SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 32
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHPSUSCERT16 S_ELN_90000007 Define Codes 
2 OHPSUSCERT20 S_ELN_90000008 Define Message Class for Renewal Codes 
3 OHPSUSCERT21 S_ELN_90000011 Define Renewal Codes and Assign Messages to Renewal Codes 
4 OHPSUSCERT22 S_ELN_90000018 Maintain Messages Within Message Class for Renewal Codes 
5 OHPSUSCERT30 S_ELN_90000009 Define Status for Certificates/Licenses and Areas 
6 OHPSUSCERT39 S_ELN_90000019 Edit Scales (Master Data for Personnel Development) 
7 OHPSUSCERT40 S_ELN_90000016 Generate Qualification Groups/Qualifications from Classifications/Codes 
8 OHPSUSCERT41 S_ELN_90000012 Manually Assign Classifications/Codes to Qualification Grps./Qualifications 
9 OHPSUSCERT51 S_ELN_90000014 Define Duty Assignments 
10 OHPSUSCERT52 S_ELN_90000015 Assign Codes to Duty Assignments 
11 OHPSUSCERT91 S_ELN_90000020 BAdI: Determine Additional Required Areas in Information or Legacy Systems 
12 OHPSUSCERT92 S_ELN_90000021 BAdI: Override Out-of-Field 
13 OHPSUSCMPAR S_AL0_96000532 Define Competitive Areas 
14 OHPSUSCMPLV S_AL0_96000535 Maintain Competitive Levels 
15 OHPSUSCOMPAR S_AL0_96000533 Create Competitive Area 
16 OHPSUSCPDF100 S_AEN_10000435 Define Validations 
17 OHPSUSCPDF110 S_AEN_10000436 Define Validation Field Groups 
18 OHPSUSCPDF120 S_AEN_10000437 Configure Table Access Methods 
19 OHPSUSCPDF130 S_AEN_10000438 Define Table Access Method Groups 
20 OHPSUSCPDF140 S_AEN_10000439 Create Validations 
21 OHPSUSCPDF150 S_AEN_10000440 Create Validation Lists 
22 OHPSUSCPDFCFG003 S_L6B_69000132 Select Fields for Status File 
23 OHPSUSCPDFCFG004 S_L6B_69000135 Select Fields for Dynamic File 
24 OHPSUSCPDFCFG005 S_L6B_69000136 Define Field Sequence for Dynamic File 
25 OHPSUSCPDFCFG006 S_L6B_69000152 Define Field Sequence for Status File 
26 OHPSUSDEFER2 S_AL0_96000632 Create Wage Type Catalog 
27 OHPSUSDEFER3 S_AL0_96000633 Modify Payroll Schema, Subschema and Rule 
28 OHPSUSDEFER4 S_AL0_96000637 Define Wage Type Posting Attributes for Deferred Pay Wages 
29 OHPSUSDEFER5 S_PL0_09000177 Define Payment Models 
30 OHPSUSDRUG12 S_AL0_96000288 Create Drug Screening Subtype 
31 OHPSUSDRUG13 S_AL0_96000291 Create Drug Screening Substance Test Type 
32 OHPSUSDRUG14 S_AL0_96000292 Create Drug Screening Test Reason 
33 OHPSUSDRUG15 S_AL0_96000293 Create Drug Screening Test Result 
34 OHPSUSDRUG16 S_AL0_96000294 Create Drug Screening Test Method 
35 OHPSUSDRUG17 S_AL0_96000295 Create Drug Screening Test Site 
36 OHPSUSDRUG18 S_AL0_96000414 Create Drug Screening Substance Test Units 
37 OHPSUSDRUG19 S_L6B_69000068 Maintain Central Address for Drug Screening 
38 OHPSUSDSCITY S_AL0_96000556 Maintain Duty Station City 
39 OHPSUSDSCOUNTY S_AL0_96000555 Maintain Duty Station County 
40 OHPSUSDSSTATE S_AL0_96000554 Maintain Duty Station State or Country 
41 OHPSUSEEO002 S_KI4_29000057 Review EEO Ethnic Origin Categories 
42 OHPSUSEEO003 S_KI4_29000058 Review EEO Occupational Categories 
43 OHPSUSEEO004 S_KI4_29000059 Assign EEO Occupational Categories to Jobs 
44 OHPSUSEEO005 S_KI4_29000060 Define EEO Reporting Units 
45 OHPSUSEEO006 S_KI4_29000061 Define EEO Reporting Unit addresses 
46 OHPSUSEEO007 S_KI4_29000062 Execute EEO-4/EEO-5 Reporting 
47 OHPSUSEEO008 S_AL0_96000475 Assign EEO Reporting Unit Numbers 
48 OHPSUSEEO009 S_KI4_55000311 Execute EEO-4/EEO-5 Reporting 
49 OHPSUSEEO010 S_AL0_96000476 Assign Reporting Unit Based on Personnel Area/Subarea 
50 OHPSUSEEO050   EEO Complaints 
51 OHPSUSEEOAGEN S_AL0_96000526 Maintain Agency Actions for Complaints 
52 OHPSUSEEOC002 S_AC0_52000519 Set up Bases and Issues for EEO Complaints 
53 OHPSUSEEOC003 S_AC0_52000518 Maintain Central Address for EEO Complaints 
54 OHPSUSEEOCLOS S_AL0_96000524 Maintain Closure Types for Complaints 
55 OHPSUSEEOMEDTYP S_PL0_09000161 Maintain Types of Mediation/ADR 
56 OHPSUSERRCFG001 S_PL0_09000480 Configure Crediting Plans for Use with ERR 
57 OHPSUSJOBCLASS00 S_PL0_09000460 Job Classification 
58 OHPSUSJOBCLASS01 S_PL0_09000461 Maintain Occupational Categories 
59 OHPSUSJOBCLASS02 S_PL0_09000462 Maintain Occupations (Series) 
60 OHPSUSNOA001   Regenerate Infotype Include 
61 OHPSUSNOA002 S_AL0_96000845 Actions Configuration 
62 OHPSUSNOA003 S_PL0_09000486 Maintain CPDF Actions 
63 OHPSUSNOA004 S_KI4_55000615 Maintain Nature of Action Codes 
64 OHPSUSNOA005   Maintain Legal Authority Codes 
65 OHPSUSNOA006 S_PL0_09000465 Assign Remark Codes to NoA Codes 
66 OHPSUSNOA008 S_PL0_09000464 Define Remarks Codes 
67 OHPSUSNOA009 S_L6B_69000083 Maintain Text for Remarks 
68 OHPSUSNOA010 S_L6B_69000347 BADI: Customer-Specific Setup for Text Formatting and Field Name Overwrite 
69 OHPSUSNOA011 S_L6B_69000523 Create Subscreen for Nature of Action 
70 OHPSUSNOA012 S_L6B_69000526 View Examples of Customer Subscreens 
71 OHPSUSNOACPDF01 S_PL0_09000478 Maintain CPDF Application 
72 OHPSUSNOACPDF02 S_PL0_09000479 Maintain CPDF Fields 
73 OHPSUSPOSATTRIBUTES S_AL0_96000551 Position Attributes 
74 OHPSUSPR100 S_PCO_36000284 Define pay rate determinants 
75 OHPSUSPR110 S_PCO_36000285 Determine valid pay plans 
76 OHPSUSPR120 S_PCO_36000286 Determine valid pay areas 
77 OHPSUSPR130 S_PCO_36000287 Assign pay scale areas to federal codes 
78 OHPSUSPR140 S_PCO_36000288 Maintain pay rate table 
79 OHPSUSPR150 S_PCO_36000289 Assign duty station to pay scale area 
80 OHPSUSPR160 S_PCO_36000298 Configure Planned Compensation infotype (1005) 
81 OHPSUSPR170 S_PCO_36000299 Configure Federal Position Attributes infotype (1660) 
82 OHPSUSPR180 S_PCO_36000300 Set screen control for infotypes 0008 & 0509 
83 OHPSUSPR190 S_PCO_36000301 Copy wage type settings 
84 OHPSUSPR195 S_PCO_36000302 Set wage type model for default indirect valuation wage types 
85 OHPSUSPROP02 S_KI4_55000352 Create Wage Type Catalog to Enable Cost Allocation 
86 OHPSUSPROP03 S_KI4_55000353 Modify Payroll Schema to Enable Cost Allocation 
87 OHPSUSPROP04 S_AC0_52000517 Define Wage Type Posting Attributes for Cost Allocation Wage Types 
88 OHPSUSPSSEN S_AL0_96000552 Create Position Sensitivity 
89 OHPSUSRIF001 S_PL0_09000485 Maintain Appointment Types 
90 OHPSUSRIF002   Maintain Feature for Tenure Group Decision 
91 OHPSUSRIF003 S_AL0_96000597 Maintain Appraisal Bonus 
92 OHPSUSRIF006   Regenerate Infotype Include 
93 OHPSUSRIF007   Actions Configuration 
94 OHPSUSSBP002 S_PL0_09000175 Set up OS Environment and Magnetic Media File Destination 
95 OHPSUSSBP003 S_AC0_52000520 Maintain Savings Bond Denomination, Cost and Wage Types 
96 OHPSUSSBP004 S_AC0_52000521 Maintain Company ID Assigned by FRB 
97 OHPSUSSBP005 S_AC0_52000522 Maintain Location ID for Savings Bond Purchase 
98 OHPSUSSBP006 S_KI4_55000611 Maintain company name 
99 OHPSUSSBP007 S_KI4_55000612 Maintain Company Address 
100 OHPSUSSBP008 S_L6B_69000157 Set up Screen Control for U.S. Savings Bonds infotypes 
101 OHPSUSSECCL S_AL0_96000553 Maintain Position Security Clearance 
102 OHPSUSSICK01 S_KI4_55000348 Create and Maintain Absence Pools 
103 OHPSUSSICK02 S_KI4_55000349 Maintain Hourly/Daily Absence Pool Attributes 
104 OHPSUSSICK03 S_AL0_96000380 Maintain Initial Hours/Days in Absence Pools 
105 OHPSUSSICK21 S_AL0_96000381 Maintain Initial Amounts in Absence Pools 
106 OHPSUSSICK22 S_KI4_55000610 Create Exchange Wage Type 
107 OHPSUSSICK23   Assign exchange wage type to Sick Leave process 
108 OHPSUSSICK24 S_AL0_96000382 Maintain amount absence pool attributes 
109 OHPSUSSICK91 S_AC0_52000408 BAdI: Determine Full-Time Employees 
110 OHPSUS_EDUCATE001 S_PL0_09000187 Education and Training 
111 OHPSUS_MAINTFEAT003 S_AL0_96000826 Maintain Feature for Additional Personal Data 
112 OHPSUS_SCRNGRPS004 S_AL0_96000827 Maintain Screen Groupings for Additional Personal Data 
113 OHPSUS_VETSPREF001 S_AL0_96000824 Create Veterans Preference Entries 
114 OHPTNEED777TNM_VAC_D S_L7D_24001878 Classes used for Evaluated TN Data Display 
115 OHPTNEEDMGVT77TNM_CA S_L7D_24000618 Define Cost Attributes 
116 OHPTNEEDMGVT77TNM_CC S_L7D_24000617 Define Cost Category 
117 OHPTNEEDMGVT77TNM_CG S_L7D_24000616 Define Cost Category Groups 
118 OHPTNEEDMGVT77TNM_FC S_L7D_24000615 Define Training Fund Category 
119 OHPTNEEDMG_777TNM_RE S_L7D_24000810 Assign Reason to Training Needs Status 
120 OHPTNEEDMG_777TNM_ST S_L7D_24000809 Define and Assign Training Need Status to Status Category 
121 OHPTNEEDMG_77TNM_VAC S_L7D_24001877 Classes used in the TNM Valuation of Data Processing 
122 OHPTNEEDMG_T77TNM_LR S_L7D_24000594 Define Legal Reference 
123 OHPTNEEDMG_T77TNM_PC S_L7D_24000597 Define Training Plan Category 
124 OHPTNEEDMG_T77TNM_TY S_L7D_24000595 Define the reason 
125 OHPTNEEDMG_VT77TNMTY S_L7D_24000614 Define Training Type 
126 OHPTNEEDM_777TNMFRCA S_L7D_24000811 Assign Cost Item to Cost Category 
127 OHPTNEEDM_777TNM_OBG S_L7D_24000808 Determine Objective Group 
128 OHPTNEEDM_T777TNM_OB S_L7D_24000807 Assign Objective to Objective Group 
129 OHPTNEEDS_77TNM_VACT S_L7D_24001879 Training Need Valuation performed by the TNM Transaction 
130 OHPTNEED_HRTNM00_ACT S_L7D_24000806 Activate Function Training Needs Management 
131 OHPTNMGT_VT777TNM_RS S_L7D_24000828 Define Absence Reason 
132 OHPTNMG_T77TNM_TYFCM S_L7D_24000596 Link Training Type to Training Fund Category 
133 OHPTNMQUOTAM_T77TNAB S_L7D_24001465 Display Deduction (Training hours) temporarily stored 
134 OHPTNMQUOTAM_T77TNDE S_L7D_24001464 Assign Training hours for Quota Management 
135 OHPTNMQUOTAM_T77TNQU S_L7D_24001463 Assign Quota to Training Type 
136 OHPTNMQUOTAM_T77TNRS S_L7D_24001466 Define Absence Reason 
137 OHPTNM_V_T77TNMFR_PC S_L7D_24000812 Assign Plan Category to French Legal Compliant Plan Category 
138 OHPT_DL023 S_PH0_48000356 Check payroll constants 
139 OHRBR_BADI_PAYDATE S_L7D_24000062 Special processing for payment date definition 
140 OHRBR_BADI_PAYROLL S_L7D_24000061 Additional processing before running payroll 
141 OHRBR_FCOL_PAYDATE S_L7D_24000125 Special processing for payment date definition 
142 OHRBR_FCOL_PAYROLL S_L7D_24000124 Additional processing before payroll run 
143 OHRU_AB004 S_XC0_18000159 Define Day Rules 
144 OHRU_AXAB010 S_XC0_18000164 Special Processing for Absence Valuation Rules 
145 OHRU_AXAB011 S_XC0_18000161 Create Counting Classes for Absence Valuation 
146 OHRU_AXAB012 S_XC0_18000163 Valuate Absences by Constants/Averages 
147 OHRU_AXAB200 S_XC0_18000165 Valuate Absences after Quota Deduction 
148 OHRU_TI370 S_XC0_18000136 Compensate Overtime 
149 OHRU_XDL030 S_XC0_18000147 Maintain Loan Types 
150 OHRU_XDL035 S_XC0_18000150 Control Allocation of Loans 
151 OHRU_XPART S_XC0_18000206 Partial Period Parameters for Various Time Units 
152 OHRU_XSL001 S_XC0_18000210 Form Cumulation Wage Types from Time-Based Payments 
153 OHR_0276 S_PH0_48000327 Import Current Travel Expense Per Diems/Flat Rates from SAPNet 
154 OHR_0333 S_PH9_46000265 Import US Per Diems/Flat Rates from Internet 
155 OHR_V_T702X S_ELN_90000056 Specify Attributes for Enterprise-Specific Trip Types 
156 OHR_V_T702_BEREI_REL S_ELN_90000058 Specify Dependencies of Enterprise-Specific Trip Types (PS Austria) 
157 OHR_V_T706_CITY_CODE S_ELN_90000059 Define Community Code Numbers for Austrian Travel Expenses 
158 OHR_V_TA21P_CC S_P1H_12000030 Define Credit Card Providers for Travel Planning 
159 OHSPSUSNOA011 S_L6B_69000521 Create Customer Subscreen for Nature of Action 
160 OHSPSUSNOA012 S_L6B_69000522 View Customer Subscreen Examples 
161 OHSXX_020 S_SH8_72000328 Specify Examination Types 
162 OHSXX_050 S_AHR_61011795 Define Agent Types 
163 OHSXX_055 S_SH8_72000305 Specify Exposure Frequencies 
164 OHSXX_065 S_SH8_72000306 Specify Exposure Measurement Basis 
165 OHSXX_075 S_AHR_61011792 Define Reference Value Source 
166 OHSXX_080 S_SH8_72000320 Specify Exposure Ratings 
167 OHSXX_085 S_AHR_61011798 Agents 
168 OHSXX_135 S_SH8_72000310 Specify Examination Categories 
169 OHSXX_136 S_SH8_72000311 Customer Exit: Enhance Examination Categories 
170 OHSXX_137 S_SH8_72000312 Customer Exit: Enhance Display of Personal History 
171 OHSXX_160 S_AHR_61011796 Define Reference Value Types 
172 OHSXX_175 S_AHR_61011782 Define Exposure Groups 
173 OHSXX_210 S_AHR_61011783 Assign Agents 
174 OHSXX_245 S_SH8_72000329 Specify Protocol Categories 
175 OHSXX_250 S_SH8_72000330 Specify Protocol Owners 
176 OHSXX_40_01_01 S_SH8_72000275 Assign Forms and Print Programs 
177 OHSXX_40_01_02 S_SH8_72000288 Edit Form Texts for Specific Questionnaires 
178 OHSXX_40_01_03 S_SH8_72000304 Specify Form Categories 
179 OHSXX_40_01_04 S_SH8_72000316 Define Forms 
180 OHSXX_40_01_04_1 S_AER_95000209 Define Layout of PDF-Based Print Forms 
181 OHSXX_40_01_04_2 S_E36_82000103 Define Layout of SAPscript Forms 
182 OHSXX_40_01_05 S_SH8_72000287 Specify Settings for Scanner File 
183 OHSXX_40_01_06 S_SH8_72000276 Specify Number Ranges for Specific Questionnaires 
184 OHSXX_40_01_06_010 S_AER_95000089 Specify Number Ranges for Internal Personnel Numbers 
185 OHSXX_40_01_06_02 S_AER_95000031 Specify Number Ranges for Identification Numbers of Vaccinations 
186 OHSXX_40_01_06_03 S_AER_95000032 Specify Number Ranges for Identification Numbers of Examinations 
187 OHSXX_40_01_06_04 S_AER_95000033 Specify Number Ranges for Assigning Record Numbers 
188 OHSXX_40_01_08 S_SH8_72000327 Specify Assignment Categories 
189 OHSXX_40_02_01 S_SH8_72000282 Specify Answer Types 
190 OHSXX_40_02_02 S_SH8_72000283 Assign Forms and Print Programs 
191 OHSXX_40_03_01 S_SH8_72000286 Assign Forms and Print Programs 
192 OHSXX_40_04_04 S_SH8_72000285 Edit Form Texts 
193 OHSXX_SHED_01 S_SH8_72000278 Specify Number Ranges for Medical Service 
194 OHSXX_SHED_02 S_SH8_72000279 Assign Forms and Print Programs 
195 OHT3300PTEV01 S_AHR_61010496 Internet Time Accounts 
196 OHT3300PTEV02 S_AHR_61010498 Internet Time Statement 
197 OHT3300PTRC01 S_AHR_61010769 Leave Request (Old) 
198 OHT3300PTRC10 S_PLN_16000270 Link Absence Types and Workflow Templates 
199 OHT3300PTRC15 S_PLN_16000304 Rule Groups for Absence Types and Workflow Templates 
200 OHT3300PTRC20 S_PLN_16000305 BAdI: Link Absence Types and Workflow Templates 
201 OHT3300PTSP01 S_AHR_61010490 Internet Work Schedule 
202 OHTF0102 S_AHR_61009667 Maintain Constants 
203 OHTF0104 S_AHR_61009934 Activate Time in Lieu 
204 OHTF0105 S_AHR_61009682 Time in Lieu with Absence Quotas 
205 OHTF0106 S_AHR_61009676 Modify Overtime Wage Types 
206 OHTF0110 S_AHR_61009662 Split Leave 
207 OHTF0112 S_AHR_61009655 Transfer Leave Entitlement to Payroll 
208 OHTF0122 S_AHR_61008813 Maintain Constants 
209 OHTF0124 S_AHR_61009114 Activate Time in Lieu 
210 OHTF0126 S_AHR_61008896 Modify Overtime Wage Types 
211 OHTG2000 S_AHR_61010316 Define Indicators for the Personal Calendar 
212 OHTPT0011 S_L9C_94000616 Vacation allowance time types 
213 OHTPT0012 S_L9C_94000615 Maintain overtime 
214 OHTU0209 S_AL0_96000568 Manage Short/Long-Term Disability (STD/LTD) 
215 OHTU0210 S_AL0_96000569 Manage the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 
216 OHTX0147 S_AHR_61010570 Define Working Weeks 
217 OHTX0148 S_AHR_61010569 Set Default Value for Time Management Status 
218 OHTX0165 S_AHR_61010367 Group Personnel Subareas for Attendance Counting 
219 OHTX0187 S_AHR_61010435 Define Rules for Rounding Counted Attendances 
220 OHTX0188 S_AHR_61010404 Define Counting Rules 
221 OHTX0192 S_AHR_61010376 Assign Counting Rules to Attendance Types 
222 OHTX0193 S_AHR_61010443 Group Employee Subgroups for Time Quotas 
223 OHTX0194 S_AHR_61010439 Group Personnel Subareas for Time Quotas 
224 OHTX0201 S_AHR_61010467 Time Management Authorizations 
225 OHTX0210 S_AHR_61010501 Maintain Roles 
226 OHTX0217 S_AHR_61010749 Define Deduction Rules for Absence and Attendance Quotas 
227 OHTX0218 S_AHR_61010752 Assign Deduction Rules to Counting Rules 
228 OHTX03015 S_PL0_09000362 BAdI: Enhancement of Business Logic for Time Data 
229 OHTX03016 S_PL0_09000363 BAdI: Multiply Payroll Hours and Payroll Days 
230 OHTX03017 S_PL0_09000364 BAdI: Free Determination of Payroll Hours and Payroll Days 
231 OHTX0303 S_AHR_61009173 Hide List Entry/Weekly Calendar Fields 
232 OHTX0304 S_AHR_61009168 Set Standard Time for Weekly Calendar 
233 OHTX0305 S_AHR_61009236 Set First Day of Week 
234 OHTX0306 S_AHR_61009222 Set Up Customer Enhancements 
235 OHTX0307 S_AHR_61009206 Permit Attendances/Absences to be Recorded Without Clock Times 
236 OHTX0401 S_AHR_61009729 Weekly Overtime Analysis for Part-Time Employees 
237 OHTX0402 S_AHR_61009816 Convert from Summertime to Wintertime and Vice-Versa 
238 OHTX0403 S_AHR_61009804 Accrue Compensation Time Account 
239 OHTX0404 S_AHR_61016467 Calculate Overtime on the Basis of General Periods 
240 OHTX0405 S_AHR_61016807 Accrue Absence Entitlement By Comparing Actual Times and Planned Specs 
241 OHTX0406 S_AHR_61018663 Transfer Remaining Absence Quota 
242 OHTX0559 S_AHR_61009647 Balance Limits 
243 OHTX1000 S_AHR_61010451 Define Counting Classes for the Period Work Schedule 
244 OHTX2011 S_AHR_61009024 Import Work Schedule 
245 OHTX2012 S_AHR_61009861 Accrue Leave Entitlement 
246 OHTX203 S_AHR_61010735 Activate Automatic Accrual for Time Evaluation 
247 OHTX204 S_AHR_61010665 Permit Quota Generation Without Time Evaluation 
248 OHTX206 S_AHR_61010759 Valuate Absences Using Quota Deduction 
249 OHTX212 S_AHR_61010794 Determine Header Data 
250 OHTX213 S_AHR_61010580 Assign Report Variants 
251 OHTX215 S_AHR_61010738 Set Up Automatic Accrual Using Report RPTQTA00 
252 OHTX216 S_AHR_61010742 Determine Default Values for Hiring 
253 OHTX3000 S_AHR_61008886 Define Settings for Pair Formation 
254 OHTX3109 S_AHR_61010547 Limit display to general data only 
255 OHTX3110 S_AHR_61010526 Limit display of data to errors only 
256 OHTX3200 S_AHR_61010447 Set Up the Output of Weekly Totals 
257 OHTX3201 S_AHR_61010659 Determine Total Entitlement 
258 OHTX3202 S_AHR_61010653 Set Latest Date for Deduction 
259 OHTX3203 S_AHR_61010650 Specify Reduction Methods 
260 OHTX3204 S_AHR_61010646 Specify Rounding Methods 
261 OHTX3205 S_AHR_61010604 Specify Method for Processing Remaining Leave 
262 OHTX3206 S_AHR_61010601 Develop Enhancement for Leave Accrual 
263 OHTX3207 S_AHR_61010603 Determine Entitlement Limits 
264 OHTX3208 S_AHR_61010656 Set Earliest Date for Deduction 
265 OHTX3209 S_AHR_61010410 Set Up the Output of Cumulated Balances 
266 OHTX3210 S_AHR_61010602 Specify Method of Processing Leave Types with Zero Entitlement 
267 OHTX3211 S_AHR_61010626 Determine Leave Year 
268 OHTX3212 S_AHR_61010631 Define Date Type for Initial Entry 
269 OHTX3215 S_AHR_61010430 Set Up the Output of Time Evaluation Messages 
270 OHTX3220 S_AHR_61010264 Set Up the Output of Variable and Cumulated Balances 
271 OHTX3300 S_AHR_61010534 Set Value Limits for Cumulated Evaluation Results 
272 OHTX5000 S_AHR_61009079 Determine Breaks for Import 
273 OHTX5001 S_AHR_61008864 Set Modifier for Earliest Recalculation Date 
274 OHTX5002 S_AHR_61010662 Set Address Type 
275 OHTX5003 S_AHR_61010697 Set Up the Output of Interim Balances 
276 OHTX5004 S_AHR_61008920 Set Groupings for Subsystem Connection 
277 OHTX5005 S_AHR_61009216 Limit Employee Status for Time Management 
278 OHTX5006 S_AHR_61008856 Set Earliest Recalculation Date for Pair Formation/Time Evaluation 
279 OHTX5007 S_AHR_61010745 Set Earliest Recalculation Date for the Time Statement 
280 OHTX5008 S_AHR_61009123 Determine Time Evaluation Period 
281 OHTX5013 S_PH9_46001020 Define Reporting Quota Types 
282 OHTX5014 S_PH9_46001023 Define Reporting Time Types 
283 OHTY003 S_AHR_61009783 Set Controls 
284 OHTY004 S_AHR_61009770 Define Groupings 
285 OHTY006 S_AHR_61009851 Deduct Attendances/Absences from Generated Planned Time Pair 
286 OHTY007 S_AHR_61009737 Determine Breaks for Import 
287 OHTY008 S_AHR_61009791 Import Work Schedule and Time Events 
288 OHTY009 S_AHR_61009763 Provide Absence Data 
289 OHTY010 S_AHR_61009927 Provide Attendance Data 
290 OHTY011 S_AHR_61009599 Process Work Center Substitutions 
291 OHTY013 S_AHR_61009713 Assign Time Types and Processing Types 
292 OHTY014 S_AHR_61009718 Determine Break Times 
293 OHTY015 S_AHR_61010120 Determine Interim Planned Working Time 
294 OHTY016 S_AHR_61010126 Shorten Absences of Less Than One Day 
295 OHTY017 S_AHR_61008957 Grant Time Bonuses/Deductions 
296 OHTY019 S_AHR_61010211 Determine Overtime on a Daily Basis 
297 OHTY020 S_AHR_61009985 Determine Overtime According to the Working Week 
298 OHTY021 S_AHR_61010024 Determine Overtime According to Days Worked 
299 OHTY023 S_AHR_61010072 Define Valuation Classes for Period Work Schedules 
300 OHTY024 S_AHR_61010088 Define Groupings 
301 OHTY025 S_AHR_61010061 Define Processing Types 
302 OHTY026 S_AHR_61009013 Define Generation Rules 
303 OHTY027 S_AHR_61009129 Perform Time Wage Type Selection 
304 OHTY028 S_AHR_61009135 Generate Higher Bonuses on a Weekly Basis 
305 OHTY029 S_AHR_61009156 Compensate Overtime 
306 OHTY032 S_AHR_61008984 Deduct Absences from Time Balances 
307 OHTY033 S_AHR_61008904 Form Day Balances 
308 OHTY034 S_AHR_61008964 Total Flextime Balance, Overtime, and Productive Hours 
309 OHTY035 S_AHR_61009163 Update Cumulated Balances 
310 OHTY036 S_AHR_61009408 Update Leave Balance 
311 OHTY038 S_AHR_61009368 Define Time Transfer Types 
312 OHTY039 S_AHR_61009533 Define Rules for Transfer to Time Types 
313 OHTY040 S_AHR_61009483 Define Rules for Transfer to Wage Types 
314 OHTY0403 S_AHR_61018667 Accrue Compensation Time Account 
315 OHTY0405 S_AHR_61018664 Accrue Absence Entitlement By Comparing Actual Times and Planned Specs 
316 OHTY0406 S_AHR_61018665 Transfer Remaining Absence Quota 
317 OHTY041 S_AHR_61009495 Define Specifications for Transfer to Absence Quotas 
318 OHTY042 S_AHR_61009182 Perform Time Transfers 
319 OHTY044 S_AHR_61009272 Compare Balances 
320 OHTY045 S_AHR_61010606 Accrue Leave Entitlement 
321 OHTY047 S_AHR_61010621 Create Error Descriptions 
322 OHTY048 S_AHR_61010636 Check for Days with Errors 
323 OHTY049 S_AHR_61010587 Print Other Messages 
324 OHTY050 S_AHR_61010579 Define Mail Connection to Notify Administrator of Messages 
325 OHTY052 S_AHR_61010581 Sort Cumulated Balances 
326 OHTY053 S_AHR_61010582 Store Evaluation Results 
327 OHTY054 S_AHR_61008939 Create Technical Wage Types from Time Balances 
328 OHTY055 S_AHR_61008911 Maintain Absence Quotas 
329 OHTY0559 S_AHR_61008974 Balance Limits 
330 OHTY056 S_AHR_61010793 Determine Overtime on the Basis of FLSA Regulations 
331 OHTY057 S_AHR_61009062 Create Wage Type Catalog 
332 OIA_IV_REPRICE S_ANI_44000028 BAdI: Split Condition Repricing at Logistics Invoice Verification 
333 OIG_DG_DATA_MAINTAIN S_PNI_87000006 BAdI: Storage of Vehicle Data Before Dangerous Goods Check 
334 OIG_GAIN_LOSS_NB_UOM S_P7I_60000023 BAdI: Information about Gains and Losses in Non-Base UoM 
335 OIG_MAT_DOC_CHANGE S_P7I_60000024 BAdI: Transfer of Data to Material Document 
336 OIG_MODIFY_DLV_DATES S_P7I_60000025 BAdI: Modification of Delivery Header Dates 
337 OIG_OILSH1_NOCREATE S_P7I_60000026 BAdI: Stopping Creation of IDoc OILSH1 
338 OIH_ADD_LICENSE_DATA S_P7I_60000001 BAdI: Addition of License Data to Material Document Items 
339 OIH_CHECK_LICENSE S_P7I_60000015 BAdI: Check of Licenses 
340 OIH_DEF_HT_MB S_XNI_52000001 BAdI: Defaulting of Handling Type during Goods Movements 
341 OIH_TR_KONTO_MODIF S_ANI_44000030 BAdI: Account Determination During Tax Revaluation 
342 OIJ_3WP_UI S_P7I_60000035 BAdI: 3WP User Interface Adjustments 
343 OIJ_BPB_GUI S_PNI_87000004 BAdI: Layout for Berth Planning Board 
344 OIJ_BPB_MAIN S_PNI_87000003 BAdI: Main Settings for Berth Planning Board 
345 OIJ_BPB_OPT S_PNI_87000005 BAdI: Automated Berth Scheduling in Berth Planning Board 
346 OIJ_NOMPRORATE_VAL S_SO7_28000073 BAdI: Validate Proration Validation 
347 OIJ_NOM_EVPREREQ S_PNI_87000009 BAdI: Define Prerequisite Check for an Event 
348 OIJ_NOM_EVSUBSEQ S_PNI_87000010 BAdI: Define Subsequent Event Routine 
349 OIJ_PRO_TKT_O1 S_SO7_28000074 BAdI: Calculate Temperature of Loaded Quantity in Ticket 
350 OIJ_WHATIF_UI S_P7I_60000034 BAdI: What-If Popup/Clipboard User Interface Adjustments 
351 OIO_C1_FLDST S_SO7_65001294 Assign Field Status Groups to Containers 
352 OIO_CM_OBJGP S_SO7_65001285 Define Object Groups 
353 OIO_FS_SGP_C1 S_SO7_65001277 Define Field Status Groups 
354 OIO_RETURNS S_ANI_44000032 BAdI: Returns Handling 
355 OIO_RN_SVCAT S_SO7_65001316 Define Relevant Service Categories 
356 OIO_RT_DLPRC S_SOG_81000100 Assign Delivery Processes to Recommended Action 
357 OIO_RT_FLDST S_SO7_65001282 Define Field Status Groups 
358 OIO_RT_FSGRP S_SO7_65001284 Assign Field Status Groups 
359 OIO_RT_MAIN S_SOG_81000104 Define Output Type for Returns Worklists 
360 OIO_SH_BADI_SR S_SO7_65001209 BAdI: Shipment Receipt Enhancements 
361 OIO_SH_VGCUS S_SOG_81000093 Define Customs Use Codes 
362 OIO_SP_DFLDA S_SO7_65001317 Assign Default Loading Areas 
363 OIO_SR_ROUTE S_SO7_65001208 Define Allowed Routes 
364 OIO_SR_SRSTA S_SO7_65001207 Define Shipment Receipt Status 
365 OIO_SY_APP S_SO7_65001275 Define applications 
366 OIO_SY_OBJTY S_SO7_65001274 Define object types 
367 OIO_VGNUM S_SOG_81000110 Define Number Ranges for Voyages 
368 OIO_VG_FLDST S_SO7_65001283 Define Field Status Groups 
369 OIO_VG_FLDST_ASS S_SO7_65001293 Assign Field Status Groups 
370 OIRE2 S_E4A_94000155 Define Field Selection for Purchase Order Fields 
371 OIRE3 S_E4A_94000156 Define Field Selection for Purchase Requisition Fields 
372 OIR_ARC_VAL S_P7I_60000021 BAdI: Additional Checks 
373 OIUBL01_CONFIG S_SOG_81000032 Define Default Smart Form 
374 OIUBL01_NRIV S_SOG_81000033 Maintain Number Ranges 
375 OIUBL01_PBA_GRP S_SO7_65001197 Define/Maintain Product Balancing Agreement Groups 
376 OIUBL01_PRD_GRP S_SO7_65001202 Define/Maintain Balancing Product Groups 
377 OIUBL_V_T100C S_SOG_81000034 Define Balancing Message Types 
378 OIUCA_ASSIGN_SRV_GRP S_SOG_81000098 Assign Server Group To Contractual Allocation 
379 OIUCA_CREATE_SRV_GRP S_SOG_81000097 Create Contractual Allocation Server Group 
380 OIUCA_MAINTAIN_NRIV S_SOG_81000048 Maintain Number Ranges 
381 OIUCM_BA_ADDRESS_TY S_SOG_81000028 Maintain Additional Business Associate Address Types 
382 OIUCM_COMB_PD_CD S_SOG_81000052 Maintain Combined Product Codes 
383 OIUCM_MAINTAIN_NRIV S_SOG_81000050 Maintain Number Ranges 
384 OIUCM_PID_CONFIG S_ANI_44000029 Override Parameter IDs 
385 OIUCM_PPARSN S_SOG_81000045 Maintain Prior Period Adjustment Reason Codes 
386 OIUCW_CDTRAN S_SO7_28000050 Configure Transaction Code Cross Reference With Deduction Type Code 
387 OIUCW_CHECKLOT S_SO7_65001318 Configure Check Lot 
388 OIUCW_CHECKNUMBERS S_SO7_65001319 Configure Check Numbers 
389 OIUCW_NRIT_WH S_SO7_28000049 Configure State with NRIT withholding requirement 
390 OIUGT_BADI S_SO7_65001075 Business Add In Implementation 
391 OIUGT_CONFIG S_SO7_65001070 Base Graphics Configuration 
392 OIUGT_INITIALIZE S_SO7_65001102 Maintain Number Range Interval for Graphics 
393 OIUH_ACTION_TAKEN S_SOG_81000121 Maintain Action Taken Codes 
394 OIUH_LA_PARISH S_SOG_81000122 Maintain Louisiana Counties/Parishes 
395 OIUH_LEGEND_CODE S_SOG_81000120 Maintain Legend Codes 
396 OIUH_PREMAS_NR S_SOG_81000030 Maintain Number Ranges 
397 OIUH_RV_GVLST S_SO7_28000048 Define Gross Volume States 
398 OIUH_X_EP2RZ_01 S_SO7_65001139 Processing Contract Number Range Maintenance 
399 OIUOW_BA_NUM S_SO7_65001142 Maintain Number ranges for Business Associates 
400 OIUOW_SYSNO_MAINT S_SO7_65001141 Maintain System Number Range Intervals for Ownership 
401 OIUPR01_NRIV_GENERAL S_SO7_65001232 Interval Maintenance (General) 
402 OIUPR01_NRIV_OFF S_SO7_65001231 Interval Maintenance For Revenue Accounting Integration Turned OFF 
403 OIUPR01_NRIV_ON S_SO7_65001230 Interval Maintenance For Revenue Accounting Integration Turned ON 
404 OIUPR_ASSIGN_SRV_GRP S_SOG_81000095 Assign Server Group to Volume Allocation 
405 OIUPR_CREATE_SRV_GRP S_SOG_81000096 Create Volume Allocation Server Group 
406 OIUPR_IMG_SKFD_DRC S_SO6_65000938 Drilling Days SKF Major Workover Downtime Reasons 
407 OIUPR_IMG_SKFD_STS S_SO6_65000939 Drilling Days Drilling Status Codes 
408 OIUPR_IMG_SKFW_MW S_SO6_65000943 Well Count SKF Downtime Minor Workover - TBLGR030 
409 OIUPR_IMG_SKFW_RR S_SO6_65000942 Well Count SKF Downtime Reg Reasons - TBLGR029 
410 OIUPR_IMG_SKFW_ST S_SO6_65000941 Well Count SKF Plug, Sold, Abandoned ST - TBLGR025 
411 OIUPR_MAINTAIN_PRES S_SOG_81000051 Maintain Primary Geographic Location Pressure Base 
412 OIUPR_MPMTD S_SOG_81000044 Measurement Point Measurement Type Derivation 
413 OIUPR_MPVL_MR S_SOG_81000043 Measurement Point Volume Measurement Type Assignment to Measurement Reading 
414 OIUP_APP_AREA S_ANI_44000013 Define Application Area 
415 OIUP_AREA_CUST S_ANI_44000014 Define Application Area Specific Info 
416 OIUP_ASSIGN_DBCON S_ANI_44000002 Assign Valid Database Connections to PDM Storage Locations 
417 OIUP_ASSIGN_RFCDEST S_SO7_28000071 Assign Valid RFC Destinations to PDM Storage Locations 
418 OIUP_CFG_LEVEL S_ANI_44000008 Set Retention Level 
419 OIUP_CREATE_DBCON S_ANI_44000001 Create Database Connection Entries 
420 OIUP_CREATE_RFCDEST S_SO7_28000066 Create Remote Function Call (RFC) Destination 
421 OIUP_EXE_ASSIGN S_ANI_44000012 Assign Tables to Table Groups 
422 OIUP_EXE_GRP S_ANI_44000011 Create Workbench Execute Groups 
423 OIUP_PDM_CONFIG S_SO7_28000070 Activate Configurable Items 
424 OIUP_PDM_ENABLE S_ANI_44000003 Add Tables to PDM 
425 OIUP_PDM_ENGINE S_ANI_44000031 Enhance PDM Engine 
426 OIUP_PDM_MONTHS S_ANI_44000007 Set Data Retention Periods for PDM Storage Locations 
427 OIUP_PDM_ON S_ANI_44000009 Enable Tables for PDM 
428 OIUP_REPLACEMENT S_ANI_44000004 Replace PDM Includes 
429 OIUP_RET_ASSIGN S_ANI_44000010 Assign Tables to Table Groups 
430 OIUP_SYNCED_TABS S_ANI_44000015 Define Additional Synchronized Tables 
431 OIUP_TABL_GRP S_ANI_44000005 Create Data Retention Period Groups 
432 OIUREP_2014_CONFIG S_SOG_81000026 Reporting Process Variations 
433 OIUREP_2014_NRIV S_SO7_65001116 Maintain Number Range Intervals for MMS-2014 Processing 
434 OIUREP_2014_UOM S_SOG_81000094 Maintain Reporting Units of Measure 
435 OIUREP_ADJCD_XRF S_SOG_81000027 Maintain PRA Reason Code to MMS Adjustment Code Cross References 
436 OIUREP_AGY_PDCD S_P7I_60000032 Edit Agency Product Codes 
437 OIUREP_AGY_VLTP S_P7I_60000030 Edit Agency Volume Types 
438 OIUREP_COMM S_SO7_65001152 Common Table Maintenance 
439 OIUREP_EXT_COMP S_SO7_65001132 Maintain Reporting Companies 
440 OIUREP_INDIAN_TR S_SO7_65001114 Maintain Indian Tribes 
441 OIUREP_MAINTAIN_NRIV S_SOG_81000049 Maintain Number Ranges 
442 OIUREP_MMS_2014_BADI S_SOG_81000124 MMS Document ID Business Add-In 
443 OIUREP_MMS_2014_MESS S_SOG_81000129 Customize Configurable Messages 
444 OIUREP_MMS_2014_SUP S_SO7_65001143 Maintain Supplemental Reports 
445 OIUREP_MMS_2014_VAR S_SO7_65001144 Transport Supplemental Report Variants 
446 OIUREP_PROFILE S_SO7_65001133 Define Smart Form Structure 
447 OIUREP_PROF_DETAIL S_SO7_65001134 Define Print Values for Smart Form 
448 OIUREP_PROF_TEXT S_SO7_65001135 Define Language for Smart Form Fields 
449 OIUREP_ROY_AGY S_P7I_60000029 Edit Reporting Agencies 
450 OIUREP_SALES_TYPE S_SOG_81000053 Maintain Sales Type Descriptions 
451 OIUREP_SET_NUM_RANG S_P7I_60000042 Set Up Number Ranges for Old Tax Reporitng Backup Table 
452 OIUREP_SET_NUM_RANGE S_P7I_60000006 Set Up Number Ranges for Old Tax Reporitng Backup Table 
453 OIUREP_SET_PARAMS S_SO7_65001131 Set up base year/month, performance parameters, and output device 
454 OIUREP_SET_TAX_SOL S_P7I_60000007 Setup Old Tax Reporting SOL 
455 OIUREP_VLTP_XREF S_P7I_60000031 Edit Agency/PRA Defined Volume Type Cross References 
456 OIURV02_ALT_DUAL_ACT S_SO7_28000013 Maintain Alternative Dual Accounting Price Multipliers 
457 OIURV03_CONFIG S_SOG_81000165 Configure Criteria to Split MP Level Txn to WC Level Txn 
458 OIURV_ASSIGN_SRV_GRP S_SOG_81000126 Assign Server Group to Valuation 
459 OIURV_CREATE_SRV_GRP S_SOG_81000125 Create Valuation Server Group 
460 OIURV_CTX S_SOG_81000047 Maintain PRA Contract Type Cross Reference 
461 OIURV_SETTLEMENT_STM S_SO7_65001124 Maintain Number Range For Settlement Statement 
462 OIURV_VALUATION_DOC S_SO7_65001125 Maintain Number Range For Valuation Document 
463 OIUT2_OB_NRIV S_SO7_65001122 Maintain System Number Range Intervals for Outbound Connection ID 
464 OIUX1_ACT_MIGR S_SO7_65001287 Activate Tax Reporting Agencies 
465 OIUX1_AGY_DEFN S_SO7_65001288 Configure Tax Agencies by Tax Types 
466 OIUX1_AGY_TXCD S_P7I_60000033 Edit Agency Tax Codes 
467 OIUX1_EXEC_COMB S_SO7_65001291 Maintain Execution Parameters 
468 OIUX1_FLD_CAT S_P7I_60000036 Maintain Field Catalogue 
469 OIUX1_RPT_SGRP S_SO7_65001289 Maintain Report Submission Groups 
470 OIUX1_SET_NUM_RANGE S_SO7_65001186 Set Up Tax Framework Number Ranges 
471 OIUX1_TXCD_XREF S_SO7_65001290 Maintain PRA Tax Class and Agency Tax Code X-ref 
472 OIUX3_CONF S_SOG_81000166 General Configuration 
473 OIUX3_CONF_PP S_SOG_81000171 Configure Migration Parallel Processing Parameters 
474 OIUX3_EDIT_SRV_GRP S_SOG_81000170 Maintain Server Groups 
475 OIUX3_ITEM_ST S_SOG_81000188 Maintain Prerequisite Status of Migration Items 
476 OIUX3_LOADER S_SOG_81000189 BAdI: Report Loader Enhancement 
477 OIUX3_MIG_GRP S_SOG_81000185 Maintain Migration Group 
478 OIUX3_MIG_GRPRX S_SOG_81000186 Assign Reports to Migration Group 
479 OIUX3_MIG_ITEM S_SOG_81000187 Maintain Migration Item 
480 OIUX3_RPT S_SOG_81000181 Maintain Reports 
481 OIUX3_RPT_COMP S_SOG_81000168 Maintain Reporting Companies 
482 OIUX3_RPT_COMPX S_SOG_81000169 Assign Companies to Reporting Company 
483 OIUX3_RPT_GRP S_SOG_81000180 Maintain Report Groups 
484 OIUX3_RPT_GRPPX S_SOG_81000172 Maintain Report Group/Product Code Cross-Reference 
485 OIUX3_RPT_STEP S_SOG_81000182 Maintain Reporting Steps 
486 OIUX3_RPT_STEPX S_SOG_81000183 Assign Reporting Steps to Report 
487 OIUX3_SN_NR_COMMON S_SOG_81000167 Maintain Common Number Ranges 
488 OIUX3_SN_NR_TX S_SOG_81000173 Maintain Texas Number Ranges 
489 OIUX3_STEPX_ST S_SOG_81000184 Maintain Prerequisite Status of Reporting Steps 
490 OIUX3_TX_COMXRF S_SOG_81000174 Maintain Commodity Code Cross-Reference 
491 OIUX3_TX_RP_EDT1 S_SOG_81000192 Additional Edits - Field Attributes 
492 OIUX3_TX_RP_EDT2 S_SOG_81000193 Additional Edits - Static Rules 
493 OIUX3_TX_RP_EDT2_2 S_SOG_81000194 Additional Edits - Thresholds 
494 OIUX3_TX_TXCLEX S_SOG_81000175 Maintain Tax Class/Exemption Type Cross-Reference 
495 OIUX4_BAL_CTG S_SOG_81000191 Maintain Taxes Payable Balance Categories 
496 OIUX4_SN_NR S_SOG_81000190 Maintain Number Ranges 
497 OIUX5_OK_CONFIG S_P7I_60000045 Maintain Exempt Decimal Configuration 
498 OIUX5_OK_EXEXRF S_YEP_55000002 Maintain Exempt Code Cross-Reference 
499 OIUX5_OK_PDCXRF S_YEP_55000001 Maintain Product Code Cross-Reference 
500 OIUX5_SN_NR_OK S_YEP_55000007 Maintain Oklahoma Number Ranges