SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 22
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHARU_BP_PY_LOAN_001 S_AC0_52000756 Set Calculation Currency for Loans - Russia 
2 OHARU_BP_PY_LOAN_002 S_AC0_52000757 Loan Calculation Russia 
3 OHARU_BP_PY_NET_001 S_AC0_52000759 Check Retroactive accounting schema 
4 OHARU_BP_PY_NET_002 S_AC0_52000758 Check Net Payments/Deductions and Transfer Settings 
5 OHARU_BW004 S_XC0_18000173 Define Wage Type-Dependent Constants 
6 OHARU_BW005 S_XC0_18000174 Define Pay Scale-Dependent Constants 
7 OHARU_BW019 S_XC0_18000176 Assign Valuation Bases 
8 OHARU_BW21 S_XC0_18000203 Determine Valuation Basis for Different Payment 
9 OHARU_BW22 S_XC0_18000204 Calculate Valuation Basis with Higher Value 
10 OHARU_COM001 S_XC0_18000137 Carry Out Shift Change Compensation 
11 OHARU_DE1040B S_XC0_18000219 Check Payroll Schema 
12 OHARU_DE1041 S_XC0_18000221 Define Priority for Deductions 
13 OHARU_DE1043 S_XC0_18000223 Maintain Recovery of Arrears 
14 OHARU_DE1044 S_XC0_18000222 Maintain Arrears Deductions for Retroactive Accounting 
15 OHARU_DE1046 S_XC0_18000224 Split Unconditional Deductions into Paid Amount and Advance 
16 OHARU_DE1048 S_XC0_18000220 Check Wage Type Group 'Deductions for Arrears' 
17 OHARU_DL021 S_XC0_18000140 Activate Calculation 
18 OHARU_DL022 S_XC0_18000145 Store Additional Values 
19 OHARU_DL023 S_XC0_18000142 Check Payroll Constants 
20 OHARU_DL025 S_XC0_18000144 Specify Interest Calculation Method 
21 OHARU_DL033 S_XC0_18000146 Adjust Screen Control 
22 OHARU_DL036 S_XC0_18000148 Set Up Customer Payment Types 
23 OHARU_DL037 S_XC0_18000149 Program Processing Logic for Payment Types 
24 OHARU_DL038 S_L7D_24000830 Define Wage Type for Imputed Income 
25 OHARU_DT002 S_XC0_18000235 Set Up House Banks 
26 OHARU_DT003 S_XC0_18000236 Define Sending Banks 
27 OHARU_DT004 S_XC0_18000237 Check Text Keys for Payment Transactions 
28 OHARU_DT005 S_L7D_24000842 BAdI: Manipulation of Payment Run Data 
29 OHARU_DV001 S_XC0_18000234 Make Settings for Transferring Last Payroll Result 
30 OHARU_EDTINTERNET S_XC0_18000296 Provide Remuneration Statement in Internet 
31 OHARU_FO002 S_XC0_18000281 Create Draft Form 
32 OHARU_FO003 S_XC0_18000282 Copy Form 
33 OHARU_FO004 S_XC0_18000283 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
34 OHARU_FO005 S_XC0_18000284 Set Up Alternative Currency 
35 OHARU_FO006 S_XC0_18000285 Set Up Address 
36 OHARU_FO008 S_XC0_18000286 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
37 OHARU_FOPA002 S_XC0_18000299 Set Up Payroll Account 
38 OHARU_FOPJ100 S_XC0_18000300 Convert Old Form 
39 OHARU_FOPJ201 S_XC0_18000301 Set Up Page Header 
40 OHARU_FORM_VARIANT01 S_L7D_24000844 Determine Form Parameters 
41 OHARU_FORS001 S_XC0_18000287 Convert Old Form 
42 OHARU_FORS010 S_XC0_18000289 Example: Cumulation Identifier in Single Field 
43 OHARU_FORS030 S_XC0_18000290 Example with New Procedure 
44 OHARU_FORS031 S_XC0_18000291 Example with Old Procedure 
45 OHARU_FORS040 S_XC0_18000292 Example: Leave-Data in Window 
46 OHARU_FORS050 S_XC0_18000293 Example: Time Quota in Single Field 
47 OHARU_FORS060 S_XC0_18000294 Example: Time Quota in Window 
48 OHARU_FORS070 S_XC0_18000295 Example: Notification in Window 
49 OHARU_I013 S_XC0_18000257 Posting to Company Code Clearing Accounts 
50 OHARU_JW000 S_XC0_18000225 Create Annual Values 
51 OHARU_KF001 S_XC0_18000207 Create Reduction Factors 
52 OHARU_KF002 S_XC0_18000208 Assign Reduction Factors 
53 OHARU_KL000 S_XC0_18000209 Create Wage Types for Cost Accounting 
54 OHARU_NGL002 S_XC0_18000265 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
55 OHARU_NGL003 S_XC0_18000267 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
56 OHARU_NGL004 S_XC0_18000268 Define Type of Distribution 
57 OHARU_NGL005 S_XC0_18000270 Maintain Wage Type Grouping for Cost Distribution 
58 OHARU_NGL006 S_XC0_18000271 Activate Cost Distribution Using Function XCODI 
59 OHARU_NGL007 S_XC0_18000277 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
60 OHARU_NGL008 S_XC0_18000273 Determine Time for Posting the Payments 
61 OHARU_NGL009 S_XC0_18000274 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
62 OHARU_NGL010 S_XC0_18000275 Adjust Advance Payment from Master Data for Posting 
63 OHARU_NGL011 S_XC0_18000278 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
64 OHARU_NGL013 S_XC0_18000272 Maintain Relevant Wage Types for Retroactive Accounting Differences 
65 OHARU_NGL014 S_XC0_18000269 Note on Relevancy 
66 OHARU_NGL015 S_XC0_18000263 Possible Solutions in Context of New General Ledger 
67 OHARU_NGL016 S_XC0_18000266 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
68 OHARU_PAY002 S_XC0_18000226 Define Schedule for Payroll Calendar 
69 OHARU_PAY003 S_XC0_18000227 Specify Version for Payroll Driver 
70 OHARU_PM_CREATE S_XC0_18000153 Create Process Model 
71 OHARU_QUOTACOMP01 S_XC0_18000172 Assign Wage Types to the Quotas to be Compensated 
72 OHARU_R1021 S_XC0_18000218 Rename Wage Types for Arrears Processing 
73 OHARU_R1024 S_XC0_18000214 Define Rules for Limits 
74 OHARU_R1026 S_XC0_18000215 Set Limit Modifier 
75 OHARU_R1027 S_XC0_18000217 Maintain Wage Types for Limits 
76 OHARU_RI011 S_XC0_18000239 Prepare Wage Type Overview 
77 OHARU_RI012 S_XC0_18000240 Obtain Overview of Accounts 
78 OHARU_RI015 S_XC0_18000241 Define Employee Grouping Account Determination 
79 OHARU_RI031 S_XC0_18000243 Define Posting Characteristics of Wage Types 
80 OHARU_RI042 S_XC0_18000242 Define Symbolic Accounts 
81 OHARU_RI051 S_XC0_18000247 Assign Balance Sheet Accounts 
82 OHARU_RI052 S_XC0_18000248 Assign Expense Accounts 
83 OHARU_RI053 S_XC0_18000250 Assign Customer Accounts 
84 OHARU_RI054 S_XC0_18000251 Assign Vendor Accounts 
85 OHARU_RI055 S_XC0_18000252 Assign Customer Accounts for Specific Loan Posting 
86 OHARU_RI056 S_XC0_18000249 Assign Technical Accounts 
87 OHARU_RI061 S_XC0_18000253 Set Up Postings for Fixed Costs 
88 OHARU_RI062 S_XC0_18000256 Check Customizing for Account Determination 
89 OHARU_RI063 S_XC0_18000244 Maintain Posting Date for Payroll Periods 
90 OHARU_RI064 S_XC0_18000254 Assign Substitute Cost Centers 
91 OHARU_RI070 S_XC0_18000255 Set Up Line Item Text 
92 OHARU_RI071 S_XC0_18000245 Create Posting Variants 
93 OHARU_RI081 S_XC0_18000246 Authorizations 
94 OHARU_RP_PY_CARD_001 S_P7H_77000248 Set Up DAQ Subapplication CIA0 
95 OHARU_RP_PY_CARD_002 S_P7H_77000249 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
96 OHARU_RP_PY_CARD_003 S_P7H_77000250 Enter Link Between OKIN and Standard Nationality Codes 
97 OHARU_RP_PY_IDCRD_00 S_L7D_24000864 Enter Average Number of Employees 
98 OHARU_RP_PY_IDCRD_01 S_AC0_52000675 Determine Special Parameters 
99 OHARU_RP_PY_IDCRD_02 S_AC0_52000676 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
100 OHARU_RP_PY_IDCRD_03 S_AC0_52000677 Define Document Priorities 
101 OHARU_RP_PY_IDCRD_04 S_AC0_52000678 Assign Tax Type to Tax Classes 
102 OHARU_RP_PY_IDCRD_05 S_AC0_52000679 BAdI: Exclude Wage Types 
103 OHARU_RP_PY_IDCRD_06 S_L7D_24002049 Enter Link Between OKIN and Standard Nationality Codes 
104 OHARU_RP_PY_LICO_001 S_AC0_52000892 Create Volumes for Flexible Payroll Report 
105 OHARU_RP_PY_PFADV_01 S_AC0_52000685 Infotypes used for Compulsory Pension Insurance Advances Calculation Form 
106 OHARU_RP_PY_PFADV_02 S_L7D_24000866 Determine Special Parameters 
107 OHARU_RP_PY_PFADV_03 S_AC0_52000686 Check Smartform for Compulsory PI Advances Calculation (AVP- 1) 
108 OHARU_RP_PY_PFADV_04 S_AC0_52000687 Define Taxes and Net Payments 
109 OHARU_RP_PY_PFADV_05 S_AC0_52000688 Define Authorities Addresses 
110 OHARU_RP_PY_PFADV_06 S_AC0_52000689 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
111 OHARU_RP_PY_PFDEC_01 S_AC0_52000696 Infotypes used for Obligatory Pension Insurance Declaration 2002 
112 OHARU_RP_PY_PFDEC_03 S_AC0_52000697 Maintain Form Obligatory Pension Insurance Declaration 
113 OHARU_RP_PY_PFDEC_04 S_AC0_52000698 Define Taxes and Net Payments 
114 OHARU_RP_PY_PFDEC_05 S_AC0_52000699 Define Authorities Addresses 
115 OHARU_RP_PY_PFDEC_06 S_AC0_52000700 Customize Wage codes List 
116 OHARU_RP_PY_SIADV_01 S_AC0_52000680 Determine Special Parameters 
117 OHARU_RP_PY_SIADV_02 S_AC0_52000681 Define Authorities Addresses 
118 OHARU_RP_PY_SIADV_03 S_AC0_52000682 Check Smartform AVP-0 
119 OHARU_RP_PY_SIADV_08 S_AC0_52000684 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
120 OHARU_RP_PY_SIADV_10 S_L7D_24000865 BAdI: Exclude Wage Types 
121 OHARU_RP_PY_SIDEC_01 S_AC0_52000690 Infotypes used for Tax Return calculated on Uniform Social Tax 2002 
122 OHARU_RP_PY_SIDEC_05 S_AC0_52000693 Define Taxes and Net Payments 
123 OHARU_RP_PY_SIDEC_06 S_AC0_52000694 Define Authorities Addresses 
124 OHARU_RP_PY_SIDEC_07 S_AC0_52000695 Customize Wage Codes List 
125 OHARU_RP_PY_T53_001 S_AC0_52000672 Check Payment Data Content 
126 OHARU_RP_PY_T53_002 S_AC0_52000673 Determine Special Parameters 
127 OHARU_RP_PY_T53_003 S_AC0_52000674 Form T-53 
128 OHARU_RP_PY_TAX_001 S_AC0_52000882 Mantain HR CIS-Form PA03 
129 OHARU_SL002 S_XC0_18000211 Form Cumulation Wage Types Based on Master Data 
130 OHARU_SL003 S_XC0_18000212 Create Cumulation Wage Type Based on External Bank Transfers 
131 OHARU_TI110 S_XC0_18000118 Define Time Types 
132 OHARU_TI120 S_XC0_18000119 Assign Time Identifiers to Time Pairs 
133 OHARU_TI130 S_XC0_18000120 Define Processing Types 
134 OHARU_TI210 S_XC0_18000121 Check Access to Day Processing 
135 OHARU_TI310 S_XC0_18000122 Define Groupings 
136 OHARU_TI321 S_XC0_18000124 Read Planned Working Time from Work Schedule 
137 OHARU_TI322 S_XC0_18000125 Import Substitution Data 
138 OHARU_TI323 S_XC0_18000126 Import Absence Data 
139 OHARU_TI324 S_XC0_18000127 Import Overtime Data 
140 OHARU_TI325 S_XC0_18000123 Define Breaks to be Imported 
141 OHARU_TI330 S_XC0_18000128 Compare Daily Work Schedule with Time Data 
142 OHARU_TI330_DWS S_XC0_18000129 Compare Daily Work Schedule with Time Data 
143 OHARU_TI340 S_XC0_18000130 Determine Break Times 
144 OHARU_TI361 S_XC0_18000131 Define Valuation Classes for Period Work Schedule 
145 OHARU_TI362 S_XC0_18000133 Define Generation Rules 
146 OHARU_TI362_GR S_XC0_18000135 Define Generation Rules 
147 OHARU_TI363 S_XC0_18000132 Define Groupings 
148 OHARU_TI364 S_XC0_18000134 Perform Time Wage Type Selection 
149 OHARU_UM002 S_XC0_18000228 Maintain Authorizations 
150 OHARU_UM006 S_XC0_18000104 Check Payroll Area 
151 OHARU_UM008 S_XC0_18000105 Generate Payroll Periods 
152 OHARU_UM010 S_XC0_18000108 Maintain Employer Addresses 
153 OHARU_UM010B S_XC0_18000106 Generate Calendar for Cumulations 
154 OHARU_UM012 S_XC0_18000102 Define Period Parameters 
155 OHARU_UM013 S_XC0_18000107 Protect Personnel Calculation Rules 
156 OHARU_UM014 S_XC0_18000103 Define Date Modifiers 
157 OHARU_UM022 S_XC0_18000109 Maintain Processing Class and Its Specifications 
158 OHARU_UM101 S_XC0_18000113 Create Wage Type Catalog 
159 OHARU_UM102 S_XC0_18000114 Change Wage Type Texts 
160 OHARU_UM103 S_XC0_18000115 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
161 OHARU_UM104 S_XC0_18000111 Check Assignment to Wage Type Group 
162 OHARU_UM105 S_XC0_18000112 Check Logical Views 
163 OHARU_XAV001 S_XC0_18000177 Bases for Valuation of Averages 
164 OHARU_XAVBAS S_XC0_18000178 Create Bases for Calculating Average Values 
165 OHARU_XBW006 S_XC0_18000175 Create Person-Related Valuation Bases 
166 OHARU_XFORS002 S_XC0_18000288 Set Up Remuneration Statement 
167 OHARU_XR1025 S_XC0_18000216 Set Up Wage Type Classes and Attach Limits 
168 OHARWT010 S_AHR_61003430 Check averages 
169 OHARWT011 S_AHR_61007132 Check valuation bases 
170 OHARWT020 S_AHR_61003435 Check technical wage types for valuation bases 
171 OHARWT021 S_AHR_61003438 Check technical wage types for gross values 
172 OHARWT022 S_AHR_61003501 Check technical wage types for averages 
173 OHARWT024 S_AHR_61003503 Check technical wage types for SPF sums 
174 OHARWT025 S_AHR_61003509 Check technical wage types for CPF 
175 OHARWT026 S_AHR_61003517 Check technical wage types for additional funds 
176 OHARWT027 S_AHR_61003524 Check technical wage types for CPF sums 
177 OHARWT028 S_AHR_61003528 Check technical wage types for net 
178 OHARWT029 S_AHR_61003499 Check technical wage types for part month factors 
179 OHARWT030 S_AHR_61003478 Check technical wage types for attendances/absences 
180 OHARWT031 S_AHR_61003481 Check technical wage types for loans 
181 OHARWT032 S_AHR_61003486 Check technical wage types for flow-off 
182 OHARWT033 S_AHR_61003432 Check user wage types 
183 OHARWT034 S_AHR_61003483 Check technical wage types for differences 
184 OHARWT035 S_AHR_61003520 Check technical wage types for incentive wages 
185 OHARWT036 S_AHR_61003514 Check technical wage types for National Service 
186 OHAR_AV_1 S_PH9_46000701 Basics of valuating averages 
187 OHAR_AV_2W S_PH9_46000702 Create bases for calculating average values 
188 OHAR_AV_ABCR S_PH9_46000703 Create calculation rules for averages 
189 OHAR_AV_P S_PH9_46000704 Assign primary wage types to average calculation rules 
190 OHAS0902 S_AHR_61007385 Check calendar for cumulation 
191 OHAS0903 S_AHR_61004522 Assign cumulations to wage types 
192 OHAS0911 S_AHR_61004494 Define cumulation types 
193 OHAS0912 S_AHR_61004505 Assign cumulation types to time units 
194 OHAS0913 S_AHR_61004514 Define cumulation periods 
195 OHASBEN001 S_AHR_61012668 Wage Type Catalog 
196 OHASBEN002 S_AHR_61012669 Set Up Current Benefit Area 
197 OHASBEN003 S_AHR_61012670 Define Wage Types for Benefit Plans 
198 OHASBEN004 S_AHR_61012671 Assign Deduction Models 
199 OHASEAB200 S_AHR_61004629 Valuate absences using quota deduction 
200 OHASEC002 S_AHR_61003693 Check constants for Employer Contribution processing 
201 OHASEC003 S_AHR_61007183 Maintain information for corporate and regional deduction 
202 OHASEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61018680 Internet Connection for the Remuneration Statement 
203 OHASEEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61007178 Internet link for remuneration statement 
204 OHASENGL0009 S_PCO_36000259 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
205 OHASENGL008 S_PCO_36000257 Determine Time for Posting the Payments 
206 OHASENGL009 S_PCO_36000256 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
207 OHASENGL010 S_PCO_36000258 Adjust Advance Payment from Master Data for Posting 
208 OHASEQUOTACOMP00 S_AHR_61007410 Create wage type catalog 
209 OHASEQUOTACOMP01 S_AHR_61007411 Assign wage types to the quotas to be compensated 
210 OHASE_483 S_AHR_61003860 Convert old customer form 
211 OHASE_AB001 S_AHR_61004214 Define absence valuation rules 
212 OHASE_AB002 S_AHR_61004184 Assign absence valuation rules to absences 
213 OHASE_AB003 S_AHR_61004158 Define grouping for absence valuation 
214 OHASE_AB005 S_AHR_61004163 Create wage type catalog 
215 OHASE_AB009 S_AHR_61004615 Valuate absences according to 'as if' principle 
216 OHASE_AB010 S_AHR_61004622 Special processing for absence valuation rules 
217 OHASE_AB011 S_AHR_61004606 Create counting classes for absence valuation 
218 OHASE_AB012 S_AHR_61004619 Valuate absences by constants/averages 
219 OHASE_AB013 S_AHR_61004362 Determine payment and deduction for absences 
220 OHASE_AB014 S_AHR_61004167 Absence exception rule 
221 OHASE_AB015 S_AHR_61004178 Whole month absences 
222 OHASE_AB016 S_AHR_61004172 Unpaid absence parameters 
223 OHASE_AB017 S_AHR_61012716 Absence economical category 
224 OHASE_AB018 S_AHR_61012717 Part of day absences (longer than one day) 
225 OHASE_AB019 S_AHR_61012720 Process 'as if' payments 
226 OHASE_AL01 S_AHR_61004768 Basics 
227 OHASE_AV001 S_AHR_61004646 Bases for valuation of averages 
228 OHASE_AV511A S_AHR_61004446 Create calculation rules for averages 
229 OHASE_AV511B S_AHR_61007377 Create cumulation rules for bases for calculating averages 
230 OHASE_AV511C S_AHR_61004462 Create adjustment rules for bases for calculating averages 
231 OHASE_AVBAS S_AHR_61007440 Create bases for calculating average values 
232 OHASE_AVP15 S_AHR_61004364 Assign the valuation of averages to a primary wage type 
233 OHASE_AVX017 S_AHR_61004433 Create relevancy test 
234 OHASE_AVX018 S_AHR_61004438 Create final processing rule 
235 OHASE_AVXT00 S_AHR_61004468 Adjust calculation of averages within the payroll run 
236 OHASE_BENINF S_AHR_61004752 Benefits Integration Information 
237 OHASE_BW004 S_AHR_61004660 Define wage type-dependent constants 
238 OHASE_BW005 S_AHR_61004665 Define pay scale-dependent constants 
239 OHASE_BW006 S_AHR_61007437 Create person-related valuation bases 
240 OHASE_BW019 S_AHR_61004677 Assign valuation bases 
241 OHASE_BW21 S_AHR_61004366 Determine valuation basis for different payment 
242 OHASE_BW22 S_AHR_61007357 Calculate valuation basis with higher value 
243 OHASE_CAR060 S_AHR_61003546 Relevant constant for the benefit calculation 
244 OHASE_CAR100 S_AHR_61003593 Wagetype assignment 
245 OHASE_CO001 S_AHR_61007403 Maintain compensation time 
246 OHASE_DL021 S_AHR_61003662 Activate calculation 
247 OHASE_DL022 S_AHR_61007153 Adjust calculation 
248 OHASE_DL023 S_AHR_61003612 Check constant value 
249 OHASE_DL024 S_PH0_48000284 Value determination 
250 OHASE_DL025 S_L9C_94000026 Specify interest calculation method 
251 OHASE_DL030 S_L9C_94000028 Maintain loan types 
252 OHASE_DL031 S_AHR_61003641 Create a loan type 
253 OHASE_DL032 S_AHR_61003645 Assign repayment type 
254 OHASE_DL033 S_L9C_94000027 Adjust screen control 
255 OHASE_DL034 S_AHR_61003650 Create loan terms 
256 OHASE_DL035 S_PH0_48000456 Adjust Screen Control 
257 OHASE_DL036 S_PH0_48000457 Maintain Loan Types 
258 OHASE_DL037 S_PH0_48000460 Control Allocation of Loans 
259 OHASE_DT002 S_AHR_61007158 Set up house banks 
260 OHASE_DT003 S_AHR_61003633 Define sending banks 
261 OHASE_IW035 S_AHR_61016660 Determine payroll processing 
262 OHASE_IW037 S_AHR_61016661 Hourly wages 
263 OHASE_IW038 S_AHR_61016662 Monthly wages 
264 OHASE_IW039 S_AHR_61016663 Earnings factor 
265 OHASE_IW041 S_AHR_61016664 Check form for time tickets 
266 OHASE_IW061 S_AHR_61016657 Check payroll processing of incentive wages wage types 
267 OHASE_IW063 S_AHR_61016584 Create wage type catalog 
268 OHASE_IW065 S_AHR_61016585 Check assignment of wage types to WT group 'Incentive wages' 
269 OHASE_IW069 S_AHR_61016659 Maintain wage types for transfer to Accounting 
270 OHASE_IW082 S_AHR_61016658 Check average bases 
271 OHASE_JW000 S_AHR_61003715 Create annual values 
272 OHASE_KF001 S_AHR_61004425 Create reduction factors 
273 OHASE_KF002 S_AHR_61004529 Assign reduction factors 
274 OHASE_KL000 S_AHR_61004539 Create wage types for cost accounting 
275 OHASE_PART S_AHR_61004407 Partial period parameter for different time units 
276 OHASE_PAY002 S_AHR_61004271 Define schedule for payroll calendar 
277 OHASE_PAY003 S_AHR_61007329 Specify version for payroll driver 
278 OHASE_RI011 S_AHR_61004741 Prepare overview of wage types 
279 OHASE_RI012 S_AHR_61004754 Obtain overview of accounts 
280 OHASE_RI013 S_PH0_48000464 Posting to company code clearing accounts 
281 OHASE_RI015 S_AHR_61004472 Define Employee Grouping Account Determination 
282 OHASE_RI031 S_AHR_61007369 Define Posting Characteristics of Wage Types 
283 OHASE_RI042 S_AHR_61004543 Define Symbolic Accounts 
284 OHASE_RI051 S_AHR_61004653 Assign balance sheet accounts 
285 OHASE_RI052 S_AHR_61007443 Assign expense accounts 
286 OHASE_RI053 S_AHR_61004593 Assign customer accounts 
287 OHASE_RI054 S_AHR_61007406 Assign vendor accounts 
288 OHASE_RI055 S_AHR_61004597 Assign loan accounts 
289 OHASE_RI056 S_AHR_61004638 Assign technical accounts 
290 OHASE_RI061 S_AHR_61004180 Set up fixed cost postings 
291 OHASE_RI062 S_AHR_61004207 Check consistency of Customizing 
292 OHASE_RI063 S_AHR_61004081 Maintain posting date for payroll periods 
293 OHASE_RI064 S_PH0_48000463 Set up substitute Cost Centers 
294 OHASE_RI070 S_AHR_61007263 Set up line item text 
295 OHASE_RI071 S_AHR_61004115 Create posting variants 
296 OHASE_RI080 S_AHR_61007278 Create report variants 
297 OHASE_RI081 S_AHR_61004317 Authorizations and profiles 
298 OHASE_RI090 S_AHR_61004309 Set up export to R/2 System or R/3 System <4.0 
299 OHASE_RI091 S_AL0_96000021 Set up Customer Exits 
300 OHASE_RP010 S_L6B_69000590 User Exit for getting work place for employee 
301 OHASE_RP011 S_L6B_69000591 User exit for getting SSYK code for employee 
302 OHASE_RP012 S_L6B_69000626 User exit for calculating average salary from the last 3 years for Alecta 
303 OHASE_SL001 S_AHR_61007397 Form cumulation wage types from time-based payments 
304 OHASE_SL002 S_AHR_61004555 Form cumulation wage types based on master data 
305 OHASE_SL003 S_AHR_61004561 Create cumulation wage type based on external bank transfers 
306 OHASE_TI110 S_AHR_61004320 Define time types 
307 OHASE_TI120 S_AHR_61004323 Assign time identifiers to time pairs 
308 OHASE_TI130 S_AHR_61004325 Define processing types 
309 OHASE_TI210 S_AHR_61004090 Access day processing 
310 OHASE_TI310 S_AHR_61007279 Define groupings 
311 OHASE_TI321 S_AHR_61007296 Read planned working time from work schedule 
312 OHASE_TI322 S_AHR_61004087 Import substitution data 
313 OHASE_TI323 S_AHR_61004060 Import absence data 
314 OHASE_TI324 S_AHR_61004064 Import overtime data 
315 OHASE_TI325 S_AHR_61007289 Define breaks to be imported 
316 OHASE_TI330 S_AHR_61007448 Compare daily work schedule with time data 
317 OHASE_TI340 S_AHR_61007266 Calculate break times 
318 OHASE_TI361 S_AHR_61004083 Define valuation classes for period work schedule 
319 OHASE_TI362 S_AHR_61004191 Define generation rules 
320 OHASE_TI363 S_AHR_61004187 Define groupings 
321 OHASE_TI364 S_AHR_61007308 Generate wage types 
322 OHASE_TI370 S_AHR_61004202 Compensate overtime 
323 OHASE_UM002 S_AHR_61004332 Maintain Authorizations 
324 OHASE_UM003 S_AHR_61004250 Maintain profiles 
325 OHASE_UM006 S_AHR_61007327 Check payroll accounting area 
326 OHASE_UM008 S_AHR_61007316 Generate payroll periods 
327 OHASE_UM010 S_AHR_61004244 Employer addresses 
328 OHASE_UM010B S_AHR_61004221 Generate cumulation calendar 
329 OHASE_UM012 S_AHR_61004293 Define period modifiers 
330 OHASE_UM013 S_AHR_61004227 Protect personnel calculation rules 
331 OHASE_UM014 S_AHR_61004296 Define date modifiers 
332 OHASE_UM015 S_AHR_61004285 Assign Personnel Subarea to Legal Person 
333 OHASE_UM022 S_AHR_61004336 Maintain processing classes and their specifications 
334 OHASE_UM023 S_AHR_61004341 Maintain evaluation classes and their specifications 
335 OHASE_UM071 S_AHR_61012672 Set Up Utilization Factor 
336 OHASE_UM073 S_AHR_61012673 Set Up Workplace/Basic Pay Split (WPBP Split) 
337 OHASE_UM101 S_AHR_61004345 Create wage type catalog 
338 OHASE_UM102 S_AHR_61007349 Change wage type texts 
339 OHASE_UM103 S_AHR_61004353 Check wage type attributes 
340 OHASE_UM104 S_AHR_61004329 Check assignment to wage type group 
341 OHASE_UM105 S_AHR_61004304 Check logical view 
342 OHASE_VAC011 S_AHR_61019156 Change utilisation factor for vacation 
343 OHASE_VAC012 S_HRI_55000075 Determine Eligibility to Accrue Vacation Days 
344 OHASE_VC001 S_AHR_61012681 Settings for Payroll 
345 OHASE_VC003 S_AHR_61016583 Connecting wage types with absence quotas 
346 OHASE_VC004 S_AHR_61012680 Salary Definition and Valuation Basis (Utilization Factor) 
347 OHASE_VC005 S_AHR_61012683 Fixed Addition and Vacation Adjustment 
348 OHASE_VC006 S_AHR_61012684 Unpaid Vacation 
349 OHASE_VC007 S_AHR_61012688 Variable Pay (Salaried Employee) 
350 OHASE_VC008 S_AHR_61012689 Variable Pay (Monthly Worker) 
351 OHASE_VC009 S_AHR_61012686 Lowest Vacation Pay (Monthly Worker) 
352 OHASE_VC010 S_AHR_61012687 Vacation Payout 
353 OHASE_VC011 S_PH0_48000521 Change of vacation year 
354 OHASE_VC012 S_PH0_48000523 Type of vacation year (sammanfallande eller ej sammanfallande) 
355 OHASE_VC013 S_L9C_94000093 Transfer of saved vacation quotas from another system 
356 OHASE_VC014 S_AL0_96000149 Vacation in Advance 
357 OHASFO002 S_AHR_61018671 Create Draft Form 
358 OHASFO003 S_AHR_61018673 Copy Form 
359 OHASFO004 S_AHR_61018675 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
360 OHASFO005 S_AHR_61018676 Set Up Alternative Currency 
361 OHASFO006 S_AHR_61018677 Set Up Address 
362 OHASFO008 S_AHR_61018678 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
363 OHASFORS001 S_AHR_61018679 Convert Old Form 
364 OHASFORS002 S_AHR_61018681 Set Up Remuneration Statement 
365 OHASFORS010 S_AHR_61018682 Example: Cumulation Wage Type in Single Field 
366 OHASFORS030 S_AHR_61018687 Example with New Procedure 
367 OHASFORS031 S_AHR_61018688 Example with Old Procedure 
368 OHASFORS040 S_AHR_61018683 Example: Leave-Data in Window 
369 OHASFORS050 S_AHR_61018684 Example: Time Quota in Single Field 
370 OHASFORS060 S_AHR_61018685 Example: Time Quota in Window 
371 OHASFORS070 S_AHR_61018686 Example: Notification in Window 
372 OHASGA002 S_AHR_61003749 Create payee 
373 OHASGA003 S_AHR_61007194 Assign payee to infotype 
374 OHASGA004 S_AHR_61012678 Maintain Basis for Conditional Amounts 
375 OHASGCOM001 S_PH9_46000641 Set up shift change compensation 
376 OHASGDEX10 S_PL0_09000308 Specify External Application 
377 OHASGDEX20 S_PL0_09000309 Specify Wage Types 
378 OHASGDEX30 S_PL0_09000310 Activate Calculation 
379 OHASGDV001 S_AHR_61018669 Make settings for transferring last payroll result 
380 OHASGEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61003608 Internet connection for the remuneration statement 
381 OHASGFO002 S_PH9_46000277 Create draft forms 
382 OHASGRI091 S_AL0_96000095 Set up Customer Exits 
383 OHASG_PM_CREATE S_AHR_61018650 Create process model 
384 OHASOT000 S_PH0_48000429 Copy standard form 
385 OHASOT001 S_PH0_48000428 Check time types, absence quotas, absence types 
386 OHASOT003 S_PH0_48000434 Check constants for swedish overtime limits 
387 OHASPE005 S_AHR_61003763 Maintain wage types for calc. annual salary 
388 OHASPE007 S_AHR_61003778 Maintain AMF information 
389 OHASPE008 S_AHR_61003771 Check wage types to Alecta 
390 OHASPE009 S_AHR_61007456 Check basis to AMF 
391 OHASPE010 S_AHR_61003740 Set up AMF basis 
392 OHASPE011 S_AHR_61003731 Maintain feature for default pension case on infotype 0274 
393 OHASPE012 S_AHR_61003767 Copy standard form 
394 OHASPE013 S_AHR_61012719 Maintain AMF number 
395 OHASPE014 S_AHR_61012718 Maintain Alecta information 
396 OHASPU1200 S_PH9_46000545 Interface Toolbox: Connection to Third-Party Systems 
397 OHASRE0 S_L6B_69000588 User exit 
398 OHASRE002 S_PH0_48000431 Swedish overtime limits 
399 OHASRE003 S_AHR_61003948 Maintain company information for statistics 
400 OHASRE004 S_AHR_61003951 Check system determined contract types 
401 OHASRE005 S_AHR_61003956 Maintain default contract type 
402 OHASRE006 S_AHR_61007234 Maintain ISCO codes 
403 OHASRE007 S_AHR_61003893 Maintain SUN codes 
404 OHASRE008 S_AHR_61003875 Maintain SSYK codes 
405 OHASRE009 S_L7D_24000455 Maintain Employment Type of an Employee 
406 OHASRE017 S_AHR_61003985 Check wage types, absence/attendance-types 
407 OHASRE018 S_AHR_61004044 Check wage types, absence/attendance-types 
408 OHASRE019 S_AHR_61007237 Check wage types, absence/attendance-types 
409 OHASRE020 S_AHR_61003883 Assign SSYK Codes to Positions 
410 OHASRE021 S_AHR_61003903 Assign SUN codes to educations/trainings 
411 OHASRE022 S_AHR_61007242 Check wage types, absence/attendance-types 
412 OHASRE023 S_AHR_61003810 Check wage types, absence/attendance-types 
413 OHASRE024 S_AHR_61003792 Check wage types, absence/attendance-types 
414 OHASRE025 S_AHR_61003798 Check wage types, absence/attendance-types 
415 OHASRE026 S_AHR_61003844 Check wage types 
416 OHASRE027 S_AHR_61007227 Carry out summary of personnel areas 
417 OHASRE029 S_AHR_61003796 Copy standard form 
418 OHASRE030 S_AHR_61007207 Copy standard form 
419 OHASRE031 S_AHR_61003808 Copy standard form 
420 OHASRE032 S_AHR_61004012 Copy standard form 
421 OHASRE033 S_AHR_61003991 Copy standard form 
422 OHASRE034 S_AHR_61007249 Copy standard form 
423 OHASRE035 S_AHR_61007223 Copy standard form 
424 OHASRE036 S_AHR_61003849 Edit form 
425 OHASRE037 S_AHR_61003800 Edit form 
426 OHASRE038 S_AHR_61003794 Edit form 
427 OHASRE039 S_AHR_61003812 Edit form 
428 OHASRE040 S_AHR_61003871 Edit form 
429 OHASRE041 S_AHR_61004002 Edit form 
430 OHASRE042 S_AHR_61004048 Edit form 
431 OHASRE043 S_AHR_61004024 Edit form 
432 OHASRE044 S_AHR_61003823 Create text to KU-field on infotype 0438 
433 OHASRE045 S_AHR_61003967 Maintain statistic code for work schedule 
434 OHASRE046 S_AHR_61003802 Copy standard form 
435 OHASTA002 S_AHR_61004276 Setup organization number 
436 OHASTA004 S_AHR_61003721 Check constants for tax processing 
437 OHASTA005 S_AHR_61003722 Maintain default tax table and tax column 
438 OHASTA008 S_AHR_61003727 Carry out summary of personnel areas 
439 OHASTA010 S_AHR_61003724 Set up Tax basis 
440 OHASTA011 S_AHR_61003702 Set up Employer contribution basis 
441 OHASTA012 S_AHR_61003678 Set evaluation class 11-13 
442 OHASTA013 S_AHR_61003719 Set up annual salary 
443 OHASUD002 S_AHR_61003550 Check system determined subtypes 
444 OHASUD008 S_AHR_61004751 Check basis for Metall deduction 
445 OHASUD009 S_AHR_61003530 Maintain % for Metall deduction 
446 OHASUD010 S_AHR_61003533 Maintain Metall department 
447 OHASUD013 S_AHR_61003565 Maintain Unionen information 
448 OHASUD014 S_AHR_61003527 Set up Metall basis 
449 OHASUD015 S_AHR_61007141 Copy wage types 
450 OHASUMS001 S_AHR_61004236 Carry out summary of personnel areas 
451 OHAS_AV_1 S_AHR_61012674 Bases for Valuation of Averages 
452 OHAS_AV_2W S_AHR_61012675 Create Bases for Calculating Average Values 
453 OHAS_AV_ABCR S_AHR_61012676 Create Calculation Rules for Averages 
454 OHAS_AV_P S_AHR_61012677 Assign the Valuation of Averages to a Primary Wage Type 
455 OHATEFO002 S_PH9_46000072 Create Draft Form 
456 OHATHBEN001 S_AHR_61019028 Wage Type Catalog 
457 OHATHBEN002 S_AHR_61019029 Set Up Current Benefit Area 
458 OHATHBEN003 S_AHR_61019030 Assign Wage Types to Claim Plans 
459 OHATHCOM001 S_PH9_46000526 Set Up Shift Change Compensation 
460 OHATHDEX10 S_PL0_09000399 Specify External Application 
461 OHATHDEX20 S_PL0_09000400 Specify Wage Types 
462 OHATHDEX30 S_PL0_09000401 Activate Calculation 
463 OHATHDV001 S_AHR_61002767 Make settings for transferring last payroll result 
464 OHATHEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61002932 Define Internet Link for Remuneration Statement (ESS) 
465 OHATHFO002 S_AHR_61018829 Create Draft Form 
466 OHATHFO003 S_PH9_46000061 Copy Form 
467 OHATHFO004 S_PH9_46000063 Maintain Evaluation Classes and their Specifications 
468 OHATHFO005 S_PH9_46000065 Define Alternative Currency 
469 OHATHFO006 S_PH9_46000066 Set Up Address 
470 OHATHFO008 S_PH9_46000067 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
471 OHATHFOPA002 S_PH9_46000241 Set Up Payroll Account 
472 OHATHFOPJ100 S_PH9_46000242 Convert Old Form 
473 OHATHFOPJ201 S_PH9_46000243 Set Up Page Header 
474 OHATHFOPJ202 S_PH9_46000244 Set Up Payroll Excerpts 
475 OHATHFOPJ203 S_PH9_46000245 Set Up Continuation Excerpts 
476 OHATHFOPJ204 S_PH9_46000246 Set Up Totals Display 
477 OHATHFORS001 S_PH9_46000177 Convert Old Form 
478 OHATHFORS002 S_PH9_46000178 Set Up Remuneration Statement 
479 OHATHFORS010 S_PH9_46000234 Example: Cumulation Wage Type in Single Field 
480 OHATHFORS030 S_PH9_46000235 Example Using the New Procedure 
481 OHATHFORS031 S_PH9_46000236 Example Using the Old Procedure 
482 OHATHFORS040 S_PH9_46000237 Example: Leave Data in Window 
483 OHATHFORS050 S_PH9_46000238 Example: Time Quota in Single Field 
484 OHATHFORS060 S_PH9_46000239 Example: Time Quota in Window 
485 OHATHFORS070 S_PH9_46000240 Example: Notification in Window 
486 OHATHNGL0008 S_PCO_36000253 Determine Time for Posting the Payments 
487 OHATHNGL0009 S_PCO_36000254 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
488 OHATHNGL0010 S_PCO_36000255 Adjust Advance Payment from Master Data for Posting 
489 OHATHPU1200 S_PH9_46000278 Connection to Third-Party Payroll Systems 
490 OHATHQUOTACOMP00 S_AHR_61016833 Create Wage Type Catalog 
491 OHATHQUOTACOMP01 S_PH9_46000544 Assign Wage Types to the Quotas to be Compensated 
492 OHATHRI091 S_AL0_96000096 Set up Customer Exits 
493 OHATH_1013 S_AHR_61002612 Maintain recurring payments/deductions and add.payments 
494 OHATH_1015 S_AHR_61002616 Assign processing classes to wage types 
495 OHATH_1016 S_AHR_61002628 Assign processing classes to wage types 
496 OHATH_1040A S_AHR_61002609 Check personnel calculation schema 
497 OHATH_1041 S_AHR_61002740 Set priorities for arrears 
498 OHATH_1043 S_AHR_61002752 Maintain recovery of arrears 
499 OHATH_1044 S_AHR_61002746 Maintain arrears deductions for retroactive accounting 
500 OHATH_1046 S_AHR_61007029 Split absolute deductions into collected and advanced