SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 30
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHIRURP_PI_ADV3_001 S_PCO_36000023 Define Authorities Addresses 
2 OHIRURP_PI_ADV3_002 S_PCO_36000050 Infotypes used for ADV3 
3 OHIRURP_PI_ADV3_005 S_PCO_36000031 RU-Form Fields Initial Values 
4 OHIRURP_PI_GEN_NAMES S_L7D_24000847 Determine Format for Names 
5 OHIRURP_PI_GEN_OUTPT S_L7D_24001618 Determine Output Format of Forms 
6 OHIRURP_PI_GEN_REGRP S_L7D_24000846 Determine Report Groups 
7 OHIRURP_PI_GEN_RELOG S_L7D_24001363 Toggle Log Generation 
8 OHIRURP_PI_GEN_SPPAR S_L7D_24000843 Determine Special Parameters 
9 OHIRURP_PI_PACK_001 S_PCO_36000015 Check Pension Insurance Catalogs 
10 OHIRURP_PI_PACK_002 S_PCO_36000019 Determine Special Parameters 
11 OHIRURP_PI_PACK_003 S_L7D_24000882 Check Package Type 
12 OHIRURP_PI_PACK_004 S_L7D_24000883 Enter Employee Category 
13 OHIRURP_PI_PACK_005 S_L7D_24000884 Determine Status of Package Processing 
14 OHIRURP_PI_RSV1_001 S_P7H_77000236 Assign Data to Form Fields for Reporting Organization 
15 OHIRURP_PI_RSV1_002 S_P7H_77000237 Set Up DAQ Subapplication RSV1 
16 OHIRURP_PI_RSV1_003 S_P7H_77000238 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
17 OHIRURP_PI_RSV1_004 S_P7H_77000239 Determine Special Parameters for Form RSV-1 
18 OHIRURP_PI_RSV1_005 S_EHI_96000912 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups 
19 OHIRURP_PI_RSV1_006 S_EHI_96000962 Setup for Form RSV-1 Part 2 
20 OHIRURP_PI_RSV1_007 S_EHI_96000963 Setup for Form RSV-1 Parts 2.2 and 2.3 
21 OHIRURP_PI_SWC_001 S_L7D_24000886 Determine Parameters for Working Conditions 
22 OHIRURP_PI_SWC_002 S_L7D_24000887 Set Up Calculation of Employment Period 
23 OHIRURP_PI_SWC_003 S_L7D_24000888 Upload Catalogs for Working Conditions 
24 OHIRURP_PI_SWC_004 S_L7D_24000889 Determine Valuation Models for Pension Fund 
25 OHIRURP_PI_SWC_005 S_L7D_24001632 Additional Information About Selection Exits 
26 OHIRURP_PI_SWC_006 S_L7D_24001799 Notes on Implementation 
27 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_001 S_PCO_36000016 Determine Special Parameters 
28 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_002 S_PCO_36000024 Addresses of authorities (Russia) 
29 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_003 S_PCO_36000010 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
30 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_005 S_PCO_36000020 Determine Valuation Models for Pension Fund 
31 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_006 S_PCO_36000032 Determine if Employees Are Pensioners 
32 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_008 S_L7D_24002167 Determine Organizational Assignment and Pension Status in Reporting Period 
33 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_009 S_L4H_49002830 Determine Conditions for Employee Categories 
34 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_040 S_PCO_36000051 Check Permitted Infotypes for Selection Rule 
35 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_041 S_PCO_36000052 Define Selection Criteria for Infotypes 
36 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_042 S_PCO_36000053 Define Selection Exit 
37 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_043 S_PCO_36000054 Define Selection Rule 
38 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_044 S_PCO_36000055 Define Selection Class 
39 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_045 S_PCO_36000056 Kennzeichen Selektionsklasse definieren und zuordnen 
40 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_046 S_PCO_36000057 Gesetzliche Grundlagen definieren 
41 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_047 S_PCO_36000058 Define Valuation Model 
42 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_048 S_PCO_36000059 Bewertungsmuster definieren (Add-On HR-VADM) 
43 OHIRURP_PI_SZV4_099 S_L7D_24000885 Define Valuation Model 
44 OHIRURP_PI_SZVK_001 S_PCO_36000013 HR CIS Form for SZV-K Report 
45 OHIRURP_PI_SZVK_002 S_PCO_36000026 Enter Data About Organization 
46 OHIRURP_PI_SZVK_003 S_PCO_36000017 Determine Special Parameters 
47 OHIRURP_PI_SZVK_004 S_PCO_36000070 Define Document Priorities 
48 OHIRURP_PI_XML_HEAD S_L7D_24002524 Enter Header for XML Files 
49 OHIRURP_PT_T7_007 S_PCO_36000027 RU-Form Fields initial Values 
50 OHIRURP_RE_ABSDAT_01 S_L7D_24001351 Set Up Absence and Quota Types 
51 OHIRURP_RE_ABSDAT_02 S_L7D_24001352 Enter Long Texts for Absence and Quota Types 
52 OHIRURP_ST_P4_001 S_AC0_52000701 Set Up Personnel Action Types 
53 OHIRURP_ST_P4_002 S_AC0_52000702 Define Reporting Time Types 
54 OHIRURP_ST_P4_003 S_AC0_52000703 Define Employees for Average Calculation 
55 OHIRURP_ST_P4_004 S_AC0_52000704 Define Absences for Calculation of Average Employees 
56 OHIRURP_ST_P4_005 S_AC0_52000705 Determine OKVED Code for Employees 
57 OHIRURP_ST_P4_006 S_AC0_52000706 Check Staff Percentage 
58 OHIRURP_ST_P4_007 S_AC0_52000707 HR CIS Form for P-4 report 
59 OHIRURP_ST_P4_008 S_AC0_52000708 Enter OKVED Codes 
60 OHIRURP_ST_P4_009 S_AC0_52000709 Enter Data About Organization 
61 OHIRURP_ST_P4_010 S_L7D_24000894 BAdI: Additional Checks for Form P-4 
62 OHIRURP_ST_P4_011 S_L4H_49002828 Determine Special Parameters 
63 OHIRURP_ST_T1_001 S_L7D_24000891 Enter Variant and Fields for Statistical Report 
64 OHIRURP_ST_T1_002 S_L7D_24000893 Determine Working Conditions Environment 
65 OHIRURP_ST_T1_003 S_L7D_24000892 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
66 OHIRURP_ST_T1_004 S_L7D_24000890 Set Up DAQ Subapplication STAT 
67 OHIRURP_ST_T54_001 S_PR0_40000609 Determine Special Parameters 
68 OHIRURP_ST_T54_002 S_PR0_40000612 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Codes 
69 OHIRURP_ST_T54_003 S_PR0_40000613 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups 
70 OHIRURP_ST_T54_004 S_PR0_40000626 Create Personnel Categories 
71 OHIRUTL_BS_HRCIS_001 S_PCO_36000399 Customize Forms 
72 OHIRUTL_PA_KDDEL_001 S_PCO_36000392 KLADR - Delete 
73 OHIRUTL_PA_KLADR_001 S_PCO_36000061 Infotypes used for KLADR-Check 
74 OHIRUTL_PA_KLADR_002 S_PCO_36000396 KLADR - Check 
75 OHIRUTL_PA_OKSLD_001 S_AC0_52000710 Customizing OKIN Codes 
76 OHIRUTL_PA_OKSLD_002 S_AC0_52000711 Report's customizing data 
77 OHIRUTL_PA_OKSLD_003 S_AC0_52000712 OKSO File 
78 OHIRUTL_PA_OKSLD_004 S_PCO_36000398 Load OKSO Data 
79 OHIRU_BP_PA_VARP_001 S_AC0_52000203 Variant of Printing Order Report RU 
80 OHIRU_RP_PT_T13_001 S_AC0_52000668 Determine Special Parameters 
81 OHIRU_RP_PT_T13_002 S_AC0_52000669 Configure Representation of Working Time Schedule 
82 OHIRU_RP_PT_T13_003 S_AC0_52000670 Determine Default Conventional Notation 
83 OHIRU_RP_PT_T13_004 S_AC0_52000671 Form Customizing 
84 OHIRU_RP_PT_T6A_001 S_AC0_52000661 HR RU Forms 
85 OHIRU_RP_PT_T6A_002 S_AC0_52000662 Report Customizing Data 
86 OHIRU_RP_PT_T6A_003 S_AC0_52000663 Determine Vacation Type for Orders 
87 OHIRU_RP_PT_T6A_004 S_AC0_52000664 Variant of Printing Order Report RU 
88 OHIRU_RP_PT_T6_001 S_AC0_52000657 HR RU Forms 
89 OHIRU_RP_PT_T6_002 S_AC0_52000658 Report Customizing Data 
90 OHIRU_RP_PT_T6_003 S_AC0_52000659 Vacation Type for Orders (Russia) 
91 OHIRU_RP_PT_T6_004 S_AC0_52000660 Variant of Printing Order Report RU 
92 OHIRU_RP_PT_T7_001 S_AC0_52000665 Infotypes used for T-7 
93 OHIRU_RP_PT_T7_002 S_L7D_24000861 Determine Special Parameters 
94 OHIRU_RP_PT_T7_004 S_AC0_52000666 Form T-7 
95 OHIRU_RP_PT_T7_005 S_AC0_52000667 Determine Vacation Status 
96 OHIRU_TL_PA_KDLD_001 S_AC0_52000615 Determine Internet Reference to KLADR 
97 OHIRU_TL_PA_KDLD_002 S_PCO_36000397 KLADR - Load 
98 OHITH_1011 S_AHR_61007052 Define payment models 
99 OHITH_1012 S_AHR_61002872 Set pay periods 
100 OHITH_1013 S_AHR_61002875 Define employee groups 
101 OHITH_1014 S_AHR_61002774 Set default values for payment models 
102 OHITW1011 S_AHR_61002301 Define payment models 
103 OHITW1012 S_AHR_61002304 Set pay periods 
104 OHITW1013 S_AHR_61002375 Define employee groups 
105 OHITW1014 S_AHR_61002378 Set default values for payment models 
106 OHIU0063 S_AHR_61011640 State 
107 OHIU0068 S_AHR_61011420 Zip codes 
108 OHIU00771 S_AHR_61011393 Enter military status 
109 OHIU00772 S_AHR_61011378 Enter ethnic origin 
110 OHIU01070 S_AHR_61018900 Review EEO ethnic origin categories 
111 OHIU01071 S_AHR_61011493 Review EEO/AAP occupational categories 
112 OHIU01072 S_AHR_61011495 Maintain EEO Record for compliance as of 2007 
113 OHIU01073 S_AHR_61011485 Maintain EEO/VETS-100 reporting unit numbers 
114 OHIU01074 S_AHR_61011484 Maintain EEO/VETS-100 reporting units and addresses 
115 OHIU02162 S_AHR_61010344 Create Workers' Compensation 
116 OHIU02571 S_AHR_61011355 Record relevant grievance types 
117 OHIU02572 S_AHR_61011356 Enter grievance reasons 
118 OHIU02573 S_AHR_61011357 Record data for processing grievances 
119 OHIU0313 S_AHR_61011296 Bond denominations 
120 OHIU0604 S_AHR_61011606 Residence status 
121 OHIU0676 S_AHR_61011424 Define eligibility rules 
122 OHIU1010 S_PL0_09000176 Define Payment Models 
123 OHIU1011 S_AHR_61000204 Define Payment Models 
124 OHIU1012 S_AHR_61000205 Set Pay Periods 
125 OHIU1013 S_AHR_61000206 Define employee groups 
126 OHIU1014 S_AHR_61000208 Set default values for payt/dedctn schedules 
127 OHIU1015 S_AHR_61019337 Generate calendar for payment model 
128 OHIU536B S_AHR_61011419 Enter communication types 
129 OHIU5U13 S_AHR_61011491 Assign EEO/AAP occupational categories to jobs 
130 OHIURSX02 S_AHR_61011190 Set up integration 
131 OHIURSX03 S_AHR_61011191 Determine fields to be exported 
132 OHIURSX04 S_AHR_61011192 Determine fields to be imported 
133 OHIURSX05 S_AHR_61011193 Set up user interface 
134 OHIURSX06 S_AHR_61011194 Set up user interface 
135 OHIUS0100 S_L6B_69000296 Determine System Messages for Family/Related Person Infotype 
136 OHIUS1080 S_AHR_61011486 Modify and generate features for U.S. compliance reports 
137 OHIUS1085 S_AHR_61018901 Review SIC codes for EEO-1/VETS-100 
138 OHIUS1090 S_AHR_61018902 Maintain SIC codes and EIN/D&B numbers for EEO-1/VETS-100 
139 OHIUS1100 S_L6B_69000596 BAdI: OSHA Reporting 
140 OHIUSNAICS100 S_AL0_96000603 Maintain North American Industry Classifications 
141 OHIUSR600 S_AL0_96000713 Configure recruitment interface settings 
142 OHIUSR610 S_AL0_96000714 Define URL for Talent Relationship Management system 
143 OHIUSWC1010 S_AHR_61011527 Define workers' compensation classification codes 
144 OHIUSWC1022 S_AHR_61011530 Assign experience rate to WC code 
145 OHIUSWC1024 S_AHR_61011519 Assign manual rate and experience modifier 
146 OHIUSWC1030 S_AHR_61011520 Assign WC codes to organizational structures 
147 OHIUSWC1050 S_AHR_61011522 Assign wage limits for company officers 
148 OHIUSWC1060 S_AHR_61011523 Define state workers' compensation wage types 
149 OHIUSWC2010 S_AHR_61011538 Define standard occupational codes (Alaska only) 
150 OHIUSWC2020 S_AHR_61011539 Define area codes (Alaska only) 
151 OHIUSWC2030 S_AHR_61011540 Assign attributes to positions (WY, AK) 
152 OHIW0001 S_AHR_61010766 General Leave Analysis 
153 OHIW0002 S_AHR_61010585 Set Leave Entitlement 
154 OHIW1149 S_AHR_61010852 Maintain Tax Revenue Offices 
155 OHIW1151 S_AHR_61010711 Insurance/membership types 
156 OHIW1151B S_PH0_48000238 Setup wagetypes to subtypes 
157 OHIW2149 S_AHR_61010850 Maintain Tax Regions 
158 OHIW2150 S_AHR_61010678 Maintain Exemption Reasons for Social Insurance 
159 OHIW3150 S_AHR_61010675 Maintain Pension Funds 
160 OHIW4149 S_AHR_61011269 Maintain Tax Status 
161 OHIW4150 S_AHR_61010673 Maintain Medical Aid Insurances 
162 OHIW5149 S_AHR_61011270 Maintain Employment Indicators 
163 OHIW5150 S_AHR_61010638 Default values for Social Insurances 
164 OHIW6149 S_AHR_61011271 Maintain Tax Age Groups 
165 OHIW6150 S_AHR_61010641 Default values for Insurance Company and scheme 
166 OHIW7149 S_AHR_61011264 Default values for taxes 
167 OHIW8001 S_AHR_61011363 Upload CDV Information by a program 
168 OHIW8002 S_AHR_61011368 Maintain CDV Information manually 
169 OHIW8003 S_AHR_61011367 Maintain account number characteristics 
170 OHIW8004 S_AHR_61011354 Delete obsolete CDV Information 
171 OHIW8149 S_AHR_61011263 Maintain Tax Years 
172 OHIX0001 S_AHR_61011678 Define documentation language 
173 OHIX00010 S_AL0_96000804 Edit Context Authorization Main Switches 
174 OHIX0002 S_AHR_61011662 Define documentation language 
175 OHIX0003 S_AHR_61011224 Maintain authorizations 
176 OHIX0004 S_AHR_61011181 Maintain Profiles 
177 OHIX0005 S_AHR_61011187 Authorization for Batch Input Sessions 
178 OHIX0006 S_AHR_61011680 Maintain user parameters 
179 OHIX0007 S_AHR_61011182 Set Up Authorizations Based on Personnel Numbers 
180 OHIX0008 S_AHR_61011488 Set up organizational key 
181 OHIX0009 S_AHR_61011185 Create test procedures 
182 OHIX0010 S_AHR_61011669 Maintain number range intervals for personnel numbers 
183 OHIX0011 S_AHR_61011563 Determine defaults for number ranges 
184 OHIX0012 S_AHR_61011186 Assign infotypes to test procedures 
185 OHIX0013 S_AHR_61011548 Maintain search helps 
186 OHIX0013A S_L9C_94000460 Hide Free Search in Search Help 
187 OHIX0015 S_AHR_61011766 Set Up Optical Archiving in HR 
188 OHIX0016 S_AHR_61011691 Global settings for connecting the opt.archiving system 
189 OHIX0017 S_AHR_61011175 Set up change document 
190 OHIX0018 S_AHR_61011176 Log report starts 
191 OHIX0020 S_AHR_61011589 Create forms of address 
192 OHIX0021 S_AHR_61011593 Create name affixes 
193 OHIX0023 S_AHR_61011547 Create countries/countries of birth/nationalities 
194 OHIX0024 S_AHR_61011598 Create marital status 
195 OHIX0025 S_AHR_61011596 Create religious denomination 
196 OHIX0026 S_AHR_61011436 Define Name Format 
197 OHIX0026B S_AHR_61018766 Define Name Format (for Japan) 
198 OHIX0031 S_AHR_61011183 Maintain structural profiles 
199 OHIX0032 S_AHR_61011184 Assign structural authorizations 
200 OHIX0035 S_AHR_61011564 Define possible family members 
201 OHIX0036 S_AHR_61011178 Define events for customer-specific business objects 
202 OHIX0037 S_AHR_61011179 Redefine event types for SAP Business Objects 
203 OHIX0061 S_AHR_61011642 Create address types 
204 OHIX0068 S_AHR_61011427 Create bank connection types 
205 OHIX0069 S_AHR_61011433 Define payment method 
206 OHIX0070 S_AHR_61011432 Determine default payment method 
207 OHIX0093 S_AHR_61011455 Specify Examination Types 
208 OHIX0094 S_AHR_61011487 Define examination area 
209 OHIX0095 S_AHR_61011494 Define permissible values for examination area 
210 OHIX0096 S_AHR_61011492 Define examination results 
211 OHIX0099 S_AHR_61011473 Define employee attributes 
212 OHIX0101 S_AHR_61011481 Define international terms of employment 
213 OHIX0102 S_AHR_61011478 Create payroll area 
214 OHIX0102B S_AHR_61011479 Create payroll area 
215 OHIX0103 S_AHR_61011480 Check Default Payroll Area 
216 OHIX0105 S_AHR_61011490 Define positions 
217 OHIX0106 S_AHR_61011474 Define organizational units 
218 OHIX0107 S_AHR_61011475 Define jobs 
219 OHIX0108 S_AHR_61011489 Define administrator groups 
220 OHIX0109 S_AHR_61011454 Define administrator 
221 OHIX0113 S_AHR_61011482 Create control record 
222 OHIX0130 S_AHR_61010512 Define Break Schedules 
223 OHIX0131 S_AHR_61010505 Define Daily Work Schedules 
224 OHIX0132 S_AHR_61010508 Define Rules for Variants 
225 OHIX0134 S_AHR_61010484 Define Period Work Schedules 
226 OHIX0136 S_AHR_61010461 Define Selection Rules 
227 OHIX0137 S_AHR_61010458 Define Special Days 
228 OHIX0139 S_AHR_61010455 Define Employee Subgroup Groupings 
229 OHIX0140 S_AHR_61010481 Define Groupings for the Public Holiday Calendar 
230 OHIX0141 S_AHR_61010487 Group Personnel Subareas for the Work Schedule 
231 OHIX0142 S_AHR_61010478 Set Work Schedule Rules and Work Schedules 
232 OHIX0143 S_AHR_61010475 Generate Work Schedules Manually 
233 OHIX0144 S_AHR_61010472 Generate Work Schedules in Batch 
234 OHIX0145 S_AHR_61010571 Set Which Hour Fields Are Entry Fields 
235 OHIX0147 S_AHR_61010470 Set Default Value for the Work Schedule 
236 OHIX0148 S_AHR_61010567 Define Personnel Subareas for Substitution Types 
237 OHIX0149 S_AHR_61010576 Define Substitution Types 
238 OHIX0161 S_AHR_61010578 Group Personnel Subareas for Leave Types 
239 OHIX0162 S_AHR_61010586 Define Leave Types 
240 OHIX0165 S_AHR_61010543 Group Personnel Subareas for Absence Counting 
241 OHIX0166 S_AHR_61010583 Set Start of Leave Year 
242 OHIX0167 S_AHR_61011430 Specify working hours fixed by collective agreement 
243 OHIX0171 S_AHR_61010584 Set Default Values for Leave Control 
244 OHIX0177 S_AHR_61010712 Group Employee Subgroups for Time Quotas 
245 OHIX0178 S_AHR_61010727 Group Personnel Subareas for Time Quotas 
246 OHIX0179 S_AHR_61010718 Define Absence Quota Types 
247 OHIX0181 S_AHR_61010639 Allow Manual Leave Deduction 
248 OHIX0182 S_AHR_61010643 Control Leave Deduction 
249 OHIX0183 S_AHR_61010572 Define Absence Types 
250 OHIX0184 S_AHR_61010600 Specify System Reaction to Overlapping Time Infotypes 
251 OHIX0185 S_AHR_61010331 Define Counting Rules for Quota Type 99 
252 OHIX0186 S_AHR_61010324 Determine Daily Work Schedule Variants for Absence 
253 OHIX0187 S_AHR_61010556 Define Rules for Rounding Counted Absences 
254 OHIX0188 S_AHR_61010552 Define Counting Rules 
255 OHIX0189 S_AHR_61010335 Link Absences to Additional Absence Data 
256 OHIX0190 S_AHR_61010348 Define Types of Additional Absence Data 
257 OHIX0191 S_AHR_61010339 Define Events for Absence Data 
258 OHIX0192 S_AHR_61010328 Assign Counting Rules to Absence Types 
259 OHIX0193 S_AHR_61010521 Group Employee Subgroups for Time Quotas 
260 OHIX0194 S_AHR_61010561 Group Personnel Subareas for Time Quotas 
261 OHIX0221 S_AHR_61010715 Define Attendance Quota Types 
262 OHIX0224 S_AHR_61010420 Define Types of Overtime Compensation 
263 OHIX0225 S_AHR_61010425 Define Attendance Types 
264 OHIX0227 S_AHR_61010363 Set Counting of Attendance Days 
265 OHIX0228 S_AHR_61010400 Set Indicators for the Personal Calendar 
266 OHIX0229 S_AHR_61010358 Set Daily Work Schedule Variant for Attendance 
267 OHIX0230 S_AHR_61010390 Define Types of Overtime Compensation 
268 OHIX0233 S_AHR_61010380 Group Personnel Subareas for Availability Types 
269 OHIX0234 S_AHR_61010577 Define Availability Types 
270 OHIX0235 S_AHR_61010706 Determine Daily Work Schedules for Availability 
271 OHIX0236 S_AHR_61010703 Define Work Schedule Rules for Availability 
272 OHIX0239 S_AHR_61011383 Define contract types 
273 OHIX0240 S_AHR_61011384 Determine periods of notice 
274 OHIX0241 S_AHR_61011373 Create corporation 
275 OHIX0242 S_AHR_61011608 Create units of time/measurement 
276 OHIX0243 S_AHR_61011374 Determine default contract elements 
277 OHIX0246 S_AHR_61011394 Define validation against Asset Accounting 
278 OHIX0247 S_AHR_61011397 Define validation against Asset Accounting 
279 OHIX0248 S_AHR_61011395 Define objects on loan 
280 OHIX0249 S_AHR_61011423 Refine reclassification conditions 
281 OHIX0250 S_AHR_61011425 Define Rules For Determining Time Worked 
282 OHIX0251 S_AHR_61011426 Develop enhancement for filling of variable balances 
283 OHIX0252 S_AHR_61011387 Determine functions 
284 OHIX0254 S_AHR_61011388 Define powers of attorney 
285 OHIX0256 S_AHR_61011390 Determine instruction types 
286 OHIX0260 S_AHR_61011369 Define EE Subgroup Grouping for PCR and Coll.Agrmt.Prov. 
287 OHIX0261 S_AHR_61011370 Pay Scale Conversion for Basic Pay 
288 OHIX0262 S_AHR_61011372 Check Pay Scale Type 
289 OHIX0263 S_AHR_61011361 Check Pay Scale Area 
290 OHIX0264 S_AHR_61011362 Check Assignment of Pay Scale Structure to Enterprise Structure 
291 OHIX0265 S_AHR_61011364 Determine default for pay scale data 
292 OHIX0266 S_AHR_61011398 Revise Pay Scale Groups and Levels 
293 OHIX0267 S_AHR_61011431 Check Pay Scale Reclassification Based on Master Data 
294 OHIX0268A S_AHR_61011428 Increase wage type to an absolute amount 
295 OHIX0268B S_AHR_61011441 Increase total basic pay to an absolute amount 
296 OHIX0268C S_AHR_61011442 Increase by a difference 
297 OHIX0268F S_AHR_61011443 Valuate using other pay scale group 
298 OHIX0268G S_AHR_61011444 Insert new wage type 
299 OHIX0268H S_AHR_61011445 Restrict time period for existing wage type 
300 OHIX0268I S_AHR_61011446 Replace existing wage type with another 
301 OHIX0271 S_AHR_61011437 Create wage type catalog 
302 OHIX0271A S_AHR_61011439 Check wage type text 
303 OHIX0271B S_AHR_61011438 Check wage type group 'Basic Pay' 
304 OHIX0272 S_AHR_61011440 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
305 OHIX0273 S_AHR_61011405 Check wage type characteristics 
306 OHIX0274 S_AHR_61011406 Employee Subgroups for Primary Wage Type 
307 OHIX0275 S_AHR_61011407 Personnel Subareas for Primary Wage Type 
308 OHIX0276 S_AHR_61011409 Define Wage Type Permissibility for each PS and ESG 
309 OHIX0277 S_AHR_61011400 Define valuation of base wage types 
310 OHIX0278 S_AHR_61011410 Enterprise Structure for Wage Type Model 
311 OHIX0279 S_AHR_61011399 Revise Default Wage Types 
312 OHIX0280 S_AHR_61011371 Define reason for change 
313 OHIX0280E S_AHR_61011673 Define reason for change 
314 OHIX0280W S_AHR_61011686 Define reason for change 
315 OHIX0281 S_AHR_61011434 Define pay scale reclassification based on hours worked 
316 OHIX0281A S_AHR_61011639 Define annual salary 
317 OHIX0282 S_AHR_61011401 Determine indirect valuation for positions/work centers 
318 OHIX0286 S_AHR_61011682 Create wage type catalog 
319 OHIX0286A S_AHR_61011684 Check wage type text 
320 OHIX0286B S_AHR_61011683 Check wage type group 'Recurring Payments and Deductions' 
321 OHIX0286C S_AHR_61011681 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
322 OHIX0286D S_AHR_61011687 Check wage type characteristics 
323 OHIX0286E S_AHR_61011666 Define Wage Type Permissibility for each PS and ESG 
324 OHIX0286F S_AHR_61011679 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage type 
325 OHIX0286G S_AHR_61011665 Define personnel subarea grouping for primary wage type 
326 OHIX0286J S_AHR_61011663 Define periodicities 
327 OHIX0286K S_AHR_61011674 Define deduction periods 
328 OHIX0286L S_AHR_61011675 Define employee groups 
329 OHIX0286M S_AHR_61011676 Specify default values 
330 OHIX0287 S_AHR_61011565 Create wage type catalog 
331 OHIX0287A S_AHR_61011559 Check wage type text 
332 OHIX0287B S_AHR_61011566 Check wage type group 'Additional Payments' 
333 OHIX0287C S_AHR_61011560 Check Entry Permissibility for Additional Payments 
334 OHIX0287D S_AHR_61011561 Check wage type characteristics 
335 OHIX0287E S_AHR_61011578 Define Wage Type Permissibility for each PS and ESG 
336 OHIX0287F S_AHR_61011569 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage type 
337 OHIX0287G S_AHR_61011577 Define personnel subarea grouping for primary wage type 
338 OHIX0288 S_AHR_61011580 Create wage type catalog 
339 OHIX0288A S_AHR_61011583 Check wage type text 
340 OHIX0288B S_AHR_61011581 Check wage type group 'Employee Remuneration Information' 
341 OHIX0288C S_AHR_61011584 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
342 OHIX0288D S_AHR_61011595 Check wage type characteristics 
343 OHIX0288E S_AHR_61011590 Define Wage Type Permissibility for each PS and ESG 
344 OHIX0288F S_AHR_61011597 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage type 
345 OHIX0288G S_AHR_61011599 Define personnel subarea grouping for primary wage type 
346 OHIX0289 S_AHR_61011546 Create wage type catalog 
347 OHIX0289A S_AHR_61011570 Check wage type text 
348 OHIX0289B S_AHR_61011545 Check wage type group 'Leave Compensation' 
349 OHIX0289C S_AHR_61011576 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
350 OHIX0289D S_AHR_61011562 Check wage type characteristics 
351 OHIX0289E S_AHR_61011672 Define Wage Type Permissibility for each PS and ESG 
352 OHIX0289F S_AHR_61011568 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage type 
353 OHIX0289G S_AHR_61011567 Define personnel subarea grouping for primary wage type 
354 OHIX0290 S_AHR_61011667 Define wage type models 
355 OHIX0291 S_AHR_61011661 Create wage type catalog 
356 OHIX0291A S_AHR_61011688 Check wage type text 
357 OHIX0291B S_AHR_61011659 Check wage type group 'Wage Maintenance' 
358 OHIX0291C S_AHR_61011630 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
359 OHIX0291D S_AHR_61011622 Check wage type characteristics 
360 OHIX0291E S_AHR_61011623 Define Wage Type Permissibility for each PS and ESG 
361 OHIX0291F S_AHR_61011627 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage type 
362 OHIX0291G S_AHR_61011625 Define personnel subarea grouping for primary wage type 
363 OHIX0292 S_AHR_61011579 Define wage type models 
364 OHIX0293 S_AHR_61010989 Create wage type catalog 
365 OHIX0293A S_AHR_61010991 Check wage type text 
366 OHIX0293B S_AHR_61010990 Check wage type group 'External Bank Transfer' 
367 OHIX0293C S_AHR_61010992 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
368 OHIX0293D S_AHR_61010979 Check wage type characteristics 
369 OHIX0293E S_AHR_61010982 Define Wage Type Permissibility for each PS and ESG 
370 OHIX0293F S_AHR_61010980 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage type 
371 OHIX0293G S_AHR_61010981 Define personnel subarea grouping for primary wage type 
372 OHIX0294 S_AHR_61011007 Create wage type catalog 
373 OHIX0294A S_AHR_61011013 Check wage type text 
374 OHIX0294B S_AHR_61011010 Check wage type group 'Membership Fees' 
375 OHIX0294C S_AHR_61010994 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
376 OHIX0294D S_AHR_61010995 Check wage type characteristics 
377 OHIX0294E S_AHR_61010998 Define Wage Type Permissibility for each PS and ESG 
378 OHIX0294F S_AHR_61010996 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage type 
379 OHIX0294G S_AHR_61010997 Define personnel subarea grouping for primary wage type 
380 OHIX0305 S_AHR_61011592 Group personnel subareas for premiums 
381 OHIX0306 S_AHR_61011594 Determine premiums 
382 OHIX0308 S_PH0_48000091 Define Overtime Compensation Type for EE Remuneration Info 
383 OHIX0310 S_AHR_61011653 Define wage maintenance types 
384 OHIX0322 S_AHR_61010983 Define payee key 
385 OHIX0323 S_AHR_61010985 Define permissibility of payee key 
386 OHIX0324 S_AHR_61011297 Create wage type catalog 
387 OHIX0325 S_AHR_61011002 Define types 
388 OHIX0325A S_AHR_61011305 Check wage type group 'Bond Purchases' 
389 OHIX0326 S_L9C_94000148 Define Default for Membership Fees 
390 OHIX0327 S_AHR_61011313 Check wage type text 
391 OHIX0328 S_AHR_61011314 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
392 OHIX0329 S_AHR_61011315 Check wage type characteristics 
393 OHIX0330 S_AHR_61010952 Determine payee 
394 OHIX0331 S_AHR_61010954 Determine allowed payees per membership type 
395 OHIX0331C S_AHR_61010956 Define periodicities 
396 OHIX0331D S_AHR_61010957 Define deduction periods 
397 OHIX0331E S_AHR_61010959 Define employee groups 
398 OHIX0331F S_AHR_61010962 Specify default values 
399 OHIX0400 S_AHR_61011212 Create communication types 
400 OHIX0401 S_AHR_61011693 Create system user names 
401 OHIX0473 S_AHR_61011236 Group personnel areas for appraisals 
402 OHIX0474 S_AHR_61011237 Group employee subgroups for appraisals 
403 OHIX0475 S_AHR_61011238 Assign appraisal criteria to ESGs and PAs 
404 OHIX0476 S_AHR_61011239 Define the valuation constants which affect wage types 
405 OHIX0477 S_AHR_61011247 Define valuation constants for groups 
406 OHIX0497 S_AHR_61011346 Create a loan type 
407 OHIX0498 S_AHR_61011347 Assign Repayment Type 
408 OHIX0499 S_AHR_61011348 Create loan terms 
409 OHIX0569 S_AHR_61011162 Determine Task Type 
410 OHIX0571 S_AHR_61011163 Define date type 
411 OHIX0572 S_AHR_61011164 Determine default date specification 
412 OHIX0574 S_AHR_61011165 Define type of statistic 
413 OHIX0575 S_AHR_61011166 Define statistics 
414 OHIX0581 S_AHR_61011126 Define rounding rule 
415 OHIX0606 S_AHR_61011141 Create education establishment types 
416 OHIX0607 S_AHR_61011142 Define Education/Training 
417 OHIX0608 S_AHR_61011143 Create education/training categories 
418 OHIX0609 S_AHR_61011144 Assign education/training to education/training categories 
419 OHIX0610 S_AHR_61011134 Create educational certificates 
420 OHIX0611 S_AHR_61011135 Determine permissible certificates for education type 
421 OHIX0612 S_AHR_61011136 Create branches of study 
422 OHIX0613 S_AHR_61011137 Determine permissible branches of study for education type 
423 OHIX0615 S_AHR_61011138 Create qualifications 
424 OHIX0617 S_AHR_61011210 Create employer's industry sector 
425 OHIX0618 S_AHR_61011211 Create activities in employment 
426 OHIX0619 S_AHR_61019248 Work Contracts from Other Employers 
427 OHIX0621 S_AHR_61011208 Set up infotype menu for fast data entry 
428 OHIX0623 S_AHR_61011216 Copy default values for infotypes 
429 OHIX06231 S_AHR_61011215 Define fields relevant for retroactive accounting 
430 OHIX06232 S_AHR_61011204 Assign infotype views 
431 OHIX06233 S_AHR_61011203 Define enhancements for infotypes 
432 OHIX06234 S_AHR_61011205 Assign infotypes to countries 
433 OHIX0624 S_AHR_61011435 Assign Name Formatting to Programs 
434 OHIX0625 S_AHR_61011213 Infotypes 
435 OHIX0626 S_AHR_61011206 Infotype Menu 
436 OHIX0627 S_AHR_61011207 Determine choice of infotype menus 
437 OHIX0628 S_AHR_61011214 Define reason for change 
438 OHIX0629 S_AHR_61011226 Create reasons for personnel actions 
439 OHIX0630 S_AHR_61011217 Create customer-specific status 
440 OHIX0631 S_AHR_61011209 Define infogroups 
441 OHIX0632 S_AHR_61011228 Change action menu 
442 OHIX0633 S_PH0_48000224 Set Up Workflow-Connection for Country Reassignments 
443 OHIX0634 S_AHR_61011230 Dynamic Actions 
444 OHIX0635 S_AHR_61011220 Change Screen Header 
445 OHIX0636 S_AHR_61011221 Change Screen Modifications 
446 OHIX0639 S_AHR_61011222 Determine screen control for foreign address 
447 OHIX0640 S_PH0_48000470 BAdI: Set Up Check for Fast Entry of Actions 
448 OHIX0645 S_AHR_61010610 Permit Integration for Infotypes 
449 OHIX0646 S_AHR_61009279 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
450 OHIX0647 S_AHR_61011225 Set up personnel actions 
451 OHIX0649 S_AHR_61010257 Specify Controlling Objects Permitted 
452 OHIX0650 S_AHR_61010605 Permit Cost Assignment for Infotypes 
453 OHIX0651 S_AHR_61011235 Determine appraisals feature 
454 OHIX0653 S_AHR_61009250 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
455 OHIX0655 S_AHR_61009256 Specify Controlling Objects Permitted 
456 OHIX0656 S_AHR_61009265 Permit Activity Allocation for Infotypes 
457 OHIX0660 S_AHR_61009285 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
458 OHIX0661 S_AHR_61009242 Check Number Range for Transfer 
459 OHIX0662 S_AHR_61009291 Specify Objects Permitted 
460 OHIX0663 S_AHR_61009300 Permit External Services for Infotype 
461 OHIX0664 S_AHR_61009191 Specify Wage Types Permitted 
462 OHIX0666 S_AHR_61009315 Check Number Range for Transfer 
463 OHIX0667 S_AHR_61009467 Create Number Range for Time Events and Acct Assignment Data 
464 OHIX0668 S_AHR_61009308 Schedule Data Transfer to Activity Allocation 
465 OHIX0669 S_AHR_61009198 Maintain Time Evaluation Schema 
466 OHIX0670 S_AHR_61011658 Determine characteristics of wage maintenance types 
467 OHIX0671 S_AHR_61011655 Define wage types of the wage maintenance types 
468 OHIX0672 S_AHR_61009230 Maintain Subscreens for Controlling Objects 
469 OHIX0680 S_AHR_61010616 Specify Information on Availability 
470 OHIX0681 S_AHR_61011231 Define conditions for sending mail 
471 OHIX0682 S_AHR_61011218 Define mail attributes 
472 OHIX0683 S_AHR_61011219 Create standard texts for mail connection 
473 OHIX0684 S_AHR_61011223 Determine screen control for cost distribution 
474 OHIX0685 S_PH0_48000466 Change Fast Entry of Actions 
475 OHIX0687 S_AHR_61011199 Allow integration for infotypes 
476 OHIX0688 S_AHR_61011200 Define Permissible Controlling Objects 
477 OHIX0689 S_AHR_61011201 Maintain feature for object selection 
478 OHIX0690 S_AHR_61011202 Define permissible Funds Management objects 
479 OHIX0691 S_AHR_61011189 Maintain feature for object selection 
480 OHIX0700 S_AHR_61008933 Create Number Range for Time Events and Acct Assignment Data 
481 OHIX0701 S_AHR_61010454 Create InfoSets for HR 
482 OHIX0702 S_AHR_61010386 Assign Additional Table Fields to New Functional Areas 
483 OHIX0703 S_AHR_61010391 Define Additional Fields 
484 OHIX0770 S_AHR_61011198 Set up integration with Recruitment 
485 OHIX0777 S_PH0_48000302 Set Up Workflow-Connection for Country Reassignments 
486 OHIX0778 S_PL0_86000159 Use of IBAN in Personnel Management 
487 OHIX1000 S_AHR_61010530 Define Counting Classes for the Period Work Schedule 
488 OHIX1003 S_AHR_61010516 Group Personnel Subareas for the Daily Work Schedule 
489 OHIX1004 S_AHR_61010464 Define Day Types 
490 OHIX1005 S_AHR_61010575 Set Defaults for Substitution Types 
491 OHIX1007 S_AHR_61010493 Define Public Holiday Classes 
492 OHIX1177 S_AHR_61010722 Create Number Range Intervals 
493 OHIX1183 S_AHR_61010573 Group Personnel Subareas for Attendances and Absences 
494 OHIX1671 S_AHR_61010395 Create Report Categories 
495 OHIX1672 S_AHR_61010402 Assign Report Categories 
496 OHIX1673 S_AHR_61010407 Set Flow Control for the Logical PNP Database 
497 OHIX2000 S_AHR_61010320 Define Indicators for the Personal Calendar 
498 OHIX2020 S_AHR_61010538 Determine Entry Screens and Time Constraint Classes 
499 OHIX2021 S_AHR_61010415 Determine Entry Screens and Time Constraint Classes 
500 OHIX510N S_AHR_61011429 Define pay scale salary ranges