SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 S2P_GROUP_PLNG_ITEMS S_KA5_12001166 BAdI: Grouping Planning Elements 
2 S2P_PLNG_ITEM_EXTEN S_KA5_12001165 BAdI: Extending Output Structure for Planning Elements 
3 S2P_PLNG_SEG_EXTEN S_KA5_12001164 BAdI: Extending Output Structure for Supply Segments 
4 S2P_PLN_CALC_FACTORY S_KA5_12001167 BAdI: Defining User-Specific Logic for Missing Parts Calculation 
5 S2P_PROPOSAL_CREATOR S_KA5_12001168 BAdI: Defining User-Specific Replenishment Proposal Creation 
6 S2P_PSEG_CTR_FACTORY S_KA5_12001169 BAdI: Defining Planning Control for Supply Segments 
7 SACHBEARB_ZUORD S_ALR_87003710 Define Loan Officers 
8 SAFTPT_FIMD S_EBS_44000360 Enter Material Master Data for Invoices 
9 SANDA_IMG_COMMON_ADM S_YI3_39000060 Assign Administrator Role 
10 SANDA_IMG_COMMON_ICF S_YI3_39000059 Activate Web Dynpro Services 
11 SANDA_IMG_README S_YI3_39000058 Overview Information and Notes on Use Cases 
12 SAPA_SXDA S_BCE_68000384 Tools for Initial Data Transfer 
13 SAPC-OKBD S_ALR_87007544 Define Functional Area 
14 SAPCOH01 S_AHR_61010862 Personnel Areas 
15 SAPCOH02 S_AHR_61010860 Personnel Subareas 
16 SAPCOH03 S_AHR_61010857 Employee Groups 
17 SAPCOH04 S_AHR_61010853 Employee Subgroups 
18 SAPCOH05 S_AHR_61010858 Assignment of Personnel Area to Company Code 
19 SAPCOH06 S_AHR_61010854 Assign employee subgroup to employee group 
20 SAPCOHK5K0P S_AHR_61011541 Maintain additional details for Canadian personnel areas 
21 SAPCOHU5U0P S_AHR_61011525 Maintain additional details for US personnel areas 
22 SAPCOHU5UCD S_AHR_61011465 Maintain US standard industry codes 
23 SAPC_LGNUM S_ALR_87007555 Define, copy, delete, check warehouse number 
24 SAPC_STANDORT S_ALR_87007513 Define Location 
25 SAPG_0001 S_BCE_68000188 Define Country Codes 
26 SAPG_0002 S_BCE_68000189 Country Codes - Telephone: Define Exceptions 
27 SAPG_0003 S_BCE_68000190 Country Codes - Telex: Define Exceptions 
28 SAPG_0004 S_BCE_68000181 Maintain Calendar for Japan 
29 SARJ S_ALN_01001999 Activate Archive Information Structures 
30 SAUNIT_CLIENT_SETUP S_BIN_67000031 ABAP Unit Configuration 
31 SAUNIT_SETUP S_BCE_68002216  
32 SAWESE_SABEQR S_EE5_50000274 BAdI: Enhance StaffAssignmentERPByElementsQueryResponse_In 
33 SAWESE_SACHGRC S_EE5_50000275 BAdI: Enhance StaffAssignmentERPChangeRequestConfirmation_In 
34 SAWESE_SACNCRC S_EE5_50000276 BAdI: Enhance StaffAssignmentERPCancelRequestConfirmation_In 
35 SAWESE_SACRTRC S_EE5_50000277 BAdI: Enhance StaffAssignmentERPCreateRequestConfirmation_In 
36 SAWESE_SAIDQR S_EE5_50000278 BAdI: Enhance StaffAssignmentERPByIDQueryResponse_In 
37 SAWESE_SAITMRELCACRC S_EE5_50000279 BAdI: Enhance StaffAssignmentERPItemReleaseCancelRequestConfirmation_In 
38 SAWESE_SAITMRELRC S_EE5_50000280 BAdI: Enhance StaffAssignmentERPItemReleaseRequestConfirmation_In 
39 SAWESE_TIME_PS_QR S_EE5_50000288 BAdI: Enhance StaffAssignmentTimePlanningSheetERPByIDQueryResponse_In 
40 SAWESE_TIME_PS_RC S_EE5_50000289 BAdI: Enh. StaffAssignmentTimePlanningSheetERPChangeRequestConfirmation_In 
41 SAWE_AUTHORITY_CHECK S_EE5_50000285 BAdI: Lean Staffing Authority Check 
42 SAWE_AUTO_FORECAST S_EE6_85000108 BAdI: Custom Methods for Automatic Forecasting 
43 SAWE_CANDIDATE_LIST S_EE6_85000109 BAdI: Save Candidate List 
44 SAWE_DUMMY_OBJECKT S_EE5_50000297 Define Order Types and Project Types Used as Temporary Objects 
45 SAWE_PERSG S_EE5_50000249 Define Relevant Employee Groups 
46 SAWE_QUALI_ID S_EE5_50000246 Select Skills from Qualifications Catalog 
47 SAWE_REPORTING S_EE5_50000370 BadI: Lean Staffing Reporting 
48 SAWE_SA_ASSGNMT_DATA S_EE5_50000313 BAdI: Lean Staffing - Check Assignment Data 
49 SAWE_SA_ASSIGNMENT S_EE5_50000282 BAdI: Lean Staffing Default Values for Employee Assignments 
50 SAWE_SA_AUTO_FORECAS S_EE6_85000107 BAdI: Automatic Forecast from Staff Assignment 
51 SAWE_SA_CANDATE_LIST S_EE6_85000110 BAdI: Customize Candidate List 
52 SAWE_SA_CPY_STAFFING S_EE6_85000165 BAdI: Copy Staffing Functionality in Staff Assignment 
53 SAWE_SA_EMAIL S_EE5_50000283 BAdI: Staff Assignment E-Mail Notification 
54 SAWE_SA_EMPLOYEE S_EE5_50000284 BAdI: Lean Staffing Employee 
55 SAWE_SA_WORKLIST S_EE5_50000262 BAdI: Lean Staffing - CATS Integration 
56 SAWE_SERVICE_ATTR S_EE5_50000248 Forecasting with Service Attributes 
57 SAWE_SET_ENHN_FC_OBJ S_EE6_85000132 Enhanced Forecast Objects 
58 SAWE_TIME_INFO_AREA S_EE6_85000073 BAdI: Display Employee-Specific Information in Forecasting 
59 SAWE_TIME_PS_FILTER S_EE5_50000374 BAdI: Forecasting - Additional Filter for Forecasting Data 
60 SAWE_TIME_PS_INFO S_EE6_85000077 BAdI: Display Employee-Specific Information in Forecasting 
61 SAWE_TIME_PS_VALIDAT S_EE5_50000373 BAdI: Forecasting - Validation of Forecasting data 
62 SAWE_WE_STAFF_STAGE S_EE6_85000070 BAdI: Include Additional Processing for Modified Staffing Stage 
63 SAWE_WORK_ENGAGE_GDT S_EE5_50000243 BAdI: Define GDT Mapping for New Engagement Types 
64 SCHNITTSTELLENBESCHR S_KK4_08000048 Insurance Object Interface 
65 SCMGARCHCASE S_BCE_68002149 Set Archiving Time 
66 SCMGARCHCASE_QUERY S_Y7A_80000002 Define Attribute Search for Cases 
67 SCMGARCHSUBCOMP S_BCE_68002150 Register Classes for Archiving Own Subcomponents 
68 SCMGATTR_PRIO S_EKW_85000022 Create Values for Attribute 'Priority' 
69 SCMGATTR_SESCAL S_EKW_85000025 Create Values for Attribute 'Reason for Escalation' 
70 SCMGAUTACTIVITY S_EKW_85000026 Create activities 
71 SCMGAUT_SECLEVL S_EKW_85000024 Create Values for Attribute 'Authorization Level' 
72 SCMGFUNCANDSTAT S_BCE_68002085 Define dependencies between functions and status 
73 SCMGVC_LOCAPROF S_BCE_68002065 Create Profile for Case Search 
74 SCMGV_ATTRESCAL S_EKW_85000023 Assign Reasons for Escalation to Attribute Profile 
75 SCMGV_ATTRHELP S_SE3_50000033 Create Alternative Input Help for Attributes 
76 SCMGV_ATTRREASON S_Y6B_06000006 Create Values for Attribute 'Reason' 
77 SCMGV_SUBCOMP S_SE3_50000271 Define Case Components 
78 SCMG_ATTRHELP S_EKW_85000008 Define Different F4 Help for Attributes 
79 SCMG_ATTRPROF S_EKW_85000004 Create Attribute Profile 
80 SCMG_AUT_ORG_T7791 S_KRM_01000037 Create Organizational Objects as Organizational Object Types 
81 SCMG_CASETYPE S_EKW_85000002 Define Case Types 
82 SCMG_CASE_FCODE_S S_EKW_85000027 Implement BAdI 
83 SCMG_CASE_PREPARE S_EKW_85000013 Set Records Management for Case Management 
84 SCMG_CATEGORY S_EKW_85000021 Create Values for Attribute 'Category' 
85 SCMG_CUSTOMIZING S_EKW_85000001 Case Management 
86 SCMG_FUNCPROF S_EKW_85000006 Create Function Profile 
87 SCMG_FUNCTION S_EKW_85000012 Define functions 
88 SCMG_NUMBER_RANGE S_EKW_85000011 Define Number Range Intervals for Case 
89 SCMG_PARAM S_EKW_85000029 Display or Change Central Parameters (ALT) 
90 SCMG_PROCESS S_Y6B_06000007 Define Processes 
91 SCMG_REGISTRY S_EKW_85000014 Set Registry 
92 SCMG_SCASE S_EKW_85000015 Create/Change Case Record Model 
93 SCMG_STATPROF S_EKW_85000007 Create Status Profile 
94 SCMG_SUBCOMPONENT S_BCE_68002092 Define Case Components 
95 SCMG_TERMPROF S_EKW_85000005 Create Terminology Profile 
96 SCMG_TEXTID S_EKW_85000010 Set Text IDs 
97 SCMG_TEXTPROF S_EKW_85000003 Create Text Profile 
98 SCMG_VIEWGEN S_BCE_68002031 Create or Change Role-Based View 
99 SCMG_WFPATH_NUMBERRG S_EKW_85000028 Create Number Range Interval 01 for Process Route 
100 SCMS_SCMSLP S_BCE_68001524 Define Additional Locations for Content Server Aliases 
101 SCMS_SCMSPL S_BCE_68001525 Define Location Path for Multi-Layer Caching 
102 SCMS_SCMSPX S_BCE_68001523 Define Content Server Alias 
103 SCMS_SKPR14 S_BIE_59000274 Define Web Server for Document Areas 
104 SCMS_SKPR15 S_BIE_59000275 Define Web Server for Document Classes 
105 SCMTMS_VC_KPIPRF S_BH9_68000001 Define Key Performance Indicators and Profiles 
106 SCM_DEZSYS_ADDFIELD S_AXA_22000085 Generate Additional Material Master Fields 
107 SCM_DEZSYS_HUTYPDEF S_AXA_22000086 Define Handling Unit Type 
108 SCM_DEZSYS_SERIAL S_AXC_91000033 Define Serial Number Profile 
109 SCM_DEZSYS_THNDLCD S_AXA_22000089 Define Handling Indicator 
110 SCM_DEZSYS_TQGRP S_AXC_91000034 Define Quality Inspection Group 
111 SCM_DEZSYS_TWHMATGR S_AXA_22000088 Define Warehouse Material Group 
112 SCM_DEZSYS_TWHSTC S_AXA_22000087 Define Warehouse Storage Condition 
113 SCPI_ALE   Application Link Enabling (ALE) 
114 SCPI_AUTH1   Define authorizations 
115 SCPI_AUTH2   Define profiles 
116 SCPI_AUTH3   Maintain authorization groups 
117 SCPI_OALE_IDOCRED   Reduce interim structures 
118 SCPI_OALE_MODMAINT   Maintain customer distribution model directly 
119 SCPI_OALE_PARTPRO   Maintain partner profile 
120 SCPI_OALE_PORTDESCR   Define port 
121 SCPI_OALE_RFCDEST   Define RFC destination 
122 SCPI_OBIL-ALE-11   Maintain logical system 
123 SCPI_OBIL-ALE-12   Allocate logical system to the client 
124 SCPI_PLAN1   Specify scheduling type 
125 SCPI_PLAN2   Set up production scheduler group 
126 SCPI_PLAN3   Automatic task list selection 
127 SCPI_PLAN5   Define scheduling parameters for planned orders 
128 SCPI_PLAN6   Define scheduling parameters for production orders 
129 SCPI_PLAN7   Define scheduling parameters for process orders 
130 SCPI_POI1   Define filter for task list usage 
131 SCPI_POI1A   Define general parameters for transfer 
132 SCPI_POI2   Define filter for task list status 
133 SCPI_POI3   Define filter for BOM usage 
134 SCPI_POI4   Define filter for BOM status 
135 SCPI_POI5   Choose method for finding planned orders via work centers 
136 SCPI_POI6   Define target system for data upload 
137 SCPI_POI7   Select available capacity version 
138 SCPI_POI8   Define filter for production/process orders 
139 SCPI_POI9   Define filter for control keys 
140 SCPI_POISOP1   Activate external system support 
141 SCPI_POISOP10   Assign model to info structure 
142 SCPI_POISOP11   Determine planning versions for external system 
143 SCPI_POISOP12   Maintain background processing profile 
144 SCPI_POISOP2   Maintain problem categories identified by external system 
145 SCPI_POISOP3   Maintain planning actions 
146 SCPI_POISOP4   Maintain planning action steps 
147 SCPI_POISOP5   Maintain action step parameters 
148 SCPI_POISOP6   Maintain model 
149 SCPI_POISOP7   Maintain RFC destination 
150 SCPI_POISOP8   Maintain download and planning defaults 
151 SCPI_POISOP9   Maintain startup parameters 
152 SCPI_POI_POINT1   Activate change pointer (generally) 
153 SCPI_POI_POINT2   Activate change pointer for message types 
154 SCPI_TPI1   Define logical non-SAP systems 
155 SCPI_TPI10   Activate change management for master data 
156 SCPI_TPI2   Define RFC destination 
157 SCPI_TPI3   Maintain allocation of non-SAP system to ALE output 
158 SCPI_TPI4   Maintain ALE port definition 
159 SCPI_TPI5   Maintain ALE partner profiles 
160 SCPI_TPI6   Maintain transportation planning points for external systems 
161 SCPI_TPI7   Maintain materials cumulation for routes 
162 SCPI_TPI8   Maintain planning restriction for routes 
163 SCPI_TPI9   Maintain output control for delivery transfers 
164 SDBIL_BADI_PAYREF S_P6B_12000002 Add-In: Payment Reference Numbers 
165 SDB_CFMENUOLIAQS49 S_ALR_87100112 Display Catalog Directory with All Sub-Items 
166 SDB_CMMENUOLQNOQNS1 S_ALR_87100111 Maintain Catalogs 
167 SDB_ISNR S_ALR_87100110 Define Number Ranges 
168 SDB_RC S_R99_53000013 Define Parameters for Search Engine 
169 SDB_T0KBOB S_ALR_87100080 Define Object Types 
170 SDB_V_T0KBA1 S_ALR_87100078 Define Symptom Types 
171 SDB_V_T0KBB S_ALR_87100081 Define Solution Types 
172 SDB_V_T0KBC S_ALR_87100079 Define Symptom Categories for Each Symptom Type 
173 SDB_V_T0KBD S_ALR_87100083 Define Application 
174 SDB_V_T0KBE S_ALR_87100084 Define Validation Category 
175 SDB_V_T0KBF S_ALR_87100082 Define Solution Categories for Each Solution Type 
176 SDB_V_T356 S_ALR_87100077 Define Priorities for Each Priority Type 
177 SDB_V_T356A S_ALR_87100076 Define Priority Types 
178 SDB_V_TQ15 S_ALR_87100074 Catalog Types for Symptoms and Solutions 
179 SDB_V_TQ80_M S_ALR_87100075 Maintain Catalog Profiles 
180 SDF S_PEN_05000338 Test 
181 SDM_AOR_PROF_V S_EBJ_98000389 Assign Material Shortage Profile to Users 
182 SDM_PROFIL_VC S_EBJ_98000373 Define Supply and Demand Profiles 
183 SDM_SHORTAGE_VC S_EBJ_98000374 Define Material Shortage Profiles 
184 SDM_VND_CONT_FNCT_V S_EBJ_98000385 Specify Functions of Vendor Contact Person 
185 SDOK_HINTER S_BCE_68001526 Schedule Background Job to Delete Buffered Documents 
186 SDPIQCUSTCHECK S_EBJ_98000412 Check Consistency of Customizing 
187 SDPIQRELATTRUE S_EBJ_98000386 Define Customer-Specific Attributes 
188 SDPIQRELATTRUE_PL S_EBJ_98000410 Define Fields Used in BAdI: Price Inquiry Preparation 
189 SDRQCR21_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000045 BAdI: Selection of Documents for Recovering Requirements 
190 SDRQCR21_HDB_OPT S_EX1_23000087 Implementation: Alternative Selection for Recovering Requirements 
191 SDV03V02_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000046 BAdI: Selection of Sales Documents for Rescheduling 
192 SD_ANLY_CURRCONV S_EBS_44000372 Adjust Currency Conversion for Queries and Key Figures 
193 SD_ATP_SDV03V02 S_EBJ_98000345 BAdI: Enhancement of Rescheduling Functions 
194 SD_BADI_REVREC_001 S_E4A_94000033 BAdI for Customer-Specific Events (POD) 
195 SD_BADI_REVREC_002 S_E4A_94000041 BAdI for Displaying Customer-Specific PODEV Documents 
196 SD_BF_ABRECH02 S_P00_07000081 Display Strategies for Automatic Generation of Settlment Rules 
197 SD_BF_ABRECH03 S_P00_07000082 Strategy Sequences for Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules 
198 SD_BF_AKTIV2 S_ALR_87099842 Assign follow-up action to action box 
199 SD_BF_ATP_APO01 S_ALR_87008891 Define business transaction 
200 SD_BF_ATP_APO03 S_ALR_87008892 Assign business transaction to sales order type 
201 SD_BF_ATP_APO04 S_EBJ_98000300 Set RBA Control in Item Category 
202 SD_BF_FOLGAKTIV S_ALR_87099836 Set standard workflow for action box 
203 SD_BF_FOLGAKTIV1 S_ALR_87099844 Set Standard Workflow For Action Box 
204 SD_BF_FOLGAKTIV2 S_ALR_87099845 Assign Follow-up Action To Action Box 
205 SD_BF_PD_USER S_P99_41000157 User Exits for Partner Determination 
206 SD_BF_PRODVOR002 S_ALR_87009591 Define Customer Procedure for Product Proposal 
207 SD_BF_PRODVOR003 S_ALR_87009592 Define Document Procedure for Product Proposal 
208 SD_BF_PRODVOR004 S_ALR_87009593 Assign Document Procedure for Product Proposal to Sales Document Types 
209 SD_BF_PRODVOR005 S_ALR_87009594 Maintain Table of Origin for Product Proposal 
210 SD_BF_PRODVOR006 S_ALR_87009600 Define Product Proposal Procedure and Determine Access Sequences 
211 SD_BF_PRODVOR007 S_ALR_87009609 Maintain Procedure Determination (in Background) for Product Proposal 
212 SD_BF_PRODVOR008 S_ALR_87009610 Maintain Procedure Determination (Online) for Product Proposal 
213 SD_BF_PR_PRUEF S_P99_41000002 Execute checks 
214 SD_BF_SYAN_LISTS S_ALR_87009621 New Fields For Lists Of Sales And Distribution Documents 
215 SD_BF_SYSAN_LISTEN S_ALR_87009230 Transfer New Fields to Lists 
216 SD_BIL_BON001 S_ALR_87099922 Activation Of The New Rebate Procedure From Release 4.6A 
217 SD_BIL_FAKTSCHN S_ALR_87008376 New Fields For The Billing Interface 
218 SD_BIL_REPORT_OPT S_EX1_23000028 Optimize Reporting Procedure Functions 
219 SD_BUSADDIN_PLAN S_ALR_87100867 Update planning values for sales orders 
220 SD_DELIVERY_GROUP_DE S_EBJ_98000229 BAdI: Deletion of Delivery Groups in SD Documents 
221 SD_ERW_SD_CMP S_PLN_06000197 Define Reasons for Complaint 
222 SD_ERW_SD_CMP_0 S_PRN_53000752 Define Complaints Reasons 
223 SD_ERW_SD_CMP_1 S_PRN_53000491 Assign Condition Types 
224 SD_ERW_SD_CMP_2 S_PRN_53000492 Assign Condition ID 
225 SD_ERW_SD_CMP_3 S_PRN_53000493 Indicator - Pro Forma Billing Document 
226 SD_ERW_SD_CMP_4 S_PRN_53000751 Maintain Item Categories for Editing Credit Memo Items 
227 SD_PAYMC_USEX_01 S_P99_41000392 User-Exits für Zahlungskarten 
228 SD_PAYMC_USEX_10 S_ALR_87100597 User Exits for Payment Cards 
229 SD_PR_STATUS S_ALR_87099923 Define Processing Status 
230 SD_SLS_ABRECH02 S_P00_07000080 Display Strategies for Automatic Generation of Settlment Rules 
231 SD_SLS_CS S_ALR_87009604 Customer Service 
232 SD_SLS_MERKMALSANZ S_ALR_87099915 Define Characteristics Display for Overview Screen 
233 SD_SLS_REPASCHEMA S_ALR_87009602 Define repairs procedure 
234 SD_SLS_STATUSANZ S_ALR_87099883 Define Display Status in the Overview Screen 
235 SE19 S_AEN_10000176 Implement BAdI's 
236 SE34 S_EBS_44000395 Maintain Sustainability Certicates 
237 SE54 S_EBS_44000375 Maintain Sustainability Certificates 
238 SE61   Document Maintenance for Texts 
239 SE63 S_KK4_08000410 Translation for Multilingual Use 
240 SE71 S_ALR_87099771 SAPscript Layout Sets 
241 SE72 S_ALR_87099772 SAPscript Styles 
242 SECACCTYPE S_AEN_10000303 Define Securities Account Categories 
243 SELEIHE S_PEN_05000132 Securities Lending: Assign Update Types for Transfer Posting 
244 SEM_CHAR_HIER S_ALN_01002148 Create DataSource for Characteristics Hierarchy 
245 SEM_CHAR_TEXT S_ALN_01002150 Create DataSource for Texts for Characteristics Master Data 
246 SENDERSTRUKTUR S_P00_07000021 Define Sender Structure 
247 SENDER_BANK S_KFM_86000079 Define Sender Structure 
248 SEN_AT_ST_001 S_KI4_55000251 Maintain Validity Old/New Public Service Law 
249 SEN_AT_ST_002 S_KI4_55000252 Set Up Individual Choice Old/New Public Service Law 
250 SEN_AT_ST_003 S_KI4_55000253 Define Increase Process in Feature AVSTG 
251 SEN_AT_ST_004 S_KI4_55000263 Check Calculation of Key Date for Increase 
252 SEN_AT_ST_005 S_KI4_55000350 Maintain Subsequent Pay Rate Levels for Increase Process 
253 SEN_AT_ST_007 S_L6B_69000710 Define Grace Periods Preventing Increase in Feature AVKRZ 
254 SEN_AT_ST_010 S_L6B_69000709 Define Grace Periods Preventing Increase in Feature AVKRZ 
255 SEN_XX_CR_001 S_AHR_61011768 Define Conversion Rules 
256 SEN_XX_CV_001 S_AHR_61011770 Define Time Data Types 
257 SEN_XX_CV_002 S_AHR_61011771 Assign Conversion Rule to Time Data Types for Display 
258 SEN_XX_PR_001 S_AHR_61011772 Define Calculation Process 
259 SEN_XX_PR_002 S_AHR_61011773 Override Attributes for Calculation Process 
260 SEN_XX_PR_010 S_AHR_61011774 Define Process Step 
261 SEN_XX_PR_015 S_AHR_61011775 Assign Valuation Model and Rounding Rule to Process Step 
262 SEN_XX_RP_001 S_PH9_46000408 Display Settings for Employment Period Calculation 
263 SEN_XX_RP_010 S_PH9_46000454 Start Test Utility for Employment Period Calculation 
264 SEN_XX_RR_001 S_AHR_61011769 Define Rounding Rule 
265 SEN_XX_VP_010 S_AHR_61011776 Define Valuation Model 
266 SEN_XX_VP_020 S_AHR_61011777 Define Selection Class 
267 SEN_XX_VP_110 S_AHR_61011778 Check Permitted Infotypes for Selection Rule 
268 SEN_XX_VP_150 S_AHR_61011779 Define Selection Rule 
269 SEN_XX_VP_180 S_AHR_61011780 Define Selection Criteria for Infotypes 
270 SEN_XX_VP_190 S_AHR_61011781 Define Selection Exit 
271 SEPA_ADD_DAYS_ADJUST S_EBJ_45000019 BAdI: Determining the Lead Times for SEPA Direct Debits 
272 SEPA_MANDATE_ASSIGN S_EBJ_45000020 BAdI: Assignment of a SEPA Mandate to an Item 
273 SEPA_MANDATE_FILTER S_EBJ_45000021 BAdI: Influencing the Selection of SEPA Mandates 
274 SEPA_MND_FM_CUST S_E17_18000005 Select Function Module for Generating Mandate IDs 
275 SEPA_MND_FM_MT S_E17_18000004 Define Available Function Modules for Generating Mandate IDs 
276 SEPA_NR_CUST S_E17_18000007 Assign Number Range Intervals 
277 SEPA_NR_MT S_E17_18000006 Define Number Range Intervals 
278 SEPA_RC_CUST S_E17_18000009 Define Reason Codes for Status Changes 
279 SEPA_STATUS_CUST S_E17_18000008 Define Disallowed Status Changes 
280 SERVICEREPORT_BW_PR S_ALR_87003984 Check Flow Type (Service Report) 
281 SESSION_MANAGER S_B20_88000009 Session Manager 
282 SET UP RFC GROUP S_SK4_82000461 cm_sa_xx_591 
283 SET_CAT_RES_SYS_STD S_XEN_65000031 BAdI Implementation: Specify Category-Specific Reservation System 
284 SET_STATUS_INAR S_EE5_50000160 BAdI: Set Status to "Job in Process" 
285 SE_ASSETPOOL S_AEN_10000888 Classify Asset Pool 
286 SE_KLASSIFIZIERUNG S_AEN_10000887 Activate Link to Classification Tool 
287 SE_PARTNERRANG S_AEN_10000890 Define Partner Rank 
288 SE_TRANCHE S_AEN_10000889 Define Security Tranche 
289 SF01 S_ALR_87007382 Create Logical File Names 
290 SF07 S_ALR_87007376 List File Names 
291 SFW_SETTINGS S_BCE_68002224 Switch Framework 
292 SHIFTNOTE_KATEGORIE S_E36_82000253 Maintain Catalogs 
293 SHIFTNOTE_PDF_PRINT S_E36_82000243 Make Settings for Printing of Shift Notes 
294 SHIFTNOTE_RFC S_E36_82000254 Catalogs and Catalog Profiles for Notification Type 
295 SHP_BADI_LECOMP_CORR S_E4A_94000261 Business Add-In for Correlating Quantities of Subcontracting Components 
296 SHP_ODP_MC12VC0HDR S_EBS_44000328 Adjust ODP Data for Header Data (MC12VC0HDR) 
297 SHP_ODP_MC12VC0ITM S_EBS_44000329 Adjust ODP Data for Item Data (MC12VC0ITM) 
298 SHP_ODP_MC12VC0SCL S_EBS_44000330 Adjust ODP for Schedule Line Delivery (MC12VC0SCL) 
299 SICF_INST S_BIN_67000029 Activate HTTP Services for Each Application 
300 SIC_VC_BAS_CONFIG S_BCE_68002284 Business Address Services (BAS) Configuration 
301 SIMF_CFMENUOFDEALTGR S_ALR_87100827 Data Transfer Property 
302 SIMF_CFMENUOFDIALTGE S_ALR_87100825 Data Transfer Building 
303 SIMF_CFMENUOFDIALTME S_ALR_87007052 Data Transfer Rental Units 
304 SIMF_CFMENUOFDIALTWE S_ALR_87100823 Data Transfer Business Entity 
305 SIMG S_KK4_96000290 CH: Qualitative Dignität pflegen 
306 SIMG ABWEICHFORT S_KFM_86000293 Alternative Update Types for Position Outflows 
307 SIMG BADI ONLASST S_ALN_01002491 BAdI: Assign Field Status Online 
308 SIMG GM_BUDGETBAPI S_ALN_01002065 BAdI: Budget Document BAPI 
309 SIMG GM_COCD S_ALN_01001184 Maintain Company Code Settings 
310 SIMG GM_MASTERBAPI S_ALN_01002064 BAdI: Grant Master BAPIs 
311 SIMG OALE_HRDST_16 S_PH9_46000168 Scenario HR <-> LO Release 4.6A or Higher 
312 SIMG OHAICA03 S_L9C_94001364 Define checking rules for master data 
313 SIMG OHAICT02 S_L9C_94001361 Define rules for parental leaves check 
314 SIMG OHAICT03 S_L9C_94001362 Define checking rules attributes of parental leaves 
315 SIMG OHAIFIN40 S_L9C_94000672 Valuate Severance Indemnity advance and settlement 
316 SIMG OHAIPRV07 S_L6B_69000855 Define liability types 
317 SIMG OHAIPRV08 S_L6B_69000856 Define contribution indicators 
318 SIMG OHAISP02 S_L9C_94001357 Grace 
319 SIMG OHAISP03 S_L9C_94001358 Determine grace limits 
320 SIMG OHAISP04 S_L9C_94001359 Define secondary rules 
321 SIMG OHAISP05 S_L9C_94001360 Define grace types 
322 SIMG OHAIT_CIG06 S_AHR_61016462 Enter INPS (social security) authorization for ord. and extraord. EEF 
323 SIMG OHAIT_CO000 S_L7D_24000217 Create activity code for Coordinated and continued collaboration 
324 SIMG OHAIT_CO010 S_L7D_24000277 Create codes for other type of compulsory insurance 
325 SIMG OHAIT_CO030 S_L7D_24000278 Create contribution relief codes 
326 SIMG OHAIT_CO040 S_L7D_24000279 Define wage items groups for GLA form 
327 SIMG OHAIT_INL60 S_L6B_69000861 Define employee subgroup 
328 SIMG OHAX_AV_1 S_AHR_61018738 Bases for averages valuation 
329 SIMG PAD_ES_TX_T5E91 S_PH0_48000213 Assign customer subtypes to legal classes 
330 SIMG PAY_DE_BW_180 S_PH9_46000079 Set Up Functional Areas 
331 SIMG PAY_XX_AB_300 S_L7D_24000272 Define detailed absences (< 1 day) 
332 SIMG SIMG_CFMENUCX01 S_PL0_86000056 Collect Breakdown Categories from File Using Flexible Upload 
333 SIMG SIMG_CFORFBOBA5 S_ALR_87100567 Change Message Control for Displaying Line Items 
334 SIMG SIMG_ISPSFM_V_F S_ALN_01000886 Assign Payment Term to Material Group 
335 SIMG W_ZF_VK_0471 S_ALR_87099967 Maintain Split Criteria for Allocation Table Follow-On Document Generation 
336 SIMG _ISPSFM_FMT003 S_ALN_01002623 Switch on Principle of Prudence for each Document Type 
337 SIMG-BA-CA-BF32 S_KK4_13000154 Define Function Modules (P/S) of a Partner 
338 SIMG-BA-CA-F9CX S_KK4_13000140 Set Up Field Modifications - Condition Categories 
339 SIMG-BA-V_TBKKCACT S_KK4_13000128 Maintain GL Transaction 
340 SIMG-BA-V_TBKKCASS S_KK4_13000125 Define GL Account Assignment: Current Accounts 
341 SIMG-BA-V_TBKKCGRP S_KK4_13000126 Maintain GL Group 
342 SIMG-BA-V_TBKKCTTP S_KK4_13000127 Assign Transaction Type for Payment Transaction to GL Operation 
343 SIMG-BA-V_TBKKCVAR S_KK4_13000083 Maintain GL Variants 
344 SIMG-EVC-ASSIGN_GPV S_KA5_12000642 Assign Progress Versions to Group Progress Versions 
345 SIMG-EVC-GPV S_KA5_87000001 Maintain Group Progress Version 
346 SIMG-EVC-GRPV S_KA5_87000002 Maintain Group Progress Version 
347 SIMG-FILTER S_ALR_87008966 Define Filter 
348 SIMG0HT100 S_PL0_09000354 Check Customizing Settings for Quota Generation 
349 SIMGAD03PHP S_KA5_12000487 Maintain plan data handling profile 
350 SIMGAD04CUMOH S_KA5_12000486 Cumulative overhead 
351 SIMGBEARBARTEN_DEF S_P99_41000043 Define processing types 
352 SIMGBEARBGRP_ZU_BEAR S_P99_41000044 Assign processing groups to processing types 
353 SIMGBEARBGRUPPEN_DEF S_P99_41000042 Define processing groups 
354 SIMGBEARBSCHL_DEF S_P99_41000046 Define Processing Keys 
355 SIMGBEWARTEN_PRUEFEN S_ALR_87008992 Flow Types for Order Management (Product Category 310) 
356 SIMGBEWARTGRP_DEF S_P99_41000040 Define Flow Type Groups 
357 SIMGBEWART_ZU_BEWART S_P99_41000041 Assign Flow Types to Flow Type Groups 
358 SIMGBEZ_FUNCTASTE S_P99_41000048 Define Names for Function Keys 
359 SIMGCATS0601 S_PL0_86000163 Technologies for CATS regular 
360 SIMGCFJB01JBDDRFGDT1 S_KK4_13000063 Edit Derivation Strategy 
361 SIMGCFMENUOFDITIVC61 S_ALR_87007658 Maintain Account Determination for Rental Units/Lease-Outs 
362 SIMGCFMENUOHPOWF01 S_AHR_61003081 Activate Event Linkage 
363 SIMGCFMENUOLPFCOIS S_E38_98000121 Define Profiles for Classical Object Overview 
364 SIMGEXC_001 S_L6B_69000180 Determine Tolerance Group 
365 SIMGEXC_002 S_L6B_69000181 Maintain Rules for Exception Handling 
366 SIMGEXC_003 S_L7D_24000283 Determine Tolerance Group 
367 SIMGEXC_004 S_L7D_24000284 Maintain Rules for Exception Handling 
368 SIMGFCOMV_CR_ACTN_AS S_EBS_44000385 Assign Actions to Request Types 
369 SIMGFUNC_ZUBEARBSCHL S_P99_41000047 Function Key/Processing Category for Processing Key 
370 SIMGGTN_001 S_L6B_69000081 Maintain GTN Form 
371 SIMGGTN_002 S_L6B_69000090 Set up GTN Wage Types 
372 SIMGH S_KFM_86000078 Liquidity Forecast: Determine and Assign Payments 
373 SIMGHAUSBANKEN S_P00_07000096 Define Owners' House Banks 
374 SIMGHCM_BA_TYPE S_SO7_65001025 Business Associate Types 
375 SIMGHFAAORFA_WZ S_PL0_86000183 Set Up Areas for Parallel Valuation 
376 SIMGHOHACN_SLD001 S_KPH_31000500 Define EE Grouping for Service Year Cal. and Sick Leave Deduction Rate 
377 SIMGHOHACN_SLD002 S_KPH_31000501 Define Service Year Calculation Rule 
378 SIMGHOHACN_SLD003 S_KPH_31000502 Assign Service Year Calculation Rule 
379 SIMGHOHACN_SLD004 S_KPH_31000503 Define Sick Leave Deduction Rate 
380 SIMGHOW_DOC_TYPE S_SO6_65000970 Owner Request Document Types 
381 SIMGHOW_ORQDOCN S_SO6_65000993 Assign Number Ranges 
382 SIMGHOW_RQST_DFLTS S_SO6_65000978 Owner Request Global settings 
383 SIMGHOW_SCHA_DFLTSS S_SO7_65001253 Schedule 'A' Report Field Configuration 
384 SIMGHRBAS00INFTY S_PH0_48000572 BADI: Customer's Own Authorization Checks 
385 SIMGHRBAS00_GET_PROF S_AL0_96000304 BAdI: Define Assigned Structural Profiles 
386 SIMGHREXP052 S_ALN_01000868 Define Semantic Attributes 
387 SIMGHRPTDW030 S_AHR_61016414 Check Assignment of Time Units 
388 SIMGHT2BO_API S_SO7_65001077 Business Object Services 
389 SIMGHT2COMMANDS S_SO7_65001078 Commands 
390 SIMGHT2GLOBAL S_SO7_65001080 Global settings 
391 SIMGHT2_BA_TYPE_JV S_SO7_65001098 BA Type Codes for JVA Integration 
392 SIMGHXIGLOBAL S_P7I_60000002 Global Settings -XI 
393 SIMGHXI_BA_TYPE_JV S_P7I_60000003 Business Associate Type Codes for JVA Integration - XI 
394 SIMGH_APER_BLART S_AL0_96000509 Specify Document Type for Periodic Posting of Asset Values 
395 SIMGH_APER_BLART_NEW S_EEI_69000144 Specify Document Type for Periodic Posting of Asset Values 
396 SIMGH_BLART_CORECHN S_AL0_96000815 Document Type for Cross-Company Code Cost Accounting in External CoCode 
397 SIMGH_EP_KTOKD S_SO7_65001027 Assign Account Groups to Customer BA's 
398 SIMGH_EP_KTOKK S_SO7_65001026 Assign Account Groups to Vendor BA's 
399 SIMGH_ICL_CD S_KK4_08000475 BAdI: Interface to Collections/Disbursements 
400 SIMGH_ICL_CLSRCH S_KK4_08000574 BAdI: Adjust Claim Search 
401 SIMGH_ICL_ITEM S_KK4_08000575 BAdI for Claim Items 
402 SIMGH_ICL_TICL018 S_KK4_08000036 Define Claim Closure Reasons 
403 SIMGH_ICL_TICL026 S_KK4_08000037 Define Valuation Basis 
404 SIMGH_ICL_TICL321_CD S_KK4_08000514 Integration of Collections/Disbursements 
405 SIMGH_ICL_TICL326 S_SK4_11000034 FS-CD:Define Contract Acct Creation Variant and Ins.Object for Contract 
406 SIMGH_KONTEN_AUFWERT S_AL0_96000352 Maintain Accounts for Revaluation 
407 SIMGH_LMON002 S_DTR_07000042 Define Unique Object Class Identifiers, Permitted Movements and Hierarchy 
408 SIMGH_LMON003 S_DTR_07000043 Define Object Class Methods 
409 SIMGH_LMON004 S_DTR_07000044 Define Object Class Attributes 
410 SIMGH_LMON005 S_ALN_01000523 Map Alert Values 
411 SIMGH_LOGLMON002 S_PLN_06000239 Define Unique Object Class Identifiers, Permitted Movements and Hierarchy 
412 SIMGH_LOGLMON003 S_PLN_06000240 Define Object Class Methods 
413 SIMGH_LOGLMON004 S_PLN_06000241 Define Object Class Attributes 
414 SIMGH_M_TICL368 S_KK4_08000576 Define Permitted Treatment Plans per Tooth and Diagnosis 
415 SIMGH_M_TICL950 S_KK4_08000577 Claim Bundle: Define Tasks and Log Entries 
416 SIMGH_OHINF_SEL1 S_AHR_61016721 Define Selection IDs 
417 SIMGH_OLPR_ERWEITCEP S_P00_07000147 Enhancements for Collaboration 
418 SIMGH_OLPR_PROFIL S_ALR_87100778 Define CEP profile 
419 SIMGH_OLPR_USEREXIT S_P00_07000148 Check User Authorization for Folders 
420 SIMGH_OLPR_VERWALT S_P00_07000331 Administration of CEP Documents 
421 SIMGH_OLPR_WORKFLOW S_P00_07000328 Define Workflow 
422 SIMGH_T093C_NOSKONTO S_PL0_09000260 Prevent Subsequent Capitalization of Discounts 
423 SIMGH_T093_MAPPING S_ALN_01000535 Maintain Posting Rules for Parallel Accounting Principles (OBSOLETE) 
424 SIMGH_TCNTN05 S_P00_07000149 Define Scheduling Scenarios 
425 SIMGH_TEST_HIMI S_KK4_08000568 Documentation for Customizing of Medical Devices 
426 SIMGH_TEST_HKP S_KK4_08000569 Documentation for Customizing of Home Health Care (HHC) Process 
427 SIMGH_TEST_PV S_KK4_08000570 Documentation for Customizing of Care Process 
428 SIMGH_TEST_PV01 S_KK4_08000571 Documentation for Customizing of Care Process 
429 SIMGH_TICL094 S_KK4_08000550 Enhance Node Categories of Navigation Tree 
430 SIMGICL_CREMUNTYPE_M S_P7I_08000882 Define Remuneration Categories for DRGs 
431 SIMGISHMED_OPD_KV_RL S_KK4_98000171 Set Up Red List Input Help 
432 SIMGISM_TLM_PP_SETUP S_KK4_82001156 Set Up Enhanced Partial Payment Functionality 
433 SIMGKOPFTEXTANFR S_P00_07000209 Define Text Types for Header Texts 
434 SIMGKOPFTEXTBEST S_P00_07000202 Define Text Types for Header Texts 
435 SIMGKOPFTEXTKONT S_P00_07000211 Define Text Types for Header Texts 
436 SIMGKOPFTEXTLIEF S_P00_07000213 Define Text Types for Header Texts 
437 SIMGMMSRV_BAPI_CUST S_AC0_52000417 BAdI: Service Master: Modification of BAPI Interfaces 
438 SIMGMMSRV_SM_MAIN S_AC0_52000418 BAdI: Enhancement of Service Master 
439 SIMGMMSRV_SM_NOTIFY S_AC0_52000419 BAdI: Create Notification/Change Service Master 
440 SIMGMPWMM_OMILL_CUT S_KM5_93000008 Set Cutting Processing and Delivery-Related Trading Unit Change 
441 SIMGMPWMM_OMILL_MMCL S_KM5_93000002 Define Profiles for Selection by Characteristics 
442 SIMGMPWPP_MILL_OC_1 S_MHA_63000001 Administer selection profile for the combination 
443 SIMGMPWSD_MILL_OOCU S_KM5_93000003 Maintain Workflow for Sales Order Versions 
444 SIMGMPWSD_MILL_T160 S_KM5_93000004 Define Attributes of System Messages 
445 SIMGMPWSD_OMILL_VS S_KM5_93000005 Configure Sales Order Versions 
446 SIMGOALE_HRDST_11 S_PH9_46000171 Scenario HR <-> LO with pre-4.6A Release 
447 SIMGOALE_HRDST_VHR S_AHR_61019318 Distributed HR Master Data 
448 SIMGOALE_HRDST_VOM S_AHR_61012643 Set Up Distributed Organizational Management 
449 SIMGOHAAOESV111 S_L6B_69000563 Assignment: Wage Types - Absences (SV_TAB) 
450 SIMGOHACAREP109 S_PH9_46001259 Assign Registration Numbers to Tax Reporting Units 
451 SIMGOHACAREPPD7A02 S_PH9_46001258 Configure wage types for PD7A Reporting 
452 SIMGOHACN_SLD001 S_KPH_31000515 Define EE Grouping for Service Year Cal. and Sick Leave Deduction Rate 
453 SIMGOHACN_SLD002 S_KPH_31000516 Define Service Year Calculation Rule 
454 SIMGOHACN_SLD003 S_KPH_31000517 Assign Service Year Calculation Rule 
455 SIMGOHACN_SLD004 S_KPH_31000518 Define Sick Leave Deduction Rate 
456 SIMGOHACSV924 S_AHR_61018794 Maintain specifications for payroll unit NBU supplementary 
457 SIMGOHACSV926 S_AHR_61018795 Maintain specifications for payroll unit Social Funds 
458 SIMGOHADEHC05 S_L9C_94000079 Store Further Company Information 
459 SIMGOHADSVD39 S_L9C_94000103 Handling of Multiperiod Benefits Payments 
460 SIMGOHADVSD39 S_L9C_94000102 Handling of Multiperiod Benefits Payments 
461 SIMGOHAF5F4J   Enter socio-professional categories 
462 SIMGOHAGB_CC013 S_PL0_09000313 Set-up Wagetypes for the Payroll Function 
463 SIMGOHAIAB004 S_L6B_69000838 Define day rules 
464 SIMGOHAIAPR05 S_L9C_94001491 Define processing classes 
465 SIMGOHAICA02 S_L9C_94001363 Define characteristic for master data checking 
466 SIMGOHAICA04 S_L9C_94001365 Define master data checking rules attributes 
467 SIMGOHAIFIN50 S_L9C_94000673 Calculate IRPEF for monthly Severance Indemnity 
468 SIMGOHAINOR00 S_L9C_94001371 Assign protected action type to absences 
469 SIMGOHAINOR01 S_L9C_94001372 Connect wage types to legal form boxes 
470 SIMGOHAITCOM05 S_L9C_94000602 Maintain municipality table from external file 
471 SIMGOHAITFIP21 S_L7D_24001662 Define companies with less than 50 employees 
472 SIMGOHAITFR01 S_L7D_24001663 Define accrued SI 
473 SIMGOHAITFR02 S_L7D_24001664 Assign wage types to cumulative wage types 
474 SIMGOHAITFR03 S_L7D_24001665 Choose severance indemnity type 
475 SIMGOHAITNGL008 S_PCO_36000365 Define date/time for payment posting 
476 SIMGOHAITNGL009 S_PCO_36000361 Specify bank clearing account for HR payments 
477 SIMGOHAITNGL010 S_PCO_36000234 Adjust account from master data for posting 
478 SIMGOHAITNGL105 S_L7D_24002634 Activate cost distribution via function XLIDI 
479 SIMGOHAITNGL106 S_L7D_24002635 Debit wage type distribution and receipt principle 
480 SIMGOHAITNGL107 S_L7D_24002636 Expense-related distribution of debit wage types 
481 SIMGOHAIT_770_005 S_L7D_24002751 Define form 770 
482 SIMGOHAIT_770_010 S_L7D_24002734 Define sections for 770 
483 SIMGOHAIT_770_020 S_L7D_24002736 Define wage type groups for each form and each section 
484 SIMGOHAIT_770_BADI S_L7D_24002735 BAdI: Activate user exit for 770 
485 SIMGOHAIT_ARR05 S_PH9_46000705 Define rounding modifier 
486 SIMGOHAIT_ARR06 S_L9C_94000430 Define rounding indicator 
487 SIMGOHAIT_AUSG000 S_L7D_24000286 Generic table for XML output 
488 SIMGOHAIT_AUSG005 S_L7D_24000285 Output types for XML 
489 SIMGOHAIT_CIG01 S_AHR_61016450 Assign employee grouping to EEF authorization indicator 
490 SIMGOHAIT_CIG05 S_L6B_69000827 Enter INPS (social security) authorization for EEF for bad weather 
491 SIMGOHAIT_CIG07 S_L9C_94001487 Define EEF groupings 
492 SIMGOHAIT_CO000 S_L9C_94001560 Create activity code for Coordinated and continued collaboration 
493 SIMGOHAIT_CO010 S_L9C_94001561 Create codes for other type of compulsory insurance 
494 SIMGOHAIT_CO020 S_L9C_94001562 Link Coordinated and continued coll. codes to status / employee subgroup 
495 SIMGOHAIT_CO030 S_L7D_24000218 Create contribution relief codes 
496 SIMGOHAIT_CO040 S_L7D_24000219 Define wage items groups for GLA form 
497 SIMGOHAIT_CUD05 S_L7D_24001945 Define wage type groups for each form and each section 
498 SIMGOHAIT_CUD10 S_L7D_24001942 Define variables for CUD notes 
499 SIMGOHAIT_CUD100 S_L7D_24002586 Create CUD form 
500 SIMGOHAIT_CUD110 S_L7D_24002587 Manage CUD notes