SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 5
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHACAOCV001 S_AHR_61007991 Set up report variants for off-cycle activities 
2 OHACAOCWT001 S_PH9_46000165 Define default values for wage types 
3 OHACAOCZW001 S_PH9_46000166 Define default values for payment methods 
4 OHACAPROS001 S_PL0_09000438 Configure Payroll Outsourcing features 
5 OHACAR1029 S_AHR_61009444 Convert wage types to be limited 
6 OHACAREP103 S_L9C_94000212 Maintain number range intervals for addresses 
7 OHACAREP107 S_AHR_61019432 Define countries of residence of non-resident employees 
8 OHACAREP108 S_AHR_61019431 Define work cities of non-resident employees 
9 OHACAREP109 S_AHR_61019430 Define CRA Business Number reporting addresses 
10 OHACAREP110 S_L9C_94000193 Define MRQ Taxation IDs 
11 OHACAREP110A S_L9C_94000289 Define MRQ Taxation ID reporting addresses 
12 OHACAREP117 S_L9C_94000214 Define amendment threshold amount/custom sort field printing 
13 OHACAREP127 S_L9C_94000213 Define address subtype for form printing and distribution 
14 OHACAREP139 S_L9C_94000288 Define Magnetic Media (non-XML & XML) file paths, country codes, file names 
15 OHACAREPEEA005 S_AHR_61009498 Assign industry sector codes to personnel subareas 
16 OHACAREPEEA010 S_AHR_61009501 Assign NOC codes/EEA categories to organizational structure 
17 OHACAREPEEA050 S_PH0_48000287 Assign NOC codes/EEA categories to organizational structure 
18 OHACAREPEEA100 S_AHR_61008349 Assign wage types for EEA reporting 
19 OHACAREPEEA155 S_L6B_69000230 Define wage type bucket(s) for "hours worked" 
20 OHACAREPEEA215 S_L6B_69000231 Define designated group types and designated groups 
21 OHACAREPEEABADI001 S_PL0_86000168 BAdI: Substitute standard salary calculation, contract code, and other data 
22 OHACAREPEEABADIA S_PL0_86000192 Test 
23 OHACAREPPD7A02 S_PH0_48000219 Configure wage types for PD7A Reporting 
24 OHACAREPPIER01 S_PL0_09000343 Configure wage types for Pensionable and Insurable Earnings Reporting 
25 OHACARI092 S_PL0_09000094 BAdI: Controlling the posting of payroll results 
26 OHACAS000 S_L6B_69000733 Salary Comparisons: Overview 
27 OHACAS001 S_AHR_61001892 Maintain Payroll Unit Details 
28 OHACAS011 S_AHR_61001887 Adjust Standard Form 
29 OHACAS012 S_AHR_61001930 Adjust Standard Form with Address 
30 OHACASTD100 S_AHR_61012694 Establish and define short/long-term disability plans 
31 OHACASTD200 S_AHR_61012692 Assign STD/LTD plans to organizational units 
32 OHACASTD300 S_AHR_61012713 Assign hire date type to organizational units 
33 OHACATPR100 S_PL0_86000186 Define remittance rule limit 
34 OHACATXBADI01 S_PL0_09000483 BAdI: Customer-specific setup for displaying Business Numbers 
35 OHACATXBADI02 S_PL0_09000484 BAdI: Customer-specific setup for enabling Options 1 and 2 
36 OHACATXEI015 S_AHR_61009339 Assign Business Number to reduced employer EI premium rate 
37 OHACAU003 S_AHR_61001978 Maintain Payroll Unit Details 
38 OHACAV001 S_AHR_61003416 Check Master Data 
39 OHACAV001B S_AHR_61002645 Bases for Valuation of Averages 
40 OHACAV002 S_AHR_61001559 Check Processing 
41 OHACAV210 S_AHR_61001522 Contributions for Voluntary Accident Insurance 
42 OHACAV220 S_AHR_61001519 Contributions to Per Diem Sickness Insurance 
43 OHACAV230 S_AHR_61001514 Check Transfer from Previous Payroll Using Split Indicators 
44 OHACAV240 S_AHR_61007098 Integration of Customer Insurance 
45 OHACAV241 S_AHR_61001529 Validity Area of Customer Insurance 
46 OHACAV242 S_AHR_61001537 Copy Wage Types for Customer Insurance 
47 OHACAV243 S_AHR_61001532 Calculation Rules/Schemas for Customer Insurance 
48 OHACAV244 S_AHR_61001541 Maintain Payroll Unit Details 
49 OHACAV250 S_AHR_61001516 Insurance Contributions to Other Insurance Policies 
50 OHACAV500 S_AHR_61001524 Maintain Payroll Unit Details 
51 OHACAV501 S_AHR_61001555 Determine Groupings for Insurances 
52 OHACAV511A S_AHR_61002655 Create Calculation Rules for Averages 
53 OHACAV511B S_AHR_61002657 Create Cumulation Rules for Bases for Calculating Averages 
54 OHACAV511C S_AHR_61002660 Create Adjustment Rules for Bases for Calculating Averages 
55 OHACAVBAS S_AHR_61007011 Create Bases for Calculating Average Values 
56 OHACAVP15 S_AHR_61007005 Assign the Valuation of Averages to a Primary Wage Type 
57 OHACAVX017 S_AHR_61007013 Create Relevancy Test 
58 OHACAVX018 S_AHR_61002652 Create Final Processing Rule 
59 OHACAVXT00 S_AHR_61002663 Adjust Calculation of Averages Within the Payroll Run 
60 OHACAY001 S_AHR_61001526 Check Constants 
61 OHACA_CE_DEX30 S_PLN_16000265 Activate Calculation 
62 OHACA_PM_CREATE S_PH9_46000622 Create Process Model 
63 OHACBEERC01 S_PL0_86000060 Maintain Payroll Unit Details 
64 OHACBEERC03 S_PL0_86000062 Classify Payroll Units 
65 OHACBEERC04 S_PL0_86000063 Classify Bonus Authorizations 
66 OHACBEERC05 S_PL0_86000064 Business Add-In for Employer Statement 
67 OHACBEERC06 S_PL0_86000074 Cumulation WAge Types: Check SAP Sample Customizing 
68 OHACBEERC07 S_PL0_86000075 Cumulation Wage Types: Customer-Specific Settings 
69 OHACBEERC08 S_PL0_86000134 Store function numbers 
70 OHACBEERC09 S_PL0_86000135 Assign positions to function numbers 
71 OHACBEERC10 S_L4H_49001308 Set Forms 
72 OHACBG001 S_AHR_61006928 Assign Wage Types 
73 OHACBG002 S_AHR_61001972 Process Postal Code of Company Site 
74 OHACBG004 S_AHR_61001969 Process Training Data 
75 OHACBG005 S_AHR_61001902 Process Professional Rank and Salary Agreement 
76 OHACBG006 S_AHR_61001899 Process Activity 
77 OHACBG007 S_AHR_61001895 Process Remuneration Type 
78 OHACBG012 S_L7D_24002301 BFS -Statistics Levels and Structure of Wages - Overview 
79 OHACBR000 S_AHR_61007061 Check Gross Cumulations 
80 OHACBW004 S_AHR_61002809 Define Wage Type-Dependent Constants 
81 OHACBW005 S_AHR_61002775 Define Pay Scale-Dependent Constants 
82 OHACBW006 S_AHR_61002779 Create Person-Related Valuation Bases 
83 OHACBW019 S_AHR_61007037 Assign Valuation Bases 
84 OHACBW21 S_AHR_61007007 Determine Valuation Basis for Different Payment 
85 OHACBW22 S_AHR_61002627 Calculate Valuation Basis with Higher Value 
86 OHACDEX00 S_L6B_69000183 Make Settings for External Wage Components 
87 OHACDEX10 S_L6B_69000184 Define External Application 
88 OHACDEX20 S_L6B_69000185 Define Wage Types 
89 OHACDEX30 S_L6B_69000186 Activate Calculation 
90 OHACDL021 S_AHR_61001636 Activate Calculation 
91 OHACDL022 S_AHR_61001594 Store Additional Values 
92 OHACDL023 S_AHR_61001591 Check Payroll Constants 
93 OHACDL024 S_PH0_48000221 Adjust Value Date 
94 OHACDL025 S_PH0_48000303 Specify Interest Calculation Method 
95 OHACDL030 S_AHR_61018929 Maintain Loan Types 
96 OHACDL031 S_AHR_61006883 Create a Loan Type 
97 OHACDL032 S_AHR_61001644 Control Allocation of Loans 
98 OHACDL033 S_AHR_61001641 Adjust Screen Control 
99 OHACDL034 S_AHR_61001639 Create Loan Conditions (This section is no longer required) 
100 OHACDL036 S_L6B_69000443 Set Up Customer Payment Types 
101 OHACDL037 S_L6B_69000444 Program Processing Logic for Payment Types 
102 OHACDL038 S_L6B_69000439 Customer Payment Types: Overview 
103 OHACDR000 S_AHR_61007066 Determine Start Date for Year-End Bonus Calculation 
104 OHACDR001 S_AHR_61002895 Choose Variants 
105 OHACDR002 S_AHR_61002923 Determine Cumulation of Relevant Wage Types 
106 OHACDR003 S_AHR_61007057 Create Provision for Year-End Bonuses 
107 OHACDR004 S_AHR_61002927 Create Grouping for Year-End Bonuses 
108 OHACDT002 S_AHR_61001574 Set Up House Banks 
109 OHACDT003 S_AHR_61001612 Define Sending Banks 
110 OHACDT004 S_AHR_61001609 Define Text Keys for Payment Transactions 
111 OHACEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61002543 Internet Connection for the Remuneration Statement 
112 OHACEDTINTERNET1 S_AHR_61018630 Provide Remuneration Statement in Internet 
113 OHACEN429 S_AHR_61002172 Adjust Wage Type Assignment for Form Printing 
114 OHACFO002 S_AHR_61018615 Create Draft Form 
115 OHACFO003 S_AHR_61018616 Copy Form 
116 OHACFO004 S_AHR_61018617 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
117 OHACFO005 S_AHR_61018618 Alternative Currency 
118 OHACFO006 S_AHR_61018619 Set Up Address 
119 OHACFO008 S_AHR_61018620 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
120 OHACFOPA002 S_AHR_61018631 Set Up Payroll Account 
121 OHACFOPJ100 S_AHR_61018632 Convert Old Form 
122 OHACFOPJ201 S_AHR_61018633 Set Up Page Header 
123 OHACFOPJ202 S_AHR_61018634 Set Up Payroll Excerpts 
124 OHACFOPJ203 S_AHR_61018635 Set Up Continuation Excerpts 
125 OHACFOPJ204 S_AHR_61018636 Set Up Totals Display 
126 OHACFORS001 S_AHR_61018621 Convert Old Form 
127 OHACFORS002 S_AHR_61018622 Set Up Remuneration Statement 
128 OHACFORS010 S_AHR_61018623 Example: Cumulation Identifier in Single Field 
129 OHACFORS030 S_AHR_61018624 Example with New Procedure 
130 OHACFORS031 S_AHR_61018625 Example with Old Procedure 
131 OHACFORS040 S_AHR_61018626 Example: Leave-Data in Window 
132 OHACFORS050 S_AHR_61018627 Example: Time Quota in Single Field 
133 OHACFORS060 S_AHR_61018628 Example: Time Quota in Window 
134 OHACFORS070 S_AHR_61018629 Example: Notification in Window 
135 OHACFZ011 S_AHR_61002991 Check Hourly Wage Types for Reduction 
136 OHACFZ015 S_AHR_61002994 Check Split Indicator for Hours for Family Allowance 
137 OHACFZ080 S_AHR_61007078 Manual Correction Wage Types FAK 
138 OHACFZ101 S_AHR_61002956 Adjust Family Allowances 
139 OHACFZ102 S_AHR_61002952 Check Key Date for Family Allowances 
140 OHACHPBSAM1 S_PH9_46001026 Maintain Employee Activity Key and Texts 
141 OHACHPBSOZ1 S_PH9_46001032 Maintain Cost-of-Living Allowance Levels and Amounts 
142 OHACHPBSOZ3 S_PH9_46001030 Hourly Wage Cost-of-Living Allowance: Check Divisor 
143 OHACHPBSOZ4 S_PH9_46001029 Hourly Wage Cost-of-Living Allowance: Maintain Holiday Bonus 
144 OHACHPBSOZ5 S_PH9_46001028 Hourly Wage Cost-of-Living Allowance: Maintain Sick Pay Allowance 
145 OHACHPBSOZ7 S_PH9_46001031 Create Municipality and Assign Cost-of-Living Allowance Levels 
146 OHACHPBSOZ8 S_PH9_46001027 Maintain Default Values for Cost-of-Living Allowance/Office Infotype 
147 OHACHPLZ010 S_PCO_36000113 Settings for the Enhanced Postal Code Check CH 
148 OHACHPLZ030 S_PCO_36000114 Activate subapplication RPLZ 
149 OHACHPLZ040 S_PCO_36000116 Adjust Infotype-Screen-Control for Postal Code Check 
150 OHACHPLZ050 S_PCO_36000117 Define Field Check: Indicator City File Active 
151 OHACIW035 S_AHR_61002955 Define Payroll Control 
152 OHACIW037 S_AHR_61002966 Hourly Wage 
153 OHACIW038 S_AHR_61007076 Monthly Wage 
154 OHACIW039 S_AHR_61002977 Earnings Factor 
155 OHACIW041 S_AHR_61003396 Time Ticket Form 
156 OHACIW061 S_AHR_61002684 Check Payroll Procedure 
157 OHACIW063 S_AHR_61002675 Create Wage Type Catalog 
158 OHACIW065 S_AHR_61002681 Check Assignment to 'Incentive Wages' Wage Type Group 
159 OHACIW069 S_AHR_61007129 Maintain Wage Types for Transfer to Cost Accounting 
160 OHACIW082 S_AHR_61002828 Check Bases for Calculating Average Values 
161 OHACJW001 S_AHR_61006875 Check Annual Values for User Wage Types 
162 OHACJW002 S_AHR_61001577 Check Annual Values for Technical Wage Types 
163 OHACKA011 S_AHR_61002880 Check Wage Elements for Compensation Basis 
164 OHACKA012 S_AHR_61002884 Check Wage Types for Reduced Working Hours 
165 OHACKA013 S_AHR_61002857 Maintain Maximum Monthly Wage 
166 OHACKA014 S_AHR_61002832 Create Shift for Reduced Hours 
167 OHACKA015 S_AHR_61002873 Adjust Leaving Events 
168 OHACKA016 S_AHR_61007056 Maintain Day of Unpaid Sick Leave 
169 OHACKA017 S_AHR_61002858 Maintain Compensation Percentage 
170 OHACKF001 S_AHR_61002643 Create Reduction Factors 
171 OHACKF002 S_AHR_61002686 Assign Reduction Factors 
172 OHACKF003 S_AHR_61002689 Check Remaining Wage Types 
173 OHACKL000 S_AHR_61002697 Create Wage Types for Cost Accounting 
174 OHACLD030 S_PH9_46000855 Maintain Loan Types 
175 OHACLK443 S_AHR_61002210 Adjust Wage Type Assignment for Payroll Account 
176 OHACLR000 S_AHR_61002905 Check Data Copied from Previous Payroll 
177 OHACLV000 S_L6B_69000705 Business basics of Swissmem Statistics 
178 OHACLV001 S_L6B_69000527 Maintain Industry Codes 
179 OHACLV002 S_L6B_69000528 Maintain function numbers 
180 OHACLV003 S_L6B_69000529 Assign positions to function numbers 
181 OHACLV004 S_L6B_69000530 Process Business Add-In 
182 OHACM0141 S_AHR_61002636 Before 1998: Check Constants for Parts 
183 OHACM0142 S_AHR_61002784 Check Personnel Calculation Rule for Hourly Wage 
184 OHACM0143 S_AHR_61002694 Copy Wage Types for Gross Hourly Wage 
185 OHACM0161 S_AHR_61002798 Check Percentage Rate for Parts of Hourly Wage 
186 OHACM0162 S_AHR_61002791 Check Wage Types for Hourly Wage 
187 OHACM0163 S_AHR_61002789 Check Valuation Bases for Hourly Wage 
188 OHACM0164 S_AHR_61002607 Copy Wage Types for Net Hourly Wage 
189 OHACM0165 S_AHR_61002707 Check Indirect Valuation 
190 OHACM0166 S_AHR_61007008 From 1998: Check Percentage Rates for Included Shares 
191 OHACM0175 S_L6B_69000473 Determine Holiday Entitlement Using Absence Quotas 
192 OHACMA011 S_AHR_61001630 Check Copied Data from Previous Payroll 
193 OHACMA012 S_AHR_61001625 Check Cumulation of Results from Previous Payroll 
194 OHACMA013 S_AHR_61006880 Check Storage of Differences 
195 OHACMA014 S_AHR_61001616 Check Creation of Copy Wage Types 
196 OHACMZ001 S_AHR_61001926 Specify Currency Units 
197 OHACNDL022 S_KPH_31000520 Store Additional Values 
198 OHACNDL025 S_KPH_31000519 Specify Interest Calculation Method 
199 OHACNDL030 S_KPH_31000522 Maintain Loan Types 
200 OHACNDL033 S_KPH_31000521 Adjust Screen Control 
201 OHACNDL035 S_KPH_31000525 Control Allocation of Loans 
202 OHACNDL036 S_KPH_31000523 Set Up Customer Payment Types 
203 OHACNDL037 S_KPH_31000524 Program Processing Logic for Payment Types 
204 OHACNDT009 S_KPH_31000558 Several Payment Runs per Period (Qualified Advance Payments) 
205 OHACNE000 S_AHR_61001572 Check Net Cumulations 
206 OHACNEDTINTERNET S_KPH_31000541 Provide Remuneration Statement (ESS) 
207 OHACNFO002 S_KPH_31000526 Create Draft Form 
208 OHACNFO003 S_KPH_31000527 Copy Form 
209 OHACNFO004 S_KPH_31000528 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
210 OHACNFO005 S_KPH_31000529 Set Up Alternative Currency 
211 OHACNFO006 S_KPH_31000530 Set Up Address 
212 OHACNFO008 S_KPH_31000531 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
213 OHACNFOPA002 S_KPH_31000542 Set Up Payroll Account 
214 OHACNFOPJ100 S_KPH_31000543 Convert Old Form 
215 OHACNFOPJ201 S_KPH_31000544 Set Up Page Header 
216 OHACNFOPJ202 S_KPH_31000545 Set Up Payroll Excerpts 
217 OHACNFOPJ203 S_KPH_31000546 Set Up Continuation Excerpts 
218 OHACNFOPJ204 S_KPH_31000547 Set Up Totals Display 
219 OHACNFORS001 S_KPH_31000532 Convert Old Form 
220 OHACNFORS002 S_KPH_31000533 Set Up Remuneration Statement 
221 OHACNFORS010 S_KPH_31000534 Example: Cumulation Identifier in Single Field 
222 OHACNFORS030 S_KPH_31000535 Example with New Procedure 
223 OHACNFORS031 S_KPH_31000536 Example with Old Procedure 
224 OHACNFORS040 S_KPH_31000537 Example: Leave-Data in Window 
225 OHACNFORS050 S_KPH_31000538 Example: Time Quota in Single Field 
226 OHACNFORS060 S_KPH_31000539 Example: Time Quota in Window 
227 OHACNFORS070 S_KPH_31000540 Example: Notification in Window 
228 OHACNGL001 S_L7D_24000385 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
229 OHACNGL002 S_L7D_24000386 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
230 OHACNGL003 S_L7D_24000388 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
231 OHACNGL004 S_L7D_24000389 Define Type of Distribution 
232 OHACNGL005 S_L7D_24000391 Maintain Wage Type Grouping for Cost Distribution 
233 OHACNGL006 S_L7D_24000392 Activate Cost Distribution Using Function XCODI 
234 OHACNGL007 S_L7D_24000394 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
235 OHACNGL008 S_PCO_36000237 Determine Time for Posting of Payment 
236 OHACNGL009 S_PCO_36000238 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
237 OHACNGL010 S_PCO_36000239 Adjust Advance Payment from Master Data for Posting 
238 OHACNGL011 S_L7D_24000395 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
239 OHACNGL012 S_L7D_24000396 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
240 OHACNGL014 S_L7D_24000390 Note on Relevancy 
241 OHACNGL015 S_L7D_24000384 Possible Solutions in New General Ledger 
242 OHACNGL016 S_L7D_24000387 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
243 OHACNGL017 S_L7D_24000393 Enter Wage Types for Posting Payments 
244 OHACNGL105 S_L7D_24002209 Activate Cost Distribution via Function XLIDI 
245 OHACNGL106 S_L7D_24002210 Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle 
246 OHACNGL107 S_L7D_24002211 Resource-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types 
247 OHACNOCA001 S_KPH_31000504 Assign Absences to an Off-Cycle Reason 
248 OHACNOCA002 S_KPH_31000505 Set Up Absence Valuation for Off-Cycle Activities 
249 OHACNOCAE001 S_KPH_31000509 Specify Default Values for Payroll Results 
250 OHACNOCAP001 S_KPH_31000506 Define Default Values for Payments in Advance 
251 OHACNOCMCP1 S_KPH_31000510 Settings for Printing Check Using Manual Number Assignment 
252 OHACNOCPM001 S_KPH_31000512 Create Process Models for Off-Cycle Subsequent Processing 
253 OHACNOCPM004 S_KPH_31000513 Create Process Model for Subsequent Processing in Off-Cycle Payroll 
254 OHACNOCPM005 S_KPH_31000514 Create Process Model for Mass Off-Cycle Payments 
255 OHACNOCRP01 S_KPH_31000511 Replace Checks 
256 OHACNOCWT001 S_KPH_31000507 Specify Default Values for Wage Types 
257 OHACNOCZW001 S_KPH_31000508 Specify Default Values for Payment Methods 
258 OHACNPAY002 S_KPH_31000559 Define Schedule for Payroll Calendar 
259 OHACNPAY003 S_KPH_31000560 Specify Version for Payroll Driver 
260 OHACNPU1200 S_KPH_31000561 Interface Toolbox: Connection to Third-Party Systems 
261 OHACNRI013 S_KPH_31000554 Posting to Company Code Clearing Accounts 
262 OHACNRI061 S_KPH_31000551 Set Up Postings for Fixed Costs 
263 OHACNRI062 S_KPH_31000553 Check Customizing for Account Determination 
264 OHACNRI063 S_KPH_31000548 Maintain Posting Date for Payroll Periods 
265 OHACNRI064 S_KPH_31000552 Assign Substitute Cost Centers 
266 OHACNRI071 S_KPH_31000549 Create Posting Variants 
267 OHACNRI081 S_KPH_31000550 Authorizations 
268 OHACNRI090 S_KPH_31000557 Set Up Export to R/2 System or R/3 System <4.0 
269 OHACNZ001 S_AHR_61002908 Check Assignment to Wage Type Groups 
270 OHACNZ002 S_AHR_61002916 Define Guaranteed Net Amount 
271 OHACNZ003 S_AHR_61002911 Define Type of Guaranteed Net Amount 
272 OHACN_0902 S_KPH_31000050 Check cumulation calendar 
273 OHACN_0903 S_KPH_31000066 Define cumulation types for wage types 
274 OHACN_0911 S_KPH_31000063 Define cumulation types 
275 OHACN_0912 S_KPH_31000064 Assign cumulation types to time units 
276 OHACN_0913 S_KPH_31000065 Define cumulation periods 
277 OHACN_AB001 S_KPH_31000002 Describe absence valuation rules 
278 OHACN_AB002 S_KPH_31000003 Group absences for absence valuation 
279 OHACN_AB003 S_KPH_31000004 Define grouping for absence valuation 
280 OHACN_AB004 S_KPH_31000005 Define day rules 
281 OHACN_AB005 S_KPH_31000018 Create wage type catalog 
282 OHACN_AB009 S_KPH_31000021 Valuate absences using "as if" principle 
283 OHACN_AB010 S_KPH_31000017 Special processing for absence valuation rules 
284 OHACN_AB011 S_KPH_31000020 Create counting classes for absence valuation 
285 OHACN_AB012 S_KPH_31000022 Valuate absences by constants/averages 
286 OHACN_AB200 S_KPH_31000012 Valuate absences using quota deduction 
287 OHACN_AFD001 S_KPH_31000108 Maintain Family/Related Persons' Employer's Address 
288 OHACN_AFD002 S_KPH_31000109 Maintain Family/Related Persons' Occupation Code 
289 OHACN_AFD003 S_KPH_31000110 Maintain Occupation Status for Family/Related Persons 
290 OHACN_AL01 S_KPH_31000199 Bases 
291 OHACN_AV_1 S_KPH_31000184 Bases for Valuation of Averages 
292 OHACN_AV_2W S_KPH_31000078 Create bases for calculating average values 
293 OHACN_AV_ABCR S_KPH_31000073 Create calculation rules for averages 
294 OHACN_AV_P S_KPH_31000068 Assign the valuation of averages to a primary wage type 
295 OHACN_BW004 S_KPH_31000045 Define wage type-dependent constants 
296 OHACN_BW005 S_KPH_31000074 Define pay scale-dependent constants 
297 OHACN_BW006 S_KPH_31000075 Create person-related valuation bases 
298 OHACN_BW019 S_KPH_31000076 Assign valuation bases 
299 OHACN_BW21 S_KPH_31000070 Determine valuation basis for different payment 
300 OHACN_BW22 S_KPH_31000071 Calculate valuation basis with higher value 
301 OHACN_CPK001 S_KPH_31000083 Check payment key 
302 OHACN_CWR01 S_L4H_49003530 Determine Whether to Pay Additional Tax 
303 OHACN_CWR02 S_L4H_49003531 Define Tax Rates for Additional Tax 
304 OHACN_CWR03 S_L4H_49003532 Define Tax Rates for Individual Income Tax for Casual Workers 
305 OHACN_DEDUC001 S_L4H_49001922 Assign Processing Classes to Wage Types 
306 OHACN_DEDUC002 S_L4H_49001923 Define Rules for Limits 
307 OHACN_DEDUC003 S_L4H_49001924 Set Limit Modifier 
308 OHACN_DEDUC004 S_L4H_49001925 Set Up Wage Type Classes and Attach Limits 
309 OHACN_DEDUC005 S_L4H_49001927 Maintain Wage Types for Limits 
310 OHACN_DEDUC006 S_L4H_49001928 Rename Wage Types for Arrears Processing 
311 OHACN_DEDUC007 S_L4H_49001929 Check Payroll Schema 
312 OHACN_DEDUC008 S_L4H_49001930 Check Wage Type Group 'Deductions for Arrears' 
313 OHACN_DEDUC009 S_L4H_49001931 Define Priority for Deductions 
314 OHACN_DEDUC010 S_L4H_49001932 Maintain Arrears Deductions for Retroactive Accounting 
315 OHACN_DEDUC011 S_L4H_49001933 Maintain Recovery of Arrears 
316 OHACN_DEDUC012 S_L4H_49001934 Split Unconditional Deductions into Paid Amount and Advance 
317 OHACN_DL021 S_KPH_31000051 Activate calculation 
318 OHACN_DL022 S_KPH_31000046 Adjust Value Date 
319 OHACN_DL023 S_KPH_31000047 Check Payroll Constants 
320 OHACN_DL031 S_KPH_31000054 Create a loan type 
321 OHACN_DL032 S_KPH_31000055 Assign repayment type 
322 OHACN_DL034 S_KPH_31000056 Create loan conditions 
323 OHACN_DT002 S_KPH_31000059 Set up house banks 
324 OHACN_DT003 S_KPH_31000060 Define sending banks 
325 OHACN_DT004 S_KPH_31000061 Check text keys for payment transactions 
326 OHACN_DV001 S_KPH_31000052 Make settings for transferring last payroll result 
327 OHACN_EI000 S_KPH_31000030 Maintain Enterprise Information 
328 OHACN_ERS001 S_L4H_49001824 Enter Retirement Age 
329 OHACN_ERS002 S_L4H_49001825 BAdI: Calculate Months for Early Retirement Subsidy 
330 OHACN_EXTWT01 S_PL0_09000293 Specify External Application 
331 OHACN_EXTWT02 S_PL0_09000294 Specify Wage Type 
332 OHACN_EXTWT03 S_PL0_09000295 Activate Calculation 
333 OHACN_GAI001 S_KPH_31000093 Maintain Going Abroad Purpose 
334 OHACN_GAI002 S_KPH_31000094 Maintain Expense Provider 
335 OHACN_JW000 S_KPH_31000048 Create annual values 
336 OHACN_KF001 S_KPH_31000086 Create reduction factors 
337 OHACN_KF002 S_KPH_31000087 Assign reduction factors 
338 OHACN_KL000 S_KPH_31000088 Create wage types for cost accounting 
339 OHACN_LL001 S_L7D_24001640 Define Contract Types 
340 OHACN_LL002 S_L7D_24001641 Define System Notification for Expiration Dates 
341 OHACN_LL003 S_L7D_24001642 Define Minimum Salary Areas 
342 OHACN_LL004 S_L7D_24001643 Feature: Determine Default Minimum Salary Area 
343 OHACN_LL005 S_L7D_24002469 Define Notice Periods 
344 OHACN_LLBDI S_HRI_55000009 BAdI: Eligibility Date for Signing Permanent Contracts 
345 OHACN_MTP001 S_L7D_24002291 Assign Seniority Rules and Group ID for Medical Treatment Period Check 
346 OHACN_MTP002 S_L7D_24002290 Specify Medical Treatment Entitlement and Accumulation Period 
347 OHACN_MTP003 S_L7D_24002289 Assign Absence Type for Medical Treatment Period Check and Long Sick Leave 
348 OHACN_MTP004 S_L7D_24002292 Assign Employees to Group IDs 
349 OHACN_MTP005 S_L7D_24002293 Define Statutory Monthly Working Days 
350 OHACN_MZ001 S_KPH_31000058 Define units of currency 
351 OHACN_NP001 S_L7D_24001701 BAdI: Determine Differing Days for Calculating Notice Payment 
352 OHACN_OCR001 S_KPH_31000081 Set up off-cycle reasons 
353 OHACN_OCV001 S_KPH_31000082 Set up report variants for off-cycle activities 
354 OHACN_PAI001 S_KPH_31000096 Define Project Type 
355 OHACN_PAI002 S_KPH_31000097 Maintain Project 
356 OHACN_PAI003 S_KPH_31000090 Define Reward Name Code 
357 OHACN_PAI004 S_KPH_31000091 Maintain Reward 
358 OHACN_PAI005 S_KPH_31000099 Define Result Level 
359 OHACN_PAI006 S_KPH_31000100 Maintain Result 
360 OHACN_PAI007 S_KPH_31000092 Maintain Technical & Professional Patent 
361 OHACN_PART S_KPH_31000085 Maintain partial period paramenter according to time unit 
362 OHACN_PC001 S_KPH_31000134 Maintain Certificate Type 
363 OHACN_PC002 S_KPH_31000135 Define Certificate Application Status 
364 OHACN_PC003 S_KPH_31000136 Define Province Code in Identity Card 
365 OHACN_PDS001 S_KPH_31000122 Define Social Class Status 
366 OHACN_PDS0011 S_KPH_31000132 Define Political Affiliation Exception Type 
367 OHACN_PDS002 S_KPH_31000123 Define Personal Identity 
368 OHACN_PDS003 S_KPH_31000124 Define Ethnic Group 
369 OHACN_PDS004 S_KPH_31000119 Define Position Category 
370 OHACN_PDS005 S_KPH_31000114 Define Position Name Code 
371 OHACN_PDS006 S_KPH_31000115 Define Appointment Reason Code 
372 OHACN_PDS007 S_KPH_31000116 Define Position Level Code 
373 OHACN_PDS008 S_KPH_31000117 Define Position Type Code 
374 OHACN_PDS009 S_KPH_31000125 Define Political Status 
375 OHACN_PDS012 S_L4H_49002391 Determine Name Format 
376 OHACN_PF001 S_KPH_31000126 Create New Personal File Holding Location Code 
377 OHACN_PF002 S_KPH_31000127 Enter Authorized Personal File Holding Location 
378 OHACN_PF003 S_KPH_31000128 Define Personal File Category 
379 OHACN_PF004 S_KPH_31000129 Define From/To Category of Personal Files 
380 OHACN_PHF001 S_KPH_31000168 Define Contribution Type 
381 OHACN_PHF0010 S_KPH_31000163 Maintain Base Salary Information in Calculation 
382 OHACN_PHF0011 S_KPH_31000106 Assign Authority Institution to Personnel Area/Subarea 
383 OHACN_PHF002 S_KPH_31000107 Define Contribution Area 
384 OHACN_PHF003 S_KPH_31000103 Maintain Contribution Change Reason 
385 OHACN_PHF004 S_KPH_31000105 Define Public Housing Fund Authority Institution 
386 OHACN_PHF005 S_KPH_31000167 Define Contribution Group 
387 OHACN_PHF006 S_KPH_31000166 Define Contribution Level 
388 OHACN_PHF007 S_KPH_31000162 Maintain Default Contribution Type, Group, Level for PHF 
389 OHACN_PHF008 S_KPH_31000164 Define Contribution Base Indicator, Rate or Constant 
390 OHACN_PHF009 S_KPH_31000102 Maintain PHF Contribution Switch Period 
391 OHACN_PHF012 S_L7D_24000193 BAdI: Customer-Specific Rounding Rule 
392 OHACN_PHF101 S_L4H_49003200 Define Social Average Salary Switch Period for PHF 
393 OHACN_QUOTACOMP00 S_KPH_31000013 Create wage type catalog 
394 OHACN_QUOTACOMP01 S_KPH_31000014 Assign wage types to the quotas to be compensated 
395 OHACN_RI011 S_KPH_31000203 Prepare wage type overview 
396 OHACN_RI012 S_KPH_31000202 Obtain overview of accounts 
397 OHACN_RI015 S_KPH_31000158 Define employee grouping account determination 
398 OHACN_RI031 S_KPH_31000173 Define posting characteristics of wage types 
399 OHACN_RI042 S_KPH_31000138 Define symbolic accounts 
400 OHACN_RI051 S_KPH_31000161 Assign Balance Sheet Accounts 
401 OHACN_RI052 S_KPH_31000165 Assign expense accounts 
402 OHACN_RI053 S_KPH_31000112 Assign customer accounts 
403 OHACN_RI054 S_KPH_31000111 Assign vendor accounts 
404 OHACN_RI055 S_KPH_31000101 Assign Customer Accounts for Specific Loan Posting 
405 OHACN_RI056 S_KPH_31000104 Assign technical accounts 
406 OHACN_RI061 S_KPH_31000095 Set up fixed cost postings and substitute cost centers 
407 OHACN_RI062 S_KPH_31000098 Check consistency of Customizing 
408 OHACN_RI063 S_KPH_31000113 Maintain posting date for payroll periods 
409 OHACN_RI070 S_KPH_31000130 Set up line item text 
410 OHACN_RI071 S_KPH_31000131 Create posting variants 
411 OHACN_RI080 S_KPH_31000133 Create report variants 
412 OHACN_RI081 S_KPH_31000118 Authorizations and profiles 
413 OHACN_RI090 S_KPH_31000121 Set up export to R/2 System or R/3 System <4.0 
414 OHACN_SI001 S_KPH_31000143 Define Contribution Type 
415 OHACN_SI0013 S_KPH_31000144 Define Contribution Group 
416 OHACN_SI0014 S_KPH_31000145 Define Contribution Level 
417 OHACN_SI0015 S_KPH_31000137 Maintain Default Contr. Type, Group, Level for Ins. Type 
418 OHACN_SI0016 S_KPH_31000147 Define Contribution Base Indicator, Rate or Constant 
419 OHACN_SI0017 S_KPH_31000146 Define Contribution Pass Rule from ER to EE 
420 OHACN_SI0018 S_KPH_31000170 Maintain Social Insurance Contribution Switch Period 
421 OHACN_SI0019 S_KPH_31000142 Maintain Base Salary Information in Calculation 
422 OHACN_SI002 S_KPH_31000169 Define Contribution Area 
423 OHACN_SI003 S_KPH_31000160 Check Payment Indicator of Social Insurance Types 
424 OHACN_SI004 S_KPH_31000171 Maintain Contribution Change Reason 
425 OHACN_SI005 S_KPH_31000172 Define Social Insurance Authority Institution 
426 OHACN_SI006 S_KPH_31000159 Assign Authority Institution to Personnel Area/Subarea 
427 OHACN_SI101 S_L4H_49003201 Define Social Average Salary Switch Period for SI 
428 OHACN_SID001 S_KPH_31000499 Define EE Grouping for Service Year Cal.and Sick Leave Deduction Rate 
429 OHACN_SL001 S_KPH_31000089 Form cumulation wage types from time-based payments 
430 OHACN_SL002 S_KPH_31000084 Form cumulation wage types based on master data 
431 OHACN_SL003 S_KPH_31000079 Create cumulation wage type based on external bank transfers 
432 OHACN_SLD005 S_L7D_24002294 Define Long Sick Leave Salary Rate 
433 OHACN_SLD006 S_L7D_24002296 Assign Seniority Rule for Long Sick Leave 
434 OHACN_SLD007 S_L7D_24002297 Define Intervening Time of Sick Leave 
435 OHACN_SO100 S_L7D_24000177 Copy Model Wage Type MSOI 
436 OHACN_SO120 S_L7D_24000179 Maintain period of HR Sub Routines 
437 OHACN_SP001 S_L7D_24000497 Assign Service Year Calculation Rule and Exampted Amount 
438 OHACN_SP002 S_L7D_24000496 Define Service Year Calculation Rule 
439 OHACN_SP003 S_L7D_24001644 Feature: Determine Default Field Values for Severance Pay Calculation 
440 OHACN_SP004 S_L7D_24001645 Create Average Bases for Valuation 
441 OHACN_TI110 S_KPH_31000027 Define time types 
442 OHACN_TI120 S_KPH_31000040 Assign time identifiers to time pairs 
443 OHACN_TI130 S_KPH_31000041 Define processing types 
444 OHACN_TI210 S_KPH_31000042 Check access to day processing 
445 OHACN_TI310 S_KPH_31000043 Define groupings 
446 OHACN_TI321 S_KPH_31000034 Read planned working time from work schedule 
447 OHACN_TI322 S_KPH_31000035 Import substitution data 
448 OHACN_TI323 S_KPH_31000036 Import absence data 
449 OHACN_TI324 S_KPH_31000037 Import overtime data 
450 OHACN_TI325 S_KPH_31000039 Define breaks to be imported 
451 OHACN_TI330 S_KPH_31000187 Compare daily work schedule with time data 
452 OHACN_TI340 S_KPH_31000007 Determine break times 
453 OHACN_TI361 S_KPH_31000009 Define valuation classes for period work schedule 
454 OHACN_TI362 S_KPH_31000011 Define generation rules 
455 OHACN_TI363 S_KPH_31000010 Define groupings 
456 OHACN_TI364 S_KPH_31000006 Execute time wage type selection rule 
457 OHACN_TI370 S_KPH_31000001 Compensate overtime 
458 OHACN_TX101 S_KPH_31000139 Define Tax Area 
459 OHACN_TX102 S_KPH_31000141 Assign Employer Tax Group to Personnel Area/Subarea 
460 OHACN_TX103 S_KPH_31000154 Define Exempted Amount 
461 OHACN_TX104 S_KPH_31000155 Define Special Rule and Assign Tax Rate Group 
462 OHACN_TX105 S_KPH_31000156 Assign Special Rule to Employee Tax Type 
463 OHACN_TX106 S_KPH_31000157 Define Special Rule Descriptions on Tax Agreement 
464 OHACN_TX107 S_KPH_31000140 Define Employer Tax Group 
465 OHACN_TX108 S_L7D_24001304 Define Occupation Category on Tax Group 
466 OHACN_TX109 S_L7D_24001305 Define Country Code on Tax Group 
467 OHACN_TX110 S_L7D_24001306 Determine the Priority of the ID Number 
468 OHACN_TX111 S_L7D_24001462 Assign Income Category to Tax Group 
469 OHACN_TX112 S_L4H_49002405 Define Tax Percentage or Amount Paid by Employer 
470 OHACN_TX113 S_L4H_49002406 Set Default Income Category and Contribution Group 
471 OHACN_TX201 S_KPH_31000062 Define Tax Withhold Fast Formula 
472 OHACN_TX202 S_KPH_31000057 Maintain Taxable Income Category 
473 OHACN_TX203 S_L7D_24000405 Define Threshold Income Amount for Casual Workers 
474 OHACN_TX204 S_L7D_24000406 Define Exempted Percentage for Causal Workers 
475 OHACN_TX207 S_SL0_21000004 BAdI: Adjusting the format for the Individual Income Tax Report 
476 OHACN_TX210 S_L7D_24002517 Determine Employee Addresses for Year End Tax Declaration 
477 OHACN_TXR01 S_L4H_49002905 Define Tax Calculation Rules 
478 OHACN_TXR02 S_L4H_49002906 Assign Tax Calculation Rules 
479 OHACN_TXRBD S_L4H_49002908 BAdI: Modification of Tax Calculation Rule Assignment 
480 OHACN_TX_DIS100 S_L7D_24002891 Define Disability Classifications and Employee Groupings 
481 OHACN_TX_DIS110 S_L7D_24002892 Assign Employee Disability Groupings 
482 OHACN_TX_DIS120 S_L7D_24002893 BAdI: Modification of Employee Disability Grouping 
483 OHACN_UM002 S_KPH_31000120 Maintain authorizations 
484 OHACN_UM006 S_KPH_31000149 Check payroll accounting area 
485 OHACN_UM008 S_KPH_31000150 Generate payroll periods 
486 OHACN_UM010 S_KPH_31000029 Maintain employer addresses 
487 OHACN_UM010B S_KPH_31000151 Generate calendar for cumulations 
488 OHACN_UM012 S_KPH_31000153 Define period parameters 
489 OHACN_UM013 S_KPH_31000152 Protect personnel calculation rules 
490 OHACN_UM014 S_KPH_31000148 Define date modifiers 
491 OHACN_UM022 S_KPH_31000031 Maintain processing classes and their specifications 
492 OHACN_UM023 S_KPH_31000032 Maintain evaluation classes and their specifications 
493 OHACN_UM101 S_KPH_31000023 Create wage type catalog 
494 OHACN_UM102 S_KPH_31000024 Change wage type texts 
495 OHACN_UM103 S_KPH_31000025 Check wage type characteristics 
496 OHACN_UM104 S_KPH_31000033 Check assignment to wage type group 
497 OHACN_UM105 S_KPH_31000028 Check logical view 
498 OHACN_WT100 S_L7D_24000178 Define Application Name 
499 OHACN_WT120 S_L7D_24000176 Maintain Effective Date 
500 OHACPART S_AHR_61002640 Maintain Partial Period Parameters for Various Time Units