SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 31
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_VASTMPLTPRNT S_PLN_06000381 Define Printing for VAS 
2 SIMG_VASWAREHOUSEGEN S_ALN_01001446 Define VAS for Warehouse 
3 SIMG_VASWORKCENTER S_ALN_01001466 Define VAS Work Centers 
4 SIMG_VC_APB_ISR_CUST S_ABA_72000405 Define Scenarios 
5 SIMG_VC_APB_ISR_MDGF S_BTD_53000069 Edit Scenario for Form-based Change Requests 
6 SIMG_VC_DVS10 S_ALR_87008831 Define Document Types 
7 SIMG_VC_DVS21 S_ALR_87008832 Define Data Carrier 
8 SIMG_VC_DVS30 S_ALR_87008829 Define Workstation Application 
9 SIMG_VC_ICL_CRBPTASK S_ANI_08000838 Define Performer Roles and Assign to Tasks 
10 SIMG_VC_TICL005_CT_P S_ANI_08000829 Configure Header Data (Part 2) 
11 SIMG_VC_TICL005_PM S_ANI_08000830 Configure Permitted Subclaim Types 
12 SIMG_VC_TICL049_PM S_ANI_08000832 Configure Permitted Damage Categories 
13 SIMG_VC_TICL142_PM S_ANI_08000831 Configure Permitted Claim Item Grouping Categories 
14 SIMG_VC_TICL346 S_ANI_08000775 Office Integration: Configure Document Templates 
15 SIMG_VEH_ASN_OSR_VTY S_PLN_62000635 Assign Object Screens to Vehicle Types 
16 SIMG_VERKEHR S_ALR_87009578 Determine Transport Connections 
17 SIMG_VERLAENGERUNG S_ALR_87009585 Define Renewal Options 
18 SIMG_VL_SCHOOL_DIST S_SO7_65001099 Define School District Codes 
19 SIMG_VL_SEV_TAX_CLS S_SO7_65001097 Define Tax Classes 
20 SIMG_VL_SEV_TAX_GRP S_SO7_65001096 Severence Tax Type Group Table 
21 SIMG_VL_SEV_TAX_TY S_SO7_65001095 Define Severence Tax Types 
22 SIMG_VORSCHLAGSGEN S_PLN_62000762 Proposal Gereration for the Payment Relevance of Update Types 
23 SIMG_VTRGKTART S_KK4_74000361 Maintain Default Values for Contract Scheme by IP or IP Type 
24 SIMG_V_ALM_ME_GEN S_AX7_68000272 Perform General Settings 
25 SIMG_V_ALM_ME_INVENT S_AX7_68000269 Assign Orders and Stocks to a Technician 
26 SIMG_V_ALM_ME_NOTIF S_AX7_68000268 Determine Notification Processing 
27 SIMG_V_ALM_ME_ORDER S_AX7_68000267 Determine Order Processing 
28 SIMG_V_ALM_ME_PUSH S_AXC_91000032 Define Trigger of Push Messages 
29 SIMG_V_ALM_ME_SCEN S_AX7_68000270 Define scenario 
30 SIMG_V_ALM_ME_USER S_AX7_68000271 Configure User-Dependent Data 
31 SIMG_V_ALM_MUL_LANG S_P7D_67000080 Define Settings for Multilanguage Support 
32 SIMG_V_ATRF S_KK4_13000277 Define Risk Factor 
33 SIMG_V_ATRFART S_KK4_13000273 Define Risk Factor Type 
34 SIMG_V_ATRFBETA S_KK4_13000278 Assign Beta Factor to Risk Factor 
35 SIMG_V_ATRFKORR S_KK4_13000276 Assign Correlation to Risk Factor 
36 SIMG_V_ATRFVO S_KK4_13000275 Enter Volatilities for Risk Factor 
37 SIMG_V_ATRFVOLA S_KK4_13000274 Assign Volatility to Risk Factor 
38 SIMG_V_CWTY07MS2 S_KA5_12001022 Define Messages for Direct Display 
39 SIMG_V_DFCU30 S_KK4_13000258 Define General Volatilities 
40 SIMG_V_FMTOL S_KI4_38000122 Set Budget Tolerance 
41 SIMG_V_ICL_CRESPROF S_P7I_08000888 Define Reserve Profile Determination 
42 SIMG_V_ICL_TICL079 S_KK4_08000714 Test 
43 SIMG_V_JBRKNZTYPTAB S_KK4_13000257 Define External Key Figures 
44 SIMG_V_JBROZAKT S_KK4_13000256 Define Opportunity Interest Rate Calculation 
45 SIMG_V_KLARRZU04 S_KK4_13000313 Assign Variable Transaction 
46 SIMG_V_KLARRZU05 S_KK4_13000335 Assign Risk Objects 
47 SIMG_V_KLNT01 S_KK4_13000304 Define Netting Group 
48 SIMG_V_KLRATINGRRFZU S_KK4_13000301 Assign Credit Rating 
49 SIMG_V_KLRRFINDDEF S_KK4_13000302 Define Recovery Rate Class 
50 SIMG_V_KLSDCTRPDEF S_KK4_13000336 Define Single Transaction Check Product 
51 SIMG_V_MILL_T399X S_PNI_32000006 Define Additional Settings for Production Orders 
52 SIMG_V_RTCUSTOM S_E4A_94000192 Activate Realtime Overhead Calculation 
53 SIMG_V_RTP_US_DIST S_ALN_01000258 Maintain IRS distribution codes 
54 SIMG_V_RTP_US_D_REL S_ALN_01000259 Maintain IRS distribution sub-codes 
55 SIMG_V_T370T_SER_ENQ S_P00_07000277 Deactivate Lock for Internal Assignment of Serial Numbers 
56 SIMG_V_T706_SRV_CODE S_P7H_77000243 Create Codes for Goods and Services 
57 SIMG_V_T706_SUB_SRV S_P7H_77000244 Create Subcodes for Goods and Services 
58 SIMG_V_T706_VAT_DEFL S_P7H_77000245 Define Country-Dependent Default Values for Expense Types 
59 SIMG_V_T706_VAT_FLDS S_P7H_77000246 Country-Dependent Field Control for VAT Details 
60 SIMG_V_T706_VAT_POST S_P7H_77000242 Define Processing of VAT Amount in Receipts per Country 
61 SIMG_V_TB030 S_PLN_16000013 Maintain authorization types 
62 SIMG_V_TB036 S_PLN_16000016 Maintain authorization object group 
63 SIMG_V_TB037 S_PLN_16000015 Maintain authorization groups 
64 SIMG_V_TBCA_US_DEA1 S_ALN_01000214 Maintain Escheat Attributes 
65 SIMG_V_TBCA_US_DEAAD S_ALN_01000218 Maintain Escheat Addition Codes 
66 SIMG_V_TBCA_US_DEACO S_ALN_01000220 Maintain Dormancy Correspondence Codes 
67 SIMG_V_TBCA_US_DEADE S_ALN_01000217 Maintain Escheat Deduction Codes 
68 SIMG_V_TBCA_US_DEADL S_ALN_01000219 Maintain Escheat Deletion Codes 
69 SIMG_V_TBCA_US_DEAPR S_ALN_01000215 Maintain Escheat Property Codes 
70 SIMG_V_TBCA_US_DEARF S_ALN_01000221 Maintain Escheat Account Closure Reference 
71 SIMG_V_TBCA_US_DEARL S_ALN_01000216 Maintain Escheat Relationship Codes 
72 SIMG_V_TBKK8IW S_PLN_62000805 Specify Periods for Interest Guarantee for Offers 
73 SIMG_V_TBKK8K/TBKK8L S_KK4_13000146 Define Transaction Type Categories 
74 SIMG_V_TICL072 S_KK4_08000063 Define Reserving Rules 
75 SIMG_V_TMS_C_CONTROL S_EB5_05000463 Define Control Keys for Document Transfer 
76 SIMG_V_TMS_C_PUR S_EB5_05000462 Activate Transfer of Purchase Orders 
77 SIMG_V_TMS_C_SHP S_EB5_05000461 Activate Transfer of Delivery Documents 
78 SIMG_V_TMS_C_SLS S_EB5_05000460 Activate Transfer of Sales Documents 
79 SIMG_V_TORS0 S_ALR_87099881 Activate Time Dependency for System Status 
80 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_AGE_L S_ALN_01000269 Maintain age limits 
81 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_AMNTI S_ALN_01000266 Maintain amount identifiers 
82 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_AM_CA S_ALN_01000518 Maintain mapping of Posting category and Amount indentifier 
83 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_BP_ED S_ALN_01000275 Maintain special role types for a Coverdell Education Savings Account 
84 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_CNT_D S_ALN_01000270 Maintain contribution dates 
85 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_CNT_L S_ALN_01000271 Maintain contribution limits 
86 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_CNT_T S_ALN_01000508 Assign retirement plan type to contribution id 
87 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_CONT S_ALN_01000267 Maintain contribution types 
88 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_DIS_P S_ALN_01001008 Maintain distribution period 
89 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_D_REL S_ALN_01000261 Maintain valid IRS distribution sub-codes 
90 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_FSTAT S_ALN_01000272 Maintain field statuses 
91 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_GEN S_ALN_01000274 Maintain default withholding tax percentage 
92 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_JLIFE S_ALN_01000264 Maintain joint life expectancy 
93 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_LIM_I S_ALN_01000504 Maintain contribution limit ids 
94 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_PLANI S_ALN_01000273 Maintain number range numbers for plan types 
95 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_PLANT S_ALN_01000268 Maintain retirement plan types 
96 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_SLIFE S_ALN_01000263 Maintain single life expectancy 
97 SIMG_V_TRTP_US_TRANS S_ALN_01000611 Maintain Withholding transaction type for payment items 
98 SIMG_V_VTVAUTGR S_KK4_13000209 Maintain Authorization Groups 
99 SIMG_WAEHRUNGEN S_ALR_87007963 Check Currency Codes 
100 SIMG_WAEHRUNGSPFLEGE S_ALR_87008535 Enter Exchange Rates 
101 SIMG_WC S_KK4_08000689 Note on Workers Compensation 
102 SIMG_WEBSERVER S_BCE_68001580 Maintain Web Server for Step Type Web Activity 
103 SIMG_WF0900 S_BCE_68000589 Maintain Standard Settings 
104 SIMG_WF1140 S_BCE_68000590 Structural authorization 
105 SIMG_WF11OOPR S_BCE_68000588 Maintain Roles 
106 SIMG_WF14OOAP S_BCE_68000587 Set Active Plan Version 
107 SIMG_WF15OOW1 S_BCE_68000594 Maintain task classes 
108 SIMG_WF15OOW4 S_BCE_68000595 Maintain prefix numbers 
109 SIMG_WF16SWWE S_BCE_68000569 Check System Settings (Background Processes) 
110 SIMG_WF172OOW3 S_BCE_68000574 Assign substitute profile 
111 SIMG_WF173OOW2 S_BCE_68000592 Define Substitute Profile 
112 SIMG_WF18SM59 S_BCE_68000571 Create logical destination for tRFC 
113 SIMG_WF18SWLV S_BCE_68000573 Set up views for Business Workplace 
114 SIMG_WF19OO91 S_BCE_68000572 Maintain assignments for SAP organizational object types 
115 SIMG_WF19SWDC S_BCE_68000580 Maintain Administration Data for Workflow Builder 
116 SIMG_WF21OOOE S_BCE_68000575 Edit organizational plan 
117 SIMG_WF31OOCU S_BCE_68000570 Perform task-specific Customizing 
118 SIMG_WF42SWL1 S_BCE_68000578 Determine Dynamic Columns for Business Workplace 
119 SIMG_WF43SWP S_BCE_68000579 Maintain Administration Data for Workflow Runtime System 
120 SIMG_WF44OOCU S_BCE_68000581 Classify generic decision task as general 
121 SIMG_WF45SWUR S_BCE_68000593 Schedule report for periodic transmission 
122 SIMG_WF46SWUT S_BCE_68000576 Namespace maintenance for task-related transactions 
123 SIMG_WF50SWT0 S_BCE_68000582 Delete Workflow Trace Periodically 
124 SIMG_WF64SWNADMIN S_Y6D_26000004 Administration of Extended Notifications (Browser) 
125 SIMG_WF64SWNCONFIG S_Y6D_26000001 Configuration of Extended Notifications 
126 SIMG_WF_SWL_SYSTEM S_BCE_68000577 Change Presettings for Personal Workflow Settings 
127 SIMG_WF_TASK S_GR4_71000115 Perform Task-Specific Customizing 
128 SIMG_XXAK_OXK3 S_ALR_87006426 Edit Coding Block 
129 SIMG_XXAK_OXK3_ALE S_ALR_87006674 Set up "Coding Block" Scenario 
130 SIMG_XXCFMENUOLSDATT S_ALR_87006592 Define Attributes 
131 SIMG_XXCMMENUORFBKPU S_ALR_87008898 Revise Chart of Accounts 
132 SIMG_XXLEIDW2006 S_ALR_87003599 Activate Decentralized WMS 
133 SIMG_XXLEIDW2007 S_ALR_87003600 Define Interface to Inventory Management and Delivery-Relevant Data 
134 SIMG_XXLEIDW2008 S_ALR_87003590 Consistency Check 
135 SIMG_XXLEIDW2009 S_ALR_87003591 Generate Distribution Model 
136 SIMG_XXLEIDW2010 S_ALR_87003597 Define Number Range for Warehouse Material Document 
137 SIMG_XXLEIDW2011 S_ALR_87003596 Activate Reference to ERP System 
138 SIMG_XXLEIDW2012 S_ALR_87003598 Define Conversion of Delivery Types 
139 SIMG_XXLEIDW2013 S_ALR_87003594 Consistency Check 
140 SIMG_XXLEIDW2014 S_ALR_87003592 Generate Distribution Model 
141 SIMG_XXLEIDW2016 S_ALR_87003601 Batches 
142 SIMG_XXLEIDW2017 S_ALR_87003602 Verify Outbound Deliveries 
143 SIMG_XXLEIDW2018 S_ALR_87003603 Verify Inbound Deliveries 
144 SIMG_XXLEIDW2020 S_ALR_87003604 Report Posting Changes / Stock Transfers / Differences 
145 SIMG_XXLEIDW2022 S_ALR_87003605 Material Master 
146 SIMG_XXLEIDW2023 S_ALR_87003606 Customer Master 
147 SIMG_XXLEIDW2024 S_ALR_87003607 Vendor Master 
148 SIMG_XXLEIDW2025 S_ALR_87003608 Classification 
149 SIMG_XXLEIDW2026 S_ALR_87003609 Batches 
150 SIMG_XXLEIDW2028 S_ALR_87003610 Transmit Outbound Deliveries 
151 SIMG_XXLEIDW2029 S_ALR_87003611 Transmit Inbound Deliveries 
152 SIMG_XXLEIDW2031 S_ALR_87003595 Exclude Stock in Decentralized WMS 
153 SIMG_XXLEIDW2032 S_ALR_87003593 Define Requirement Categories for Decentralized WMS 
154 SIMG_XXLEIDWDSPALLOW S_P00_07000162 Allow Subsequent Outbound Delivery Split in Decentralized Systems 
155 SIMG_XXLEIDWDSPLOCK S_ALR_87100647 Allow Splits and Activate Lock During Goods Issue Posting 
156 SIMG_XXLEIDWDSPNFR S_ALR_87100648 Set Number Assignment for Deliveries That Have Been Split 
157 SIMG_XXLEIDWVT184D S_P99_41000279 Exclude Distribution Relevance from Items 
158 SIMG_XXLEIDW_TBD55 S_P00_07000068 Activate Serialization in Inbound Processing 
159 SIMG_XXLEIDW_TBD56 S_P00_07000067 Activate Serialization in Outbound Processing 
160 SIMG_XXLMOB0001 S_ALR_87099820 Verification Control 
161 SIMG_XXLMOB0002 S_ALR_87099821 Define Profiles 
162 SIMG_XXLMOB0003 S_ALR_87099822 Assign Verification Profiles to Goods Movements 
163 SIMG_XXLMOB0005 S_ALR_87099823 Assign Bar Code Types to Warehouse Numbers 
164 SIMG_XXLMOB0006 S_ALR_87099824 Maintain Bar Code Specification 
165 SIMG_XXLMOB0007 S_ALR_87099825 Define Menu Management 
166 SIMG_XXLMOB0008 S_ALR_87099848 Define Screen Management 
167 SIMG_XXLMOB0009 S_ALR_87099826 Define Menu Selection 
168 SIMG_XXLMOB0010 S_ALR_87099827 Define Screen Management 
169 SIMG_XXLMOB0020 S_P99_41000339 Default Enter Function (Navigation With Bar Code Scanner) 
170 SIMG_XXMENUOLMDU S_ALR_87000754 Transfer Data 
171 SIMG_XXMENUOLMKSKX S_ALR_87001871 Reporting: Customer Master 
172 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0001 S_ALR_87002971 Execute Rec. of Actual Data 
173 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0004 S_ALR_87002968 Create Target Concept 
174 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0005 S_ALR_87002638 Configure Warehouse Management 
175 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0006 S_ALR_87002711 Define Production 
176 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0008 S_ALR_87002824 Develop Extensions for Putaway Strategies 
177 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0009 S_ALR_87002951 Develop Extensions for Picking Strategies 
178 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0011 S_ALR_87002990 Copy Warehouse Number 
179 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0012 S_ALR_87002994 Transport the Warehouse Number 
180 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0016 S_ALR_87002798 Define Strategy for Expiration Date 
181 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0017 S_ALR_87002938 Set Up Autom. TO Creation for TRs / Posting Change Notices 
182 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0018 S_ALR_87002729 Activate Automatic TO Creation 
183 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0020 S_ALR_87002609 Develop User Exits for Warehouse Management 
184 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0022 S_ALR_87006994 Activate Batch Status Checking in Warehouse Management 
185 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0023 S_ALR_87006934 Assign WM Search Procedure 
186 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0024 S_ALR_87002562 Edit Data Transfer Files 
187 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0025 S_ALR_87002555 Execute Data Transfer 
188 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0026 S_ALR_87002975 Identify Relevant Fields 
189 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0028 S_ALR_87002982 Identify Relevant Fields 
190 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0029 S_ALR_87002625 Edit Data Transfer Files 
191 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0030 S_ALR_87002618 Execute Data Transfer 
192 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0033 S_ALR_87002988 Identify Relevant Fields 
193 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0034 S_ALR_87002549 Edit Data Transfer Files 
194 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0035 S_ALR_87002542 Execute Data Transfer 
195 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0037 S_ALR_87002976 Identify Relevant Fields 
196 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0038 S_ALR_87002535 Edit Data Transfer Files 
197 SIMG_XXMENUOLML0039 S_ALR_87002631 Execute Data Transfer 
198 SIMG_XXMENUOLML06 S_ALR_87002962 Return Transfers 
199 SIMG_XXMENUOLML08 S_ALR_87002934 Define Requirement Types 
200 SIMG_XXMENUOLML09 S_ALR_87002928 Define Stock Transfers and Replenishment Control 
201 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1000 S_ALR_87002847 Define Picking Areas 
202 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1001 S_ALR_87002904 Set Up 2-step Picking for Transfer Requirements 
203 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1002 S_ALR_87002697 Define Quality Management 
204 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1003 S_ALR_87002650 Define Storage Location Control 
205 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1004 S_ALR_87002781 Define Sort Sequence for Stock Removal (Picking) 
206 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1005 S_ALR_87002602 Define Forms 
207 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1007 S_ALR_87002595 Assign Forms 
208 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1008 S_ALR_87002590 Assign Print Programs 
209 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1009 S_ALR_87002789 Define Strategy "Near Picking Bin" 
210 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1010 S_ALR_87002739 Define Posting Changes 
211 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1012 S_ALR_87002842 Define Doors 
212 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1013 S_ALR_87002680 Activate Warehouse Activity Monitor Objects 
213 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1014 S_ALR_87002674 Define Critical Parameters 
214 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1016 S_ALR_87002664 Define Variants for Selection Programs 
215 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1017 S_ALR_87002837 Define Material Staging Areas 
216 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1018 S_ALR_87002905 Define Profiles 
217 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1019 S_ALR_87002388 Define Variant for Report "Single Entry of Actual Data" 
218 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1021 S_ALR_87002745 Determine TO Header Parameters 
219 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1023 S_ALR_87002670 Define Variant for "Object Overview" Program 
220 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1024 S_ALR_87002658 Define Jobs for Selecting Critical Objects 
221 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1025 S_ALR_87002793 Define "Fixed Bin" Strategy 
222 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1026 S_ALR_87002949 Control for Performance Data Processing / Define TO Split 
223 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1028 S_ALR_87002568 Data Transfer Workbench Storage Bins 
224 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1030 S_ALR_87002628 Data Transfer Workbench Warehouse Stock 
225 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1033 S_ALR_87002717 Two-Step Picking 
226 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1034 S_ALR_87002451 Maintain unit-of-measure load category 
227 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1035 S_ALR_87002447 Assign units of measure to UoM load category 
228 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1036 S_ALR_87002441 Assign UoM load category to SUT 
229 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1037 S_ALR_87002432 Define UoM load category search 
230 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1038 S_ALR_87002424 Define load categories for logistics 
231 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1039 S_ALR_87002417 Maintain Warehouse Operations 
232 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1040 S_ALR_87002409 Maintain warehouse processes 
233 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1041 S_ALR_87002402 Maintain warehouse workload 
234 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1102 S_ALR_87001693 Maintain Unit-of-Measure Load Category 
235 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1103 S_ALR_87001689 Assign Units of Measure to Unit-Of-Measure Load Category 
236 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1104 S_ALR_87001887 Maintain Logistics Load Category 
237 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1105 S_ALR_87001878 Maintain Warehouse Operations 
238 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1106 S_ALR_87001866 Maintain Warehouse Processes 
239 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1107 S_ALR_87001856 Maintain Warehouse Workload 
240 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1108 S_ALR_87001843 Control Update of Workload Data 
241 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1110 S_ALR_87001831 Define Packaging Material Types 
242 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1111 S_ALR_87001821 Maintain Time-Slot Rough Workload Estimate 
243 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1112 S_ALR_87006762 Additional Data for Shipping Material and Time Slot 
244 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1113 S_ALR_87006763 User-Defined Workload Calculation 
245 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1114 S_ALR_87006787 User-Defined Tables for Using Workload Data Update 
246 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1116 S_ALR_87002692 Display Log 
247 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1117 S_ALR_87002686 Delete Log 
248 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1121 S_ALR_87001811 Additional Data for Packaging Material and Time Slot 
249 SIMG_XXMENUOLML1122 S_ALR_87001800 User-Defined Workload Calculation 
250 SIMG_XXMENUOLML13 S_ALR_87002986 Storage Bin Data 
251 SIMG_XXMENUOLML14 S_ALR_87002899 Define Storage Bin Structure 
252 SIMG_XXMENUOLML15 S_ALR_87002734 Generate Interim Storage Bins 
253 SIMG_XXMENUOLML17 S_ALR_87002981 Material Master 
254 SIMG_XXMENUOLML19 S_ALR_87002969 List of Temporary Storage Bins 
255 SIMG_XXMENUOLML20 S_ALR_87002964 Archiving Concept 
256 SIMG_XXMENUOLML2000 S_ALR_87002922 Define Comments on TO Execution 
257 SIMG_XXMENUOLML2001 S_ALR_87002727 Allow Negative Stocks in Interim Storage Types 
258 SIMG_XXMENUOLML2003 S_ALR_87002704 Stock Transfer for Kanban (with Warehouse Management System LE-WM) 
259 SIMG_XXMENUOLML29 S_ALR_87002485 Define Differences and Document Limits 
260 SIMG_XXMENUOLML300 S_P99_41000340 RF Queue Management 
261 SIMG_XXMENUOLML3000 S_ALR_87099867 RF Queue Management 
262 SIMG_XXMENUOLML33 S_ALR_87001784 Activate Storage Unit Management per Warehouse Number 
263 SIMG_XXMENUOLML331IM S_ALR_87100732 Goods Movement (IM) Not Allowed for Storage Types 
264 SIMG_XXMENUOLML34 S_ALR_87001769 Define Number Ranges 
265 SIMG_XXMENUOLML35 S_ALR_87001757 Define Storage Type Control 
266 SIMG_XXMENUOLML37 S_ALR_87001718 Define Bulk Storage Area 
267 SIMG_XXMENUOLML38 S_ALR_87001746 Define ID Point Transactions 
268 SIMG_XXMENUOLMLHU01 S_P99_41000278 Define Control for Automatic Creation of Pick HUs 
269 SIMG_XXMENUOLMLHU02 S_P99_41000277 Define Repacking Movement Type for Warehouse Number 
270 SIMG_XXMENUOLMLHU03 S_P99_41000273 Assign Storage Unit Type to Packaging Material Type 
271 SIMG_XXMENUOLMLHU04 S_P99_41000274 Separate Confirmation of Pick and Transfer 
272 SIMG_XXMENUOLMLHUUMP S_ALR_87100799 Define Repacking Storage Bin for Warehouse Number 
273 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDAUFW S_ALR_87005869 User Exits For Resource-Related Billing 
274 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDCASUE S_ALR_87005858 User Exits For Sales Support 
275 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDDT S_ALR_87001781 Data Transfer Workbench: Customer Master Data 
276 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDFLDV1 S_ALR_87006973 Define Output for Communication 
277 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDFLDV2 S_ALR_87006749 Check Delivery Types and Item Categories 
278 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDFLDV3 S_ALR_87006751 Define Transfer of Texts 
279 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODA0 S_ALR_87005895 New Statuses 
280 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODA2 S_ALR_87005885 New Fields For Output Control 
281 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODA3 S_ALR_87005883 New Fields For Account Determination 
282 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODA4 S_ALR_87005881 New Fields For Listing/Exclusion 
283 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODA5 S_ALR_87005879 New Fields For Material Determination 
284 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODA6 S_ALR_87005875 New Fields For Printing Documents 
285 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODA7 S_ALR_87005873 Copy Customer Master Fields Into The Sales Document 
286 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODA8 S_ALR_87005901 Reserve Fields In The Customer Master Record 
287 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODA9 S_ALR_87005897 New Fields For The Transfer To Accounting 
288 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODAA S_ALR_87005831 User Exits In Sales Document Processing 
289 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODAE S_ALR_87005899 Copy Material Master Fields Into The Sales Document 
290 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODAX S_ALR_87005889 New Fields for Pricing 
291 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODB1 S_ALR_87005841 Define Requirements 
292 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODB2 S_ALR_87005893 Define Copying Requirements 
293 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODB3 S_ALR_87005839 Define Formulas For Pricing 
294 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDMODB4 S_ALR_87005891 Define FORM Routines For Data Transfers 
295 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDOVV5 S_ALR_87007685 Assembling Groups of Billing Documents 
296 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDS1A S_ALR_87001839 Analyze Partner Relationships 
297 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDS1B S_ALR_87001844 Identify Origin of Partner Data 
298 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDS1C S_ALR_87001851 Agreement with Other Applications re Partners 
299 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDS1D S_ALR_87001855 Work Out Quantity Framework for Partners 
300 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDSK1 S_ALR_87001858 Analyze Customer Master Fields and Define Field Usage 
301 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDSL2 S_ALR_87001825 Reporting: Vendor Master 
302 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDUSE12 S_ALR_87005837 User Exits For Price Determination 
303 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDUSE13 S_ALR_87005860 User Exits For General Billing Interface 
304 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDUSE14 S_ALR_87005843 User Exits For Product Selection 
305 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDUSE15 S_ALR_87005819 User Exits For Component Supply Processing 
306 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDUSE16 S_ALR_87005825 User Exits For Product Allocation Processing 
307 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDUSE17 S_ALR_87005870 User Exits for Billing Plan 
308 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDUSE21 S_ALR_87005856 User Exits For Lists 
309 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDUSE22 S_ALR_87005822 User Exits For Availability Check 
310 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDUSE31 S_ALR_87005828 User Exits For Contract Processing 
311 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDVL1 S_ALR_87006971 Check Delivery Types and Item Categories 
312 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDVOLB S_ALR_87006710 Define Item Category Determination in Deliveries 
313 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDVOTX2 S_ALR_87006349 Define Text Types 
314 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDVOTX3 S_ALR_87006358 Define and Assign Text Determination Procedures 
315 SIMG_XXMENUOLSDVOTX5 S_ALR_87006354 Define Access Sequences For Determining Texts 
316 SIMG_XXMENUORFBOB60 S_ALR_87003294 Prepare Cross-Company Code Manual Payments 
317 SIMG_XXMENUORFBOBA3 S_ALR_87003274 Define Tolerances (Vendors) 
318 SIMG_XXMENUORFBOBB8 S_ALR_87003082 Maintain Terms of Payment 
319 SIMG_XXMENUORFBOBB9 S_ALR_87003080 Define Terms of Payment for Installment Payments 
320 SIMG_XXMENUORFBOBXD S_ALR_87002707 Define Accounts for Reserve for Bad Debt 
321 SIMG_XXMENUORFBOBXE S_ALR_87002587 Prepare Reverse Bill of Exchange Posting (Vendors) 
322 SIMG_XXMENUORFBOBXK S_ALR_87003442 Define Accounts for Bank Charges (Vendors) 
323 SIMG_XXMENUORFBOBXL S_ALR_87001474 Define Accounts for Overpayments/Underpayments 
324 SIMG_XXMENUORK2_P_V S_ALR_87004342 Requirements 
325 SIMG_XXMENUORK3_AK S_ALR_87005150 Prepare Application Components 
326 SIMG_XXMENUORKA_I_V S_ALR_87005159 Maintain Summarization Reports 
327 SIMG_XXMENUORKA_PL_A S_ALR_87005437 Data Transfer 
328 SIMG_XXMENUORKA_P_V S_ALR_87005436 Requirements 
329 SIMG_XXMENUORKS_PL_A S_ALR_87005904 Data Transfer from External Systems 
330 SIMG_XXMENUORKS_P_V S_ALR_87005905 Requirements 
331 SIMG_XXOLMLCHA_01 S_ALR_87006988 Define Warehouse Management condition tables 
332 SIMG_XXOLMLCHA_02 S_ALR_87006883 Define Warehouse Management Access Sequences 
333 SIMG_XXOLMLCHA_03 S_ALR_87006896 Define Warehouse Management Strategy Types 
334 SIMG_XXOLMLCHA_04 S_ALR_87006854 Define Warehouse Management Search Procedure 
335 SIMG_XXORKA_I_A S_ALR_87005440 Data Transfer 
336 SIMG_XXORKS_I_A S_ALR_87005906 Data Transfer from External Systems 
337 SIMG_ZINSWERTE S_ALR_87008537 Enter Reference Interest Rates 
338 SIMG__ICL_TICL352 S_KK4_08000416 Define Side Localizations 
339 SIMH_V_TRTP_US_D_REL S_ALN_01000260 Maintain IRS distribution sub-codes. 
340 SIPT_NUMBR_FI_V S_EBS_44000281 Record Number Ranges for Digital Signature of Invoices (FI) 
341 SIPT_NUMBR_MM_V S_EBS_44000451 Record Number Ranges for Digital Signature of Self Billing Documents (MM) 
342 SIPT_NUMBR_OBD_V S_EBJ_98000096 Record Number Ranges for Digital Signature of Outbound Delivery Documents 
343 SIPT_NUMBR_SD_V S_EBS_44000282 Record Number Ranges for Digital Signature of Billing Documents (SD) 
344 SIW_CHECK_LANDSCAPE S_YI3_39000048 Check Landscape 
345 SKPR12_IMG S_BCE_68001756 Define MIME Type for File Name Extension 
346 SKPR13_IMG S_BCE_68001757 Define File Name Extension for MIME Type 
347 SLEI_EVT_LINKAGE_CST S_L1A_49000024 Configure the Local Event Infrastructure 
348 SLOVAKIA_010 S_PL0_09000471 Enter Report Date for Deferred Tax 
349 SLOVAKIA_011 S_PL0_09000474 Specify Accounts for Deferred Tax 
350 SLS_ODP_MC11VA0HDR S_EBS_44000320 Adjust ODP Data for Header Data (MC11VA0HDR) 
351 SLS_ODP_MC11VA0ITM S_EBS_44000321 Adjust ODP Data for Item Data (MC11VA0ITM) 
352 SLS_ODP_MC11VA0KON S_EBS_44000322 Adjust ODP Data for Conditions (MC11VA0KON) 
353 SLS_ODP_MC11VA0SCL S_EBS_44000323 Adjust ODP Data for Schedule Lines (MC11VA0ITM) 
354 SLS_ODP_MC11VA0STH S_EBS_44000324 Adjust ODP Data for Header Status (MC11VA0STH) 
355 SLS_ODP_MC11VA0STI S_EBS_44000325 Adjust ODP Data for Item Status (MC11VA0STI) 
356 SLS_ODP_MC11V_0ITM S_EBS_44000326 Adjust ODP Data for Clearing (Item Data) (MC11V_0ITM) 
357 SLS_ODP_MC11V_0SCL S_EBS_44000327 Adjust ODP Data for Clearing (Schedule Line) (MC11V_0SCL) 
358 SLS_VC_PAYSP_PTS S_EB5_05000474 Define Profile and Status for Payment Transaction 
359 SM34 S_EBS_44000396 Maintain Sustainability Certificates 
360 SMI_AFTER_SYN_CHECK S_E4E_66000065 BAdI After Syntax Check 
361 SMI_AGREEMENTS S_E4E_66000060 Maintain SMI Agreements 
362 SMI_BADI_ACT_POST S_B17_86000046 BAdI: Consent Based Action on Post 
363 SMI_BADI_EXPLCTCNSNT S_B17_86000045 BAdI: Explicit Consent 
364 SMI_BADI_USRDCSN S_B17_86000044 BAdI: Implicit Consent 
365 SMI_BDI_COUNTRY_MAP S_B17_86000041 BAdI: Map Country Name to Country Code 
366 SMI_BEFORE_SYN_CHECK S_E4E_66000064 BAdI Before Syntax Check 
367 SMI_COMPARE S_E4E_66000066 BAdI for Customer-Specific Comparison Logic 
368 SMI_CTRYMAP_ENH_SPOT S_B17_86000040 Notes on Implementation 
370 SMI_DH_REPORT S_B17_86000028 Configuring Search Queries for Data Harvesting 
373 SMI_MESS S_E4E_66000062 Maintain Customizable Error Messages 
374 SMI_PROFILE_A S_E4E_66000083 Activate Planning Profile 
375 SMI_PROFILE_C S_E4E_66000080 Create or Change SMI Planning Profile 
376 SMI_PROFILE_D S_E4E_66000081 Delete Planning Profile 
377 SMI_PROFILE_DETERMIN S_E4E_66000128 BAdI for SMI_PROFILE Determination 
378 SMI_PROFILE_S S_E4E_66000082 Display Planning Profile 
379 SMI_REPLENISH S_E4E_66000067 BAdI for Customer-Specific Replenishment Logic 
380 SMI_REPORT_CM_1 S_B17_86000047 Managing Consent 
381 SMI_REPORT_CM_2 S_B17_86000048 Additional Consent Management for Consent Type (1,2) 
382 SMI_RFC_CREATE S_B17_86000027 Creating RFC Destination 
383 SMI_SEND_MESSAGE S_E4E_66000130 BAdI for Creating an Outbound Message 
384 SMI_SHIPFORECAST_CHG S_E4E_66000116 BAdI to Switch the Changeability of the Shipping Forecast Time Series 
385 SMOD_FVDREPF4 S_ALN_01002486 BAdI: Input Help for Payoff and Notice Reasons 
386 SMOD_FVDREPOL S_PLN_16000200 BADI: Flow Data and Amounts 
387 SMOD_FVDREPU1 S_PLN_16000202 BADI: Administration Data 
388 SMOD_FVDREPU2 S_PLN_16000203 BADI: Customer Tab Pages 
389 SMOD_FVDREPU3 S_PLN_16000204 BADI: Item Overview 
390 SMOD_MPRO0004 S_PL0_09000448 Postprocessing of forecast errors and exception messages 
391 SMOD_MRFLB001 S_P6D_40000002 BAdI: Control Items During Release Creation 
392 SMOD_V50B0001 S_AC0_52000487 Business Add-In for Replication and Confirmation of Deliveries 
393 SNC_WORKORDER_INFORM S_EB5_05000233 BAdI: Adoption of Information from Work Order 
394 SNRO S_ALN_01001684 Nummernkreisobjekt definieren 
395 SNUM S_GF1_13000106 Maintain Number Range Settings for Events 
396 SNUM_CPROW_RANG S_PPD_96000031 Edit External IDs for the WebDAV Entry Objects 
397 SOAAD S_ALN_01000239 Define Values for Set of Rules 
398 SOAADCONT02 S_PLN_16000080 Define Values for Rule with Account Symbol 
399 SOAADMETA02 S_PLN_16000079 Define Rule with Account Symbol 
400 SOAADMETASGL S_PLN_16000078 Define Set of Rules 
401 SOAAD_META S_ALN_01000835 Define Set of Rules for Extended Account Determination 
402 SOAARCHPREP S_PLN_16000059 Prepare Archiving Run 
403 SOADATADEL S_PLN_16000061 Delete Transferred Test Data 
404 SOMG_BOS_ECP_02 S_KA5_12000569 Define Additions and Deductions 
405 SONDERVEREINBARUNGEN S_ALR_87004112 Define Special Arrangements 
406 SORT_KAPITAL S_ALN_01000613 Sort Sequence for Corporate Actions 
407 SOS_EINE_NETPR S_E38_98000120 BAdI: Recalculate Purch.Inforec. Prices in Supply Network (new Lanes Model) 
408 SOS_LANES_SEND_001 S_E38_98000118 BAdI: Modify Supply Network Data (new Lanes Model) before Transm. to F&R 
409 SOS_PURCH_PRICE_001 S_E38_98000119 BAdI: Perform own Purchase Pricing within Supply Network (new Lanes Model) 
410 SOS_SOURCELIS_FILTER S_EBS_44000257 BAdI: Filter Source List Entries before Transfer to SAP F&R 
411 SPEC2000_CSPCICC S_KA5_12000054 Maintain Codes for Full Interchangeability in ATA and AECMA 
412 SPEC2000_CSPCPRI S_KA5_12000057 Maintain Order Priorities and Texts 
413 SPEC2000_CSPCS1S S_KA5_12000056 Assign Sales Document Types 
414 SPEC2000_CSPCTAX S_KA5_12000055 Allocate Condition Types to ATA Control Types 
415 SPEC2000_V_MOI S_KA5_12000058 Maintain Model Identification Code and Text 
416 SPERRE_SETZEN S_KFM_86000249 Set Payment Lock Within Lock Management 
417 SPRO_PRP_BADI_ORG S_CP4_60000030 BAdI: Determine Organizational Units Relevant to Staffing Process 
418 SPRO_PRP_ORGMANAG S_APL_52000037 Organizational Management 
419 SQ00PROT02 S_BIE_59000215 Determine InfoSets for Logging 
420 SQ00PROT_03 S_BIE_59000216 Determine InfoSets for Logging 
421 SQ00PROT_04 S_BIE_59000217 Delete Log Data 
422 SQ00PROT_05 S_BJA_09000018 BAdi: Define User Logging 
423 SQ00TEXT_02 S_BJA_09000019 Define Exceptions for Text Retrieval 
424 SRMBORCUST S_BCE_68002071 Enter Logical System as Connection Parameter Value 
425 SRMCMCREATE S_B5T_17000004 KPro Repository: Create Content Model 
426 SRMDMWB S_EKW_85000016 KPro Storage: Create or Change Attributes of a Content Model 
427 SRMDOCTEMPLATE S_BCE_68002068 Manage Document Templates 
428 SRMMODEL S_EKW_85000020 Create or Change Record Model 
429 SRMO S_ALR_87100862 Maintain Search Server Relation 
430 SRMPATHCUST S_EKW_85000009 Create or Change Activities and Activity Functions 
431 SRMPATHCUST2 S_EKW_85000018 Create or Change Activities and Activity Functions (Circular) 
432 SRMPATHCUSTCASE S_EKW_85000019 Determine Activities and Activity Functions for the Process Route 
433 SRMPATHORG S_BCE_68002047 Specify Object Types and Assign Activity Types 
434 SRMREFRULE S_B6A_52000015 Create or Change Rule for Generating Record Numbers 
435 SRMREGEDITCUST S_BCE_68002073 Maintain Registry (Customizing Mode) 
436 SRMVC_ACTIVTY S_Y6B_06000005 Define Activities for Process Route 
437 SRMVC_MIMESPS S_BCE_68002219 Create/Change "Mime Type"-Element Type Assignments 
438 SRMWFCUST S_BCE_68002046 Specify Field Display in Process Route 
439 SRMWFGRPSEL S_Y6B_06000004 Create or Change Groups for Process Route Model 
440 SRMWFPATH_ENH S_BCE_68002039 BAdI: Control Process Route Processing and Display 
441 SRMWFPTHORGHLP S_BCE_68002160 Define Valid Organizational Objects 
442 SRM_ATTR_CU S_BCE_68002208 Create/Change Attribute Descriptions 
443 SRM_ATTR_DEF_CU S_BCE_68002209 Register/Change Tables/Stuctures for Default Attribute Repository 
444 SRM_ATTR_MDL_CU S_BCE_68002176 Create/Change Model/Element Type Assignments 
445 SRM_ATTR_META_CU S_BCE_68002172 Create/Change Basic Attribute Description 
446 SRM_ATTR_QUER_CU S_BCE_68002174 Create/Change Visualization Description for Search 
447 SRM_ATTR_VISL_CU S_BCE_68002175 Create/Change Visualization Description for List Display 
448 SRM_ATTR_VISU_CU S_BCE_68002173 Create/Change Visualization Description for Maintenance 
449 SRM_BOR_SREL S_B7A_13000001 Settings for Link Display in SP BOR 
450 SRM_CRQY_CU S_BCE_68002177 Restriction to SP Types and/or Element Types 
451 SRM_CUST_01 S_BCE_68001754 Maintain Registry (Developer Mode) 
452 SRM_CUST_02 S_B5T_17000001 Create or Change Role-Based View 
453 SRM_DISP-NO S_BCE_68002058 Maintain Number Range Interval for Circular 
454 SRM_DISP_NO S_BCE_68002059 Create Number Range Interval for Circulars 
455 SRM_DOCFINDER_CUST S_BCE_68002051 Maintain Additional Information for Document Finder Integration 
456 SRM_DOC_TEMPLATE S_BCE_68002069 Manage Document Templates 
457 SRM_ECM_BLACKLST S_BCE_68002500 Maintain File Exclusion List 
458 SRM_ECM_NNT_AREA S_BCE_68002430 Define Records Management Area 
459 SRM_ECM_NNT_AREA1 S_SI2_16000003 Define Records Management Area 
460 SRM_ECM_NNT_GENERAL S_BCE_68002434 Basic Settings for Enterprise Content Management 
461 SRM_ECM_NNT_GENERAL1 S_SI2_16000002 Basic Settings for Enterprise Content Management 
462 SRM_ECM_NNT_RMS S_BCE_68002431 Define Records Management System 
463 SRM_ECM_NNT_RMS1 S_SI2_16000004 Define Records Management System 
464 SRM_GSP_ARCH_QUERY S_BCE_68002259 Configuration of Attribute Search in Archive 
465 SRM_KC_ADMIN S_EKW_85000017 Create or Change Keyword Catalog 
466 SRM_NRKREIS_LAUFWEG S_BCE_68002049 Number Range Maintenance 
467 SRM_NRKREIS_VERFUEG S_BCE_68002050 Number Range Maintenance 
468 SRM_ORGTYP S_B6A_52000010 Configure Standard View 
469 SRM_ORG_DBLCLCK S_YI2_53000009 Organizer: Double-Click Response 
470 SRM_ORG_QUICK_ACTION S_BCE_68002256 Define Quick Actions 
471 SRM_PARA_PROFILE S_BCE_68002103 Display or Change Central Parameters 
472 SRM_PROPPERS_PUBLISH S_BCE_68002220 Generate Attribute Descriptions from Registered Tables 
473 SRM_PU_QUERY_DEF S_BCE_68002205 Create/Change Search Definitions 
474 SRM_RECORD_FUNC_PROF S_BCE_68002237 Function Profile for Records 
475 SRM_REC_TERMPROF S_Y7A_80000003 Create Terminology Profile for the Record 
476 SRM_STATUS_DEF S_BCE_68002053 Define Status 
477 SRM_STATUS_MANAGE S_BCE_68002052 Records Management: Status Management 
478 SRM_STATUS_NET S_BCE_68002055 Definition of Status Network 
479 SRM_STATUS_PROFIL S_BCE_68002054 Define Status Profile 
480 SRM_WEBDAV_PROP_TYPE S_BCE_68002084 WebDAV Storage: Determine Attributes and Their Properties 
481 SRM_WFLPATH_NO S_BCE_68002056 Maintain Number Range Interval for Process Routes 
482 SRM_WF_PATH_MAINT S_BCE_68002057 Create or Change Process Route Model 
483 SRM_WF_PATH_SEARCH S_BCE_68002161 BAdI: Adjust Processor Determination and Search to Individual Requirements 
484 SRTV_COMPILE S_B90_38000076 Generate a lexicon for report search 
485 SRT_REG_SERVICE_IDOC S_BCE_68002100 SOAP Runtime: Service Registration 
486 SRT_REG_SERV_IDOC S_BCE_68002101 Inbound SOAP for IDoc: Register Service 
487 SR_REP S_GE1_71000081 Smart Reports 
488 SSCVC_GROUP S_BTD_53000017 Determine Service Request Attributes from Application Context 
489 SSCVC_MESSAGE S_BTD_53000132 Define Service Request Creation on Message Level 
490 SSCV_ELEMENT S_BTD_53000005 Define Activities 
491 SSCV_GROUP S_BTD_53000004 Define Application Areas 
492 SSCV_LINKOBJ S_BTD_53000067 Define Object Types for Link to Service Req. or Interaction Record in CRM 
493 SSCV_MANUALFLAG S_BTD_53000106 Activate Manual Service Request Creation for Activities 
494 SSCV_NOTETYPESET S_BTD_53000054 Define Filter for Note Types in External Service Request Display 
495 SSCV_PARADETERM S_BTD_53000007 Determine Target Field Values 
496 SSCV_SCEN S_BTD_53000003 Define Applications 
497 SSCV_SOURCEFLD S_BTD_53000006 Define Source Fields 
498 SSCV_STATUSSET S_BTD_53000051 Define Default Values for Status in Service Request Reporting 
499 SSC_PARA_TRANSFER S_BTD_53000016 BAdI: Set Service Request Values 
500 SSC_RFC_DESTINATION S_BTD_53000018 BAdI: Determine RFC Destination of CRM System