SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 4
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHABKF001 S_AHR_61013627 Create Reduction Factors 
2 OHABKF002 S_AHR_61013605 Assign Reduction Factors 
3 OHABKL000 S_AHR_61013609 Split for Distribution of Basis 
4 OHABNB001 S_AHR_61013372 Cumulation of Payment Amount 
5 OHABNE000 S_AHR_61013437 Check Net Cumulations 
6 OHABNE001 S_AHR_61013439 Transfer Amount 
7 OHABPE001 S_L9C_94000065 Code of Advantage 
8 OHABPE002 S_AHR_61013375 Kind of Pension 
9 OHABPE003 S_AHR_61013376 Juridical Statute 
10 OHABPE004 S_AHR_61013377 Code of Special Rule 
11 OHABPE005 S_AHR_61013378 Code ZIV Contribution 
12 OHABPE006 S_AHR_61013395 kind of Pension Calculation 
13 OHABPE007 S_AHR_61013396 Periodicity Payments of Pension Advantage 
14 OHABPE008 S_AHR_61013397 Origin of Advantage 
15 OHABPE009 S_AHR_61013398 Index Type 
16 OHABPE010 S_AHR_61013373 Defaulting Fields Infotype 0503 
17 OHABPE011 S_AHR_61013374 Defaulting Fields Infotype 0504 
18 OHABPE012 S_AHR_61013400 Activation Reading of Pensioners Data 
19 OHABPE013 S_AHR_61013394 Wage Type Maintenance 
20 OHABPE014 S_AHR_61013401 Copy Pensioners Wage Types 
21 OHABPERCAL01 S_L9C_94001418 Generate Absence Sequences (Absence Splitting) 
22 OHABPERCAL02 S_L9C_94001419 Define Belgian Absence Modifiers 
23 OHABPERCAL03 S_L9C_94001420 Manage Neighboring Absences 
24 OHABPERCAL04 S_L9C_94001421 Manage Absence Collisions 
25 OHABPERCAL05 S_L9C_94001422 Define Internal Absence Codes 
26 OHABPERCAL06 S_L9C_94001423 Define Absence Category Attributes 
27 OHABPERCAL07 S_L9C_94001441 Map Infotype Date Types to Internal Date Types 
28 OHABPERCAL08 S_L9C_94001443 Define Illness Attributes 
29 OHABPERCAL09 S_L9C_94001444 Map Internal Absence Codes to Absence Categories 
30 OHABPERCAL10 S_L9C_94001488 Manage Public Holidays During Absences 
31 OHABPERCAL11 S_L9C_94001492 Activate Personal Calendar 
32 OHABPERCAL12 S_L7D_24000002 Run conversion report old to new customizing 
33 OHABPERCAL13 S_L7D_24000004 BAdI: Personal Calendar 
34 OHABPERCAL14 S_L7D_24000003 Prolong Probationary Period with Absences 
35 OHABPERCAL15 S_L4H_49002238 Define RPI Absence Code 
36 OHABPF001 S_AHR_61013420 Define Payee Key 
37 OHABPF002 S_AHR_61013421 Define Permissibility of Payee Key 
38 OHABPF003 S_AHR_61013422 Garnishments Limits 
39 OHABPF004 S_AHR_61013426 Assign Technical Wage Types to Garnishment Types 
40 OHABPF005 S_AHR_61013424 Define Garnishment Types 
41 OHABPF010 S_L7D_24000590 Assign protective codes to payment wagetypes 
42 OHABPF015 S_L7D_24000591 Include payroll function in subschema 
43 OHABPF020 S_L7D_24000592 BAdI: Create enhancements for protective code 
44 OHABPF030 S_L4H_49002423 Define Integration Income Categories 
45 OHABRC_BADI_DUCS S_AC0_52000506 BAdI: DUCS data correction after external file and before ALV 
46 OHABRC_BADI_DUCS_BRC S_AC0_52000507 BadI: extensions and personalization of the fields of the DUCS structure 
47 OHABREDTINTERNET S_AHR_61000884 View payment receipt through the Internet 
48 OHABRGL008 S_PCO_36000194 Determine moment for posting of payments 
49 OHABRGL009 S_PCO_36000195 Specify bank clearing account for HR payments 
50 OHABRGL010 S_PCO_36000197 Adjust payment advance master data for posting 
51 OHABRI092 S_PL0_09000227 BAdI: Controllig the Posting of Payroll Results 
52 OHABROCPM004 S_L6B_69000589 Create process model for subsequent processing of off-cycle payroll 
53 OHABR_0902 S_AHR_61000900 Check calendar for cumulation 
54 OHABR_0903 S_AHR_61000916 Define cumulation types for wage types 
55 OHABR_0911 S_AHR_61000904 Set cumulation types 
56 OHABR_0912 S_AHR_61000908 Assign cumulation types to time units 
57 OHABR_0913 S_AHR_61000912 Define cumulation periods 
58 OHABR_483 S_AHR_61000825 Convert old customer's form 
59 OHABR_AB001 S_AHR_61000932 Set absence valuation rules 
60 OHABR_AB002 S_AHR_61000935 Group absences for absence valuation 
61 OHABR_AB003 S_AHR_61000939 Set groupings for absence valuation 
62 OHABR_AB004 S_AHR_61000942 Set day rules 
63 OHABR_AB005 S_AHR_61000945 Create wage type catalog (old solution) 
64 OHABR_AB009 S_AHR_61000979 Valuate absences according to "as if" principle 
65 OHABR_AB010 S_AHR_61006743 Special processing for absence valuation rules 
66 OHABR_AB011 S_AHR_61001031 Create counting classes for absence valuation (old solution) 
67 OHABR_AB012 S_AHR_61006742 Valuate absences through constants/averages 
68 OHABR_AB200 S_AHR_61006840 Maintain special rules for absence valuation w/different contrib.deduction 
69 OHABR_AL01 S_AHR_61001500 Bases 
70 OHABR_AR001 S_AHR_61000606 Calculate monthly net wage rounding 
71 OHABR_AS001 S_AHR_61000602 Calculate advance wage payment 
72 OHABR_AS002 S_AHR_61000597 Advance payment percentage 
73 OHABR_AS003 S_AHR_61011802 Maintain absence number to allow advance payment calculation 
74 OHABR_AU002 S_AHR_61006745 Maintain split of absence valuation periods 
75 OHABR_AU003 S_AHR_61006750 Calculate leave wage types (old solution) 
76 OHABR_AU005 S_AHR_61001017 Calculate absence wage types in specific cases: sick pay 
77 OHABR_AU007 S_AHR_61006748 Define wage percentage in case of sick pay 
78 OHABR_AU008 S_AHR_61000999 Assign third-party payment 
79 OHABR_AU009 S_AHR_61001004 Maintain split of absence average wage types 
80 OHABR_AU010 S_AHR_61001027 Set absence regarded as unjustified absence for leave entitlement 
81 OHABR_AU011 S_AHR_61000976 Assign absence types grouping 
82 OHABR_AU012 S_AHR_61000922 Assign absence quota type grouping 
83 OHABR_AU013 S_AHR_61006736 Assign grouping of absence quota compensation types 
84 OHABR_AU014 S_AHR_61006753 Maintain scheme to activate PWR/acquisition period control 
85 OHABR_AU015 S_AHR_61001025 Maintain scheme to activate arrears control 
86 OHABR_AV_1 S_AHR_61001503 Basics on average valuation 
87 OHABR_AV_2W S_AHR_61006848 Form basis for mean values calculation 
88 OHABR_AV_3 S_L9C_94000204 Maintain inflation index for averages 
89 OHABR_AV_ABCR S_AHR_61001313 Create calculation rules for averages 
90 OHABR_AV_P S_AHR_61006792 Assign average valuation of a main salary type 
91 OHABR_BEN001 S_AHR_61000663 Wage types catalog 
92 OHABR_BEN002 S_AHR_61000664 Set current benefit area 
93 OHABR_BEN003 S_AHR_61000665 Determine wage types for plans 
94 OHABR_BEN004 S_AHR_61000666 Assign deduction models 
95 OHABR_BEN005 S_AHR_61000682 Assign reasons for off-cycle payroll 
96 OHABR_BW004 S_AHR_61001371 Define salary type-dependent constants 
97 OHABR_BW005 S_AHR_61008371 Set collective agreement-dependent constants 
98 OHABR_BW006 S_AHR_61001324 Create person related valuation basis 
99 OHABR_BW019 S_AHR_61001327 Assign valuation bases 
100 OHABR_BW21 S_AHR_61001229 Determine valuation basis for different payment 
101 OHABR_BW22 S_AHR_61001233 Calculate valuation basis with higher value 
102 OHABR_CE001 S_AHR_61001179 Maintain calculation of leave value 
103 OHABR_CE002 S_AHR_61001049 Process current period's payroll run 
104 OHABR_CE003 S_AHR_61001045 Process values regarding retroactive accounting 
105 OHABR_CE005 S_AHR_61001079 Maintain calculation of confederative contribution 
106 OHABR_CE006 S_AHR_61001073 Maintain calculation of assistance contribution 
107 OHABR_D100 S_AHR_61001452 Transfer payroll accounts 
108 OHABR_DE1040B S_AHR_61000676 Check payroll scheme 
109 OHABR_DE1041 S_AHR_61000680 Define priorities for deductions 
110 OHABR_DE1044 S_AHR_61000667 Maintain deductions arrears for retroactive accounting 
111 OHABR_DE1046 S_AHR_61000661 Split unconditional deductions in paid amount and advance 
112 OHABR_DE1048 S_AHR_61000678 Check "Deductions for arrears" wage type group 
113 OHABR_DL021 S_AHR_61000697 Activate calculation 
114 OHABR_DL022 S_AHR_61000684 Adjust calculation 
115 OHABR_DL023 S_PH0_48000241 Check Payroll Constants 
116 OHABR_DL024 S_PH0_48000240 Adjust Value Date 
117 OHABR_DL030 S_PH0_48000272 Maintain Loan Types 
118 OHABR_DL031 S_AHR_61006712 Create loan type 
119 OHABR_DL032 S_AHR_61000721 Assign amortization type 
120 OHABR_DL033 S_PH0_48000274 Adjust Screen Control 
121 OHABR_DL034 S_AHR_61000724 Create loan conditions 
122 OHABR_DL035 S_PH0_48000273 Control Allocation of Loans 
123 OHABR_DS001 S_AHR_61006830 Set PWR calculation basis 
124 OHABR_DS002 S_AHR_61001331 Set criterion for PWR discount 
125 OHABR_DS003 S_AHR_61001367 Set absence types for PWR discount 
126 OHABR_DS004 S_AHR_61001365 Set PWR calculation formula 
127 OHABR_DS005 S_AHR_61001420 Maintain time scheme to activate PWR 
128 OHABR_DS006 S_AHR_61006850 Maintain time wage type creation scheme to activate PWR 
129 OHABR_DT001 S_AHR_61000869 Update constants for Christmas allowance 
130 OHABR_DT002 S_AHR_61000897 Set up house banks 
131 OHABR_DT003 S_AHR_61000876 Define sending banks 
132 OHABR_DT004 S_AHR_61000881 Check text keys for payment transactions 
133 OHABR_DT009 S_AHR_61006865 Hold several payment runs per period for garnishment 
134 OHABR_DT011 S_AHR_61000829 Average technical wage types for Christmas allowance calculation 
135 OHABR_DT012 S_AHR_61000833 Christmas allowance average wage types 
136 OHABR_DT013 S_AHR_61000854 Set percentage for first parcel calculation 
137 OHABR_DT020 S_AL0_96000402 Configure projection of denominators 
138 OHABR_DV001 S_AHR_61000699 Configure last payroll result transfer 
139 OHABR_FG004 S_AHR_61019331 Maintain movement code for FGTS withdrawal 
140 OHABR_FG005 S_AHR_61000858 Day of the month for Length of Service Guarantee Fund payment order 
141 OHABR_FG006 S_AHR_61000859 Maintain Seniority Rserve Fund movement code for FCSWI 
142 OHABR_FG007 S_AHR_61000862 Check worker category code for FCSWI 
143 OHABR_FM002 S_AHR_61000583 Dependents Declaration 
144 OHABR_FM003 S_AHR_61000695 Option declaration by the Length of Service Guarantee Fund 
145 OHABR_FM004 S_AHR_61019332 SIAL movement codes 
146 OHABR_IN001 S_AHR_61000656 Maintain SIB wage earner contribution table (old solution) 
147 OHABR_IN002 S_AHR_61000658 Maintain SI self-employed contribution table 
148 OHABR_IN003 S_AHR_61006698 Define reading of SIB wage earner table scale (old solution) 
149 OHABR_IN004 S_AHR_61000612 Maintain wage type groups for salary specification contribution 
150 OHABR_IP000 S_L9C_94000183 Maintain valid minimum salary 
151 OHABR_IP001 S_L9C_94000488 Maintain hazardous activity percentage for collections 
152 OHABR_IP002 S_AHR_61000659 Maintain health risk premium and hazard bonus percentage to employee groups 
153 OHABR_IP004 S_AHR_61000587 Month working hours for health risk premium calculation 
154 OHABR_IP005 S_AHR_61000591 Assign employee group/subgroup to health risk and hazard percentage rate 
155 OHABR_IR001 S_AHR_61000614 Maintain minimum value for IT discount 
156 OHABR_IR002 S_AHR_61000620 Maintain IT deduction value due to seniority 
157 OHABR_IR003 S_AHR_61000624 Maintain IT deduction value per dependent 
158 OHABR_IR004 S_AHR_61000629 Age limit for IT deduction due to seniority 
159 OHABR_IR005 S_AHR_61000635 Maintain WIT table 
160 OHABR_IR007 S_AHR_61000730 Define IT table scale reading 
161 OHABR_JW000 S_AHR_61000872 Adapt annual values 
162 OHABR_KF001 S_AHR_61001247 Adapt reduction factors 
163 OHABR_KF002 S_AHR_61006789 Assign reduction factors 
164 OHABR_KL000 S_AHR_61001202 Adapt wage types for cost accounting 
165 OHABR_MZ001 S_AHR_61000888 Set currency units 
166 OHABR_OCA001 S_AHR_61001295 Assign absences to off-cycle payment reason 
167 OHABR_OCA002 S_AHR_61001298 Create absence valuation for off-cycle payment activities 
168 OHABR_OCAP001 S_AHR_61006818 Set default values for off-cycle payment 
169 OHABR_OCMCP1 S_AHR_61001250 Set check print with manual assignment 
170 OHABR_OCPM001 S_AHR_61001258 Create process models 
171 OHABR_OCPM01 S_AHR_61006819 Check form of payment 
172 OHABR_OCR0001 S_AHR_61006813 Create reasons for off-cycle payment 
173 OHABR_OCRP01 S_AHR_61001254 Replace checks 
174 OHABR_OCV001 S_AHR_61006815 Create variants for off-cycle payment activities 
175 OHABR_PART S_AHR_61001243 Partial period parameter in different time units 
176 OHABR_PAY002 S_AHR_61006777 Set planning for payment calendar 
177 OHABR_PAY003 S_AHR_61001194 Specify payroll driver version 
178 OHABR_PM_CREATE S_AHR_61016421 Create process model 
179 OHABR_PP001 S_AHR_61016590 Minimum number of working days for PRS proportional calculation 
180 OHABR_PP002 S_PH0_48000386 Copy planned period wage types 
181 OHABR_PP003 S_PH0_48000492 Maintain processing classes 
182 OHABR_PP004 S_PH0_48000387 Maintain planned period wage types 
183 OHABR_PP005 S_AHR_61016747 Define constant DAYPP 
184 OHABR_PP006 S_PH0_48000410 Transfer wage type value 
185 OHABR_PP007 S_PH0_48000508 Activate scheme 
186 OHABR_PP008 S_L9C_94000100 Define constant DAYPP 
187 OHABR_PPR02 S_AHR_61016743 Eligibility calculation rule 
188 OHABR_PPR03 S_AHR_61016745 PSP calculation 
189 OHABR_PPR04 S_AHR_61016746 Check antecipation discount 
190 OHABR_R1021 S_AHR_61000674 Rename wage types for priority discounts 
191 OHABR_R1024 S_AHR_61001270 Set rules for limits 
192 OHABR_R1025 S_AHR_61000670 Set wage type classes and apply limits 
193 OHABR_R1026 S_AHR_61001276 Check limit modifier 
194 OHABR_R1027 S_AHR_61000672 Maintain wage types for limits 
195 OHABR_RE002 S_AHR_61000843 Maintain eligibility information for severance pay 
196 OHABR_RE004 S_AHR_61000850 Average wage types for notice upon termination 
197 OHABR_RI011 S_AHR_61001489 Set up wage types overview 
198 OHABR_RI012 S_AHR_61001490 Get account overview 
199 OHABR_RI013 S_AHR_61019264 Posting to intercompany clearing accounts 
200 OHABR_RI015 S_AHR_61000727 Define employee grouping for account determination 
201 OHABR_RI031 S_AHR_61000662 Assign type of account assignment to wage types 
202 OHABR_RI042 S_AHR_61000703 Store symbolic accounts 
203 OHABR_RI051 S_AHR_61001266 Assign balance sheet accounts 
204 OHABR_RI052 S_AHR_61001263 Assign expense accounts 
205 OHABR_RI053 S_AHR_61001218 Assign customer accounts 
206 OHABR_RI054 S_AHR_61001205 Assign vendor accounts 
207 OHABR_RI055 S_AHR_61006797 Assign loan accounts 
208 OHABR_RI056 S_AHR_61001290 Assign technical accounts 
209 OHABR_RI061 S_AHR_61001224 Define fixed costs posting 
210 OHABR_RI062 S_AHR_61006852 Check Customizing consistency 
211 OHABR_RI063 S_AHR_61001336 Maintain posting date for payroll periods 
212 OHABR_RI064 S_AHR_61019265 Assign substitute cost centers 
213 OHABR_RI070 S_AHR_61006835 Set up line item text 
214 OHABR_RI071 S_AHR_61001355 Create accounting variants 
215 OHABR_RI080 S_AHR_61001348 Create variants 
216 OHABR_RI081 S_AHR_61006844 Authorizations 
217 OHABR_RI090 S_AHR_61001008 Configure export to R/2 or R/3 system or previous to 4.0 
218 OHABR_RI091 S_AL0_96000059 Set customer exit 
219 OHABR_SE001 S_AHR_61000647 Maintain employee's education allowance value 
220 OHABR_SE003 S_AHR_61000652 Maintain dependent's education allowance value 
221 OHABR_SF001 S_AHR_61000558 Limit of absence days to receive child allowance from SIB 
222 OHABR_SF001A S_PL0_09000433 Update types of eligible dependents 
223 OHABR_SF002 S_AHR_61006680 Dependent's maximum age for child allowance 
224 OHABR_SF003 S_AHR_61000565 Man's maximum age to receive child allowance from the employer 
225 OHABR_SF004 S_AHR_61000569 Woman's maximum age to receive child allowance from the employer 
226 OHABR_SF005 S_AHR_61000572 Rural man's maximum age to receive child allowance from the employer 
227 OHABR_SF006 S_AHR_61000576 Rural woman's maximum age to receive child allowance from the employer 
228 OHABR_SF007 S_AHR_61000609 Dependent's maximum age for compulsory submission of vaccination card 
229 OHABR_SF008 S_AHR_61000640 Maintain child allowance table 
230 OHABR_SF009 S_AHR_61000644 Determine child allowance table scale reading 
231 OHABR_SI001 S_AHR_61000690 Maintain unions information 
232 OHABR_SI002 S_AHR_61000692 Maintain information for union dues 
233 OHABR_SL001 S_AHR_61001208 Time-dependent payment wage types cumulation form 
234 OHABR_SL002 S_AHR_61001212 Master data-dependent payments wage types cumulation form 
235 OHABR_SL003 S_AHR_61001214 External bank transfer-dependent wage types cumulation form 
236 OHABR_TI110 S_AHR_61006783 Set time types 
237 OHABR_TI120 S_AHR_61006785 Assign identifiers to time pair 
238 OHABR_TI130 S_AHR_61006787 Set processing types 
239 OHABR_TI210 S_AHR_61001191 Check access to day processing 
240 OHABR_TI310 S_AHR_61001112 Define groupings 
241 OHABR_TI321 S_AHR_61001159 Read work schedule planned working time 
242 OHABR_TI322 S_AHR_61001164 Import substitution data 
243 OHABR_TI323 S_AHR_61001168 Import absence data 
244 OHABR_TI324 S_AHR_61001171 Import overtime data 
245 OHABR_TI325 S_AHR_61001154 Set breaks to be imported 
246 OHABR_TI330 S_AHR_61001482 Compare daily work schedule with period data 
247 OHABR_TI340 S_AHR_61006756 Calculate break times 
248 OHABR_TI361 S_AHR_61000952 Set valuation classes for period work schedule 
249 OHABR_TI362 S_AHR_61000962 Set generation rules 
250 OHABR_TI363 S_AHR_61000956 Define groupings 
251 OHABR_TI364 S_AHR_61000966 Create wage types 
252 OHABR_TI370 S_AHR_61000970 Compensate overtime 
253 OHABR_UM002 S_AHR_61000949 Maintain authorizations 
254 OHABR_UM006 S_AHR_61001093 Check payroll area 
255 OHABR_UM008 S_AHR_61006769 Create payroll per periods 
256 OHABR_UM010 S_AHR_61001041 Maintain employee addresses 
257 OHABR_UM010B S_AHR_61001105 Create calendar for wage types cumulation 
258 OHABR_UM012 S_AHR_61006764 Set modifiers per period 
259 OHABR_UM013 S_AHR_61001036 Protect payroll run rules 
260 OHABR_UM014 S_AHR_61001091 Set date modifiers 
261 OHABR_UM022 S_AHR_61006760 Maintain processing classes and its specifications 
262 OHABR_UM023 S_AHR_61001062 Maintain evaluation classes and its specifications 
263 OHABR_UM104 S_AHR_61001068 Check assignment to wage type groups 
264 OHABR_UM105 S_AHR_61001175 Check logical view 
265 OHABR_VR001 S_AHR_61000686 Employee's lunch coupon discount percentage 
266 OHABR_VR002 S_AHR_61000688 Calculate lunch coupon value 
267 OHABSB000 S_AHR_61013614 Import Recurring Payments 
268 OHABSB001 S_AHR_61013615 Define Different Payments 
269 OHABSI03 S_L9C_94000357 Check Social Insurance Constants 
270 OHABSI04 S_L9C_94000358 Check Periodicity 
271 OHABSI05 S_L9C_94000359 Check Start Date Holiday Period Blue-collars 
272 OHABSI05B S_L9C_94000424 Check Employer and Employee Categories 
273 OHABSI06 S_L7D_24001244 Include Function in Subschema 
274 OHABSI08 S_L9C_94000360 Set Up Dismissal Allowance 
275 OHABSI09 S_L9C_94000361 Set Up Dismissal Allowance 
276 OHABSI11 S_L9C_94000362 Employer Contributions 
277 OHABSI12 S_L9C_94000363 Normal Employer Contributions 
278 OHABSI13 S_L9C_94000364 Special Employer Contributions 
279 OHABSI14 S_L9C_94000365 Number of Active Employees for Factory Shutdown Fund 
280 OHABSI15 S_PL0_86000002 Define Contribution Rates for Factory Shut Down Fund 
281 OHABSI16 S_L9C_94000366 Normal Employee Contributions 
282 OHABSI17 S_L9C_94000368 Special Social Insurance Contribution 
283 OHABSI20 S_L9C_94000372 Check Minimum/Maximum Reduction Amounts 
284 OHABSI21 S_L9C_94000373 Check Social Insurance Constant 
285 OHABSI22 S_L9C_94000374 Check Processing Class 
286 OHABSI23 S_L9C_94000395 Additional Reductions 
287 OHABSI24 S_L9C_94000396 Define Minimum Wages 
288 OHABSI29 S_L9C_94000376 Sequence of Social Insurance Declaration Structure 
289 OHABSI30 S_L9C_94000377 Level/Block Sequence of Social Insurance Declaration 
290 OHABSI31 S_L9C_94000378 Social Insurance Declaration Format 
291 OHABSI33 S_L9C_94000379 Check SI-Relevant Data 
292 OHABSI34 S_L9C_94000380 Check Personnel Actions 
293 OHABSI35 S_L9C_94000381 Wage Types for Social Insurance Declaration 
294 OHABSI36 S_L9C_94000382 Assimilated Days 
295 OHABSI37 S_L9C_94000383 Remuneration Information 
296 OHABSI38 S_L9C_94000384 Check Workschedule 
297 OHABSI38B S_L9C_94000397 Check Frequency of Payment 
298 OHABSI39 S_L9C_94000385 Check Joint Commission 
299 OHABSI42 S_L9C_94000386 Check Minimum/Maximum Reduction Amounts 
300 OHABSI43 S_L9C_94000387 Check Social Insurance Constants 
301 OHABSI44 S_L9C_94000388 Check Processing Class 
302 OHABSI45 S_L9C_94000389 Additional Reductions 
303 OHABSI46 S_L9C_94000390 Check Form 
304 OHABSI47 S_L9C_94000394 Define Statistical Slip 
305 OHABSI49A S_L6B_69000164 Set Default Values for Infotype Planned Working Time 
306 OHABSI49B S_L6B_69000166 Set Default Values for Local Units in Infotype Contract Elements 
307 OHABSI50 S_L6B_69000165 Maintain Local Units 
308 OHABSI51 S_L6B_69000167 Maintain Additional SI Contributions 
309 OHABSI52 S_L6B_69000169 Maintain Employee SI Information 
310 OHABSI53 S_L6B_69000171 Assign Joint Commission to Employee Category 
311 OHABSI54 S_L6B_69000173 Maintain Activities with Risks 
312 OHABSI57 S_L6B_69000233 Check Standard Functions for Employee and SI Information 
313 OHABSI58 S_L6B_69000234 Check DMFA-Specific Function for Employment Information 
314 OHABSI59 S_L6B_69000235 Check Service and Remuneration Codes 
315 OHABSI60 S_L6B_69000237 Check DMFA-Specific Functions for Service and Remuneration Codes 
316 OHABSI60A S_L9C_94001833 Define Sectors 
317 OHABSI61 S_L6B_69000238 Activate DMFA Functionality 
318 OHABSI61A S_L9C_94001834 Define Scenarios 
319 OHABSI62 S_L6B_69000236 Business Add-In: Change Calculation Method 
320 OHABSI62A S_L9C_94001835 Define Risk Identifiers 
321 OHABSI63 S_L6B_69000677 Maintain Deductions 
322 OHABSI63A S_L9C_94001836 Define Text Modifiers 
323 OHABSI64 S_L6B_69000675 Maintain Groups for Deduction Codes 
324 OHABSI65 S_L6B_69000676 Assign Deductions to Group 
325 OHABSI65A S_L9C_94001837 Define Text Identifiers 
326 OHABSI66 S_L6B_69000678 Check Deduction Attributes 
327 OHABSI66A S_L9C_94001838 Define Comments 
328 OHABSI67A S_L9C_94001839 Define Public Holiday Substitutions 
329 OHABSI68A S_L7D_24002203 Define Conditions 
330 OHABSI69 S_L6D_84000024 Business Add-in: Providing Different User References 
331 OHABSI71 S_L6B_69000198 Obsolete: Determine Labour Commission 
332 OHABSI72 S_L6B_69000199 Determine Address Subtype 
333 OHABSI73 S_L6B_69000200 Obsolete: Set Dimona Start Date 
334 OHABSI74 S_L6B_69000201 Obsolete: Maintain Constant 
335 OHABSI77 S_L6B_69000202 Maintain Dimona Information 
336 OHABSI78 S_L6B_69000203 Obsolete: Check Dimona Relevance 
337 OHABSI79 S_L6B_69000204 Obsolete: Install Digital Certificate 
338 OHABSI80 S_L6B_69000205 Obsolete: Set Default Path for Electronic Dimona Files 
339 OHABSI81 S_PL0_86000055 Set Amounts for Additional Deductions 
340 OHABSI82 S_PL0_86000100 Define Activa Allowance Conditions 
341 OHABSI_ACTIVA S_L4H_49002600 Activate Alternative Activa Texts 
342 OHABSL001 S_AHR_61013611 Form Cumulation Wage Types from Time-Based Payments 
343 OHABSL002 S_AHR_61013597 Check Cumulation Wage Types Based on Technical Wage Types 
344 OHABSL003 S_AHR_61013598 Create Cumulation Wage Type Based on External Bank Transfers 
345 OHABTX02 S_L9C_94000442 Check Tax Constants 
346 OHABTX03 S_L9C_94000441 Maintain Tax Tables for Periodic Remunerations 
347 OHABTX03B S_L9C_94000454 Check Constants 
348 OHABTX03C S_AL0_96000147 Maintain Multiple Tax Slips 
349 OHABTX04 S_L9C_94000443 Maintain Tax Scales for Non-Periodic Remunerations 
350 OHABTX05 S_L9C_94000444 Generate Tax Scales for Periodic Remunerations 
351 OHABTX06 S_L9C_94000445 Create Base for Taxable Amount 
352 OHABTX07 S_L9C_94000446 Create Wage Types for Tax Calculation 
353 OHABTX08 S_L9C_94000447 Define Default Values for Tax Infotype 
354 OHABTX09 S_L7D_24001243 Include Function in Subschema 
355 OHABTX10 S_L9C_94000448 Define Constant 
356 OHABTX10B S_L9C_94000449 Define Tax Constant 
357 OHABTX11 S_L9C_94000450 Maintain Non-Specific Fields 
358 OHABTX12 S_L9C_94000451 Define Wage Types 
359 OHABTX13 S_AL0_96000143 Activate User Exits 
360 OHABTX14 S_L9C_94000849 Maintain Tax Slips 
361 OHABTX20 S_L7D_24000586 Maintain fiche 281.18 substitution incomes 
362 OHABTX_BOW_00 S_L7D_24001318 Overview 
363 OHABTX_BOW_01 S_L7D_24001660 B2A Manager 
364 OHABTX_BOW_03 S_L7D_24001661 Maintain Constants 
365 OHABTX_BOW_05 S_L7D_24001512 Copy Assignment of Wage Types (Fiches and Zones) to Internet Framework 
366 OHABTX_BOW_10 S_L7D_24001313 Assign Wage Type to Tax Declaration 
367 OHABTX_BOW_10_MODIF S_L7D_24002268 Assign Wage Type to Tax Declaration 
368 OHABTX_BOW_20 S_L7D_24001314 Link Form variant to logical form name 
369 OHABTX_BOW_22 S_L7D_24002261 Define Entry and Leave Dates 
370 OHABTX_BOW_24 S_L7D_24002262 Maintain Evaluation Class 
371 OHABTX_BOW_25 S_L7D_24001552 BAdI: BELCOTAX - Additional Fiches Customer Specific Handling 
372 OHABTX_BOW_27 S_L7D_24002256 BAdI: FINPROF - Additional Customer Specific Handling 
373 OHABTX_BOW_30 S_L7D_24001315 Link NIS Landcode to ISO Landcode 
374 OHABTX_BOW_40 S_L7D_24001316 Customize Variable Texts for Printout Forms 
375 OHABTX_BOW_43 S_L7D_24002260 BAdI: BELCOTAX - Print Fiches from the TemSe 
376 OHABTX_BOW_45 S_L7D_24001516 BAdI: BELCOTAX - Additional Information for Printed Forms 
377 OHABTX_BOW_50 S_L7D_24001317 Link Printout Formular to a Fiche and choose Form Type 
378 OHABTX_BOW_55 S_L7D_24001335 Check DAQ Settings 
379 OHABTX_BOW_60 S_L7D_24001334 Maintain Features 
380 OHABTX_BOW_70 S_L7D_24001926 Maintain mapping of marital status of infotype 0002 to BELCOTAX codes 
381 OHABTX_BOW_80 S_L7D_24002259 Use Employee Modifier to Change Declaration Base for Employee Data 
382 OHABTX_EXEMPT_02 S_L4H_49002694 Define Wage Types for Taxable Exemptions 
383 OHABTX_FICHE25_09 S_L4H_49002329 Map Zones to Belcotax Payment Descriptions 
384 OHABTX_FICHE25_10 S_L4H_49002328 Define Attributes for Belcotax Payment Descriptions 
385 OHABTX_FICHE25_11 S_L4H_49002331 Define Belcotax Fiche Codes 
386 OHABTX_FICHE25_12 S_L4H_49002332 Display Payment Qualitifactions for BELCOTAX Declarations 
387 OHABTX_TAX_NEG S_L7D_24000146 Activate User Exit for Negative Amounts 
388 OHABUM01 S_AHR_61013566 Authority Types 
389 OHABUM02 S_AHR_61013567 Authorities 
390 OHABUM03 S_AHR_61013568 Link to Personnel Area 
391 OHABUM05 S_L6B_69000206 Activate International Addresses 
392 OHABUM06 S_L6B_69000207 Maintain Customer Languages 
393 OHABUM07 S_L6B_69000209 Maintain Addresses 
394 OHABUM09 S_L6B_69000208 Copy Institution Data to New Tables 
395 OHABUM10B S_L6B_69000210 Maintain Institution Groups 
396 OHABUM12B S_L6B_69000211 Maintain Institutions 
397 OHABUM13 S_L6B_69000214 Link Companies to Institutions and Maintain Contact Persons 
398 OHABUM13B S_L6B_69000212 Maintain Institution-Specific Information 
399 OHABUM14 S_L6B_69000215 Link Personnel Subareas to Institutions and Maintain Contact Persons 
400 OHABUM14B S_L6B_69000213 Maintain Personnel Subareas and Company Codes 
401 OHABUM14C S_L7D_24001247 Determine Usage of Institution Tables Functionality 
402 OHABUM15 S_L7D_24002825 Define Company ID Name and Address 
403 OHABUM16 S_L6B_69000216 Activate Coding 
404 OHAB_CI_PC_10 S_L4H_49001483 Maintain Contribution Rates and Minimums 
405 OHAB_DI_10 S_L4H_49001378 Activate Duplicate Prevention 
406 OHAB_DI_20 S_L4H_49001379 Prepare Reference Data 
407 OHAB_DI_30 S_L4H_49001380 Maintain Central Table with Reference Data 
408 OHAB_DI_50 S_L4H_49001386 Prepare Data 
409 OHAB_DI_MD_10 S_L4H_49001382 Determine Joint Commission 
410 OHAB_DI_MD_20 S_L4H_49001383 Set Dimona Start Date 
411 OHAB_DI_MD_30 S_L4H_49001384 Maintain Constant 
412 OHAB_DI_MD_40 S_L4H_49001385 Check Dimona Relevance 
413 OHAB_DI_MD_50 S_L4H_49001387 Change Logic Used for Preparation 
414 OHAB_DI_MD_60 S_L4H_49001482 Determine Screen Setup 
415 OHAB_DI_MD_70 S_L7D_24002884 Create Number Range 
416 OHAB_SB_020 S_L7D_24002425 Maintain Contract Types 
417 OHAC483 S_AHR_61001605 Convert Old Customer Form 
418 OHAC601 S_AHR_61002513 Convert Old Customer Form 
419 OHACAAB200 S_AHR_61008849 Valuate absences using quotas 
420 OHACAADJUST150 S_PH0_48000562 Define payroll program for the Adjustments Workbench 
421 OHACAADJUST200 S_PH0_48000556 Define payroll variant for adjustments 
422 OHACAADJUST300 S_PH0_48000557 Define time constraints for adjustments 
423 OHACAADJUST400 S_PH0_48000558 Define permissibility of wage types 
424 OHACAB001 S_AHR_61002738 Describe Absence Valuation Rules 
425 OHACAB002 S_AHR_61007026 Assign Absence Valuation Rules to Absences 
426 OHACAB003 S_AHR_61002749 Define Grouping for Absence Valuation 
427 OHACAB009 S_AHR_61002709 Valuate Absences Using "As If" Principle 
428 OHACAB010 S_AHR_61002714 Special Processing for Absence Valuation Rules 
429 OHACAB011 S_AHR_61007032 Create Counting Classes for Absence Valuation 
430 OHACAB012 S_AHR_61002711 Valuate Absences by Constants/Averages 
431 OHACAB110 S_AHR_61002721 Check Wage Type Conversion 
432 OHACABEN001 S_AHR_61009245 Create wage type catalogue 
433 OHACABEN002 S_AHR_61009260 Set current benefit area 
434 OHACABEN0025 S_PH0_48000565 Create gross compensation model 
435 OHACABEN0027 S_PH0_48000566 Configure gross compensation model 
436 OHACABEN003 S_AHR_61009266 Define wage types for benefit plans 
437 OHACABEN004 S_AHR_61009253 Assign deduction model 
438 OHACABEN005 S_AHR_61009238 Assign reasons for off-cycle payroll 
439 OHACABO005 S_PH9_46000351 Create wage type catalogue 
440 OHACABO007 S_PH9_46000352 Check wage type group "Banked Overtime" 
441 OHACABOND200 S_AHR_61008579 Assign number range intervals 
442 OHACABOND300 S_AHR_61008244 Define Magnetic Media file path 
443 OHACABOND420 S_AHR_61008249 Create wage type catalogue 
444 OHACABOND440 S_AHR_61008256 Check wage type group "Canada Savings Bonds" 
445 OHACABOND460 S_AHR_61008263 Define cumulation/processing class specifications 
446 OHACABOND520 S_AHR_61008268 Check wage type text 
447 OHACABOND540 S_AHR_61008274 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
448 OHACABOND560 S_AHR_61008281 Check wage type characteristics 
449 OHACACCR002 S_PL0_09000440 Configure feature 10CCM 
450 OHACACSP150 S_AHR_61008898 Assign infotype screen for CSP-relevant absence types 
451 OHACACSP200 S_AHR_61008842 Specify CSP-relevant absence types for absences PSG 
452 OHACACSP250 S_AHR_61008944 Check sick pay period durations 
453 OHACACSP300 S_AHR_61008952 Check split payment valuation rules for STD/LTD plans 
454 OHACACSP350 S_AHR_61008961 Check absence breakdown for STD/LTD plans 
455 OHACADED250 S_PH9_46000523 Copy wage types for prepaid deductions 
456 OHACADED275 S_PH9_46000524 Link prepaid deduction wage types 
457 OHACADEX10 S_PL0_09000359 Specify external application 
458 OHACADEX20 S_PL0_09000360 Specify wage types 
459 OHACADEX30 S_PL0_09000361 Activate calculation 
460 OHACADT004 S_PL0_09000451 Define text keys for payment transactions 
461 OHACAEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61016610 Define Internet link for remuneration statement 
462 OHACAF0002 S_AHR_61016587 Design form 
463 OHACAF0003 S_AHR_61016591 Copy form 
464 OHACAF0004 S_AHR_61016592 Maintain evaluation classes and their specifications 
465 OHACAF0005 S_AHR_61016598 Define alternative currency 
466 OHACAF0007 S_AHR_61016599 Set up address 
467 OHACAF0008 S_AHR_61016600 Change Addresses infotype (0006) 
468 OHACAFO002 S_AHR_61016635 Create draft form 
469 OHACAFO003 S_AHR_61016636 Copy form 
470 OHACAFO004 S_AHR_61016637 Define evaluation classes and their processing class specifications 
471 OHACAFO005 S_AHR_61016619 Define alternative currency 
472 OHACAFO006 S_AHR_61016638 Set up address 
473 OHACAFO008 S_AHR_61016639 Change the Addresses infotype (0006) 
474 OHACAFOPA002 S_AHR_61018641 Set up payroll account 
475 OHACAFOPJ100 S_AHR_61016611 Convert previous form 
476 OHACAFOPJ201 S_AHR_61016612 Set up page header 
477 OHACAFOPJ202 S_AHR_61016613 Set up payroll excerpts 
478 OHACAFOPJ203 S_AHR_61016614 Set up continuation excerpts 
479 OHACAFOPJ204 S_AHR_61016615 Set up display of totals 
480 OHACAFORS001 S_AHR_61016601 Convert previous form 
481 OHACAFORS002 S_AHR_61016602 Set up remuneration statement 
482 OHACAFORS010 S_AHR_61016603 Example: Cumulation identifiers in individual fields 
483 OHACAFORS030 S_AHR_61016604 Example using the new procedure 
484 OHACAFORS031 S_AHR_61016605 Example using the previous procedure 
485 OHACAFORS040 S_AHR_61016606 Example: Vacation in a window 
486 OHACAFORS050 S_AHR_61016607 Example: Time quota in an individual field 
487 OHACAFORS060 S_AHR_61016608 Example: Time quota in a window 
488 OHACAFORS070 S_AHR_61016609 Example: Message in a window 
489 OHACAI091 S_AL0_96000126 Set up Customer Exits 
490 OHACAL01 S_AHR_61003159 Bases 
491 OHACAOCA001 S_AHR_61007993 Assign absences to an off-cycle reason 
492 OHACAOCA002 S_AHR_61007996 Set up absence valuation for off-cycle activities 
493 OHACAOCAE001 S_PH9_46000167 Define default values for payroll results 
494 OHACAOCAP001 S_AHR_61007999 Define default values for advance payments 
495 OHACAOCMCP1 S_AHR_61008004 Make settings for cheque printing with manual number assignment 
496 OHACAOCPM001 S_AHR_61007959 Create process models 
497 OHACAOCPM005 S_AHR_61019119 Create process model for mass off-cycle payments 
498 OHACAOCPM01 S_AHR_61008001 Verify payment keys 
499 OHACAOCR001 S_AHR_61007988 Set up off-cycle reasons 
500 OHACAOCRP01 S_AHR_61008007 Replace cheques