008602 Define Payment Models 
435 OHIHK_1012 S_AHR_61008608 Set Pay Periods 
436 OHIHK_1013 S_AHR_61008612 Define Employee Groups 
437 OHIHK_1014 S_AHR_61008617 Set Default Values for Payment Models 
438 OHIHK_SL010 S_AHR_61010765 Maintain Sick Leave Entitlement 
439 OHIID1011 S_AHR_61008093 Define Payment Models 
440 OHIID1012 S_AHR_61008096 Set Pay Periods 
441 OHIID1013 S_AHR_61008099 Define Employee Groups 
442 OHIID1014 S_AHR_61008101 Set Default Values for Payment Models 
443 OHIIDID010 S_AHR_61011535 Verify types of identification 
444 OHIIT_VI010 S_AHR_61011402 Indirect valuation based on master data 
445 OHIJ0001 S_AHR_61010707 Define insurance product type 
446 OHIJ0002 S_AHR_61011531 Company's address 
447 OHIJ0004 S_AHR_61010785 Indicator for social insurance 
448 OHIJ0005 S_AHR_61010798 Indicator for acquired/lost 
449 OHIJ0006 S_AHR_61010802 Employee's pension 
450 OHIJ0007 S_AHR_61010782 Grade of standard compensation 
451 OHIJ0009 S_AHR_61010737 Branch office for social insurance 
452 OHIJ0010 S_AHR_61010740 Branch office for labor insurance 
453 OHIJ0012 S_AHR_61010771 Define social insurance premium rates 
454 OHIJ0013 S_AHR_61010778 Define labor insurance premium rates 
455 OHIJ0015 S_AHR_61010658 Create text for insurance company type 
456 OHIJ0016 S_AHR_61010681 Define insurance company code 
457 OHIJ0019 S_AHR_61010807 Define social insurance indicators 
458 OHIJ0020 S_AHR_61010774 Define labor insurance indicators 
459 OHIJ0021 S_AHR_61010704 Define combination insurance company type / code 
460 OHIJ0023 S_AHR_61011261 Define appraisal detail features for bonus appraisal 
461 OHIJ0024 S_AHR_61011250 Define appraisal constants by rank 
462 OHIJ0026 S_AHR_61010816 City code for residence tax 
463 OHIJ0028 S_AHR_61011243 Bank key for contracted bank 
464 OHIJ0030 S_AHR_61011255 Define main appraisal features 
465 OHIJ0031 S_L7D_24000951 Define Health Insurance Insurer 
466 OHIJ0032 S_AHR_61011257 Define employee groups 
467 OHIJ0033 S_AHR_61011259 Define appraisal main features for bonus appraisal 
468 OHIJ0034 S_AHR_61011248 Define appraisal constants according to points 
469 OHIJ0035 S_AHR_61011249 Define appraisal rank codes 
470 OHIJ0036 S_AHR_61010743 Modifier for social insurance and labor insurance 
471 OHIJ0037 S_AHR_61010795 Indicator for social insurance (insured) 
472 OHIJ0038 S_L7D_24000952 Assign Health Insurance Insurer to SI Modifier 
473 OHIJ0039 S_AHR_61010655 Define company type 
474 OHIJ0040 S_AHR_61010820 Define official tax address 
475 OHIJ0043 S_AHR_61010800 Health insurance 
476 OHIJ0044 S_AHR_61010804 Pension fund 
477 OHIJ0045 S_AHR_61010805 Employee's insurance 
478 OHIJ0048 S_AHR_61010709 Define combination insurance company type / product type 
479 OHIJ0049 S_AHR_61011256 Define detail appraisal features 
480 OHIJ0050 S_AHR_61011260 Define appraisal detail features for normal appraisal 
481 OHIJ0052 S_AHR_61011258 Define appraisal main features for normal appraisals 
482 OHIJ0058 S_AHR_61011641 Define counties 
483 OHIJ0061 S_AHR_61011251 Define the level chain 
484 OHIJ0062 S_AHR_61011252 Define the group chain 
485 OHIJ0063 S_AHR_61011253 Define new pay scale curves 
486 OHIJ0066 S_AHR_61010872 Create wage type catalog 
487 OHIJ0068 S_AHR_61010840 Check wage type texts 
488 OHIJ0069 S_AHR_61010842 Check wage type group 'Year End Adjustment' 
489 OHIJ0070 S_AHR_61010843 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
490 OHIJ0071 S_AHR_61010845 Check wage type characteristics 
491 OHIJ0072 S_AHR_61010847 Define default wage types 
492 OHIJ0075 S_AHR_61010822 Check taxation indicator 
493 OHIJ0076 S_AHR_61010838 Check year end adjustment indicator 
494 OHIJ0077 S_AHR_61010856 Check combination for income tax deduction 
495 OHIJ0078 S_AHR_61010861 Check residence tax change reason 
496 OHIJ0079 S_AHR_61010864 Check residence tax collection indicator 
497 OHIJ0081 S_AHR_61010866 Check combination for family dependent tax deduction 
498 OHIJ0082 S_AHR_61010767 Modifier for labor insurance 
499 OHIJ0083 S_AHR_61010811 Define residence tax modifier 
500 OHIJ0084 S_AHR_61010813 Assign residence tax modifier