SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 31
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHIXALCUR S_AHR_61011366 Define hourly rates with several decimal places 
2 OHIXCUR00 S_AHR_61011558 Determine currencies 
3 OHIXEXPAT001 S_AHR_61011470 Maintain external personnel areas 
4 OHIXEXPAT002 S_AHR_61011471 Maintain external personnel subareas 
5 OHIXEXPAT003 S_AHR_61011460 Maintain external work contract 
6 OHIXEXPAT005 S_AHR_61011462 Maintain external administrator group/administrator 
7 OHIXEXPAT006 S_AHR_61011464 Maintain status of overseas assignment 
8 OHIXHRPAD00INFTYBL S_P7H_77000069 Notes on Implementation 
9 OHIXIAC001 S_AHR_61011195 Who's Who (ESS): Determine Document Type 
10 OHIXIAC0010 S_P7H_77000023 Who's Who (ESS): Determine Document Type 
11 OHIXIAC002 S_AHR_61016885 Who's Who (ESS): Selection and Output (PZ01) 
12 OHIXIAC0020 S_P7H_77000022 Who's Who (ESS): Selection and Output 
13 OHIXIAC005 S_AHR_61019106 Who's Who (ESS): Refine Employee Search 
14 OHIXIAC0050 S_P7H_77000025 Who's Who (ESS): Refine Employee Search 
15 OHIXIAC010 S_AEN_10000085 Who's Who (ESS): Maintain Settings 
16 OHIXIAC0100 S_P7H_77000024 Who's Who (ESS): Maintain Settings 
17 OHIXIAC500 S_AEN_10000082 Edit ESS Settings 
18 OHIXIAC_EXIT01 S_AHR_61019017 ESS Customer Enhancements 
19 OHIXINDVAL01 S_PH9_46000179 Create Indirect Valuation Module 
20 OHIXINDVAL02 S_PH9_46000530 BAdI: Maintain Indirect Valuation Module 
21 OHIXLGART001 S_AHR_61011689 Create wage types using prototypes 
22 OHIXLGART002 S_AHR_61011690 Create wage types using wage type catalogs 
23 OHIXLGART003 S_AHR_61011161 Copy prototype wage types 
24 OHIXP0402_01 S_AHR_61010423 Set Up Payroll Infotypes 
25 OHIXP0402_02 S_AHR_61010413 Define Evaluation Wage Types 
26 OHIXP0402_03 S_AHR_61010418 Assign Wage Types 
27 OHIXP0402_04 S_AHR_61010427 Set Up Assignment to Payroll 
28 OHIXP3701 S_AHR_61010993 Create insurance types 
29 OHIXP3702 S_AHR_61011001 Create insurance companies 
30 OHIXQUOTACOMP00 S_AHR_61010591 Create Wage Type Catalog 
31 OHIXQUOTACOMP01 S_AHR_61010590 Check Wage Type Group 'Time Quota Compensation' 
32 OHIXQUOTACOMP03 S_AHR_61010589 Check Wage Type Text 
33 OHIXQUOTACOMP04 S_AHR_61010588 Check Permissibility of Entries for Each Infotype 
34 OHIXQUOTACOMP05 S_AHR_61010599 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
35 OHIXQUOTACOMP06 S_AHR_61010598 Define Employee Subgroup Grouping for Primary Wage Type 
36 OHIXQUOTACOMP07 S_AHR_61010597 Define Personnel Subarea Grouping for Primary Wage Type 
37 OHIXQUOTACOMP08 S_AHR_61010596 Specify Wage Types Permitted for Each PSG and ESG 
38 OHIXQUOTACOMP10 S_AHR_61010593 Define Time Quota Compensation Methods 
39 OHIXT588AUTO_TAB_MAP S_P7H_77000068 Configure Screen Structures for Repeat Fields 
40 OHIXT77S0 S_AHR_61011587 Switch off personnel number check 
41 OHIXU510F S_AHR_61011365 Set up payroll period for collective agreement provision 
42 OHIXWFAC S_AHR_61011177 Activate event linkage 
43 OHIXXCPIND01 S_PH9_46000683 Change Remuneration Type Default 
44 OHIXXCPIND02 S_PH9_46000684 Copy Wage Type Used for Determining Total Salary 
45 OHIXXCPIND03 S_PH9_46000685 Change default salary sum wage type 
46 OHIXXCPIND04 S_PH9_46000686 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
47 OHIXXCPIND05 S_PH9_46000687 Assign Wage Types Used for Determining Total Salary 
48 OHIXXCPIND06 S_PH9_46000688 Check Number of Periods 
49 OHIXXFEATPAYSI S_AHR_61011738 Maintain payroll simulation feature 
50 OHIXXT77S0_AUTSW S_AHR_61011799 Maintain Authorization Main Switches 
51 OHIXXT77S0_AUTSW_CON S_AL0_96000805 Edit Context Authorization Main Switches 
52 OHIX_COMPCAR_000 S_AHR_61011168 Input Existing Company Car 
53 OHIX_COMPCAR_001 S_AHR_61011169 Input Existing Company Car (Sweden Only) 
54 OHIX_COMPCAR_01 S_PL0_09000288 Car Unavailability Reasons 
55 OHIX_COMPCAR_111 S_AHR_61011170 Define Periodicities 
56 OHIX_COMPCAR_112 S_AHR_61011171 Define Deduction Periods 
57 OHIX_COMPCAR_120 S_AHR_61011172 Define Employee Groups 
58 OHIX_COMPCAR_200 S_AHR_61011173 Automatic Calculation of Imputed Income 
59 OHIX_COMPCAR_300 S_AHR_61011174 Customer Enhancement (User Exit) 
60 OHIX_DECOUPLED_ITFW S_P7H_77000058 Configure Infotypes for HR Master Data Maintenance 
61 OHIX_HRPAD00INFTYUI S_P7H_77000072 Notes on Implementation 
62 OHIX_OOPADCE_PCUI S_P7H_77000059 Use Decoupled and Not Decoupled IT Framework 
63 OHIX_PM01 S_P7H_77000057 Create Infotype 
64 OHIX_T582ITD S_P7H_77000062 Assign Dialog Modules for HR Master Data Maintenance 
65 OHIX_T582ITVCHCK S_P7H_77000061 Assign Check Classes for Infotype Versions 
66 OHIX_T582ITVCLAS S_P7H_77000060 Assign Check Classes and Define Permissibility 
67 OHIX_T588AUTO_TEXT S_P7H_77000066 SAP: Configure Screen Structure Text Fields 
68 OHIX_T588AUTO_TEXTC S_P7H_77000067 Customer: Configure Screen Structure Text Fields 
69 OHIX_T588MFPROPC S_P7H_77000064 Customer: Define Field Characteristics 
70 OHIX_T588MFPROPS S_P7H_77000063 SAP: Define Field Characteristics 
71 OHIX_T588UICONVCLAS S_P7H_77000065 Assign Screen Structure and Conversion Class 
72 OHIZAAGE02 S_AHR_61011272 Default Values for Age Letter Reminder 
73 OHIZAAGE03 S_AHR_61011274 Default Values for Technical Date of Birth 
74 OHIZAAGE04 S_AHR_61011262 Generate Age Letter Reminder 
75 OHIZAAGE05 S_AHR_61011273 Maintain Default Values for Age Letter Reminder 
76 OHIZAAGE06 S_AHR_61011275 Maintain Default Values for Technical Birth Date 
77 OHIZA_IT010 S_AHR_61011616 Activate/Deactivate ID Number Check 
78 OHIZA_MA001 S_PH9_46000230 Maintain Payment Models for Medical Aid 
79 OHIZA_MA002 S_PH9_46000231 Execute Medical Aid Scheme Conversion Report 
80 OHI_BR_DOC001 S_L6B_69000077 Configurar subtipos do infotipo "Documentos" 
81 OHI_RESSTATNL_010 S_L4H_49002734 Create Subtype of the Residence Status (0048) Infotype 
82 OHI_RESSTATNL_020 S_L4H_49002735 Define Eliigibility of Subtypes of the Residence Status (0048) Infotype 
83 OHI_RESSTATNL_030 S_L4H_49002736 Define Reasons for Residence Permit 
84 OHI_WORKPERMNL_010 S_L4H_49002737 Create Identification Document Type 
85 OHI_WORKPERMNL_020 S_L4H_49002738 Define Type of Work Permit 
86 OHJI0138 S_AHR_61016767 Create wage type catalog 
87 OHL002 S_AHR_61010137 Validate Group Number 
88 OHL006 S_AHR_61010147 Set User Parameters 
89 OHL009 S_AHR_61010090 Maintain Parameters for Incentive Wages 
90 OHL010 S_AHR_61010085 Maintain Transaction Parameters 
91 OHL011 S_AHR_61010118 Create User Exits 
92 OHL013 S_AHR_61010123 Create Groups 
93 OHL015 S_AHR_61010140 Create Time Ticket Types 
94 OHL016 S_AHR_61010080 Define Entry Screens 
95 OHL017 S_AHR_61010075 Maintain Assignment of Recording Wage Types in Time Ticket Types 
96 OHL018 S_AHR_61010063 Create Premium Formula 
97 OHL019 S_AHR_61010046 Set Cumulation Rules for Employees 
98 OHL020 S_AHR_61010038 Set Cumulation Rules for Groups 
99 OHL021 S_AHR_61010070 Create Parameters 
100 OHL022 S_AHR_61009997 Assign Parameters to Premium Formula 
101 OHL024 S_AHR_61010057 Create Result Types 
102 OHL026 S_AHR_61010014 Define Step Functions 
103 OHL027 S_AHR_61010129 Set Calculation Rules 
104 OHL043 S_AHR_61010104 Set Grouping for Earliest Recalculation Date 
105 OHL044 S_AHR_61010096 Set Earliest Recalculation Date for Incentive Wages 
106 OHL051 S_AHR_61010021 Determine List Screens 
107 OHL052 S_AHR_61010109 Maintain Integration Parameters 
108 OHL057 S_AHR_61010007 Create Wage Type Catalog 
109 OHL058 S_AHR_61009992 Check Wage Type Text 
110 OHL059 S_AHR_61009982 Check Assignment for Recording Wage Type Group 
111 OHL062 S_AHR_61010029 Check Payroll Procedure 
112 OHL090 S_AHR_61010113 Enhanced Integration with Logistics 
113 OHL100 S_AHR_61018662 Specify Employee Subgroups for Participation in Incentive Wages 
114 OHP4_0185 S_AHR_61005147 Specify plan version for Room Reservation Management 
115 OHP4_0190 S_AHR_61005035 Cost Accounting 
116 OHP4_0200 S_AHR_61007332 Activate Mail Connection 
117 OHP4_0230 S_AHR_61005124 Create Building Address 
118 OHP4_0240 S_AHR_61007340 Create Organizational Unit 
119 OHP4_0250 S_AHR_61005115 Create Room Equipment 
120 OHP4_0251 S_AHR_61005110 Create Service 
121 OHP4_0252 S_AHR_61005120 Create Location 
122 OHP4_0253 S_AHR_61005117 Create Room 
123 OHP4_0260 S_AHR_61005127 Define Reservation Type 
124 OHP4_0270 S_AHR_61005105 Define Lunch Times 
125 OHP4_0300 S_AHR_61007365 Attendee Checks 
126 OHP4_0320 S_AHR_61005150 Specify Initial Objects 
127 OHP4_0330 S_AHR_61005129 Allowed Attendee/Moderator Types 
128 OHP4_0340 S_AHR_61007367 Check Path Individual Attendee - Attendee 
129 OHP4_0360 S_AHR_61005099 Print Name Tags 
130 OHP7_0010 S_AHR_61007651 Define Financial Year 
131 OHP7_0020 S_AHR_61007647 Define Budget Currency 
132 OHP7_0030 S_AHR_61007556 Maintain Names of Budget Units 
133 OHP7_0050 S_AHR_61007561 Define Budget Structure Element Types 
134 OHP7_0070 S_AHR_61007535 Define Special Pay Scale Groups 
135 OHP7_0130 S_AHR_61007548 Define Financing Types for Each Object Type 
136 OHP7_0170 S_AHR_61007551 Define How Absences Are Handled 
137 OHP7_0180 S_AHR_61007590 Define Default Values for Budget Structure Element Names 
138 OHP7_0190 S_AHR_61007591 Maintain Overall Budget Carryforward 
139 OHP7_0195 S_AHR_61007592 Set Up FTE Limit Groups 
140 OHP7_0198 S_AHR_61007593 Define Career Groups 
141 OHP7_0199 S_AHR_61007594 Assign Career Groups to Specific Pay Scale Groups 
142 OHP7_0200 S_AHR_61007542 Define Values for Pay Scale Classifications 
143 OHP7_0202 S_AHR_61007543 Maintain All Values 
144 OHP7_0219 S_AHR_61007562 Define Budget Updates 
145 OHP7_0220 S_AHR_61007563 Assign Budget Updates to Specific Budget Structure Element Types 
146 OHP7_0229 S_AHR_61007566 Define Budgeting Rules 
147 OHP7_0230 S_AHR_61007570 Assign Budgeting Rules to Specific Budget Structure Element Types 
148 OHP7_0234 S_AHR_61007575 Define Reclassification Rules 
149 OHP7_0235 S_AHR_61007553 Assign Reclassification Rules to Specific BS Element Types 
150 OHP7_0260 S_AHR_61007538 Define Dynamic Name of Pay Scale Group 
151 OHP7_0265 S_AHR_61007577 Customer Enhancements 
152 OHP7_0270 S_AHR_61007596 Maintain Display of BAT Part for Positions 
153 OHP7_0300 S_AHR_61007595 Define System Reactions for Staffing of Positions 
154 OHP7_0310 S_AHR_61007550 Define System Reactions for Financing 
155 OHP7_0350 S_AHR_61007597 Define Default Values for Mandatory Teaching Hours 
156 OHP7_0360 S_AHR_61007589 Define Reasons for Reducing Teaching Hours for Positions 
157 OHP7_0370 S_AHR_61007635 Maintain Object Types 
158 OHP7_0390 S_AHR_61007637 Set Up Number Assignment for All Plan Versions 
159 OHP7_0400 S_AHR_61007638 Maintain Number Ranges 
160 OHP7_0410 S_AHR_61007642 Customer Enhancements (User Exits) 
161 OHP7_0430 S_AHR_61007643 Maintain Infotypes 
162 OHP7_0440 S_AHR_61007598 Maintain User-Defined Settings for Infotypes 
163 OHP7_0450 S_AHR_61007599 Maintain Country-Specific Infotypes 
164 OHP7_0470 S_AHR_61007604 Maintain Subtypes 
165 OHP7_0480 S_AHR_61007606 Create Relationships 
166 OHP7_0490 S_AHR_61007613 Define Time Constraint Depending on Target Object Type 
167 OHP7_0500 S_AHR_61007614 Maintain Evaluation Paths 
168 OHP7_0520 S_AHR_61007615 Maintain Sequence of Languages Available 
169 OHP7_0540 S_AHR_61007660 Maintain Authorizations 
170 OHP7_0550 S_AHR_61007664 Maintain Profiles 
171 OHP7_0570 S_AHR_61007644 Maintain Profiles for Structural Authorization 
172 OHP7_0580 S_AHR_61007648 Assign Structural Authorizations 
173 OHP7_0590 S_AHR_61007650 Save User Data in SAP Memory 
174 OHP7_0610 S_AHR_61007655 Check Consistency of Installation 
175 OHP7_0620 S_AHR_61007658 Set Up SAPscript Connection for Subtypes 
176 OHP7_0640 S_AHR_61007629 Maintain Plan Versions 
177 OHP7_0650 S_AHR_61007632 Set Active Plan Version 
178 OHP7_0700 S_AHR_61007584 Define Start Date for Integration with Funds Management 
179 OHP7_0705 S_AHR_61007585 Define Budget Status Assigned During Generation in FM 
180 OHP7_0721 S_AHR_61007578 Prepare Consistency Check with Organizational Management 
181 OHP7_0722 S_AHR_61007581 Activate Consistency Check with Organizational Management 
182 OHP7_0760 S_AHR_61007586 Maintain Assignment to Groupings for Determining Origin of Funds 
183 OHP7_0761 S_AHR_61012498 Assign to Groupings Involved in Integration 
184 OHP7_0770 S_AHR_61007587 Define Payroll Program Variant for Simulation 
185 OHP7_0790 S_AHR_61007588 System Reactions during the Check for Financing of Basic Salary 
186 OHP7_0795 S_AHR_61007557 Define Expenditure Types 
187 OHP7_0800 S_AHR_61007546 Define Conversion Factors for Pay Scale Classification 
188 OHP7_1000 S_AL0_96000578 Activate Required Funds of Vacant Positions 
189 OHP7_1010 S_AL0_96000579 Test 
190 OHP7_1030 S_AL0_96000581 Activation of Enhanced Determination of Financing Distribution 
191 OHP7_1040 S_AL0_96000582 Maintenance of Tolerances per Expenditure Type 
192 OHP7_1050 S_AL0_96000588 Deactivate Summarization of Required Funds 
193 OHP7_1060 S_AL0_96000589 Activate Enhanced Collective Processing for Financing 
194 OHP7_1070 S_AL0_96000590 Definition of Events for Designating Re-Simulation 
195 OHP7_1080 S_AL0_96000768 Maintain Default Values for Pay Scale Indicator 
196 OHP7_1090 S_AL0_96000769 Define Proposal for Pay Scale Indicator 
197 OHPIQ_1000 S_KK4_82000737 Tips on Customizing Organizational Management 
198 OHPK00010 S_AHR_61010182 Activate Pension Fund Module 
199 OHPK00020 S_L6B_69000711 Set Control Parameters 
200 OHPKAI010 S_AHR_61009664 Assign Wage Types to Value Types (Swiss Pension Fund) 
201 OHPKAI100 S_AHR_61009652 Copy PF wage types 
202 OHPKAI110 S_AHR_61009658 Check PF wage types 
203 OHPKAI120 S_AHR_61009644 Check Wage Types in PF Environment 
204 OHPKAO000 S_AHR_61009948 Adjust Customizing tables 
205 OHPKAO010 S_AHR_61009938 Edit workflow for infotype 0008 
206 OHPKAO020 S_AHR_61009926 Define variant prefixes 
207 OHPKAO030 S_AHR_61009918 Define evaluation variants 
208 OHPKAO040 S_AHR_61009908 Define infotypes for overview 
209 OHPKAO050 S_L9C_94000342 Adjust PF Infotype Menu 
210 OHPKAO110 S_AHR_61009771 Define pension fund calculation 
211 OHPKAO120 S_AHR_61009765 Define input parameter quantities for pension fund calculations 
212 OHPKAO130 S_AHR_61009756 Define value types for input parameter quantities 
213 OHPKAO140 S_AHR_61009747 Define control for pension fund calculations 
214 OHPKAO150 S_AHR_61009741 Control processing of additional infotypes 
215 OHPKAO160 S_L6B_69000471 Define Control for Pension Fund Calculations 
216 OHPKAO170 S_L6B_69000472 Control Processing of Additional Infotypes 
217 OHPKAO180 S_L6B_69000483 Legitimacy of PF recalculations 
218 OHPKAO200 S_AHR_61009732 Define pension fund functions 
219 OHPKAO210 S_AHR_61009722 Function Views and Funtion Control 
220 OHPKAO220 S_L7D_24000175 Business Add-In (BAdI) for Modifying Function Views 
221 OHPKAW000 S_AHR_61009485 Adjust Customizing tables 
222 OHPKAW010 S_AHR_61009610 Define evaluation types 
223 OHPKAW020 S_AHR_61009603 Define output assignments 
224 OHPKAW050 S_AHR_61009595 Maintain PC schemas 
225 OHPKAW060 S_AHR_61009586 Maintain settings for PC schemas 
226 OHPKAW065 S_AHR_61009581 Maintain settings for PC schemas of pension fund 
227 OHPKAW100 S_PL0_09000049 Business Add-In for Universal Evaluation 
228 OHPKAW101 S_PL0_09000050 Define Customer Include for Output Structure 
229 OHPKAW110 S_AHR_61009570 Create PC forms 
230 OHPKAW120 S_AHR_61009559 Determine PC form attributes 
231 OHPKAW130 S_AHR_61009902 Define group creation types 
232 OHPKAW140 S_AHR_61009888 Define PC output order 
233 OHPKAW150 S_AHR_61009715 Maintain SAPscript forms 
234 OHPKAW160 S_AHR_61018710 Define attributes of display sequences 
235 OHPKAW430 S_AHR_61009880 Maintain Batch Input for PC Schemas 
236 OHPKAW430NL S_AL0_96000185 Maintain Batch Input for PC Schemas 
237 OHPKAW610CH S_L4H_49001895 Assign Evaluation Types to PC Schemas 
238 OHPKAW620CH S_L4H_49001896 Define Output for Additional Fields 
239 OHPKAW630CH S_L4H_49001897 Specify Pension Fund Master Data 
240 OHPKAW640CH S_L4H_49001899 BAdI: Override and Download the EHO Reporting Data 
241 OHPKBE010 S_AHR_61009835 Maintain authorizations 
242 OHPKBE020 S_AHR_61009827 Maintain profiles 
243 OHPKCHEM000 S_L7D_24002072 Define Attributes for Schedule Value Types 
244 OHPKCHEM010 S_L7D_24002073 Prepare Calculation of Withholding Tax 
245 OHPKCHEM020 S_L7D_24002074 Infotype 3230: Assignment of Gross Value Types to Net Value Types 
246 OHPKCHEM030 S_L7D_24002075 Define House Bank for Pension Fund 
247 OHPKES001 S_L6B_69000361 Define Transaction Code 
248 OHPKES002 S_L6B_69000362 Effect Pension Fund-Specific Control 
249 OHPKES003 S_L6B_69000363 Make Technical Settings 
250 OHPKES004 S_L6B_69000364 Define Parameter 
251 OHPKESS005 S_L6B_69000432 Set Up ESS Menu 
252 OHPKESS010 S_L6B_69000482 Total Compensation Statement 
253 OHPKFI001 S_L6B_69000027 Get Value Type Overview 
254 OHPKFI002 S_L6B_69000028 Provide Account Overview 
255 OHPKFI003 S_L6B_69000029 Define Symbolic Accounts 
256 OHPKFI004 S_L6B_69000030 Define Fund Modifiers 
257 OHPKFI005 S_L6B_69000031 Define Account Modifiers 
258 OHPKFI006 S_L6B_69000032 Define Posting Characteristics of Value Types 
259 OHPKFI007 S_L6B_69000033 Define Matchcode Determination 
260 OHPKFI008 S_L6B_69000034 Define Feature Determination 
261 OHPKFI009 S_L6B_69000035 Business Add-In (BAdI) for Controlling Posting Transfer 
262 OHPKFI010 S_L6B_69000036 Assign Expense and Balance Sheet Accounts 
263 OHPKFI011 S_L6B_69000037 Assign Customer Accounts 
264 OHPKFI012 S_L6B_69000038 Assign Vendor Accounts 
265 OHPKFI013 S_L6B_69000071 Check Customizing for Account Determination 
266 OHPKFI014 S_L6B_69000072 Edit Feature for Determining Company Code 
267 OHPKFI015 S_L6B_69000073 Edit Feature for Determining Fund Modifier 
268 OHPKFI016 S_L6B_69000074 Edit Feature for Determining Account Modifier 
269 OHPKFI017 S_L6B_69000075 Edit Feature for Matchcode Determination 
270 OHPKFI018 S_L6B_69000084 Assign Technical Accounts 
271 OHPKFI019 S_L6B_69000091 Process Description 
272 OHPKFI020 S_L6B_69000155 Define Validity Period 
273 OHPKKA000 S_AHR_61010101 Adjust Customizing tables 
274 OHPKKA001 S_AHR_61010213 Copy Entire Fund 
275 OHPKKA005 S_AHR_61010004 Maintain funds 
276 OHPKKA010 S_AHR_61009996 Funds: Define, copy, delete, check 
277 OHPKKA020 S_AHR_61009977 Assign plan and PC parameter area determination grouping 
278 OHPKKA030 S_AHR_61009971 Define PC parameters for funds 
279 OHPKKO000 S_AHR_61010138 Adjust Customizing tables 
280 OHPKKO010 S_AHR_61010219 Determine number ranges for accounts 
281 OHPKKO020 S_AHR_61010204 Adjust feature for number ranges 
282 OHPKKO025 S_L9C_94000594 Determine Number Ranges for Postings 
283 OHPKKO030 S_AHR_61010195 Authorization Groups for PF Accounts 
284 OHPKKO040 S_AHR_61010190 Adjust feature for authorization groups 
285 OHPKKO050 S_AHR_61012637 Define account views 
286 OHPKKO060 S_AHR_61012638 Define control of account views 
287 OHPKKO070 S_AHR_61012639 Defien positions of account views 
288 OHPKKO080 S_PL0_09000258 Create Account Types 
289 OHPKKO090 S_PL0_09000259 Define Account Types for Pension Fund 
290 OHPKLNL000B S_AL0_96000210 Koppeling met Centraal Adres Management 
291 OHPKNLAB100 S_L7D_24001329  
292 OHPKNLAB110 S_L7D_24001330  
293 OHPKNLAB120 S_L7D_24001331  
294 OHPKNLAB130 S_L7D_24001332  
295 OHPKNLAB140 S_L7D_24001333  
296 OHPKNLAF110 S_L7D_24000206 Tarifklassen definieren 
297 OHPKNLAF120 S_L7D_24000207 Tarifklassenparameter definieren 
298 OHPKNLAF200 S_L7D_24000208 Resultattabellen definieren 
299 OHPKNLAF220 S_L7D_24000209 Spalten von Resultattabellen definieren 
300 OHPKNLAF410 S_L7D_24000210 Pensionsprodukte zuordnen 
301 OHPKNLAF420 S_L7D_24000211 Wertarten an Pensionsprodukte zuordnen 
302 OHPKNLAF430 S_L7D_24000212 Business Add-in (BADI) für Cashflow Übersicht 
303 OHPKNLAF440 S_L7D_24000213 Business add-in (BADI) für Cashflow Bewertung 
304 OHPKNLAF450 S_L7D_24001807  
305 OHPKNLALM110 S_IGA_62000010 Afhandeling gebeurtenissen 
306 OHPKNLALM120 S_IGA_62000011 Pensioenproducten 
307 OHPKNLALM130 S_IGA_62000012 Calculation Method 
308 OHPKNLALM210 S_IGA_62000013 Omschrijving gebeurtenissen 
309 OHPKNLALM220 S_L6B_69000729 Determine infotypes for field selection 
310 OHPKNLEUR010 S_IGA_62000015 Dubbele-valutafase definiëren 
311 OHPKNLEUR020 S_IGA_62000016 CAO-valuta converteren 
312 OHPKNLEUR030 S_IGA_62000017 Valuta voor loon- en salarisafrekening converteren 
313 OHPKNLFVP010 S_AL0_96000624 FVP-Phasen definieren 
314 OHPKNLFVP020 S_AL0_96000625 FVP-Phasentransition definieren 
315 OHPKNLFVP030 S_AL0_96000626 Relate Processes With Correspondence 
316 OHPKNLFVP040 S_AL0_96000627 Trigger correspondence 
317 OHPKNLGBA010 S_IGA_62000002 Ad hoc aanvraag definiëren 
318 OHPKNLGBA020 S_IGA_62000003 Interne afnemers definiëren 
319 OHPKNLGBA210 S_IGA_62000004 Algemeen 
320 OHPKNLGBA220 S_IGA_62000005 Conversie 
321 OHPKNLGBA230 S_IGA_62000006 Verwerkingslogica 
322 OHPKNLGBA240 S_IGA_62000007 Waarden aan infotypevelden toewijzen 
323 OHPKNLGBA250 S_IGA_62000008 Batch input 
324 OHPKNLGBA260 S_IGA_62000009 User exit activeren in ingaande GBA-interface 
325 OHPKNLHB110 S_IGA_62000024 Gebeurtenissen definiëren 
326 OHPKNLHB120 S_IGA_62000025 Gebeurtenissen aan maatregelen koppelen 
327 OHPKNLHB125 S_L6B_69000082  
328 OHPKNLHB130 S_IGA_62000026 Gebeurtenissen aan interpreter koppelen 
329 OHPKNLKO010 S_IGA_62000014 Determine Number Ranges for Postings 
330 OHPKNLST106 S_L9C_94000598 Pensioen producten definiëren 
331 OHPKNLST110 S_L9C_94000599 Carry Out Field Assignment for Infotype 0279 
332 OHPKNLTC100 S_L7D_24001264  
333 OHPKNLTC120 S_L7D_24001266  
334 OHPKNLTC140 S_L7D_24001268  
335 OHPKNLTC160 S_L7D_24001270  
336 OHPKNLTC190 S_L7D_24001273  
337 OHPKNLUP010 S_L7D_24000498  
338 OHPKNLVK100 S_IGA_62000018 Definitie van VK-rapport 
339 OHPKNLVK110 S_IGA_62000019 Rapporten definiëren 
340 OHPKNLVK120 S_IGA_62000020 Groepen definiëren 
341 OHPKNLVK130 S_IGA_62000021 Variabelen definiëren 
342 OHPKNLVK140 S_IGA_62000022 Berekeningen definiëren 
343 OHPKNLVK210 S_IGA_62000023 Defaultwaarden definiëren 
344 OHPKNLWC010 S_AL0_96000525 Define employer 
345 OHPKNLWC020 S_AL0_96000527 Externe Behörden definieren 
346 OHPKNLWC030 S_AL0_96000528 Wirtschaftszweige definieren 
347 OHPKNLWC040 S_AL0_96000529 Organisationsformen von Firmen definieren 
348 OHPKNLWC050 S_AL0_96000530 Stati von Firmen definieren 
349 OHPKNLWC060 S_AL0_96000531 Beziehungen zwischen Firmen und Behörden definieren 
350 OHPKNLWC070 S_AL0_96000543 Parameterbereich per Arbeitgeber definieren 
351 OHPKNLWF010 S_L6B_69000565 Beziehung zwischen Arbeitgeber und Kasse festlegen 
352 OHPKNLWF020 S_L6B_69000566 Beziehung zwischen Arbeitgeber und Produkt festlegen 
353 OHPKNLWF030 S_L6B_69000567 Beziehung zwischen Arbeitgeber, Kasse und Parameterber.find.grup. festlegen 
354 OHPKNLWF040 S_L6B_69000568 Merkmal PFDFW anpassen 
355 OHPKNLWO110 S_L9C_94000559 PUO-gegevens onderhouden 
356 OHPKNLWO120 S_L9C_94000560 Toelaatbaarheid PUO's m.b.t. externe afspraken 
357 OHPKNLWO210 S_L9C_94000561 Soorten waardeoverdrachten definiëren 
358 OHPKNLWO220 S_L9C_94000562 Faseringen waardeoverdrachten definiëren 
359 OHPKNLWO230 S_L9C_94000563 Faseovergang definiëren 
360 OHPKNLWO240 S_L9C_94000564 Componenten voor waardeoverdrachten definiëren 
361 OHPKNLWO250 S_L9C_94000565 Circuits definiëren 
362 OHPKNLWO260 S_L9C_94000566 Defaultwaarden voor infotype Externe Aanspraken (0665) definiëren 
363 OHPKNLWO310 S_L9C_94000567 Brievenprogramma aansturen 
364 OHPKNLWO320 S_L9C_94000568 Correspondentie triggeren 
365 OHPKOR000 S_AHR_61009875 Adjust Customizing tables 
366 OHPKOR001 S_AHR_61009866 Define calculations 
367 OHPKOR002 S_AHR_61009855 Define views 
368 OHPKOR003 S_AHR_61009842 Define calculations for a PC schedule 
369 OHPKOR004 S_AHR_61009967 Define value type selection in a PC schedule view 
370 OHPKOR005 S_AHR_61009960 Define default calulation for value type 
371 OHPKPL001 S_L6B_69000154 Determine Totals Value Types 
372 OHPKRB001 S_L9C_94000340 Check Statutory BVG Pension Age 
373 OHPKRB002 S_L9C_94000593 Check Statutory Pension Age 
374 OHPKRK001 S_L9C_94000341 Maintain Retirement Age for Pension Fund 
375 OHPKST000 S_AHR_61010064 Adjust Customizing tables 
376 OHPKST010 S_AHR_61010045 Define attribute classes 
377 OHPKST015 S_AHR_61010031 Define documentation for attribute classes 
378 OHPKST020 S_AHR_61010020 Define attributes 
379 OHPKST030 S_AHR_61010274 Carry out field assignment for infotype 0278 
380 OHPKST035 S_AHR_61010251 Define default values for PF attributes 
381 OHPKST050 S_AHR_61010236 Specify Attribute Compatibility 
382 OHPKST100 S_AHR_61010245 Define employee groupings 
383 OHPKST105 S_AHR_61010265 Adjust feature employee grouping to field assignment 
384 OHPKST105B S_AL0_96000540 Pensioenproducten definiëren 
385 OHPKST110 S_AHR_61010258 Carry out field assignment for infotype 0279 
386 OHPKST110B S_AL0_96000542 Carry Out Field Assignment for Infotype 0279 
387 OHPKST120 S_AHR_61010176 Define Outline Texts for Infotype 0279 
388 OHPKST120B S_AL0_96000541 Carry Out Field Assignment for Infotype 0279 
389 OHPKST125 S_L6B_69000344  
390 OHPKST130 S_AHR_61010167 Reorganize infotype records 
391 OHPKST140 S_AHR_61010158 Define Column Titles for List Display 
392 OHPKST150 S_AHR_61010151 Assign Field for List Display 
393 OHPKST160 S_AHR_61012664 Define Additional Fields for Query 
394 OHPKST170 S_L9C_94000001 Determine Calculation Type for Additional Fields 
395 OHPKTR010 S_AHR_61009817 Assign transaction types - carry out value types 
396 OHPKTR015 S_AHR_61009808 Adjust transfer program 
397 OHPKTR111 S_AHR_61009797 Adjust transfer program for postings 
398 OHPKTR112 S_AHR_61009787 Adjust transfer program for master data (batch input) 
399 OHPKTR115 S_AHR_61009781 Generate/delete accounts for testing 
400 OHPKTS001 S_AL0_96000593 Determine Data to be Displayed 
401 OHPKTS002 S_AL0_96000594 BAdI: Overview of Insured Persons' Data 
402 OHPKTS003 S_AL0_96000595  
403 OHPKTS004 S_AL0_96000596  
404 OHPKTS007 S_AL0_96000834 Process Default Values for Person Grouping Feature 
405 OHPKVS000 S_AHR_61010142 Adjust Customizing tables 
406 OHPKVS010 S_AHR_61010131 Define value types 
407 OHPKVS020 S_AHR_61010037 Define value type attributes 
408 OHPKVS030 S_AHR_61010054 Define PC actions 
409 OHPKVS042 S_AHR_61009987 PC parameter areas: Define, copy, delete, check 
410 OHPKVS044 S_AHR_61010112 PC param. area determinations: Define, copy, delete, check 
411 OHPKVS045 S_AHR_61010122 Maintain Values for PC Parameters 
412 OHPKVS050 S_AHR_61009989 Maintain Parameter Area Determinations 
413 OHPKVS060 S_AHR_61010013 Maintain PC parameter areas 
414 OHPKVS070 S_AHR_61010227 Determine PC Value Sets 
415 OHPKVS080 S_AHR_61010089 Attributes of PC Operations 
416 OHPKVS105 S_AHR_61010079 Create Employee Groupings for Method Determination 
417 OHPKVS110 S_AHR_61010074 Adjust feature employee grouping to method determination 
418 OHPKVS210 S_AHR_61010107 Maintain PC Data via Expert View 
419 OHPKVS310 S_AHR_61010093 Maintain PC Schedules 
420 OHPKVS320 S_AHR_61010067 Create Method Definitions (PC Editor) 
421 OHPKVS321 S_AHR_61010084 PC schedules: Define, copy, delete, check 
422 OHPKVS330 S_AHR_61010097 Carry out action assignment 
423 OHPKVS340 S_AHR_61010125 Define attributes for schedule value types 
424 OHPKVS350 S_AHR_61010117 Define value type attributes for dialog 
425 OHPKVS410 S_L6B_69000726 Map value types on wage types 
426 OHPKVS420 S_L6B_69000727 Map wage types on value types 
427 OHPKVS430 S_L6B_69000728 Determine payroll variant for simulation 
428 OHPKVS440 S_L6B_69000734 Include simulation in payroll schema 
429 OHPKWF001 S_AHR_61009636 Adjust workflow "Entry - all funds" 
430 OHPKWF002 S_AHR_61009628 Adjust Workflow 'Entry CP/General' 
431 OHPKWF003 S_AHR_61009622 Adjust workflow "Entry benefit-based fund" 
432 OHPKWF020 S_AHR_61009708 Adjust Workflow 'Change in Basic Pay' (0008) 
433 OHPKWF021 S_AHR_61009704 Adjust workflow "Change in pay for all funds" 
434 OHPKWF022 S_AHR_61009695 Adjust workflow "Change in pay: BP/general" 
435 OHPKWF023 S_AHR_61009690 Adjust Workflow 'Change in Pay Benefit Base' 
436 OHPKWF030 S_AHR_61009684 Adjust workflow "Capacity utilization level change in all funds" 
437 OHPKWF031 S_AHR_61009677 Adjust workflow "Capacity utilization level change BP/general" 
438 OHPKWF032 S_AHR_61009671 Adjust Workflow 'Capacity Utilization Level Chnge Ben. Base' 
439 OHPKWF040 S_AHR_61009551 Adjust workflow "Process changes to PF basic data" (0278) 
440 OHPKWF060 S_AHR_61009545 Adjust workflow "Process incoming payment for all funds" 
441 OHPKWF061 S_AHR_61009534 Adjust workflow "Process incoming payment BP/general" 
442 OHPKWF062 S_AHR_61009523 Adjust Workflow 'Process Incoming Payment Benefit Plan' 
443 OHPKWF081 S_AHR_61009509 Adjust Workflow 'Basic Pay Delimitation' Infotype (0008) 
444 OHPKWF082 S_AHR_61009494 Adjust Workflow 'Basic Pay Delimitation for All Funds' 
445 OHPSMXISSSTE01 S_L6B_69000484 Maintain clinic code, name and address 
446 OHPSMXISSSTE02 S_L6B_69000485 Assign clinic code to region, municipality and postal code 
447 OHPSMXISSSTE03 S_L6B_69000486 Change screen control in ISSSTE data (0369) 
448 OHPSMXISSSTE04 S_L6B_69000487 Maintain employer registration number 
449 OHPSMXISSSTE05 S_L6B_69000488 Maintain branch and pay office 
450 OHPSMXISSSTE06 S_L6B_69000489 Maintain company and employee contributions 
451 OHPSMXISSSTE07 S_L6B_69000490 Maintain loan category 
452 OHPSMXISSSTE08 S_L6B_69000491 Loan category and wage type adjustment 
453 OHPSMXISSSTE09 S_L6B_69000492 Change payroll schema, subschema and rule 
454 OHPSMXISSSTE10 S_L6B_69000493 Create wage type catalog 
455 OHPSMXISSSTE11 S_L6B_69000539 Form basis for the minimum contribution wage 
456 OHPSMXISSSTE12 S_L6B_69000540 Maintain target of data file for the ISSSTE error file 
457 OHPSMXISSSTE15 S_L6B_69000597 Define salary wage types 
458 OHPSMXISSSTE16 S_L6B_69000598 Define work relationship 
459 OHPSMXISSSTE17 S_L6B_69000599 Maintain designation type 
460 OHPSMXISSSTE18 S_L6B_69000600 Maintain transaction type 
461 OHPSMXISSSTE19 S_L6B_69000601 BAdI: Structure of customer-specific wage calculation 
462 OHPSMXISSSTE20 S_L6B_69000602 BAdI: Structure of customer-specific collection key definition 
463 OHPSMXISSSTE21 S_AC0_52000385 Maintain employer registration number 
464 OHPSMXISSSTE22 S_AC0_52000386 Maintain SAR payment center 
465 OHPSMXISSSTE23 S_AC0_52000387 Maintain payment center text 
466 OHPSMXISSSTE24 S_AC0_52000388 Payment center address 
467 OHPSMXISSSTE25 S_AC0_52000389 Periods for the SAR report 
468 OHPSMXISSSTE26 S_L7D_24000172 BAdI: Sharing key 
469 OHPSMXISSSTE27 S_L7D_24000173 BAdI: Start date of contribution to ISSTE 
470 OHPSMXISSSTE28 S_L7D_24000174 BAdI: ICEFA key (key of bank receiving the payment) 
471 OHPSUS1042S002 S_KI4_29000056 Maintain Visa Types 
472 OHPSUS1042S003 S_KI4_29000050 Maintain Visa Subtypes 
473 OHPSUS1042S004 S_KI4_29000049 Maintain Residence Status Categories 
474 OHPSUS1042S005 S_KI4_29000048 Maintain Tax Treaty Countries 
475 OHPSUS1042S006 S_L7D_24002925 Maintain Visa Subtypes for Value Help 
476 OHPSUS1042S006A S_KI4_55000351 Modify Payroll Feature for FICA Calculation 
477 OHPSUS1042S007 S_KI4_29000047 Create Wage Type Catalog 
478 OHPSUS1042S008 S_KI4_29000046 Maintain Payroll Constants 
479 OHPSUS1042S010 S_KI4_29000053 Define Tax Authority Model 
480 OHPSUS1042S011 S_KI4_29000054 Define Taxability Model 
481 OHPSUS1042S012 S_KI4_29000055 Define Tax Type Combinations 
482 OHPSUS1042S013 S_KI4_29000052 Modify Payroll Schema, Subschemata and Rules 
483 OHPSUS1042S014 S_KI4_29000051 Assign Processing Class Values to Wage Types 
484 OHPSUS1042S015 S_KI4_55000620 BADI: Customer-Specific Setup for Substantial Presence Test 
485 OHPSUS1042S030 S_L6B_69000156 Maintain Screen Control for Residence Status infotype (0048) 
486 OHPSUS1042S042 S_L6B_69000541 Maintain Tax Treaty Table 
487 OHPSUS1042S044   Screen Control for Infotype Tax Treaty (0556) 
488 OHPSUS1042S1 S_PL0_09000284 Execute 1042-S Report 
489 OHPSUS403001 S_AL0_96000795 Section 403(b) savings plans 
490 OHPSUS403002 S_AL0_96000797 Maintain Payroll Constants for Section 403(b) Plans 
491 OHPSUS403003 S_L6B_69000158 Seniority Calculation 
492 OHPSUS457002 S_KI4_55000310 Maintain Payroll Constants for Section 457 Plans 
493 OHPSUS457003 S_AL0_96000796 Maintain Date Type for Normal Retirement Age 
494 OHPSUSC0MPAR S_AL0_96000534 Maintain Competitive Areas 
495 OHPSUSCERT01 S_ELN_90000001 Define Issuing Authorities 
496 OHPSUSCERT02 S_ELN_90000002 Define Certificate and License Types 
497 OHPSUSCERT03 S_ELN_90000003 Define Classifications 
498 OHPSUSCERT04 S_ELN_90000004 Define Areas 
499 OHPSUSCERT05 S_ELN_90000005 Define Levels 
500 OHPSUSCERT11 S_ELN_90000006 Define Certificate and License Categories (Infotype 0795 Subtypes)