SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 2
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMGOHAIT_CUD15 S_L7D_24001944 Define sections for CUD form 
2 SIMGOHAIT_CUD50 S_L7D_24002581 Define CUD program 
3 SIMGOHAIT_CUD60 S_L7D_24002582 Define CUD sections (user input - print methods) 
4 SIMGOHAIT_CUD70 S_L7D_24002583 Assign CUD element to form's box number 
5 SIMGOHAIT_CUD80 S_L7D_24002584 Define CUD elements 
6 SIMGOHAIT_CUD90 S_L7D_24002585 Enable partial applications for CUD 
7 SIMGOHAIT_DM012 S_L7D_24002300 Link INPS reg. number, place of employment and INPS office 
8 SIMGOHAIT_DM065 S_L7D_24000214 Define INPS (soc. sec.)/INPDAI (soc. sec. for industrial managers) data 
9 SIMGOHAIT_EVE000 S_L7D_24000215 Define events 
10 SIMGOHAIT_EVE005 S_L7D_24000216 Associate events from info-type 0000 to output 
11 SIMGOHAIT_F24015 S_L9C_94000847 Describe legal form boxes 
12 SIMGOHAIT_F24020 S_L9C_94000846 Describe texts for legal form memos 
13 SIMGOHAIT_FIP00 S_L9C_94002357 Define minimum and/or exempt amount 
14 SIMGOHAIT_FIP01 S_L7D_24000759 Define Social Security Funds 
15 SIMGOHAIT_FIP10 S_L7D_24000762 Manage payments to social security funds 
16 SIMGOHAIT_FIP15 S_L7D_24000767 Define payment calendar 
17 SIMGOHAIT_FIP25 S_L7D_24000760 Define employee grouping for fund eligibility 
18 SIMGOHAIT_FIP30 S_L7D_24000761 Define code eligibility for employee groups 
19 SIMGOHAIT_FIP35 S_L7D_24000763 Match payment code to fund code 
20 SIMGOHAIT_FIP40 S_L7D_24000764 Match contribution codes to fund code 
21 SIMGOHAIT_FIP45 S_L7D_24000765 Define registration types 
22 SIMGOHAIT_FIP50 S_L7D_24000766 Define registration type eligibility for funds 
23 SIMGOHAIT_IAS19_00 S_L7D_24000287 Define forms 
24 SIMGOHAIT_IAS19_05 S_L7D_24000288 Define forms sections 
25 SIMGOHAIT_IAS19_10 S_L7D_24000289 Define fields and associate them to DAQ fields 
26 SIMGOHAIT_IAS19_15 S_L7D_24000290 Define processing and postprocessing functions 
27 SIMGOHAIT_IAS19_20 S_L7D_24000291 Define reporting classes 
28 SIMGOHAIT_INL00 S_AL0_96000684 Determine INAIL offices 
29 SIMGOHAIT_INL05 S_AL0_96000685 Determine INAIL positions 
30 SIMGOHAIT_INL06 S_AL0_96000682 Determine INAIL address category 
31 SIMGOHAIT_INL07 S_L6B_69000849 Assign subjections / contributions to INAIL positions 
32 SIMGOHAIT_INL08 S_L6B_69000850 Assign taxation / contributions to INAIL positions 
33 SIMGOHAIT_INL10 S_AL0_96000686 Assign offices to INAIL positions 
34 SIMGOHAIT_INL15 S_AL0_96000687 Assign INAIL preferential office to subareas 
35 SIMGOHAIT_INL20 S_AL0_96000683 Determine addresses for INAIL offices 
36 SIMGOHAIT_INL25 S_L6B_69000852 Update Territorial insurance position 
37 SIMGOHAIT_INL30 S_L6B_69000853 Update rate type 
38 SIMGOHAIT_INL35 S_L6B_69000854 Associate Territorial insurance position to rate type 
39 SIMGOHAIT_INL40 S_L6B_69000857 Update INAIL modifier 
40 SIMGOHAIT_INL45 S_L6B_69000858 Check eligibility of subjection type values 
41 SIMGOHAIT_INL50 S_L6B_69000859 Define markdowns / exemptions 
42 SIMGOHAIT_INL55 S_L6B_69000860 Group by modifiers 
43 SIMGOHAIT_LU001 S_L7D_24001902  
44 SIMGOHAIT_MDREADER01 S_AC0_52000178 Define reading classes 
45 SIMGOHAIT_MDREADER05 S_AC0_52000179 Define operation rules 
46 SIMGOHAIT_MDREADER10 S_AC0_52000180 Define rule attributes 
47 SIMGOHAIT_MDREADER15 S_AC0_52000181 Define rule attribute conditions 
48 SIMGOHAIT_PRV03 S_PH9_46000711 Define settlement conditions 
49 SIMGOHAIT_RET05 S_L9C_94000336 Define taxation type for previous years' arrears 
50 SIMGOHAIT_RET06 S_L9C_94000337 Define contribution indicator for previous years' arrears 
51 SIMGOHAIT_RET07 S_L9C_94000338 Define technical contribution for previous years' arrears 
52 SIMGOHAIT_RET10 S_L9C_94000339 Processing of retroactive accounting wage types 
53 SIMGOHAIT_RET15 S_AC0_52000399 Set wage types for retrocalculation 
54 SIMGOHAIT_RET30 S_L9C_94000320 Position functions for retroactive accounting 
55 SIMGOHAIT_RET50 S_L9C_94000321 Define default for retroactive accounting type 
56 SIMGOHAIT_RET60 S_AL0_96000302 Manage wage types for post-settlement 
57 SIMGOHAIT_UNIEM00 S_L7D_24002338 Define contribution indicators and relevant exposure 
58 SIMGOHAIT_UNIEM05 S_L7D_24002342 Definire INPS company reg. no. and related data 
59 SIMGOHAIT_UNIEM06 S_L7D_24002344 Sender and CoCoCo sections 
60 SIMGOHAIT_UNIEM07 S_L7D_24002343 Link INPS reg. number, place of employment and INPS office 
61 SIMGOHAIT_UNIEM10 S_L7D_24002339 Define contribution print 
62 SIMGOHAIT_UNIEM20 S_L7D_24002340 Define calculation rules 
63 SIMGOHAIT_UNIEM30 S_L7D_24002341 Define contribution ind.valuation conditions 
64 SIMGOHAJCA000 S_AHR_61016725 Select Commuter Allowance processing type 
65 SIMGOHAKR_OFFRY S_AL0_96000255 Define Korea Off-cycle Reason for Repayment 
66 SIMGOHAMX_AB030 S_L9C_94000073 Check generation of absences/incapacities for IMSS 
67 SIMGOHANZTAX018 S_AHR_61018827 Maintain EMS Hiring/Leaving Action Types 
68 SIMGOHAPT_RS025 S_L9C_94000002 Maintain supplementary information on personnel subarea 
69 SIMGOHAPT_RS030 S_L9C_94000004 Maintain additional information on types of collective agreement 
70 SIMGOHAPT_RS035 S_L9C_94000003 Maintain Social Security contributors 
71 SIMGOHAQGCT0000203 S_L9C_94000049 Maintain Subtype for Employee Address 
72 SIMGOHAQGCT00004 S_AHR_61016728 Set Up Default Format and Printers for ETP Group Certificates 
73 SIMGOHAUSBEN0029 S_PH9_46000116 Create gross compensation model for pension plans 
74 SIMGOHAWOCA001 S_AHR_61012657 Assign Absences to an Off-Cycle Reason 
75 SIMGOHAWOCR001 S_AHR_61012655 Set Up Off-Cycle Reasons 
76 SIMGOHAWOCV001 S_AHR_61012656 Set Up Report Variants for Off-Cycle Activities 
77 SIMGOHAXAB005 S_L6B_69000680 Create wage type catalog 
78 SIMGOHAXDL021 S_L6B_69000260 Activate calculation 
79 SIMGOHAXDL022 S_L6B_69000264 Store additional values 
80 SIMGOHAXDL023 S_L6B_69000262 Check payroll constants 
81 SIMGOHAXDL024 S_L6B_69000261 Adjust value date 
82 SIMGOHAXDL025 S_L6B_69000263 Definire interest calculation method 
83 SIMGOHAXDL030 S_L6B_69000266 Update loan types 
84 SIMGOHAXDL033 S_L6B_69000265 Adjust screen control 
85 SIMGOHAXDL035 S_L6B_69000269 Check loan allocation 
86 SIMGOHAXDL036 S_L6B_69000267 Set customer-specific payment types 
87 SIMGOHAXDL037 S_L6B_69000268 Program processing logic for payment types 
88 SIMGOHAZA_CC011 S_AHR_61012651 Run Company Car Conversion Program 
89 SIMGOHAZA_CC012 S_AHR_61012652 Assign Relevant Constants for the Benefit Value Calculation (Amounts) 
90 SIMGOHAZA_CC012N S_AHR_61012653 Assign Relevant Constants for the Benefit Value Calculation (Numbers) 
91 SIMGOHAZA_CC013 S_AHR_61012654 Set.-up Wagetypes for the Payroll Function 
92 SIMGOHAZA_HA011 S_AHR_61012649 Assign Relevant Contants for the Benefit Value Calculation (Numbers) 
93 SIMGOHAZA_HA012 S_AHR_61012650 Assign Relevant Contants for the Benefit Value Calculation (Amounts) 
94 SIMGOHA_EFIGB_000   e-Filing - Great Britain 
95 SIMGOHA_EFIGB_001 S_EH1_67000065 Controlling Constants 
96 SIMGOHA_EFIGB_002 S_EH1_67000066 Maintain Mail Contents 
97 SIMGOHA_EFIGB_003 S_EH1_67000067 Maintain HTTPS Destinations 
98 SIMGOHA_EFIGB_004 S_EH1_67000068 Maintain User Credentials 
99 SIMGOHA_EFIGB_005 S_EH1_67000069 Business Add-In for Infotype Tax 
100 SIMGOHA_EFIGB_006 S_EH1_67000070 Business Add-In for Student Loans 
101 SIMGOHA_EFIGB_007 S_L6B_69000851 Create B2A Number Ranges 
102 SIMGOHA_EFIGB_008 S_L6D_84000026 Business Add-In (BAdI) for Employee Matching Process 
103 SIMGOHA_EFIGB_010 S_L6D_84000027 Determine Form Update Method 
104 SIMGOHIIT_CF000 S_L9C_94000632 Activate functionality for tax number check (IT) 
105 SIMGOHIOC0267IT S_AHR_61011550 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
106 SIMGOHIOC0267LE S_AHR_61011551 Check wage type characteristics 
107 SIMGOHIOC0267LG S_AHR_61011573 Check wage type group 'One Time Payments Off-Cycle' 
108 SIMGOHIOC0267LK S_AHR_61011572 Create wage type catalog 
109 SIMGOHIOC0267LT S_AHR_61011549 Check wage type text 
110 SIMGOHIOC0267MK S_AHR_61011552 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage type 
111 SIMGOHIOC0267PT S_AHR_61011543 Define personnel subarea grouping for primary wage type 
112 SIMGOHIOC0267ZU S_AHR_61011544 Define Wage Type Permissibility for each PS and ESG 
113 SIMGOHIOC_NKI_001 S_AHR_61011692 Define number range interval for check replacement 
114 SIMGOHISXDA S_AHR_61011180 Data Transfer Workbench: HR Master Record 
115 SIMGOHITFR51 S_L9C_94000665 Valuate calculation base for SI estimated revaluation 
116 SIMGOHIU01070 S_AHR_61018899 Review EEO ethnic origin categories 
117 SIMGOHIUS1085 S_AHR_61018897 Review SIC codes for EEO-1/VETS-100 
118 SIMGOHIUS1090 S_AHR_61018898 Maintain SIC codes and EIN/D&B numbers for EEO-1/VETS-100 
119 SIMGOHIX0307 S_PH0_48000090 Permit Cost Assignment and Activity Allocation 
120 SIMGOHT090 S_AHR_61010679 Specify Rule Groups for Quota Type Selection 
121 SIMGOHT091 S_AHR_61010668 Permit Generation of Quotas in Time Evaluation 
122 SIMGOHT092 S_AHR_61010695 Set Base Entitlements 
123 SIMGOHT093 S_AHR_61010693 Determine Validity and Deduction Periods 
124 SIMGOHT094 S_AHR_61010689 Define Rules for Reducing Quota Entitlements 
125 SIMGOHT095 S_AHR_61010686 Define Rules for Rounding Quota Entitlements 
126 SIMGOHT096 S_AHR_61010683 Define Generation Rules for Quota Type Selection 
127 SIMGOHT097 S_AHR_61010762 Develop Enhancements for Quota Type Selection 
128 SIMGOHT098 S_PH9_46001125 Define Rules for Transferring Quota Entitlements 
129 SIMGOHT099 S_PL0_09000342 Check Customizing Settings for Quota Generation 
130 SIMGOLMEM/30 S_ALR_87002085 Define Message Types for Request for Quotation 
131 SIMGOLMEM/32 S_ALR_87002069 Define Message Schema for Request for Quotation 
132 SIMGOLMEM/34 S_ALR_87002078 Define Message Types for Purchase Order 
133 SIMGOLMEM/36 S_ALR_87002068 Define Message Schema for Purchase Order 
134 SIMGOLMEM/38 S_ALR_87002071 Define Message Types for Outline Agreement 
135 SIMGOLMEM/40 S_ALR_87002070 Define Message Types for Scheduling Agreement Release/Expediter 
136 SIMGOLMEM/42 S_ALR_87002077 Define Message Schema for Scheduling Agreement Release/Expediter 
137 SIMGOLMEM/48 S_ALR_87002090 Define Access Sequence for Request for Quotation 
138 SIMGOLMEM/50 S_ALR_87002089 Define Access Sequence for Purchase Order 
139 SIMGOLMEM/52 S_ALR_87002088 Define Access Sequence for Outline Agreement 
140 SIMGOLMEM/54 S_ALR_87002087 Define Access Sequence for Scheduling Agreement Release/Expediter 
141 SIMGOLMEM/58 S_ALR_87002083 Define Condition Table for Request for Quotation 
142 SIMGOLMEM/61 S_ALR_87002082 Define Condition Table for Purchase Order 
143 SIMGOLMEM/64 S_ALR_87002080 Define Condition Table for Scheduling Agreement Release/Expediter 
144 SIMGOLMEM/67 S_ALR_87002081 Define Condition Table for Outline Agreement 
145 SIMGOLMEM/68 S_ALR_87002067 Define Message Schema for Outline Agreement 
146 SIMGOLMEM/72 S_ALR_87001857 Define Condition Table for Service Entry Sheet 
147 SIMGOLMEM/73 S_ALR_87001845 Define Access Sequence for Service Entry Sheet 
148 SIMGOLMEM/75 S_ALR_87001833 Define Message Types for Service Entry Sheet 
149 SIMGOLMEM/77 S_ALR_87001820 Define Message Schemas for Service Entry Sheet 
150 SIMGOLMEML98 S_ALR_87001767 for Purchasing Organizations 
151 SIMGOLMEOMQM S_ALR_87001745 Maintain Matchcodes for Service Entry Sheet 
152 SIMGOLMEOMTA S_ALR_87002075 Define Partner Roles for Request for Quotation 
153 SIMGOLMEOMTB S_ALR_87002074 Define Partner Roles for Purchase Order 
154 SIMGOLMEOMTC S_ALR_87002073 Define Partner Roles for Outline Agreement 
155 SIMGOLMEOMTD S_ALR_87002072 Define Partner Roles for Scheduling Agreement Release/Expediter 
156 SIMGOLMEOMTE S_ALR_87001807 For Service Entry Sheet 
157 SIMGOLMEVNE2 S_ALR_87002079 Define Condition Table for Inbound Delivery 
158 SIMGOLMEVNE3 S_ALR_87008815 Define Output Types for Inbound Delivery 
159 SIMGOLMEVNE4 S_ALR_87002086 Define Access Sequence for Inbound Delivery 
160 SIMGOLMEVNE5 S_ALR_87002109 Define Partner Roles for Inbound Delivery 
161 SIMGOLMEVNE7 S_ALR_87002076 Define Message Schemas for Inbound Delivery 
162 SIMGOLME_VV_T161W_VF S_ALR_87100966 Assign Document Type, One-Step Procedure, Underdelivery Tolerance 
163 SIMGOLME_VV_T161W_VL S_ALR_87100967 Assign Document Type 
164 SIMGOLME_VV_T688_E1A S_AL0_96000257 Copy Control For Conditions 
165 SIMGOLSD_SHIPPT_LGOR S_ALN_01002216 Assign Shipping Points According to Storage Location 
166 SIMGOLSD_SHIPPT_RULE S_ALN_01002215 Define Rule for Determination of Shipping Point 
167 SIMGORFA_EINSTL_PORT S_ALR_87009608 Settings for Mapas Fiscais Portugal 
168 SIMGORIP_AUSPRAEGUNG S_ALR_87003547 Maintain Allowed Entries for User Organizational Units 
169 SIMGORIP_EBENEN S_ALR_87003545 Maintain Organiz. Units as Levels for Investment Programs 
170 SIMGORIP_ORGDEF S_ALR_87003548 Maintain User Organizational Units 
171 SIMGORIP_VORSELEKT S_ALR_87003546 Choose Organizational Units for Investment Programs 
172 SIMGORKKBEWWIPZUORD S_ALR_87008258 Assignment of Valuation Variant for WIP 
173 SIMGOW_TRSFER S_SO6_65000971 Transfer Reason Codes 
174 SIMGPBCS_0023 S_P1H_12000021 Notes on BAdI Implementations 
175 SIMGPOC_MAIN_BA_EVEN S_BT6_28000023 BAdI: Enrichment of Business Activity Event Data 
176 SIMGPOSTEXTANFR S_P00_07000210 Define Text Types for Item Texts 
177 SIMGPOSTEXTBEST S_P00_07000203 Define Text Types for Item Texts 
178 SIMGPOSTEXTKONT S_P00_07000212 Define Text Types for Item Texts 
179 SIMGPOSTEXTLIEF S_P00_07000214 Define Text Types for Item Texts 
180 SIMGRSL_MAX_BETRAG S_ALR_87009202 Maximum Amount Method 
181 SIMGSACHK_ZU_KONTENG S_P99_41000039 Assign G/L Accounts to Account Groups 
182 SIMGSELEKTIONSS_DEF S_P99_41000045 Define Selection Keys 
183 SIMGSIMG_EURO_RBPEWU S_ALR_87008680 Adjust Project Budget 
184 SIMGSIMG_OHAIT_001 S_L9C_94000586 Generate intervals for numbering 
185 SIMGSIMG_OHAIT_010 S_L9C_94000587 Allocate intervals to companies 
186 SIMGSIMG_WORKFLOW S_BCE_68000203 Automatic Basic Customizing for Workflow 
187 SIMGTEXTARTENBEST S_P00_07000201 Define Text Types for Header Texts 
188 SIMGTEXTBANF S_P00_07000215 Define Text Types 
189 SIMGTEXTINFOSATZ S_P00_07000216 Define Texts 
190 SIMGTRFDUE_JBIUDA1 S_ALR_87008609 Treasury business partner 
191 SIMGTRFDUE_JBIUPA1 S_ALR_87008610 Treasury Business Partner 
192 SIMGUSMD_IDOC_OUT S_SE6_85000011 BAdI: Master Data Replication using IDoc 
193 SIMGUSMD_IDOC_OUT1 S_E7B_95000027 BAdI: Master Data Replication using IDoc 
194 SIMGVC_APB_ISR_C_OVS S_ABA_72000407 Set Up OVS Value Help 
195 SIMGVC_APB_ISR_OVS_F S_BTD_53000070 Configure OVS Input Help for Form-based Change Requests 
196 SIMGV_ALM_ME_EQ_TEMP S_P7D_67000079 Define Profile for Template Equipment 
197 SIMGV_TBKKMCHAINCLST S_KK4_13000135 Specify Sequence of Mass Processing 
198 SIMGV_TPGPRF S_KA5_12000488 Maintain distribution profile 
199 SIMGZAHLWEG_RUE S_KFM_86000222 Set Default Payment Method for Refunds 
200 SIMGZERTOAHT S_BIE_59000022 Send certificates to HTTP content server 
201 SIMG_ S_AL0_96000835 Test 
202 SIMG_ CFMENUOHP1OOEH S_AHR_61018642 Activate Enterprise Hierarchy 
203 SIMG_0KWM0KW2_EIG S_ALR_87000584 Define Attributes 
204 SIMG_0KWMCP02_ZUORDN S_ALR_87099799 Assign Templates for Business Processes 
205 SIMG_0KWMCPT2_SCHEMA S_ALR_87000568 Maintain Templates 
206 SIMG_0KWMCPT2_UMGEBG S_ALR_87000579 Define Environments and Function Trees 
207 SIMG_0KWMCPV1 S_ALR_87000325 Define Distribution 
208 SIMG_0KWMCPV7 S_ALR_87000576 Define Distribution 
209 SIMG_0KWMKCAV1 S_ALR_87000571 Specify Receiver Types for Distribution 
210 SIMG_0KWMKCAV2 S_ALR_87000330 Specify Receiver Types for Distribution 
211 SIMG_0KWMKS02_ZUORDN S_ALR_87099804 Assign Templates for Cost Centers 
212 SIMG_0KWMKTPF_ZUORDN S_ALR_87000564 Assign Templates for Cost Objects and Costing 
213 SIMG_0KWM_ERGP_0KW3 S_ALR_87000543 Define List Variants for Group Processing 
214 SIMG_0KWM_EWEP_CMOD S_ALR_87000486 Enhancements for Line Item Reports 
215 SIMG_0KWM_EWGP_CMOD S_ALR_87000553 Create Extensions for Business Process Master Data 
216 SIMG_0KWM_EWZYK_CMOD S_ALR_87000439 Program Enhancements for Periodic Allocation Authorizations 
217 SIMG_0KWM_EXTRA_GRE9 S_ALR_87000452 Determine Settings for Extract Management 
218 SIMG_0KWM_FREMD_IST S_ALR_87000613 Data Transfer from External Systems 
219 SIMG_0KWM_FREMD_PL S_ALR_87000607 Data Transfer from External Systems 
220 SIMG_0KWM_INFO_KM3V S_ALR_87000479 Define Selection Variants for Business Processes 
221 SIMG_0KWM_KBXXN_CUST S_ALR_87099847 Define Own Screen Variants for Postings in Controlling 
222 SIMG_0KWM_KSES_IST S_ALR_87000309 Maintain Allocation Structures 
223 SIMG_0KWM_KSES_PLAN S_ALR_87000376 Maintain Allocation Structures 
224 SIMG_0KWM_PARAM_RPXN S_ALR_87000412 Specify Report Currency 
225 SIMG_0KWM_RPB0 S_ALR_87100124 Specify User Settings 
226 SIMG_0KWM_SELEK_RPBN S_ALR_87000431 Define Selection Criteria 
227 SIMG_0KWM_STAM_KM3V S_ALR_87000562 Define Selection Variants for Business Processes 
228 SIMG_ABIACCSQNCEE1 S_ALN_01002369 Maintain Access Sequences 
229 SIMG_ABIACCSQNCEV2 S_ALN_01002374 Maintain Access Sequences 
230 SIMG_ABIACCSQNCEV7 S_ALN_01002362 Maintain Access Sequences 
231 SIMG_ABIASSGNPRCDRE1 S_ALN_01002371 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
232 SIMG_ABIASSGNPRCDRV2 S_ALN_01002376 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
233 SIMG_ABIASSGNPRCDRV7 S_ALN_01002364 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
234 SIMG_ABIBADIPROCMODI S_ALN_01002401 BAdI: IDoc Processing Modifications 
235 SIMG_ABICONDTABE1 S_ALN_01002368 Maintain Condition Tables 
236 SIMG_ABICONDTABV2 S_ALN_01002373 Maintain Condition Tables 
237 SIMG_ABICONDTABV7 S_ALN_01002361 Maintain Condition Tables 
238 SIMG_ABICPACTIV S_ALN_01002381 Activate Change Pointers for Message Types 
239 SIMG_ABICPACTIVGNRL S_ALN_01002402 Activate Change Pointers - Generally 
240 SIMG_ABICPVARIANTS S_ALN_01002382 Define Variants 
241 SIMG_ABIDISTRMODEL S_ALN_01002395 Maintain Distribution Model and Distribute Views 
242 SIMG_ABIDOCDELETE S_ALN_01002400 Create Document Cancellation Idoc 
243 SIMG_ABIINBPROCATTR S_ALN_01002384 Maintain Attributes 
244 SIMG_ABIINBPROCESS S_ALN_01002385 Maintain Inbound Process 
245 SIMG_ABIMNTNPRCDRE1 S_ALN_01002370 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
246 SIMG_ABIMNTNPRCDRV2 S_ALN_01002375 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
247 SIMG_ABIMNTNPRCDRV7 S_ALN_01002363 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
248 SIMG_ABIOUTPROCESS S_ALN_01002386 Maintain Outbound Process 
249 SIMG_ABIOUTYP S_ALN_01002360 Maintain Output Types 
250 SIMG_ABIOUTYPE1 S_ALN_01002367 Maintain Output Types 
251 SIMG_ABIOUTYPV2 S_ALN_01002372 Maintain Output Types 
252 SIMG_ABIPACKDETACCSQ S_ALN_01002388 Define Access Sequence for Packing Instruction Determination 
253 SIMG_ABIPACKDETKEY S_ALN_01002387 Define Key for Packing Instruction Determination 
254 SIMG_ABIPACKDETNRNG S_ALN_01002391 Define Number Ranges for Packing Instruction Determination Records 
255 SIMG_ABIPACKDETPRCDR S_ALN_01002390 Define Procedure for Packing Instruction Determination 
256 SIMG_ABIPACKDETTYPE S_ALN_01002389 Define Determination Type for Packing Instructions 
257 SIMG_ABIPRTNRPRFL S_ALN_01002380 Maintain Partner Profiles 
258 SIMG_ABIRFCCALL S_ALN_01002378 Define Target Systems for RFC Calls 
259 SIMG_ABIRFCPORT S_ALN_01002379 Define Ports 
260 SIMG_ABISCHDLJOB S_ALN_01002383 Schedule Jobs 
261 SIMG_ABTII_LAST S_ALR_87009575 Define Charges and Restrictions for Section II 
262 SIMG_ACT_CATS13 S_ALR_87100601 Define Task Levels 
263 SIMG_ACT_CATS2 S_ALR_87100621 Assign Data Entry Profile to Task Type 
264 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC11 S_ALR_87100596 Define Task Types 
265 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC12 S_ALR_87100600 Define Task Components 
266 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC13 S_ALR_87100599 Define Task Levels 
267 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC3 S_ALR_87100610 Specify Task Types, Components, and Levels 
268 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC4 S_ALR_87100718 Set Up Data Entry Table 
269 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC51 S_ALR_87100771 Change Next Screen Processing for Account Assignment Objects 
270 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC52 S_ALR_87100773 Convert CO Fields into CATS Fields 
271 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC53 S_ALR_87100775 Define Tab Control 
272 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC54 S_ALR_87100776 Define Subscreen Control 
273 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC55 S_ALR_87100782 Determine Access Key for Transaction Control 
274 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC55A S_PL0_09000016 Define Access Key for Transaction Control 
275 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC61 S_ALR_87100834 Set Up Data Entry Profiles 
276 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC62 S_ALR_87100835 Choose Fields 
277 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC7 S_P00_07000122 Define Number Range Intervals 
278 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC8 S_P00_07000322 Check Customizing Settings 
279 SIMG_ACT_CATSXC90 S_AL0_96000015 Set Up Central Functions 
280 SIMG_ACVT_BUS_PRCS S_EB5_05000140 Activate Business Processes 
281 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA01 S_BCE_68000285 Maintain Address and Person Number Range 
282 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA02 S_BCE_68000287 Maintain Academic Titles 
283 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA03 S_BCE_68000286 Maintain Forms of Address 
284 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA04 S_BCE_68000288 Maintain Name Prefixes 
285 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA05 S_BCE_68000290 Maintain Titles and Name Supplements 
286 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA13 S_BCE_68000289 Maintain Name Formatting Rules 
287 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA14 S_BCE_68000279 Define pager services 
288 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA15 S_BCE_68001293 Choose Address Screen Layout 
289 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA15V S_BCE_68002044 Set Layout of Address Screen for International Address Versions 
290 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA16 S_BIE_59000194 Maintain Transport Zones 
291 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA17 S_BIE_59000219 Activate Duplicate Check and Determine Limit for BAPIs 
292 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA18 S_BCE_68001499 Maintain Reason for Non-Delivery 
293 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA23 S_BCE_68002112 Activate Regional Structure Check for International Address Versions 
294 SIMG_ADDRESSES_SA24 S_BCE_68002090 Set Limit for Duplicate List in SAP Dialog Boxes 
295 SIMG_AFO_DEPOGATTUNG S_KFM_86000048 Define Derivation Strategy for Class Position in Securities Account 
296 SIMG_AFO_DERIVATE S_KFM_86000046 Define Derivation Strategy 
297 SIMG_AFO_DEVISEN S_KFM_86000045 Define Derivation Strategy 
298 SIMG_AFO_LOAN S_KFM_86000047 Define Derivation Strategy 
299 SIMG_AFO_MONEY S_KFM_86000044 Define Derivation Strategy 
300 SIMG_AFO_POSKONTO S_KFM_86000049 Define Derivation Strategy for Class Position in Futures Account 
301 SIMG_AIR_ASN_OSR_TYP S_PLN_62000686 Assign Object Screens to Aircraft Types 
302 SIMG_ALE S_ALN_01001101 Application Link Enabling (ALE) 
303 SIMG_ALERTCATDEF S_BCE_68001818 Define Alert Categories 
304 SIMG_ALERTCENTRAL S_BCE_68002086 Define Connection to Central Alert Server 
305 SIMG_ALERTCENTRALCU S_BCE_68002087 Central Alert Server Configuration 
306 SIMG_APPL_LOG_NUMRA S_BCE_68000262 Maintain Number Ranges for Application Log 
307 SIMG_ARCPM_IMRGCHECK S_EBS_44000263 BAdI: Check Archivability of Additional Data for Measurement Document 
308 SIMG_ARCPM_IMRGDELET S_EBS_44000265 BAdI: Delete Additional Data for Measurement Document from the Database 
309 SIMG_ARCPM_IMRGWRITE S_EBS_44000264 BAdI: Write Additional Data for Measurement Document to the Archive File 
310 SIMG_ARCPM_NET_CHECK S_EBS_44000253 BAdI: Check Archivability of Additional Data for Object Link 
311 SIMG_ARCPM_NET_DELET S_EBS_44000256 BAdI: Delete Additional Data for Object Link from the Database 
312 SIMG_ARCPM_NET_WRITE S_EBS_44000254 BAdI: Write Additional Data for Object Link to the Archive File 
313 SIMG_ARCPM_TP_CHECK S_EBS_44000259 BAdI: Check Archivability of Additional Data for Functional Location 
314 SIMG_ARCPM_TP_DELETE S_EBS_44000262 BAdI: Delete Additional Data for Functional Location from the Database 
315 SIMG_ARCPM_TP_WRITE S_EBS_44000260 BAdI: Write Additional Data for Functional Location to the Archive File 
316 SIMG_ARC_NETW_CHECK S_EBS_44000430 BAdI: Check Archivability of Additional Data for Network ID 
317 SIMG_ARC_NETW_DELETE S_EBS_44000432 BAdI: Delete Additional Data for Network ID from the Database 
318 SIMG_ARC_NETW_WRITE S_EBS_44000431 BAdI: Write Additional Data for Network ID to the Archive File 
319 SIMG_ARC_ORDER S_PL0_86000038 BAdI: Archiving of Additional Data 
320 SIMG_ARC_ORDER_F S_PL0_86000044 BAdI: Archiving of Additional Data for Production Orders 
321 SIMG_AT_GKK_704 S_L6B_69000318 Check Interest Rate for Installment Payment 
322 SIMG_AUTH_PAYMENT S_KK4_08000582 Authorizations for Payments and Subrogation/Recovery 
323 SIMG_AVAIL_CALC S_EE6_85000145 Maintain Settings for Availability Calculation 
324 SIMG_AVAL_CALC S_EE6_85000144 Maintain Settings for Availability Calculation 
325 SIMG_B-BCA-V_TBKKA1 S_KK4_13000104 Define Position Types 
326 SIMG_BA-CA-AC-ACTNEU S_KK4_13000333 Maintain Authorization Types 
327 SIMG_BA-CA-BF-BA-01 S_KK4_13000171 Define Bank Area 
328 SIMG_BA-CA-BF-F9MBC S_KK4_13000157 Maintain Currencies During Dual Currency Phase 
329 SIMG_BA-CA-BF-F9MDB S_KK4_13000163 Currency Changeover at Account Balancing and Principle of Dual Control 
330 SIMG_BA-CA-BF11 S_KK4_13000143 Activate SAP Components 
331 SIMG_BA-CA-BF12 S_KK4_13000161 Create/Activate Partner 
332 SIMG_BA-CA-BF22 S_KK4_13000155 Define Partner Product 
333 SIMG_BA-CA-BF23 S_KK4_13000156 Activate Partner Product 
334 SIMG_BA-CA-BF24 S_KK4_13000153 Define/Activate Customer Product 
335 SIMG_BA-CA-BF31 S_KK4_13000159 Activate Function Modules (P/S) SAP Application 
336 SIMG_BA-CA-BF34 S_KK4_13000152 Define Customer Function Modules (P/S) 
337 SIMG_BA-CA-F9BTEINFO S_KK4_13000151 Display Information System (P/S) 
338 SIMG_BA-CA-GL-GLT S_KK4_13000182 Assign GL Variants to Bank Areas 
339 SIMG_BA-CA-KCLJ S_KK4_13000116 Start External Data Transfer 
340 SIMG_BA-CA-KCLL S_KK4_13000118 Define Sender Structure 
341 SIMG_BA-CA-KCLP S_KK4_13000115 Display Logs 
342 SIMG_BA-CA-OKCG S_KK4_13000117 Define Transfer Rules 
343 SIMG_BA-CA-PCTR/DIV S_KK4_13000176 Set Up Item Counters 
344 SIMG_BA-CA-PR-ASR S_KK4_13000094 Define Status 
345 SIMG_BA-CA-PT-SM59 S_KK4_13000088 Connect Payment Transaction System 
346 SIMG_BA-CA-SNUM/F9A5 S_KK4_13000169 Maintain Number Ranges Ext. Account Numbers 
347 SIMG_BA-CA-SU02 S_KK4_13000106 Maintain Authorization Profiles with Profile Generator 
348 SIMG_BA-CA-SU03 S_KK4_13000107 Generate and Assign Authorization 
349 SIMG_BA-CA-TBKK00T S_KK4_13000177 Set Texts for Incoming / Outgoing Payments 
350 SIMG_BA-CA-TBKK80BAS S_KK4_13000160 Enter Basic Settings for Conditions 
351 SIMG_BA-CA-VC_TBKK03 S_KK4_13000141 Define Check Digit Methods 
352 SIMG_BA-CA-VC_TBKKG6 S_KK4_13000093 Define Account Locking Reasons 
353 SIMG_BA-CA-V_BNKA S_KK4_13000150 Assign Check Digit Methods to Banks 
354 SIMG_BA-CA-V_T056P S_KK4_13000147 Define Interest Values 
355 SIMG_BA-CA-V_T056R S_KK4_13000148 Define Interest References 
356 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK01D S_KK4_13000080 Maintain Accounts for Payment Transactions 
357 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK01E S_AEN_10000109 Maintain CpD-Accounts for Special Processes 
358 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK02 S_KK4_13000139 Define Check Digit Procedures 
359 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK12 S_KK4_13000114 Define Archiving Period 
360 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK51 S_ALN_01000914 Maintain Resubmission Reasons 
361 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK60 S_KK4_13000092 Maintain Account Relationship Types 
362 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK65 S_KK4_13000091 Set Up Carryforward Type for Cash Concentration 
363 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK80 S_KK4_13000158 Set Up Condition Areas 
364 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK81 S_KK4_13000142 Define Condition Categories 
365 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK82 S_KK4_13000138 Define Differentiation Types 
366 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK85 S_KK4_13000149 Define Condition Groups 
367 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK8A S_KK4_13000144 Assign Differentiation Types to Condition Categories 
368 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK8BO S_ALN_01002251 Maintain Differentiation Values: Bonuses 
369 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK8DS S_ALN_01000970 Maintain Differentiation Values: Dynamic Balances 
370 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK8DU S_ALN_01001972 Maintain Differentiation Values: Terms 
371 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK8H S_KK4_13000178 Set Up Transaction Types for Transaction Charge Posting 
372 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK8I S_KK4_13000179 Set Up Transaction Types for Transaction Interest Posting 
373 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK8J S_KK4_13000175 Set Up Dispatch Expense Counters 
374 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK8M S_KK4_13000174 Maintain Trivial Amounts for Balancing 
375 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK8N S_KK4_13000181 Set Up Transaction Types for Direct Charge Posting 
376 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKK8V S_ALN_01001471 Set up Transaction Types for Interest Penalty 
377 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKA2 S_KK4_13000103 Maintain Locking Reasons for Checks 
378 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKA3 S_KK4_13000102 Maintain Guaranteed Amounts 
379 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKDA S_ALN_01000774 Maintain Note Dialog Box for Payment Transaction Locks 
380 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKDC S_ALN_01000772 Maintain Field Label for Customer Fields 
381 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKDD S_ALN_01000773 Maintain Default Value for Customer Fields 
382 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKE1 S_KK4_13000165 Define Limit Categories 
383 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKE2 S_KK4_13000167 Define Reference Limits 
384 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKG1 S_KK4_13000081 Maintain Media / Payment Method 
385 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKG2 S_KK4_13000090 Maintain Features 
386 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKG2D S_ALN_01002029 Tolerance Days for Forward Order 
387 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKG3 S_KK4_13000100 Maintain Transaction Types 
388 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKG31 S_KK4_13000076 Assign Return Reasons and Return Transaction Types 
389 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKI1 S_KK4_13000079 Assign Medium/Payment Method to Posting Processes 
390 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKIDF S_KK4_13000089 Set Up Default Values 
391 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKM3 S_KK4_13000077 Assign Transaction Types to Posting Categories 
392 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKM5 S_KK4_13000105 Maintain Dispatch Type for Bank Statements (Old) 
393 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKM8 S_KK4_13000101 Define Business Transaction Codes 
394 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKMD S_PLN_06000271 Maintain Minimum Deposit for Products 
395 SIMG_BA-CA-V_TBKKTRM S_ALN_01002304 Maintain Minimum Deposit (Period-Dependent) 
396 SIMG_BA-CA_F9D1 S_KK4_13000162 Set Warning Messages for Limits 
397 SIMG_BA-CA_TBKK00 S_KK4_13000173 Set +/- Sign Postings/GL Transfer/Name Check 
398 SIMG_BA-F9CSO02 S_KK4_13000109 Maintain Authorization Types - Standing Orders 
399 SIMG_BA-TBKKCBUSAREA S_PEN_05000061 Maintain Clearing Account for Business Area Change 
400 SIMG_BA-VC_TBKK34 S_KK4_13000082 Set Up Payment Notes for Returns 
401 SIMG_BA-V_TB030/F9C4 S_KK4_13000121 Maintain Authorization Types - Account 
402 SIMG_BA-V_TBKKCAS2 S_KK4_13000124 Define GL Account Assignment/Items in Postprocessing 
403 SIMG_BA-V_TBKKCAS3 S_KK4_13000129 Define GL Account Assignment/Interest Accrual/Deferral 
404 SIMG_BA-V_TBKKCCLR S_KK4_13000136 Transfer Postings Payables/Receivables 
405 SIMG_BA-V_TBKKG32 S_KK4_13000099 Assign Offsetting Transaction Types 
406 SIMG_BA-V_TBKKG33 S_KK4_13000075 Set up Notification of Returns 
407 SIMG_BA-V_TBKKG9 S_KK4_13000145 Set Format for Payment Notes 
408 SIMG_BA-V_TBKKM2 S_KK4_13000078 Maintain Posting Categories 
409 SIMG_BA-V_TBKKMDIS S_KK4_13000132 Set Interval Size 
410 SIMG_BA-V_TBKKMHOS S_KK4_13000131 Set Job Distribution 
411 SIMG_BADIFMSG S_P2U_59000002 BAdI: Control Postings Using Master Data Attributes 
412 SIMG_BADI_BRFBI_CTRL S_B73_57000002 BAdI: Enhancement for Controller Process for BRF BI Planning Connector 
413 SIMG_BADI_CL_LOCDEP S_S6B_86000002 Where-Used List for Characteristics 
414 SIMG_BADI_EAMVE_SEAR S_EBJ_98000216 BAdI: File Determination Logic for SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer 
415 SIMG_BADI_EAMVE_SPC S_E17_83000010 BAdI: Spare Part Selection with SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer 
416 SIMG_BADI_EAM_DOCGUI S_E17_83000005 BAdI: Documents in Order/Task List (SAP GUI Transactions) 
417 SIMG_BADI_EAM_DOCWEB S_EE7_66000001 BAdI: Documents in Order/Task List (SAP Web UI) 
418 SIMG_BADI_FB_ICRC001 S_PLN_62000452 Define Enhancements 
419 SIMG_BADI_FB_ICRC002 S_PLN_62000453 Define Enhancements 
420 SIMG_BADI_FI_ICRC20 S_PLN_06000395 Develop Enhancements for Reconciliation 
421 SIMG_BADI_GMDERIVE S_ALN_01002365 BAdI: GM Derivation Tool 
422 SIMG_BADI_ICRC20CNUM S_PLN_62000363 Develop Algorithm for Determining Company IDs 
423 SIMG_BADI_INVOICE S_E38_98000153 BAdI for POWL Feeder Invoices 
424 SIMG_BADI_MATDOC S_E38_98000155 BAdI for POWL Feeder Material Documents 
425 SIMG_BADI_ONLINEASST S_ALN_01002512 BAdI: Field Status for FM Online Account Assignment for Orders 
426 SIMG_BADI_PDR_ALE S_ALN_01001047 Interface for Baseline-UPS 
427 SIMG_BADI_SESPROCESS S_E38_98000154 BAdI for POWL-Feeder Service Entry Sheet 
428 SIMG_BA_CA_BF41 S_PLN_06000295 Activate Function Modules (Process) for SAP Application 
429 SIMG_BA_CA_BF42 S_PLN_06000296 Define Function Modules (Process) of a Partner 
430 SIMG_BA_CA_BF44 S_PLN_06000297 Define Customer Function Modules (Process) 
431 SIMG_BA_CA_FDG S_KK4_13000342 Define Field Groups Relevant to Authorization 
432 SIMG_BA_CA_FINP S_PLN_06000298 Display Information System (Process) 
433 SIMG_BA_CA_PAR1BIS3 S_KK4_13000337 Post Payment Items using Parallel Processing 
434 SIMG_BA_CA_TBKKI_RCV S_PLN_62000172 Set up Recipient Account Identification 
435 SIMG_BA_CA_TBKK_BKS S_PLN_62000171 Define Country Settings for Bank Control Key 
436 SIMG_BA_CA_V_TBKK S_ALN_01002028 Default Values 
437 SIMG_BA_CA_V_TBKK51 S_ALN_01001135 Maintain Resubmission Reasons 
438 SIMG_BA_CA_V_TBKKDA S_ALN_01001166 Maintain Note Dialog Box for Payment Transaction Locks 
439 SIMG_BA_CA_V_TBKKDC S_ALN_01001167 Maintain Field Label for Customer Fields 
440 SIMG_BA_CA_V_TBKKDD S_ALN_01001168 Maintain Default Value for Customer Fields 
441 SIMG_BA_CA_V_TBKKG10 S_ALN_01001966 Participation in Payment Transactions 
442 SIMG_BA_CA_V_TBKKG3T S_ALN_01001956 Maintain Payment Transaction Activities for Term Products 
443 SIMG_BA_CA_V_TBKKIO1 S_PLN_62000724 Posting Day Shift for Automatic Collection 
444 SIMG_BA_CA_V_TBKKTRM S_ALN_01002302 Maintain Minimum Deposit for Each Term 
445 SIMG_BA_CHECK_CUSTOM S_PLN_62000750 Check Customizing Settings for General Ledger Transfer 
446 SIMG_BA_V_TBKK06 S_PLN_16000097 Function Modules for IBAN 
447 SIMG_BCA_RTW_LINKS S_KBI_67000017 Maintain Linkages of Objects, Release Procedures & WF Patterns 
448 SIMG_BCA_US_DEA_DEA1 S_ALN_01000183 Maintain Escheat Attributes 
449 SIMG_BCSNC_EXTID S_BIN_67000009 External identification for users (all types) 
450 SIMG_BCSNC_EXTID_DN S_BIN_67000007 External identification for users (type DN) 
451 SIMG_BCSNC_EXTID_ID S_BIN_67000008 External user identification (Type ID) 
452 SIMG_BCSNC_PARAM S_BIN_67000020 System Settings 
453 SIMG_BCSNC_RFCDESSEC S_BIN_67000002 Define SNC information of RFC destination 
454 SIMG_BCSNC_RFCUSRACL S_BIN_67000019 Assign authorization to RFC users 
455 SIMG_BCSNC_RSSNC40A S_BIN_67000017 Migrate User Access Control List from 3.0/3.1 to 4.0 
456 SIMG_BCSNC_RSSNCCHK S_BIN_67000010 Check canonical SNC names 
457 SIMG_BCSNC_RSSNCIMP S_BIN_67000021 Import user from external security system 
458 SIMG_BCSNC_RSUSR300 S_BIN_67000018 Generate access control list of user 
459 SIMG_BCSNC_RSUSR402 S_BIN_67000011 Export user for external security system 
460 SIMG_BCSNC_SM54 S_BIN_67000001 Define CPIC destination 
461 SIMG_BCSNC_SM59 S_BIN_67000003 Define RFC destination 
462 SIMG_BCSNC_SNCSYSACL S_BIN_67000005 Maintain access control list for SAP Systems 
463 SIMG_BCSNC_SPAD S_BIN_67000004 Maintain output devices 
464 SIMG_BCSNC_SSF_APPL S_BIN_67000015 Maintaining Application-Dependent SSF Information 
465 SIMG_BCSNC_SSF_SU01   Maintain user SSF information using SU01 
466 SIMG_BCSNC_SSF_USER S_BIN_67000014 Maintain SSF information for the user 
467 SIMG_BCSNC_SU01 S_BIN_67000016 Maintain users 
468 SIMG_BCSNC_TXCOMSECU S_BIN_67000012 Define SNC information of CPIC destination 
469 SIMG_BCSNC_USRACL S_BIN_67000013 Maintain access control list of user 
470 SIMG_BCSNC_USRACLEXT S_BIN_67000006 Maintain extended access control list of user 
471 SIMG_BCS_BW_2 S_P00_07000267 Maintain Logical RFC Destination 
472 SIMG_BCS_BW_3 S_P00_07000268 Define Data Streams 
473 SIMG_BC_SSF_UPGR_40 S_BCE_68001447 Upgrade User SSF Information from Release 4.0/4.5 
474 SIMG_BDRP_0001 S_SO5_65000237 Define sales hour sets 
475 SIMG_BDRP_0002 S_SO5_65000238 Define lead time types 
476 SIMG_BDRP_0003 S_SO5_65000228 Define storage object class 
477 SIMG_BDRP_0004 S_SO5_65000229 Define Storage Object Types 
478 SIMG_BDRP_0005 S_P7I_60000043 Maintain segment data for storage object type 
479 SIMG_BDRP_0006 S_SO5_65000231 Define expiry reason codes 
480 SIMG_BDRP_0007 S_SO5_65000236 Set control parameters for BDRP 
481 SIMG_BDRP_0009 S_SO5_65000232 Enable storage object ID input for SD document type 
482 SIMG_BDRP_0010 S_SO5_65000233 Enable storage object ID input for SD item category 
483 SIMG_BDRP_0011 S_SO5_65000234 Define OTWS reference set 
484 SIMG_BDRP_0012 S_SO5_65000235 Maintain time windows for reference set 
485 SIMG_BDT_GUI S_ANI_08000762 BAdI: Change to Texts/Icon for BDT GUI Additional Functions 
486 SIMG_BESTANDSINFO S_PLN_62000771 Enter Position Information for Securities 
487 SIMG_BEWERTAB_FUTUR S_PLN_62000782 Enter Valuation Area Dependent Data for Futures 
488 SIMG_BEWERTAB_GDD S_PLN_62000781 Enter Val. Area Dependent Data for Money Market, Forex, OTC Derivatives 
489 SIMG_BEWERTAB_SE S_PLN_62000780 Enter Valuation Area Dependent Data for Securities 
490 SIMG_BIL_0001 S_KK4_66000012 Mapping Billing Indicators to Service Codes 
491 SIMG_BIL_0002 S_KK4_66000011 Mapping Accounts to JIB Classes for AFE's 
492 SIMG_BIL_0003 S_KK4_66000066 Mapping Accounts to JIB Classes for Non-AFEs 
493 SIMG_BIL_0004 S_KK4_66000065 Mapping JIB Classes and Accounts to Overwrite Classes 
494 SIMG_BIL_0005 S_KK4_66000064 Mapping JIB Subclasses to Accounts 
495 SIMG_BIL_0006 S_KK4_66000063 Mapping Materials to Service Codes 
496 SIMG_BIL_0007 S_KK4_66000070 Supplemental Components 
497 SIMG_BIL_0008 S_KK4_66000069 Supplemental Segment Drivers 
498 SIMG_BIL_0009 S_KK4_66000068 Material Condition Codes 
499 SIMG_BIL_0010 S_KK4_66000047 Contact Function Codes 
500 SIMG_BIL_0011 S_KK4_66000046 Communication Codes