SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 26
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_OHCMP_3130_SP S_PL0_09000086 Define Job Criteria 
2 SIMG_OHCMP_3140 S_AHR_61001831 Define Salary Position criteria 
3 SIMG_OHCMP_3140_SP S_PL0_09000087 Define Salary Position Criteria 
4 SIMG_OHCMP_3150 S_AHR_61001827 Define Performance Criteria 
5 SIMG_OHCMP_3150_SP S_PL0_09000088 Define Performance Criteria 
6 SIMG_OHCMP_3160 S_AHR_61001848 Define User-Specific Criteria 
7 SIMG_OHCMP_3160_SP S_PL0_09000089 Define User-Specific Criteria 
8 SIMG_OHCMP_3170 S_PL0_09000481 Define Criteria from Objective Setting Agreements and Appraisals 
9 SIMG_OHCMP_3175 S_AHR_61002088 Define Eligibility Groups 
10 SIMG_OHCMP_3175_SP S_PL0_09000079 Define Eligibility Groups 
11 SIMG_OHCMP_3180 S_AHR_61002078 Define Eligibility Group Feature 
12 SIMG_OHCMP_3180_SP S_PL0_09000081 Define Eligibility Group Feature 
13 SIMG_OHCMP_3185 S_AHR_61001862 Define Eligibility Rules 
14 SIMG_OHCMP_3185_SP S_PL0_09000082 Define Eligibility Rules 
15 SIMG_OHCMP_3190 S_AHR_61001860 User Exit: Eligibility Rules 
16 SIMG_OHCMP_3190_SP S_PL0_09000083 User Exit: Eligibility Rules 
17 SIMG_OHCMP_3510 S_AHR_61006931 Specify Pay Scale Reclassification 
18 SIMG_OHCMP_3522 S_AHR_61001939 Specify Pay Scale Reclassification 
19 SIMG_OHCMP_3524 S_AHR_61001936 Refine Reclassification Conditions 
20 SIMG_OHCMP_3526 S_AHR_61001931 Define Rules For Determining Time Worked 
21 SIMG_OHCMP_3528 S_AHR_61001927 Develop Enhancements to Fill Variable Balances 
22 SIMG_OHCMP_3610 S_AHR_61001874 Set Up Standard Pay Increase 
23 SIMG_OHCMP_3620 S_AHR_61001872 Increase Total Basic Pay to an Absolute Amount 
24 SIMG_OHCMP_3630 S_AHR_61001870 Increase by a Difference 
25 SIMG_OHCMP_3640 S_AHR_61001868 Evaluate According to Other Pay Scale Group 
26 SIMG_OHCMP_3650 S_AHR_61001866 Insert New Wage Type 
27 SIMG_OHCMP_3660 S_AHR_61001876 Restrict Time Period For Existing Wage Type 
28 SIMG_OHCMP_3670 S_AHR_61001905 Replace an Existing Wage Type With Another 
29 SIMG_OHCMP_4100 S_AHR_61001891 Set Up Integration with Cost Accounting 
30 SIMG_OHCMP_4200 S_AHR_61001886 Set Control Parameters For Personnel Cost Planning 
31 SIMG_OHCMP_4300 S_AHR_61001881 Maintain Wage Elements 
32 SIMG_OHCMP_4400 S_AHR_61001878 User Exit: Employee's Cost Elements 
33 SIMG_OHCMP_5120 S_AHR_61001914 Define Adjustment Types 
34 SIMG_OHCMP_5130 S_AHR_61001908 Assign Adjustment Type Attributes 
35 SIMG_OHCMP_5140 S_AHR_61001924 Define Adjustment Reasons 
36 SIMG_OHCMP_5150 S_AHR_61001911 User Exit: Effective Date of Adjustment Type 
37 SIMG_OHCMP_5160 S_AHR_61012690 User Exit: Calculation Base 
38 SIMG_OHCMP_7000 S_AHR_61002093 User Exit: Initialize Budget Values 
39 SIMG_OHINF_SEL2 S_AHR_61016722 Specify Groupings 
40 SIMG_OHP0_BADI S_PH0_48000546 BADIs in Personnel Management 
41 SIMG_OHP300TK S_AHR_61016578 Integration Yes or No? 
42 SIMG_OHP3777IBO S_AHR_61011855 Redefine Event Types for SAP Business Objects 
43 SIMG_OHP3779X S_AHR_61011856 Define Event Types for Customer-Specific Business Objects 
44 SIMG_OHP3CAR S_AHR_61011874 Reasons for Attendance Cancellation 
45 SIMG_OHP3CD S_AHR_61011929 Maintain User-Defined Settings for Infotypes 
46 SIMG_OHP3CR S_AHR_61011880 Reasons for Event Cancellation 
47 SIMG_OHP3MAT S_AHR_61016665 Materials Management 
48 SIMG_OHP3MO S_AHR_61011947 Manual Transport 
49 SIMG_OHP3MW S_AHR_61011851 Integration Yes or No? 
50 SIMG_OHP3NF S_AHR_61011903 Note Function 
51 SIMG_OHP3NI S_AHR_61011928 Maintain Country-Specific Infotypes 
52 SIMG_OHP3NR S_AX8_68000188 Define Number Ranges for Objects 
53 SIMG_OHP3OG00 S_AHR_61011939 Define Additional Fields 
54 SIMG_OHP3OO2S S_AHR_61011926 Set Up SAPscript Connection for Subtypes 
55 SIMG_OHP3OOAD S_AHR_61011934 Define Task Functions 
56 SIMG_OHP3OOAM S_AHR_61011967 Edit Appraisals Catalog 
57 SIMG_OHP3OOAP S_AHR_61011922 Set Active Plan Version 
58 SIMG_OHP3OOAU S_AHR_61011914 Maintain Authorizations 
59 SIMG_OHP3OOAW S_AHR_61011877 Maintain Evaluation Paths 
60 SIMG_OHP3OOBC S_AHR_61011941 Make Pushbutton Settings for Batch Input 
61 SIMG_OHP3OOBD S_AHR_61011884 Control Options 
62 SIMG_OHP3OOBX S_AHR_61011968 Set Up Control Parameters 
63 SIMG_OHP3OOC2 S_PH9_46000586 Define Cost Center of Cost Object 
64 SIMG_OHP3OOCA S_AHR_61011835 Specify Activity Types 
65 SIMG_OHP3OOCB S_AHR_61011965 Customer Enhancement for Master Data 
66 SIMG_OHP3OOCC S_AHR_61011836 Define Cost Center of Cost Object 
67 SIMG_OHP3OOCC1 S_AHR_61011840 Define Cost Center of Cost Object 
68 SIMG_OHP3OOCE S_AHR_61011837 Specify Organizational Elements 
69 SIMG_OHP3OOCE1 S_AHR_61011832 Specify Organizational Elements 
70 SIMG_OHP3OOCH S_AHR_61011938 Check Consistency of Installation 
71 SIMG_OHP3OOCR S_AHR_61011932 Set Up Transport Connection 
72 SIMG_OHP3OOCX S_AHR_61011949 Set Dropdown Controls in Basic Transactions 
73 SIMG_OHP3OODB S_AHR_61011936 Specify Data Retrieval 
74 SIMG_OHP3OODL S_AHR_61012711 Specify Default Values for Form Output 
75 SIMG_OHP3OODS S_AHR_61011946 Define Data Views 
76 SIMG_OHP3OOEV S_AHR_61011896 Attendee Checks 
77 SIMG_OHP3OOEW S_AHR_61011894 Booking Priorities 
78 SIMG_OHP3OOFA S_AHR_61011842 Business Event Location Switch 
79 SIMG_OHP3OOFK S_AHR_61011916 Specify Factory Calendar 
80 SIMG_OHP3OOGA S_AHR_61011931 Create Designs 
81 SIMG_OHP3OOGT S_AHR_61011945 Specify User-Dependent Assignment 
82 SIMG_OHP3OOIL S_AHR_61011838 Integration Yes or No? 
83 SIMG_OHP3OOIT S_AHR_61011930 Maintain Infotypes 
84 SIMG_OHP3OOKA S_AHR_61011852 Define Incompatible Attendance and Absence Types 
85 SIMG_OHP3OOKB S_AHR_61011848 Maintain Cost Items 
86 SIMG_OHP3OOKR S_AHR_61011895 Fee Handling 
87 SIMG_OHP3OOKV S_AHR_61011972 Conflict Reaction 
88 SIMG_OHP3OOLA S_AHR_61011902 List Entry for Attendee Activities 
89 SIMG_OHP3OOLE S_AHR_61011906 Specify Data Screen Display 
90 SIMG_OHP3OOLG S_AHR_61011905 Specify Sequence of Languages Available 
91 SIMG_OHP3OOMA S_AHR_61011846 Set Up Mail Connection 
92 SIMG_OHP3OOMAT S_AHR_61016676 Wizard 
93 SIMG_OHP3OOMG S_AHR_61011858 Specify Control Elements 
94 SIMG_OHP3OOMP S_AHR_61011850 Specify Organizational Elements 
95 SIMG_OHP3OOMS S_AHR_61011948 Create Toolboxes 
96 SIMG_OHP3OOMT S_AHR_61011907 Maintain Personnel Actions 
97 SIMG_OHP3OONC S_AHR_61011921 Set Up Plan Version-Independent Number Assignment 
98 SIMG_OHP3OONF S_AHR_61012234 Procedure for Entering Notes 
99 SIMG_OHP3OONR S_AHR_61011920 Define Number Ranges for Objects 
100 SIMG_OHP3OONT S_AHR_61012233 Notes for Infotypes 
101 SIMG_OHP3OOOD S_AHR_61011909 Create Data Sets 
102 SIMG_OHP3OOOS S_AHR_61011876 Integrate Customer-Specific Reports 
103 SIMG_OHP3OOOT S_AHR_61011918 Define Object Types 
104 SIMG_OHP3OOPB S_AHR_61011935 Assign Users 
105 SIMG_OHP3OOPE S_AHR_61011892 Specify Organizer Types 
106 SIMG_OHP3OOPR S_AHR_61011913 Maintain Profiles 
107 SIMG_OHP3OOPV S_AHR_61011923 Maintain Plan Versions 
108 SIMG_OHP3OORB S_AHR_61011919 Define Number Ranges for External Operations 
109 SIMG_OHP3OORW S_AHR_61011974 Control Elements 
110 SIMG_OHP3OOSB S_AHR_61011911 Assign Structural Authorization 
111 SIMG_OHP3OOSC S_AHR_61011966 Edit Scales 
112 SIMG_OHP3OOSD S_AHR_61011862 Integration Yes or No? 
113 SIMG_OHP3OOSE S_AHR_61011861 Specify Organizational Elements 
114 SIMG_OHP3OOSF S_AHR_61011904 Set Up Search Function 
115 SIMG_OHP3OOSG S_AHR_61011859 Credit Memo Creation Settings 
116 SIMG_OHP3OOSH S_AHR_61011973 Control Elements 
117 SIMG_OHP3OOSP S_AHR_61011912 Maintain Structural Profiles 
118 SIMG_OHP3OOSR S_AHR_61011860 Invoice Creation Settings 
119 SIMG_OHP3OOSS S_AHR_61011849 Prices, Taxes and Account Assignment 
120 SIMG_OHP3OOST S_AHR_61011944 Specify Context-Dependent Standard Assignment 
121 SIMG_OHP3OOSU S_AHR_61011927 Maintain Subtypes 
122 SIMG_OHP3OOTG S_AHR_61011937 Define Areas 
123 SIMG_OHP3OOTO S_AHR_61016579 Specify Appointment Types 
124 SIMG_OHP3OOTT S_AHR_61011917 Specify Attendee Type Control Options 
125 SIMG_OHP3OOUM S_AHR_61011833 Integration Yes or No? 
126 SIMG_OHP3OOVA S_AHR_61011898 Control Elements 
127 SIMG_OHP3OOVK S_AHR_61011925 Maintain Relationships 
128 SIMG_OHP3OOVW S_AHR_61011899 Specify Service for Lock Administration 
129 SIMG_OHP3OOWB S_PH0_48000340 Set Up Control Elements for ESS 
130 SIMG_OHP3OOWF S_AHR_61011857 Activate Event Linkage 
131 SIMG_OHP3OOWIZ4 S_AHR_61016823 Correspondence Setup 
132 SIMG_OHP3OOWIZ41 S_AHR_61016824 Form 
133 SIMG_OHP3OOWIZ42 S_AHR_61016825 Wizard for Creation of New Forms 
134 SIMG_OHP3OOWIZ43 S_AHR_61016826 Notification Abbreviations 
135 SIMG_OHP3OOWIZ44 S_AHR_61016828 Text Variable 
136 SIMG_OHP3OOZI S_AHR_61011915 Dynamic Menus 
137 SIMG_OHP3OOZR S_AHR_61011924 Define Time Constraint Depending on Target Object Type 
138 SIMG_OHP3OOZS S_AHR_61011853 Specify Attendance Types 
139 SIMG_OHP3OOZW S_AHR_61011854 Integration Yes or No? 
140 SIMG_OHP3OY05 S_AHR_61011908 Check Factory Calendar 
141 SIMG_OHP3PPTV S_AHR_61011897 Prebooking 
142 SIMG_OHP3PV35 S_PH0_48000564 Appraisal Conversion Program 
143 SIMG_OHP3PVSEARCHADM S_PH0_48000520 Set Up External Search Engine 
144 SIMG_OHP3RFC S_AHR_61011847 Set Up RFC Destination 
145 SIMG_OHP3SQ02 S_AHR_61011943 Maintain InfoSets 
146 SIMG_OHP3SXDA S_AHR_61011940 Data Transfer Workbench 
147 SIMG_OHP3T770Q S_AHR_61011942 Assign Additional Table Fields to New InfoSets 
148 SIMG_OHP3TR S_AHR_61011933 Lock Infotypes for Import 
149 SIMG_OHP3UU S_AHR_61011910 Save User Data in SAP Memory 
150 SIMG_OHP3WFBADI S_PH0_48000334 Business Add-Ins (BADIs) for ESS 
151 SIMG_OHP3WFBADI1 S_PH0_48000336 BAdI: Set Up Customer-Specific Attendance Cancellation Reason 
152 SIMG_OHP3WFBADI2 S_PH0_48000338 BAdI: Customer-Specific Setup of 'My Bookings' 
153 SIMG_OHP3WFBADI8 S_L6B_69001107 BAdI: Customize the Display of Federal Letters of Waiver Information 
154 SIMG_OHP3WFBADI9 S_L6B_69001108 BAdI: Customize the Display of Provincial Letters of Waiver Information 
155 SIMG_OHP3_2510 S_AHR_61011866 Specify Budget Currency 
156 SIMG_OHP3_2520 S_AHR_61011865 Define Budget Type and Attributes 
157 SIMG_OHP3_2530 S_AHR_61011864 Specify Budget Period 
158 SIMG_OHP4NR S_AHR_61005132 Define Number Ranges for Objects 
159 SIMG_OHP4OOAU S_AHR_61005088 Maintain Authorizations 
160 SIMG_OHP4OOFK S_AHR_61005417 Specify Factory Calendar 
161 SIMG_OHP4OOKA S_AHR_61011971 Define Incompatible Attendance and Absence Types 
162 SIMG_OHP4OOLE S_AHR_61005142 Specify Data Screen Display 
163 SIMG_OHP4OOMA S_AHR_61007311 Set Up Mail Connection 
164 SIMG_OHP4OOMT S_AHR_61007353 Maintain Personnel Actions 
165 SIMG_OHP4OOPR S_AHR_61005085 Maintain Profiles 
166 SIMG_OHP4OOSB S_AHR_61005081 Assign Profiles to Users 
167 SIMG_OHP4OOSF S_AHR_61005091 Search Function 
168 SIMG_OHP4OOSP S_AHR_61005083 Maintain Profiles 
169 SIMG_OHP4OOZS S_AHR_61011970 Specify Attendance Types 
170 SIMG_OHP4OOZW S_AHR_61011969 Integration Yes or No? 
171 SIMG_OHP4OY05 S_AHR_61007364 Check Factory Calendar 
172 SIMG_OHP4PV S_AHR_61005138 Maintain plan versions 
173 SIMG_OHP4RFC S_AHR_61005032 Set Up RFC Destination 
174 SIMG_OHP4UU S_AHR_61007318 Save User Data in SAP Memory 
175 SIMG_OHPIQ_0510 S_KI4_29000013 Define Time Limits 
176 SIMG_OHPIQ_0635 S_KI4_29000045 Global Settings for Connecting the Optical Archiving System 
177 SIMG_OHPIQ_0638 S_KI4_29000042 Maintain Settings for Student Photo Display 
178 SIMG_OHPIQ_0640 S_KI4_29000040 Maintain Settings for Application Archiving 
179 SIMG_OHPIQ_2120 S_KI4_29000043 Define Services 
180 SIMG_OHPIQ_3110 S_KI4_29000009 Define Academic Years 
181 SIMG_OHPIQ_3111 S_KI4_29000010 Define Academic Sessions 
182 SIMG_OHPIQ_3112 S_KI4_29000011 Define Session Variants 
183 SIMG_OHPIQ_3113 S_KI4_55000347 Set Up Standard Academic Year/Session Combinations 
184 SIMG_OHPIQ_3115 S_KI4_29000012 Assign Academic Sessions to Academic Years 
185 SIMG_OHPIQ_32511 S_KI4_29000039 Create Ethnic Origins 
186 SIMG_OHPIQ_32512 S_KI4_29000038 Create Origins 
187 SIMG_OHPIQ_3310 S_KI4_29000036 Set Up Stages 
188 SIMG_OHPIQ_3320 S_KI4_29000037 Set Up Program Plans 
189 SIMG_OHPIQ_3330 S_KI4_29000008 Set Up Program Patterns 
190 SIMG_OHPIQ_3340 S_KI4_29000034 Define Categories 
191 SIMG_OHPIQ_3350 S_KI4_29000035 Define Teaching Methods 
192 SIMG_OHPIQ_3370 S_KI4_29000033 bklabla 
193 SIMG_OHPIQ_3400 S_KI4_29000004 Set Up Activity Reasons 
194 SIMG_OHPIQ_6022 S_KI4_29000031 Maintain Validations 
195 SIMG_OHPIQ_6023 S_KI4_29000026 Transport Validations 
196 SIMG_OHPIQ_6024 S_KI4_29000025 Maintain Substitutions 
197 SIMG_OHPIQ_6025 S_KI4_29000027 Transport Substitutions 
198 SIMG_OHPIQ_6026 S_KK4_82000671 Transport Rules 
199 SIMG_OHPIQ_6028 S_KI4_29000028 Maintain Client-Specific User Exits 
200 SIMG_OHPIQ_6110 S_KI4_29000029 Define Rule Modules 
201 SIMG_OHPIQ_6120 S_KI4_29000030 Assign Rule Elements to Rule Modules 
202 SIMG_OHPIQ_6300 S_KI4_29000032 Assign Rule Containers to Callup Points 
203 SIMG_OHR0002 S_AHR_61009852 Maintain Authorizations 
204 SIMG_OHR0003 S_AHR_61009906 Maintain profiles 
205 SIMG_OHR0010 S_AHR_61008983 Calculation Guidelines: Define Meals Per Diem/Time Scaled by Time 
206 SIMG_OHR0011 S_AHR_61009752 Set Up Field Control for Account Assignment Object via TRVCO 
207 SIMG_OHR0013 S_AHR_61009165 Calculation Guidelines: Define Max. Amounts for Meals/Time Scaled by Time 
208 SIMG_OHR0015 S_AHR_61009002 Define Per Diems for Meals/Time 
209 SIMG_OHR0016 S_AHR_61008992 Define Per Diems for Meals/Time Per Day 
210 SIMG_OHR0018 S_AHR_61009183 Define Maximum Amounts for Meals/Time 
211 SIMG_OHR0019 S_AHR_61009175 Define Maximum Amounts for Meals/Time Per Day 
212 SIMG_OHR0021 S_AHR_61009946 Define/Delete/Restore Trip Provision Variants 
213 SIMG_OHR0026 S_AHR_61009898 Define Reimbursement Groups for Travel Costs 
214 SIMG_OHR0027 S_AHR_61009976 Define Vehicle Classes 
215 SIMG_OHR0028 S_AHR_61009970 Define Statutory M/A Reimbursement Groups 
216 SIMG_OHR0029 S_AHR_61009962 Define Enterprise-Specific M/A Reimbursement Groups 
217 SIMG_OHR0030 S_AHR_61010009 Define Period Parameters 
218 SIMG_OHR0031 S_AHR_61009890 Define Employee Grouping for Travel Management 
219 SIMG_OHR0032 S_AHR_61009793 Assign Trip Country Groups 
220 SIMG_OHR0033 S_AHR_61009883 Define Enterprise-Specific Trip Types 
221 SIMG_OHR0034 S_AHR_61009809 Define Trip Areas 
222 SIMG_OHR0036 S_AHR_61009923 Define Global Settings 
223 SIMG_OHR0037 S_AHR_61006702 Assign Wage Types to Travel Expense Types for Individual Receipts 
224 SIMG_OHR0038 S_AHR_61009336 Conversion of Symbolic Account to Expense Account 
225 SIMG_OHR0039 S_AHR_61006692 Assign Wage Types to Travel Expense Types for Per Diems/Flat Rates 
226 SIMG_OHR0040 S_ALN_01000962 Assign Alternative Wage Types to Travel Expense Types for Indiv. Receipts 
227 SIMG_OHR0041 S_ALN_01000964 Assign Alternative Wage Types to Travel Expense Types Per Diems/Flat Rates 
228 SIMG_OHR0042 S_AHR_61006704 Set Up Trip Number Ranges 
229 SIMG_OHR0045 S_AHR_61010003 Define Periods 
230 SIMG_OHR0046 S_AHR_61009935 Define Vehicle Types 
231 SIMG_OHR0047 S_AHR_61009778 Define Statutory Trip Types 
232 SIMG_OHR0048 S_AHR_61009869 Define Trip Activity Types 
233 SIMG_OHR0049 S_ALN_01000965 Define Absence Types for Public Sector Germany 
234 SIMG_OHR0050 S_AHR_61009843 Create Travel Expense Types for Individual Receipts 
235 SIMG_OHR0052 S_AHR_61009998 Define Flat Rates for Travel Costs 
236 SIMG_OHR0053 S_AHR_61010062 Define Accommodation Per Diems 
237 SIMG_OHR0056 S_AHR_61009724 Define Deductions 
238 SIMG_OHR0058 S_AHR_61009519 Define trip schemas 
239 SIMG_OHR0059 S_AHR_61009511 Store Default Values for Dialog 
240 SIMG_OHR0060 S_AHR_61009775 Set Up Variable Field Control via Feature TRVFD 
241 SIMG_OHR0061 S_AHR_61009767 Set up individual field control 
242 SIMG_OHR0062 S_AHR_61009931 Assign Organizational Areas to Trip Provision Variants via Feature TRVCT 
243 SIMG_OHR0063 S_AHR_61009413 Set Up Feature TRVPA for Travel Expenses Parameters 
244 SIMG_OHR0064 S_AHR_61009532 Define Input Tax for International Per Diems 
245 SIMG_OHR0065 S_AHR_61006691 Define Assignment of Wage Type to Symbolic Account 
246 SIMG_OHR0067 S_AHR_61009822 Define assignment of user name to personnel number 
247 SIMG_OHR0068 S_AHR_61009219 Define Per Diems for Meals 
248 SIMG_OHR0069 S_AHR_61009207 Define Per Diems for Meals Per Day 
249 SIMG_OHR0070 S_AHR_61009197 Calculation Guidelines: Define Meals Per Diems Scaled by Hours 
250 SIMG_OHR0071 S_AHR_61009367 Define Maximum Amounts for Meals 
251 SIMG_OHR0072 S_AHR_61009351 Define Maximum Amounts for Meals Per Day 
252 SIMG_OHR0073 S_AHR_61009343 Calculation Guidelines: Define Maximum Amounts for Meals Scaled by Hours 
253 SIMG_OHR0074 S_AHR_61009744 Set Up Variable Layout for Account Assignment Objects 
254 SIMG_OHR0077 S_AHR_61009157 Scale Maximum Amounts for Meals/Time by Time 
255 SIMG_OHR0078 S_AHR_61008977 Scale Per Diems for Meals/Time by Time 
256 SIMG_OHR0079 S_AHR_61009190 Scale Maximum Amounts for Meals by Hours 
257 SIMG_OHR0080 S_AHR_61009379 Scale Per Diems for Meals by Hours 
258 SIMG_OHR0101 S_AHR_61009801 Delete/Restore Trip Areas 
259 SIMG_OHR0240 S_AHR_61009761 Field Control for Additional Receipt Information 
260 SIMG_OHR0261 S_AHR_61010102 Set Up Feature for Determining House Bank 
261 SIMG_OHR0262 S_AHR_61009990 Set Up House Bank 
262 SIMG_OHR0263 S_AHR_61010119 Assign Text Keys to Statement Wage Types 
263 SIMG_OHR0280A S_AHR_61000742 Organizational Requirements for Transfer 
264 SIMG_OHR0280B S_ALN_01000417 Include Travel Expenses in Payroll 
265 SIMG_OHR0281 S_AHR_61006689 Payroll for the USA 
266 SIMG_OHR0281CA S_AHR_61000622 Payroll for Canada 
267 SIMG_OHR0281DK S_AHR_61000634 Payroll for Denmark 
268 SIMG_OHR0281E S_AHR_61006694 Payroll for Spain 
269 SIMG_OHR0281F S_AHR_61000630 Payroll for France 
270 SIMG_OHR0281MX S_PH9_46000914 Payroll for Mexico 
271 SIMG_OHR0281NO S_PH9_46000913 Payroll for Norway 
272 SIMG_OHR0281PT S_L9C_94000471 Payroll for Portugal 
273 SIMG_OHR0281SE S_PH9_46000912 Payroll for Sweden 
274 SIMG_OHR0282 S_AHR_61000603 Payroll for Germany 
275 SIMG_OHR0283 S_AHR_61000598 Payroll for Austria 
276 SIMG_OHR0284 S_AHR_61000592 Payroll for Japan 
277 SIMG_OHR0285 S_AHR_61006685 Payroll for Switzerland 
278 SIMG_OHR0286 S_AHR_61000642 Payroll for Belgium 
279 SIMG_OHR0287 S_AHR_61006699 Payroll for the Netherlands 
280 SIMG_OHR0288 S_AHR_61000636 Payroll for Great Britain (UK) 
281 SIMG_OHR0290 S_AHR_61009212 Delimit Per Diems for Meals 
282 SIMG_OHR0291 S_AHR_61009357 Delimit Maximum Amounts for Meals 
283 SIMG_OHR0300 S_AHR_61010073 Define Assignment Table for Credit Card Clearing 
284 SIMG_OHR0310 S_ALN_01000528 Define Credit Card Companies 
285 SIMG_OHR0361 S_PH0_48000067 Set Up Reference Texts for Additional Information 
286 SIMG_OHR0400 S_AHR_61010132 User-Exit-Include: Additional Action Options for Data Entry 
287 SIMG_OHR0410 S_AHR_61010099 Check Travel Expense Constants 
288 SIMG_OHR0420 S_ALN_01000678 User-Exit-Include: Additional Adjustment Options During Settlement 
289 SIMG_OHR0500 S_AHR_61009955 Define Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Types 
290 SIMG_OHR089 S_PH9_46000768 Payroll for Mexico 
291 SIMG_OHR1001 S_AHR_61006716 Check Wage Type Group "Travel Expenses" 
292 SIMG_OHR1002 S_AHR_61000736 Create Wage Type Catalog 
293 SIMG_OHR1003 S_AHR_61000731 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
294 SIMG_OHR1060 S_AHR_61010087 Define Maximum Rates and Default Values for Expense Types 
295 SIMG_OHR1070 S_AHR_61010083 Create Travel Expense Types for Per Diems/Flat Rates 
296 SIMG_OHR1080 S_AHR_61009863 Define Service Provider 
297 SIMG_OHR2000 S_AHR_61009008 Set Up Number Ranges for Posting Runs 
298 SIMG_OHR2001 S_AHR_61009371 Set Up Number Ranges for Trip Transfer Documents 
299 SIMG_OHR280B S_ALN_01000377 Country Specific Settlement 
300 SIMG_OHR430 S_ALN_01000854 User-Exit-Include: Enterprise Specific Adjustments to Form 
301 SIMG_OHR440 S_ALN_01000856 User Exit Include: Adjustments When Creating Vendor Master Records 
302 SIMG_OHR450 S_ALN_01000857 Screen Modifications: Adjustment of "User Data" Screen 
303 SIMG_OHR_0430 S_ALN_01000852 User Exit Include: Enterprise Specific Changes to Form 
304 SIMG_OHR_CATS_APPR S_PLN_16000162 Integration: Travel Management - CATS Approval 
305 SIMG_OHR_ESS_01 S_PLN_16000166 Web GUI in Travel Management 
306 SIMG_OHR_FIELDCONTR S_AHR_61016921 Define Schema and Individual Field Control 
307 SIMG_OHR_FORM_BCKGR S_AHR_61009464 Create Background 
308 SIMG_OHR_FORM_BLKAT S_AHR_61009472 Determine Attributes 
309 SIMG_OHR_FORM_BLKHD S_AHR_61009446 Create Headers 
310 SIMG_OHR_FORM_BLKND S_AHR_61009487 Suppress Information/Columns 
311 SIMG_OHR_FORM_COPY S_AHR_61009479 Copy/Delete Modules 
312 SIMG_OHR_FORM_FLDS S_AHR_61009457 Specify Layout 
313 SIMG_OHR_FORM_FRTXT S_AHR_61009407 Set Up Form Free Text 
314 SIMG_OHR_FORM_FXTXT S_AHR_61009386 Create Text Modules 
315 SIMG_OHR_IAC S_L9C_94000496 Use of IAC Through ITS 
316 SIMG_OHR_IAC_002 S_AHR_61010114 Set up Connection Between IAC and RFCCOM Server 
317 SIMG_OHR_IAC_003 S_AHR_61010047 Set up Directories for Excel Workbooks 
318 SIMG_OHR_IAC_004 S_AHR_61010130 Set up program RFCCOM 
319 SIMG_OHR_IAC_005 S_AHR_61010128 Set up RFC destination 
320 SIMG_OHR_OTE_00 S_PLN_16000167 Activate Mobile Travel Expenses 
321 SIMG_OHR_OTE_APPKYTX S_PLN_16000169 Application Text 
322 SIMG_OHR_OTE_APPLKEY S_PLN_16000168 Define Application 
323 SIMG_OHR_OTE_PTRVOTX S_PLN_16000210 Adjust Texts for Offline Applications 
324 SIMG_OHR_OTE_PTRVSYN S_PLN_16000211 Customizing Synchronization for Mobile Travel Expenses 
325 SIMG_OHR_OTE_WAFFSEL S_PLN_16000212 Assign R/3 Screen Field Names to Offline Field Names in BAPIs 
326 SIMG_OHR_OTE_WAFLOG S_PLN_16000214 Log File for Offline Application 
327 SIMG_OHR_OTE_WAFLOGC S_PLN_16000213 Define Settings for Logs 
328 SIMG_OHR_PDF_FORM_00 S_AEN_10000596 Form Builder for PDF-Based Forms 
329 SIMG_OHR_PDF_FORM_01 S_AEN_10000594 Set Up Feature TRVFE for Settlement Form 
330 SIMG_OHR_PDF_FORM_04 S_AEN_10000601 PDF-Based Forms vs. ABAP-Based Forms 
331 SIMG_OHR_PR_CHECK S_PTH_77000044 Check Customizing Settings 
332 SIMG_OHR_PTRV_CATSXT S_PLN_16000161 Integration Travel Management - Time Sheet (CATS for Service Providers) 
333 SIMG_OHR_PTRV_RESPO S_PH9_46000520 Define Contact Persons 
334 SIMG_OHR_T702N_A S_AHR_61009433 Travel Expenses Control (Expert View) 
335 SIMG_OHR_T702N_B S_AHR_61009496 Define Posting of Paid Individual Receipts 
336 SIMG_OHR_T702N_C S_AHR_61010030 Define Influence of Control Parameters: Meals 
337 SIMG_OHR_T702N_D S_AHR_61010039 Define Calculation of Meals Per Diems 
338 SIMG_OHR_T702N_E S_AHR_61009015 Define Influence of Control Parameters: Deductions 
339 SIMG_OHR_T702N_F S_AHR_61010124 Define Structure of Trip Statistics 
340 SIMG_OHR_T702N_G S_AHR_61010068 Define Influence of Control Parameters: Accommodation 
341 SIMG_OHR_T702N_H S_AHR_61010108 Define Influence of Control Parameters: Travel Costs 
342 SIMG_OHR_T702N_HW S_KI4_55000242 Set Up Clearing of Additional Amounts and Income-Related Expenses 
343 SIMG_OHR_T702N_I S_AHR_61010092 Define Influence of Control Parameters: Receipt Maximum Rate 
344 SIMG_OHR_T702N_J S_AHR_61010078 Define Per Diem/Flat Rate or Individual Receipt Reimbursement 
345 SIMG_OHR_T702N_K S_AHR_61009734 Define Posting and Payment of Trip Advances 
346 SIMG_OHR_T702N_L S_AHR_61009914 Activate Special Rules for Industry Solutions 
347 SIMG_OHR_T702N_M S_AHR_61010022 Define Miles/Kms Cumulation 
348 SIMG_OHR_T702N_N S_AHR_61009539 Specify Validation Date for Account Assignment Objects 
349 SIMG_OHR_T702N_P S_AEN_10000800 Posting of Individual Receipts to Be Reimbursed to Employee 
350 SIMG_OHR_T702N_R_21 S_PLN_16000245 Determine FI Payment Date 
351 SIMG_OHR_T702N_TG S_KI4_55000241 Define Rules for Border Crossings (Public Sector Germany) 
352 SIMG_OHR_T702N_VGL S_KI4_55000240 Set Up Comparison Calculation (Public Sector Germany) 
353 SIMG_OHR_T706B1_C S_AHR_61009986 Create travel expense types (Public Sector Germany) 
354 SIMG_OHR_T706F1 S_AHR_61010016 Assign Cumulation Procedure for Vehicle Types/Classes 
355 SIMG_OHR_T706F2 S_P7H_77000177 Make Accumulation of Amounts Based on Vehicle Type/Class 
356 SIMG_OHR_T706Z1 S_AHR_61016918 Transaction Field 
357 SIMG_OHR_T706_LGART S_KI4_55000327 Assign Tax-Exempt Clearing Wage Types for Additional Amounts 
358 SIMG_OHR_T706_TEXTNA S_KI4_55000239 Assign Standard Text for Private Car Usage (Public Sector Germany) 
359 SIMG_OHR_TG_000 S_PLN_16000358 Set up Separation Allowance Payments 
360 SIMG_OHR_TG_001 S_PLN_16000371 Set up Separation Allowances 
361 SIMG_OHR_TRVFO S_AHR_61009392 Set Up Feature TRVFO for Form Structure 
362 SIMG_OHR_V_706U_B S_AHR_61010055 Define Maximum Rates for Public Sector Germany and Austria 
363 SIMG_OHR_V_T702G S_AHR_61009833 Specify Attributes for Statutory Trip Types 
364 SIMG_OHR_V_T702N_B15 S_P1H_12000040 Proposed Value for Exchange Rate for Receipt Currency 
365 SIMG_OHR_V_T702X S_ELN_90000057 Specify Attributes for Enterprise-Specific Trip Types 
366 SIMG_OHR_V_T706FORM S_AHR_61009398 Create Form Variant 
367 SIMG_OHT0100 S_AHR_61009912 Check for Days with Errors 
368 SIMG_OHT0101 S_AHR_61009903 Determine Time Events with Errors 
369 SIMG_OHT0102 S_AHR_61009892 Print Other Messages 
370 SIMG_OHT0105 S_AHR_61010672 Format Headers 
371 SIMG_OHT0106 S_AHR_61010676 Format Group Headers 
372 SIMG_OHT0107 S_AHR_61010724 Format Statement of Time Balances 
373 SIMG_OHT0108 S_AHR_61010701 Format Overview of Totals 
374 SIMG_OHT0109 S_AHR_61010385 Set Up the Ouput of Time Wage Types 
375 SIMG_OHT0112 S_AHR_61010574 Set Up Payroll with Human Resources 
376 SIMG_OHT0113 S_AHR_61010568 Prepare Payroll Using a Third-Party System 
377 SIMG_OHT0115 S_AHR_61010082 Import Reduced Hours Data 
378 SIMG_OHT0116 S_AHR_61009994 Determine Core Night Work 
379 SIMG_OHT0118 S_AHR_61010077 Process Overlapping Leave/Reduced Hours Data 
380 SIMG_OHT017 S_AHR_61008928 Group Work Time Event Types 
381 SIMG_OHT019 S_AHR_61009106 Set Personnel Subarea Groupings for Time Recording 
382 SIMG_OHT020 S_AHR_61009095 Set Employee Groupings for the Time Evaluation Rule 
383 SIMG_OHT0200 S_AHR_61018699 Test Procedures Infotype Check 
384 SIMG_OHT0201 S_AHR_61018700 Use Test Procedures Infotype in Time Evaluation 
385 SIMG_OHT0202 S_AHR_61018709 Use Test Procedures Infotype in Time Evaluation 
386 SIMG_OHT020B S_AHR_61009697 Award Time Bonuses/Deductions 
387 SIMG_OHT0210 S_AHR_61010189 Set Log Time Type for Overtime Quotas 
388 SIMG_OHT0211 S_AHR_61010094 Define Generation Rules 
389 SIMG_OHT0212 S_AHR_61010098 Create Wage Type Catalog 
390 SIMG_OHT0215 S_AHR_61009828 Define Mail Connection to Notify Administrator of Messages 
391 SIMG_OHT0217 S_AHR_61009919 Check If Daily Work Schedule Has Ended 
392 SIMG_OHT022 S_AHR_61009445 Set Groupings for Access Control 
393 SIMG_OHT0300 S_AHR_61009561 Update Leave Balance 
394 SIMG_OHT0301 S_AHR_61009048 Provide Full-Day Absences Recorded at Terminal 
395 SIMG_OHT0302 S_AHR_61010051 Provide Full-Day Attendances Recorded at Terminal 
396 SIMG_OHT0304 S_AHR_61009071 Process Time Events with Attendance/Absence Reason 
397 SIMG_OHT0306 S_AHR_61009749 Store Evaluation Results 
398 SIMG_OHT0307 S_AHR_61010008 Round First and Last Time Pair 
399 SIMG_OHT0309 S_AHR_61010159 Shorten Automatically Delimited Off-Site Work Records 
400 SIMG_OHT032 S_AHR_61009085 Define Time Types 
401 SIMG_OHT035 S_AHR_61010066 Set Time Type Determination 
402 SIMG_OHT040 S_AHR_61009032 Import Work Schedule and Time Events 
403 SIMG_OHT0400 S_AHR_61009552 Define Time Transfer Types 
404 SIMG_OHT0402 S_AHR_61009633 Define Rules for Transfer to Time Types 
405 SIMG_OHT0403 S_AHR_61009625 Define Rules for Transfer to Wage Types 
406 SIMG_OHT0404 S_AHR_61009616 Define Specifications for Transfer to Absence Quotas 
407 SIMG_OHT0410 S_AHR_61009755 Sort Cumulated Balances 
408 SIMG_OHT044 S_AHR_61009004 Assign Daily Work Schedule Dynamically 
409 SIMG_OHT045 S_AHR_61008996 Dynamic Assignment Based on Planned/Actual Overlap 
410 SIMG_OHT0451 S_AHR_61009502 Determine Data to be Displayed at the Terminal 
411 SIMG_OHT046 S_AHR_61009056 Provide Absence Data 
412 SIMG_OHT047 S_AHR_61009039 Adjust Absence Data 
413 SIMG_OHT048 S_AHR_61010001 Shorten Absences of Less Than One Day 
414 SIMG_OHT049 S_AHR_61009591 Deduct Absences from Time Balances 
415 SIMG_OHT0506 S_AHR_61008880 Schedule Time Evaluation 
416 SIMG_OHT0507 S_AHR_61010115 Define Valuation Classes for Period Work Schedules 
417 SIMG_OHT0508 S_AHR_61010105 Define Processing Types 
418 SIMG_OHT0509 S_AHR_61009578 Maintain Absence Quotas 
419 SIMG_OHT051 S_AHR_61010059 Provide Attendance Data 
420 SIMG_OHT052 S_AHR_61010044 Import Manually Recorded Overtime Data 
421 SIMG_OHT053 S_AHR_61010032 Process Work Center Substitutions 
422 SIMG_OHT056 S_AHR_61010787 Compare Daily Work Schedule with Actual Times 
423 SIMG_OHT057 S_AHR_61009974 Determine Break Times 
424 SIMG_OHT058 S_AHR_61009942 Indicate Planned Working Time Pairs 
425 SIMG_OHT060 S_AHR_61010015 Process Daily Work Schedule Tolerances 
426 SIMG_OHT0600 S_AHR_61010354 Set Up Postprocessing 
427 SIMG_OHT0601 S_AHR_61010732 Copy the Form Template 
428 SIMG_OHT0610 S_AHR_61009954 Determine Minimum Breaks Based on Hours Worked 
429 SIMG_OHT0611 S_AHR_61009968 Set Start of Break Dynamically 
430 SIMG_OHT0612 S_AHR_61009964 Generate Breaks for Overtime on a Public Holiday 
431 SIMG_OHT0613 S_AHR_61010781 Set the Fields to be Printed 
432 SIMG_OHT063 S_AHR_61010175 Process Manually Entered Overtime Data 
433 SIMG_OHT064 S_AHR_61010183 Determine Overtime from General Overtime Approvals 
434 SIMG_OHT065 S_AHR_61010199 Determine Overtime from Attendance Quotas 
435 SIMG_OHT067 S_AHR_61010166 Round Overtime Pairs 
436 SIMG_OHT068 S_AHR_61018666 Analyze Overtime on a Weekly Basis 
437 SIMG_OHT069 S_AHR_61010249 Check overtime on a weekly basis with a quota 
438 SIMG_OHT070 S_AHR_61010232 Process Guaranteed Overtime 
439 SIMG_OHT071 S_AHR_61010223 Compensate Overtime Worked on a Public Holiday 
440 SIMG_OHT075 S_AHR_61010110 Define Groupings 
441 SIMG_OHT076 S_AHR_61010149 Perform Time Wage Type Selection 
442 SIMG_OHT079 S_AHR_61010141 Generate Higher Bonuses on a Weekly Basis 
443 SIMG_OHT080 S_AHR_61010133 Compensate Overtime 
444 SIMG_OHT084 S_AHR_61009705 Form Day Balances 
445 SIMG_OHT085 S_AHR_61009689 Total Flextime Balance, Overtime, and Productive Hours 
446 SIMG_OHT088 S_AHR_61009569 Update Cumulated Balances 
447 SIMG_OHT090 S_AHR_61009609 Perform Time Transfers 
448 SIMG_OHT092 S_AHR_61009872 Adjust the Flextime Balance 
449 SIMG_OHT094 S_AHR_61009879 Convert Flextime Credit to Overtime 
450 SIMG_OHT096 S_AHR_61009839 Create Message Descriptions 
451 SIMG_OHT098 S_AHR_61010773 Transfer Pair Formation Errors 
452 SIMG_OHT200 S_AHR_61009142 Define Groupings 
453 SIMG_OHT201 S_AHR_61009149 Set Controls 
454 SIMG_OHT21 S_L6B_69000467 Group Employee Subgroups for the Personnel Calculation Rule 
455 SIMG_OHT22A S_AHR_61009323 Determine Grouping for Employee Expenditures at the Subsystem 
456 SIMG_OHT22B S_AHR_61009416 Maintain Wage Types 
457 SIMG_OHT22C S_AHR_61010776 Set Up Background Jobs 
458 SIMG_OHT420 S_AHR_61010396 Set Up Output of Time Transfer Specifications 
459 SIMG_OHT421 S_AHR_61010371 Set Up the Output of Attendance/Absence Quotas 
460 SIMG_OHT422 S_AHR_61010780 Define the Format of the Output Data 
461 SIMG_OHT5217 S_AHR_61010755 Form Editor 
462 SIMG_OHT72 S_AHR_61010242 Calculate Overtime on the Basis of General Periods 
463 SIMG_OHTX0226 S_PH9_46000944 Define Evaluation Type for Attendances/Absences 
464 SIMG_OHTX027 S_AHR_61008836 Transfer Confirmations to Attendances 
465 SIMG_OHTX028 S_AHR_61008824 Transfer of Confirmations to Incentive Wages 
466 SIMG_OHTX800 S_AHR_61010788 Maintain Standard Value Keys (PP) 
467 SIMG_OHTX803 S_AHR_61008843 Settings for Pair Formation 
468 SIMG_OHTX805 S_AHR_61008850 Post PDC time tickets 
469 SIMG_OHTX806 S_AHR_61008948 Process Work Time Events 
470 SIMG_OHTX807 S_AHR_61009459 Group Personnel Time Event Types 
471 SIMG_OHTX808 S_AHR_61009541 Set Groupings for Connections to the Subsystem 
472 SIMG_OHTX809 S_AHR_61009521 Set Up Attendance/Absences Groupings for the Subsystem 
473 SIMG_OHTX810 S_AHR_61010790 Activate HR Integration 
474 SIMG_OHTX815 S_AHR_61009474 Specify Communication Parameters 
475 SIMG_OHTX817 S_AHR_61009514 Maintain Attendance/Absence Reasons 
476 SIMG_OHTX818 S_AHR_61010770 Set Up Background Jobs 
477 SIMG_OHTX820 S_AHR_61009360 Upload 
478 SIMG_OHTX821 S_AHR_61009347 Processing 
479 SIMG_OHTX822 S_AHR_61009341 Download 
480 SIMG_OHTX823 S_AHR_61009400 Upload 
481 SIMG_OHTX824 S_AHR_61009394 Processing 
482 SIMG_OHTX825 S_AHR_61009381 Download 
483 SIMG_OHTX826 S_AHR_61010784 Schedule Background Jobs 
484 SIMG_OHTX827 S_AHR_61010777 Schedule Background Jobs 
485 SIMG_OI0_T685A_MM S_ANI_44000017 Enter Data in Additional Fields for Purchase Price Conditions 
486 SIMG_OI0_T685A_MM_01 S_ANI_44000019 Enter Data in Additional Fields for Purchase Fees 
487 SIMG_OI0_T685A_MM_02 S_ANI_44000021 Enter Data in Additional Fields for Condition Types 
488 SIMG_OI0_T685A_VA S_ANI_44000016 Enter Data in Additional Fields for Sales Price Conditions 
489 SIMG_OI0_T685A_VA_01 S_ANI_44000018 Enter Data in Additional Fields for Sales Fees 
490 SIMG_OI0_T685A_VA_02 S_ANI_44000020 Enter Data in Additional Fields for Condition Types 
491 SIMG_OI0_TSW_1030 S_SO7_28000052 Business Add-In to reconcile meters with common equipment number 
492 SIMG_OI0_TVAK S_ANI_44000022 Enter Data in Additional Fields for Sales Document Types 
493 SIMG_OI0_TVFK S_ANI_44000023 Enter Data in Additional Fields for Billing and Netting Document Types 
494 SIMG_OIA_TVLP S_ANI_44000024 Enter Data in Additional Fields for Item Categories for Deliveries 
495 SIMG_OIB_HPM_0020 S_SO7_28000001 BAdI: Customer-Specific Parameter Handling 
496 SIMG_OIB_HPM_0021 S_SO7_28000002 Define Oil and Gas-Specific Units of Measurement 
497 SIMG_OICMPD S_P00_07000294 Define Field Selection for Components (PM and CS) 
498 SIMG_OIF_MRN_0001 S_SO7_65001213 Define business location types 
499 SIMG_OIG_TD_001 S_SO7_28000003 Define Goods Issue at Loading and Proof of Delivery 
500 SIMG_OIG_TD_002 S_SO7_28000004 Convert TD Reason Code to Proof of Delivery Reason Code