SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 27
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0001 S_SO7_65001332 Define Tax Types and Product Tax Groups 
2 SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0002 S_SO7_65001333 Map Excise Tax Groups to Product Tax Groups 
3 SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0003 S_SO7_65001334 Maintain Rule for Mapp. Ext. Excise Tax Rates to Cond. Rates 
4 SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0004 S_SO7_65001335 Replicate Excise Tax Rates in Condition Rates 
5 SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0005 S_SO7_65001336 Map Excise Tax Rates to Rates in Cust.-Defined Cond. Table 
6 SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0006 S_SOG_81000102 Exchange Customer Master Data with Excise Tax Attributes 
7 SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0007 S_SOG_81000101 Exchange Material Master Data with Excise Tax Attributes 
8 SIMG_OIJ_TD_048 S_SO7_65001286 Define vehicle classification group 
9 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0001 S_SOG_81000080 Specify parameters for stock projection 
10 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0002 S_SOG_81000081 Maintain forecast profile for rack issue 
11 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0003 S_SOG_81000079 Define number ranges for tickets 
12 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0004 S_SOG_81000082 Define Profile for Target Stock Coverage 
13 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0005 S_SOG_81000083 Define Profile for Usage of Target Stock Calendar 
14 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0006 S_SOG_81000075 Specify nomination settings 
15 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0007 S_SOG_81000076 Define schedule item types 
16 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0008 S_SOG_81000077 Customize TSW movement scenarios 
17 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0009 S_SOG_81000078 Define nomination relevance 
18 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_001 S_SO7_65001215 Define business types 
19 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0010 S_SOG_81000072 Define posting groups for movement scenarios 
20 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0011 S_SOG_81000073 Define transactions to display documents 
21 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0012 S_SOG_81000071 Maintain incompletion behavior 
22 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0013 S_SOG_81000068 Define reason code sources for worklists 
23 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0014 S_SOG_81000084 Maintain deal types 
24 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0016 S_SOG_81000069 Define worklist reason codes and assign functions 
25 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0017 S_SOG_81000070 Specify use of TSW details 
26 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0018 S_SO7_28000022 Define Reference Document Update 
27 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_002 S_SO7_65001216 Define nomination types 
28 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0029 S_SO7_28000024 BAdI: Ticket Header Validation 
29 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0030 S_SO7_28000025 BAdI: Ticket Item Validation 
30 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0031 S_SO7_28000026 BAdI: Ticket Event Validation 
31 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0032 S_SO7_28000027 BAdI: Ticket Validation with Complete Data 
32 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0033 S_SO7_28000028 BAdI: Ticket Default Settings 
33 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0034 S_SO7_28000038 BAdI: Multiple Nominations Validation 
34 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0035 S_SO7_28000039 BAdI: Nomination Update 
35 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0036 S_SO7_28000040 BAdI: Reference Document Update 
36 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0037 S_SO7_28000041 BAdI: Publishing to Nomination 
37 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0038 S_SO7_28000042 BAdI: 3WP Selection Screen Defaulting 
38 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0039 S_SO7_28000043 BAdI: Ticket Archiving Validation 
39 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_004 S_SO7_65001217 Define status codes 
40 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0040 S_SO7_28000044 BAdI: Generating Bunker Consumption Ticket Items 
41 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0041 S_SO7_28000045 BAdI: Contract Tolerance Check Against Nomination Line Item 
42 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0049 S_SO7_28000023 Define Validation Groups for Ticketing 
43 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_005 S_SO7_65001218 Define status profiles and dependencies 
44 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_006 S_SO7_65001219 Define quick search fields for nomination query 
45 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_007 S_SO7_65001222 Business Add-In for nomination status checks 
46 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_008 S_SO7_65001223 Business Add-In for nomination subsequent status 
47 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_009 S_SO7_65001224 Define compatibility operators 
48 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_010 S_SO7_65001225 Define compatibility attributes 
49 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_011 S_SO7_65001226 Define compatibility groups 
50 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0112 S_SO7_65001203 Business Add-In for nomination user interface 
51 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0113 S_SO7_65001204 Business Add-In for nomination event validation 
52 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_012 S_SO7_65001227 Define master data event types 
53 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_013 S_SO7_65001228 Define settings for measurement comparison 
54 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_014 S_SO7_65001229 Define quantity tolerance for measurement comparison 
55 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_015 S_SO7_65001233 Activate TSW screens in sales documents 
56 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_016 S_SO7_65001234 Activate TSW screens in purchase documents 
57 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_017 S_SO7_65001235 Define laytime term defaults 
58 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_018 S_SO7_65001236 Specify stock projection relevance 
59 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_019 S_SO7_65001237 Define stock projection types 
60 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_020 S_SO7_65001238 Define time buckets 
61 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_021 S_SO7_65001239 Define BAdI filter values for stock projection 
62 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_023 S_SO7_65001241 Business Add-In for master data definition 
63 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_024 S_SO7_65001242 Business Add-In for handling production planning data 
64 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_025 S_SO7_65001243 Business Add-In for stock projection constraints 
65 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_026 S_SO7_65001244 Business Add-In for use of documents in stock projection 
66 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_027 S_SO7_65001245 Business Add-In for APO DP forecast in stock projection 
67 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_029 S_SO7_65001246 Business Add-In for Worklist 
68 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_030 S_SO7_65001247 Business Add-In for tickets and movement scenarios 
69 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_031 S_SO7_65001248 Business Add-In for external details in tickets 
70 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_033 S_SO7_65001250 Business Add-In for stock projection relevance 
71 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_034 S_SO7_65001255 Define Settings for Forecast Release from SAP APO to SAP Oil & Gas 
72 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_035 S_SO7_65001261 Default event rules in sales documents 
73 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_036 S_SO7_65001262 Default event rules in purchase documents 
74 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_037 S_SO7_65001263 Assign laytime filter to relevance type 
75 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_038 S_SO7_65001267 Define number ranges for nomination versions 
76 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_039 S_SO7_65001268 Define layout sets for tabstrips 
77 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_040 S_SO7_65001269 Define nomination views 
78 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_041 S_SO7_65001270 Business Add-In for nomination view filter 
79 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_042 S_SO7_65001271 Business Add-In for load and discharge validation 
80 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_043 S_SO7_65001272 Business Add-In for validation with complete data 
81 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_044 S_SO7_65001273 Business Add-In for nomination generation based on demand 
82 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_045 S_SO7_65001278 Business Add-In for Check of Laytime Terms 
83 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_046 S_SO7_65001279 Business Add-In for Laytime Calculation 
84 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_047 S_SO7_65001280 Business Add-In for Despatch and Demurrage Calculation 
85 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_048 S_SO7_65001281 Business Add-In for Pricing Date Determination 
86 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_049 S_SO7_65001296 Maintain ticket types 
87 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_050 S_SO7_65001297 Define measuring method for ticket quantities 
88 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_051 S_SO7_65001298 Business Add-In for measurement comparison 
89 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_052 S_SO7_65001299 Specify graphics profile for Berth Planning Board 
90 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_053 S_SO7_65001300 Define parameters for pegging stock 
91 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_055 S_SO7_65001311 Define pegging type 
92 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_056 S_SO7_65001312 Business Add-In for processing based on pegging type 
93 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_057 S_SO7_65001314 Define Forms 
94 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_058 S_SO7_65001315 Define requirements 
95 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_059 S_SO7_65001320 Define number ranges for berth IDs 
96 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_060 S_SO7_65001321 Maintain prorate calculation type for nomination relevance 
97 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_061 S_SO7_65001322 Business Add-In for prorate calculation 
98 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_062 S_SO7_65001323 Specify usage indicators for location and source destinations 
99 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_063 S_SO7_65001324 Define usage of simulated schedules 
100 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_064 S_SO7_65001326 Specify parameters for transfers between transport systems 
101 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_065 S_SO7_65001327 Business Add-In for Transfer All 
102 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_070 S_SOG_81000055 Define communication settings for nominations 
103 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_071 S_SOG_81000056 Define number ranges for nomination communication 
104 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_072 S_SOG_81000057 Business Add-In for incoming partner nominations 
105 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_073 S_SOG_81000058 Business Add-In for nomination ALE interface 
106 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_074 S_SOG_81000059 Business Add-In for nomination defaults 
107 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_075 S_SOG_81000060 Business Add-In for stock projection types 
108 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_076 S_SOG_81000061 Business Add-In for what-if type disaggregation rule 
109 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_077 S_SOG_81000062 Business Add-In to overwrite the base date 
110 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_078 S_SOG_81000063 Business Add-In for time-dependent constraints 
111 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_079 S_SOG_81000064 Business Add-In for calculation of safety stock 
112 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_080 S_SOG_81000065 Business Add-In for the calculation of target stock 
113 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_100 S_SOG_81000085 Business Add-In for pipeline batches in nominations 
114 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_101 S_SOG_81000086 Define amendment control for location balancing 
115 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_102 S_SOG_81000087 Business Add-In for comment texts 
116 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1022 S_SO7_28000029 Business-Add-In for update of split items 
117 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1023 S_SO7_28000030 BAdI: Amend Three-Way Pegging Fields 
118 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1024 S_SO7_28000032 Business Add-In for rebranding in Stock Projection Worksheet 
119 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1025 S_SO7_28000033 Business Add-In to schedule entry maintenance for documents 
120 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1026 S_SO7_28000034 Business Add-In to schedule updates of documents 
121 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1027 S_SO7_28000036 Business Add-In to define breakdown routines for schedule items 
122 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1028 S_SO7_28000046 Business Add-In to default the location for bunker consumption 
123 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1029 S_SO7_28000047 Business Add-In to generate nomination items for bunker consumption 
124 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_103 S_SOG_81000088 Business Add-In for stop meter calculation 
125 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1032 S_SO7_28000056 Business Add-In to check demand and supply schedule items 
126 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1033 S_SO7_28000057 Business Add-In for additional validations in Location Balancing 
127 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1034 S_SO7_28000058 Business Add-In for inventory calculations in Location Balancing 
128 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1035 S_SO7_28000059 Business Add-In to change the time zone 
129 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1036 S_SO7_28000060 Business Add-In to consume sales and purchase orders 
130 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1037 S_SO7_28000061 Business Add-In to check demand and supply schedule items 
131 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_104 S_SOG_81000089 Business Add-In for stop gauge calculation 
132 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_105 S_SOG_81000090 Business Add-In for defaulting berths 
133 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_107 S_SOG_81000092 Business Add-In for nomination balancing by material 
134 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_108 S_SOG_81000099 Business Add-In for distance and duration 
135 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_109 S_SOG_81000106 Business Add-In for nomination (old maint. transaction) 
136 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_111 S_SOG_81000108 Business Add-In for Event Manager processing 
137 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1110 S_SOG_81000107 Business Add-In for ticket document generation processing 
138 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1114 S_SOG_81000112 Maintain output types 
139 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1115 S_SOG_81000113 Maintain access sequences 
140 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1116 S_SOG_81000114 Maintain output determination procedure 
141 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1117 S_SOG_81000115 Assign output determination procedure 
142 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1118 S_SOG_81000116 Assign programs for ticket output 
143 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_113 S_SOG_81000111 Maintain condition tables 
144 SIMG_OIJ_TSW_13 S_SOG_81000074 Specify TSW master data settings 
145 SIMG_OIO_BADI_CNT S_SO6_65000930 BAdI: Enhancements to Container Handling 
146 SIMG_OIO_BADI_MTR S_SO6_65000933 BAdI: Material Tracking 
147 SIMG_OIO_BADI_SC S_SO6_65000932 BAdI: Enhancements to Remote Logistics Supply Chain 
148 SIMG_OIO_BADI_SHP S_SO6_65000931 BAdI: Shipping Enhancements 
149 SIMG_OIO_BADI_VG S_SOG_81000117 BAdI: Voyage Enhancements 
150 SIMG_OIO_C1_FLDST S_SO6_65000976 Define field status for OLM containers (old) 
151 SIMG_OIO_C1_STATUS S_SO6_65000957 Define Container Status for RLM Containers 
152 SIMG_OIO_CM_OPLNT_3 S_SOF_79000005 Define Default Storage Locations 
153 SIMG_OIO_CNTNR_CTG S_SOZ_65000776 Define RLM Container Categories 
154 SIMG_OIO_CNTNR_CTG2 S_SOZ_65000778 Assign Number Ranges to Container Categories 
155 SIMG_OIO_CNTNR_MTL S_SOZ_65000775 Assign Materials to Container Types 
156 SIMG_OIO_CNTNR_TYP S_SOZ_65000774 Define Container Types 
157 SIMG_OIO_CTNUM S_SOZ_65000777 Define Number Ranges for RLM Containers 
158 SIMG_OIO_DFPROF S_SO6_65000918 Define Document Flow Profiles 
159 SIMG_OIO_HD_MAIN S_SO6_65000964 Define Blocking Reasons 
160 SIMG_OIO_MAIN S_SOZ_73000001 Activate Remote Logistics Management 
161 SIMG_OIO_MAIN_GR S_SO7_65001084 Define Basic Settings for Goods Receipt 
162 SIMG_OIO_MAIN_SC S_SOZ_65000781 Define Basic Settings for Supply Chain 
163 SIMG_OIO_MAIN_SH S_SOZ_65000779 Assign Equipment Category for Containers 
164 SIMG_OIO_MTPROF S_SO6_65000919 Define Material Tracking Profiles 
165 SIMG_OIO_MT_FDMAP S_SOF_79000004 Define Additional Field Mapping 
166 SIMG_OIO_MT_STATUS S_SO6_65000920 Define Material Tracking Statuses 
167 SIMG_OIO_MT_TRGRP S_SO6_65000921 Define Tracking Groups 
168 SIMG_OIO_OBJTY S_SOZ_73000002 Define Object Type Parameters 
169 SIMG_OIO_OPLNT S_SOZ_65000770 Define Relevant Plants and Storage Locations 
170 SIMG_OIO_OPLNT_2 S_SOZ_65000773 Define Default Values for Text Items 
171 SIMG_OIO_PKGNR S_SOZ_65000771 Define Number Ranges for Automatic Packing 
172 SIMG_OIO_PLDEF S_SOZ_73000005 Define Default Supplying Plants 
173 SIMG_OIO_RT_ACTIT S_SO7_65001013 Define Recommended Actions 
174 SIMG_OIO_RT_DOCTY S_SO6_65000973 Define Returns Document Types 
175 SIMG_OIO_RT_DOCTY_N S_SO6_65000975 Assign Number Ranges to Returns Document Types 
176 SIMG_OIO_RT_DOCTY_O S_SO7_65001004 Assign Output Type to Returns Document Type 
177 SIMG_OIO_RT_DOCTY_S S_SO7_65001006 Assign Return Delivery Processes to Document Type 
178 SIMG_OIO_RT_EVENT S_SO7_65001266 Define events 
179 SIMG_OIO_RT_NRRNG S_SO6_65000974 Define Number Ranges for Returns Documents 
180 SIMG_OIO_RT_OUTTY S_SO7_65001003 Define Output Types 
181 SIMG_OIO_RT_RSPIT S_SO7_65001014 Define Responsibility Groups 
182 SIMG_OIO_RT_SBSDC S_SOF_79000001 Define Processes 
183 SIMG_OIO_RT_SBSDC_1 S_SO7_65001005 Define Posting Rules 
184 SIMG_OIO_RT_STATUS S_SO6_65000972 Define Status for Returns Documents 
185 SIMG_OIO_SHTYP S_SOZ_65000780 Assign Shipment Types 
186 SIMG_OIO_SPDRV S_SOZ_73000004 Define Supply Process Derivation via Plant 
187 SIMG_OIO_SPDVS S_SO6_65000928 Define Supply Process Derivation via Storage Location 
188 SIMG_OIO_SPPNR S_SOZ_65000772 Assign Number Ranges for Automatic Packing 
189 SIMG_OIO_SPROC S_SOZ_73000003 Define Supply Processes 
190 SIMG_OIO_SPTYP S_SO7_65001009 Define Supply Types 
191 SIMG_OIO_VGSTA S_SO6_65000936 Define Voyage Statuses 
192 SIMG_OIO_VGTYP S_SO6_65000935 Define Voyage Types 
193 SIMG_OIR_SSR_0001 S_SO7_65001214 Define Business Location Types 
194 SIMG_OIUH_CM_STATE S_SOG_81000024 Maintain Postal Codes by Country/State 
195 SIMG_OIUREP_001 S_SO7_65001103 Regulatory Reporting Master Data Setup 
196 SIMG_OIUREP_003 S_SO7_65001105 MMS OGOR Additonal Settings 
197 SIMG_OIUREP_005 S_SO7_65001107 Regulatory Reporting Customizing 
198 SIMG_OIUREP_005_ADD S_SO7_65001264 PRA to Agency Xref Customizing 
199 SIMG_OIUREP_013 S_SOG_81000029 Regulatory Reporting Major Pd Code / Volume Type Mapping 
200 SIMG_OIUREP_SUBMIT S_SOG_81000123 Report Submission Setup 
201 SIMG_OKCMOKX4 S_ALR_87000076 Define sender structure for master data 
202 SIMG_OKCMTRRESTART S_ALR_87000509 Repetition of data transfers 
203 SIMG_OLIA_V_TBMOT S_ALR_87000269 Define Accounting Indicators 
204 SIMG_OLIA_V_TCMFUL S_ALR_87009563 Set Screen Templates for Completion Confirmation 
205 SIMG_OLID S_ALR_87000944 Perform Setup - Sales Support 
206 SIMG_OLIS001 S_ALR_87001005 Cross-Application Selection Parameters 
207 SIMG_OLIS003 S_ALR_87000961 Perform Setup - Inventory Controlling 
208 SIMG_OLIS004 S_ALR_87000963 Perform Setup - Purchasing 
209 SIMG_OLIS005 S_ALR_87000957 Perform Setup - Production 
210 SIMG_OLIS006 S_ALR_87000952 Perform Setup - Plant Maintenance 
211 SIMG_OLIS007 S_ALR_87000922 Perform Setup - Sales and Distribution 
212 SIMG_OLMA_OMEV S_ALR_87000023 Activate Consignment Prices via Info Records 
213 SIMG_OLMA_OMJI S_ALR_87000031 Set material block for goods movements 
214 SIMG_OLMA_OMXL S_ALR_87000036 Activate Empties Processing 
215 SIMG_OLMB_001L_B S_ALR_87000261 Authorization Check for Storage Locations 
216 SIMG_OLMB_156_AB S_ALR_87000352 Create Purchase Order Automatically 
217 SIMG_OLMB_158_OA S_ALR_87000375 Activate Storage of Incoming Documents 
218 SIMG_OLMB_CUST_FIELD S_P00_07000059 Field Selection per Mvt Type 
219 SIMG_OLMB_LISTBOX S_ALR_87100604 Settings for Transactions and Reference Documents 
220 SIMG_OLMB_NADU S_ALR_87000039 Printer Determination by Output Type/User 
221 SIMG_OLMB_OMBJ_CR S_ALR_87008996 Define Field Selection for Material Document List 
222 SIMG_OLMB_OMJN S_ALR_87000390 Field Selection for Goods Movements Initial/Header Screens 
223 SIMG_OLMB_OMJX S_ALR_87099944 Field Selection for MIGO 
224 SIMG_OLMB_OMJY S_ALR_87099945 Field Selection for Table Columns 
225 SIMG_OLMB_REP_PRINT S_ALR_87009228 Set Up Print Functions for Reporting 
226 SIMG_OLMB_V_156S_GR S_ALR_87000266 Group Movement Types for Stock Lists 
227 SIMG_OLMB_V_159L_EI S_ALR_87009216 Settings for Physical Inventory 
228 SIMG_OLME1FS02   Maintain Accounts 
229 SIMG_OLME1OMER   Deactivate Price Determination 
230 SIMG_OLME1OMFV S_ALR_87002061 Deactivate Text Transfer 
231 SIMG_OLME1OMGG   Deactivate Message Determination 
232 SIMG_OLME1OMQ5 S_ALR_87002066 Display/Edit Transfer File 
233 SIMG_OLME1OMY6 S_ALR_87002064 Define Number Range 
234 SIMG_OLME1ORKSOVA S_ALR_87002062 Deactivate Purchase Order Commitments 
235 SIMG_OLME2AORKSOVA   Recompile Commitments 
236 SIMG_OLME2FS02   Maintain Accounts 
237 SIMG_OLME2OMER   Activate Price Determination Facility 
238 SIMG_OLME2OMFV S_ALR_87002043 Activate Text Transfer 
239 SIMG_OLME2OMGG   Activate Message Determination Facility 
240 SIMG_OLME2ORKSOVA S_ALR_87002044 Activate Commitments Update 
241 SIMG_OLMEANFRAGESE71 S_ALR_87001568 Adjust Form for Purchasing Documents 
242 SIMG_OLMEANFRCL01A S_P99_41000296 Edit Classes 
243 SIMG_OLMEANFRCT01A S_P99_41000295 Edit Characteristics 
244 SIMG_OLMEBESTCL01A S_P99_41000287 Edit Class 
245 SIMG_OLMEBESTCT01A S_P99_41000286 Edit Characteristic 
246 SIMG_OLMEFELDFORMAT   Field Formats 
247 SIMG_OLMEKONTCL01A S_P99_41000298 Edit Classes 
248 SIMG_OLMEKONTCT01A S_P99_41000297 Edit Characteristics 
249 SIMG_OLMELERFBLSE71 S_ALR_87001880 Adjust Form 
250 SIMG_OLMELIEFCL01A S_P99_41000300 Edit Classes 
251 SIMG_OLMELIEFCT01A S_P99_41000299 Edit Characteristics 
252 SIMG_OLMEML89 S_ALR_87001723 Define Formulas 
253 SIMG_OLMEML99 S_ALR_87001713 Specify Names of Formula Variables 
254 SIMG_OLMEOBE8 S_ALR_87002056 Generate Record Layout 
255 SIMG_OLMEOLIS004   Recompile Statistics 
256 SIMG_OLMEOLISAKTI1 S_ALR_87002063 Deactivate Statistics Update 
257 SIMG_OLMEOLISAKTI2 S_ALR_87002045 Activate Statistics Update 
258 SIMG_OLMEOM1R S_ALR_87002129 Maintain Periodic Invoicing Plan Types 
259 SIMG_OLMEOM2R S_ALR_87002128 Maintain Partial Invoicing Plan Types 
260 SIMG_OLMEOM3R S_ALR_87002137 Maintain Date IDs 
261 SIMG_OLMEOM4R S_ALR_87002135 Maintain Date Category for Invoicing Plan Type 
262 SIMG_OLMEOM5R S_ALR_87002134 Define Default Date Category for Invoicing Plan Type 
263 SIMG_OLMEOM6R S_ALR_87002133 Maintain Date Proposal for Partial Invoicing Plans 
264 SIMG_OLMEOM7R S_ALR_87002127 Define Rules for Date Determination 
265 SIMG_OLMEOM8R S_ALR_87002121 Define Invoice Block 
266 SIMG_OLMEOMQ1 S_ALR_87002054 Transfer Purchase Orders 
267 SIMG_OLMEOMQ2 S_ALR_87002047 Transfer Purchase Order History 
268 SIMG_OLMEOMQ3 S_ALR_87002046 Transfer PO Texts 
269 SIMG_OLMEOMQ4 S_ALR_87002055 Generate Example Transfer File for Purchase Orders 
270 SIMG_OLMEOMQ6 S_ALR_87002065 Generate Example Transfer File for PO Texts 
271 SIMG_OLMET001W_SRC_A S_AL0_96000001 Set Up Determination of Supplying Plant via Availability Check 
272 SIMG_OLMEVORAUSSETZ   Satisfy Preconditions 
273 SIMG_OLMEV_161R_Z_A S_ALR_87100936 Set Up Additional Checks 
274 SIMG_OLMEV_161Z_K_A S_ALR_87100937 Set Up Additional Checks 
275 SIMG_OLMEV_161Z_L_A S_ALR_87100938 Set Up Additional Checks 
276 SIMG_OLME_VC_T163G_A S_ALR_87100944 Set Up Confirmation Control 
277 SIMG_OLME_VV_161V_VB S_ALR_87100963 Assign Checking Rule 
278 SIMG_OLME_VV_161V_VF S_ALR_87100965 Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule 
279 SIMG_OLME_V_160BL_A S_ALR_87100946 Define Default Values for Transactions 
280 SIMG_OLME_V_160BS_A S_ALR_87100949 Define Default Values for Transactions 
281 SIMG_OLME_V_160C_A S_ALR_87100947 Define Default Values for Functions 
282 SIMG_OLME_V_160L_A S_ALR_87100945 Define Scope of List 
283 SIMG_OLME_V_160S_A S_ALR_87100948 Define Selection Parameters 
284 SIMG_OLME_V_166T_A S_ALR_87100958 Define Change Texts 
285 SIMG_OLME_V_441R_A S_ALR_87100964 Define checking rule 
286 SIMG_OLME_V_441V_A S_ALR_87100962 Define Checking Rule 
287 SIMG_OLME_V_MCB_A S_ALR_87100950 Define Update Groups 
288 SIMG_OLME_V_T147H_A S_ALR_87100953 Define Grid for Delivery Date Variance 
289 SIMG_OLME_V_T147L_A S_ALR_87100952 Define Grid for Quantity Variances 
290 SIMG_OLME_V_T163D_A S_ALR_87100943 Define Internal Confirmation Categories 
291 SIMG_OLME_V_T163E_A S_ALR_87100942 Define External Confirmation Categories 
292 SIMG_OLME_V_T163E_B S_AL0_96000458 Define External Confirmation Categories 
293 SIMG_OLME_V_T163_A S_ALR_87100951 Assign Update Group to Item Categories 
294 SIMG_OLME_V_T16LA_A S_ALR_87100954 Maintain Processing Status 
295 SIMG_OLME_V_T16LB_A S_ALR_87100955 Define Scope of List 
296 SIMG_OLME_V_T16LH_A S_ALR_87100956 Define Default Values for Transactions 
297 SIMG_OLMR_OMRMS S_AL0_96000254 Set Up Material Block for Invoice Verification 
298 SIMG_OLMSRVML100 S_ALR_87001701 Taxes at Individual Service Level 
299 SIMG_OLMW_001K_EK S_ALR_87002377 Calculation of Value for Purchase Account 
300 SIMG_OLMW_001K_EK2 S_ALR_87002385 Separate Accounting Document for Purchase Account Postings 
301 SIMG_OLPFWORKFLOW S_ALR_87004702 Workflow for trigger points in the production order 
302 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_ASSMB S_ALR_87004218 Enhancement on Changes to Assembly Orders 
303 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_BDE01 S_ALR_87099800 Customer-Specific Checks During Operation Download 
304 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_CHK01 S_ALR_87099924 Check Changes to the Production Order Header 
305 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_CHK02 S_ALR_87099925 Checks Changes to Order Operations 
306 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_COMK S_ALR_87004097 Enhancement in the Adding and Changing of Components 
307 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_CON01 S_ALR_87004156 Setting Customer Specific Default Values 
308 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_CON02 S_ALR_87004147 Customer Specific Input Checks Without Changes 
309 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_CON03 S_ALR_87004139 Customer Specific Checks After Operation Selection 
310 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_CON04 S_ALR_87004134 Customer Specific Input Checks with Changes 
311 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_CON05 S_ALR_87004127 Customer Specific Input Checks when Saving 
312 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_CON06 S_ALR_87099797 Customer-Specific Data Transfer for Automatically Created Confirmations 
313 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_CON07 S_ALR_87099798 Define Customer-Specific Detail Areas for Single Screen Entry 
314 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_CONF S_ALR_87004164 Deactivation of Functions for a Confirmation 
315 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_CREAT S_ALR_87004249 Enhancement when Creating an Order 
316 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_DELTN S_ALR_87004225 Enhancement for Setting of Deletion Flag/ Deletion Indicator 
317 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_DOKI1 S_ALR_87099862 Additional Attributes for Document Links 
318 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_DOKI2 S_ALR_87099863 Generate Document Links From Master Data 
319 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_DOKI3 S_ALR_87099864 Additional Checks When Processing Document Links Online 
320 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_EXPCG S_ALR_87004080 Enhancement for Purchase Requisitions with External Processing 
321 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_EXPMT S_ALR_87004071 Enhancement for Purchase Requisitions with External Procurement 
322 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_OCM01 S_ALR_87004064 Check Conflict for Change Step 
323 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_OCM02 S_ALR_87004056 Definition of Comparison Fields for Order Comparison 
324 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_ORDCR S_ALR_87004089 Enhancement for Storage Location Determination/Backflushing 
325 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_REL S_P00_07000315 Enhancement During Order Release 
326 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_SAVE S_ALR_87004241 Enhancement when Saving an Order 
327 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_SAVE2 S_ALR_87004234 Enhancement when Saving an Order (Header Fields) 
328 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_SAVE3 S_P99_41000075 Enhancement for the Display/Change of Order Header Data 
329 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_STATX S_ALR_87004100 Enhancement for Formatting the Status Line 
330 SIMG_OLPF_SMOD_WABE S_ALR_87004049 Deactivation of Menu Entries and Function Codes 
331 SIMG_OLPRPSPTERMOPTQ S_ALR_87004167 Define Parameters for WBS Scheduling 
332 SIMG_OLPR_0CJBQ1 S_P00_07000281 Maintain Billing Plan Settings 
333 SIMG_OLPR_0KEX1 S_ALR_87100853 Assign Easy Execution Services Object Type 
334 SIMG_OLPR_0KEX2 S_ALR_87100852 Define Execution Services Profile 
335 SIMG_OLPR_ABC_SCHEMA S_ALR_87004468 Maintain Templates 
336 SIMG_OLPR_ABC_UMGEB S_ALR_87004475 Define Environments and Function Hierarchies 
337 SIMG_OLPR_ABC_ZUORDN S_ALR_87004461 Assign Templates 
338 SIMG_OLPR_ABRECHOPTR S_ALR_87004399 Define Strategies for Determining Settlement Rules 
339 SIMG_OLPR_ABRECH_ERL S_ALR_87005599 Settlement 
340 SIMG_OLPR_ACCESS S_ALR_87005587 Microsoft Access 
341 SIMG_OLPR_ANNPL_BS52 S_ALR_87005207 Maintain Authorization Key for Networks 
342 SIMG_OLPR_ANPSP_BS52 S_ALR_87005490 Define Authorization Key for Work Breakdown Structure 
343 SIMG_OLPR_BADI_PSP S_ALR_87100757 Change WBS Element Business Add-In 
344 SIMG_OLPR_BANF_OPTT S_ALR_87005218 Account Assignment Categories and Document Types for Purchase Requisitions 
345 SIMG_OLPR_BANF_OPTT1 S_ALR_87004930 Check Acct Asst Categories and Document Types for Purc.Reqs 
346 SIMG_OLPR_BDART_OVZH S_ALR_87008519 Check Requirements Types 
347 SIMG_OLPR_BEDKL_OVZG S_ALR_87008518 Check Requirements Classes 
348 SIMG_OLPR_BEW S_ALR_87005524 Define Valuation Variants 
349 SIMG_OLPR_BEW_OPT1 S_ALR_87004929 Define Movement Types for Material Movements 
350 SIMG_OLPR_BILDMITTEL S_ALR_87005598 Define Screen Control for Funds Commitments 
351 SIMG_OLPR_BKZ_OPS8 S_ALR_87004933 Define Procurement Indicators for Material Components 
352 SIMG_OLPR_BPOPT7 S_ALR_87005151 Define Profiles for the Project Planning Board 
353 SIMG_OLPR_CEPBOM S_XB8_60000002 Define document types for document BOMs 
354 SIMG_OLPR_CEPDOC S_XB8_60000001 Define document types for document-document links 
355 SIMG_OLPR_CEPICON S_XB8_60000027 Define Icons for Document Types 
356 SIMG_OLPR_CJ81 S_ALR_87004798 Import Report Assignment from Source Client 
357 SIMG_OLPR_CJ8V S_ALR_87004530 Create Selection Variants 
358 SIMG_OLPR_CJBBS1 S_ALR_87004790 Maintain Report Assignment from the Planning Board 
359 SIMG_OLPR_CJBBS1_PLA S_ALR_87005146 Maintain Report Assignment from the Planning Board 
360 SIMG_OLPR_CJBBS2 S_ALR_87004786 Maintain Report Assignment from the Structure Overview 
361 SIMG_OLPR_CJBN S_ALR_87005380 Reconstruct Availability Control 
362 SIMG_OLPR_CJE1 S_ALR_87004773 Maintain Reports 
363 SIMG_OLPR_CJE4 S_ALR_87004778 Maintain Form 
364 SIMG_OLPR_CJEB S_ALR_87004766 Maintain Batch Variants 
365 SIMG_OLPR_CJEK S_ALR_87004794 Copy Report-Report Interface 
366 SIMG_OLPR_CJEN S_ALR_87004871 Rebuild Project Information Database 
367 SIMG_OLPR_CJEO S_ALR_87004759 Transport Reports 
368 SIMG_OLPR_CJEQ S_ALR_87004762 Import Reports 
369 SIMG_OLPR_CJEV S_ALR_87004769 Maintain Global Variables 
370 SIMG_OLPR_CJEX S_ALR_87004801 Delete Reports 
371 SIMG_OLPR_CJEY S_ALR_87004809 Delete Report Data 
372 SIMG_OLPR_CJEZ S_ALR_87004805 Delete Forms 
373 SIMG_OLPR_CJSB S_ALR_87004878 Define Key Figures and Master Data Characteristics 
374 SIMG_OLPR_CJVC S_ALR_87005239 Check Consistency of Value Category Assignment 
375 SIMG_OLPR_CJVC_ERL S_ALR_87004613 Check Consistency of Value Category Assignment 
376 SIMG_OLPR_CJVC_FIN S_ALR_87004204 Check Consistency of Value Category Assignment 
377 SIMG_OLPR_CJVC_INFO S_ALR_87004873 Check Consistency of Value Category Assignment 
378 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD S_ALR_87099768 Develop Measurement Technique Enhancement 
379 SIMG_OLPR_CMODZUSCHL S_ALR_87005480 Develop Enhancements for Overhead 
380 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_BANF1 S_ALR_87005344 Enhancement for Purchase Requisitions with External Processing 
381 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_BANF2 S_ALR_87004892 Enhancement for Purchase Requisitions with External Procurement 
382 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_BER S_ALR_87004844 Enhancement: Create Authorization Check 
383 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_CON01 S_ALR_87004904 Develop the Determination of Cust.-Specific Default Values 
384 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_CON02 S_ALR_87004903 Develop Customer-Specific Input Checks (1) 
385 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_CON03 S_ALR_87004901 Develop Customer-Specific Check after Activity Selection 
386 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_CON04 S_ALR_87004941 Develop Customer-Specific Input Checks (2) 
387 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_CON05 S_ALR_87005062 Develop Customer-Specific Enhancements for Saving 
388 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_FLD3 S_ALR_87005277 Create Customer-Specific Fields in a Std Project Definition 
389 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_FLD4 S_ALR_87005255 Create customer-specific fields in a standard WBS 
390 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_FLD5 S_ALR_87005299 Create Customer-Specific Fields in a Standard Network 
391 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_FLD6 S_ALR_87005538 Create Customer-Specific Fields in a Project Definition 
392 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_FLD7 S_ALR_87005542 Create Customer-Specific Fields in a WBS 
393 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_FLD8 S_ALR_87005268 Create Customer-Specific Fields in Network Activities 
394 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_FLD9 S_ALR_87005258 Develop Customer-Specific Fields in the Network Header 
395 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_MAT S_ALR_87004894 Create Processing of Material Components 
396 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_NUM S_ALR_87005341 Create function to derive network no. from WBS identifier 
397 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_SICHT S_ALR_87004946 Enhancement: Create Customer-Specific Project Views 
398 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_STULI S_ALR_87009238 Develop Enhancement for BOMs 
399 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_USER S_ALR_87005527 Create a Check of User-Defined Fields in a WBS 
400 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_USER1 S_ALR_87005253 Create a check of user-defined fields in a standard WBS 
401 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_USER2 S_ALR_87005295 Create a check of user-defined fields in a standard network 
402 SIMG_OLPR_CMOD_USER3 S_ALR_87005250 Create a check of user-defined fields in a network 
403 SIMG_OLPR_CN38 S_P99_41000017 Define Fields in BOM and Activity as Reference Point 
404 SIMG_OLPR_CNMM01 S_ALN_01000418 Define Profile 
405 SIMG_OLPR_CNMM02 S_ALN_01000419 Define Exceptions 
406 SIMG_OLPR_CRSA S_EE5_50000236 Create Service Attributes 
407 SIMG_OLPR_CVSE S_ALR_87100828 Define Fields for Search Engine Index 
408 SIMG_OLPR_DB_OPTX S_ALR_87004960 Define Database Selection Profiles 
409 SIMG_OLPR_DISPTIME S_EE5_50000256 Define Display Timeframe 
410 SIMG_OLPR_EISALLG S_ALR_87005606 Set Up Data Transfer to EIS 
411 SIMG_OLPR_EMAIL S_EE5_50000250 Define Template for E-Mail Notification 
412 SIMG_OLPR_EMAIL_OPT S_EE5_50000281 Define E-Mail Notification Send Option 
413 SIMG_OLPR_ERLART_FPL S_ALR_87004564 Define revenue elements for billing plans 
414 SIMG_OLPR_EVCE S_ALR_87005083 Maintain Assignment of Cost Element Group 
415 SIMG_OLPR_EVSK S_ALR_87005038 Define Statistical Key Figure for Percentage of Completion 
416 SIMG_OLPR_EVVD S_ALR_87005090 Define Measurement Method as Default Value 
417 SIMG_OLPR_EVVDOR S_ALR_87005086 Enter Measurement Methods for Order Type 
418 SIMG_OLPR_EVVS S_ALR_87005043 Maintain Progress Version 
419 SIMG_OLPR_EXPD01 S_ALN_01000277 Define Standard Events 
420 SIMG_OLPR_EXPD02 S_ALN_01000278 Define Event Scenarios 
421 SIMG_OLPR_EXPD03 S_ALN_01000279 Maintain Relationships Between Events in a Scenario 
422 SIMG_OLPR_EXPD04 S_ALN_01000280 Maintain Priorities for an Event 
423 SIMG_OLPR_EXPD05 S_ALN_01000281 Define Progress Tracking Profile 
424 SIMG_OLPR_EXPD06 S_ALN_01000282 Define Status Info Types 
425 SIMG_OLPR_EXPD07 S_ALN_01000283 Number Range Status Information 
426 SIMG_OLPR_EXPD08 S_PLN_16000107 Assign Default Scenario to Material Group 
427 SIMG_OLPR_EXPD09 S_PLN_16000316 User-Defined Evaluation 
428 SIMG_OLPR_FA_CN33 S_P9C_18000036 Define Field Selection for BOM Transfer 
429 SIMG_OLPR_FA_NPL S_ALR_87005335 Define Field Selection for Networks 
430 SIMG_OLPR_FA_OPTI S_ALR_87004998 Define Profiles for Progress Analysis Overviews 
431 SIMG_OLPR_FA_OPUF S_ALR_87005034 Define Measurement Methods 
432 SIMG_OLPR_FA_STDNETZ S_ALR_87005317 Define screen selection for standard networks 
433 SIMG_OLPR_FELD S_ALR_87100777 Define Field Selection 
434 SIMG_OLPR_FELD_OPUD S_ALR_87004905 Define Field Selection for Confirmation 
435 SIMG_OLPR_FINPLANTAG S_ALR_87004187 Set Up Number Range for Daily Payment Planning 
436 SIMG_OLPR_FIPOS S_ALR_87100657 Create and Assign Commitment Items 
437 SIMG_OLPR_FMU1 S_ALR_87005397 Maintain Document Types for Funds Commitment 
438 SIMG_OLPR_FMU1_ZAHL S_ALR_87004278 Define Document Types 
439 SIMG_OLPR_FMU3 S_AL0_96000557 Define Field Status Variant 
440 SIMG_OLPR_FMU5 S_AL0_96000559 Define Field Status Groups 
441 SIMG_OLPR_FMU7 S_AL0_96000560 Define Field Selection String 
442 SIMG_OLPR_FMUN S_AL0_96000561 Assign Field Selection String 
443 SIMG_OLPR_FMUV S_AL0_96000558 Assign Field Status Variant to Company Code 
444 SIMG_OLPR_FM_FM3N S_ALR_87004042 Check Assignment of G/L Account / Commitment Item 
445 SIMG_OLPR_FM_FM3U S_ALR_87003821 Edit Single Commitment Items Manually 
446 SIMG_OLPR_FM_FS02 S_ALR_87003809 Assign single G/L account to commitment item 
447 SIMG_OLPR_FM_OKJ1 S_ALR_87003851 Enter configurations 
448 SIMG_OLPR_FM_OKJ2 S_ALR_87003840 Check Settings 
449 SIMG_OLPR_FM_OKJ3 S_ALR_87003830 Create batch input session 
450 SIMG_OLPR_FM_OPH1 S_ALR_87004245 Delete Actual Data 
451 SIMG_OLPR_FM_OPH2 S_ALR_87004236 Delete Planning Data 
452 SIMG_OLPR_FM_OPH3 S_ALR_87004227 Delete Master Data 
453 SIMG_OLPR_FM_OPH4 S_ALR_87004174 Post documents from Materials Management 
454 SIMG_OLPR_FM_OPH5 S_ALR_87004113 Successive Document Transfer 
455 SIMG_OLPR_FM_OPH6 S_ALR_87004099 Complete Document Transfer 
456 SIMG_OLPR_FM_OPI6 S_ALR_87004252 Activate Project Cash Management in company code 
457 SIMG_OLPR_FM_SM35 S_ALR_87005590 Process Batch Input Sessions 
458 SIMG_OLPR_FOREOTYPE S_EE5_50000255 Define Forecasting Object Type 
459 SIMG_OLPR_FOREUNIT S_EE5_50000254 Define Forecasting Unit 
460 SIMG_OLPR_GR21 S_ALR_87004740 Maintain Libraries 
461 SIMG_OLPR_GR5G S_ALR_87004724 Generate Reports 
462 SIMG_OLPR_GRE9 S_ALR_87004705 Determine Settings for Extract Management 
463 SIMG_OLPR_GROUP_OM0C S_ALR_87008510 Activate MRP Groups for Requirements Grouping 
464 SIMG_OLPR_HIERGRAFIK S_ALR_87005593 Hierarchy Graphic 
465 SIMG_OLPR_HOURS S_EE5_50000253 Define Hours per Working Day 
466 SIMG_OLPR_INFO S_P00_07000029 Evaluation in Information System 
467 SIMG_OLPR_INF_OPTG S_ALR_87004983 Define Profiles for Summarization Criteria 
468 SIMG_OLPR_INF_OPTU S_ALR_87004994 Define Profiles for Displayed Fields 
469 SIMG_OLPR_INF_OPTV S_ALR_87004990 Define Profiles for Sort Criteria 
470 SIMG_OLPR_INF_OPTW S_ALR_87004979 Define Profile for Grouping Criteria 
471 SIMG_OLPR_INF_OPU8 S_ALR_87004974 Overview Variants for Header Lines 
472 SIMG_OLPR_INF_OPU9 S_ALR_87004782 Overview Variants for Item Lines and Column Headings 
473 SIMG_OLPR_JPECPFE S_AC0_52000504 Define Formula Element 
474 SIMG_OLPR_JPECPPK S_AC0_52000503 Define Pricing Key 
475 SIMG_OLPR_K01_ABR S_ALR_87004325 Edit Settlement Cost Elements 
476 SIMG_OLPR_KA01_ABGR S_ALR_87004585 Edit results analysis cost elements 
477 SIMG_OLPR_KA01_AUF S_ALR_87003888 Maintain Incoming Order Cost Element 
478 SIMG_OLPR_KA06 S_ALR_87005494 Maintain Overhead Cost Elements 
479 SIMG_OLPR_KA06_VERZ S_ALR_87004482 Maintain Cost Elements for Interest Calculation 
480 SIMG_OLPR_KAH2 S_ALR_87005215 Maintain Cost Element Groups 
481 SIMG_OLPR_KALK S_ALR_87005530 Define Costing Sheets 
482 SIMG_OLPR_KANK1 S_ALR_87004269 Check CO Number Ranges for Project Cash Management 
483 SIMG_OLPR_KANK2 S_ALR_87005547 Check Number Ranges for Detailed Planning 
484 SIMG_OLPR_KANK4 S_ALR_87005447 Check Number Ranges for CO Postings 
485 SIMG_OLPR_KANK5 S_ALR_87004536 Check CO Posting Number Ranges 
486 SIMG_OLPR_KANK6 S_ALR_87005469 Check Number Ranges for Overhead 
487 SIMG_OLPR_KANK7 S_ALR_87004648 Check Number Ranges for Detailed Planning 
488 SIMG_OLPR_KANKANZ S_ALR_87005403 Check number ranges for down payments 
489 SIMG_OLPR_KANKFESTPR S_ALR_87003799 Check CO Number Ranges for Fixed Price Agreement/Allocation 
490 SIMG_OLPR_KANKVERZ S_ALR_87004347 Check Number Ranges for Interest Calculation 
491 SIMG_OLPR_KAPA S_ALR_87005592 Capacity Leveling/Capacity Evaluations 
492 SIMG_OLPR_KAP_OPSP S_ALR_87004918 Maintain Control Parameters for the Availability Check 
493 SIMG_OLPR_KBH1 S_ALR_87004690 Maintain Statistical Key Figure Groups 
494 SIMG_OLPR_KEI1 S_ALR_87003996 Check PA transfer structure 
495 SIMG_OLPR_KGF4 S_ALR_87005451 Define Dependencies 
496 SIMG_OLPR_KK06 S_ALR_87005466 Define Condition Tables 
497 SIMG_OLPR_KKR0 S_ALR_87004870 Maintain Summarization Hierarchy 
498 SIMG_OLPR_KOND S_ALR_87005533 Define Condition Types 
499 SIMG_OLPR_KP34 S_ALR_87005188 Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles 
500 SIMG_OLPR_KP34PS S_ALR_87008810 Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles