SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 7
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIS1 S_ALR_87000304 Define Default Equipment Categories for Serial Numbers 
2 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIS2 S_ALR_87000317 Define Serial Number Profiles 
3 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OISP S_ALR_87000367 Define Permit Groups 
4 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIST S_ALR_87000393 Define Permit Categories 
5 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIUC S_ALR_87000111 Set List Editing for Equipment in Customer Service 
6 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIUF S_ALR_87000556 Set List Editing for Functional Locations in Service 
7 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIW1 S_ALR_87000116 Set List Editing for Equipment 
8 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIW6 S_ALR_87000557 Set List Editing for Functional Locations 
9 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIW7 S_ALR_87000559 Set List Editing for Reference Functional Locations 
10 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIW8 S_ALR_87000321 Set List Editing for Material Data 
11 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIWD S_ALR_87000106 Set List Editing for Object Links from Functional Locations 
12 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIWE S_ALR_87000125 Define List Structure for Structural Display 
13 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIWM S_ALR_87000327 Define Structural Display for Material Data 
14 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIX2 S_ALR_87000572 Define Field Selection for Functional Location Fields 
15 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIX3 S_ALR_87000567 Define Field Selection for Equipment Usage Data Fields 
16 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIX4 S_ALR_87000563 Define Field Selection for Equipment Master Data Fields 
17 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIX5 S_ALR_87000565 Define Field Selection for Partner Data Fields 
18 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIX6 S_ALR_87000569 Define Field Selection for Notification Data Fields 
19 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIX7 S_ALR_87000520 Define Field Selection for Order Data Fields 
20 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIX8 S_ALR_87000510 Define Field Selection for Class Data Fields 
21 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIX9 S_ALR_87000507 Define Field Selection for Characteristic Data Fields 
22 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXA S_ALR_87000503 Define Field Selection for Document Management Fields 
23 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXB S_ALR_87000498 Define Field Selection for Object Link Data Fields 
24 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXC S_ALR_87000193 Define Field Selection for Equipment Master Data Fields 
25 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXD S_ALR_87000187 Define Field Selection for Equipment Usage Data Fields 
26 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXE S_ALR_87000182 Define Field Selection for Functional Location Fields 
27 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXF S_ALR_87000177 Define Field Selection for Partner Data Fields 
28 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXG S_ALR_87000172 Define Field Selection for Notification Data Fields 
29 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXH S_ALR_87000167 Define Field Selection for Order Data Fields 
30 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXI S_ALR_87000163 Define Field Selection for Class Data Fields 
31 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXJ S_ALR_87000158 Define Field Selection for Characteristic Data Fields 
32 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXK S_ALR_87000153 Define Field Selection for Document Management Fields 
33 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIXL S_ALR_87000062 Define Field Selection for Object Link Data Fields 
34 SIMG_CFMENUOLI0OIYJ S_ALR_87000016 Set List Editing for Object Links from Equipment 
35 SIMG_CFMENUOLIACO44 S_ALR_87000892 Maintain Selection Profiles 
36 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAIW20 S_ALR_87001160 Define Number Ranges 
37 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAKEI11 S_ALR_87000798 Maintain PA Transfer Structure 
38 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAKO8N1 S_ALR_87000803 Define Number Ranges for Settlement Documents 
39 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIAA2 S_ALR_87000856 Define ABC Indicators 
40 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIAB2 S_ALR_87000850 Define Plant Sections 
41 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIAI2 S_ALR_87000853 Define Planner Groups 
42 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIBA S_ALR_87000869 Maintain Authorizations for Processing 
43 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIBS S_ALR_87000873 Maintain User Status 
44 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOID1 S_ALR_87000898 Define Shop Papers, Forms and Output Programs 
45 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOID2 S_ALR_87000902 Maintain Print Defaults for Shop Papers for Maintenance Document Types 
46 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOID3 S_ALR_87000905 Define Printer 
47 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOID4 S_ALR_87000910 Activate Print Diversion 
48 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOID5 S_ALR_87000897 Define Control Parameters for Print Diversion 
49 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDA S_ALR_87008814 Define Shop Papers, Forms and Output Programs 
50 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDB S_ALR_87000157 Maintain Print Defaults for Shop Papers for Maintenance Notifications 
51 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDC S_ALR_87000162 Define Printer 
52 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDD S_ALR_87000170 Activate Print Diversion for Notification Papers 
53 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDE S_ALR_87000175 Set Control Parameters for Print Diversion 
54 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDF S_ALR_87008813 Define Shop Papers, Forms and Output Programs 
55 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDG S_ALR_87000312 Maintain Print Defaults for Shop Papers for Maintenance Orders 
56 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDH S_ALR_87000692 Define Printer 
57 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDI S_ALR_87000245 Activate Print Diversion for Order Papers 
58 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDJ S_ALR_87000755 Set Control Parameters for Print Diversion 
59 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDU S_ALR_87000888 Define Destination and Database for PC Download 
60 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIDV S_ALR_87000891 Download Structures to PC 
61 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIM3 S_ALR_87001158 Assign Notification Types to Order Types 
62 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIM6 S_ALR_87000814 Assign Partner Determination Procedure to Notification Types 
63 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIM8 S_ALR_87001150 Define Priorities for Each Priority Type 
64 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIM9 S_ALR_87000817 Define Partner Functions for Header Data 
65 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIMK S_ALR_87001010 Maintain Catalogs 
66 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIMM S_ALR_87000265 Create System Conditions or Operating Conditions 
67 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIMP S_ALR_87001148 Define Priorities 
68 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIMW S_ALR_87000951 Define Operational Effects 
69 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIMZ S_ALR_87000949 Define System Conditions 
70 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIO1 S_ALR_87000248 Define Priorities 
71 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIO2 S_ALR_87000253 Define Priorities for Each Priority Type 
72 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIO3 S_ALR_87000728 Define Maintenance Activity Types 
73 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIO4 S_ALR_87000713 Default Values for Maintenance Activity Type for Each Order Type 
74 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIO5 S_ALR_87000732 Assign Valid Maintenance Activity Types to Maintenance Order Types 
75 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIO6 S_ALR_87000722 Maintain Default Values for Control Keys for Order Types 
76 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIO7 S_ALR_87000717 Maintain Control Keys 
77 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIO8 S_ALR_87000302 Activate Default Value for Current Date as Basic Date 
78 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIO9 S_ALR_87000338 Define Default Values for Units for Operation 
79 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOA S_ALR_87000061 Configure Order Types 
80 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOB S_ALR_87000328 Create Revisions 
81 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOC S_ALR_87000323 Set Scheduling Parameters 
82 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOD S_ALR_87000038 Assign Order Types to Maintenance Plants 
83 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOE S_ALR_87000736 Define Change Documents, Collective Purchase Requisition, MRP relevance 
84 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOF S_ALR_87000709 Assign Costing Parameters and Results Analysis Keys 
85 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOG S_ALR_87000687 Assign User Status Profile to Order Types 
86 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOI S_ALR_87000747 Define Inspection Control 
87 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOION S_ALR_87000028 Configure Number Ranges 
88 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOP S_ALR_87000259 Define Priority Type for Orders 
89 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOR S_ALR_87000788 Define Control Parameters for Completion Confirmations 
90 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOS S_ALR_87000075 Define Default Value for Planning Indicator for Each Order Type 
91 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIOT S_ALR_87000319 Maintain Scheduling Types 
92 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIR1 S_ALR_87001135 Define Field Selection for List Display of Customer Data 
93 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIR2 S_ALR_87001137 Define Field Selection for List Display of Vendor Data 
94 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIR3 S_ALR_87001139 Define Field Selection for List Display of Personnel Data 
95 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIR4 S_ALR_87001141 Define Field Selection for List Display of Contact People 
96 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIR5 S_ALR_87001142 Define Field Selection for List Display of Organizational Units 
97 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIR6 S_ALR_87001133 Define Field Selection for List Display of Positions 
98 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIR7 S_ALR_87001121 Define Field Selection for List Display of User Data 
99 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIR8 S_ALR_87001125 Define Field Selection for List Display of Address Data 
100 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIWL S_ALR_87000056 Define List Variants 
101 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIWU S_ALR_87000051 Set List Editing for Operation Data 
102 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXM S_ALR_87000216 Define Field Selection for Multilevel List Displays of Notifications 
103 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXN S_ALR_87000220 Define Field Selection for Functional Location Fields 
104 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXO S_ALR_87000224 Define Field Selection for Equipment Master Data Fields 
105 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXP S_ALR_87000229 Define Field Selection for Partner Data Fields 
106 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXQ S_ALR_87000235 Define Field Selection for Notification Item Fields 
107 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXR S_ALR_87000213 Define Field Selection for Activity Data Fields 
108 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXS S_ALR_87000184 Define Field Selection for Class Data Fields 
109 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXT S_ALR_87000189 Define Field Selection for Characteristic Data Fields 
110 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXU S_ALR_87000198 Define Field Selection for Task Fields 
111 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXV S_ALR_87000203 Define Field Selection for Order Data Fields 
112 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXW S_ALR_87000954 Define Field Selection for Order Data Fields 
113 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXX S_ALR_87001003 Define Field Selection for Functional Location Fields 
114 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXY S_ALR_87000992 Define Field Selection for Equipment Master Data Fields 
115 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIXZ S_ALR_87000918 Define Field Selection for Notification Data Fields 
116 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIZL2 S_ALR_87000165 Set Formula Parameters 
117 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOIZM2 S_ALR_87000783 Configure Formula Definition 
118 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOKO61 S_ALR_87000795 Maintain Allocation Structures 
119 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOKO71 S_ALR_87000792 Maintain Settlement Profiles 
120 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOP722 S_ALR_87000764 Define PRT Control Keys 
121 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOQN3 S_ALR_87001152 Assign Priority Types to Notification Types 
122 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAOQN5 S_ALR_87000937 Change Catalogs and Catalog Profile for Notification Type 
123 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAQS41 S_ALR_87000929 Define Code Groups for Catalog Types 
124 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAQS49 S_ALR_87000932 Display Catalog Directory with All Sub-Items 
125 SIMG_CFMENUOLIAVOP2 S_ALR_87000811 Define Partner Determination Procedure and Partner Function 
126 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPIP20 S_ALR_87000258 Define Number Ranges for Maintenance Plans 
127 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPIP21 S_ALR_87000225 Define Number Ranges for Maintenance Items 
128 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIAA1 S_ALR_87000244 Define ABC Indicators 
129 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIAB1 S_ALR_87000234 Define Plant Sections 
130 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIAI1 S_ALR_87000239 Define Maintenance Planner Groups 
131 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIBA S_ALR_87000230 Maintain Authorizations for Planning 
132 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIL0 S_ALR_87000099 Define Number Ranges for Task Lists for Functional Locations 
133 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIL1 S_ALR_87000074 Maintain Task List Status 
134 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIL2 S_ALR_87000079 Define Task List Usage 
135 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIL3 S_ALR_87000083 Configure Planner Group 
136 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIL4 S_ALR_87000089 Define Number Ranges for General Maintenance Task Lists 
137 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIL5 S_ALR_87000094 Define Number Ranges for Equipment Task Lists 
138 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIL6 S_ALR_87000103 Define Profiles with Default Values 
139 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIL7 S_ALR_87000027 Maintain Control Keys 
140 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOILB S_ALR_87000034 Maintain Suitabilities 
141 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOILJ S_ALR_87000041 Define User Fields 
142 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIVA S_ALR_87000095 Define Default Order Types for Maintenance Items 
143 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIVS S_ALR_87000249 Configure Maintenance Strategies 
144 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIW0 S_ALR_87000190 Define Field Selection for Maintenance Plan 
145 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIWO S_ALR_87000047 Set List Editing for Task Lists 
146 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIWW S_ALR_87000214 Set List Editing for Maintenance Plans 
147 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIWY S_ALR_87000209 Set List Editing for Maintenance Items 
148 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIY9 S_ALR_87000204 Set List Editing for Maintenance Plan Overall Overview 
149 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIYL S_ALR_87000194 Define Field Selection for Operation Data 
150 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIYM S_ALR_87000199 Define Field Selection for Order Header Data 
151 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIZ2 S_ALR_87000313 Define Standard Value Keys 
152 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIZ3 S_ALR_87000268 Define Employees Responsible for Work Centers 
153 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIZ5 S_ALR_87000292 Maintain Control Keys 
154 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIZ8 S_ALR_87000296 Define Suitabilities 
155 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIZA S_ALR_87000263 Define Work Center Types and Link to Task List Application 
156 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIZD S_ALR_87000281 Define Task List Usage Keys 
157 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIZL1 S_ALR_87000137 Set Formula Parameters 
158 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIZM1 S_ALR_87000142 Configure Formula Definition 
159 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIZU S_ALR_87000286 Configure Screen Sequence for Work Center 
160 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOIZV S_ALR_87000276 Create Default Work Center 
161 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOP471 S_ALR_87000123 Define Task List Usage Keys 
162 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOP721 S_ALR_87000133 Define PRT Control Keys 
163 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOP731 S_ALR_87000112 Define PRT Authorization Group 
164 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOP741 S_ALR_87000128 Define PRT Group Keys 
165 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPOP801 S_ALR_87000119 Define PRT Status 
166 SIMG_CFMENUOLIPYWY1 S_ALR_87000107 Define Presetting for Free Assignment of Material 
167 SIMG_CFMENUOLIS0VSD S_ALR_87000994 Maintain Statistics Groups for Transportation Service Agent 
168 SIMG_CFMENUOLIS0VSE S_ALR_87000982 Maintain Statistics for each Transportation Planning Point 
169 SIMG_CFMENUOLIS0VSF S_ALR_87000984 Assign Statistics Groups for each Transportation Planning Loc. 
170 SIMG_CFMENUOLIS0VST S_ALR_87000988 Maintain Statistics Groups for Shipment Types 
171 SIMG_CFMENUOLIS0VSU S_ALR_87000967 Assign Statistics Groups for each Shipment Type 
172 SIMG_CFMENUOLISAKTI S_ALR_87099856 Activate Update 
173 SIMG_CFMENUOLISASE41 S_ALR_87100117 Maintain Transaction Key for SAP BW 
174 SIMG_CFMENUOLISMCSS S_ALR_87000925 Display Generation Log for Information Structures 
175 SIMG_CFMENUOLISMCST S_ALR_87000915 Display Generation Log of Update Rules 
176 SIMG_CFMENUOLISOIAK S_ALR_87000721 Assign Value Categories to Maintenance Cost Key Figures 
177 SIMG_CFMENUOLISOIAW S_ALR_87000691 Define Currency For Maintenance Statistics 
178 SIMG_CFMENUOLISOQI1 S_ALR_87000664 Allocate update for each origin 
179 SIMG_CFMENUOLISOQI2 S_ALR_87000667 Divide quality key figures into classes 
180 SIMG_CFMENUOLISOQI3 S_ALR_87000669 Assign quality key figure classes to info structures 
181 SIMG_CFMENUOLISOQI4 S_ALR_87000672 Determine update group for each quality notification type 
182 SIMG_CFMENUOLISOQN0 S_ALR_87000726 Allocate update groups for PM notification types 
183 SIMG_CFMENUOLISSASE S_ALR_87000710 Change Settings 
184 SIMG_CFMENUOLISTEIN S_ALR_87001002 Technical Information for Field Catalogs 
185 SIMG_CFMENUOLMB001KL S_ALR_87000379 Price Differences for Subcontract Orders at Goods Receipt 
186 SIMG_CFMENUOLMB001MB S_ALR_87000256 Authorization Check for G/L Accounts 
187 SIMG_CFMENUOLMB159L S_ALR_87000416 Plant Parameters 
188 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBBEFIS S_ALR_87000032 Define Strategies for Stock Determination 
189 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBBFCO S_ALR_87000018 Production Order 
190 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBBFMM S_ALR_87000026 Inventory Management 
192 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBBFPU S_ALR_87000092 Pull List 
193 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBBFREP S_ALR_87000063 Conversion Report for Old Withdrawal Sequence 
194 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBBFRM S_ALR_87000058 Repetitive Manufacturing 
195 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBBFWM S_ALR_87000077 Warehouse Management 
196 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBCHNEU S_ALR_87006957 Define Batch Creation for Goods Movements 
197 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBCHNPP S_ALR_87006964 Define Batch Creation for Production Order / Process Order 
198 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBCHNUM S_ALR_87007144 Maintain Number Range for External Batch Number Assignment 
199 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBCHNX S_ALR_87006954 Set Up Customer Exits for External Batch Number Assignment 
200 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBCMOD S_ALR_87000176 Maintain Customer Exits for Inventory Management 
201 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBLIEF S_ALR_87000082 Delivery 
202 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBM706 S_ALR_87000155 Maintain Output Types 
203 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBM708 S_ALR_87000149 Maintain Output Determination Procedures 
204 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBM710 S_ALR_87000161 Maintain Access Sequences 
205 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMA1 S_ALR_87006976 Define Inventory Management Condition Tables 
206 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMB1 S_ALR_87000462 Set Dynamic Availability Check 
207 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMB2 S_ALR_87000421 Create Storage Location Automatically 
208 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMB3 S_ALR_87000357 Create Storage Location Automatically 
209 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMB4 S_ALR_87000114 Maintain Print Indicator for GI/Transfer Posting Documents 
210 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMB5 S_ALR_87000118 Maintain Print Indicator for Goods Receipt Documents 
211 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMB6 S_ALR_87000450 Set Manual Account Assignment 
212 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMB9 S_ALR_87000282 Define Document Life 
213 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBA S_ALR_87000410 Define Number Assignment for Accounting Documents 
214 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBC S_ALR_87000361 Set Missing Parts Check 
215 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBE S_ALR_87000287 Maintain Roles and Assign Users 
216 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBF S_ALR_87000322 Set Parameters for Batch Input 
217 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBG S_ALR_87000277 Define Stock List Display 
218 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBH S_ALR_87000499 Default Values for Physical Inventory 
219 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBI S_ALR_87000342 Maintain Copy Rules for Reference Documents 
220 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBJ S_ALR_87000442 Maintain Copy Rules for Reference Documents 
221 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBK S_ALR_87000466 Maintain Copy Rules for Reference Documents 
222 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBM S_ALR_87000305 Set Parameters for Batch Input 
223 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBN S_ALR_87000473 Define Default Values 
224 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBO S_ALR_87000054 Assign Forms and Programs 
225 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBP S_ALR_87000481 Allow Freezing of Book Inventory Balance in Storage Location 
226 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBQ S_ALR_87000326 Copy, Change Movement Types 
227 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBR S_ALR_87000124 General Settings 
228 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBS S_ALR_87000504 Record Reason for Goods Movements 
229 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBT S_ALR_87000403 Define Number Assignment for Material and Phys. Inv. Docs 
230 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBU S_ALR_87000096 Assign Forms (Layout Sets) for Print Reports 
231 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBV S_ALR_87000291 Set Parameters for Batch Input 
232 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBW S_ALR_87000446 Define Screen Layout 
233 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMBZ S_ALR_87000387 For GR-Based IV, Reversal of GR Despite Invoice 
234 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMC0 S_ALR_87000425 Set Tolerance Limits 
235 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMC1 S_ALR_87000396 Define Number Assignment for Goods Receipt/Issue Slips 
236 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMC2 S_ALR_87000401 Define Number Assignment for Reservations 
237 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMC3 S_ALR_87000485 Maintain Copy Rules for Reference Documents 
238 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMC4 S_ALR_87000195 Transfer Inventory Counts with Document Reference 
239 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMC7 S_ALR_87000191 Transfer Inventory Differences with Document Reference 
240 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMC8 S_ALR_87000186 Transfer Inventory Counts Without Document Reference 
241 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMC9 S_ALR_87000181 Transfer Inventory Differences Without Document Reference 
242 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCC S_ALR_87000434 Generate Physical Inventory Documents for Goods Movements 
243 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCD S_ALR_87000332 Set "Delivery Completed" Indicator 
244 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCF S_ALR_87000104 Set Label Printout 
245 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCG S_ALR_87006851 Allocate IM Search Procedure/Activate Check 
246 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCH S_ALR_87000348 Set Manual Account Assignment 
247 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCJ S_ALR_87000345 Define Screen Layout 
248 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCK S_ALR_87000458 Create Inventory Sampling Profiles 
249 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCL S_ALR_87000469 Define Stock Management Levels 
250 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCM S_ALR_87000337 Set Dynamic Availability Check 
251 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCN S_ALR_87000494 Default Values for Batch Input 
252 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCO S_ALR_87000528 Cycle Counting 
253 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCP S_ALR_87000438 Set Up Dynamic Availability Check 
254 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCQ S_ALR_87000414 Define Attributes of System Messages 
255 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCR S_ALR_87000536 Define Stock Management Levels in WMS 
256 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCV S_ALR_87006965 Activate Batch Classification for Goods Movements in IM 
257 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCW S_ALR_87006882 Define Inventory Management Strategy Types 
258 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCX S_ALR_87006943 Define Inventory Management Access Sequences 
259 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMCY S_ALR_87006893 Define Inventory Management Search Procedure 
260 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJ1 S_ALR_87000430 Allow Negative Stocks 
261 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJ2 S_ALR_87000491 Define Tolerances for Physical Inventory Differences 
262 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJ3 S_ALR_87000049 Printer Determination by Plant/Storage Location 
263 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJ4 S_ALR_87000044 Printer Determination by Plant/Stor.Loc./User Group 
264 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJ5 S_ALR_87001531 Set Expiration Date Check 
265 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJ8 S_ALR_87000371 Create Storage Location Automatically 
266 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJ9 S_ALR_87000368 Set Manual Account Assignment 
267 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJA S_ALR_87000364 Define Screen Layout 
268 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJC S_ALR_87000454 Generate Physical Inventory Documents for Goods Movements 
269 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJD S_ALR_87000523 Set Missing Parts Check 
270 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJE S_ALR_87000512 Set Expiration Date Check 
271 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJH S_ALR_87000200 Process Transfer File 
272 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJL S_ALR_87000109 Maintain Print Indicator for Automatic Movements 
273 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOMJU S_ALR_87000477 Field Selection for Physical Inventory 
274 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOSP7 S_ALR_87000073 Define Withdrawal Sequence for BOM Withdrawal 
275 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOSPA S_ALR_87000540 Define Withdrawal Sequence for BOM Withdrawal 
276 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBOXK1 S_ALR_87000129 Set Subscreen for Account Assignment (Coding) Block 
277 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBSE18 S_ALR_87100766 BAdI: Creation of Material Document 
278 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBSE71 S_ALR_87000139 Define Forms 
279 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBSXDAB S_ALR_87000311 Data Transfer Workbench: Goods Movements 
280 SIMG_CFMENUOLMBSXDAR S_ALR_87000295 Data Transfer Workbench: Reservations 
281 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCAPP1 S_ALR_87000941 Maintain Self-Defined Applications 
282 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCFORE S_ALR_87000870 Maintain Update Rules 
283 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCGCRS S_ALR_87000718 Define Languages For Report Writer 
284 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMC0A S_ALR_87000851 Define number range intervals for key figures 
285 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMC0C S_ALR_87000854 Define number range intervals for info sets 
286 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMC30 S_ALR_87000737 Display update log 
287 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMCF9 S_ALR_87000681 Change Period Split for Quantity Reliability 
288 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMCFA S_ALR_87000685 Change Period Split for On-Time Delivery Performance 
289 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMCH_ S_ALR_87000729 Enhance Data 
290 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMCRA S_ALR_87000623 Select layout reports for evaluation structures 
291 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMCRB S_ALR_87000621 Perform mass generation of evaluations 
292 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMCRC S_ALR_87000615 Translate Characteristic Texts For Evaluation Structures 
293 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMCRT S_ALR_87000618 Determine internal number assignment 
294 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMCS/ S_ALR_87000875 Execute Mass Generation 
295 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMCSY S_ALR_87000878 Reset Generation Time Stamp 
296 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCMCSZ S_ALR_87000881 Copy Management 
297 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOMO S_ALR_87000714 Delete Selection Versions 
298 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOMO5 S_ALR_87000848 Maintain Authorizations 
299 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOMOG S_ALR_87000872 Maintain Update Groups 
300 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOPJ5 S_ALR_87000689 Activate Update and Release Version for each Order Type 
301 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVCO S_ALR_87000973 Assign Statistics Group per Sales Activity Type 
302 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVCT S_ALR_87000969 Maintain Statistics Groups 
303 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVCU S_ALR_87000975 Update Groups 
304 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVRA S_ALR_87000908 Maintain Statistics Groups for Customers 
305 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVRB S_ALR_87000978 Change Statistics Currency for each Sales Organization 
306 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVRF S_ALR_87000904 Maintain Statistics Groups for Material 
307 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVRH S_ALR_87000899 Assign Statistics Groups for Each Sales Document Type 
308 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVRI S_ALR_87000895 Assign Statistics Groups for each Sales Document Item Type 
309 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVRK S_ALR_87000986 Assign Statistics Groups for each Delivery Type 
310 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVRL S_ALR_87000991 Assign Statistics Groups for each Delivery Item Type 
311 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVRM S_ALR_87000971 Determine Billing Document Types Relevant to Statistics 
312 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVRN S_ALR_87000901 Maintain Statistics Groups for Sales Documents 
313 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVRO S_ALR_87000977 Assign Update Group at Header Level 
314 SIMG_CFMENUOLMCOVRP S_ALR_87000981 Assign Update Group at Item Level 
315 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMD0 S_ALR_87000716 Define MRP Controllers 
316 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMD2 S_ALR_87000660 Weighting Groups for Weighted Moving Average 
317 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMD3 S_ALR_87000587 Define and Group Exception Messages 
318 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMD5 S_ALR_87000590 Check Texts for the MRP Elements 
319 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMD9 S_ALR_87000674 Define Special Procurement Types 
320 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDA S_ALR_87000625 Test Object for BC Sets of LANGUD 
321 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDC S_ALR_87000608 Define Floats (Scheduling Margin Key) 
322 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDD S_ALR_87000578 Define Order Profile 
323 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDG S_ALR_87000663 Define Splitting of Forecast Requirements for MRP 
324 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDJ S_ALR_87000594 Maintain Correction Factors for Forecast 
325 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDK S_ALR_87000665 Assign Forecast Errors to Error Classes 
326 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDM S_ALR_87000640 Create Profiles 
327 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDQ S_ALR_87000694 Check MRP Types 
328 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDR S_ALR_87000616 Activate Runtime Statistics 
329 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDT S_ALR_87000600 Define External Procurement 
330 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDU S_ALR_87000682 Activate Material Requirements Planning 
331 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDV S_ALR_87000582 Define Conversion of Planned Orders into Purchase Requisitions 
332 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDW S_ALR_87000727 Define Rescheduling Horizon 
333 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDX S_ALR_87000750 Define Planning Horizon 
334 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDY S_ALR_87000731 Define Error Handling 
335 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMDZ S_ALR_87000719 Define Creation Indicator 
336 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMI1 S_ALR_87000746 Define Safety Stock Availability 
337 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMI2 S_ALR_87000708 Define Number Ranges for Planning Run 
338 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMI3 S_ALR_87000712 Define Number Ranges for Manual Processing 
339 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMI4 S_ALR_87000735 Define Lot-Sizing Procedure 
340 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMI5 S_ALR_87000604 Define Line Item Numbers 
341 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMI8 S_ALR_87000698 Carry Out Overall Maintenance of Plant Parameters 
342 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMIA S_ALR_87000738 Define Range of Coverage Profiles (Dynamic Safety Stock) 
343 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMIB S_ALR_87000573 Define Start Time of Sporadic Background Jobs 
344 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMIG S_ALR_87000705 Define MRP Group for Each Material Type 
345 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMIL S_ALR_87000654 Define receipt elements for receipt days' supply 
346 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMIM S_ALR_87000619 Define the Maximum MRP Period 
347 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMIN S_ALR_87000622 Indicator: Only Firm Transmitted Schedule Lines 
348 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMIO S_ALR_87000657 Define Screen Sequence for Header Details 
349 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMIP S_ALR_87000679 Reference Plant for Access to Central Master Data Tables 
350 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMIQ S_ALR_87000643 Define Parallel Processing in MRP 
351 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMIR S_ALR_87000575 Define Storage Location MRP per Plant 
352 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOMIT S_ALR_87000612 Parameters for Determining the Basic Dates 
353 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOPPC S_ALR_87000651 Define Period Display for Period Totals 
354 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOPPH S_ALR_87000585 Define Conversion of Purchase Requisition into Purchase Order 
355 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOPPI S_ALR_87000723 Define Stock in Transfer and Blocked Stock Availability 
356 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDOPPZ S_ALR_87000702 Carry Out Overall Maintenance of MRP Groups 
357 SIMG_CFMENUOLMDSML S_ALR_87000676 Maintain Planning Calendar 
358 SIMG_CFMENUOLME0001 S_ALR_87001569 Define Texts for Purchasing Organization 
359 SIMG_CFMENUOLME8KEG S_ALR_87001646 Define Condition Lists 
360 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEACNR S_ALR_87001936 Define Number Ranges 
361 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEBLOCK S_EB5_05000075 Define Blocking Reasons 
362 SIMG_CFMENUOLMECL01A S_P99_41000285 Edit Classes 
363 SIMG_CFMENUOLMECMOD S_ALR_87002048 Develop Enhancements for Purchasing 
364 SIMG_CFMENUOLMECT01A S_P99_41000284 Edit Characteristics 
365 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEEDI2 S_ALR_87002084 Profiles for Sending Stock/Sales Data 
366 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEESCR1 S_KA5_12000913 Set Up Quantity Difference Profiles (GR Automotive) 
367 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEESCR2 S_KA5_12000914 Configure Parallel Processing 
368 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEKONDT S_ALR_87002101 Set Up Condition Technique for Subsequent Settlement 
369 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEML60 S_ALR_87001733 Define Release Procedure for Service Entry Sheet 
370 SIMG_CFMENUOLMENAST S_ALR_87100744 Tips for Fast Message Determination Setup 
371 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOAMP S_ALR_87002213 Define Reasons for Blocking Approved Manufacturer Parts 
372 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOM9R S_ALR_87002185 Define Reasons for Cancellation 
373 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMCI S_ALR_87001796 Maintain Scope of List for Services 
374 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOME0 S_ALR_87002225 Define Attributes of System Messages 
375 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOME1 S_ALR_87002200 Define Purchasing Value Keys 
376 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOME2 S_ALR_87002440 Define Terms of Payment 
377 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOME4 S_ALR_87002131 Create Purchasing Groups 
378 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOME5 S_ALR_87002171 Define Source List Requirement at Plant Level 
379 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOME7 S_ALR_87001560 Define Texts for Request for Quotation 
380 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOME8 S_ALR_87002176 Define Screen Layout at Document Level 
381 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOME9 S_ALR_87001581 Maintain Account Assignment Categories 
382 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEA S_ALR_87002178 Define Document Types 
383 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEB S_ALR_87002168 Define Document Types 
384 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEC S_ALR_87002197 Define Document Types 
385 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMED S_ALR_87002384 Define Document Types 
386 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEE S_ALR_87002161 Define Tolerance Limit for Archiving 
387 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEF S_ALR_87002145 Define Document Types 
388 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEG S_ALR_87001562 Maintain Purchase Order History Categories 
389 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEI S_ALR_87002053 Create Profiles 
390 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEK S_ALR_87002205 Define Shipping Instructions 
391 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEL S_ALR_87002160 Maintain Inspection Certificate Categories 
392 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEM S_ALR_87001637 Maintain Purchasing Lists 
393 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEN S_ALR_87002248 Define Tolerance Limit for Archiving 
394 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEO S_ALR_87002198 Define Number Ranges 
395 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEP S_ALR_87002172 Define Number Ranges 
396 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEQ S_ALR_87002170 Define Quota Arrangement Usage 
397 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMER0 S_ALR_87002203 Maintain Condition Table 
398 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMER1 S_ALR_87002212 Define Access Sequences 
399 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMER2 S_ALR_87002211 Define Condition Types 
400 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMER3 S_ALR_87002216 Define Limits 
401 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMER4 S_ALR_87002221 Define Exclusion Indicators 
402 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMER5 S_ALR_87002220 Define Calculation Schema 
403 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMER6 S_ALR_87002219 Define Schema Group 
404 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMER7 S_ALR_87002218 Define Schema Determination 
405 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMER8 S_ALR_87002217 Define Transaction/Event Keys 
406 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMER9 S_ALR_87002204 Define Condition Exclusion 
407 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMERA S_ALR_87002202 Extend Field Catalog for Condition Tables 
408 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMES S_ALR_87002162 Maintain Quotation Comments 
409 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMET S_ALR_87002052 Define Function Authorizations for Buyers 
410 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEU S_ALR_87002196 Set Tolerance Limits for Price Variance 
411 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEW S_ALR_87002167 Processing Time 
412 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEX S_ALR_87002193 Define Tolerance Limit for Archiving 
413 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEY S_ALR_87002180 Define Tolerance Limit for Archiving 
414 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMEZ S_ALR_87002329 Define Tolerance Limit for Archiving 
415 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMF0 S_ALR_87002215 Define Condition Control at Plant Level 
416 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMF1 S_ALR_87002164 Define Screen Layout 
417 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMF2 S_ALR_87002195 Define Screen Layout at Document Level 
418 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMF4 S_ALR_87002184 Define Screen Layout at Document Level 
419 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMF6 S_ALR_87001559 Define Texts for Purchase Order 
420 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMF7 S_ALR_87002244 Define Screen Layout at Document Level 
421 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMF9 S_ALR_87001557 Define Texts for Scheduling Agreement 
422 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFA S_ALR_87002267 Define Screen Layout at Document Level 
423 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFC S_ALR_87001558 Define Texts for Contract 
424 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFD S_ALR_87001567 Assign Form and Output Program for RFQ 
425 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFE S_ALR_87001566 Assign Form and Output Program for Purchase Order 
426 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFF S_ALR_87001565 Assign Form and Output Program for Contract 
427 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFG S_ALR_87001563 Assign Form and Output Program for SA Delivery Schedule 
428 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFI S_ALR_87002238 Define Default Values for Buyers 
429 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFJ S_ALR_87001643 Maintain Transfer Structure 
430 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFL S_ALR_87002060 Implement Data Transfer: Info Record 
431 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFQ S_ALR_87002209 Define Scope-of-List Parameters 
432 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFT S_ALR_87002174 Define Copying Rules for Header Texts 
433 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFU S_ALR_87002194 Define Copying Rules 
434 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFV S_ALR_87002182 Define Copying Rules for Header Texts 
435 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFW S_ALR_87002246 Define Copying Rules for Header Texts 
436 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFX S_ALR_87002289 Define Copying Rules for Header Texts 
437 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMFY S_ALR_87002166 Define Copying Rules 
438 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMG0 S_ALR_87001580 Define Combination of Item Categories/Account Assignment Categories 
439 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMG8 S_ALR_87002210 Define Sequence 
440 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMG9 S_ALR_87002208 Assign to Conditions 
441 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGA   Define Text Types for Central Texts 
442 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGB S_ALR_87002396 Define Text Types for Purchasing Organization Texts 
443 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGC S_ALR_87002107 Define Weighting Keys 
444 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGF S_ALR_87002108 Assign Output Devices to Purchasing Groups 
445 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGI S_ALR_87002106 Define Criteria 
446 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGJ S_ALR_87002234 Define Tax Jurisdiction 
447 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGK S_ALR_87001636 Maintain Purchase Requisition Lists 
448 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGL S_ALR_87002104 Maintain Purchasing Organization Data 
449 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGM S_ALR_87002187 Set Up Subcontract Order 
450 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGN S_ALR_87002189 Define Shipping Data for Plants 
451 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGO S_ALR_87001561 Set Up Statistics Updating Facility at Document Item Level 
452 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGP S_ALR_87002249 Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule 
453 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGR S_ALR_87002192 Create Checking Rule 
454 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGU S_ALR_87002105 Define Scope of List 
455 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGX S_ALR_87001645 Assign Forms (Layout Sets) 
456 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGY S_ALR_87001644 Define Scope of List 
457 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMGZ S_ALR_87002410 Delete: Set Up Confirmation Control 
458 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMH4 S_ALR_87001577 Define External Representation of Item Categories 
459 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMH5 S_ALR_87001570 Define Default Values for Document Type 
460 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHD S_ALR_87002093 Define Rebate Arrangement Types for Subsequent Settlement 
461 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHE S_ALR_87002092 Define Condition Type Groups for Rebate Arrangements 
462 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHF S_ALR_87002091 Assign Condition Type/Table to Condition Type Group 
463 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHG S_ALR_87002102 Assign Condition Type Groups and Arrangement Types 
464 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHK S_ALR_87002057 Implement Data Transfer: Purchase Requisition 
465 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHL S_ALR_87002175 Maintain Search Helps 
466 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHM S_ALR_87002191 Maintain Search Help 
467 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHO S_ALR_87002173 Maintain Search Helps 
468 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHP S_ALR_87002163 Define Price History 
469 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHQ S_ALR_87001867 Assign Form for Service Entry Sheet 
470 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHR S_ALR_87001782 Define Texts for Service Entry Sheet 
471 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHS S_ALR_87001642 Process Transfer File 
472 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMHT S_ALR_87002058 Process Transfer File 
473 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMKC S_ALR_87002245 Define Price Marking 
474 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMKD S_ALR_87002114 Define Supply Regions 
475 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMKH S_ALR_87002115 Define Regular Vendor 
476 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMKK S_ALR_87002112 Set Tax Indicator for Material 
477 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMKL S_ALR_87002110 Set Tax Indicator for Account Assignment 
478 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMKM S_ALR_87002111 Set Tax Indicator for Plant 
479 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMKN S_ALR_87002103 Assign Tax Indicators for Plants 
480 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMKO S_ALR_87002096 Assign Tax Indicators for Account Assignments 
481 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMPN S_ALR_87002201 Define Manufacturer Part Profile 
482 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMQL S_ALR_87002113 Assign Plants to Supply Regions 
483 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMQW S_ALR_87002214 Entry Aids for Items Without a Material Master 
484 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMQX S_ALR_87001578 Assign Default Values for Asset Class 
485 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMRE S_ALR_87001647 Maintain General Analyses 
486 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMRO S_ALR_87002199 Set Up Authorization Check for G/L Accounts 
487 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMRP S_ALR_87002132 Set Up Authorization Check for G/L Accounts 
488 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMRP2 S_ALR_87002250 Set Up Authorization Check for G/L Accounts 
489 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMRQ S_ALR_87002341 Set Up Authorization Check for G/L Accounts 
490 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMSQ S_ALR_87002452 Check Incoterms 
491 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMUP S_ALR_87002255 Maint. Rel. Creation Profile for Sched. Agmt. w. Rel. Docu. 
492 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMUPN S_KA5_12000908 Maint. Rel. Creation Profile for Sched. Agmt. w. Rel. Docu. 
493 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMV1 S_ALR_87001943 Define Service Category 
494 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMV2 S_ALR_87001953 Define Organizational Status for Service Categories 
495 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMY6 S_ALR_87002146 Define Number Ranges 
496 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMY7 S_ALR_87002159 Define Number Ranges 
497 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMY8 S_ALR_87001992 Define Internal Number Range for Service Specifications 
498 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMY9 S_ALR_87001891 Define Number Ranges for Service Entry Sheet 
499 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMYA S_ALR_87001970 Assign Number Ranges 
500 SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMYB S_ALR_87001983 Define Attributes of System Messages