SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 32
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SSC_STATIC_PARA_TRAN S_BTD_53000015 BAdI: Set Source Field Values 
2 SSM_CUST_KEYS S_BCE_68001821 Set Customizing Switch in Table SSM_CUST 
3 SSR_OUTFICU2 S_P7F_76000024 Platzierung der Felder auf Formular 
4 SS_VIEWROLES S_AEC_66000418 View Roles 
5 STABI_BUILDING_BLOCK S_E36_82000047 Business Add-In for Quantity Check in Stability Study 
6 STAMMDATEN_DF S_ALR_87007924 Import R/3 Master Data 
7 STARTMENU_DEFINITION S_BCE_68000646 Definition on initial menu 
8 STATISTIKART S_ALR_87007856 Define Statistics Type 
9 STATUS S_ALR_87004440 Define Status per Product Type 
10 STATUS_STOP_PERLEVEL S_PLN_62000528 Assign Payment Status and Stops to Dunning Levels 
11 STEUERSAETZE S_ALR_87004415 Define Tax Rates 
12 STOCK_PRC_VOLA_INPUT S_ALR_87008527 Enter Security Volatilities 
13 STOCK_PRICES_INPUT S_ALR_87008536 Enter Security Prices 
14 STORNOARTEN_DE S_ALR_87007857 Define Manual Reversal Types 
15 STORNOGRUNDE_DE S_ALR_87009303 Define Reasons for Reversal 
16 STWB_SET S_BCE_68002040 Test Organizer: Central Settings 
17 ST_FIMM S_EBS_44000065 Financial Accounting Incoming Invoices 
18 ST_FISD S_EBS_44000067 Financial Accounting Outgoing Invoices 
19 ST_GRUENDE S_ALN_01001321 Define Reasons for Deferral 
20 ST_GRUNDEINSTELLUNG S_ALN_01002125 Determine Basic Settings 
21 ST_MM S_EBS_44000066 Materials Management: Incoming Invoices 
22 ST_NACHBEARB_GRUENDE S_ALN_01001320 Define Reasons for Postprocessing 
23 ST_SD S_EBS_44000046 Sales and Distribution: Outgoing Invoices 
24 ST_STEUERDATEN S_ALN_01001318 Define General Control Data 
25 SUNITLOCDATA S_SA5_06000007 Floor number 
26 SVARA S_BCE_68000335 Distribution Model for ALE Audit 
27 SVIM_ORG_CRIT_ACT S_BCE_68001485 Activate organizational criteria 
28 SVIM_ORG_CRIT_DEF S_BCE_68001484 Define organizational criteria 
29 SWAPSAETZE_DF S_ALR_87007973 Define Forward Rates 
30 SWAP_RATE_INPUT S_ALR_87008539 Enter Swap Rates 
31 SWETYPV S_GF1_13000137 Activate Event Linkage for AC Workflows 
32 SWFDVEVTY2_V1 S_E4A_94000286 Activate Outbound Messages through Workflow 
33 SWNCCOLLECTOR S_BCE_68002199 Statistics Collector Parameters and Reorganization 
34 SWNCCOLLPARAM S_BCE_68002200 Parameters for Generating and Reorganizing Statistics Aggregates 
35 SW_ALLG_STEUERD S_KFM_86000261 Define General Control Data 
36 SW_GRUENDE S_KFM_86000262 Define Reason for Borrower Change 
37 SW_PA_SWITCH S_KA5_12001117 Assign Partner Inheritance Trigger During Sales Cycle 
38 SW_VERRKONTO S_KFM_86000263 Define Clearing Account for Open Item Transfer Posting 
39 SYSCUS_ROLE S_AEC_66000420 Tax Role 
40 SYSSET_AGGRRULE S_AEC_66000396 Aggregation Rule 
41 SYSSET_CON_COMPONENT S_AEC_66000393 Condition Component 
42 SYSSET_DIRECT_IND S_AEC_66000390 Direction Indicator 
43 SYSSET_EXPORT_IND S_AEC_66000391 Export Indicator 
44 SYSSET_FIELD_NAME S_AEC_66000400 Field Name 
45 SYSSET_ROUNDING_RULE S_AEC_66000397 Rounding Rule 
46 SYSSET_ROUNRULE_ASSG S_AEC_66000398 Rounding Rule Assignment 
47 SYSSET_TAXEVENT_TYPE S_AEC_66000399 Tax Event Type 
48 SYSSET_TAX_CATEGORY S_AEC_66000388 Tax Category 
49 SYSSET_TAX_ROLE S_AEC_66000389 Tax Role 
50 SYSTEM S_ALN_01000180 CAD Desktop 
51 SYSTEMS S_ALN_01000162 CAD Systems 
52 SZENARIOARTEN S_ALR_87007829 Create Scenario Type 
53 S_AUT01 S_L1A_49000010 Change Logging Configuration 
54 S_AUT02 S_L1A_49000011 Change Assignment: Transaction/Objects 
55 S_AUT04 S_L1A_49000012 Configure Long Text Logs 
56 S_CLB S_YI3_39000107 Collaboration: Introduction 
57 S_CLB_APPLI S_YI3_39000105 Application-Specific Server Settings 
58 S_CLB_APPL_CONT S_YI3_39000139 Specify Application Context 
59 S_CLB_BGRFC_CONF S_YI3_39000154 Maintain bgRFC Configuration 
60 S_CLB_EMAIL_USER S_YI3_39000140 BAdI: E-Mail Address for Backend User 
61 S_CLB_GWNOTIF_DIST S_YI3_39000156 Distribute Gateway Notifications 
62 S_CLB_GW_NOTIFY S_YI3_39000138 Activate OData Service for Notification 
63 S_CLB_HTTP S_YI3_39000097 Define HTTP Service 
64 S_CLB_IDP S_YI3_39000099 Enable SAML 2.0 Identity Provider 
65 S_CLB_ITEM_FACT S_YI3_39000141 BAdI: StreamWork Item Factory 
66 S_CLB_REGISTRY S_YI3_39000152 Define OData Service Registry 
67 S_CLB_RSA_CERT S_YI3_39000100 Retrieve Certificate for RSA-SHA1 
68 S_CLB_SERVER S_YI3_39000104 Server Settings 
69 S_CLB_SP_CERT S_YI3_39000098 Maintain Certificate of Service Provider 
70 S_CLB_STW S_YI3_39000108 StreamWork Integration: Introduction 
71 S_CLB_STW_DIR S_YI3_39000096 Direct Communication: Introduction 
72 S_E4A_94000025 S_E4A_94000091 Show Segment Catalog 
73 S_JAM S_YI3_39000147 SAP Jam Integration: Introduction 
74 S_JAM_APPLI S_YI3_39000148 Register Application as OAuth Client 
75 S_JAM_IDP S_YI3_39000149 Register SAML Trusted Identity Provider at SAP Jam 
76 S_JAM_ITEM_FACT S_YI3_39000153 BAdI: SAP Jam Item Factory 
77 S_JAM_RSA_CERT S_YI3_39000150 Retrieve Certificate for RSA-SHA1 
78 S_JAM_SERVER S_YI3_39000151 Server Settings 
79 S_PCO_AUTH_CHECK S_YI3_39000015 Enhance Authorization Check 
80 S_PCO_HANDLE_NOTIF S_YI3_39000017 Enhance Processing of PCo Notification Messages 
81 S_STW_APPLI S_YI3_39000101 Register Application as OAuth Client 
82 S_STW_IDP S_YI3_39000102 Register SAML Trusted Identity Provider at SAP StreamWork 
83 S_STW_SEA S_YI3_39000103 StreamWork Enterprise Agent