SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 2
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OFTP_PR_003_04 S_AHR_61006706 Assign Payment Methods 
2 OFTP_PR_003_05 S_AHR_61000668 Define Treatment of Provider and Class Selections 
3 OFTP_PR_003_06 S_AHR_61000689 Define Trip Activity Types 
4 OFTP_PR_003_07 S_AHR_61012509 Evaluate Hotel Catalog Items 
5 OFTP_PR_003_08 S_PH9_46000255 Specify Settings for Lowest Fare Search (Fare-Driven Availability Query) 
6 OFTP_PR_003_09 S_PH9_46000921 Define Static PNR Elements 
7 OFTP_PR_003_10 S_XBG_76000017 BAdI: Define Dynamic PNR Elements 
8 OFTP_PR_003_11 S_XBG_76000019 Define Reasons for Provider and Class Selections 
9 OFTP_PR_003_15 S_ALN_01000814 Assign Train Evaluation Criteria 
10 OFTP_PR_003_16 S_ALN_01000821 Define Provider Restrictions 
11 OFTP_PR_003_17 S_ALN_01000915 Define Amadeus Profile for Hotel Catalog Availability Queries 
12 OFTP_PR_003_18 S_ALN_01000916 Assign Amadeus Profile 
13 OFTP_PR_003_19 S_ALN_01001914 Determine Payer of Travel Service 
14 OFTP_RFC000 S_AHR_61000716 Set Up RFC Destinations for Interfaces to External Systems 
15 OFTV_INT_COS_TP_01 S_AHR_61000660 Activate Integration of Travel Plan/Request with Travel Expenses 
16 OFTV_INT_COS_TP_02 S_AHR_61000719 Define Assignment of Travel Expense Type to Travel Service Category 
17 OFTV_INT_COS_TP_03 S_AHR_61006713 Assign Trip Activity Types 
18 OFTV_INT_COS_TP_04 S_PH9_46000284 Activate Request/Plan/Expense Report in Travel Manager and for Web Dynpro 
19 OFTV_INT_COS_TP_05 S_PH0_48000412 Create Additional Links for Initial Screen of Travel Manager 
20 OFTV_INT_COS_TP_06 S_L9C_94000456 Edit Graphics in BDN 
21 OFTV_INT_COS_TP_08 S_PLN_62000004 BAdI: Integration of Travel Plan with Travel Expenses 
22 OFTV_MOD_BADI_01 S_ALN_01000154 BAdI: Adjustments for Account Determination 
23 OFTV_MOD_BADI_02 S_ALN_01000155 BAdI: Automatic Approval of Travel Expenses 
24 OFTV_MOD_BADI_03 S_ALN_01000156 BAdI: Data Import / Data Export 
25 OFTV_MOD_BADI_04 S_ALN_01000568 BAdI: Assign Alternative Wage Types 
26 OFTV_MOD_BADI_05 S_ALN_01000770 BAdI: Assign Portions of a Trip to Alternative Wage Types 
27 OFTV_MOD_BADI_06 S_PLN_16000085 BAdI: Receipt Wizard 
28 OFTV_MOD_BADI_07 S_PLN_16000152 BAdI: Interfaces for Offline Travel Expenses 
29 OFTV_MOD_BADI_08 S_ALN_01001351 Business Add-In: Personnel Number Verification 
30 OFTV_MOD_BADI_10 S_ALN_01002157 BAdI: Changes to Objects After Trip Settlement 
31 OFTV_MOD_BADI_11 S_P2H_60000002 BAdI: Manipulation of Travel Expense Statement 
32 OFTV_MOD_BADI_12 S_P3H_97000008 BAdI: Define Additional Checks for Web Dynpro 
33 OFTV_MOD_BADI_13 S_P3H_97000009 BAdI: Make Adjustments in Customizing for Web Dynpro 
34 OFTV_MOD_BADI_14 S_P3H_97000010 BAdI: Modify Number Range Assignment for Web Dynpro Services 
35 OFTV_MOD_BADI_15 S_P7H_77000251 BAdI: Calculate Days Worked by an Employee in a Period 
36 OFTV_MOD_BADI_16 S_P7H_77000253 Post a Trip Via BUS7001, Method "Post" 
37 OFTV_MOD_USR_EX_01 S_ALN_01000149 User Exit: Delete/Reorganize Trip Statistics 
38 OFTV_MOD_USR_EX_02 S_ALN_01000150 User Exist: Create/Change Trip Statistics 
39 OFTV_MOD_USR_EX_03 S_ALN_01000151 User-Exit: Save Trips (PR01, PR04, PR05, TRIP) Bef. Assigning Trip Number 
40 OFTV_MOD_USR_EX_04 S_ALN_01000153 User-Exit: Include Rate Data in Trip Provision Variant 
41 OFTV_MOD_USR_EX_05 S_ALN_01000152 User-Exit: Save Trips (PR01, PR04, PR05, TRIP) After Assigning Trip Number 
42 OHA05_PM_CREATE S_PL0_09000442 Create process model 
43 OHA09COM001 S_PH9_46000511 Perform Shift Change Compensation 
44 OHA40072 S_AHR_61016675 Special Employers Contributions 
45 OHA99SFOADR_5F99FOAM S_L7D_24001559 Define PA Form of Adress Keys to be mapped to DAQ Form of Address Keys 
46 OHA99SFOADR_OVERVIEW S_L7D_24001557 Form of Address: Overwiew 
47 OHA99SFOADR_T5F99FOA S_L7D_24001558 Define Form of Address Keys for DAQ Forms 
48 OHA99SFOADR_T5F99PR S_L7D_24001841 Define Reason for Changing Master Data Keys for DAQ Forms 
49 OHA99SFOADR_T5F99PRM S_L7D_24001842 Define Reason for Changing Master Data Keys to be mapped to DAQ Form Keys 
50 OHA99SFOAD_5F99FODAM S_L7D_24001560 Define Titles Keys to be mapped to DAQ Form of Address 
51 OHA99SPR_OVERVIEW S_L7D_24001840 Reason for Changing Master Data: Overview 
52 OHAA101 S_AHR_61001146 Check Contribution Rates 
53 OHAA102 S_AHR_61001148 Check Contribution Amounts and Associated Percentages 
54 OHAA103 S_AHR_61001152 Check Maximum Contribution Bases 
55 OHAA104 S_AHR_61001339 Check Sickness Certificate Fee 
56 OHAA105 S_AHR_61006779 Check Flat-Rate Employer Tax 
57 OHAA106 S_AHR_61006826 Check Penalty Values 
58 OHAA107 S_L6B_69000735 Age-Dependent Change of Contribution Group 
59 OHAA108 S_L7D_24001631 Check Scaling of Unemployment Insurance 
60 OHAA1100 S_AHR_61000961 Perform General Settings 
61 OHAA111 S_AHR_61000987 Check Data Record Versions 
62 OHAA112 S_AHR_61001040 Check Data Record Structures 
63 OHAA113 S_AHR_61001002 Check Assignment of SAP Fields / ELDA Fields 
64 OHAA114 S_AHR_61001362 Modify Field Value Conversions 
65 OHAA115 S_AHR_61001046 Modify Additional Employer Information 
66 OHAA116 S_AHR_61001349 Define Variant for Creating Data Medium 
67 OHAA1201 S_AHR_61001142 Assign Managing Director Indicator 
68 OHAA1300 S_AHR_61001273 Define Settings for Reimbursement Applications (EFZG) 
69 OHAA201 S_AHR_61006834 Check Reduction Reasons for Tax Days 
70 OHAA203 S_AHR_61000994 Check Income Tax Rates 
71 OHAA2041 S_AHR_61006843 Check Deductible Amount for Sole Wage Earner/Single Parent 
72 OHAA2042 S_AHR_61001391 Check Tax-Free Amount for Agricultural Laborer 
73 OHAA2043 S_AHR_61006825 Check Deductible Amount for Pensioner 
74 OHAA2044 S_AHR_61001282 Check Commuter Rate 
75 OHAA2046 S_AHR_61001286 Check Exemption Due to Reduction in Earning Capacity 
76 OHAA2047 S_AHR_61001294 Check Exemption in Accordance with Section 67 (1,2) EStG 
77 OHAA2048 S_AHR_61001299 Check General Deductible Amount 
78 OHAA2049 S_AHR_61001303 Check Lump Sum for Extraordinary Costs 
79 OHAA205 S_AHR_61000998 Check Percentage Rate for Fixed Tax According to Section 67 (1,2) 
80 OHAA2050 S_AHR_61001307 Check Lump Sum for Income-Related Costs 
81 OHAA2051 S_AHR_61006821 Check Transportation Deduction 
82 OHAA2052 S_AHR_61001321 Check Exemptions According to Section 68 EStG 
83 OHAA2053 S_AHR_61006823 Check Employee Deduction 
84 OHAA2054 S_AHR_61006744 Check Minor Tax Limits 
85 OHAA2100 S_AHR_61002522 Define Payslip Settings 
86 OHAA310 S_AHR_61001342 Calculate Union Dues 
87 OHAA320 S_AHR_61001345 Calculate Works Council Contribution 
88 OHAA410 S_AHR_61001007 Assign Municipalities 
89 OHAA412 S_AHR_61001909 Assign Two-Digit Absence Symbols 
90 OHAA420 S_AHR_61001009 Assign Tax Offices 
91 OHAA430 S_AHR_61006751 Adjust Employer Contribution for FLAF 
92 OHAA5020 S_AHR_61001123 Assign Data Processing Register Number 
93 OHAA5030 S_AHR_61001120 Check Account Key for Posting to Accouting 
94 OHAA5040 S_AHR_61001118 Edit Summary of Organizational Structure 
95 OHAA6002 S_AHR_61000957 Check Procedure in Payroll 
96 OHAA6011 S_AHR_61000964 Set Up Garnishability of Wage Types 
97 OHAA6012 S_AHR_61000968 Define Garnishment Group Modifier 
98 OHAA6013 S_AHR_61000971 Define Garnishability of Garnishment Groups 
99 OHAA6021 S_AHR_61000975 Set Up Own Garnishment Group for Wage Types 
100 OHAA6022 S_AHR_61000978 Define Own Garnishment Group 
101 OHAA6023 S_AHR_61000982 Define Garnishability of Your Own Garnishment Group 
102 OHAA6031 S_AHR_61006741 Prepare Wage Types for Special Payments 
103 OHAA6041 S_AHR_61006768 Calculate Employer Expenses 
104 OHAA6051 S_AHR_61001102 Define Minimum Transfer Threshold 
105 OHAA6061 S_AHR_61001107 Define Threshold for Creditor Notification 
106 OHAA6071 S_AHR_61001111 Assign Authorizations 
107 OHAA6081 S_AHR_61006772 Note Several Payment Runs per Period for Garnishments 
108 OHAA6091 S_AHR_61001117 Note Procedure for Special Payroll Runs 
109 OHAA651A S_AHR_61006761 Change General Basic Amount on Monthly Basis 
110 OHAA651B S_AHR_61001065 Change Increased Basic Amount 1 on Monthly Basis 
111 OHAA651C S_AHR_61001070 Change Increased Basic Amount 2 on Monthly Basis 
112 OHAA651D S_AHR_61001076 Change Basic Amount for Support Payments on Monthly Basis 
113 OHAA651E S_AHR_61001082 Change Garnishment Exemption Limit on Monthly Basis 
114 OHAA651F S_AHR_61006762 Change Comparison of Payments in Kind on Monthly Basis 
115 OHAA651G S_AHR_61001087 Change De Minimus Limit on Monthly Basis 
116 OHAA651H S_AHR_61001393 Change Basis to Which Amount Is to Be Rounded Down Monthly 
117 OHAA652A S_AHR_61001617 Change General Basic Amount on Daily Basis 
118 OHAA652B S_AHR_61001619 Change Increased Basic Amount 1 on Daily Basis 
119 OHAA652C S_AHR_61001623 Change Increased Basic Amount 2 on Daily Basis 
120 OHAA652D S_AHR_61001627 Change Basic Amount for Support Payments on Daily Basis 
121 OHAA652E S_AHR_61001629 Change Daily Garnishment Exemption Limit 
122 OHAA652F S_AHR_61001632 Change Comparison of Payments in Kind on Daily Basis 
123 OHAA652G S_AHR_61001635 Change Daily De Minimus Limit 
124 OHAA652H S_AHR_61001638 Change Amount to Which Daily Basis Is to Be Rounded Down 
125 OHAA653A S_AHR_61001611 Change Percentage for Employer Costs 
126 OHAA653B S_AHR_61001583 Change Percentage for Employer Costs for First Bank Transfer 
127 OHAA653C S_AHR_61001586 Change Maximum Amount for Employer Costs 
128 OHAA653D S_AHR_61001588 Change Maximum Amount for Employer Costs for First Bank Transfer 
129 OHAA653F S_AHR_61001590 Change Exemption Percentage for Maintenance Beneficiaries 
130 OHAA653G S_AHR_61001593 Change Cost Reimbursement for Declaration of Third-Party Debtor 
131 OHAA653I S_AHR_61001596 Change Maximum Number of Maintenance Beneficiaries 
132 OHAA653J S_AHR_61001600 Change Unseizable Tenths of Surplus for Debtor 
133 OHAA653K S_AHR_61001603 Change Unseizable Tenths of Surplus for Maintenance Beneficiaries 
134 OHAA653L S_AHR_61001607 Change Full Rate of Value Added Tax 
135 OHAA653M S_AHR_61001729 Change Reduced Rate of Value Added Tax 
136 OHAA701 S_AHR_61001130 Check Amount of Family Allowance 
137 OHAA703 S_AHR_61001138 Determine Date of Payment 
138 OHAA704 S_AHR_61001134 Check Deductable Amounts for Children 
139 OHAA8005 S_AHR_61002213 Check Parameters for Municipal Tax 
140 OHAA8010 S_AHR_61007023 Calculate Works Council Contribution 
141 OHAA8015 S_AHR_61002637 Specify Union Number 
142 OHAA8020 S_AHR_61006798 Check Parameters for Payroll with Local Tax Office 
143 OHAA8025 S_AHR_61002202 Check Employer Tax Values for Municipality of Vienna 
144 OHAA8031 S_AHR_61002559 Check Form for Single-Site Companies 
145 OHAA8032 S_AHR_61002154 Check Form for Multi-Site Companies 
146 OHAA8033 S_AHR_61002161 Check Part-Time Working Hours 
147 OHAA8034 S_AHR_61002190 Edit Summary of Organizational Structure 
148 OHAA8041 S_AHR_61002656 Define Settings for Severance Pay Reserve 
149 OHAA8042 S_AHR_61002758 Define Settings for Leave Reserve 
150 OHAA8043 S_AHR_61002593 Define Settings for Anniversary Reserve 
151 OHAA8044 S_AHR_61002668 Perform General Settings 
152 OHAA8046 S_L6D_84000021 Specify Expected Retirement Age for Reserves 
153 OHAA8047 S_L6D_84000023 Implement Customer Enhancement 
154 OHAA8048 S_L7D_24002271 Configure Variants for Payroll Simulation 
155 OHAA8049 S_L7D_24002272 Define Modifier of Organizational Groups for T5ARL 
156 OHAA8050 S_L7D_24002273 Configure Base Wage Types for Reserve Reports 
157 OHAAAB004 S_AHR_61001784 Define Day Rules 
158 OHAAAB005 S_AHR_61001789 Create Wage Type Catalog 
159 OHAAAB101 S_AHR_61001847 Specify Modifiers for Absence Administration 
160 OHAAAB102 S_AHR_61001805 Define Absence Types and Input Check 
161 OHAAAB103 S_AHR_61001771 Specify Time Constraint Classes 
162 OHAAAB104 S_AHR_61001775 Define Indicators for the Personal Calendar 
163 OHAAAB105 S_AHR_61001779 Define Valuation and Counting Classes 
164 OHAAAB106 S_AHR_61001767 Check Control Fields 
165 OHAAAB211 S_AHR_61001894 Set Modifiers 
166 OHAAAB220 S_AHR_61001897 Set Up Absence Wage Types 
167 OHAAAB230 S_AHR_61001900 Define Payment Conditions 
168 OHAAAB240 S_AHR_61001904 Check Special Processing of SI Days 
169 OHAAAB250 S_AHR_61002104 Influence Generation of Wage Types 
170 OHAAAB271 S_AHR_61002625 Adjust Exemption Limit 
171 OHAAAV001 S_AHR_61002670 Define Rules for Valuation of Averages 
172 OHAAAV511A S_AHR_61002174 Amend Calculation Rules for Averages 
173 OHAAAVBAS S_AHR_61002672 Create Bases for Calculating Average Values 
174 OHAAAVP15 S_AHR_61002183 Assign the Valuation of Averages to a Wage Type 
175 OHAAAVX017 S_AHR_61002165 Create Relevancy Test 
176 OHAAAVX018 S_AHR_61002169 Create Average Rates 
177 OHAAAVXT00 S_AHR_61002180 Adjust Valuation of Averages Within the Payroll Run 
178 OHAABW004 S_AHR_61002573 Define Wage Type-Dependent Constants 
179 OHAABW005 S_AHR_61002579 Define Pay Scale-Dependent Constants 
180 OHAABW019 S_AHR_61002676 Assign Valuation Bases 
181 OHAABW103 S_AHR_61002584 Assign Valuation Bases 
182 OHAABW201 S_AHR_61002601 Determine Valuation Bases 
183 OHAABW202 S_AHR_61002620 Assign Basic Pay to Valuation Bases 
184 OHAABW203 S_AHR_61002674 Modify Calculation of Gross Amount 
185 OHAABW21 S_AHR_61002659 Determine Valuation Basis for Different Payment 
186 OHAABW22 S_AHR_61002665 Calculate Valuation Basis with Higher Value 
187 OHAADL021 S_AHR_61001252 Deactivate Calculation 
188 OHAADL022 S_AHR_61001256 Store Additional Values 
189 OHAADL023 S_AHR_61001260 Check Payroll Constants 
190 OHAADL024 S_PH0_48000054 Adjust Value Date 
191 OHAADL025 S_PH0_48000377 Specify Interest Calculation Method 
192 OHAADL030 S_AHR_61018928 Maintain Loan Types 
193 OHAADL031 S_AHR_61001244 Create Loan Types 
194 OHAADL032 S_AHR_61001246 Control Allocation of Loans 
195 OHAADL034 S_AHR_61001249 Adjust Screen Control 
196 OHAADL036 S_PH0_48000378 Set Up Customer Payment Types 
197 OHAADL037 S_PH0_48000379 Program Processing Logic for Payment Types 
198 OHAADT002 S_AHR_61001740 Set Up House Banks 
199 OHAADT003 S_AHR_61001744 Define Sending Banks 
200 OHAADT004 S_AHR_61001751 Check Text Keys for Payment Transactions 
201 OHAADT009 S_AHR_61002712 Note Several Payment Runs per Period for Garnishments 
202 OHAADT100 S_AC0_52000009 Transfer Remuneration Statement in Note to Payee 
203 OHAADT101 S_AC0_52000005 Specify Subapplication for Wage Types 
204 OHAADT102 S_AC0_52000006 Specify Sorting for Wage Types 
205 OHAADT103 S_AC0_52000007 Specify Payment Methods with Remuneration Statement 
206 OHAADT104 S_AC0_52000008 Modify Note to Payee 
207 OHAADT105 S_AC0_52000010 Specify Wage Types to Be Printed 
208 OHAADT106 S_AC0_52000109 Specify Layout Formats 
209 OHAADV001 S_AHR_61006993 Maintain Transfer to LRT 
210 OHAADV002 S_AHR_61002518 Modify Processing of Last Payroll Result 
211 OHAAEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61001560 Internet Connection for the Remuneration Statement 
212 OHAAEDTINTERNET1 S_AHR_61016867 Provide Remuneration Statement (ESS) on the Internet 
213 OHAAFO002 S_AHR_61016860 Create Draft Form 
214 OHAAFO003 S_AHR_61016861 Copy Form 
215 OHAAFO004 S_AHR_61016862 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
216 OHAAFO005 S_AHR_61016863 Set Up Alternative Currency 
217 OHAAFO006 S_AHR_61016864 Set Up Address 
218 OHAAFO008 S_AHR_61016865 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
219 OHAAFOPA002 S_AHR_61016876 Set up payroll account 
220 OHAAFOPJ100 S_AHR_61016877 Convert old form 
221 OHAAFOPJ201 S_AHR_61016878 Set up page header 
222 OHAAFOPJ202 S_AHR_61016879 Set Up Payroll Excerpts 
223 OHAAFOPJ203 S_AHR_61016880 Set Up Continuation Excerpts 
224 OHAAFOPJ204 S_AHR_61016881 Set up totals display 
225 OHAAFORS001 S_AHR_61016866 Convert old form 
226 OHAAFORS002 S_AHR_61016868 Set Up Remuneration Statement 
227 OHAAFORS010 S_AHR_61016869 Example: Cumulation Identifier in Single Field 
228 OHAAFORS030 S_AHR_61016870 Example with new procedure 
229 OHAAFORS031 S_AHR_61016871 Example with old procedure 
230 OHAAFORS040 S_AHR_61016872 Example: Leave-data in window 
231 OHAAFORS050 S_AHR_61016873 Example: Time quota in single field 
232 OHAAFORS060 S_AHR_61016874 Example: Time quota in window 
233 OHAAFORS070 S_AHR_61016875 Example: Notification 
234 OHAAJW000 S_AHR_61001732 Create Annual Values 
235 OHAAKL000 S_AHR_61002662 Cumulate/Convert Absence Wage Types 
236 OHAAKL001 S_AHR_61006812 Define Company Key Figures 
237 OHAAKN001 S_AHR_61002692 Wage Type Catalog with Groupings 
238 OHAAKN002 S_AHR_61002695 Determine Absence Compensation 
239 OHAAKN003 S_AHR_61002696 Define Factoring Forms 
240 OHAAL160001 S_L6B_69001343 Joint Payslip 
241 OHAAL16_0100 S_L6B_69001344 Overview 
242 OHAAL16_0110 S_L6B_69001345 Determine Validity of Subapplications 
243 OHAAL16_0115 S_L6B_69001354 Check Assignment of Wage Types to SAP Cumulation Wage Types 
244 OHAAL16_0120 S_L6B_69001346 Determine Assignment of Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types 
245 OHAAL16_0130 S_L6B_69001347 Define Actions/Reasons for Payslip Creation 
246 OHAAL16_0140 S_L6B_69001348 Maintain Employer Assignment Unit for Company 
247 OHAAL16_0150 S_L6B_69001349 Define Validation Rules 
248 OHAAL16_0160 S_L6B_69001350 Specify Interruption of Wage Payment Through Absence 
249 OHAAL16_0170 S_L6B_69001351 Encode Dialog Wage Types for E18 Payments 
250 OHAAL16_0174 S_L7D_24001353 Assign Variants to Employer Assignment Unit 
251 OHAAL16_0175 S_L6B_69001355 Define Variants for ELDA Notification to GKK 
252 OHAAL16_0180 S_L6B_69001352 Enter Data for Electronic Transfer 
253 OHAAL16_0185 S_L6B_69001356 Define Variants for ELDA Notification to BVA 
254 OHAAL16_0186 S_L6B_69001365 Configure SAPscript Form for Joint L16 and SI Payslip 
255 OHAAL16_0187 S_L6B_69001366 SAPscript Form for E18 Notifications 
256 OHAAL16_0190 S_L6B_69001353 Specify Evaluation Date 
257 OHAAL16_0195 S_L6B_69001357 Exclude Employee from Evaluation 
258 OHAAL16_0200 S_L6B_69001358 Create Customer-Specific Applications for Further L16 Payslip Types 
259 OHAAL16_0210 S_L6B_69001359 Create Specification of Cumulation Wage Types for L16 Subapplications 
260 OHAAL16_0220 S_L6B_69001360 Assign Further Wage Types for Evaluations 
261 OHAAL16_0230 S_L6B_69001361 BAdI: Determine Type of Payslip L16 (ARTL0) and Application 
262 OHAAL16_0232 S_L7D_24000187 BAdI: Assign Customer-Specific Subtypes to Spouses/Partners and Children 
263 OHAAL16_0236 S_L7D_24001593 BAdI: Determine SI Number of (Spouse) Partner 
264 OHAAL16_0240 S_L6B_69001362 BAdI: Calculate Net Remuneration KZ341 and KZ344 
265 OHAAL16_0245 S_L6B_69001364 Specify Evaluation Date 
266 OHAAL16_0250 S_L6B_69001363 Payslip Administration & ELDA from January 1, 2006 
267 OHAAL16_0260 S_L7D_24000558 Overview 
268 OHAAL16_0261 S_L7D_24000557 Define Variants for ELDA Notification to Statistics Austria 
269 OHAAL16_0265 S_L7D_24001456 BAdI: Determine Number of Days with Full-Time and Part-Time Employment 
270 OHAAL16_0266 S_L7D_24001987 BAdI: Payslip Authorization Check 
271 OHAAL16_045 S_L7D_24001455 BAdI: Determine Number of Days with Full-Time and Part-Time Employment 
272 OHAALR000 S_AHR_61002519 Check Data Copied from Previous Payroll 
273 OHAAMZ001 S_AHR_61002653 Specify Currency Units 
274 OHAANE000 S_AHR_61001023 Check Net Cumulations 
275 OHAANGL008 S_PCO_36000240 Determine Time for Posting of Payment 
276 OHAANGL009 S_PCO_36000241 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
277 OHAANGL010 S_PCO_36000242 Adjust Advance Payment from Master Data for Posting 
278 OHAAOEES010 S_L6B_69000104 Set Up Wage Types for Creation of IT55 
279 OHAAOEGV010 S_KI4_38000032 Define Insurance Institution 
280 OHAAOEGV011 S_KI4_38000030 Define Benefits 
281 OHAAOEGV012 S_KI4_38000002 Assignment of Data Fields to Wage Types for Data Import 
282 OHAAOEGV013 S_KI4_38000001 Assignment of Wage Types to Infotypes for Data Import 
283 OHAAOEGV014 S_KI4_38000017 Assignment of Wage Types to Data Fields for Data Export 
284 OHAAOEGV015 S_KI4_38000019 Define Actions for Death and Remarriage 
285 OHAAOEGV016 S_KI4_38000031 Define Own Insurance Institutions 
286 OHAAOEGV017 S_KI4_38000009 Maintain Dynamic Actions 
287 OHAAOEGV018 S_KI4_38000015 Assign Logical File Name to Physical File 
288 OHAAOEGV019 S_KI4_38000008 Create Payroll Variant 
289 OHAAOEGV020 S_KI4_38000006 Create Wage Types for Recurring Payments 
290 OHAAOEGV021 S_KI4_38000005 Create Wage Types for Additional Payments 
291 OHAAOEGV022 S_KI4_38000004 Check Admissibility of Wage Types for Recurring Payments 
292 OHAAOEGV023 S_KI4_38000003 Check Admissibility of Wage Types for Additional Payments 
293 OHAAOEGV024 S_KI4_38000029 Define Pension Types via Feature 
294 OHAAOEGV025 S_KI4_38000028 Define Pension Types via Customer Exit 
295 OHAAOEGV026 S_KI4_38000007 Define Payroll Variant in Feature PM004 
296 OHAAOEGV027 S_KI4_38000018 Adjust Payroll Schema for External Taxation 
297 OHAAOEGV028 S_KI4_38000016 Adjust Payslip L16 
298 OHAAOEGV110 S_KI4_38000014 Check Record Version 
299 OHAAOEGV111 S_KI4_38000013 Check External Record Structures 
300 OHAAOEGV112 S_KI4_38000012 Check Field Conversion 
301 OHAAOEGV113 S_KI4_38000011 Maintain Value Conversion 
302 OHAAOEGV114 S_KI4_38000010 Check Internal Record Structures 
303 OHAAOEST01   Check Calculation of Service Regulations Key Date 
304 OHAAOESV012 S_KI4_55000243 Check Activity Status 
305 OHAAOESV013 S_KI4_55000246 Set Up SAPscript Forms for Active Civil Servants with Life Tenure 
306 OHAAOESV014 S_KI4_55000247 Set Up SAPscript Form f. Pensioners/Municipality Representative 
307 OHAAOESV015 S_KI4_55000264 Set Up SAPscript Forms for Contractual Civil Servants 
308 OHAAOESV021 S_KI4_55000244 Assign Logical File Name to Physical File 
309 OHAAOESV022 S_KI4_55000245 Check Activity Status 
310 OHAAOESV041 S_KI4_55000330 Determine Available Text Elements 
311 OHAAOESV042 S_KI4_55000331 Check Assignment of Wage Types to SAP Cumulation Wage Types 
312 OHAAOESV043 S_KI4_55000332 Assign Wage Types to Customer-Specific Cumulation Wage Types 
313 OHAAOESV044 S_KI4_55000333 Create and Maintain Customizing Includes for Forms 
314 OHAAOESV050 S_L6B_69000585 Set Up Employee Affiliation 
315 OHAAOESV051 S_L6B_69000586 Categorize Unemployment Insurance 
316 OHAAOESV052 S_L6B_69000592 Set Up Feature for Infotype SI Notification Supplements A 
317 OHAAOESV053 S_L6B_69000593 Control of Change Notification from Infotype Social Insurance A 
318 OHAAOESV054 S_L6B_69000704 Assignment of Insurance Institution to Region 
319 OHAAOESV060 S_L6B_69000673 Electronic Data Transfer (ELDA) 
320 OHAAOESV0E01 S_L6B_69000571 Settings for Contribution Statement ELDA 
321 OHAAOESV101 S_L6B_69000340 Control of Social Insurance for Public Sector 
322 OHAAOESV102   Set Up Correction Wage Types for Contribution Bases 
323 OHAAOESV102E S_L7D_24001227 Set Up Correction Wage Types for Contribution Bases 
324 OHAAOESV103   General Information on Extended Social Insurance 
325 OHAAOESV104   Check Contribution Rates 
326 OHAAOESV105   Flag Absences for Special Handling 
327 OHAAOESV106 S_KI4_55000607 Maintain Customer Exits 
328 OHAAOESV108 S_KI4_55000608 Check Maximum and Minimum Contribution Bases and Roundings 
329 OHAAOESV110 S_AL0_96000230 Individual Ranking to Take Account of Payments 
330 OHAAOESV112 S_KI4_55000609 Check Personnel Calculation Rules for Absences 
331 OHAAOESV120 S_L6B_69000564 Transfer Employer/Employee: Assignment of Absence-Contribution Types 
332 OHAAOESV121 S_AL0_19000036 Extended Pension Contribution Calculation 
333 OHAAOESV122 S_AC0_52000540 Extended Pension Contribution Calc. As Per Pension Harmonization Act 
334 OHAAOEVR06   Define Screen Control for Basic Pay (0008) Infotype 
335 OHAAOEZL010 S_KI4_38000033 Copy Model Wage Types 
336 OHAAOEZL011 S_KI4_38000022 Check Units of Time/Measure 
337 OHAAOEZL012 S_KI4_38000026 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
338 OHAAOEZL014 S_KI4_38000024 Define Wage Types as CCS Service Regulations 
339 OHAAOEZL015 S_KI4_38000027 Specify Wage Types Permitted for Each PSG and ESG 
340 OHAAOEZL016 S_KI4_38000021 Maintain Pay Scale Groups and Levels 
341 OHAAOEZL017 S_KI4_38000020 Maintain Subsequent Pay Scale Levels 
342 OHAAOEZL018 S_KI4_38000023 Define Wage Types as Merit Bonus 
343 OHAAOEZL019 S_KI4_38000025 Define Date Type for Service Regulations Key Date 
344 OHAAPAY002 S_AHR_61001991 Define Schedule for Payroll Calendar 
345 OHAAPAY003 S_AHR_61001987 Specify Version for Payroll Driver 
346 OHAAPFB01 S_AHR_61002717 Set Up Wage Type for Average Income 
347 OHAAPFB02 S_AHR_61001089 Set Up SAPscript Form 
348 OHAAPFB03 S_AHR_61001051 Set Up SAPscript Form 
349 OHAAPFB04 S_AHR_61019299 Set Up SAPscript Form 
350 OHAAPFB05 S_AHR_61019300 Set Up Cumulation Wage Type for Support Payment 
351 OHAAQU101 S_AHR_61002633 Determine Partial Period Factors 
352 OHAAQU102 S_AHR_61007014 Modify Factoring and Storage 
353 OHAAQU201 S_AHR_61002630 Convert Flat Rate for Overtime 
354 OHAAQU301 S_AHR_61002641 Valuate Wage Elements 
355 OHAAQU302 S_AHR_61007012 Assign Partial Period Factors 
356 OHAARAB001 S_AHR_61001323 Define additional data on absences for ART and SAC 
357 OHAARAB002 S_AHR_61001403 Define cumulation in IBD (ART) average basis 
358 OHAARAB003 S_AHR_61001554 Define cumulation in valuation basis for monthly holidays 
359 OHAARAB004 S_AHR_61001542 Define cumulation in average basis for variable absence remuneration 
360 OHAARAB005 S_AHR_61001539 Define relevant wage types for off-cycle vacation payroll 
361 OHAARAB006 S_AHR_61001474 Define adjustment type by class of absence or attendance 
362 OHAARAB007 S_AHR_61001272 Define additional absence data for averages 
363 OHAARAB008 S_AHR_61001456 Define relevant wage types for accumulated leave 
364 OHAARAB009 S_AHR_61001477 Define cumulation in average basis for divisor 30 
365 OHAARAB011 S_AHR_61001434 Define cumulation for maternity leave 
366 OHAARAB201 S_AHR_61006808 Valuate absences according to quota deduction 
367 OHAARAN001 S_AHR_61000773 Assign ANSeS document types 
368 OHAARAN002 S_AHR_61000790 Assign ANSeS provincial codes 
369 OHAARAN003 S_AHR_61000765 Assign ANSeS nationality codes 
370 OHAARAN004 S_AHR_61000768 Assign ANSeS marital status codes 
371 OHAARAN005 S_AHR_61000827 Define information on absences for examination situation 
372 OHAARAN006 S_AHR_61000823 Define business activity addresses by personnel subarea 
373 OHAARAN007 S_AHR_61000779 Maintain decision tree for schooling code 
374 OHAARAN008 S_AHR_61000784 Maintain decision tree for relationship code 
375 OHAARAN009 S_AHR_61000781 Maintain decision tree for current school course / year 
376 OHAARAN010 S_AHR_61000832 Define additional info for "Family or Related persons" infotype 
377 OHAARAN011 S_AHR_61000776 Assign reason type to reasons for action 
378 OHAARCE004 S_AHR_61006786 Maintain monitoring of CUIT/CUIL in personal data 
379 OHAARCE005 S_AHR_61001109 Maintain CUIT/CUIL monitoring in deductions for Earnings 
380 OHAARCE006 S_AHR_61001092 Maintain monitoring of other employers CUIT for Earnings 
381 OHAARCE007 S_AHR_61006763 Maintain CUIL monitoring in additional info on family members 
382 OHAARCE008 S_AHR_61001122 Maintain calculation of averages 
383 OHAARCE009 S_AHR_61001119 Maintain processing of absences in calculation of averages 
384 OHAARDM001 S_AHR_61000800 Processing of address structure 
385 OHAAREDTINTERNET S_AHR_61000934 Internet link for remuneration statement 
386 OHAARES001 S_AHR_61001328 Maintain payroll accounting schema for divisor 30 calculation 
387 OHAARFA001 S_AHR_61001332 Define relevant schooling types 
388 OHAARFA002 S_AHR_61001337 Define additional info for "Family or Related persons" infotype 
389 OHAARFA003 S_AHR_61006829 Define family allowance data for personnel subarea 
390 OHAARFA004 S_AHR_61001417 Check family allowance area codes 
391 OHAARFA005 S_AHR_61001409 Check relationship between family member type and family allowance 
392 OHAARFA006 S_AHR_61001413 Check generation rules for family allowances 
393 OHAARFA008 S_AHR_61001432 Define cumulation in average basis for family allowances 
394 OHAARFA009 S_AHR_61001395 Check maximum age for receiving family allowances 
395 OHAARFA010 S_AHR_61001397 Check schooling certificate submission month 
396 OHAARFA011 S_AHR_61001406 Check last month for submission of schooling certificates 
397 OHAARFA012 S_AHR_61001437 Check number of days for submission of birth certificate 
398 OHAARFA013 S_AHR_61001428 Set retroactive accounting due to change in family data 
399 OHAARGD001 S_AHR_61000786 Create form for annual declaration 
400 OHAARI011 S_AHR_61002742 Prepare Wage Type Overview 
401 OHAARI012 S_AHR_61007027 Obtain Overview of Accounts 
402 OHAARI015 S_AHR_61007004 Define Employee Grouping Account Determination 
403 OHAARI031 S_AHR_61001906 Define Posting Characteristics of Wage Types 
404 OHAARI042 S_AHR_61001890 Define Symbolic Accounts 
405 OHAARI051 S_AHR_61001792 Assign Balance Sheet Accounts 
406 OHAARI052 S_AHR_61001843 Assign Expense Accounts 
407 OHAARI053 S_AHR_61001811 Assign Customer Accounts 
408 OHAARI054 S_AHR_61006939 Assign Vendor Accounts 
409 OHAARI055 S_AHR_61002030 Assign Customer Accounts for Specific Loan Posting 
410 OHAARI056 S_AHR_61001838 Assign Technical Accounts 
411 OHAARI061 S_AHR_61002095 Set Up Postings for Fixed Costs 
412 OHAARI062 S_AHR_61002091 Check Customizing for Account Determination 
413 OHAARI063 S_AHR_61006943 Maintain Posting Date for Payroll Periods 
414 OHAARI064 S_AHR_61019427 Assign Substitute Cost Centers 
415 OHAARI070 S_AHR_61001974 Set Up Line Item Text 
416 OHAARI071 S_AHR_61001955 Create Posting Variants 
417 OHAARI080 S_AHR_61001952 Create Report Variants 
418 OHAARI081 S_AHR_61001983 Authorizations 
419 OHAARI090 S_AHR_61002017 Set Up Export to R/2 System or R/3 System <4.0 
420 OHAARI091 S_AL0_96000014 Set Up Customer Exits 
421 OHAARI96 S_PL0_09000076 BAdI: Control Posting of Payroll Results 
422 OHAARIN011 S_AHR_61006693 Define severance pay codes 
423 OHAARIN012 S_AHR_61000627 Define regulation grouping for severance pay calculation 
424 OHAARIN013 S_AHR_61000637 Assign severance pay codes to labor category 
425 OHAARIN014 S_AHR_61000639 Define rules for severance pay calculation 
426 OHAARIN015 S_AHR_61000632 Define validity of severance pay regulation grouping 
427 OHAARIN022 S_AHR_61000585 Define collective agreements 
428 OHAARIN023 S_AHR_61000552 Assign collective agreements to collective agreement classes 
429 OHAARIN024 S_AHR_61000555 Define average monthly wage and maximum basic wage 
430 OHAARLG001 S_AHR_61000422 Define cumulation according to valuation of special wage types 
431 OHAARLI001 S_AHR_61000796 Define agreement category ID 
432 OHAARLL001 S_AHR_61000808 Define wage types for Legal Payroll Payments Book 20,744 
433 OHAARLL002 S_AHR_61000804 Create form for Legal Payroll Payments Book 20,744 
434 OHAARNE002 S_AHR_61000425 Define cumulation according to valuation basis for Net withholdings 
435 OHAARNGL008 S_PCO_36000230 Define date for posting payments 
436 OHAARNGL009 S_PCO_36000231 Enter bank clearing account for HR payments 
437 OHAARNGL010 S_PCO_36000232 Adjust advance payment from master data for posting 
438 OHAARNGL010MX11 S_PCO_36000378 Adjust advance payment from master data for posting 
439 OHAAROCA01 S_AHR_61001150 Assign absences to an off-cycle payroll reason 
440 OHAAROCA02 S_AHR_61001156 Create absence valuation for off-cycle payroll run 
441 OHAAROCAP001 S_AHR_61001165 Set proposed values for payments 
442 OHAAROCPM001 S_AHR_61001169 Check proposed form of payment 
443 OHAAROCPM1 S_AHR_61001471 Create process models 
444 OHAAROCPMCP1 S_AHR_61001460 Manual assignment of settings for check printing 
445 OHAAROCR01 S_AHR_61001192 Create off-cycle payroll reasons 
446 OHAAROCRP1 S_AHR_61001468 Replace checks 
447 OHAAROCV01 S_AHR_61001141 Create variants for off-cycle payroll activities 
448 OHAARSA001 S_AHR_61000589 Define data for off-cycle payroll accounting 
449 OHAARSA002 S_AHR_61000604 Define remunerations cumulation for SAC 
450 OHAARSA004 S_AHR_61000594 Define payroll type for June SAC 
451 OHAARSA005 S_AHR_61000599 Define payroll type for December SAC 
452 OHAARSI001 S_AHR_61006726 Assign SIJP reason type to reasons for action 
453 OHAARSN001 S_AHR_61000714 Maintain rule for determining basic value 
454 OHAARSN002 S_AHR_61000549 Maintain rule for union dues calculation 
455 OHAARSN003 S_AHR_61000440 Set percentage rate for union dues 
456 OHAARSS001 S_AHR_61000559 Define Welfare Funds 
457 OHAARSS002 S_AHR_61000566 Define AFJP 
458 OHAARSS003 S_AHR_61000570 Define DGI activity codes 
459 OHAARSS004 S_AHR_61000573 Define Social Insurance contribution reduction indicator 
460 OHAARSS005 S_AHR_61006714 Assign legal contract types to contract classes 
461 OHAARSS006 S_AHR_61000735 Assign employee subgroup grouping for Social Insurance 
462 OHAARSS007 S_AHR_61000740 Assign areas for reduction of Social Insurance contributions 
463 OHAARSS008 S_AHR_61000745 Define family member attributes for Social Insurance 
464 OHAARSS009 S_AHR_61000748 Define Last date of Social Insurance contribution payment 
465 OHAARSS010 S_AHR_61000751 Check types of legal contract 
466 OHAARSS011 S_AHR_61000754 Check employee subgroup grouping for Social Insurance 
467 OHAARSS012 S_AHR_61000758 Check reduction percentages by contract type 
468 OHAARSS013 S_AHR_61000761 Check reduction percentages for Social Insurance subgroup groupings 
469 OHAARSS014 S_AHR_61000717 Check contribution reduction areas for Social Insurance 
470 OHAARSS015 S_AHR_61000643 Check contribution reduction percentages by area 
471 OHAARSS016 S_AHR_61000712 Check Social Insurance contributions 
472 OHAARSS017 S_AHR_61000650 Define cumulation of gross earnings for Social Insurance 
473 OHAARSS018 S_AHR_61000655 Define cumulation of gross ticket amount for Social Insurance 
474 OHAARSS019 S_AHR_61006708 Define cumulation of deductible and non-deductible credits 
475 OHAARSS020 S_AHR_61000705 Check monthly limit for contributions to the Welfare fund 
476 OHAARSS021 S_AHR_61000708 Check number of days for contribution daily limit 
477 OHAARSS023 S_AHR_61006773 Maintain calculation of difference in Welfare Fund plan contribution 
478 OHAARSS024 S_AHR_61006681 Define Welfare Fund plans 
479 OHAARTX001 S_AHR_61000443 Define relevant data for tax calculation 
480 OHAARTX002 S_AHR_61000455 Define date for definitive tax calculation 
481 OHAARTX003 S_AHR_61000452 Assign wage type to Income Tax category 
482 OHAARTX004 S_AHR_61000460 Check Income Tax category codes 
483 OHAARTX005 S_AHR_61000464 Check maximum and default values by tax categories 
484 OHAARTX006 S_AHR_61000438 Check percentages for Income tax 
485 OHAARTX008 S_AHR_61006675 Define the DGI agency codes 
486 OHAARTX009 S_AHR_61000449 Define entities receiving deductions 
487 OHAARTX010 S_AHR_61000457 Define cumulation of credits for Income Tax 
488 OHAARTX011   Check percentage to limit withholding tax 
489 OHAARTX012   Check percentage of credits to limit apportionment 
490 OHAARZD001 S_AHR_61001103 Form cumulation wage types for unfavourable zone bonus 
491 OHAAR_0902 S_AHR_61000430 Check calendar for cumulation 
492 OHAAR_0903 S_AHR_61000527 Set cumulation categories for wage types 
493 OHAAR_0911 S_AHR_61006673 Define cumulation types 
494 OHAAR_0912 S_AHR_61000434 Assign cumulation categories to time units 
495 OHAAR_0913 S_AHR_61000436 Define cumulation periods 
496 OHAAR_483 S_AHR_61000540 Convert previous customer form 
497 OHAAR_AB001 S_AHR_61001114 Describe absence valuation rule 
498 OHAAR_AB002 S_AHR_61001178 Group absences for absence valuation 
499 OHAAR_AB003 S_AHR_61001463 Set grouping for absence valuation 
500 OHAAR_AB004 S_AHR_61001458 Define day-dependent rules