SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 20
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_LEYMYARD S_ALN_01001402 Define Yard 
2 SIMG_LEYMYARDLOC S_ALN_01001405 Define Yard Locations 
3 SIMG_LE_IDW_DEC_CHG S_PL0_09000422 Controlling Change Management for Deliveries 
4 SIMG_LIQUIDO S_AXA_22000114 Edit Liquidity Items 
5 SIMG_LMBP001 S_DTR_07000023 Define Menus 
6 SIMG_LMBP002 S_DTR_07000024 Define Display Profiles and Physical Screens 
7 SIMG_LMBP003 S_DTR_07000025 Define Control Screen Layout 
8 SIMG_LMBP004 S_DTR_07000026 Define Flow Logic 
9 SIMG_LMBP006 S_DTR_07000028 Personalize User Data 
10 SIMG_LMIBKKA S_KK4_13000309 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
11 SIMG_LMIFGDT S_KK4_13000334 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
12 SIMG_LMIJBDETR S_AEN_10000331 Activate/Deactivate Automatic Financial Object Integration 
13 SIMG_LMIJBFX S_AEN_10000330 Activate/Deactivate Automatic Financial Object Integration 
14 SIMG_LMIJBLOAN S_AEN_10000329 Activate/Deactivate Automatic Financial Object Integration 
15 SIMG_LMIJBMM S_AEN_10000332 Activate/Deactivate Automatic Financial Object Integration 
16 SIMG_LMIJBVT S_KK4_13000310 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
17 SIMG_LMON001 S_DTR_07000041 Define Object Classes 
18 SIMG_LOGLMON001 S_PLN_06000238 Define Object Classes 
19 SIMG_LOGSYS S_ALN_01002377 Define Logical System 
20 SIMG_LOVC_AUTH_01 S_ALR_87006894 Maintain Roles 
21 SIMG_LTBN001 S_DTR_07000008 Define Nodes and Entries/Exits to/from Zones 
22 SIMG_LTBN002 S_DTR_07000009 Define Zones, Operations, and Serving Zones 
23 SIMG_LTBN003 S_DTR_07000017 Define Zone Groups and Assign Zones 
24 SIMG_LTBN004 S_DTR_07000018 Define Obstacles 
25 SIMG_LTBN005 S_DTR_07000019 Define Levels 
26 SIMG_LTBN007 S_DTR_07000038 DELETE !!!!!!!! 
27 SIMG_LTIF001 S_PLN_16000131 External Task Confirmation 
28 SIMG_LTIF002 S_PLN_16000205 Confirm Tasks Externally 
29 SIMG_LTIF003 S_PLN_16000206 Maintain Requests Without Reference to External System 
30 SIMG_LTIF004 S_PLN_16000301 Construct Resource Externally 
31 SIMG_LTRM001 S_DTR_07000013 General Settings for TRM 
32 SIMG_LTRM005 S_ALN_01000883 Define capacity of Static Execution Control (SEC) 
33 SIMG_LTRM006 S_ALN_01000884 Define Execution Group Objects (EGOs) 
34 SIMG_LTRM007 S_ALN_01000207 Define Supervisor Message Number Range 
35 SIMG_LTRM008 S_ALN_01000208 Define Request Number Range 
36 SIMG_LTRM009 S_ALN_01000209 Define Task Number Range 
37 SIMG_LTRM010 S_ALN_01000210 Define Resource Number Range 
38 SIMG_LTRM011 S_ALN_01001022 Execution Control 
39 SIMG_LTRM012 S_ALN_01001369 Check Customizing Consistency 
40 SIMG_LTRM013 S_ALN_01001451 Check Customizing Consistency 
41 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT001 S_ALN_01000931 Determine Route for Task Creation 
42 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT002 S_DTR_07000021 Change Request Based on Transfer Order 
43 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT003 S_DTR_07000022 Change Request Dependencies Based on Group 
44 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT004 S_DTR_07000039 Change Priority Modes 
45 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT005 S_ALN_01000934 Determine Tasks Selected for Execution 
46 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT006 S_ALN_01000939 Modify Total Route Duration 
47 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT007 S_ALN_01000940 Modify Inter-Zone Movement Duration During Creation of LROUT Table 
48 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT008 S_ALN_01000941 Define Metric for Distance Calculation 
49 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT009 S_ALN_01000942 Create Event that Follows Task Confirmation, Release or Logoff 
50 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT010 S_ALN_01000943 Filter Request Items for Dispatch 
51 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT011 S_ALN_01000944 Request Dispatching "Gatekeeper" 
52 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT012 S_ALN_01000945 Data Processing on a Standard Screen 
53 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT013 S_ALN_01000946 Execute Additional Processing of Screen Layout Before Data Display 
54 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT014 S_ALN_01000947 Modify Verification Profile Definition and Values 
55 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT015 S_ALN_01000948 Define Verification Entry Processing 
56 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT016 S_ALN_01000949 Determine Work Center for Operation 
57 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT017 S_ALN_01001033 Resequence Intra-Segments 
58 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT018 S_ALN_01001035 Change XYZ Coordinates and Zone of a Bin 
59 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT019 S_ALN_01001037 Modify Zone Combinations 
60 SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT020 S_ALN_01001328 Determine Entry/Exit Nodes Per Zone Combination 
61 SIMG_LTRS001 S_DTR_07000006 Resource Management 
62 SIMG_LTRT001 S_DTR_07000033 Define Working Areas 
63 SIMG_LTRT002 S_DTR_07000034 Define Mandatory Routes 
64 SIMG_LTRT003 S_DTR_07000032 Define Route Exceptions 
65 SIMG_LTRT004 S_PLN_16000130 Create or Adjust Routes 
66 SIMG_LTSK004 S_ALN_01001019 Maintain Task Critical Time Windows 
67 SIMG_LXVAS_USEXIT010 S_ALN_01002223 Required VAS Check - Reference Document items filter 
68 SIMG_M/L_BAND_BTE S_ALR_87015143 Control Tenant and Realty Tapes (M/L-Tapes) via BTE 
69 SIMG_MAC02 S_PLN_62000399 Enhancement of Function Codes 
70 SIMG_MACBD S_AHR_61000463 Determine Views of Organizational Structure 
71 SIMG_MACBFCC S_AHR_61000467 Redefine Function Codes Customer-Specifically 
72 SIMG_MACBFCD S_AHR_61000481 Define Function Codes 
73 SIMG_MACCW S_PH0_48000039 Wizard for Defining Function Codes 
74 SIMG_MACFCH S_AHR_61000473 Define Structure of Function Codes 
75 SIMG_MACFCO S_AHR_61000477 Define Object Type-Specific Function Codes 
76 SIMG_MACMWBK S_AHR_61019105 Determine Views per Category 
77 SIMG_MACMWBS S_AHR_61019104 Define Scenario-Specific Settings 
78 SIMG_MACPOSBUD S_AHR_61000485 Define Planning Type and Periods 
79 SIMG_MACSMW0 S_AHR_61000469 Adapt Initial Screen 
80 SIMG_MAP_0001 S_SO5_65000087 Define WAP (wide area pricing zone) 
81 SIMG_MAP_0002 S_SO5_65000088 Define SLF (state licence fee zone) 
82 SIMG_MAP_0003 S_SO5_65000089 Define MI (metropolitan indicator) 
83 SIMG_MAP_0004 S_SO5_65000090 Define DRC (differential reference code) 
84 SIMG_MAP_0006 S_SO5_65000091 Maintain price list types 
85 SIMG_MAP_0015 S_SO5_65000082 Define relationship between gross/net unit of measure 
86 SIMG_MAP_0016 S_SO5_65000081 Define title pass location 
87 SIMG_MAP_0017 S_SO5_65000080 Define quotation types 
88 SIMG_MAP_0018 S_SO5_65000079 Define quotation source 
89 SIMG_MAP_0019 S_SO5_65000078 Define quotation data 
90 SIMG_MAP_0021 S_SO5_65000083 Maintain formula & average pricing user exits 
91 SIMG_MAP_0023 S_SO5_65000086 Define format for second level pricing analysis report 
92 SIMG_MAP_0024 S_SO5_65000085 Define number range for repository master 
93 SIMG_MAP_0025 S_SO5_65000084 Maintain formula & average repository control parameters 
94 SIMG_MAP_0026 S_SO6_65000912 Maintain formula & average repricing user exit 
95 SIMG_MAP_0027 S_SO7_28000015 Migration to Commodity Pricing Engine 
96 SIMG_MAP_0028 S_SO7_28000035 Select LSMW Project Used for F&A Migration 
97 SIMG_MAP_0029 S_SO7_28000053 BAdI: Fill Additional Attributes of F&A Formulas 
98 SIMG_MAP_0030 S_SO7_28000054 BAdI: Determine LSMW Project to Be Used During Sales Document Data Exchange 
99 SIMG_MAS_0001 S_KK4_66000085 Number Range Maintenance 
100 SIMG_MAS_0002 S_KK4_66000084 JOA Class 
101 SIMG_MAS_0003 S_KK4_66000083 Venture Class 
102 SIMG_MAS_0004 S_KK4_66000082 Equity Types 
103 SIMG_MAS_0005 S_KK4_66000081 CI Penalty Categories 
104 SIMG_MAS_0006 S_KK4_66000079 Projects/WBS Elements 
105 SIMG_MAS_0007 S_KK4_66000078 Cost Centers 
106 SIMG_MAS_0008 S_KK4_66000077 Internal Orders 
107 SIMG_MAS_0009 S_KK4_66000094 Recovery Indicators 
108 SIMG_MAS_0010 S_KK4_66000093 Master Data 
109 SIMG_MAS_0011 S_KK4_66000092 Clearing Procedures 
110 SIMG_MAS_0012 S_KK4_66000091 NPI Groups 
111 SIMG_MAS_0013 S_KK4_66000090 CI Groups 
112 SIMG_MAS_0014 S_KK4_66000089 Cash Call Reclassification Groups 
113 SIMG_MAS_0015 S_KK4_66000088 Funding Groups 
114 SIMG_MAS_0016 S_KK4_66000087 Bank Accounts 
115 SIMG_MAS_0017 S_KK4_66000086 Funding Group Assignment 
116 SIMG_MAS_0018 S_KK4_66000122 Exchange Difference Accounts 
117 SIMG_MAS_0019 S_KK4_66000123 Balance Sheet Account for Splitting 
118 SIMG_MAS_0020 S_KK4_66000129 Invoice Service Codes 
119 SIMG_MAS_0021 S_KK4_66000115 Class 
120 SIMG_MAS_0022 S_KK4_66000118 Subclass A 
121 SIMG_MAS_0023 S_KK4_66000120 Subclass B 
122 SIMG_MAS_0024 S_KK4_66000117 Tubular 
123 SIMG_MAS_0025 S_KK4_66000114 Non-Tubular 
124 SIMG_MAS_0026 S_KK4_66000121 Mapping Qualifiers 
125 SIMG_MAS_0027 S_KK4_66000119 Withhold Codes 
126 SIMG_MAS_0028 S_KK4_66000126 Payment Terms 
127 SIMG_MAS_0029 S_KK4_66000080 Overhead Rate Types 
128 SIMG_MAS_0116 S_PLN_06000051 Bank accounts for cash call print 
129 SIMG_MB_ACCOUNT_DIST S_PR0_40000320 BAdI: Multiple Account Assignment - Redistribution in Goods Receipt 
130 SIMG_MB_DELIV S_ALN_01002255 Define Shipping Data for Stock Transfers Between Storage Locations 
131 SIMG_MB_GOODSMOV_DCI S_PR0_40000293 BAdI: Set Delivery Completed Indicator 
132 SIMG_MCOE_0001 S_SO5_65000094 Set up alternative plants for delivery 
133 SIMG_MCOE_0002 S_SO5_65000092 Redetermine item category 
134 SIMG_MCOE_0003 S_SO5_65000093 Define ship-to/sold-to check on sales organization level 
135 SIMG_MCOE_0004 S_SO5_65000095 Define contract restrictions 
136 SIMG_MCOE_0005 S_SO5_65000096 Default partner function 
137 SIMG_MDKMS_BADI S_BSD_38000012 Create BAdI Implementation for Call Parameters 
138 SIMG_MDKMS_VC S_BSD_38000011 Call Parameters for Mapping Enhancement 
139 SIMG_MD_EXT_SUP S_ALN_01002254 Business Add-In for Determination of Issuing Storage Location 
140 SIMG_MENUOLMSOMSL_DI S_PNI_32000009 Define Output Format of Material Numbers 
141 SIMG_ME_MECF S_SO6_65000744 Define Calculations 
142 SIMG_ME_MECL S_SO6_65000746 Define Measurement Classes 
143 SIMG_ME_MEDOCN S_SO6_65000748 Define Number Ranges 
144 SIMG_ME_MEMC S_SO6_65000745 Assign Calculations to Measurement Types 
145 SIMG_ME_MEMT S_SO6_65000743 Define Measurement Types 
146 SIMG_ME_MEMTNR S_SO6_65000749 Assign number ranges to classes 
147 SIMG_ME_MERT S_SO6_65000742 Define Reading types 
148 SIMG_ME_MESC S_SO6_65000747 Define Measurement Sources 
149 SIMG_ME_MEUMG S_SO6_65000740 Define Unit of Measurement Groups 
150 SIMG_ME_MRDV S_SOG_81000021 Define Measurement Reading Derivation 
151 SIMG_ME_UOM S_SO6_65000741 Define Rounding 
152 SIMG_MIETERAUSKUNFT S_ALR_87099846 Maintain Field Status Control for Tenant Information 
153 SIMG_MIGR_CNTRL S_SO7_65001260 PRA Migration Control 
154 SIMG_MKFELDER_ABA S_ABA_72000084 Display required/optional fields 
155 SIMG_MMIM_MB_DELIV S_P99_41000272 HU Requirement for Storage Locations and Default Values for Deliveries 
156 SIMG_MMIM_V_156Q_VC S_P99_41000271 Set QM Check and Delivery Type for Each Movement Type 
157 SIMG_MM_DETITEMREL S_EBS_44000352 BAdI: Relevance Determination on Document Item Level 
158 SIMG_MR11NUM S_P00_07000255 Maintain Number Range for Account Maintenance Document 
159 SIMG_MR11NUMKRS S_P00_07000257 Maintain Number Range Interval for Account Maintenance Document 
160 SIMG_MRN_0001 S_SO5_65000111 Assign subscreens - append structure management 
161 SIMG_MRN_0002 S_SO5_65000114 Configure Business Location Type Screen 
162 SIMG_MRN_0003 S_SO5_65000098 Define Partner Roles 
163 SIMG_MRN_0004 S_SO5_65000099 Define Technical Category for Partner Role 
164 SIMG_MRN_0005 S_SO5_65000105 Define retail network contract option type 
165 SIMG_MRN_0007 S_SO5_65000113 Define Number Ranges for Business Location 
166 SIMG_MRN_0009 S_SO5_65000102 Assign Partner Roles to Business Location Type 
167 SIMG_MRN_0010 S_SO5_65000097 Assign Technical Categories to Partner Roles 
168 SIMG_MRN_0011 S_SO5_65000112 Set system control - general and top level 
169 SIMG_MRN_0012 S_SO5_65000109 Define object status codes 
170 SIMG_MRN_0013 S_SO5_65000101 Define link dialogs for object link type 
171 SIMG_MRN_0014 S_SO5_65000100 Set System Control for Partner Roles 
172 SIMG_MRN_0015 S_SO5_65000107 Define Link Dialogs for Technical Category 
173 SIMG_MRN_0016 S_SO5_65000106 Define Additional SET/GET Parameters for Link Partner Dialog 
174 SIMG_MRN_0017 S_SO5_65000104 Enable sales document types for IS-Oil data 
175 SIMG_MRN_0018 S_SO5_65000108 Define business location blocking codes 
176 SIMG_MRN_0019 S_SO5_65000110 Enable customer enhancement fields for field selection 
177 SIMG_MRN_0020 S_SO5_65000103 System control - links to OLTP reporting 
178 SIMG_MSG_ICL2_224 S_ANI_08000814 Message Control If Source/Target Claim Are Identical in Reassignments 
179 SIMG_MSG_ICL_H_138 S_ANI_08000812 Message Control If Total Amount Does Not Match Total of Items 
180 SIMG_MSG_ICL_H_257 S_ANI_08000813 Message Control If Invoice Date Is After Settlement Date 
181 SIMG_M_TBRF230 S_KK4_08000692 Define Groups 
182 SIMG_M_TICL085_ASG S_P7I_08000874 Define View for Linking Two Claims 
183 SIMG_M_TICL085_MISC S_P7I_08000889 Define Different Client-Dependent Settings 
184 SIMG_M_TICL096 S_KK4_08000654 Enhance Function Codes for Each Process 
185 SIMG_M_TICL098 S_KK4_08000652 Configure Display of Function Codes 
186 SIMG_M_TICL102 S_ANI_08000787 Define Permitted Manual Tasks/Log Entries for Each Claim Bundle Type 
187 SIMG_M_TICL106 S_KK4_08000653 Required Field Check: Enhance Assignment of Clm Subobj Category to Datasets 
188 SIMG_M_TICL111 S_PNI_08000854 Define Authorization Groups 
189 SIMG_M_TICL111_NOTE S_ANI_08000772 Define Authorization Groups for Notes 
190 SIMG_M_TICL111_RESER S_ANI_08000773 Define Authorization Groups for Reserves 
191 SIMG_M_TICL192 S_PNI_08000862 Enhance Claim Subobject Categories That Can Be Created by Function Codes 
192 SIMG_M_TICL194 S_KK4_08000649 Specify Icon for Function Code 
193 SIMG_M_TICL195 S_KK4_08000698 Define Copy Function Codes and Default Behavior 
194 SIMG_M_TICL196 S_KK4_08000650 Enhance Function Codes for Each Claim Item Grouping Category 
195 SIMG_M_TICL197 S_KK4_08000648 Assign Claim Item Grouping Category to Navigation Tree Node 
196 SIMG_M_TICL198 S_KK4_08000727 Configure Function Codes for Status Changes 
197 SIMG_M_TICL451 S_KK4_08000690 Define Screen Sequences for Benefits/Services/Fees Catalogs 
198 SIMG_M_TICL951 S_KK4_08000578 Claim Bundle: Define Activities 
199 SIMG_M_TICL952 S_KK4_08000580 Claim Bundle: Assign Activities to a Task 
200 SIMG_N1FAPF S_KK4_74000229 AT: Define Dept. OU to Nursing OU Assignment 
201 SIMG_N1GES S_KK4_74000230 AT: Define Complete Totals Block 
202 SIMG_NEHCDOC_CH S_P7C_98000391 Dokumententypen zuordnen 
203 SIMG_NOP_0001 S_KK4_66000044 JV Non-Operated Billing Form 
204 SIMG_NOP_0002 S_KK4_66000043 JV Non-Operated Billing Form Line Item Details 
205 SIMG_NOP_0003 S_KK4_66000042 Mapping Inbound EDI Qualifiers to JVA Processes 
206 SIMG_NOP_0004 S_KK4_66000041 Mapping Inbound EDI Service Codes to JVA Processes 
207 SIMG_NOP_0005 S_KK4_66000040 Mapping Inbound EDI Qualifiers to JVA Processes 
208 SIMG_NOP_0006 S_KK4_66000039 Mapping EDI Qualifiers and Classes to JVA Processes 
209 SIMG_NOP_0007 S_KK4_66000048 Mapping EDI Qualifiers, Classes, and Subclasses to JVA 
210 SIMG_NOTIERUNGSART S_ALR_87001721 Define Quotation Types 
211 SIMG_NOTIERUNGSDATEN S_ALR_87001741 Define Quotation Data 
212 SIMG_NOTPFLEGE S_ALR_87001222 Enter Price Notation 
213 SIMG_NUSERTERM_CH S_P7C_98000396 Benutzern ein oder mehrere Terminals zuordnen (WTS) 
214 SIMG_NWAT_EDI_CODES S_PL5_98000227 AT: EDIVKA EDI Verfahren Codelisten pflegen 
215 SIMG_NWAT_EDI_FACDEF S_PL5_98000228 AT: EDIVKA Korrekturenfaktoren und Nebenbedingungen pflegen 
216 SIMG_NWAT_EDI_KONDMP S_PL5_98000229 AT: EDIVKA Konditionen zu Korrekturfakt./Nebenbeding. pflegen 
217 SIMG_NWAT_EDI_MAPKTR S_PL5_98000232 AT: EDIVKA Mapping der Geschäftspartner pflegen 
218 SIMG_NWAT_EDI_SERVMP S_PL5_98000230 AT: EDIVKA Ermittlg Arzt-/Haus-Leist. über Tarifgruppen pflegen 
219 SIMG_NWAT_EDI_VERTR S_PL5_98000231 AT: EDIVKA Vereinbarungen Krankenhaus und Versicherung pflegen 
220 SIMG_NWAT_EZG S_KK4_98000015 AT: Import Geographical Areas 
221 SIMG_NWAT_PLZ S_KK4_98000014 AT: Import Postal Codes 
222 SIMG_NWBC_TAGS S_YI3_39000061 Define SAP GUI Tags 
223 SIMG_NWBC_VC_GUI_TAG S_BT6_28000084 Define Additional SAP GUI Tags 
224 SIMG_NWCHMEDIDATACDL S_KK4_98000158 CH: MEDIDATA - Import Codes 
225 SIMG_NWCH_EHC_BOA S_P7C_98000412 Kontexte für die Massendeckungsabfrage definieren 
226 SIMG_NWCH_EHC_KVG S_P7C_98000395 Terminals Funktionsberechtigungen und Kartenlesegeräte zuordnen 
227 SIMG_NWCH_NKTR_PROF S_P7C_98000359 CH: Ausschluss Rechnungskopien an Patienten pflegen 
228 SIMG_O5F1 S_SO6_65000723 Define Quotation Types (Uses Downstream Functions) 
229 SIMG_O5F3 S_SO6_65000724 Define Quotation Data (Link to Downstream Functions) 
230 SIMG_OALE_ACBL_136 S_ABA_72000092 Make Settings for Distributing Bank Master Data 
231 SIMG_OALE_ACBL_136_2 S_P00_07000057 Distribute Banks 
232 SIMG_OALE_ACOPA_063 S_ALR_87006639 Distributon of Internal Orders 
233 SIMG_OALE_ACPSP_011 S_ALR_87006642 Distribution of Work Breakdown Structure 
234 SIMG_OALE_HRDST_42 S_AHR_61000360 Processing Personnel Time Events 
235 SIMG_OALE_HRDST_43 S_AHR_61000355 Processing Employee Expenditures (External Wage Types) 
236 SIMG_OALE_HRDST_45 S_AHR_61000358 Checking Time Data 
237 SIMG_OALE_HRDST_46 S_AHR_61000359 Transfer Time Data to HR System 
238 SIMG_OALE_HRDST_48 S_AHR_61000365 Check External Wage Types 
239 SIMG_OALE_HRDST_49 S_AHR_61000364 Transfer External Wage Types to HR System 
240 SIMG_OALE_HRDST_50 S_AHR_61000357 Transfer Master Data to External System 
241 SIMG_OALE_HRDST_51 S_AHR_61000356 Transfer Master Data to External System 
242 SIMG_OALE_HRDST_60 S_PH0_48000328 Transfer of Operative Planned Working Times to the HR System 
243 SIMG_OALE_LOPSP_011 S_ALR_87008578 Distribution of Work Breakdown Structure 
244 SIMG_OALE_PDMFGOS47 S_ALR_87008571 Define field groups 
245 SIMG_OALE_PDMFGOS48 S_ALR_87008561 Assign fields 
246 SIMG_OALE_PDMOCP1 S_ALR_87008577 Display Objects with Change Authorization 
247 SIMG_OALE_PDMOCP2 S_ALR_87008576 Maintain Profile Names for Change Authorization 
248 SIMG_OALE_PDMOCP3 S_ALR_87008575 Maintain profile assignment in system and field groups 
249 SIMG_OALE_PDMOCP4 S_ALR_87008574 Specify sequence of change profile 
250 SIMG_OALE_PDMSTAAEN S_ALR_87008961 Define statuses for change master records 
251 SIMG_OALE_PDMSTABOM S_ALR_87008573 Define BOM status 
252 SIMG_OALE_PDMSTABW S_ALR_87008960 Define status for dependencies 
253 SIMG_OALE_PDMSTACHAR S_ALR_87008581 Define characteristic statuses 
254 SIMG_OALE_PDMSTACLA S_ALR_87008580 Define class status 
255 SIMG_OALE_PDMSTADOC S_ALR_87008579 Define document statuses 
256 SIMG_OALE_PDMSTAMAT S_ALR_87008572 Define Material Status 
257 SIMG_OB58_XBRL_T011 S_VBS_01000035 Define Financial Statement Versions (Electronic Financial Statement) 
258 SIMG_OBIL_08 S_BCE_68001452 Copy source client 
259 SIMG_OBIL_11 S_BCE_68001463 Install server 
260 SIMG_OBIL_14 S_BCE_68001464 Configure in SAP System 
261 SIMG_OBPTAUTOCUSTOM S_BCE_68000363 Perform Automatic Workflow Customizing 
262 SIMG_OBPTDEFAULT S_BCE_68000366 Set default values for partner profiles 
263 SIMG_OBPTDELOLDAPPL S_BCE_68000372 Delete process technology in EDI processing of logistics 
264 SIMG_OBPTEDISEDIR S_BCE_68000371 Use extended exception handling for status return 
265 SIMG_OBPTEVENTCOUP S_BCE_68000364 Activate event receiver linkage for IDoc inbound 
266 SIMG_OBPTFEHLER S_BCE_68000370 Replace process technology with Business Workflow (exceptions) 
267 SIMG_OBPTIMAGING S_BCE_68000367 Map long names (Release 4.0) to short names 
268 SIMG_OBPTNUMBERRANGE S_BCE_68000369 Create number ranges 
269 SIMG_OCA0_CDESK S_ALN_01000956 CAD Desktop 
270 SIMG_OCC_CHARACT S_KK4_96000557 CA: Define Occupancy Characteristics 
271 SIMG_OCNG_CMOD_UEX17 S_B20_88000001 Develop customer node information (network graphics/network maintenance) 
272 SIMG_OCNG_CMOD_UEX18 S_B20_88000016 Develop customer node information (network graphics/info system) 
273 SIMG_OCNG_CMOD_UEX19 S_B20_88000015 Develop customer node info (network graphics/standard network maintenance) 
274 SIMG_OCNG_CMOD_UEX20 S_B20_88000014 Develop additional DIN field info (network graphics/network maintenance) 
275 SIMG_OCNG_CMOD_UEX21 S_B20_88000013 Develop additional DIN field info (hierarchy graphics/network maintenance) 
276 SIMG_OCNG_CMOD_UEX22 S_B20_88000012 Develop additional DIN field info (standard network maintenance) 
277 SIMG_OCNG_CMOD_UEX23 S_B20_88000011 Develop customer node information (hierarchy graphics) 
278 SIMG_OCNG_CMOD_UEX24 S_B20_88000026 Develop customer-specific graphic title 
279 SIMG_OE_EG_WL_0224 S_ALR_87007642 Maintain Selection Variant for Space Management 
280 SIMG_OE_EG_WL_0225 S_ALR_87007638 Maintain Space Management Profiles (Basis LIS) 
281 SIMG_OE_EG_WL_0226 S_ALR_87007631 Check and Initialize Space Management Profile 
282 SIMG_OE_EG_WL_0300 S_ALN_01000679 BAdI: Interface for MAP: Determine Material Valuation Index 
283 SIMG_OE_EG_WL_0301 S_PLN_16000027 Maintain Space Management Profile (Basis LIS or BW) 
284 SIMG_OE_EG_WL_0500 S_ALN_01002202 Control Space Management 
285 SIMG_OE_EG_WL_0501 S_PLN_06000419 Maintain Data Retraction for Statistics Data from BW 
286 SIMG_OFDIBERICHTSBAU S_ALR_87007179 Maintain Report Tree 
287 SIMG_OFDICFMENUFOO8 S_ALR_87007250 Suppress Leading Zeros in Object Keys 
288 SIMG_OFDILPR_CJ8VABR S_ALR_87007165 Maintain Selection Variants for Collective Processing 
289 SIMG_OFDIMENUTKA03 S_P99_41000092 Maintain Statistical Key Figures 
290 SIMG_OFDIMENU_HBKID S_P99_41000129 Maintain Data for Owners' House Bank 
291 SIMG_OFDI_K01_ABR S_ALR_87006953 Maintain Settlement Cost Elements 
292 SIMG_OFDI_OKEU S_ALR_87006949 Maintain Source Structure 
293 SIMG_OFMENUOM00OM22 S_ALR_87099728 Define Error Handling in Status Change 
294 SIMG_OFTP_PR_003_12 S_ALN_01000643 BAdI: Specify Travel Agency Queues 
295 SIMG_OFTP_PR_003_13 S_ALN_01000644 BAdI: Compare Travel Preferences of SAP and GDS 
296 SIMG_OFTP_PR_003_14 S_ALN_01001350 Business Add-In: Verification of Personnel Number 
297 SIMG_OHA S_AHR_61018785 ffff 
298 SIMG_OHAA402 S_AHR_61001797 Define Agreements 
299 SIMG_OHAA403 S_AHR_61001801 Define Two-Digit Absence Symbols 
300 SIMG_OHAA404 S_AHR_61001912 Define Quota Management 
301 SIMG_OHAA405 S_AHR_61001915 Define Intervals for Length of Service 
302 SIMG_OHAA406 S_AHR_61006914 Define Alternative Important Periods 
303 SIMG_OHAA407 S_AHR_61001928 Identify Special Circumstances 
304 SIMG_OHAA408 S_AHR_61001932 Create Subsequent Entitlements 
305 SIMG_OHAA409 S_AHR_61006919 Define Entitlement Deduction 
306 SIMG_OHAA410 S_AHR_61001943 Define Transition to Next Agreement 
307 SIMG_OHAA412 S_AHR_61001946 Specify Entitlement Amounts 
308 SIMG_OHAA414 S_AHR_61001851 Define Entitlements 
309 SIMG_OHAA415 S_AHR_61001856 Define Entitlements per Period 
310 SIMG_OHAA416 S_AHR_61006908 Specify Valuation Based on Duration of Absence 
311 SIMG_OHAA421 S_AHR_61002750 Create Draft Form 
312 SIMG_OHAA422 S_AHR_61006861 Set Up Form Background 
313 SIMG_OHAA423 S_AHR_61006860 Set up Text Modules 
314 SIMG_OHAA424 S_AHR_61001761 Set Up Cumulation Wage Types 
315 SIMG_OHAA425 S_AHR_61006858 Set Up Data in Fixed Positions 
316 SIMG_OHAA426 S_AHR_61001721 Set Up Window 
317 SIMG_OHAA427 S_AHR_61001725 Set up initial and final group texts in window 
318 SIMG_OHAA428 S_AHR_61001718 Set Up Line Layout in Window 
319 SIMG_OHAA429 S_AHR_61001648 Set Up Wage Types in Window 
320 SIMG_OHAA431 S_AHR_61001508 Copy Standard Form 
321 SIMG_OHAA432 S_AHR_61006853 Change Subtype for Address Formatting 
322 SIMG_OHAA435 S_AHR_61006863 Maintain Form Directory 
323 SIMG_OHAA437 S_AHR_61001457 Set Up Address 
324 SIMG_OHAA438 S_AHR_61001658 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
325 SIMG_OHAA439 S_AHR_61002693 Single Fields 
326 SIMG_OHAA450 S_AHR_61002705 Address 
327 SIMG_OHAA451 S_AHR_61001396 Change Subtype for Address Formatting 
328 SIMG_OHAA453 S_AHR_61002701 Line Layout 
329 SIMG_OHAA454 S_AHR_61002685 Identifiers in Window 
330 SIMG_OHAA455 S_AHR_61002688 Initial and Final Group Texts in Window 
331 SIMG_OHAA456 S_AHR_61002683 Rules 
332 SIMG_OHAA457 S_AHR_61001402 Form Editor 
333 SIMG_OHAA459 S_AHR_61006889 Set Up Assignment for Form Printout 
334 SIMG_OHAA461 S_AHR_61001653 Include Wage Type Assignment in Form 
335 SIMG_OHAA463 S_AHR_61001427 Set Up Assignment for Form Printout 
336 SIMG_OHAA464 S_AHR_61001511 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
337 SIMG_OHAA465 S_AHR_61002677 Assign Wage Types in Window 
338 SIMG_OHAA466 S_AHR_61002687 Cumulation Identifiers 
339 SIMG_OHAA467 S_AHR_61001757 Set Up Special Processing Rules 
340 SIMG_OHAAR_401 S_AHR_61001659 Design form 
341 SIMG_OHAAR_402 S_AHR_61000480 Define form background 
342 SIMG_OHAAR_403 S_AHR_61006677 Define text modules 
343 SIMG_OHAAR_405 S_AHR_61000511 Define information in fixed positions 
344 SIMG_OHAAR_406 S_AHR_61000514 Define windows 
345 SIMG_OHAAR_407 S_AHR_61006737 Define start and end texts of groups in window 
346 SIMG_OHAAR_408 S_AHR_61000518 Define line layout in window 
347 SIMG_OHAAR_409 S_AHR_61000959 Define wage types in window 
348 SIMG_OHAAR_410 S_AHR_61006739 Define special processing rules 
349 SIMG_OHAAR_413 S_AHR_61000988 Create address 
350 SIMG_OHAAR_414 S_AHR_61000947 Create vacations in selected items (previous procedure) 
351 SIMG_OHAAR_415 S_AHR_61000913 Define vacations in one window 
352 SIMG_OHAAR_416 S_AHR_61000542 Copy standard form 
353 SIMG_OHAAR_417 S_AHR_61000984 Create wage types in fixed positions 
354 SIMG_OHAAR_418 S_AHR_61000919 Define time quotas in fixed positions 
355 SIMG_OHAAR_419 S_AHR_61000924 Define time quotas in one window 
356 SIMG_OHAAR_421 S_AHR_61001681 Design form 
357 SIMG_OHAAR_422 S_AHR_61001052 Define form background 
358 SIMG_OHAAR_423 S_AHR_61001055 Define text modules 
359 SIMG_OHAAR_424 S_AHR_61001021 Define cumulation wage types 
360 SIMG_OHAAR_425 S_AHR_61001060 Define information in fixed positions 
361 SIMG_OHAAR_426 S_AHR_61000995 Define windows 
362 SIMG_OHAAR_427 S_AHR_61006749 Define start and end texts of groups in window 
363 SIMG_OHAAR_428 S_AHR_61001000 Define line layout in window 
364 SIMG_OHAAR_429 S_AHR_61001018 Define wage types in window 
365 SIMG_OHAAR_431 S_AHR_61000938 Copy standard form 
366 SIMG_OHAAR_432 S_AHR_61001028 Change subtype for address formatting 
367 SIMG_OHAAR_435 S_AHR_61001047 Maintain form index 
368 SIMG_OHAAR_437 S_AHR_61001067 Create address 
369 SIMG_OHAAR_438 S_AHR_61006747 Assign wage types for form printing 
370 SIMG_OHAAR_439 S_AHR_61001670 Individual fields 
371 SIMG_OHAAR_450 S_AHR_61001671 Address 
372 SIMG_OHAAR_451 S_AHR_61001032 Change subtype for address formatting 
373 SIMG_OHAAR_453 S_AHR_61001672 Line layout 
374 SIMG_OHAAR_454 S_AHR_61001675 Identifiers in window 
375 SIMG_OHAAR_455 S_AHR_61001676 Start and end text of group in window 
376 SIMG_OHAAR_456 S_AHR_61001679 Rules 
377 SIMG_OHAAR_457 S_AHR_61000943 Form editor 
378 SIMG_OHAAR_459 S_AHR_61001005 Create assignment for form printing 
379 SIMG_OHAAR_461 S_AHR_61001014 Include wage type assignment in form 
380 SIMG_OHAAR_463 S_AHR_61001034 Create assignment for form printing 
381 SIMG_OHAAR_464 S_AHR_61001037 Assign wage types for form printing 
382 SIMG_OHAAR_465 S_AHR_61001673 Assignment of wage types in window 
383 SIMG_OHAAR_466 S_AHR_61001678 Totals identifiers 
384 SIMG_OHAAR_467 S_AHR_61006754 Define special processing rules 
385 SIMG_OHAAR_470 S_AHR_61000905 Create alternative currency 
386 SIMG_OHAAR_471 S_AHR_61001042 Create alternative currency 
387 SIMG_OHAAR_480 S_AHR_61000991 Change information subtype for editing address 
388 SIMG_OHAAR_481 S_AHR_61001669 Compress wage types 
389 SIMG_OHAAR_482 S_AHR_61000973 Cumulate wage types 
390 SIMG_OHAAR_483 S_AHR_61000927 Define notifications in window 
391 SIMG_OHAAR_484 S_AHR_61000930 Create alternative currency 
392 SIMG_OHAAR_501 S_AHR_61001694 Individual fields 
393 SIMG_OHAAR_502 S_AHR_61001692 Line layout 
394 SIMG_OHAAR_506 S_AHR_61000547 Create assignment for form printing 
395 SIMG_OHAAR_507 S_AHR_61000524 Assign wage types for form printing 
396 SIMG_OHAAR_508 S_AHR_61001691 Assignment of wage types in window 
397 SIMG_OHAAR_509 S_AHR_61001689 Identifiers in window 
398 SIMG_OHAAR_510 S_AHR_61001687 Start and end texts of group in window 
399 SIMG_OHAAR_512 S_AHR_61001753 Compress identifiers 
400 SIMG_OHAAR_513 S_AHR_61001736 Total identifiers 
401 SIMG_OHAAR_514 S_AHR_61006895 Rules 
402 SIMG_OHAAR_515 S_AHR_61000544 Form editor 
403 SIMG_OHAAR_516 S_AHR_61006894 Totals identifiers in individual fields 
404 SIMG_OHAAR_517 S_AHR_61001715 Address 
405 SIMG_OHAAR_518 S_AHR_61000468 Change subtype for address formatting 
406 SIMG_OHAAR_519 S_AHR_61001668 Vacations in individual fields (previous procedure) 
407 SIMG_OHAAR_520 S_AHR_61001667 Leave in single fields 
408 SIMG_OHAAR_521 S_AHR_61001666 Vacations in one window 
409 SIMG_OHAAR_522 S_AHR_61001665 Time quota in individual fields 
410 SIMG_OHAAR_523 S_AHR_61001663 Time quota in window 
411 SIMG_OHAAR_524 S_AHR_61001661 Notifications in window 
412 SIMG_OHAAR_525 S_AHR_61000476 Maintain form index 
413 SIMG_OHAAR_527 S_AHR_61000521 Create assignment for form printing 
414 SIMG_OHAAR_528 S_AHR_61000951 Assign wage types for form printing 
415 SIMG_OHAAR_529 S_AHR_61000955 Include wage type assignment in form 
416 SIMG_OHAAR_530 S_AHR_61000472 Create alternative currency 
417 SIMG_OHAAR_611 S_AHR_61001739 Create form for page header 
418 SIMG_OHAAR_612 S_AHR_61006897 Create form for payroll excerpts 
419 SIMG_OHAAR_613 S_AHR_61001747 Create form for continuation excerpt 
420 SIMG_OHAAR_614 S_AHR_61001749 Create form for totals display 
421 SIMG_OHAAR_615 S_AHR_61000793 Form editor 
422 SIMG_OHAAR_814 S_AHR_61000909 Create leave in fixed positions 
423 SIMG_OHAAR_841 S_AHR_61006893 Create form for page header 
424 SIMG_OHAAR_842 S_AHR_61001683 Create form for payroll excerpts 
425 SIMG_OHAAR_843 S_AHR_61001684 Create form for continuation excerpt 
426 SIMG_OHAAR_844 S_AHR_61001686 Create form for totals display 
427 SIMG_OHAAT401 S_AHR_61002698 Create Draft Form 
428 SIMG_OHAAT402 S_AHR_61001408 Set Up Form Background 
429 SIMG_OHAAT403 S_AHR_61001411 Set up Text Modules 
430 SIMG_OHAAT405 S_AHR_61001416 Set Up Data in Fixed Positions 
431 SIMG_OHAAT406 S_AHR_61001422 Set Up Window 
432 SIMG_OHAAT407 S_AHR_61001557 Set up initial and final group texts in window 
433 SIMG_OHAAT408 S_AHR_61001543 Set Up Line Layout in Window 
434 SIMG_OHAAT409 S_AHR_61001553 Set Up Wage Types in Window 
435 SIMG_OHAAT410 S_AHR_61001579 Set Up Special Processing Rules 
436 SIMG_OHAAT413 S_AHR_61001513 Set Up Address 
437 SIMG_OHAAT414 S_AHR_61001518 Set Up Leave Data in Fixed Positions (Old Procedure) 
438 SIMG_OHAAT415 S_AHR_61006871 Set Up Leave Data in a Window 
439 SIMG_OHAAT416 S_AHR_61001399 Copy Standard Form 
440 SIMG_OHAAT417 S_AHR_61001512 Set Up Wage Types in Fixed Positions 
441 SIMG_OHAAT418 S_AHR_61001527 Set Up Time Quotas in Fixed Positions 
442 SIMG_OHAAT419 S_AHR_61001531 Set Up Time Quotas in a Window 
443 SIMG_OHAAT480 S_AHR_61001515 Change Subtype for Address Formatting 
444 SIMG_OHAAT481 S_AHR_61002706 Summarize Wage Types 
445 SIMG_OHAAT482 S_AHR_61006874 Cumulate Wage Types 
446 SIMG_OHAAT483 S_AHR_61001536 Set Up Notifications in Window 
447 SIMG_OHAAT484 S_AHR_61001540 Set Up Alternative Currency 
448 SIMG_OHAAT501 S_AHR_61002713 Single Fields 
449 SIMG_OHAAT502 S_AHR_61002715 Line Layout 
450 SIMG_OHAAT506 S_AHR_61001709 Set Up Assignment for Form Printout 
451 SIMG_OHAAT507 S_AHR_61001713 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
452 SIMG_OHAAT508 S_AHR_61002733 Assign Wage Types in Window 
453 SIMG_OHAAT509 S_AHR_61002753 Identifiers in window 
454 SIMG_OHAAT510 S_AHR_61002756 Initial and Final Group Texts in Window 
455 SIMG_OHAAT512 S_AHR_61002761 Summarize Identifiers 
456 SIMG_OHAAT513 S_AHR_61002763 Cumulate Identifiers 
457 SIMG_OHAAT514 S_AHR_61002766 Rules 
458 SIMG_OHAAT515 S_AHR_61001645 Form Editor 
459 SIMG_OHAAT516 S_AHR_61002737 Cumulation Identifiers in Individual Fields 
460 SIMG_OHAAT517 S_AHR_61002739 Address 
461 SIMG_OHAAT518 S_AHR_61001506 Change Subtype for Address Formatting 
462 SIMG_OHAAT519 S_AHR_61002680 Leave Data in Individual Fields (Old Procedure) 
463 SIMG_OHAAT520 S_AHR_61002682 Leave Data in Individual Fields 
464 SIMG_OHAAT521 S_AHR_61002678 Leave Data in a Window 
465 SIMG_OHAAT522 S_AHR_61002679 Time Quotas in Individual Fields 
466 SIMG_OHAAT523 S_AHR_61002700 Time Quotas in Window 
467 SIMG_OHAAT524 S_AHR_61002703 Notifications in Window 
468 SIMG_OHAAT525 S_AHR_61001405 Maintain Form Directory 
469 SIMG_OHAAT527 S_AHR_61001545 Set Up Assignment for Form Printout 
470 SIMG_OHAAT528 S_AHR_61001547 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
471 SIMG_OHAAT529 S_AHR_61001549 Include Wage Type Assignment in Form 
472 SIMG_OHAAT530 S_AHR_61001398 Set Up Alternative Currency 
473 SIMG_OHAAT814 S_AHR_61001521 Set Up Leave Data in Fixed Positions 
474 SIMG_OHAAT_611 S_AHR_61002710 Set Up Form for Page Header 
475 SIMG_OHAAT_612 S_AHR_61007016 Set Up Form for Payroll Excerpts 
476 SIMG_OHAAT_613 S_AHR_61002708 Set Up Form for Continuation Excerpts 
477 SIMG_OHAAT_614 S_AHR_61002730 Set up Form for Totals Display 
478 SIMG_OHAAT_615 S_AHR_61001642 Form Editor 
479 SIMG_OHAAT_841 S_AHR_61002728 Set Up Form for Page Header 
480 SIMG_OHAAT_842 S_AHR_61002725 Set Up Form for Payroll Excerpts 
481 SIMG_OHAAT_843 S_AHR_61002722 Set Up Form for Continuation Excerpts 
482 SIMG_OHAAT_844 S_AHR_61002719 Set up Form for Totals Display 
483 SIMG_OHABE_401 S_AHR_61013661 Create Draft Form 
484 SIMG_OHABE_402 S_AHR_61013457 Set Up Form Background 
485 SIMG_OHABE_403 S_AHR_61013444 Set Up Text Modules 
486 SIMG_OHABE_405 S_AHR_61013446 Set Up Data in Fixed Positions 
487 SIMG_OHABE_406 S_AHR_61013448 Set Up Window 
488 SIMG_OHABE_407 S_AHR_61013489 Set Up Initial and Final Group Texts in Window 
489 SIMG_OHABE_408 S_AHR_61013450 Set Up Line Layout in Window 
490 SIMG_OHABE_409 S_AHR_61013487 Set Up Wage Types in Window 
491 SIMG_OHABE_410 S_AHR_61013496 Set Up Special Processing Rules 
492 SIMG_OHABE_413 S_AHR_61013472 Set Up Address 
493 SIMG_OHABE_414 S_AHR_61013476 Set Up Leave Data in Fixed Positions (Old Procedure) 
494 SIMG_OHABE_415 S_AHR_61013479 Set Up Leave Data in a Window 
495 SIMG_OHABE_416 S_AHR_61013510 Copy Standard Form 
496 SIMG_OHABE_417 S_AHR_61013485 Set Up Wage Types in Fixed Positions 
497 SIMG_OHABE_418 S_AHR_61013481 Set Up Time Quotas in Fixed Positions 
498 SIMG_OHABE_419 S_AHR_61013483 Set Up Time Quotas in a Window 
499 SIMG_OHABE_421 S_AHR_61013684 Create Draft Form 
500 SIMG_OHABE_422 S_AHR_61013523 Set Up Form Background