SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 21
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHAQUM012 S_AHR_61009965 Define Period Parameters 
2 OHAQUM013 S_AHR_61009846 Protect Personnel Calculation Rules 
3 OHAQUM014 S_AHR_61009978 Define Date Modifiers 
4 OHAQUM015 S_AHR_61009831 Define Schema for Payroll Accounting 
5 OHAQUM022 S_AHR_61010060 Maintain Processing Classes and their Specifications 
6 OHAQUM023 S_AHR_61010071 Maintain Evaluation Classes and their Specifications 
7 OHAQUM101 S_AHR_61009415 Create Wage Type Catalog 
8 OHAQUM102 S_AHR_61009387 Change Wage Type Texts 
9 OHAQUM103 S_AHR_61009458 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
10 OHAQUM104 S_AHR_61009451 Check Assignment to Wage Type Group 
11 OHAQUM105 S_AHR_61009443 Check Logical View 
12 OHAQVAL001 S_AHR_61016424 Set Up Payment/Deduction Wage Type Valuation 
13 OHAQWTM00001 S_AHR_61010116 Define SGC Wage and Salary Earnings 
14 OHAQWTM00002 S_AHR_61010127 Define SGC Ordinary Time Earnings 
15 OHAQWTM00003 S_AHR_61009864 Define Superannuation Hours Wage Types 
16 OHAQWTM00004 S_AHR_61009799 Define Superannuation Ordinary Time Earnings 
17 OHAQWTM00101 S_AHR_61010121 Define Tax for Wage Types 
18 OHAQWTM00102 S_AHR_61009887 Define Tax Override Wage Types 
19 OHAQWTM00103 S_AHR_61009900 Define Additional Tax Wage Types 
20 OHAQWTM00105 S_AHR_61009922 Define Tax Spread Wage Types 
21 OHAQWTM00401 S_AHR_61008292 Define Wage Type Grouping 
22 OHAQWTM006 S_AHR_61008620 Define Termination Cheque Wage Type 
23 OHAQWTM014 S_AHR_61008321 Define Advance Pay for Wage Types 
24 OHAQ_AV_1 S_AHR_61016925 Basics of Valuating Averages 
25 OHAQ_AV_2W S_AHR_61016926 Create Bases for Calculating Average Values 
26 OHAQ_AV_ABCR S_AHR_61016927 Create Calculation Rules for Averages 
27 OHAQ_AV_P S_AHR_61016928 Assign Primary Wage Types to Average Calculation Rules 
28 OHAQ_PM_CREATE S_AHR_61009505 Create Process Model 
29 OHAR0902 S_AHR_61007198 Check cumulation calendar 
30 OHAR0903 S_AHR_61007264 Define cumulation types for wage types 
31 OHAR0911 S_AHR_61007200 Define cumulation types 
32 OHAR0912 S_AHR_61003784 Assign cumulation types to time units 
33 OHAR0913 S_AHR_61003950 Define cumulation periods 
34 OHAR1016 S_AHR_61003998 Assign processing classes to wage types 
35 OHAR1040B S_AHR_61007252 Check payroll schema 
36 OHAR1041 S_AHR_61004129 Define priority for deductions 
37 OHAR1043 S_AHR_61007283 Maintain recovery of arrears 
38 OHAR1045 S_AHR_61004112 Maintain arrears deductions for retroactive accounting 
39 OHAR1046 S_AHR_61004133 Split unconditional deductions into paid amount and advance 
40 OHAR1048 S_AHR_61004047 Check wage type group 'Deduction for Arrears' 
41 OHAR1FO003 S_PH9_46000644 Copy form 
42 OHAR483 S_AHR_61003121 Convert old customer form 
43 OHAR601 S_AHR_61003625 Convert old customer form 
44 OHARAB001 S_AHR_61003896 Describe absence valuation rules 
45 OHARAB002 S_AHR_61003900 Group absences for absence valuation 
46 OHARAB003 S_AHR_61003734 Define grouping for absence valuation 
47 OHARAB004 S_AHR_61003738 Define day rules 
48 OHARAB005 S_AHR_61003743 Create wage type catalog 
49 OHARAB009 S_AHR_61007195 Valuate absences according to 'as if' priciple 
50 OHARAB010 S_AHR_61003756 Special processing for absence valuation rules 
51 OHARAB011 S_AHR_61003748 Create counting classes for absence valuation 
52 OHARAB012 S_AHR_61003752 Valuate absences by constants/averages 
53 OHARAB201 S_AHR_61003759 Valuate absences for quota deduction 
54 OHARAL01 S_AHR_61004297 Bases 
55 OHARAP010 S_AHR_61004110 Define advance type 
56 OHARAP020 S_AHR_61004105 Maintain entitlement conditions 
57 OHARAP030 S_AHR_61004126 Maintain deduction conditions 
58 OHARAP040 S_AHR_61003289 Maintain link between wage types 
59 OHARAP050 S_AHR_61003293 Maintain processing classes for balances and totals 
60 OHARAP110 S_AHR_61004082 Check assignment of wage types to wage type group 
61 OHARAP111 S_AHR_61004067 Copy advance payment wage types 
62 OHARAP120 S_AHR_61004085 Check entry permissibility for infotypes 0015 and 0267 
63 OHARAP130 S_AHR_61007275 Check wage types 
64 OHARAP140 S_AHR_61007110 Maintain CPF deduction rates for festival advance payment 
65 OHARAV001 S_AHR_61007189 Bases for valuation of averages 
66 OHARAV511A S_AHR_61003762 Create calculation rules for averages 
67 OHARAV511B S_AHR_61003786 Create cumulation rules for bases for calculating averages 
68 OHARAV511C S_AHR_61003787 Create adjustment rules for bases for calculating averages 
69 OHARAVBAS S_AHR_61007191 Create bases for calculating average values 
70 OHARAVP15 S_AHR_61003791 Assign valuation of averages to a primary wage type 
71 OHARAVX017 S_AHR_61003726 Create relevancy test 
72 OHARAVX018 S_AHR_61003730 Create final processing rule 
73 OHARAVXT00 S_AHR_61003789 Adjust calculation of averages within the payroll run 
74 OHARAWS001 S_AHR_61004014 Check entry permissibility of wage types per infotype 
75 OHARAWS002 S_AHR_61004005 Maintain pro-rate types for AWS 
76 OHARAWS003 S_AHR_61003955 Check assignment of wage types to wage type group 
77 OHARAWS004 S_AHR_61007241 Check wage types 
78 OHARAWS005 S_AHR_61004001 Function exit for AWS 
79 OHARAWS010 S_AHR_61003966 Copy AWS wage types 
80 OHARBEN001 S_AHR_61019092 Create benefits wage types 
81 OHARBEN002 S_AHR_61019093 Set up current benefit area 
82 OHARBEN003 S_AHR_61019094 Assign wage types to benefit plans 
83 OHARBEN004 S_AHR_61019095 Assign wage types to claim plans 
84 OHARBEN005 S_PH0_48000325 Create claims wage types 
85 OHARBW004 S_AHR_61003691 Define wage type-dependent constants 
86 OHARBW005 S_AHR_61007185 Define pay scale-dependent constants 
87 OHARBW006 S_AHR_61003709 Create person-related valuation bases 
88 OHARBW019 S_AHR_61007188 Assign valuation bases 
89 OHARBW21 S_AHR_61007203 Determine valuation basis for different payment 
90 OHARBW22 S_AHR_61003795 Calculate valuation basis with higher value 
91 OHARDD010 S_AHR_61004020 Copy deduction wage types 
92 OHARDD020 S_AHR_61007236 Check assignment of wage types to wage types group 
93 OHARDL021 S_AHR_61007232 Activate calculation 
94 OHARDL022 S_AHR_61007260 Store additional values 
95 OHARDL023 S_AHR_61007256 Check payroll constants 
96 OHARDL024 S_PH0_48000035 Adjust value date 
97 OHARDL030 S_PH0_48000036 Maintain loan types 
98 OHARDL031 S_AHR_61004076 Create a loan type 
99 OHARDL032 S_AHR_61004123 Assign repayment type 
100 OHARDL033 S_PH0_48000038 Adjust screen control 
101 OHARDL034 S_AHR_61004116 Create loan conditions 
102 OHARDL035 S_PH0_48000037 Control allocation of loans 
103 OHARDL036 S_PH0_48000394 Set up customer-specific payment types and wage types 
104 OHARDL037 S_PH0_48000395 Program processing logic of payment types 
105 OHARDL038 S_L6B_69000435 BAdI: Reporting for Company Loans 
106 OHARDT002 S_AHR_61003183 Set up house banks 
107 OHARDT003 S_AHR_61003185 Define sending banks 
108 OHARDT004 S_AHR_61003189 Check text keys for payment transactions 
109 OHAREDTINTERNET S_PH9_46000658 Define internet link for remuneration statement (ESS) 
110 OHARFO002 S_PH9_46000643 Create draft form 
111 OHARFO003 S_PH9_46000281 Copy form 
112 OHARFO004 S_PH9_46000282 Maintain evaluation classes and their specifications 
113 OHARFO005 S_PH9_46000283 Define alternative currency 
114 OHARFO006 S_PH9_46000316 Set up address 
115 OHARFO008 S_PH9_46000648 Change addresses infotype (0006) 
116 OHARFOPA002 S_PH9_46000659 Set up payroll account 
117 OHARFOPJ100 S_PH9_46000660 Convert old form 
118 OHARFOPJ201 S_PH9_46000661 Set up page header 
119 OHARFOPJ202 S_PH9_46000662 Set up payroll excerpts 
120 OHARFOPJ203 S_PH9_46000663 Set up continuation excerpts 
121 OHARFOPJ204 S_PH9_46000664 Set up totals display 
122 OHARFORS001 S_PH9_46000649 Convert old form 
123 OHARFORS002 S_PH9_46000650 Set up remuneration statement 
124 OHARFORS010 S_PH9_46000651 Example: Cumulation wage type in single field 
125 OHARFORS030 S_PH9_46000652 Example: Using the new procedure 
126 OHARFORS031 S_PH9_46000653 Example: Using the old procedure 
127 OHARFORS040 S_PH9_46000654 Example: Leave data in window 
128 OHARFORS050 S_PH9_46000655 Example: Time quota in single field 
129 OHARFORS060 S_PH9_46000656 Example: Time quota in window 
130 OHARFORS070 S_PH9_46000657 Example: Notification in window 
131 OHARJW000 S_AHR_61004056 Create annual values 
132 OHARKF001 S_AHR_61003799 Create reduction factors 
133 OHARKF002 S_AHR_61003765 Assign reduction factors 
134 OHARKL000 S_AHR_61003769 Create wage types for cost accounting 
135 OHARMF010 S_PH9_46000498 Process membership fees 
136 OHARMM000 S_AHR_61007115 Determine payment for mid-month advance 
137 OHARMZ001 S_AHR_61003165 Define units of currency 
138 OHARNR001B S_AHR_61003346 Assign fixed allowance to wage type payable by MINDEF 
139 OHARNR002 S_AHR_61003349 Assign variable allowance to wage type payable by MINDEF 
140 OHARNR003 S_AHR_61003283 Maintain specifications of processing classes 62 and 63 
141 OHARNR004 S_AHR_61003286 Create additional wage types payable by MINDEF 
142 OHARNR005 S_AHR_61007108 Check storage of sums of fixed and variable allowances 
143 OHARNR011 S_AHR_61003258 Check assignment of wage types to wage type group 
144 OHARNR012 S_AHR_61003261 Check wage types 
145 OHARNR021 S_AHR_61003270 Check processing of fixed allowances 
146 OHARNR022 S_AHR_61003274 Check processing of variable allowances 
147 OHARNR040 S_AHR_61003309 Verify and valuate absences 
148 OHARNR060 S_AHR_61003313 Specify the proration rule for paid/unpaid absences 
149 OHARNR070 S_AHR_61003264 Specify a deduction wage type 
150 OHARNR080 S_AHR_61003267 Determine processing class to subtract from net salary 
151 OHARO008 S_PH9_46000317 Change addresses infotype (0006) 
152 OHAROC010 S_AHR_61003300 Set up off-cycle reasons 
153 OHAROC020 S_AHR_61007112 Set up report variants for off-cycle activities 
154 OHARPART S_AHR_61003797 Maintain partial period paramenter according to time unit 
155 OHARPAY002 S_AHR_61003493 Define schedule for payroll calendar 
156 OHARPAY003 S_AHR_61003496 Specify version for payroll driver 
157 OHARPBS_T5F99A2 S_XC0_18000199  
158 OHARQFO004 S_PH9_46000647 Maintain evaluation classes and their specifications 
159 OHARQUOTACOMP00 S_AHR_61018672 Create wage type catalog 
160 OHARQUOTACOMP01 S_AHR_61018674 Assign wage types to the quotas to be compensated 
161 OHARR1024 S_AHR_61004025 Define rules for limits 
162 OHARR1025 S_AHR_61007247 Set up wage type classes and attach limits 
163 OHARR1026 S_AHR_61004031 Set limit modifier 
164 OHARR1027 S_AHR_61004040 Maintain wage types for limits 
165 OHARR1028 S_AHR_61004042 Rename wage types for arrears processing 
166 OHARRI011 S_AHR_61004257 Prepare wage type overview 
167 OHARRI012 S_AHR_61007325 Obtain overview of accounts 
168 OHARRI013 S_PH0_48000057 Posting to company code clearing accounts 
169 OHARRI015 S_AHR_61003631 Define employee grouping account determination 
170 OHARRI031 S_AHR_61007166 Define posting characteristics of wage types 
171 OHARRI042 S_AHR_61003637 Define symbolic accounts 
172 OHARRI051 S_AHR_61003643 Assign balance sheet accounts 
173 OHARRI052 S_AHR_61003531 Assign expense accounts 
174 OHARRI053 S_AHR_61003448 Assign customer accounts 
175 OHARRI054 S_AHR_61003452 Assign vendor accounts 
176 OHARRI055 S_AHR_61003455 Assign customer accounts for specific loan posting 
177 OHARRI056 S_AHR_61003444 Assign technical accounts 
178 OHARRI061 S_AHR_61003459 Set up fixed cost postings and substitute cost centers 
179 OHARRI062 S_AHR_61007137 Check consistency of customizing entries 
180 OHARRI063 S_AHR_61003471 Maintain posting date for payroll periods 
181 OHARRI064 S_PH0_48000056 Set up substitute cost centers 
182 OHARRI070 S_AHR_61003474 Set up line item text 
183 OHARRI071 S_AHR_61003442 Create posting variants 
184 OHARRI080 S_AHR_61003378 Create report variants 
185 OHARRI081 S_AHR_61003382 Authorizations 
186 OHARRI090 S_AHR_61003389 Setup export to R/2 System or R/3 System < 4.0 
187 OHARSI011 S_AHR_61003336 Check assignment of wage types to wage type group 
188 OHARSI012 S_AHR_61003339 Check wage types 
189 OHARSI013 S_PH9_46000129 Maintain trainee profile for SDF report 
190 OHARSI021 S_AHR_61003168 Check processing of CPF 
191 OHARSI022 S_AHR_61003331 Maintain rate for lump payment & CPF for semimonthly payroll 
192 OHARSI024 S_AHR_61003173 Check processing of additional funds 
193 OHARSI025 S_AHR_61003176 Check storage of SPF sums 
194 OHARSI026 S_AHR_61007096 Check processing of CPF refunds 
195 OHARSI027 S_AHR_61003180 Check accruals of CPF contributions for Financial Accounting 
196 OHARSIA011 S_AHR_61003343 Check assignment of wage types to wage type group 
197 OHARSIA012 S_AHR_61003255 Check wage types 
198 OHARSL001 S_AHR_61003772 Form cumulation wage types from time-based payments 
199 OHARSL002 S_AHR_61003774 Form cumulation wage types based on master data 
200 OHARSL003 S_AHR_61003776 Create cumulation wage type based on external bank transfers 
201 OHARTI110 S_AHR_61003811 Define time types 
202 OHARTI120 S_AHR_61003837 Assign time identifiers to time pairs 
203 OHARTI130 S_AHR_61003906 Define processing types 
204 OHARTI210 S_AHR_61003910 Check access to day processing 
205 OHARTI310 S_AHR_61003913 Define groupings 
206 OHARTI321 S_AHR_61003923 Read planned working time from work schedule 
207 OHARTI322 S_AHR_61003928 Import substitution data 
208 OHARTI323 S_AHR_61007226 Import absence data 
209 OHARTI324 S_AHR_61003946 Import overtime data 
210 OHARTI325 S_AHR_61003918 Define breaks to be imported 
211 OHARTI330 S_AHR_61007323 Compare daily work schedule with time data 
212 OHARTI340 S_AHR_61003840 Determine break times 
213 OHARTI361 S_AHR_61003843 Define valuation classes for period work schedule 
214 OHARTI362 S_AHR_61003851 Define generation rules 
215 OHARTI363 S_AHR_61003846 Define groupings 
216 OHARTI364 S_AHR_61007217 Execute time wage type selection rule 
217 OHARTI370 S_AHR_61003889 Compensate overtime 
218 OHARTX011 S_AHR_61003352 Check assignment of wage types to wage type group 
219 OHARTX012 S_AHR_61003355 Check wage types 
220 OHARTX021 S_AHR_61003359 Check forms for income tax statements 
221 OHARTX022 S_PH9_46000488 Prepare IRASline for Tax Reporting 
222 OHARTX023 S_PH0_48000382 Configuring the feature to display/generate income tax reports on the web 
223 OHARUBP_PY_ABAVE_001 S_L7D_24000796 Determine Calculation Rules for Average Amounts 
224 OHARUBP_PY_ABAVE_002 S_L7D_24000797 Set Up Average Processing for Additional Payments 
225 OHARUBP_PY_ABAVE_016 S_L7D_24001471 Determine Adjustments for Average Calculation 
226 OHARUBP_PY_ABILP_005 S_AC0_52000344 Payroll averages relevancy test 
227 OHARUBP_PY_ABILP_006 S_AC0_52000345 Average Valuation 
228 OHARUBP_PY_ABILP_007 S_AC0_52000379 Define processing for Absence Valuation 
229 OHARUBP_PY_ABOTH_004 S_AC0_52000346 Payroll Averages Relevancy Test 
230 OHARUBP_PY_ABOTH_005 S_AC0_52000347 Valuation of averages 
231 OHARUBP_PY_ABOTH_006 S_AC0_52000380 Define Processing for Absence Valuation 
232 OHARUBP_PY_ABS2YRS00 S_L7D_24002876 Calculation Overview 
233 OHARUBP_PY_ABS2YRS01 S_L7D_24002877 Link Wage Type for Social Insurance Base to Calculation Modifier 
234 OHARUBP_PY_ABS2YRS02 S_L7D_24002878 Assign Additional Attribute to Absence Types for SI Absences 
235 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_001 S_AC0_52000338 Check Conversion of Social Insurance Groups 
236 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_002 S_AC0_52000339 Determine Special Parameters 
237 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_003 S_AC0_52000340 Determine Level of Social Insurance Payments During Absence 
238 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_008 S_AC0_52000341 Payroll Averages Relevancy Test 
239 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_009 S_AC0_52000342 Check Absence Processing Schema 
240 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_010 S_AC0_52000378 Define Processing for Illness Valuation 
241 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_011 S_AC0_52000656 Enter No. of Days for Which Employer Makes Absence Payments 
242 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_012 S_L7D_24000813 Determine Social Insurance Groups for Employees 
243 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_013 S_L7D_24000814 Determine Version of Work Schedule Use in Function RUSI0 
244 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_014 S_L7D_24000815 BAdI: Employee-Specific Work Schedule (Sickness Processing) 
245 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_015 S_L7D_24000820 Create Wage Type Catalog 
246 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_016 S_L7D_24000821 Check Wage Type Group 
247 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_017 S_L7D_24000822 Define Processing Classes 
248 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_018 S_L7D_24000823 Define Valuation Bases 
249 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_019 S_L7D_24000824 Create Wage Type Catalog 
250 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_020 S_L7D_24000825 Check Wage Type Group 
251 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_021 S_L7D_24000826 Define Processing Classes 
252 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_022 S_L7D_24000827 Define Valuation Bases 
253 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_023 S_L7D_24000816 Exclude Wage Types for Absence Types 
254 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_024 S_L7D_24000817 Define Number of Months in Which Sicknesses Are Linked 
255 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_025 S_L7D_24000818 Define Constant for Maximum Amount During Sickness 
256 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_026 S_L7D_24000819 Define Constant for Start of Sick Pay 
257 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_027 S_L7D_24000871 Set Up Calculation Rules for Averages 
258 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_028 S_L7D_24000872 Define Fields and Conditions in Forms 
259 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_029 S_L7D_24000873 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
260 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_030 S_L7D_24000874 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups 
261 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_031 S_L7D_24001278 Define Limits for Absence Payments 
262 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_032 S_L7D_24001279 Link Absence Payment with Payment Limit 
263 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_034 S_L7D_24002608 Link Absence Pay Wage Types with Minimum Daily Rate 
264 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_035 S_L7D_24002609 Enter Maximum Base for Social Insurance Payments 
265 OHARUBP_PY_ABSIC_036 S_L4H_49002606 Define Special Calculation Processes for Wage Types 
266 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_001 S_L7D_24000800 Create Wage Type Catalog 
267 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_002 S_L7D_24000801 Check Wage Type Group 
268 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_003 S_AC0_52000335 Define Processing Classes 
269 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_004 S_L7D_24000802 Define Valuation Bases 
270 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_005 S_L7D_24000803 Determine Special Parameters 
271 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_006 S_L7D_24000804 Determine Permitted Absence Types 
272 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_007 S_AC0_52000336 Perform Relevance Test for Payroll Averages 
273 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_008 S_AC0_52000337 Averages Valuation 
274 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_009 S_AC0_52000377 Define Processing for Absence Valuation 
275 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_010 S_L7D_24000798 Create New Starting Point 
276 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_011 S_L7D_24000805 BAdI: Update Infotype Data 
277 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_012 S_L7D_24000795 BAdI: Define Relationship Between Average Rules 
278 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_013 S_L7D_24000799 Define Average Days in Month for Child Care 
279 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_014 S_L7D_24000977 Define Maximum Child-Care Benefits per Month 
280 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_015 S_L7D_24000978 Define Percentage of Average Child-Care Benefit 
281 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_016 S_L7D_24001615 Define Link Between Wage Types for Actual Average Rate 
282 OHARUBP_PY_ABVAC_017 S_L7D_24001702 Split Payroll Period for Personnel Action Types 
283 OHARUBP_PY_BDTPYE_01 S_AC0_52000326 Enter Minimum Pay Values 
284 OHARUBP_PY_BDTPYE_02 S_AC0_52000328 Import Additional Payments/Deductions 
285 OHARUBP_PY_BS_001 S_AC0_52000327 Determine Special Parameters 
286 OHARUBP_PY_COST_001 S_AC0_52000376 Payroll Averages Relevancy Test 
287 OHARUBP_PY_COST_002 S_AC0_52000736 Averages Valuation 
288 OHARUBP_PY_COST_003 S_AC0_52000349 Derived WT ( regional, northern ) 
289 OHARUBP_PY_COST_004 S_AC0_52000350 Taxes and Net payments 
290 OHARUBP_PY_DEDCT_001 S_AC0_52000562 Create Deductions Groups 
291 OHARUBP_PY_DEDCT_002 S_AC0_52000563 Determine Deduction Wage Types for Limiting 
292 OHARUBP_PY_DEDCT_003 S_AC0_52000564 Set Up Rules for Limits 
293 OHARUBP_PY_DEDCT_004 S_AC0_52000565 BAdI: Minimum Net Amount for Pay 
294 OHARUBP_PY_DEDCT_005 S_AC0_52000566 RU - Deductions, Benefits and Storage 
295 OHARUBP_PY_DEDCT_006 S_AC0_52000567 Cumulate Net Amount and calculate Payment Amount 
296 OHARUBP_PY_DEDCT_007 S_AC0_52000568 Process Deduction Limits 
297 OHARUBP_PY_EMPCRT001 S_PR0_40000717 Determine Special Parameters 
298 OHARUBP_PY_EMPCRT002 S_PR0_40000718 Determine Print Output Programs 
299 OHARUBP_PY_EMPCRT003 S_PR0_40000726 Add Standard Texts to Output Forms 
300 OHARUBP_PY_EMPCRT004 S_PR0_40000747 BAdI: Add Texts to PDF-Based Forms (Employment Contract) 
301 OHARUBP_PY_EMPCRT005 S_L7D_24001284 Determine Document Source for Employment Contract 
302 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_001 S_AC0_52000554 Set Up Wage Types for Garnishment Order Types 
303 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_002 S_AC0_52000555 Process Garnishments 
304 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_003 S_AC0_52000556 Postal Fee Scale 
305 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_004 S_AC0_52000557 Wage Type Assignment 
306 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_005 S_AC0_52000558 Define Garnishment Grouping 
307 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_006 S_AC0_52000559 Garnishment Order Types 
308 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_007 S_AC0_52000560 Enter Rules for Calculation of Garnishment Order Type 
309 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_008 S_AC0_52000561 Enter Fee for Payment Method 
310 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_010 S_L7D_24001473 Improve Accuracy of Garnishment Period Calculation 
311 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_011 S_L7D_24002377 Determine Special Parameters for Garnishments 
312 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_012 S_HRI_55000101 Enter Regional Fee for Payment Method 
313 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_013 S_HRI_55000102 Define Constant for Divisor of Postal Tariff Rate 
314 OHARUBP_PY_GARN_014 S_HRI_55000103 Determine Address Code for Postal Fee 
315 OHARUBP_PY_GUART_001 S_L7D_24000837 Define Types of Guaranteed Net Amount 
316 OHARUBP_PY_GUART_002 S_L7D_24000838 Define Guranteed Net Amount 
317 OHARUBP_PY_GUART_003 S_L7D_24000839 Define Relevance of Wage Types for Guaranteed Net Amount 
318 OHARUBP_PY_INTAX_001 S_L7D_24000833 Define Valuation Bases 
319 OHARUBP_PY_INTAX_002 S_L7D_24000834 Define Processing Classes 
320 OHARUBP_PY_INTAX_003 S_L7D_24000835 Define Constant to Reconcile Discrepancies 
321 OHARUBP_PY_INTAX_004 S_L7D_24000836 Determine Link Between Deduction and Discrepancy 
322 OHARUBP_PY_INTAX_005 S_L4H_49002784 Determine Link Between Deducted Tax and Overpaid Tax 
323 OHARUBP_PY_NET_001 S_AC0_52000569 Prepare for BTREC Operation in Garnishment Documents 
324 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC001 S_L7D_24000988 Set Up Off-Cycle Reasons 
325 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC002 S_L7D_24000989 Set Up Report Variants for Off-Cycle Activities 
326 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC003 S_L7D_24000990 Set Up Different Variants for Payment Replacement 
327 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC004 S_L7D_24000991 Define Default Values for Payments in Advance 
328 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC005 S_L7D_24000992 Specify Default Values for Wage Types 
329 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC006 S_L7D_24000993 Specify Default Values for Payment Methods 
330 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC007 S_L7D_24000994 Specify Default Values for Payroll Results 
331 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC008 S_L7D_24000995 Create Process Models for Off-Cycle Subsequent Processing 
332 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC010 S_L7D_24000997 Create Process Model for Mass Off-Cycle Payments 
333 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC011 S_L7D_24001072 Assign Wage Types During Off-Cycle Run with Category 04 
334 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC012 S_L7D_24001073 Assign Wage Types During Off-Cycle Run with Category 08 or 09 
335 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC013 S_L7D_24001074 Assign Wage Types to Import Previous Off-Cycle Runs 
336 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC014 S_L7D_24001075 Assign Processing Classes to Wage Types 
337 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC015 S_L7D_24001076 Define Process for Employee Selection 
338 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC016 S_L7D_24001077 Define Content of Employee Selection Process 
339 OHARUBP_PY_OFFCYC017 S_L7D_24001274 Form Cumulation Wage Types Based on Master Data in Off-Cycle 
340 OHARUBP_PY_PPFS_001 S_AC0_52000333 Distribute WT by C1-splits for basic wage type from Time Generation. 
341 OHARUBP_PY_PPFS_002 S_AC0_52000334 Factoring and Storage of Time Wage Types - Russia 
342 OHARUBP_PY_REGNO_001 S_AC0_52000348 Calculate Derived Wage Types 
343 OHARUBP_PY_REGNO_002 S_L7D_24000794 Establish Global Salary Increases 
344 OHARUBP_PY_REGNO_003 S_L7D_24000829 Set Up Wage Types for Northern and Regional Payments 
345 OHARUBP_PY_RETRO_001 S_AC0_52000760 Check Retroactive Accounting Schema 
346 OHARUBP_PY_RETRO_002 S_AC0_52000761 Modify Cumulation Wage Types from IN-PERIOD Payroll Results 
347 OHARUBP_PY_T6061_001 S_L7D_24000875 Set Up Calculation Rules for Averages 
348 OHARUBP_PY_T6061_002 S_L7D_24000876 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
349 OHARUBP_PY_T6061_003 S_L7D_24000877 Determine Special Parameters 
350 OHARUBP_PY_T6061_004 S_L7D_24000878 Determine Print Output Programs 
351 OHARUBP_PY_T6061_005 S_L7D_24001620 Set Up DAQ Subapplication T_60 
352 OHARUBP_PY_T6061_006 S_L7D_24001621 Set Up DAQ Subapplication T_61 
353 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_001 S_AC0_52000544 Tax Calculation Overview 
354 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_002 S_AC0_52000545 Check Taxes and Net Payments Schema 
355 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_003 S_AC0_52000546 Access to Tax Scale 
356 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_004 S_AC0_52000547 Perform Tax Schema Assignment 
357 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_005 S_AC0_52000548 Assign Tax Classes to Tax Schema 
358 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_006 S_AC0_52000549 Employee Grouping for Pension Insurance (Obsolete) 
359 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_007 S_AC0_52000550 Assign Tax Class Conditions to Tax Schema 
360 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_008 S_AC0_52000551 Maintain Taxes and Social Insurance Payments 
361 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_009 S_AC0_52000552 Maintain Tax Privileges 
362 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_010 S_AC0_52000553 Process Conditions for Tax Classes 
363 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_011 S_AC0_52000763 Include Previous Employment Data 
364 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_012 S_L7D_24000269 Check Wage Type Group 
365 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_013 S_L7D_24000270 Define Processing Classes 
366 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_014 S_L7D_24000831 Create Links Between Wage Types 
367 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_015 S_L7D_24002440 Determine Additional Key for Tax Schema Assignment 
368 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_016 S_L7D_24002441 Activate Comparison of Tax Schemas 
369 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_017 S_L7D_24002442 Determine Wage Type Substitution for Tax Class Changes 
370 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_018 S_L7D_24002611 Create Link Between Wage Types for Tax and for Tax Base 
371 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_019 S_L4H_49002892 Activate Privilege Calculation for Off-Cycle Runs 
372 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_020 S_L4H_49003234 Set Indicators for Harmful Working Condition Bases 
373 OHARUBP_PY_TAX_021 S_HRI_55000134 Wage Type Assignment for Processing of Tax Privileges 
374 OHARUBP_PY_TIMDTP_01 S_AC0_52000329 Enter Attributes for Employee Group/Subgroup 
375 OHARUBP_PY_TIMDTP_02 S_AC0_52000330 Enter Time Accounting Code for Employee Group 
376 OHARUBP_PY_TIMDTP_03 S_AC0_52000331 Set Up Basic Normal Work Schedules 
377 OHARUBP_PY_TIMDTP_05 S_AC0_52000332 Time Wage Types Processing 
378 OHARUBP_PY_WAGE_001 S_L7D_24000264 Create Wage Type Catalog 
379 OHARUBP_PY_WAGE_002 S_L7D_24000265 Check Wage Type Group 
380 OHARUBP_PY_WAGE_003 S_L7D_24000267 Define Processing Classes 
381 OHARUBP_PY_WAGE_004 S_L7D_24000268 Define Valuation Bases 
382 OHARUFOPJ202 S_XC0_18000302 Set Up Payroll Excerpts 
383 OHARUFOPJ203 S_XC0_18000303 Set Up Continuation Excerpts 
384 OHARUFOPJ204 S_XC0_18000304 Set Up Totals Display 
385 OHARUGAR_DT009 S_XC0_18000238 Note Several Payment Runs per Period for Garnishments 
386 OHARUGL014 S_XC0_18000276 Note on Relevancy 
387 OHARUI090 S_XC0_18000260 Set Up Export to R/2 System or R/3 System <4.0 
388 OHARUI095 S_XC0_18000261 Allow Use of TemSe Files as of mySAP ERP 2005 
389 OHARUM002 S_AHR_61003488 Maintain authorizations 
390 OHARUM003 S_AHR_61003491 Maintain profiles 
391 OHARUM006 S_AHR_61003822 Check payroll accounting area 
392 OHARUM008 S_AHR_61007209 Generate payroll periods 
393 OHARUM010 S_AHR_61003832 Maintain employer addresses 
394 OHARUM010B S_AHR_61003826 Generate calendar for cumulations 
395 OHARUM012 S_AHR_61003815 Define period parameters 
396 OHARUM013 S_AHR_61003829 Protect personnel calculation rules 
397 OHARUM014 S_AHR_61003818 Define date modifiers 
398 OHARUM022 S_AHR_61003801 Maintain processing classes and their specifications 
399 OHARUM023 S_AHR_61003803 Maintain evaluation classes and their specifications 
400 OHARUM104 S_AHR_61003804 Check assignment to wage type group 
401 OHARUM105 S_AHR_61003805 Check logical view 
402 OHARUM106 S_AHR_61003809 Check wage type characteristics 
403 OHARUM107 S_AHR_61003806 Create wage type catalog 
404 OHARUM108 S_AHR_61003807 Change wage type texts 
405 OHARUMDPA_001 S_AC0_52000286 Check Infotype Properties 
406 OHARUMDPA_002 S_AC0_52000287 Hide or View Infotype Screen Control 
407 OHARUMDPA_INDV_001 S_AC0_52000271 Evaluation Process of Senority at the North 
408 OHARUMDPA_INDV_002 S_AC0_52000272 % of North Bonus 
409 OHARUMDPA_INDV_003 S_AC0_52000273 % of Regional bonuses 
410 OHARUMDPA_INDV_004 S_AC0_52000274 Define Fiscal Regional Codes 
411 OHARUMDPA_INDV_005 S_AC0_52000275 Dummy 
412 OHARUMDPA_INDV_006 S_AC0_52000276 Check Seniority 
413 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N001 S_L7D_24000261 Define Bonus Models 
414 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N002 S_L7D_24000262 Determine Bonus Model According to Org. Assignment 
415 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N003 S_L7D_24000263 Determine Personal Modifiers According to Personal Data 
416 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N004 S_L7D_24000784 Indirect Valuation Rule for Bonuses 
417 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N005 S_L7D_24000786 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
418 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N007 S_L7D_24000787 Define Valuation of Base Wage Types 
419 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N008 S_L7D_24000785 Determine Percentage of Regional Bonuses 
420 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N009 S_L7D_24000788 Define Base Wage Type Valuation for Seniority 
421 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N010 S_L7D_24000789 Determine Percentage Bonus According to Seniority 
422 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N011 S_L7D_24000790 Determine Special Parameters 
423 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N012 S_L7D_24000791 Set Up General Attribute Maintenance Infotype 
424 OHARUMDPA_INDV_N015 S_L7D_24002610 Enter Number of Calendar Days in Two-Year Period 
425 OHARUMDPA_IT0011_001 S_AC0_52000277 Check property Infotype 
426 OHARUMDPA_IT0011_002 S_AC0_52000278 Hide or view Infotype Screen Control 
427 OHARUMDPA_IT0291_003 S_AC0_52000279 Taxes and Net Payments 
428 OHARUMDPA_IT0292_001 S_AC0_52000280 Social Insurance 
429 OHARUMDPA_IT0292_002 S_AC0_52000281 Determine Social Insurance Group 
430 OHARUMDPA_IT0292_003 S_AC0_52000282 Determine Social Insurance Group Modifiers 
431 OHARUMDPA_IT0292_004 S_AC0_52000283 Check Reasons for Personnel Actions 
432 OHARUMDPA_IT0292_005 S_AC0_52000284 Check Company Name 
433 OHARUMDPA_IT0292_006 S_AC0_52000285 Check Personnel Subareas 
434 OHARUMDPA_IT0292_010 S_L7D_24000257 Define Absence Types for Sickness 
435 OHARUMDPA_IT0293_001 S_AC0_52000366 Determine Employee Subgroups for Primary Wage Type 
436 OHARUMDPA_IT0293_002 S_AC0_52000368 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
437 OHARUMDPA_IT0293_003 S_AC0_52000369 Change Wage Type Texts 
438 OHARUMDPA_IT0293_004 S_AC0_52000370 Check Permitted Wage Types 
439 OHARUMDPA_IT0293_005 S_AC0_52000367 Determine Personnel Subareas for Primary Wage Type 
440 OHARUMDPA_IT0293_006 S_L7D_24000793 BAdI: Change Payroll Driver 
441 OHARUMDPA_IT0295_003 S_AC0_52000294 Determine Order Types for Garnishment 
442 OHARUMDPA_IT0295_004 S_AC0_52000295 Determine Rules for Calculation of Garnishment Order Type 
443 OHARUMDPA_IT0296_003 S_AC0_52000288 Determine Payees (All) 
444 OHARUMDPA_IT0296_004 S_AC0_52000289 Determine Payees (Russia) 
445 OHARUMDPA_IT0296_005 S_AC0_52000290 Determine Default Payee Data 
446 OHARUMDPA_IT0296_006 S_AC0_52000291 Determine Document Types 
447 OHARUMDPA_IT0296_007 S_AC0_52000292 Determine Region Keys for Garnishment 
448 OHARUMDPA_IT0296_008 S_AC0_52000293 Determine Document Categories for Garnishment 
449 OHARUMDPA_IT0299_003 S_AC0_52000296 Check Taxes and Social Insurance Payments 
450 OHARUMDPA_IT0299_004 S_AC0_52000297 Check Tax Privileges 
451 OHARUMDPA_IT0299_007 S_L7D_24000255 Define Subtypes for Tax and SI Payments Infotype 
452 OHARUMDPA_IT0299_008 S_L7D_24000256 Define Subtypes for Tax Privileges Infotype 
453 OHARUNGL001 S_XC0_18000264 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
454 OHARUNGL012 S_XC0_18000279 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
455 OHARURP_PY_1NSP_001 S_PCO_36000066 Wage Codes List 
456 OHARURP_PY_1NSP_002 S_PCO_36000068 Document Priorities 
457 OHARURP_PY_1NSP_003 S_PCO_36000071 Authorities Addresses 
458 OHARURP_PY_1NSP_004 S_PCO_36000076 Residence Status 
459 OHARURP_PY_1NSP_005 S_PCO_36000073 Tax Privileges 
460 OHARURP_PY_1NSP_006 S_L7D_24000862 Determine Special Parameters 
461 OHARURP_PY_2NSP_001 S_PCO_36000067 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
462 OHARURP_PY_2NSP_002 S_PCO_36000069 Document Priorities 
463 OHARURP_PY_2NSP_003 S_PCO_36000072 Auhtorities Addresses (Russia) 
464 OHARURP_PY_2NSP_004 S_PCO_36000077 Determine OKATO Code and Object ID for Detached Subdivisions 
465 OHARURP_PY_2NSP_005 S_PCO_36000078 Enter Tax Privileges 
466 OHARURP_PY_2NSP_007 S_L7D_24002637 Determine Tax Payer Status 
467 OHARURP_PY_2NSP_008 S_L4H_49002411 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups 
468 OHARURP_PY_4FSS_001 S_L7D_24000879 Set Up DAQ Subapplication FSS1 
469 OHARURP_PY_4FSS_002 S_L7D_24000880 Enter Variant and Fields for Form 4-FSS 
470 OHARURP_PY_4FSS_003 S_L7D_24000881 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
471 OHARURP_PY_4FSS_004 S_L7D_24001390 Set Up DAQ Subapplication FSS2 
472 OHARURP_PY_4FSS_005 S_L4H_49002695 Set Up DAQ Subapplication FSS8 
473 OHARURP_PY_EARNS_001 S_L7D_24002606 Set Up DAQ Subapplication PAY2 
474 OHARURP_PY_EARNS_002 S_L7D_24002607 Enter Default Values for Form Fields 
475 OHARURP_PY_EARNS_003 S_L7D_24002915 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
476 OHARURP_PY_T53_005 S_PCO_36000028 RU-specific Form Fields - Initial Values 
477 OHARU_0902 S_XC0_18000229 Check Cumulation Calendar 
478 OHARU_0903 S_XC0_18000233 Define Cumulation Types for Wage Types 
479 OHARU_0911 S_XC0_18000230 Define Cumulation Types 
480 OHARU_0912 S_XC0_18000231 Assign Cumulation Types to Time Units 
481 OHARU_0913 S_XC0_18000232 Define Cumulation Periods 
482 OHARU_1016 S_XC0_18000213 Assign Processing Classes to Wage Types 
483 OHARU_AB001 S_XC0_18000156 Describe Absence Valuation Rules 
484 OHARU_AB002 S_XC0_18000157 Group Absences for Absence Valuation 
485 OHARU_AB003 S_XC0_18000158 Define Grouping for Absence Valuation 
486 OHARU_AB009 S_XC0_18000162 Valuate Absences Using "As If" Principle 
487 OHARU_AL01 S_XC0_18000205 Bases 
488 OHARU_AV511A S_XC0_18000181 Create Calculation Rules for Averages 
489 OHARU_AV511B S_XC0_18000182 Create Cumulation Rules for Bases for Calculating Averages 
490 OHARU_AV511C S_XC0_18000183 Create Adjustment Rules for Bases for Calculating Averages 
491 OHARU_AVP15 S_XC0_18000185 Assign the Valuation of Averages to a Primary Wage Type 
492 OHARU_AVX017 S_XC0_18000179 Create Relevancy Test 
493 OHARU_AVX018 S_XC0_18000180 Create Final Processing Rule 
494 OHARU_AVXT00 S_XC0_18000184 Adjust Calculation of Averages Within the Payroll Run 
495 OHARU_AV_1 S_XC0_18000186 Bases for Valuation of Averages 
496 OHARU_AV_2W S_XC0_18000187 Create Bases for Calculating Average Values 
497 OHARU_AV_ABCR S_XC0_18000201 Create Calculation Rules for Averages 
498 OHARU_AV_P S_XC0_18000202 Assign the Valuation of Averages to a Primary Wage Type 
499 OHARU_B005 S_XC0_18000160 Create Wage Type Catalog 
500 OHARU_BP_PY_FT_33RND S_L7D_24000841 Determine Rounding Rule for Bank Transfers