SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 28
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_OLPR_KP34STKZ S_ALR_87012649 Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles 
2 SIMG_OLPR_KP34_ERL S_ALR_87004669 Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles 
3 SIMG_OLPR_KP34_STKZ S_ALR_87012648 Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles 
4 SIMG_OLPR_KP65 S_ALR_87005231 Create User-Defined Planning Layouts for Detailed Planning 
5 SIMG_OLPR_KP65_CASH S_ALR_87008894 Create User-Defined Planning Layouts for Payment Planning 
6 SIMG_OLPR_KP65_ERL S_ALR_87004600 Create User-Defined Planning Layouts for Revenue Element Planning 
7 SIMG_OLPR_KP85 S_ALR_87005070 Maintain User-Defined Planning Layouts for WBS Elements 
8 SIMG_OLPR_KPH1_1 S_ALR_87005185 Maintain User-Defined Distribution Keys 
9 SIMG_OLPR_KPH2_2 S_ALR_87004663 Maintain User-Defined Distribution Keys 
10 SIMG_OLPR_KPR6 S_ALR_87005551 Maintain resource prices 
11 SIMG_OLPR_KPRI S_ALR_87005201 Define Price Tables 
12 SIMG_OLPR_KPRK S_ALR_87005370 Define Access Sequences 
13 SIMG_OLPR_KSTKR S_ALR_87005131 Activate Project Management in Controlling Area 
14 SIMG_OLPR_KSW1 S_ALR_87005496 Define Periodic Repostings, Actual 
15 SIMG_OLPR_KSW7 S_ALR_87005497 Define Periodic Repostings, Plan 
16 SIMG_OLPR_KTYP_OME9 S_ALR_87008517 Check Account Assignment Categories 
17 SIMG_OLPR_KUND_ZID S_ALR_87004568 Define line IDs 
18 SIMG_OLPR_KZM2 S_ALR_87005456 Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rate 
19 SIMG_OLPR_KZZ2 S_ALR_87005459 Define Percentage Overhead 
20 SIMG_OLPR_LISTVR_FHM S_ALR_87005357 Overview variants for where-used lists und replace PRT 
21 SIMG_OLPR_LSTVR_ARPL S_ALR_87005362 Overview Variants for Where-Used Lists and Replace Work Center 
22 SIMG_OLPR_LSTVR_TRM S_ALR_87004155 Overview Variants for Schedule and Capacity Overviews 
23 SIMG_OLPR_LV_NPLN S_ALR_87005312 Overview variants for network object overviews 
24 SIMG_OLPR_LV_STDNETZ S_ALR_87005366 Overview Variants for Object Overview in Standard Networks 
25 SIMG_OLPR_MAP2CATS S_EE5_50000257 Map Service Attributes to CATS UI Fields (CAC9) 
26 SIMG_OLPR_MAT05 S_P00_07000155 Define Scheduling Scenarios 
27 SIMG_OLPR_MPP_CMPC S_ALR_87004916 Define Profiles for Workforce Planning 
28 SIMG_OLPR_NETZGRAFIK S_ALR_87005360 Network graphic 
29 SIMG_OLPR_NPL_OPTN S_ALR_87005112 Define Priorities 
30 SIMG_OLPR_NP_DRUCKE S_ALR_87005605 Recommendations for printing and print control 
31 SIMG_OLPR_OB07_1 S_ALR_87005235 Define Exchange Rate Types 
32 SIMG_OLPR_OB07_2 S_ALR_87004608 Define Exchange Rate Types 
33 SIMG_OLPR_OB08 S_ALR_87004627 Maintain Currency Exchange Rates 
34 SIMG_OLPR_OB08_1 S_ALR_87005124 Maintain Currency Exchange Rates 
35 SIMG_OLPR_OB83 S_ALR_87004426 Maintain Values for Reference Interest Rates 
36 SIMG_OLPR_OBAC S_ALR_87004435 Define Reference Interest Rates 
37 SIMG_OLPR_OCI01 S_PLN_16000183 Define Catalogs 
38 SIMG_OLPR_OCI02 S_PLN_16000184 Assign Catalog of Network Plan Type 
39 SIMG_OLPR_OCI03 S_PLN_16000185 Convert HTML to SAP Fields 
40 SIMG_OLPR_OCI04 S_PLN_16000186 Convert HTML Field Values 
41 SIMG_OLPR_OCI05 S_PLN_16000187 Define Conversion Modules 
42 SIMG_OLPR_OCNPQ1 S_P00_07000279 Maintain Settings for Invoicing Plan 
43 SIMG_OLPR_ODP1 S_ALR_87003776 Maintain Profiles for Quotations and Billing 
44 SIMG_OLPR_ODP11 S_PLN_06000392 Configure Integration of Billing Plan and Resource-Related Billing Doc. 
45 SIMG_OLPR_ODP14 S_PLN_06000393 Define Condition Type for Fixed Price in Billing Plan 
46 SIMG_OLPR_ODP2 S_ALR_87003767 Check Profile Settings 
47 SIMG_OLPR_ODP3 S_ALR_87003754 Define Apportionment Reasons 
48 SIMG_OLPR_ODP4 S_ALR_87003745 Assign Cost Conditions to Sales and Distribution Document Types 
49 SIMG_OLPR_ODP5 S_AL0_96000866 Residence Time of the DIP Source 
50 SIMG_OLPR_OFD8 S_ALR_87004217 Remove Commitment Item from G/L Account 
51 SIMG_OLPR_OFP1 S_ALR_87003970 Maintain Number Range Interval for Transfer Prices 
52 SIMG_OLPR_OITA S_ALR_87003775 Define Investment Profile 
53 SIMG_OLPR_OITB S_ALR_87003764 Assign Asset under Construction Classes 
54 SIMG_OLPR_OK02 S_ALR_87005487 Create Status Profile 
55 SIMG_OLPR_OK11 S_ALR_87005516 Check Number Ranges for Rough-Cut Planning 
56 SIMG_OLPR_OK60_2 S_ALR_87005491 Check Number Ranges for Funds Commitments 
57 SIMG_OLPR_OK60_FIN S_ALR_87004182 Check Number Ranges for Payment Repostings 
58 SIMG_OLPR_OKBG S_ALR_87005400 Post Down Payments 
59 SIMG_OLPR_OKEP S_ALR_87005372 Define default cost elements for down payments 
60 SIMG_OLPR_OKEQ S_ALR_87005128 Create CO Versions 
61 SIMG_OLPR_OKEQ1 S_ALR_87004603 Create CO Versions 
62 SIMG_OLPR_OKEU S_ALR_87004306 Create Source Structure 
63 SIMG_OLPR_OKG1 S_ALR_87003886 Maintain Capitalization Keys 
64 SIMG_OLPR_OKGL S_ALR_87003877 Define Capitalization Versions 
65 SIMG_OLPR_OKI0 S_ALR_87003869 Material Numbers for Resource-Related Billing 
66 SIMG_OLPR_OKK4 S_ALR_87005579 Check valuation variants 
67 SIMG_OLPR_OKMI S_ALR_87004735 Import Source Documents 
68 SIMG_OLPR_OKOG S_ALR_87005477 Define Overhead Keys 
69 SIMG_OLPR_OKQ4 S_ALR_87004888 Determine Characteristic Range 
70 SIMG_OLPR_OKTZ S_ALR_87005558 Define Cost Component Structure 
71 SIMG_OLPR_OKYF S_ALR_87005585 Maintain costing variant for material component 
72 SIMG_OLPR_OKYG S_ALR_87005565 Maintain Costing Variant for General Costs Activity 
73 SIMG_OLPR_OLPE1 S_ALR_87004540 Specify Revenue Plan Update from Sales Document 
74 SIMG_OLPR_ONP4_STKZ S_ALR_87013021 Maintain User-Defined Planning Layouts for Networks 
75 SIMG_OLPR_OP4A S_ALR_87004920 Define Shift Sequences 
76 SIMG_OLPR_OP50 S_ALR_87005352 Define Material Type Allocations 
77 SIMG_OLPR_OPB4 S_ALR_87004936 Define Distribution Strategies 
78 SIMG_OLPR_OPB5 S_ALR_87004934 Define Requirements Distribution 
79 SIMG_OLPR_OPDT S_ALR_87004856 Define Detail Lists 
80 SIMG_OLPR_OPG3 S_ALR_87005157 Define scale for the time axis 
81 SIMG_OLPR_OPG4 S_ALR_87005320 Define profiles for time scales 
82 SIMG_OLPR_OPH7 S_ALR_87004094 Post Payment Transfers 
83 SIMG_OLPR_OPI1 S_ALR_87005220 Maintain Value Categories 
84 SIMG_OLPR_OPI1_ERL S_ALR_87004622 Maintain Value Categories 
85 SIMG_OLPR_OPI2 S_ALR_87005242 Assign Cost Elements to Value Categories 
86 SIMG_OLPR_OPI2_AUF S_ALR_87003987 Assign Cost Elements to Value Categories 
87 SIMG_OLPR_OPI2_ERL S_ALR_87004618 Assign Value Categories to Revenue Elements 
88 SIMG_OLPR_OPI3 S_ALR_87004875 Set Update Control 
89 SIMG_OLPR_OPI4 S_ALR_87004210 Specify Commitment Items as Value Categories 
90 SIMG_OLPR_OPIA S_ALR_87004520 Create interest profile 
91 SIMG_OLPR_OPIB S_ALR_87004512 Enter Detail Settings for Interest Profile 
92 SIMG_OLPR_OPIC S_ALR_87004504 Define Interest Relevance 
93 SIMG_OLPR_OPIC_ERL S_ALR_87004588 Define Interest Relevance for Revenue Value Categories 
94 SIMG_OLPR_OPIC_FIN S_ALR_87004260 Review Interest Relevance for Value Categories 
95 SIMG_OLPR_OPID S_ALR_87004489 Define Posting Specifications 
96 SIMG_OLPR_OPIE S_ALR_87004453 Define Interest Indicator 
97 SIMG_OLPR_OPIH S_ALR_87004445 Define general terms 
98 SIMG_OLPR_OPIR S_ALR_87004968 Create/Change Report Selection 
99 SIMG_OLPR_OPIS S_ALR_87004965 Maintain Report Selection for Commercial Project Reports 
100 SIMG_OLPR_OPKB S_ALR_87004889 Define Paralleling Type for Confirmation Processes 
101 SIMG_OLPR_OPKC S_ALR_87004891 Stipulate Time for Confirmation Processing 
102 SIMG_OLPR_OPLI S_ALR_87004911 Schedule Background Jobs Confirmation Processes 
103 SIMG_OLPR_OPO8 S_ALR_87005513 Activate WBS Element Plan Integration 
104 SIMG_OLPR_OPO8_ERL S_ALR_87004595 Activate WBS Element Plan Integration 
105 SIMG_OLPR_OPR3 S_ALR_87005581 Define error search 
106 SIMG_OLPR_OPS1 S_ALR_87005287 Create User-Defined Fields for WBS Elements 
107 SIMG_OLPR_OPS6 S_ALR_87005271 Specify People Responsible for Standard WBS Elements 
108 SIMG_OLPR_OPSA S_ALR_87005273 Create Project Profile 
109 SIMG_OLPR_OPSB S_ALR_87004643 Maintain Planning Profiles 
110 SIMG_OLPR_OPSJ S_ALR_87005274 Define Project Coding for Standard Project 
111 SIMG_OLPR_OPSK S_ALR_87005276 Define Special Characters for Standard Projects 
112 SIMG_OLPR_OPSO S_ALR_87005272 Maintain Project Types for Standard WBS Elements 
113 SIMG_OLPR_OPSPAR S_ALR_87099734 Define Partner Determination Procedures and Roles 
114 SIMG_OLPR_OPSV1 S_ALR_87005443 Define Order Value Updating for Orders for Projects 
115 SIMG_OLPR_OPT6 S_ALR_87005328 Define milestone groups for standard milestones 
116 SIMG_OLPR_OPTM S_ALR_87004200 Create/change payment plan profiles for rough-cut planning 
117 SIMG_OLPR_ORRS2 S_ALR_87004743 Specify Report Languages 
118 SIMG_OLPR_OT03 S_ALR_87004526 Define Time-Dependent Terms 
119 SIMG_OLPR_OVZI S_ALR_87008520 Check Control of Requirements Type Determination 
120 SIMG_OLPR_OWF1_MLST S_ALR_87005603 Define Workflow for Network Milestones 
121 SIMG_OLPR_OWF1_PFCU S_ALR_87005011 Configure Standard Tasks for Workflow in the Project System 
122 SIMG_OLPR_PO01 S_ALN_01000284 Define Standard Events 
123 SIMG_OLPR_PO02 S_ALN_01000285 Define Event Scenarios 
124 SIMG_OLPR_PO03 S_ALN_01000286 Maintain Relationships Between Events in a Scenario 
125 SIMG_OLPR_PO04 S_ALN_01000287 Maintain Priorities for an Event 
126 SIMG_OLPR_PO05 S_ALN_01000288 Define Progress Tracking Profile 
127 SIMG_OLPR_PO06 S_ALN_01000289 Define Status Info Types 
128 SIMG_OLPR_PO08 S_PLN_16000106 Assign Default Scenario to Material Group 
129 SIMG_OLPR_PO09 S_PLN_16000326 User-Defined Evaluation 
130 SIMG_OLPR_POSTP_VOV7 S_ALR_87008512 Check Item Categories 
131 SIMG_OLPR_PRECP0 S_PLN_06000162 Define Alternative CO Versions 
132 SIMG_OLPR_PROFKLVAR S_P00_07000109 Assign Costing Variant to Planning Profile 
133 SIMG_OLPR_PSBERECHT S_ALR_87005594 Authorizations in the Project System 
134 SIMG_OLPR_PSPOPS1 S_ALR_87005571 Create User-Defined Fields for WBS Elements 
135 SIMG_OLPR_PSP_OPTN S_ALR_87005377 Define Priorities for WBS Elements 
136 SIMG_OLPR_PSP_OPUK S_ALR_87005498 Define Field Selection for Work Breakdown Structures 
137 SIMG_OLPR_PSSD_OPT9 S_ALR_87005596 Create network parameters in sales document (SD) 
138 SIMG_OLPR_PTGR_OVAW S_ALR_87008513 Check Item Category Groups 
139 SIMG_OLPR_PTZUO_VOV4 S_ALR_87008514 Check Assignment of Item Categories 
140 SIMG_OLPR_RCJCLMIG S_ALR_87004862 Convert Classification Characteristics into Summarization Characteristics 
141 SIMG_OLPR_RCNPRECP S_PLN_06000163 Activate Multiple CO Versions 
142 SIMG_OLPR_REG_NP S_ALR_87005153 Define layout activity detail screens 
143 SIMG_OLPR_REG_PSP S_ALR_87005423 Define Layout of WBS Element Detail Screens 
144 SIMG_OLPR_RELSA S_EE5_50000251 Define Relevance of Service Attributes 
145 SIMG_OLPR_ROLLUP_IS S_ALR_87005601 Maintain Summarization Reports 
146 SIMG_OLPR_RPPN S_ALR_87004710 Define Selection Criteria 
147 SIMG_OLPR_RPXN S_ALR_87004715 Specify Report Currency 
148 SIMG_OLPR_SEL_CO44 S_ALR_87004951 Define Selection Profiles for Information System 
149 SIMG_OLPR_SETTFOR S_EE5_50000239 Settings for Forecasting 
150 SIMG_OLPR_SETTSTA S_EE5_50000240 Settings for Staff Assignment 
151 SIMG_OLPR_SICHT_OPUR S_ALR_87004956 Define Project View for Information System 
152 SIMG_OLPR_SIMNUMOPUS S_ALR_87005057 Stipulate Version Keys for the Simulation 
153 SIMG_OLPR_SIM_OPS4 S_ALR_87005052 Stipulate Simulation Profiles 
154 SIMG_OLPR_STDNTOPS1 S_ALR_87005244 Define user fields for networks 
155 SIMG_OLPR_STDN_OPTN S_ALR_87005248 Define Priorities for Network 
156 SIMG_OLPR_STD_OP46 S_ALR_87005347 Define status for standard networks 
157 SIMG_OLPR_STD_OPTN S_ALR_87005291 Define Priorities for Standard WBS Elements 
158 SIMG_OLPR_STD_OPUI S_ALR_87005284 Define Field Selection for Standard WBS 
159 SIMG_OLPR_STD_OPUY S_ALR_87005364 Overview Variants for Scheduling of Standard Networks 
160 SIMG_OLPR_STMLSTOPSR S_ALR_87005332 Define standard milestone usage 
161 SIMG_OLPR_STPR_OPTZ S_ALR_87005279 Edit Matchcode for Standard WBS 
162 SIMG_OLPR_STRAT_OPPS S_ALR_87008511 Check Planning Strategies 
163 SIMG_OLPR_STRDG_OPPU S_ALR_87008516 Check Assignment of Strategy Group to MRP Group 
164 SIMG_OLPR_STRGR_OPPT S_ALR_87008515 Check Strategy Groups 
165 SIMG_OLPR_STRK_CJET S_ALR_87004755 Translate Reports 
166 SIMG_OLPR_SUB_OPSN S_ALR_87005504 Maintain Substitutions 
167 SIMG_OLPR_T0030_N0 S_ALR_87004884 Activate Classification for Order Summarization in Network Types 
168 SIMG_OLPR_T0030_N1 S_ALR_87004382 Specify Default Settlement Profiles for Networks 
169 SIMG_OLPR_T003O_N2 S_ALR_87005224 Specify Default for Network Header Object Class 
170 SIMG_OLPR_T399X_N0 S_ALR_87004391 Assign Strategies and Default Rules to Network Types 
171 SIMG_OLPR_T399X_N1 S_ALR_87003909 Specify default results analysis keys for networks 
172 SIMG_OLPR_T399X_N2 S_ALR_87005562 Maintain plan costing variants for network types 
173 SIMG_OLPR_TBP1CFPART S_ALR_87004544 Assign Billing Type to Plan Profile 
174 SIMG_OLPR_TCJ41_01 S_ALR_87005499 Assign Planning Profile to Project Profile 
175 SIMG_OLPR_TCJ41_1 S_ALR_87004638 Specify Default Plan Profiles for Project Definitions 
176 SIMG_OLPR_TCJ41_10 S_ALR_87005226 Specify Default for Project Definition Object Class 
177 SIMG_OLPR_TCJ41_2 S_ALR_87004193 Specify Default Payment Plan Profiles for Project Definition 
178 SIMG_OLPR_TCJ41_3 S_ALR_87005434 Stipulate Default Budget Profile for Project Definition 
179 SIMG_OLPR_TCJ41_4 S_ALR_87005474 Specify Default Costing Sheet/Overhead Key for Proj.Def. 
180 SIMG_OLPR_TCJ41_5 S_ALR_87004497 Specify Default Interest Profiles for Project Definitions 
181 SIMG_OLPR_TCJ41_6 S_ALR_87003919 Specify default results-analysis keys for project definition 
182 SIMG_OLPR_TCJ41_7 S_ALR_87004408 Specify Default Settlement Profile for Project Definition 
183 SIMG_OLPR_TCK05_NP S_ALR_87005472 Specify Default Costing Sheet for Network 
184 SIMG_OLPR_TCN41RP S_ALR_87005407 Assign invoicing plan type to network profile 
185 SIMG_OLPR_TCNIFP S_ALR_87099681 Define Profiles for Bill Of Material Transfer 
186 SIMG_OLPR_TCNTM01 S_ALR_87099672 Define Events 
187 SIMG_OLPR_TCNTM01F S_ALR_87099675 Assign Reference Dates to Events 
188 SIMG_OLPR_TCNTM04 S_ALR_87099673 Define Status 
189 SIMG_OLPR_TCNTMPR S_ALR_87099676 Define Profiles for Monitoring Dates 
190 SIMG_OLPR_TCSUB_PSP S_ALR_87005420 Include User-Defined Detail Screens 
191 SIMG_OLPR_TCSUB_VG S_ALR_87005325 Include Own Detail Screens 
192 SIMG_OLPR_TEE00PCUST S_P00_07000110 Define Names for Execution Services 
193 SIMG_OLPR_TFPLARP1 S_P00_07000312 Maintain Settings for Invoicing Plan 
194 SIMG_OLPR_TFPLAWBS1 S_P9C_18000001 Maintain Billing Plan Settings 
195 SIMG_OLPR_TFPTTRP S_ALR_87009218 Maintain default date category for invoicing plan type 
196 SIMG_OLPR_TFPTTWBS S_ALR_87009219 Maintain default date category for billing plan type 
197 SIMG_OLPR_TIME S_EE5_50000252 Set Up Time Planning Sheet 
198 SIMG_OLPR_TKKBH S_ALR_87004880 Define Exception Rules 
199 SIMG_OLPR_TLNTZOPTP S_ALR_87005179 Define Parameters for Subnetworks 
200 SIMG_OLPR_TOP8B S_ALR_87005264 Define parameters for standard network 
201 SIMG_OLPR_TPIS3 S_ALR_87005075 Assign Statistical Key Figures to Value Categories 
202 SIMG_OLPR_TRMPLOPT8 S_ALR_87004162 Specify Graphics Profile for WBS Date Planning 
203 SIMG_OLPR_TVTB S_ALR_87004554 Define date descriptions for the billing plan 
204 SIMG_OLPR_TVTB_1 S_ALR_87005414 Maintain date descriptions for invoicing plan 
205 SIMG_OLPR_UEFAKTURA S_ALR_87003859 Develop Enhancements for Resource-Related Billing 
206 SIMG_OLPR_USEREPORT S_EE5_50000365 Use Service Attributes in Lean Staffing Reporting 
207 SIMG_OLPR_USEREXITRE S_ALR_87004719 Develop Enhancements for Commercial Reporting 
208 SIMG_OLPR_USEREXITS S_ALR_87004336 Develop Enhancements for Interest Calculation 
209 SIMG_OLPR_USERFAKTUR S_ALR_87008893 Develop Enhancements for Generating Quotations and Billing 
210 SIMG_OLPR_USER_AE S_ALR_87003980 Develop enhancements for incoming orders 
211 SIMG_OLPR_USER_EIS S_ALR_87004877 Develop Enhancements for Sender Structures 
212 SIMG_OLPR_USER_EP S_ALR_87004813 Enhancements for Line Item Reports 
213 SIMG_OLPR_USER_VERD S_ALR_87004865 Enhancements for Summarization Criteria 
214 SIMG_OLPR_USER_VERD2 S_AL0_96000262 BAdI Enhancement for Inheritance Run 
215 SIMG_OLPR_USESALS S_EE5_50000237 Use Service Attributes in Lean Staffing and Forecasting 
216 SIMG_OLPR_USESASB S_EE5_50000238 Use Service Attributes in Sales / Billing 
217 SIMG_OLPR_VALID_OPSI S_ALR_87005574 Maintain Validations 
218 SIMG_OLPR_VC0SRG S_ALR_87004373 Determine Strategy for Settlement Rule 
219 SIMG_OLPR_VERS S_ALR_87005555 Assign Valuation Variant to Version 
220 SIMG_OLPR_VERSION_P S_P00_07000058 Maintain Progress Version 
221 SIMG_OLPR_VERSOPTS S_ALR_87005047 Create Profile for Project Version 
222 SIMG_OLPR_VERTOPB2 S_ALR_87004937 Define Distribution Functions 
223 SIMG_OLPR_V_T100C S_ALR_87003787 Change Message Control 
224 SIMG_OLPR_V_TBMOT S_ALR_87003736 Define Accounting Indicators 
225 SIMG_OLPR_V_TCJ41_11 S_ALR_87004367 Assign Strategy to Project Profile 
226 SIMG_OLPR_V_TCNRFP S_ALR_87099785 Define Reference Points for BOM Transfer 
227 SIMG_OLPR_V_TECPPS S_ALR_87100856 Define CO Versions for Easy Cost Planning 
228 SIMG_OLPR_V_TFPLARP S_ALR_87005417 Maintain invoicing plan type 
229 SIMG_OLPR_V_TFPLAWBS S_ALR_87004559 Maintain billing plan type 
230 SIMG_OLPR_V_TFPLTRP S_ALR_87005410 Maintain date category for invoicing plan type 
231 SIMG_OLPR_V_TFPLTWBS S_ALR_87004549 Maintain date category for billing plan type 
232 SIMG_OLPR_V_TFPTTRP S_ALR_87009601 Assign Default Date Type to Invoicing Plan 
233 SIMG_OLPR_V_TKFPA_VB S_ALR_87003960 Maintain Document Types for Transfer Price Agreement 
234 SIMG_OLPR_V_TKFPA_VR S_ALR_87003880 Maintain Document Types for Transfer Price Allocation 
235 SIMG_OLPR_V_TKKBH S_ALR_87004867 Define Exception Rules 
236 SIMG_OLPR_V_TORB1 S_ALR_87004032 Assign Incoming Order Cost Element 
237 SIMG_OLPR_V_TORB2 S_ALR_87004006 Maintain settings for results analysis key 
238 SIMG_OLPR_ZINSZINS1 S_ALR_87004416 Define Period Control for Compound Interest 
239 SIMG_OLPR_ZTPR_OPTY S_ALR_87005322 Define Time Profiles 
240 SIMG_OLPR_ZUMBUCHUNG S_ALR_87005608 Define Screen Control for Payment Transfers 
241 SIMG_OLPR_ZUOR S_ALR_87005521 Assign Costing Sheets to the Valuation Variant 
242 SIMG_OLPSCFMENUCPRFL S_KA5_12000788 Define Line-Specific Relationship Subtypes 
243 SIMG_OLPS_CMOD_ARCH S_ALR_87004352 Archiving: Create Enhancement for Usage Check 
244 SIMG_OLPS_NUM_GROBPL S_ALR_87004333 Define number range for rough-cut planning profile 
245 SIMG_OLPS_UBERSICHT S_ALR_87003889 Define Overview Variants for Where-Used Lists 
246 SIMG_OLPS_UBERSI_FHM S_ALR_87004154 Define overview variants for PRT where-used lists 
247 SIMG_OLQU-E S_ALR_87004697 Functional Enhancement (Customer Exit) 
248 SIMG_OLQU-O S_ALR_87003779 Setting Up Clients 
249 SIMG_OLQU-SF S_ALR_87004718 Adapt Field Selection 
250 SIMG_OLQU_BADI_ARCH S_P6B_12000183 BAdI for Archiving Physical Samples: Initial Run 
251 SIMG_OLQU_BADI_S S_AL0_96000346 Switch for Selection of Business Add-In Implementation 
252 SIMG_OPP3KAPAPLANUNG S_ALR_87006296 Capacity planning 
253 SIMG_ORDER_CONFIRM S_ALR_87100768 BAdI: Confirmation 
254 SIMG_ORDER_UPDATE S_ALR_87100743 BAdI: Order Change 
255 SIMG_ORDER_WRITE S_PL0_86000046 BAdI: Archiving of Additional Data 
256 SIMG_OREHFXI1 S_ALR_87006034 Define Report 
257 SIMG_OREHFXI4 S_ALR_87006046 Define Form 
258 SIMG_OREHFXIO S_ALR_87006270 Transport Report 
259 SIMG_OREHFXIP S_ALR_87006043 Transport Form 
260 SIMG_OREHFXIQ S_ALR_87006262 Import Report from Client 000 
261 SIMG_OREHFXIR S_ALR_87006040 Import Form from Client 000 
262 SIMG_OREHFXIT S_ALR_87006247 Translate Report 
263 SIMG_OREHFXIV S_ALR_87006253 Define Global Variables 
264 SIMG_OREHFXIX S_ALR_87006258 Delete Report 
265 SIMG_OREHFXIY S_ALR_87006242 Delete Report Data 
266 SIMG_OREHFXIZ S_ALR_87006037 Delete Form 
267 SIMG_OREHGCGS S_ALR_87006191 Reconcile Totals Records with Line Item Totals 
268 SIMG_ORFA_OACS S_ALR_87008998 Define Substitution 
269 SIMG_ORFA_OAKA S_ALR_87008999 Define Long Text Templates 
270 SIMG_ORFA_OAZ1 S_ALR_87009022 Define Validation 
271 SIMG_ORFB1_T001RWT S_ALR_87003351 Define Rounding Rule for Withholding Tax Type 
272 SIMG_ORFB2GCA9 S_ALR_87008949 Check Settings for Allocation 
273 SIMG_ORFB2GCLE S_ALR_87008915 Activate Line Items for Planning 
274 SIMG_ORFB2GCR2 S_ALR_87008908 Define Field Movement 
275 SIMG_ORFB2GP32 S_ALR_87008914 Define Distribution Keys 
276 SIMG_ORFB2T001B_PL S_ALR_87008911 Define Plan Periods 
277 SIMG_ORFB2T001B_PL2 S_ALR_87004668 Define Plan Periods 
278 SIMG_ORFB2T811I S_ALR_87008946 Define Field Usage for Assessment 
279 SIMG_ORFB2T811I2 S_ALR_87008947 Define Field Usage for Distribution 
280 SIMG_ORFB2T892U S_ALR_87008909 Define Substitution for Rollup 
281 SIMG_ORFB2T894_PL S_ALR_87008912 Define Plan Versions 
282 SIMG_ORFB2T894_PL2 S_ALR_87004676 Define Plan Versions 
283 SIMG_ORFB2T895 S_ALR_87008913 Assign Plan Version to Fiscal Year and Activate 
284 SIMG_ORFBOBB0 S_ALR_87002765 Define Accounts 
285 SIMG_ORFBT044G S_ALR_87002693 Define Value Adjustment Key 
286 SIMG_ORFBT044I S_ALR_87002759 Determine Base Value 
287 SIMG_ORFBT044J S_ALR_87002753 Determine Values for Line Item Display 
288 SIMG_ORFBT076A S_ALR_87001348 Define Further Processing of Payment Advice Notes 
289 SIMG_ORFBT811U S_ALR_87008948 Activate Partner Object Update 
290 SIMG_ORFB_BUSTYPEDEB S_ALR_87003355 Define Business Type (Customers) 
291 SIMG_ORFB_BUSTYPEKRE S_ALR_87003108 Define Business Type (Vendors) 
292 SIMG_ORFB_FDI1_2_3 S_ALR_87001687 Define Report 
293 SIMG_ORFB_FDI4_5_6 S_ALR_87001708 Define Form 
294 SIMG_ORFB_FDIO S_ALR_87001802 Transport Report 
295 SIMG_ORFB_FDIP S_ALR_87001699 Transport Form 
296 SIMG_ORFB_FDIQ S_ALR_87001787 Import Report from Client 000 
297 SIMG_ORFB_FDIR S_ALR_87001695 Import Form from Client 000 
298 SIMG_ORFB_FDIT S_ALR_87001761 Translate Report 
299 SIMG_ORFB_FDIV S_ALR_87001775 Define Global Variables 
300 SIMG_ORFB_FDIX S_ALR_87001777 Delete Report 
301 SIMG_ORFB_FDIY S_ALR_87001752 Delete Report Data 
302 SIMG_ORFB_FDIZ S_ALR_87001691 Delete Form 
303 SIMG_ORFB_FKI1_2_3 S_ALR_87002319 Define Report 
304 SIMG_ORFB_FKI4_5_6 S_ALR_87002357 Define Form 
305 SIMG_ORFB_FKIO S_ALR_87002444 Transport Report 
306 SIMG_ORFB_FKIP S_ALR_87002347 Transport Form 
307 SIMG_ORFB_FKIQ S_ALR_87002435 Import Report from Client 000 
308 SIMG_ORFB_FKIR S_ALR_87002337 Import Form from Client 000 
309 SIMG_ORFB_FKIT S_ALR_87002406 Translate Report 
310 SIMG_ORFB_FKIV S_ALR_87002415 Define Global Variables 
311 SIMG_ORFB_FKIX S_ALR_87002425 Delete Report 
312 SIMG_ORFB_FKIY S_ALR_87002395 Delete Report Data 
313 SIMG_ORFB_FKIZ S_ALR_87002328 Delete Form 
314 SIMG_ORFB_INDUSTYPDE S_ALR_87003447 Define Industry Type (Customers) 
315 SIMG_ORFB_INDUSTYPKR S_ALR_87003106 Define Industry Type (Vendors) 
316 SIMG_ORFB_INVESTKONT S_ALR_87004693 Assign Accounts for Investment Support 
317 SIMG_ORFB_J_1BBRANCV S_ALR_87003337 Define Business Place 
318 SIMG_ORFB_J_1BT001WV S_ALR_87003340 Assign Business Place 
319 SIMG_ORFB_OBXO S_ALR_87003369 Define Accounts for Payment Differences with Altern. Currency 
320 SIMG_ORFB_OBXQ S_ALR_87003439 Define Clearing Accts for Payment Diff. with Altern.Currency 
321 SIMG_ORFB_V_RGOFFICE S_ALR_87003258 Define Regional Tax Offices 
322 SIMG_ORFB_V_SECCODE S_ALR_87003254 Define Section Codes 
323 SIMG_ORFB_V_TAXOFF S_ALR_87003260 Define Tax Offices 
324 SIMG_ORIPBS52 S_ALR_87003570 Specify Status Authorizations 
325 SIMG_ORK1_KECRM_0KEL S_AX7_68000154 Assign Substitution Rules for CRM Processes 
326 SIMG_ORK1_KECRM_0KEM S_AX7_68000155 Define Substitution Rules for CRM Processes 
327 SIMG_ORK2_AUTHO_PFCG S_ALR_87008642 Define Authorizations and Profiles 
328 SIMG_ORK2_EWKRT_CMOD S_ALR_87004328 Develop Enhancements for Cost Element Master Data 
329 SIMG_ORK2_EXTRA_GRE9 S_ALR_87004081 Determine Settings for Extract Management 
330 SIMG_ORK2_KALH_REGEL S_ALR_87004065 Define Rules for Selection of Reconciliation Postings 
331 SIMG_ORK2_KM5V S_ALR_87004297 Define Selection Variants for Cost Elements 
332 SIMG_ORK2_PARAM_RPXN S_ALR_87004110 Specify Report Currency 
333 SIMG_ORK2_SELEK_RPAN S_ALR_87004072 Define Selection Criteria 
334 SIMG_ORK2_SELVAR S_ALR_87003946 Create Selection Variants for Cost Elements 
335 SIMG_ORK38KEM S_ALR_87005099 Maintain Currency and Valuation Profile 
336 SIMG_ORK38KEP S_ALR_87005132 Multiple Valuation Approaches: Check/Execute Activation 
337 SIMG_ORK38KEU S_ALR_87008997 Multiple Valuation Approaches: Check/Execute Deactivation 
338 SIMG_ORK3OKEQ_TRPR S_ALR_87005147 Create Versions for Valuation Methods 
339 SIMG_ORK3OMX1 S_ALR_87005138 Activate Valuation Areas for Material Ledger 
340 SIMG_ORK3OMX2 S_ALR_87005135 Assign Currency Types to Material Ledger Type 
341 SIMG_ORK3OMX3 S_ALR_87005127 Assign Material Ledger Types to Valuation Area 
342 SIMG_ORK3OMX6 S_ALR_87005142 Maintain Descriptions for Valuation Bases 
343 SIMG_ORK3SM30_WAEHR S_ALR_87005123 Assign Currency and Valuation Profile to Controlling Area 
344 SIMG_ORK3_AUTHO_PFCG S_ALR_87008641 Maintain Authorizations and Profiles 
345 SIMG_ORK3_COEP_SM30 S_ALR_87005050 Prepare Archiving of Controlling Line Items 
346 SIMG_ORK3_GSCD S_ALR_87005046 Activate Change Documents for Groups 
347 SIMG_ORK3_OKBI_VERD S_ALR_87005095 Document Summarization for External Accounting Documents 
348 SIMG_ORKACMOD_VERZIN S_ALR_87005195 Develop Enhancements for Interest Calculation 
349 SIMG_ORKACPT2_SCHEMA S_ALR_87004954 Maintain Template 
350 SIMG_ORKACPT2_UMGEBG S_ALR_87004959 Maintain Environments and Function Trees 
351 SIMG_ORKAKA06_VERZIN S_ALR_87004996 Maintain Cost Elements for Interest Calculation 
352 SIMG_ORKAKAK2_I S_ALR_87005058 Maintain Statistical Key Figures 
353 SIMG_ORKAKANK_VERZIN S_ALR_87005197 Check Number Ranges for Interest Calculation 
354 SIMG_ORKAKGF4 S_ALR_87005087 Maintain Dependencies 
355 SIMG_ORKAKK06 S_ALR_87004982 Maintain Condition Tables 
356 SIMG_ORKAKO02_ZINS S_ALR_87005005 Maintain Interest Profile in Model Orders 
357 SIMG_ORKAKOCM S_ALR_87005156 Replace Classification With User-Defined Fields 
358 SIMG_ORKAKOT2_FELD S_ALR_87005256 Select Fields 
359 SIMG_ORKAKOT2_STATUS S_ALR_87005257 Define Status Management in Order Types 
360 SIMG_ORKAKTPF_ZUORDN S_ALR_87004949 Assign Template 
361 SIMG_ORKAOKOG S_ALR_87004972 Maintain Overhead Key 
362 SIMG_ORKAOKOV S_ALR_87004964 Maintain Selection Variants for Overhead Rates 
363 SIMG_ORKAOPI1 S_ALR_87004365 Value Categories 
364 SIMG_ORKAOPIA S_ALR_87005036 Create Interest Profile 
365 SIMG_ORKAOPIB S_ALR_87005031 Enter Detail Settings for Interest Profile 
366 SIMG_ORKAOPIC S_ALR_87005008 Define Interest Relevance for Value Categories 
367 SIMG_ORKAOPID S_ALR_87005000 Define Posting Specifications for Financial Accounting 
368 SIMG_ORKAOPIE S_ALR_87004986 Define Interest Indicator 
369 SIMG_ORKAOPIG S_ALR_87004991 Define Period Control for Compound Interest 
370 SIMG_ORKAOPIH S_ALR_87005044 Specify General Conditions 
371 SIMG_ORKAOT03 S_ALR_87005041 Define Interest Rates 
372 SIMG_ORKASE71_DRUCK S_ALR_87005234 Prepare for Order Printing 
373 SIMG_ORKASM34_LAYOUT S_ALR_87005254 Define Order Layouts 
374 SIMG_ORKA_BEW S_ALR_87005387 Define Valuation Variants 
375 SIMG_ORKA_BEW_VERS S_ALR_87005379 Assign Valuation Variants to the Version 
376 SIMG_ORKA_CPT2_SCH_P S_ALR_87005394 Maintain Template 
377 SIMG_ORKA_CPT2_UMG_P S_ALR_87005298 Maintain Environments and Function Trees 
378 SIMG_ORKA_EWEP_CMOD S_ALR_87005210 Enhancements for Line Item Reports 
379 SIMG_ORKA_EXTRA_GRE9 S_ALR_87005126 Determine Settings for Extract Management 
380 SIMG_ORKA_FMU1 S_ALR_87005076 Maintain Document Types 
381 SIMG_ORKA_KALK S_ALR_87005391 Define Costing Sheets 
382 SIMG_ORKA_KALK_BEW S_ALR_87005384 Assign Costing Sheets To Valuation Variants 
383 SIMG_ORKA_KKR0 S_ALR_87005122 Maintain Summarization Hierarchies 
384 SIMG_ORKA_KO09_ALTDS S_ALR_87005230 Transfer Old Data and External Data 
385 SIMG_ORKA_KOND S_ALR_87005433 Define Condition Types 
386 SIMG_ORKA_KPR6 S_ALR_87005354 Maintain Resource Prices 
387 SIMG_ORKA_KPRI S_ALR_87005422 Define Price Tables 
388 SIMG_ORKA_KPRK S_ALR_87005431 Define Access Sequences 
389 SIMG_ORKA_KTPF S_ALR_87005416 Assign Template 
390 SIMG_ORKA_PARAM_RPXN S_ALR_87005133 Specify Report Currency 
391 SIMG_ORKA_ROLLUP_IS S_ALR_87005152 Maintain Summarization Reports 
392 SIMG_ORKA_SELEK_RPON S_ALR_87005129 Define Selection Criteria 
393 SIMG_ORKA_TKKBH S_ALR_87005118 Define Exception Rules 
394 SIMG_ORKKBEWAUSAUF S_ALR_87008061 Define Valuation Variant for WIP and Scrap (Target Costs) 
395 SIMG_ORKKBEWWIPPER S_ALR_87008237 Define Valuation Variant for WIP and Scrap (Target Costs) 
396 SIMG_ORKKOKK6 S_ALR_87008160 Define Date Control 
397 SIMG_ORKKOKKI S_ALR_87008163 Define Costing Types 
398 SIMG_ORKKOKKM S_ALR_87008161 Define Transfer Control 
399 SIMG_ORKKOKKN S_ALR_87008164 Define Costing Variants 
400 SIMG_ORKKOKY9_WE_KAL S_KA5_12000469 Group Costing Variants for GR Costing 
401 SIMG_ORKKOVAW S_ALR_87007985 Check Item Category Groups 
402 SIMG_ORKK_AUF_OKOG S_ALR_87008034 Define Overhead Keys 
403 SIMG_ORKK_BAU_CMODZ S_ALR_87008170 Develop Enhancements for Overhead Calculation 
404 SIMG_ORKK_BAU_KA06 S_ALR_87008150 Maintain Overhead Cost Elements 
405 SIMG_ORKK_BAU_KZB2 S_ALR_87008158 Define Calculation Bases 
406 SIMG_ORKK_BAU_KZE2 S_ALR_87008155 Define Credits 
407 SIMG_ORKK_BAU_KZM2 S_ALR_87008156 Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates 
408 SIMG_ORKK_BAU_KZS2 S_ALR_87008159 Define Costing Sheets 
409 SIMG_ORKK_BAU_KZZ2 S_ALR_87008157 Define Percentage Overhead Rates 
410 SIMG_ORKK_BAU_OKOG S_ALR_87008184 Define Overhead Keys 
411 SIMG_ORKK_BEWAUSKTHI S_ALR_87008257 Valuation Variant for WIP and Scrap (Target Costs) 
412 SIMG_ORKK_BEWAUSPER S_ALR_87008254 Define Valuation Variant for WIP and Scrap (Target Costs) 
413 SIMG_ORKK_COPCIS_004 S_ALR_87008084 Control Parameters 
414 SIMG_ORKK_COPCIS_005 S_ALR_87008075 Maintain Report Parameters for Product Cost Planning 
415 SIMG_ORKK_COPCIS_007 S_ALR_87008106 Maintain Report Parameters for Product Cost by Period 
416 SIMG_ORKK_COPCIS_008 S_ALR_87008103 Maintain Report Parameters for Product Cost by Order 
417 SIMG_ORKK_COPCIS_009 S_ALR_87008090 Maintain Report Parameters for Product Cost by Sales Order 
418 SIMG_ORKK_COPCIS_010 S_ALR_87008087 Maintain Report Parameters for Costs for Intangible Goods 
419 SIMG_ORKK_COPCIS_011 S_ALR_87008096 Maintain Report Parameters for Actual Costing/Material Ledge 
420 SIMG_ORKK_EINSKTHIER S_ALR_87008236 Define Primary Data for Input Price Variances 
421 SIMG_ORKK_EK_CMOD S_ALR_87008190 Develop Enhancements for Unit Costing 
422 SIMG_ORKK_ERG_CMOD S_ALR_87008005 Develop Enhancements for Results Analysis 
423 SIMG_ORKK_ERZ_CMOD S_ALR_87008216 Develop Enhancements for Material Costing 
424 SIMG_ORKK_FEHLER S_ALR_87099609 Define User-Defined Message Types 
425 SIMG_ORKK_FEHLER_VUC S_ALR_87099610 Define User-Defined Message Types 
426 SIMG_ORKK_FINDPER S_ALR_87008269 Assign Templates to Cost Objects 
427 SIMG_ORKK_HERK_MUNDS S_ALR_87008185 Define Origin Groups 
428 SIMG_ORKK_IMMA_OKOG S_ALR_87008108 Define Overhead Keys 
429 SIMG_ORKK_KALKVERS S_ALR_87008169 Define Costing Versions 
430 SIMG_ORKK_KART_EINZ S_ALR_87008016 Check Costing Types for Unit Costing 
431 SIMG_ORKK_KA_BAUTEIL S_ALR_87008182 Define Costing Types 
432 SIMG_ORKK_KTPF S_ALR_87008193 Assign Templates 
433 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_ABR S_ALR_87008145 Define Settlement Cost Elements 
434 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_CMODZ S_ALR_87008109 Develop Enhancements for Overhead Calculation 
435 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_KA06 S_ALR_87008125 Maintain Overhead Cost Elements 
436 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_KEI1 S_ALR_87008133 Create PA Transfer Structure 
437 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_KO8N S_ALR_87008132 Maintain Number Ranges for Settlement Documents 
438 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_KZB2 S_ALR_87008118 Define Calculation Bases 
439 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_KZE2 S_ALR_87008110 Define Credits 
440 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_KZM2 S_ALR_87008111 Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates 
441 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_KZS2 S_ALR_87008124 Define Costing Sheets 
442 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_KZZ2 S_ALR_87008112 Define Percentage Overhead Rates 
443 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_OKEU S_ALR_87008134 Create Source Structure 
444 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_OKO6 S_ALR_87008139 Create Allocation Structure 
445 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_OKO7 S_ALR_87008146 Create Settlement Profile 
446 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_OKZ1 S_ALR_87008126 Define Origin Groups 
447 SIMG_ORKK_KTR_OPR1 S_ALR_87008114 Assign Messages 
448 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_ABR S_ALR_87008123 Define Settlement Cost Elements 
449 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_CMODZ S_ALR_87007990 Develop Enhancements for Overhead Calculation 
450 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_KA02 S_ALR_87008009 Define Cost Elements for Results Analysis 
451 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_KA06 S_ALR_87008050 Maintain Overhead Cost Elements 
452 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_KZB2 S_ALR_87008048 Define Calculation Bases 
453 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_KZE2 S_ALR_87007991 Define Credits 
454 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_KZM2 S_ALR_87007992 Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates 
455 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_KZS2 S_ALR_87008049 Define Costing Sheets 
456 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_KZZ2 S_ALR_87007993 Define Percentage Overhead Rates 
457 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_OKK5 S_ALR_87008019 Check Quantity Structure Determination 
458 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_OKK6 S_ALR_87008011 Check Date Control 
459 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_OKKM S_ALR_87008012 Check Transfer Strategies 
460 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_OKOG S_ALR_87007989 Define Overhead Keys 
461 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_OKYV S_ALR_87008018 Activate Cross-Company Costing 
462 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_OKYW S_ALR_87007999 Activate Cost Component Split in Controlling Area Currency 
463 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_OKZ1 S_ALR_87008051 Define Origin Groups 
464 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_OKZ2 S_ALR_87007998 Define Overhead Groups 
465 SIMG_ORKK_KUND_ZID S_ALR_87008001 Define Line IDs 
466 SIMG_ORKK_KUPPEL_UR S_ALR_87008213 Define Source Structure 
467 SIMG_ORKK_MISCH_OMXA S_ALR_87008212 Define Quantity Structure Types 
468 SIMG_ORKK_OKK4 S_ALR_87008162 Define Valuation Variants 
469 SIMG_ORKK_OKTZ S_ALR_87007983 Define Cost Components 
470 SIMG_ORKK_PARTNER S_ALR_87008166 Define Partner Versions 
471 SIMG_ORKK_PC_OKOG S_ALR_87008207 Define Overhead Keys 
472 SIMG_ORKK_PER_OKOG S_ALR_87008177 Define Overhead Keys 
473 SIMG_ORKK_REFERENZ S_ALR_87008165 Define Reference Variants 
474 SIMG_ORKK_ROHSTOFF S_ALR_87008154 Assign Condition Types to Origin Groups 
475 SIMG_ORKK_SCHEMA S_ALR_87008194 Maintain Templates 
476 SIMG_ORKK_SCHEMAAUF S_ALR_87008041 Maintain Templates 
477 SIMG_ORKK_SCHEMAKAUF S_ALR_87007996 Maintain Templates 
478 SIMG_ORKK_SCHEMAPER1 S_ALR_87008266 Maintain Templates 
479 SIMG_ORKK_SCHMEMAIMM S_ALR_87008116 Maintain Templates 
480 SIMG_ORKK_SEIBAN S_ALR_87008153 Define Costing Variants 
481 SIMG_ORKK_SEIB_BV S_ALR_87008151 Define Valuation Variants 
482 SIMG_ORKK_SEIB_KA S_ALR_87008152 Define Costing Types 
483 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_ABR S_ALR_87008230 Define Settlement Cost Elements 
484 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_CMOD S_ALR_87008178 Develop Enhancements for Overhead Calculation 
485 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_KA02 S_ALR_87008262 Define Cost Elements for WIP Calculation 
486 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_KA06 S_ALR_87008174 Maintain Overhead Cost Elements 
487 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_KZB2 S_ALR_87008172 Define Calculation Bases 
488 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_KZE2 S_ALR_87008179 Define Credits 
489 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_KZM2 S_ALR_87008180 Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates 
490 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_KZS2 S_ALR_87008173 Define Costing Sheets 
491 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_KZZ2 S_ALR_87008171 Define Percentage Overhead Rates 
492 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_OKZ1 S_ALR_87008175 Define Origin Groups 
493 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_OKZ2 S_ALR_87008176 Define Overhead Groups 
494 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_OPR1 S_ALR_87008265 Assign Messages 
495 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_OPR4 S_ALR_87008273 Define User-Defined Message Types 
496 SIMG_ORKK_SERIE_ZID S_ALR_87008259 Define Line IDs 
497 SIMG_ORKK_UMGEB S_ALR_87008195 Define Environments and Function Trees 
498 SIMG_ORKK_UMGEBAUF S_ALR_87008032 Maintain Environments and Function Trees 
499 SIMG_ORKK_UMGEBIMMA S_ALR_87008117 Maintain Environments and Function Trees 
500 SIMG_ORKK_UMGEBKAUF S_ALR_87007997 Maintain Environments and Function Trees