SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 16
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_CMS_MOV_BNKID S_PLN_62000602 Define Own Identification Types of bank 
2 SIMG_CMS_MOV_CLF_TYP S_PLN_62000600 Define Classification Types 
3 SIMG_CMS_MOV_LOC_TYP S_PLN_62000606 Define Location Types 
4 SIMG_CMS_MOV_PRT S_PLN_62000611 Define Part Types 
5 SIMG_CMS_MOV_RTGCLS S_PLN_62000603 Define Rating Classes 
6 SIMG_CMS_MOV_STPLC S_PLN_62000605 Define Stock Exchange Places 
7 SIMG_CMS_MOV_STXCG S_PLN_62000604 Define Stock Exchange Types 
8 SIMG_CMS_MOV_TYP S_PLN_62000562 Define Movable Types 
9 SIMG_CMS_MOV_USE_TYP S_PLN_62000601 Define Usage Types 
10 SIMG_CMS_OBJBUN_TYP S_PLN_62000594 Define Collateral Object Bundle Types 
11 SIMG_CMS_OBJ_SYS S_ALN_01001799 Define Object Systems 
12 SIMG_CMS_OMSPLS_BADI S_PLN_62000792 Business Add-Ins for Plausibility Checks 
13 SIMG_CMS_OMS_ASN_PKY S_PLN_62000633 Assign Process Control Keys to Vehicle Types 
14 SIMG_CMS_OMS_FIELDS S_PLN_62000747 Define Field Names 
15 SIMG_CMS_OMS_NR S_PLN_62000560 Define Number Ranges 
16 SIMG_CMS_OMS_VALOR S_PLN_62000770 Define Origins of Value 
17 SIMG_CMS_OMS_VALST S_PLN_62000526 Define Value Sets 
18 SIMG_CMS_OMS_VAL_TYP S_PLN_62000631 Define Value Types 
19 SIMG_CMS_ORG_PROC S_ALN_01001812 Assign Processing Area to Administration Unit 
20 SIMG_CMS_ORG_PRO_ARA S_ALN_01001917 Assign Process Control Area to Administration Unit 
21 SIMG_CMS_ORG_PRO_UNT S_ALN_01001916 Define Process Control Area 
22 SIMG_CMS_ORG_UNIT S_ALN_01001807 Define the Root Adminstration Organizational Unit in Collateral Management 
23 SIMG_CMS_OTHVAL_NR S_PLN_62000591 Define Number Ranges 
24 SIMG_CMS_OTHVAL_TYP S_PLN_62000590 Define Other Valuable Types 
25 SIMG_CMS_OTH_ASGN_NR S_PLN_62000559 Assign Number Ranges to Other Valuables 
26 SIMG_CMS_OTRVAL_TYP S_PLN_62000558 Define Other Valuable Types 
27 SIMG_CMS_OTVAL_CHECK S_AEN_10000165 Plausibility Checks for Other Valuables 
28 SIMG_CMS_OTVL_ASN_NR S_PLN_62000592 Assign Number Ranges to Other Valuable Types 
29 SIMG_CMS_OTVL_OBJSCR S_PLN_62000593 Assign Object Screens to Other Valuable Types 
30 SIMG_CMS_PAT_ADD_RIG S_PLN_62000765 Define Additional Protective Rights 
31 SIMG_CMS_PAT_ASGN_NR S_PLN_62000566 Assign Number Ranges to Patent Types 
32 SIMG_CMS_PAT_CHECK S_AEN_10000166 Plausibility Checks for Patents 
33 SIMG_CMS_PAT_NR S_PLN_62000565 Define Number Ranges 
34 SIMG_CMS_PAT_OBJSCRN S_PLN_62000589 Assign Object Screens to Patent Types 
35 SIMG_CMS_PCN_AREA S_ALN_01001811 Define Processing Area 
36 SIMG_CMS_PCN_AST_REL S_ALN_01001818 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
37 SIMG_CMS_PCN_CKY_AST S_ALN_01002131 Define Process Control Keys 
38 SIMG_CMS_PCN_CKY_CAG S_ALN_01002135 Define Process Control Keys 
39 SIMG_CMS_PCN_CKY_RE S_ALN_01002323 Define Process Control Keys 
40 SIMG_CMS_PCN_CR_AGRP S_ALN_01002134 Define Activity Groups 
41 SIMG_CMS_PWB_FMCLS S_PLN_62000537 Define Form Classes 
42 SIMG_CMS_RBL_BPF S_ALN_01001870 Define Partner Function Sets 
43 SIMG_CMS_RBL_BPF_SET S_ALN_01002247 Define Partner Function Sets 
44 SIMG_CMS_RBL_MPORG S_ALN_01001878 Map Company Code to Receivable Organizational Unit 
45 SIMG_CMS_RBL_MPPRD S_ALN_01001880 Map Product Category to Product Class 
46 SIMG_CMS_RBL_MPPRDCL S_ALN_01001879 Map to Receivable Product Class 
47 SIMG_CMS_RBL_MPPROD S_ALN_01001877 Map Loan Attributes to Product 
48 SIMG_CMS_RBL_ORG_UNT S_ALN_01001810 Define Receivable Organizational Unit 
49 SIMG_CMS_RBL_PRD S_ALN_01001872 Define Products 
50 SIMG_CMS_RBL_PRD_CLS S_ALN_01001873 Define Product Classes 
51 SIMG_CMS_RBL_PRD_SET S_ALN_01001874 Define Product Sets 
52 SIMG_CMS_RBL_SCVAR S_ALN_01001871 Define Screen Structures 
53 SIMG_CMS_RBL_SYS_ACS S_ALN_01002110 Assign Access Mode to Credit System 
54 SIMG_CMS_RELR_DIALOG S_PLN_62000807 Business Add-In: Real Estate - Land Register Dialog Interface 
55 SIMG_CMS_RELR_LRID S_PLN_62000808 Business Add-In: Land Register Identifier 
56 SIMG_CMS_RELR_MAINT S_PLN_62000806 Business Add-In: Maintain Land Register 
57 SIMG_CMS_RELTY_RELGP S_PLN_62000583 Assign Relationship Types to Relationship Groups 
58 SIMG_CMS_REL_GRP S_PLN_62000580 Define Relationship Groups 
59 SIMG_CMS_REL_OBJ S_PLN_62000579 Define Relationship Objects 
60 SIMG_CMS_REL_TYP S_PLN_62000581 Define Relationship Types 
61 SIMG_CMS_RE_ACS_TYP S_ALN_01001907 Define Accessory Types 
62 SIMG_CMS_RE_ACT S_ALN_01001939 Define Activities 
63 SIMG_CMS_RE_APPL S_ALN_01000512 Define Participating Applications 
64 SIMG_CMS_RE_ASN_NR S_PLN_62000645 Assign Number Ranges to Real Estate Types 
65 SIMG_CMS_RE_AST_TYP S_ALN_01001913 Assign Asset Types to Real Estate Types 
66 SIMG_CMS_RE_BADI S_ALN_01000955 Implementing BAdI for Interface to Participating Application 
67 SIMG_CMS_RE_BDSR_TYP S_ALN_01000490 Define Building Structure Types 
68 SIMG_CMS_RE_BLDSEC S_ALN_01001955 Define Building Section Types 
69 SIMG_CMS_RE_BLD_DESC S_ALN_01002068 Define Building Descriptors 
70 SIMG_CMS_RE_BLD_PRT S_PLN_16000033 Define Building Part Types 
71 SIMG_CMS_RE_BPRL S_ALN_01001163 Define Business Partner Roles 
72 SIMG_CMS_RE_BP_ROLES S_ALN_01000488 Define Business Partner Role Types 
73 SIMG_CMS_RE_COM_DESC S_ALN_01002069 Define Commercial Descriptors 
74 SIMG_CMS_RE_COND_TYP S_ALN_01000492 Define Condition Types 
75 SIMG_CMS_RE_CST_TYP S_ALN_01001905 Define Cost Types 
76 SIMG_CMS_RE_ENV_ST S_ALN_01000497 Define Environmental Status 
77 SIMG_CMS_RE_FIX_FIT S_ALN_01000498 Define Fixtures & Fittings Types 
78 SIMG_CMS_RE_FLDSTAT S_ALN_01001937 Define Object Screens 
79 SIMG_CMS_RE_G_CHECK S_AEN_10000149 Plausibility Checks for Real Estate 
80 SIMG_CMS_RE_INS_TY S_ALN_01001900 Define Insurance Types 
81 SIMG_CMS_RE_LOC_MAC S_ALN_01000495 Define Macro Location Types 
82 SIMG_CMS_RE_LOC_MIC S_ALN_01000496 Define Micro Location Types 
83 SIMG_CMS_RE_LR S_ALN_01001910 Define Section II Non-monetary Charges 
84 SIMG_CMS_RE_LR_REGTY S_ALN_01001909 Define Register Types 
85 SIMG_CMS_RE_MAC_DESC S_ALN_01002067 Define Macro Descriptors 
86 SIMG_CMS_RE_MOD_MEA S_PLN_62000775 Define Modernization and Renovation Measures 
87 SIMG_CMS_RE_NR S_PLN_62000644 Define Number Ranges 
88 SIMG_CMS_RE_PRC_CT S_ALN_01001953 Define Price Category 
89 SIMG_CMS_RE_RAG_TY S_ALN_01001954 Define Rental Agreement Types 
90 SIMG_CMS_RE_SCVAR S_ALN_01001936 Define Screen Structures 
91 SIMG_CMS_RE_SCVAR_AS S_ALN_01001938 Assign Object Screens to Real Estate Types 
92 SIMG_CMS_RE_SPACE S_ALN_01000681 Define Spaces 
93 SIMG_CMS_RE_SPL S_ALN_01000515 Define Spl 
94 SIMG_CMS_RE_SPL_EX S_ALN_01000516 Define special example 
95 SIMG_CMS_RE_SP_TYP S_ALN_01000499 Define Space types 
96 SIMG_CMS_RE_STR S_ALN_01000491 Define Building Structure Types 
97 SIMG_CMS_RE_STR_BD S_ALN_01001901 Define Building Method - Body 
98 SIMG_CMS_RE_STR_CL S_ALN_01001904 Define Bulding Method - Cellar 
99 SIMG_CMS_RE_STR_RF S_ALN_01001902 Define Building Method - Roof 
100 SIMG_CMS_RE_TR_CON S_ALN_01000500 Define Transport Connections 
101 SIMG_CMS_RE_TYP S_ALN_01000493 Define Real Estate Types 
102 SIMG_CMS_RE_TYPES S_ALN_01001908 Define Real Estate Types 
103 SIMG_CMS_RE_TYP_P S_ALN_01002324 Assign Control Keys to Real Estate Types 
104 SIMG_CMS_RE_USG_TYP S_ALN_01000489 Define Usage Types 
105 SIMG_CMS_RE_VALTYP S_AEN_10000131 Define Value Calculation Methods for Real Estate Objects 
106 SIMG_CMS_RE_VAL_COMP S_ALN_01001941 Assign Valuation Methods to Components for a Generic Implementation 
107 SIMG_CMS_RE_VAL_MET S_ALN_01001911 Define Valuation Methods 
108 SIMG_CMS_RE_VAL_OV S_PLN_06000290 Define Origins of Real Estate Values 
109 SIMG_CMS_RFC_DES S_ALN_01001875 Define RFC Destination 
110 SIMG_CMS_RFC_DES_ASN S_ALN_01001918 Assign RFC destination to Default Implementation 
111 SIMG_CMS_RIG_TYP S_PLN_62000556 Define Patent Types 
112 SIMG_CMS_SCR_VAR S_ALN_01001813 Define Screen Variants 
113 SIMG_CMS_SCVAR S_ALN_01001846 Define Screen Variants 
114 SIMG_CMS_SEC_AST S_ALN_01001897 Maintain Securities Account Details 
115 SIMG_CMS_SEC_BANK_ID S_ALN_01002327 Business Add-In: Bank Identification and Details 
116 SIMG_CMS_SEC_CL_TYP S_ALN_01001896 Define Security Classification Types 
117 SIMG_CMS_SHIP_CL_CO S_ALN_01001893 Define Classification Companies 
118 SIMG_CMS_SHIP_FLDST S_ALN_01001945 Define Field Status Variants 
119 SIMG_CMS_SHIP_INSUR S_ALN_01001895 Define Insurers 
120 SIMG_CMS_SHIP_INS_TY S_ALN_01001894 Define Insurance Types 
121 SIMG_CMS_SHIP_SCVARS S_ALN_01001944 Define Screen Structures 
122 SIMG_CMS_SHIP_TYP S_ALN_01001275 Define Ship Types 
123 SIMG_CMS_SHIP_VAR_AS S_ALN_01001946 Assign Object Screens to Ship Types 
124 SIMG_CMS_SHP_CHECK S_AEN_10000168 Plausibility Checks for Ships 
125 SIMG_CMS_SHP_FLDSTAS S_PLN_06000007 Define Object Screens 
126 SIMG_CMS_SHP_FLDSTAT S_PLN_06000003 Define Field Status Variants 
127 SIMG_CMS_SHP_HULL_TY S_ALN_01001892 Define Hull Types 
128 SIMG_CMS_STAT_PROF S_ALN_01001816 Define Status Profile 
129 SIMG_CMS_STD_APPFRM S_PLN_62000539 Assign Application Forms for Correspondence 
131 SIMG_CMS_TSK_PRTY S_ALN_01001920 Define Task Priority 
132 SIMG_CMS_TSK_STAT S_ALN_01001921 Define Task Status 
133 SIMG_CMS_TSK_TYP S_ALN_01001923 Define Task Type 
134 SIMG_CMS_VAL_SET S_PLN_62000608 Define Value Sets 
135 SIMG_CMS_VAL_TYP S_PLN_62000628 Define Value Types 
136 SIMG_CMS_VEHASN_OSRN S_PLN_62000610 Assign Object Screens to Vehicle Types 
137 SIMG_CMS_VEHCR_RL_SP S_PLN_62000654 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
138 SIMG_CMS_VEH_ACT S_PLN_62000648 Define Activities 
139 SIMG_CMS_VEH_ACT_GRP S_PLN_62000647 Define Activity Groups 
140 SIMG_CMS_VEH_ADDPLCK S_PLN_62000658 Business Add-In: Additional Plausibility Checks 
141 SIMG_CMS_VEH_AGN_NR S_PLN_62000551 Assign Number Ranges to Vehicle Types 
142 SIMG_CMS_VEH_CHECK S_AEN_10000167 Plausibility Checks for Vehicles 
143 SIMG_CMS_VEH_CHRQ S_PLN_62000649 Define Change Request Types 
144 SIMG_CMS_VEH_CR_ACT S_PLN_62000651 Define Activities for Change Requests 
145 SIMG_CMS_VEH_CR_AGRP S_PLN_62000652 Define Activity Groups for Change Requests 
146 SIMG_CMS_VEH_CR_ST S_PLN_62000656 Define Status Transition on Release of Change Request 
147 SIMG_CMS_VEH_CR_STPF S_PLN_62000650 Assign Status Profiles to Change Request Types 
148 SIMG_CMS_VEH_NR S_PLN_62000561 Define Number Ranges 
149 SIMG_CMS_VEH_OBJSCRN S_PLN_62000585 Define Object Screens 
150 SIMG_CMS_VEH_PCNKEY S_PLN_62000632 Define Process Control Keys 
151 SIMG_CMS_VEH_PLCKSET S_PLN_62000643 Define Plausibility Check Sets 
152 SIMG_CMS_VEH_PLPRC S_PLN_62000641 Define Plausibility Processor 
153 SIMG_CMS_VEH_PL_CHK S_PLN_62000642 Define Plausibility Checks 
154 SIMG_CMS_VEH_REL S_PLN_62000638 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
155 SIMG_CMS_VEH_REL_PR S_PLN_62000653 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
156 SIMG_CMS_VEH_REL_ROL S_PLN_62000639 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
157 SIMG_CMS_VEH_RTWLNK S_PLN_62000640 Assign Release WF and Release Procedure WF to Release Procedures 
158 SIMG_CMS_VEH_RTW_LNK S_PLN_62000655 Assign Release WF and Release WF Procedure to Release Procedures 
159 SIMG_CMS_VEH_SCRSTR S_PLN_62000634 Define Screen Structures 
160 SIMG_CMS_VEH_STAT_PF S_PLN_62000636 Define Status Profiles 
161 SIMG_CMS_VEH_STA_ASN S_PLN_62000637 Assign Status Profiles to Process Control Keys 
162 SIMG_CMS_VEH_TYP S_PLN_62000542 Define Vehicle Types 
163 SIMG_CM_ACTG_OFST S_SO6_65000994 Define the Production Month Using Accounting Offset 
164 SIMG_CM_BRNCD S_SO5_65000730 Define Brand Codes 
165 SIMG_CM_COMPC S_SO5_65000727 Activation for Specific Companies 
166 SIMG_CM_CPDC S_SO6_65000687 Combined Product Code/Major Product Code Cross Reference 
167 SIMG_CM_CSC S_SOG_81000001 Define Cycle Segment Configuration 
168 SIMG_CM_DSK_CD S_SO5_65000731 Contract Desk Codes 
169 SIMG_CM_EDIT S_SO5_65000737 Activate Configurable Edits 
170 SIMG_CM_INSTL S_SOG_81000005 Configure Installation Parameters 
171 SIMG_CM_LGL_FLD S_SO6_65000961 Maintain Legal Description Field Codes 
172 SIMG_CM_LGL_TYP S_SO6_65000960 Assign Legal Description Fields to Legal Description Type Codes 
173 SIMG_CM_LXPGL S_SO5_65000734 Cross Reference between Country and Primary Geo. Location 
174 SIMG_CM_LXSGL S_SO5_65000735 Cross Reference between Country, Primary and Sec. Geo. Location 
175 SIMG_CM_ORG S_SO7_65001019 Maintain Organizational Levels 
176 SIMG_CM_PARAM S_SO5_65000740 Activation for Specific Client 
177 SIMG_CM_PSTAR S_SO5_65000732 Posting Area Codes 
178 SIMG_CM_SUSP_RSN S_SO7_65001076 Maintain Suspense Reason Codes 
179 SIMG_CM_VNAMST S_SO5_65000729 Venture Status Codetable 
180 SIMG_COB_ASN_OSR_DTY S_PLN_62000716 Assign Object Screens to Collateral Object Types 
181 SIMG_COB_ASN_OSR_VTY S_PLN_62000717 Assign Object Screens to Collateral Object Types 
182 SIMG_CONT_AUTOKONFIG S_BCE_68002077 Automatic Configuration of the Content Server 
183 SIMG_CPROFILE_BT_M S_ANI_08000835 Create Benefit Processing Profiles at Coverage Category Level 
184 SIMG_CRM_BEMOT S_AX8_68000352 Define Accounting Indicator 
185 SIMG_CRM_COABR_BEMOT S_AX8_68000351 Activate Accounting Indicator for Settlement 
186 SIMG_CRM_COOBJ_CEDEF S_AX7_68000099 Create and Change Controlling Scenario 
187 SIMG_CRM_COOBJ_CEDFI S_E36_82000045 Create and Change Controlling Scenario 
188 SIMG_CRM_COOBJ_CI_CS S_AX7_68000102 Establish Controlling Type, Controlling Level, and Controlling Scenarios 
189 SIMG_CRM_COOBJ_CI_FI S_E36_82000044 Establish Controlling Type, Controlling Level, and Controlling Scenarios 
190 SIMG_CRM_COOBJ_COTYP S_AX7_68000101 Determine Controlling Type in CRM Service 
191 SIMG_CRM_COOBJ_CSDET S_AX7_68000100 Determine Controlling Scenario 
192 SIMG_CRM_COOBJ_FI S_E36_82000046 Define Scenario Characteristics 
193 SIMG_CROSS_OIL_001 S_SO7_65001091 Define Junctions 
194 SIMG_CROSS_OIL_002 S_SO7_65001092 Define Relevance Types 
195 SIMG_CROSS_OIL_003 S_SO7_65001093 Define SD Relevance 
196 SIMG_CROSS_OIL_004 S_SO7_65001094 Define MM Relevance 
197 SIMG_CROSS_OIL_005 S_SO7_65001163 General Functionality Switch (On/Off) 
198 SIMG_CROSS_OIL_006 S_SOG_81000015 Customize Message Control 
199 SIMG_CROSS_OIL_007 S_SO7_65001212 Maintain General Parameter Settings 
200 SIMG_CROSS_OIL_010 S_SOG_81000105 Define Reservation Relevance 
201 SIMG_CSTMS_ICLE01_11 S_ANI_08000817 Message Control If Invoice Had Already Been Released 
202 SIMG_CSTM_ICLE01_119 S_ANI_08000818 Message Control If Invoice Has Been Reversed 
203 SIMG_CSTM_ICLE01_120 S_ANI_08000819 Message Control If No Payment Has Been Created 
204 SIMG_CSTM_ICLE01_159 S_ANI_08000820 Message Control If Initially All Tasks Should Be Completed 
205 SIMG_CSTM_ICL_CF_196 S_ANI_08000821 Message Control If Dual Control Principle Is Applied to Payment 
206 SIMG_CSTM_ICL_CF_209 S_ANI_08000822 Message Control If Payment Method Has Been Replaced 
207 SIMG_CTWUL_LOCDEP_OW S_ABA_72000141 BAdI: Owner of Local Dependencies 
208 SIMG_CTWUL_OTHER_USE S_ABA_72000140 BAdI: Where-Used List for Characteristics 
209 SIMG_CWTY001 S_KA5_12000829 Warranty Claim Type 
210 SIMG_CX01_MOD_SEM1 S_P00_07000260 Define Companies 
211 SIMG_CX01_MOD_SEM2 S_P00_07000261 Define Consolidation Business Areas 
212 SIMG_CX01_MOD_SEM3 S_P00_07000263 Define Financial Statement Version 
213 SIMG_CX01_MOD_SEM4 S_P00_07000265 During Rollup: Specify Group Chart of Accounts 
214 SIMG_CX01_MOD_SEM6 S_P00_07000264 Specify Currency of the Consolidation Staging Ledger 
215 SIMG_CX01_MOD_SEM7 S_P00_07000262 Specify Fiscal Year Variant of Consolidation 
216 SIMG_DATAPROVIDER S_ALR_87001730 Define Quotation Source 
217 SIMG_DEFAULT_EINHEIT S_ALR_87009580 Predefine Units of Measurement 
218 SIMG_DEF_BGRFC_QUE S_EB5_05000546 Define bgRFC Queue Names for Business Objects 
219 SIMG_DEF_PROF_TMP_EQ S_EB5_05000144 Define Profile for Equipment Template 
220 SIMG_DEF_PROF_TMP_FL S_EB5_05000544 Define Profile for Functional Location Template 
221 SIMG_DEF_RFC_DESTBCK S_EB5_05000145 Define RFC Destinations for Backend-Controlled Replication 
222 SIMG_DEF_SET_MULTILA S_EB5_05000146 Define Settings for Multilanguage Support 
223 SIMG_DEF_SET_MVMT_DA S_EB5_05000141 Define Settings for Movement of Data 
224 SIMG_DET_NOTIF_PRCS S_EB5_05000143 Determine Notification Processing 
225 SIMG_DET_ORDER_PRCS S_EB5_05000142 Determine Order Processing 
226 SIMG_DEV_ASN_OSR_DTY S_PLN_62000687 Assign Object Screens to Device Types 
227 SIMG_DEZWAEHRUNGEN S_ALR_87007964 Check Decimal Places for Currencies 
228 SIMG_DI_HINT S_KK4_08000701 Notes on External Data Transfer in Claims Management System 
229 SIMG_DOCUMENT S_B90_38000009 Classify SAP Tasks As General 
230 SIMG_DOCU_AUTH S_BCE_68000383 Maintain authorizations 
231 SIMG_DOCU_FSRI S_ANI_08000840 Documentation on Interface to FS-RI 
232 SIMG_DPWTYCV_MESSAGE S_E4E_66000147 Define Messages for Dealer Portal 
233 SIMG_DPWTYCV_NAVTAB S_E4E_66000202 Define Web Dynpro Navigation for Dealer Portal 
234 SIMG_DPWTYCV_PRINT_F S_E4E_66000059 Define Print Forms for Dealer Portal 
235 SIMG_DPWTYCV_RETPA S_E4E_66000055 Define Statuses for Parts to be Returned for Dealer Portal 
236 SIMG_DPWTYCV_SIMULAT S_E4E_66000056 Define Actions for Claim Simulation and Contract Check for Dealer Portal 
237 SIMG_DPWTYVC_ACTION S_E4E_66000052 Define Actions for Dealer Portal 
238 SIMG_DPWTYVC_CLAIM S_E4E_66000054 Define Warranty Claim Types for Dealer Portal 
239 SIMG_DPWTYVC_REJCD S_E4E_66000058 Define Warranty Claim Decision Codes for Dealer Portal 
240 SIMG_DPWTYVC_STATUS S_E4E_66000057 Define Warranty Claim Statuses for Dealer Portal 
242 SIMG_DPWTY_PRINT_F S_E4E_66000045 Print Forms for Dealer Portal Warranty 
243 SIMG_DUPLICATE_CHECK S_KK4_08000464 Find Possible Claim Duplicates During Creation Process 
244 SIMG_DXWORKCENTER01 S_ALR_87099746 Workbench data transfer: Work center 
245 SIMG_ECPES_0KEX1 S_P00_07000159 Define Settings for Execution Services 
246 SIMG_ECPES_0KEX3 S_P00_07000164 Define Execution Services Profile 
247 SIMG_ECPES_0KEX_ROLE S_P00_07000187 Define Agent Assignment to Standard Role 
248 SIMG_ECPES_0KEX_TASK S_P00_07000188 Define Agent Assignment to Standard Tasks 
249 SIMG_ECPES_IKKZ S_P00_07000327 Define Costing Variants 
250 SIMG_ECPES_MERKMALE S_P00_07000092 Information for Characteristic Customizing 
251 SIMG_ECPES_OKEX1 S_P00_07000240 Define Settings for Execution Services 
252 SIMG_ECPES_OKKR S_P00_07000145 Define Costing Variants 
253 SIMG_ECPES_OKTZ S_P00_07000157 Check Cost Component Structure 
254 SIMG_EDX_SP_LP_NAM S_EBS_44000363 Define Logical Port Names 
255 SIMG_EDX_TRANSF_IN S_EBS_44000362 Define Transformations for Incoming Messages 
256 SIMG_ENV_0001 S_KK4_66000103 Global Data 
257 SIMG_ENV_0002 S_KK4_66000102 Corporate Data 
258 SIMG_ENV_0003 S_KK4_66000101 Detailed Data 
259 SIMG_ENV_0004 S_KK4_66000100 Company Configuration for Inbound EDI 
260 SIMG_ENV_0005 S_KK4_66000099 Assigning JIBE/PASC Numbers to the Company 
261 SIMG_ENV_0006 S_KK4_66000098 Company Configuration for Outbound EDI 
262 SIMG_ENV_0007 S_KK4_66000097 Activate Joint Venture Accounting 
263 SIMG_ENV_0007A S_KK4_66000111 Additional Ledgers 
264 SIMG_ENV_0007B S_KK4_66000107 Validation 
265 SIMG_ENV_0007C S_KK4_66000106 Substitution 
266 SIMG_ENV_0008 S_KK4_66000096 Deactivate Joint Venture Accounting 
267 SIMG_ENV_0009 S_KK4_66000095 Copy Configuration from Company 
268 SIMG_ENV_0010 S_KK4_66000112 Copy Tables from Client 
269 SIMG_ENV_0012 S_KK4_66000109 EDI Port Definition 
270 SIMG_ENV_0013 S_KK4_66000110 Plan Version 
271 SIMG_ENV_0014 S_KK4_66000108 Maintain Messages 
272 SIMG_ENV_0015A S_KK4_66000105 Define Report Groups and Read Programs 
273 SIMG_ENV_0015B S_KK4_66000104 Define Report Groups and Read Programs 
274 SIMG_EPC_GPV S_KA5_12000636 Maintain Group Progress Version 
275 SIMG_EPES_OKEX1 S_P00_07000239 Define Settings for Execution Services 
276 SIMG_EPM_KPI_ALERTS S_PL0_86000169 Alerts for Key Performance Indicators 
277 SIMG_EPM_KPI_CATALOG S_PL0_86000149 Define Key Performance Indicators 
278 SIMG_EPM_KPI_CATEGRY S_PL0_86000146 Define Categories for Key Performance Indicators 
279 SIMG_EPM_KPI_EX_BW S_PL0_86000165 Key Performance Indicators (BW) 
280 SIMG_EPM_KPI_EX_EXT S_PL0_86000184 Key Performance Indicators (External) 
281 SIMG_EPM_KPI_EX_R3 S_PL0_86000164 ERP Key Figures 
282 SIMG_EPM_KPI_PERSGAT S_PL0_86000157 User-Specific Threshold Values for Key Performance Indicators 
283 SIMG_EPM_KPI_PERSLIZ S_PL0_86000152 User-Specific Key Performance Indicators 
284 SIMG_EPM_KPI_PERSTXT S_PL0_86000156 User-Specific Descriptions for Key Performance Indicators 
285 SIMG_EPM_KPI_SOURCE S_PL0_86000154 Define Logical Systems for KPI Values 
286 SIMG_EPM_KPI_TARGET S_PL0_86000145 Define KPI Managing System 
287 SIMG_EP_TAXCONFIG S_SOG_81000016 State tax configuration 
288 SIMG_ERTRAGSKLASS S_ALN_01001164 Revenue Classification 
289 SIMG_ESSWWW_588MJ002 S_L6B_69000239 Personal Data 
290 SIMG_ESSWWW_588MJ006 S_L6B_69000542 Addresses 
291 SIMG_ESSWWW_588MJ009 S_P7H_77000150 Bank Details 
292 SIMG_ESSWWW_588MJ021 S_L6B_69000161 Screen control for ESS on Family Member/Dependent (JP) 
293 SIMG_ESSWWW_588MJ559 S_L6B_69000311 Commuting Allowance (Not released yet) 
294 SIMG_ESSWWW_588_SG01 S_XC0_18000017 Screen Control for ESS (Singapore) 
295 SIMG_ESSWWW_BEST S_AHR_61016733 Set Up Purchase (ESS) 
296 SIMG_ESSWWW_CDE S_AHR_61000344 Determine Service Menus 
297 SIMG_ESSWWW_HRUSER S_AHR_61000342 Create SAP Users for ESS 
298 SIMG_ESSWWW_SDE S_AHR_61000343 New Hire Data (ESS): Set Up Service 
299 SIMG_ESSWWW_T512Z_ES S_AHR_61018584 External Bank Transfer (ESS Australia): Check Entry Permissibility 
300 SIMG_ESSWWW_T529A_JP S_AHR_61014418 Set Up Leave Request (ESS Japan) 
301 SIMG_ESSWWW_T554SESS S_AHR_61000340 Time Management (ESS): Determine Subtypes 
302 SIMG_ESSWWW_T591_ESS S_AHR_61000341 Personal Information (ESS): Determine Subtypes 
303 SIMG_ESSWWW_T5R05ESS S_AL0_96000236 Deactivation of subtypes for Personal IDs Infotype ( IT0185 ) 
304 SIMG_ESSWWW_USERSET S_AHR_61016418 Determine User Options 
305 SIMG_ESS_TV S_PLN_16000055 Travel Management 
306 SIMG_EURO_010 S_ALR_87002696 RFEWA010: Adjust After Comparing Documents/Trans.Figures 
307 SIMG_EURO_ADMICRIT45 S_ALR_87003289 Maintain Archiving Objects 
308 SIMG_EURO_ADMINUSER S_ALR_87003506 Select Administration Users 
309 SIMG_EURO_ARCHIV02 S_ALR_87003475 Archive Documents 
310 SIMG_EURO_ARCHIVISRE S_ALR_87003416 Execute Archiving 
311 SIMG_EURO_AUF S_ALR_87003419 Currency Changeover in Sales Document Processing 
312 SIMG_EURO_BACKUP01 S_ALR_87003485 Reschedule Backup 
313 SIMG_EURO_BACKUP02 S_ALR_87003451 Schedule Backup 
314 SIMG_EURO_BACKUP03 S_ALR_87003489 Make Offline Backup 
315 SIMG_EURO_BACKUP2 S_ALR_87003458 Make Backup 
316 SIMG_EURO_BACKUP3 S_ALR_87003457 Make Backup 
317 SIMG_EURO_BACKUPPLAN S_ALR_87003414 Schedule Backup 
318 SIMG_EURO_BATCH S_ALR_87003286 Close Batch Input Processes 
319 SIMG_EURO_BELEG02 S_ALR_87003267 Enter Document Types in Control Table 
320 SIMG_EURO_BELEG03 S_ALR_87003262 Define Document Types 
321 SIMG_EURO_BERECHT S_ALR_87003281 Set Up Authorizations 
322 SIMG_EURO_BERICHISRE S_ALR_87003430 Display Reports in Several Currencies 
323 SIMG_EURO_BESTELLR40 S_ALR_87003498 Display Purchase Order History in Two Currencies 
324 SIMG_EURO_BETRART01 S_ALR_87002570 Adapt Operation Mode 
325 SIMG_EURO_BETRART02 S_ALR_87002772 Adapt Operation Mode After Conversion 
326 SIMG_EURO_BILABST S_ALR_87002269 Reconcile Balance 
327 SIMG_EURO_BILANZ S_ALR_87003461 Translate Balance Sheets into Additional Currency 
328 SIMG_EURO_BILTEST S_ALR_87003199 Test Balancing Capability 
329 SIMG_EURO_BKPFKONV S_ALR_87002632 EWCURCHK_4x: Check Exchange Rate Relations and Currency Keys 
330 SIMG_EURO_BONUS S_ALR_87003500 Currency Changeover for Volume Rebate Arrangements 
331 SIMG_EURO_BUCHPROT S_ALR_87003429 Display Posting Logs in Two Currencies 
332 SIMG_EURO_BUCHUNG S_ALR_87003257 Close Posting Periods 
333 SIMG_EURO_BUPEAKTAUF S_ALR_87002561 Open Posting Periods From the Current Fiscal Year 
334 SIMG_EURO_BUPELFDAUF S_ALR_87002779 Check Posting Periods 
335 SIMG_EURO_BUPEZU S_ALR_87002537 Close Posting Periods From the Current Fiscal Year 
336 SIMG_EURO_COOMABRECH S_ALR_87008644 Reconcile Settlement (RKAABR01) 
337 SIMG_EURO_COOMARCHIV S_ALR_87008636 Archive 
338 SIMG_EURO_COOMCEL S_ALR_87008645 Generate Reconciliation Ledger Report 
339 SIMG_EURO_COOMNACHBW S_ALR_87008646 Install Note on Revaluing Actual Prices 
340 SIMG_EURO_COOMSPERRE S_ALR_87008643 Set Period Lock 
341 SIMG_EURO_COPCACT S_ALR_87003511 Reconcile Material Ledger 
342 SIMG_EURO_CS1005 S_ALR_87003510 Carry Out and Document Year-End Closing 
343 SIMG_EURO_CS1010 S_ALR_87003509 Carry Forward Balances 
344 SIMG_EURO_CS1020 S_ALR_87003145 Copy Changeover Package 
345 SIMG_EURO_CS1030 S_ALR_87003155 Specify Participating Currency for Changeover Package 
346 SIMG_EURO_CS1060 S_ALR_87003161 Assign Consolidation Units Automatically 
347 SIMG_EURO_CS1070 S_ALR_87003158 Assign Ledgers Manually 
348 SIMG_EURO_CS1080 S_ALR_87003165 Assign Consolidation Units Manually 
349 SIMG_EURO_CS1090 S_ALR_87003104 Define Adjustment Items 
350 SIMG_EURO_CS1095 S_ALR_87003152 Display Package Overview 
351 SIMG_EURO_CS2130 S_ALR_87003150 Activate Changeover Package 
352 SIMG_EURO_CS2140 S_ALR_87003111 FICEUR00: Reconcile Carryforwarding of Balances 
353 SIMG_EURO_CS2150 S_ALR_87003109 FICEUR51: Check Status Management 
354 SIMG_EURO_CS2206 S_ALR_87003119 Reschedule Background Jobs 
355 SIMG_EURO_CS2206B S_ALR_87003124 Adapt Operation Mode 
356 SIMG_EURO_CS2207 S_ALR_87003497 Reschedule Backup 
357 SIMG_EURO_CS2208 S_ALR_87003494 Switch Off System Logging 
358 SIMG_EURO_CS2210 S_ALR_87003132 Confirm System Settings 
359 SIMG_EURO_CS2220 S_ALR_87003128 Check Matchcodes and Indexes 
360 SIMG_EURO_CS2221 S_ALR_87003495 Check Rollback Segment 
361 SIMG_EURO_CS2222 S_ALR_87003493 Make Offline Backup 
362 SIMG_EURO_CS2230 S_ALR_87003135 Start Conversion 
363 SIMG_EURO_CS2240 S_ALR_87003041 Monitor Conversion 
364 SIMG_EURO_CS2242 S_ALR_87003503 Switch On System Logging 
365 SIMG_EURO_CS2243 S_ALR_87003424 Make Offline Backup 
366 SIMG_EURO_CS2244 S_ALR_87003502 Reset Rollback Segment 
367 SIMG_EURO_CS2250 S_ALR_87002867 Switch On Matchcodes and Indexes 
368 SIMG_EURO_CS2251 S_ALR_87003422 Schedule Backup 
369 SIMG_EURO_CS2251B S_ALR_87002874 Adapt Operation Mode After Conversion 
370 SIMG_EURO_CS2252 S_ALR_87002882 Schedule Background Jobs 
371 SIMG_EURO_CS2270 S_ALR_87003116 Lock Users 
372 SIMG_EURO_CS2280 S_ALR_87002886 Unlock Users 
373 SIMG_EURO_CS2296 S_ALR_87003515 Enable Auditing 
374 SIMG_EURO_CS2297 S_ALR_87003426 Check Table Conversion 
375 SIMG_EURO_CS2310 S_ALR_87002893 FICEUR20: Reconcile Cons.Staging Ledger & Processing Ledger 
376 SIMG_EURO_CS2315 S_ALR_87002908 FICCHI00: Edit Contra Items/Retained Earnings or Losses 
377 SIMG_EURO_CS2319 S_ALR_87002903 FICEUR00: Reconcile Carryforwarding of Balances 
378 SIMG_EURO_CS2320 S_ALR_87002917 FICEUR00: Reconcile Retained Earnings or Losses 
379 SIMG_EURO_CS2330 S_ALR_87002813 FICEUR10: Reconcile Additional Financial Data 
380 SIMG_EURO_CS2340 S_ALR_87002818 RGUREC10: Use of Realtime Updates: Subseq.Post FI Documents 
381 SIMG_EURO_CS2350 S_ALR_87002913 FICMBU00: Use of Periodic Extracts: Write the Extract 
382 SIMG_EURO_CS2390 S_ALR_87002823 RGCEUR90: Close Postprocessing 
383 SIMG_EURO_CS2391 S_ALR_87003411 Carry Out Auditing 
384 SIMG_EURO_CS3100 S_ALR_87003412 EC-CS Consolidation: Perform Cleanup 
385 SIMG_EURO_CSDIRDURCH S_ALR_87008506 Carry Out Preparation in Consolidation (EC-CS) 
386 SIMG_EURO_CS_CLUSTER S_P9C_18000010 Find Largest Tables 
387 SIMG_EURO_CS_COUNT S_P9C_18000012 EWUCOUNT: Determine Number of Records in Largest Tables 
388 SIMG_EURO_CS_PLANJ S_P9C_18000009 Change Plan Year for Changeover Package 
389 SIMG_EURO_CS_SIZE S_P9C_18000011 EWUCSIZE: Determine Required Database Memory 
390 SIMG_EURO_DIRDURCH S_ALR_87008502 Check Completeness of Realtime Update 
391 SIMG_EURO_DTAFORM S_ALR_87003463 Payment Transactions (DME/Forms) 
392 SIMG_EURO_EWUAFALO S_ALR_87003219 EWUAFALO: Load Depreciation Areas 
393 SIMG_EURO_EWUARCH2 S_ALR_87003342 EWUARCH2: Check Archives 
394 SIMG_EURO_EWUARCHI S_ALR_87003235 Check Archiving 
395 SIMG_EURO_EWUCOOLO S_ALR_87003395 EWUCOOLO: Load Tables with CO Objects 
396 SIMG_EURO_EWUCOPLS S_ALR_87003382 EWUCOPLS_40: Loading CO-PA tables 
397 SIMG_EURO_EWUCOUNT S_ALR_87100699 EWUCOUNT: Determine Number of Records of Largest Tables 
401 SIMG_EURO_EWULISLS S_ALR_87003373 EWULISLS: Load Control Tables with LIS Objects 
402 SIMG_EURO_EWUMEBAN40 S_ALR_87003399 EWUMEBAN_40: Fill Purchase Requisition Table (EBAN) 
403 SIMG_EURO_EWUMEKAAX S_ALR_87003169 Fill Company Code and Plant in Release Documentation 
404 SIMG_EURO_EWUMEKABX S_ALR_87003338 EWUMEKAB: Fill Company Code and Plant in Release Documentation 
405 SIMG_EURO_EWUMFPST S_ALR_87002757 EWUMFPST: Clear Differences 
406 SIMG_EURO_EWUMMBEW S_ALR_87002730 EWUMMBEW_40: Match Totals Segment and Valuation Type 
407 SIMG_EURO_EWUMMBST S_ALR_87002741 EWUMMBST_40: Match MM/FI Balances 
408 SIMG_EURO_EWUMMCHK S_ALR_87003349 EWUMMCHK_40: Match MM/FI Balances 
409 SIMG_EURO_EWUMMPOA S_ALR_87003392 EWUMMPOA: Match Purchase Order History and GR/IR Clearing Account 
410 SIMG_EURO_EWUMMPOB S_ALR_87009596 Reconcile PO History and GR/IR Clearing Account 
411 SIMG_EURO_EWUMMPOBX S_ALR_87099819 Reconcile PO History and GR/IR Clearing Account 
412 SIMG_EURO_EWUMPOHD40 S_ALR_87003352 EWUMPOHD_40: Fill Purchase Order History Record Table 
413 SIMG_EURO_EWUMRTL S_ALR_87002749 EWUMMRTL_40: Match Sales Values 
414 SIMG_EURO_EWUORGLO S_ALR_87003224 EWUORGLO: Load Organizational Objects 
415 SIMG_EURO_EWUPSO50 S_KI4_38000116 EWUPSO50: Check parked mass deferral requests in FM 
416 SIMG_EURO_EWUTFV02 S_ALR_87002611 EWUTFV02: Check Securities Customizing 
417 SIMG_EURO_FINSTROM S_ALR_87002460 Edit Cash Flow and Rounding Differences 
418 SIMG_EURO_FISL-FIGL S_ALR_87003183 Test Reconciliation with General Ledger 
419 SIMG_EURO_FIXKURSR40 S_ALR_87003504 Check Fixed Exchange Rate in Goods Receipt Document 
420 SIMG_EURO_FREIGEBEN S_ALR_87001810 Unlock Users 
421 SIMG_EURO_HEIZKO S_ALR_87008540 Post External Heating Expenses Settlement 
422 SIMG_EURO_HEIZKOST S_ALR_87008525 Post External Heating Expenses Settlement 
423 SIMG_EURO_HINTJOB01 S_ALR_87002556 Reschedule Background Jobs 
424 SIMG_EURO_HINTJOB02 S_ALR_87001789 Schedule Background Jobs 
425 SIMG_EURO_IMCHCK05 S_ALR_87002000 IMCHCK05: Reconcile Line Item Update 
426 SIMG_EURO_INTRASTAT S_ALR_87003421 Declaration Currency for Declarations to Authorities 
427 SIMG_EURO_KONDITION S_ALR_87003427 Currency Changeover for Condition Records 
428 SIMG_EURO_KONDITION1 S_ALR_87002473 Adjust Condition Amounts 
429 SIMG_EURO_KORRES S_ALR_87003432 Correspondence: Print Several Currencies 
430 SIMG_EURO_KOSTENSTE S_ALR_87003408 Produce Planning Overviews Also in Euro 
431 SIMG_EURO_KUNDE S_ALR_87003435 Currency Changeover for Customers 
432 SIMG_EURO_KUNDEN03 S_ALR_87003228 Search for Fields to be Changed Over in the Dictionary 
433 SIMG_EURO_KUNDEN04 S_ALR_87003241 Search for Currencies in Program Texts 
434 SIMG_EURO_KUNDEN05 S_ALR_87003245 Search for Currencies in the Screen Painter 
435 SIMG_EURO_KUNDEN06 S_ALR_87003203 Select and Assign Changeover Rules 
436 SIMG_EURO_KUNDON07 S_ALR_87003207 Apply Selection 
437 SIMG_EURO_KVORLED S_ALR_87003297 Prepare Reconciliation of the Consolidation Staging Ledger 
438 SIMG_EURO_LAUFZEIT01 S_ALR_87002662 Create Runtime Forecast 
439 SIMG_EURO_LAUFZEIT02 S_ALR_87002667 Monitor Runtime Forecast 
440 SIMG_EURO_LC1005 S_ALR_87003472 Carry Out and Document Year-End Closing 
441 SIMG_EURO_LC1010 S_ALR_87003466 Carry Forward Balances 
442 SIMG_EURO_LC1020 S_ALR_87002495 Copy Changeover Package 
443 SIMG_EURO_LC1030 S_ALR_87002292 Specify Participating Currencies for Changeover Package 
444 SIMG_EURO_LC1050 S_ALR_87002483 Specify Ledger 
445 SIMG_EURO_LC1060 S_ALR_87002316 Assign Ledgers and Companies Automatically 
446 SIMG_EURO_LC1070 S_ALR_87002323 Assign Ledgers Manually 
447 SIMG_EURO_LC1080 S_ALR_87002334 Assign Companies Manually 
448 SIMG_EURO_LC1090 S_ALR_87002345 Define Adjustment Items 
449 SIMG_EURO_LC1095 S_ALR_87002283 Display Package Overview 
450 SIMG_EURO_LC2130 S_ALR_87002507 Activate Changeover Package 
451 SIMG_EURO_LC2140 S_ALR_87002375 RGCEUR00: Reconcile Carryforwarding of Balances 
452 SIMG_EURO_LC2150 S_ALR_87002360 RGCEUR02: Check Execution of Carryforwarding of Balances 
453 SIMG_EURO_LC2160 S_ALR_87002394 EWUARCHI: Check Archiving 
454 SIMG_EURO_LC2170 S_ALR_87003075 EWUARCH2: Check Archives 
455 SIMG_EURO_LC2206 S_ALR_87003081 Reschedule Background Jobs 
456 SIMG_EURO_LC2206B S_ALR_87003083 Adapt Operation Mode 
457 SIMG_EURO_LC2207 S_ALR_87003481 Reschedule Backup 
458 SIMG_EURO_LC2208 S_ALR_87003492 Switch Off System Logging 
459 SIMG_EURO_LC2210 S_ALR_87003090 Confirm System Settings 
460 SIMG_EURO_LC2220 S_ALR_87003086 Check Matchcodes and Indexes 
461 SIMG_EURO_LC2221 S_ALR_87003486 Check Rollback Segment 
462 SIMG_EURO_LC2222 S_ALR_87003491 Make Offline Backup 
463 SIMG_EURO_LC2230 S_ALR_87003092 Start conversion 
464 SIMG_EURO_LC2240 S_ALR_87003094 Monitor Conversion 
465 SIMG_EURO_LC2242 S_ALR_87003487 Switch On System Logging 
466 SIMG_EURO_LC2243 S_ALR_87003470 Make Offline Backup 
467 SIMG_EURO_LC2244 S_ALR_87003479 Reset Rollback Segment 
468 SIMG_EURO_LC2250 S_ALR_87003098 Switch On Matchcodes and Indexes 
469 SIMG_EURO_LC2251 S_ALR_87003469 Schedule Backup 
470 SIMG_EURO_LC2251B S_ALR_87003046 Adapt Operation Mode After Conversion 
471 SIMG_EURO_LC2252 S_ALR_87003050 Schedule Background Jobs 
472 SIMG_EURO_LC2270 S_ALR_87003078 Lock Users 
473 SIMG_EURO_LC2280 S_ALR_87003053 Unlock Users 
474 SIMG_EURO_LC2296 S_ALR_87003483 Enable Auditing 
475 SIMG_EURO_LC2297 S_ALR_87003471 Check Table Conversion 
476 SIMG_EURO_LC2310 S_ALR_87003055 RGCEUR30: Reconcile Cons.Staging Ledger & Processing Ledger 
477 SIMG_EURO_LC2315 S_ALR_87003061 RGCCHI00: Edit Contra Items/Retained Earnings or Losses 
478 SIMG_EURO_LC2319 S_ALR_87003057 RGCEUR00: Reconcile Carryforwarding of Balances 
479 SIMG_EURO_LC2320 S_ALR_87003067 RGCEUR00: Reconcile Retained Earnings or Losses 
480 SIMG_EURO_LC2330 S_ALR_87003072 RGCEUR10: Reconcile Additional Financial Data 
481 SIMG_EURO_LC2340 S_ALR_87003100 RGUREC10: Subsequently Post to Standard Ledger for FILCT 
482 SIMG_EURO_LC2342 S_ALR_87003138 RGUREC10: Subsequently Post to User-Defined Ledger for FILCT 
483 SIMG_EURO_LC2350 S_ALR_87003063 RGCMBUEU: Use of Periodic Extracts: Write the Extract 
484 SIMG_EURO_LC2390 S_ALR_87003141 RGCEUR90: Close Postprocessing 
485 SIMG_EURO_LC2391 S_ALR_87003474 Carry Out Auditing 
486 SIMG_EURO_LC3100 S_ALR_87003473 FI-LC Consolidation: Perform Cleanup 
487 SIMG_EURO_LC_CLUSTER S_P9C_18000006 Find Largest Tables 
488 SIMG_EURO_LC_COUNT S_P9C_18000008 EWUCOUNT: Determine Number of Records in Largest Tables 
489 SIMG_EURO_LC_PLANJ S_P9C_18000005 Change Plan Year for Changeover Package 
490 SIMG_EURO_LC_SIZE S_P9C_18000007 EWUCSIZE: Determine Required Database Memory 
491 SIMG_EURO_LOGGING01 S_ALR_87003490 Switch Off System Logging 
492 SIMG_EURO_LOGGING02 S_ALR_87003467 Switch On System Logging 
493 SIMG_EURO_MAHN S_ALR_87003310 Close Dunning Run 
494 SIMG_EURO_MASSENKR40 S_ALR_87003513 Implement Mass Change for Conditions 
495 SIMG_EURO_MASSENLR40 S_ALR_87003505 Implement Mass Change for Vendor Master Records 
496 SIMG_EURO_MASSENRV40 S_ALR_87100558 Carry Out Mass Change for Outline Agreements 
497 SIMG_EURO_MONITOR S_ALR_87002604 Monitor Conversion 
498 SIMG_EURO_NACHALL S_ALR_87002797 Start All Postprocessing Programs 
499 SIMG_EURO_NACHBEREC2 S_ALR_87003476 Carry Out Cleanup in the Executive Information System (EC-EIS) 
500 SIMG_EURO_NACHCO S_ALR_87003508 Carry Out Cleanup in Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM)