SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 17
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_EURO_NACHCOPA1 S_ALR_87008982 Edit Conditions (Accrued CO-PA) 
2 SIMG_EURO_NACHCOPA2 S_ALR_87008983 Reconstruct Report Data 
3 SIMG_EURO_NACHFI2 S_ALR_87003501 Carry Out Cleanup in Financial Accounting (FI-AP/FI-AR/FI-GL) 
4 SIMG_EURO_NACHMONI S_ALR_87001760 Monitor Postprocessing 
5 SIMG_EURO_OFFLINE S_ALR_87003445 Make Offline Backup 
6 SIMG_EURO_OILCLEANUP S_SO6_65000893 Cleanup in IS-Oil Downstream 
7 SIMG_EURO_PAKET S_ALR_87003178 Copy Changeover Package 
8 SIMG_EURO_PAKUEBERS S_ALR_87003231 Display Package Overview 
9 SIMG_EURO_PARAMETER S_ALR_87002579 Check Indexes 
10 SIMG_EURO_PARAMETERZ S_ALR_87002688 Switch On Indexes 
11 SIMG_EURO_PCASALDO S_ALR_87003517 Carry Forward Balances 
12 SIMG_EURO_PEREXTRAKT S_ALR_87003484 Check if Periodic Extract Carried Out 
13 SIMG_EURO_PLANJAHR S_ALR_87099796 Change Plan Year for Changeover Package 
14 SIMG_EURO_PLANPROZ S_ALR_87003464 Enter Planning Values Also in Euro 
15 SIMG_EURO_PS_OPS4 S_ALR_87008678 Maintain Network Profile 
16 SIMG_EURO_PS_OPS5 S_ALR_87008677 Maintain Standard Network Profile 
17 SIMG_EURO_PS_OPSA S_ALR_87008676 Maintain Project Profile 
18 SIMG_EURO_PS_OPT7 S_ALR_87008679 Maintain Profile for the Project Planning Board 
19 SIMG_EURO_R3CHECK S_ALR_87003482 Check Legibility of FI Documents 
20 SIMG_EURO_RAEWUAFA S_ALR_87003385 RAEWUAFA: FI-AA Reconciliation Program (Analysis) 
21 SIMG_EURO_RAEWUC0B S_ALR_87002533 RAEWUC0B: Read FI-AA Table and Compare to FI-GL Balances 
22 SIMG_EURO_RAEWUC1B S_ALR_87003404 RAEWUC1B: Read FI-AA Table and Compare to FI-GL Balances 
23 SIMG_EURO_RAEWUS0B S_ALR_87002766 RAEWUS0B: Select FI-AA Records and Summarize at FI-GL Level 
24 SIMG_EURO_RAEWUS1A S_ALR_87003388 RAEWUS1A: FI-AA Analysis Program 
25 SIMG_EURO_RAEWUS1B S_ALR_87003376 RAEWUS1B: Select FI-AA Records and Summarize at FI-GL Level 
26 SIMG_EURO_RAIPEWU1 S_ALR_87001942 RAIPEWU1: Modification of Investment Programs 
27 SIMG_EURO_RBPEWU1M S_ALR_87001846 Adjust Budget Values 
28 SIMG_EURO_RBPEWU1P S_ALR_87002439 Adjust Project Budget 
29 SIMG_EURO_RCOPCA44 S_ALR_87003167 Reconcile EC-PCA with FI 
30 SIMG_EURO_RCOPCA44B S_ALR_87002454 Carry Out Cleanup in Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA) 
31 SIMG_EURO_RECHNUNR40 S_ALR_87003496 Display Invoice Receipt in Two Currencies 
32 SIMG_EURO_REPWRITE S_ALR_87003456 Produce Report Painter Reports in Old or New Currency 
33 SIMG_EURO_RESTARTPAK S_ALR_87002676 Change Restart Capability for Package 
34 SIMG_EURO_RESTARTTAB S_ALR_87002653 Change Restart Capability for Tables 
35 SIMG_EURO_REVAKT S_ALR_87003488 Enable Auditing of the Current Fiscal Year 
36 SIMG_EURO_REVISION01 S_ALR_87003468 Enable Auditing of Closed Fiscal Years 
37 SIMG_EURO_REVISION02 S_ALR_87003465 Carry Out Auditing 
38 SIMG_EURO_RFEWA009 S_ALR_87002801 RFEWA009: FI Documents/Transaction Figures Comparison 
39 SIMG_EURO_RFEWA011 S_ALR_87003345 RFEWA011: FI Documents/Acct Transaction Figures Comparison 
40 SIMG_EURO_RFEWA012 S_ALR_87003330 RFEWA012: Compare Debit/Credit Items in the Balance Sheet 
41 SIMG_EURO_RFEWA014 S_ALR_87001919 RFEWA014: Adjust Debit/Credit Items in Balance Carr.Forward 
42 SIMG_EURO_RFEWACUS S_ALR_87003371 RFEWACUS: Test Customizing 
43 SIMG_EURO_RFEWASHK S_ALR_87003333 RFEWASHK: Compare Indexes with Transaction Figures 
44 SIMG_EURO_RFEWASOA S_ALR_87009586 RFEWASOA: Check Accounts for Balances in Local Currency 
45 SIMG_EURO_RFEWUC0F S_ALR_87002716 RFEWUC0F: FI Reconciliation Phase <-> Open Item Total/Ledger 
46 SIMG_EURO_RFEWUC0O S_ALR_87002723 RFEWUC0O: FI Reconcil.Phase <-> Subledgers/General Ledger 
47 SIMG_EURO_RFEWUC1F S_ALR_87003360 RFEWUC1F: Check Bal.Carried Fwd in Ledgers Using Open Items 
48 SIMG_EURO_RFEWUC1O S_ALR_87003357 RFEWUC1O: Check Subledger/G/L Bal.Carr.Fwd Using Open Items 
49 SIMG_EURO_RFEWUD0P S_ALR_87001744 RFEWUD0P: FI Reconciliation Program: Delete Table Items 
50 SIMG_EURO_RFEWUS0P S_ALR_87002706 RFEWUS0P: FI Reconciliation Phase <-> Open Items at Key Date 
51 SIMG_EURO_RFEWUS1C S_ALR_87003367 RFEWUS1C: Preprocessing Program for FI Clearing Procedures 
52 SIMG_EURO_RFEWUS1P S_ALR_87003368 RFEWUS1P: Select FI Open Items From Company Code 
53 SIMG_EURO_RFEWUSHK S_ALR_87002809 RFEWUSHK: Special G/L Indicator Balances 
54 SIMG_EURO_RFFMRC04 S_ALR_87001832 Match Line Items and Totals Records 
55 SIMG_EURO_RFFMS002A S_ALR_87002416 TR-CB: Match Line Items and Totals Records 
56 SIMG_EURO_RGCEUR50 S_ALR_87001930 RGCEUR50: Reconcile/Construct Consolidation Staging Ledger 
57 SIMG_EURO_RGFLC1F S_AC0_52000424 RGFLC1F: Comparison of Balance Carryforward with Open Items Total 
58 SIMG_EURO_RGFLPST S_AC0_52000425 RGFLPST: Subsequent Posting of Documents in Leading Ledger 
59 SIMG_EURO_RGFLS1P S_AC0_52000423 RGFLS1P: Selection of Open Items at Key Date 
60 SIMG_EURO_RKAABR01 S_ALR_87003364 RKAABR01: Compare Settlement Tables - Test Run 
61 SIMG_EURO_RKAABR02 S_ALR_87001958 RKAABR02: Compare Settlement Tables - Update Run 
62 SIMG_EURO_RKACOFI2 S_ALR_87002263 RKACOFI2: Match Reconciliation Ledger with FI 
63 SIMG_EURO_RKACOR10 S_ALR_87001967 RKACOR10: Reconstruct Commitment Totals Records from COOI 
64 SIMG_EURO_RKACOR19 S_ALR_87001987 RKACOR19: Match Line Items and Totals Records 
65 SIMG_EURO_RKEB090240 S_ALR_87002251 RKEB0902_40: Convert CO Report Data and Reports 
66 SIMG_EURO_RKEB0902_4 S_ALR_87002623 RKEB0902_40: Convert CO-PA Reports 
67 SIMG_EURO_RM07MBST S_ALR_87003173 Compare MM and FI Balances 
68 SIMG_EURO_RNWATEURON S_KK4_96000376 RNWATEUROCORR9091: Prüf. Konsistenz NWCH90/NWCH91 und Korr. bei Differenzen 
69 SIMG_EURO_RNWATEUROV S_KK4_96000374 RNWATEUROCHECK9091: Prüfung Konsistenz zw. Honorartabellen NWCH90/NWCH91 
70 SIMG_EURO_ROIAEW10 S_SO5_65000006 ROIAEW10: Reconcile logical inventory valuation segment 
71 SIMG_EURO_ROIAEW20 S_SO5_65000007 ROIAEW20: Reconcile movement-based netting balance 
72 SIMG_EURO_ROIHEW10 S_SO5_65000008 ROIHEW10: List active excise duty revaluations 
73 SIMG_EURO_ROIHEW11 S_SO5_65000001 ROIHEW11: Check: Excise duty revaluation not active 
74 SIMG_EURO_ROIHEW20 S_SO5_65000009 ROIHEW20: Adjust excise duty valuation records 
75 SIMG_EURO_ROIHEW21 S_SO5_65000002 ROIHEW21: Check excise duty valuation records 
76 SIMG_EURO_ROIHEW22 S_SO5_65000004 ROIHEW22: Reconcile excise duty valuation records 
77 SIMG_EURO_ROIHEW30 S_SO5_65000010 ROIHEW30: List of excise duty inventory balances 
78 SIMG_EURO_ROIHEW31 S_SO5_65000003 ROIHEW31: Check excise duty inventory balances 
79 SIMG_EURO_ROIHEW32 S_SO5_65000005 ROIHEW32: Reconcile excise duty inventory balances 
80 SIMG_EURO_ROLLBACK01 S_ALR_87003480 Check Rollback Segment 
81 SIMG_EURO_ROLLBACK02 S_ALR_87003516 Reset Rollback Segment 
82 SIMG_EURO_RUNDCONST S_E4A_94000038 Define Account Assignment Constant for Rounding Differences 
83 SIMG_EURO_RUNDKONT04 S_ALR_87003318 Define Accounts for Company Codes 
84 SIMG_EURO_RUNDKONTO S_ALR_87003325 Enter Accounts in Financial Statement Version 
85 SIMG_EURO_RUNDKONTO2 S_ALR_87003314 Define Accounts in Chart of Accounts 
86 SIMG_EURO_RUNDKONTO3 S_ALR_87003322 Enter Accounts in Control Table 
87 SIMG_EURO_SALDO01 S_ALR_87003248 Carry Forward G/L Balances 
88 SIMG_EURO_SALDO02 S_ALR_87003252 Carry Forward Subledger Balances 
89 SIMG_EURO_SALDOVOR S_ALR_87003195 Carry Forward Balances 
90 SIMG_EURO_SAPKKAE0 S_ALR_87003477 Reconcile Cost Object Controlling 
91 SIMG_EURO_SL-GL_ABST S_ALR_87002405 Reconcile Ledger with General Ledger 
92 SIMG_EURO_SOLLSTELL S_ALR_87003514 Execute debit position 
93 SIMG_EURO_SPERREN S_ALR_87002544 Lock Users 
94 SIMG_EURO_SPOOL S_ALR_87003292 Retain Spool Requests 
95 SIMG_EURO_START S_ALR_87002597 Start conversion 
96 SIMG_EURO_SYSTEM02 S_ALR_87002586 Confirm System Settings 
97 SIMG_EURO_TABUMSPRUF S_ALR_87003440 Check Table Conversion 
98 SIMG_EURO_TEILWAEHR1 S_ALR_87003459 Specify Participating Currencies 
99 SIMG_EURO_TEILWAEHR2 S_ALR_87003234 Specify Participating Currencies for Changeover Package 
100 SIMG_EURO_TRANSRET S_ALR_87003276 Use Euro Conversion Transaction 
101 SIMG_EURO_UMSATZREP S_ALR_87003460 Tax Reporting in Additional Currencies 
102 SIMG_EURO_UMSETZAKTI S_ALR_87003181 Activate Changeover Package 
103 SIMG_EURO_VORALL S_ALR_87003214 Start All Preprocessing Programs 
104 SIMG_EURO_VORCOPA0 S_ALR_87008978 Check Operating Concern Status 
105 SIMG_EURO_VORCOPA1 S_ALR_87008979 Archive Data 
106 SIMG_EURO_VORCOPA2 S_ALR_87008980 Preparation in Reporting 
107 SIMG_EURO_VORCOPA3 S_ALR_87008981 Preparation for User Exits and Modifications 
108 SIMG_EURO_VOREIS2 S_ALR_87003512 Edit Aspects 
109 SIMG_EURO_VORFIAP S_ALR_87008797 Preparation in Financial Accounting (FI-AP/FI-AR/FI-GL) 
110 SIMG_EURO_VORMONITOR S_ALR_87002639 Monitor Preprocessing 
111 SIMG_EURO_VORPROFIT2 S_ALR_87003518 Convert Tables to Release 3.0+ 
112 SIMG_EURO_VORSTEUER S_ALR_87003410 Execute Input Tax Processing 
113 SIMG_EURO_VORTR S_ALR_87003478 Preparation in Treasury 
114 SIMG_EURO_V_FMTOL S_KI4_38000121 Set Budget Tolerance 
115 SIMG_EURO_WAECUSTBES S_ALR_87100199 Confirm Currency Customizing 
116 SIMG_EURO_WAREINGR40 S_ALR_87003499 Display Goods Receipt Documents in Two Currencies 
117 SIMG_EURO_WEREKTO99 S_ALR_87003270 Clear Accounts Automatically 
118 SIMG_EURO_WERTANZEIG S_ALR_87003443 Define Translation Methods for FI-AA Info System 
119 SIMG_EURO_ZAHL S_ALR_87003327 Close Payment Run 
120 SIMG_EURO_ZAHLUNG S_ALR_87003418 Post Incoming Payments in Several Currencies 
121 SIMG_EXG_0001 S_SO5_65000052 Maintain company code control 
122 SIMG_EXG_0002 S_SO5_65000054 Define exchange header number range 
123 SIMG_EXG_0003 S_SO5_65000055 Define LIA (logical inventory adjustment) number range 
124 SIMG_EXG_0004 S_SO5_65000058 Define LIA (logical inventory adjustment) document types 
125 SIMG_EXG_0005 S_SO5_65000045 Define exchange types 
126 SIMG_EXG_0006 S_SO5_65000047 Maintain sales access sequences 
127 SIMG_EXG_0007 S_SO5_65000048 Maintain purchase access sequences 
128 SIMG_EXG_0008 S_SO5_65000049 Define sales fees 
129 SIMG_EXG_0009 S_SO5_65000050 Define purchase fees 
130 SIMG_EXG_0010 S_SO5_65000051 Define copy rules for purchase 
131 SIMG_EXG_0011 S_SO5_65000059 Define copy rules for goods receipt 
132 SIMG_EXG_0012 S_SO5_65000060 Define copy rules for sales documents 
133 SIMG_EXG_0014 S_SO5_65000065 Define copy rules for billing documents 
134 SIMG_EXG_0015 S_SO5_65000022 Maintain fee accounting process key 
135 SIMG_EXG_0016 S_SO5_65000023 Maintain sales fee account assignment 
136 SIMG_EXG_0017 S_SO5_65000024 Maintain sales fee posting keys 
137 SIMG_EXG_0018 S_SO5_65000025 Maintain purchase fee account assignment 
138 SIMG_EXG_0019 S_SO5_65000026 Define purchase determination 
139 SIMG_EXG_0020 S_SO5_65000011 Define sales determination 
140 SIMG_EXG_0021 S_SO5_65000012 Define breakdown indicator 
141 SIMG_EXG_0023 S_SO5_65000014 Maintain purchase contract 
142 SIMG_EXG_0024 S_SO5_65000015 Maintain purchase call-off 
143 SIMG_EXG_0025 S_SO5_65000016 Maintain system messages 
144 SIMG_EXG_0026 S_SO5_65000036 Create report (for transport see note #174132) 
145 SIMG_EXG_0027 S_SO5_65000037 Change report (for transport see note #174132) 
146 SIMG_EXG_0028 S_SO5_65000038 Display report 
147 SIMG_EXG_0029 S_SO5_65000017 Create structure (for transport see note #174132) 
148 SIMG_EXG_0030 S_SO5_65000018 Change structure (for transport see note #174132) 
149 SIMG_EXG_0031 S_SO5_65000027 Display structure 
150 SIMG_EXG_0032 S_SO5_65000034 Assign price reference plants 
151 SIMG_EXG_0033 S_SO5_65000035 Set price reference plant valuation flag 
152 SIMG_EXG_0034 S_SO5_65000056 Define exchange netting document number range 
153 SIMG_EXG_0035 S_SO5_65000053 Maintain Exchanges user exits 
154 SIMG_EXG_0036 S_SO5_65000064 Define copy rules for invoice receipt 
155 SIMG_EXG_0037 S_SO5_65000066 Maintain Sales Price Conditions 
156 SIMG_EXG_0039 S_SO5_65000061 Maintain billing and netting document types 
157 SIMG_EXG_0040 S_SO5_65000063 Maintain invoicing cycle numbers 
158 SIMG_EXG_0041 S_SO5_65000039 Set reversal movement type indicator 
159 SIMG_EXG_0042 S_SO5_65000057 Define exchange statement number range 
160 SIMG_EXG_0043 S_SO5_65000042 Maintain exchange output document types 
161 SIMG_EXG_0044 S_SO5_65000043 Maintain condition tables 
162 SIMG_EXG_0045 S_SO5_65000028 Maintain access sequences 
163 SIMG_EXG_0046 S_SO5_65000029 Maintain output types 
164 SIMG_EXG_0047 S_SO5_65000030 Maintain output determination procedures 
165 SIMG_EXG_0048 S_SO5_65000031 Assign output determination procedures 
166 SIMG_EXG_0049 S_SO5_65000032 Maintain output by partner function 
167 SIMG_EXG_0050 S_SO5_65000033 Assign forms and programs 
168 SIMG_EXG_0051 S_SO5_65000040 Assign format exits to output types 
169 SIMG_EXG_0052 S_SO5_65000044 Maintain Purchase Price Conditions 
170 SIMG_EXG_0053 S_SO5_65000019 Maintain purchase pricing procedure 
171 SIMG_EXG_0054 S_SO5_65000021 Develop enhancements to MM split invoicing 
172 SIMG_EXG_0056 S_SO5_65000041 Develop enhancements for exchange statements / netting 
173 SIMG_EXG_0058 S_SO5_65000062 Maintain payment term origin in sales order type 
174 SIMG_EXG_0059 S_SO5_65000532 Display global settings 
175 SIMG_EXG_0060 S_SO6_65000751 Develop enhancements to purchase assignment 
176 SIMG_EXG_0061 S_SO6_65000752 Maintain invoice filter types 
177 SIMG_EXG_0062 S_SO7_65001256 Business Add-In for Exchange Agreement Validation 
178 SIMG_EXTAUFANW S_KK4_74000009 CH: Set Application Parameters 
179 SIMG_F107_RUN S_PR0_40000365 Enhance Valuation Run for Open Items 
180 SIMG_FAGL_ACTIVE S_ELN_06000007 Activation of New General Ledger Accounting 
181 SIMG_FAGL_ACTIVEC S_ELN_06000008 Activate New General Ledger Accounting 
182 SIMG_FAGL_ACTIV_SPL1 S_AL0_19000071 Define Document Splitting Characteristics for General Ledger Accounting 
183 SIMG_FAGL_ACTIV_SPL2 S_AL0_19000010 Define Document Splitting Characteristics for Controlling 
184 SIMG_FAGL_ACTIV_SPL3 S_AL0_19000072 Define Post-Capitalization of Cash Discount to Assets 
185 SIMG_FAGL_ACTIV_SPL4 S_E4A_94000057 Define Technical Document Splitting Characteristics 
186 SIMG_FAGL_ACTIV_SPLC S_AL0_19000075 Assign Document Splitting Method 
187 SIMG_FAGL_ACTIV_SPLI S_ELN_06000009 Activate Document Splitting 
188 SIMG_FAGL_CONSTANTS S_AL0_19000017 Edit Constants for Nonassigned Processes 
189 SIMG_FAGL_SPLIT_01 S_PL0_86000049 Define Document Splitting Method 
190 SIMG_FAGL_SPLIT_02 S_PL0_86000050 Define Document Splitting Rule 
191 SIMG_FAGL_T030TR S_AL0_19000082 Define Account Determination for Currency Translation 
192 SIMG_FAGL_T033 S_AL0_19000080 Define Valuation Areas 
193 SIMG_FAGL_T044A S_AL0_19000081 Define Valuation Methods 
194 SIMG_FCOMV_CR_ACTN S_EBS_44000382 Define Actions 
195 SIMG_FCOMV_CR_TYPE S_EBS_44000381 Create Request Types 
196 SIMG_FCOMV_SETVER S_EBS_44000386 Define Hierarchy Versions 
197 SIMG_FCOM_AIH S_EBS_44000424 Activate Inactive Hierarchies 
198 SIMG_FELDDEAKTIV S_PLN_62000794 Field Deactivation for Hide Zero Records Function 
199 SIMG_FG_PPA S_ALN_01001030 Prompt Payment Act 
200 SIMG_FG_PSS S_ALN_01001045 Payment Statistical Sampling 
201 SIMG_FIAPAR_OBF2E3 S_PLN_06000397 Change Reconciliation Criterion 
202 SIMG_FIAPAR_OBF2E_CN S_PLN_62000362 Define Alternative Company IDs 
203 SIMG_FIAPAR_OFB2E1 S_PLN_06000396 Maintain RFC Destinations for Companies 
204 SIMG_FIAPAR_OFB2E2 S_PLN_06000398 Define Templates for Notifications by e-mail 
205 SIMG_FKKORDERRANG S_KK4_82000940 Assign Request Categories to Number Ranges 
206 SIMG_FLQC10 S_AXA_22000125 Regenerate Flow Data 
207 SIMG_FLQC11 S_AXA_22000123 Define Query Sequences 
208 SIMG_FLQC11A S_EBJ_98000285 Define Query Sequences for G/L Account 
209 SIMG_FLQC13 S_AXA_22000120 Settings for FI Mechanisms 
210 SIMG_FLQC13F S_EBJ_98000282 Settings 
211 SIMG_FLQC14 S_AXA_22000126 FI Assignment Analysis 
212 SIMG_FLQC1A S_EBJ_98000283 Edit Liquidity Item 
213 SIMG_FLQC2 S_AXA_22000115 Define Global Data 
214 SIMG_FLQC3 S_AXA_22000117 Activate Company Code 
215 SIMG_FLQC4 S_AXA_22000116 Define Additional Actual Accounts 
216 SIMG_FLQC5 S_AXA_22000118 Define Query Sequences 
217 SIMG_FLQC6 S_AXA_22000119 Assignment to Bank Accounts 
218 SIMG_FLQC7 S_AXA_22000121 Define Query-Relevant G/L Accounts 
219 SIMG_FLQC8 S_AXA_22000122 Define Query Sequences 
220 SIMG_FLQC8A S_EBJ_98000284 Define Query Sequences for Customer/Vendor 
221 SIMG_FLQC9 S_AXA_22000124 Delete Flow Data 
222 SIMG_FMEC_DERIVE S_P8K_45000017 Maintain Strategy for Deriving Operations 
223 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OOAU S_AHR_61004099 Maintain Authorizations 
224 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OOAW S_AHR_61004114 Maintain Evaluation Paths 
225 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OOCH S_AHR_61003890 Check Consistency of Installation 
226 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OOIT S_AHR_61003958 Maintain Infotypes 
227 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OOLG S_AHR_61007221 Specify Sequence of Languages Available 
228 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OOMT S_AHR_61003995 Maintain Personnel Actions 
229 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OONR S_AHR_61003944 Maintain Number Ranges 
230 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OOOT S_AHR_61007216 Maintain Object Types 
231 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OOSB S_AHR_61003942 Assign Structural Authorization 
232 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OOSP S_AHR_61007222 Maintain Structural Authorization Profiles 
233 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OOSU S_AHR_61004118 Maintain Subtypes 
234 SIMG_FMENUOHP2OOVK S_AHR_61004119 Maintain Relationships 
235 SIMG_FMFG_CCRMESSG S_AEN_10000971 BAdI: Customizing CCR Expired Vendor Messaging 
236 SIMG_FMFG_CFREASST S_PLN_62000280 Year-End Account Assignment Derivation 
237 SIMG_FMFG_CF_AP_TYPE S_PLN_62000456 BAdI: Accounts Payable - Modify Document Type and Header Text for New Docs 
238 SIMG_FMFG_CF_AR_TYPE S_PLN_62000457 BAdI: Accts Receivable - Modify Document Type and Header Text for New Docs 
239 SIMG_FMFG_CF_FOLLOW S_PLN_62000281 Subsequent Process Account Assignment Derivation 
240 SIMG_FMFG_F2_ACCTBL S_PLN_62000484 Account Balance Definition 
241 SIMG_FMFG_F2_EDIT8 S_PLN_62000277 Edit 8 
242 SIMG_FMFG_PPA_ACCTBL S_PLN_62000483 Account Balance Definition 
243 SIMG_FMFG_PRC S_PLN_62000170 Configure Program Reporting Category (PRC) 
244 SIMG_FMFG_SF132133 S_AEN_10000276 Define Report Layouts for SF-132 and SF-133 
245 SIMG_FMMENUORFF_2522 S_ALR_87002389 Check the Currency for Depreciation Area 
246 SIMG_FMSGUSERS S_P2U_59000001 Create User Groups for Fund Messages 
247 SIMG_FMSG_ASSGNUSERS S_SLN_44000003 Assign User Groups for Fund Messages 
248 SIMG_FMSG_ASSIGNUSRS S_SLN_44000002 Assign User Groups for Fund Messages 
249 SIMG_FMSG_DERIVE S_MJE_44000008 Ableitungsstrategie einstellen 
250 SIMG_FMSG_USERGROUP S_MJE_44000009 Benutzergruppen anlegen 
251 SIMG_FMSPDERIVE1 S_AEN_10000824 Maintain Derivation Strategy for Rule-Based Acct Assgnmt Distribution 
252 SIMG_FMSPLIT_APROF S_AEN_10000252 Maintain Action Profiles 
253 SIMG_FMSPLIT_APROF1 S_AEN_10000821 Maintain Action Profile 
254 SIMG_FMSPLIT_AUTG S_AEN_10000253 Maintain Authorization Groups 
255 SIMG_FMSPLIT_AUTG1 S_AEN_10000822 Maintain Authorization Groups 
256 SIMG_FMSPLIT_CONTROL S_AEN_10000869 BAdI: Configure Control of Account Assignment Distribution 
257 SIMG_FMSPLIT_DERIVE S_AEN_10000868 BAdI: Enhancement for Derivation of Account Assignment Distribution Rules 
258 SIMG_FMSPLIT_DSTMETH S_AEN_10000870 BAdI: Define Account Assignment Distribution Method 
259 SIMG_FMSPLIT_DSTRULE S_AEN_10000871 BAdI: Configure Processing of Account Assignment Distribution Rules 
260 SIMG_FMSPLIT_FPROF1 S_AEN_10000820 Maintain Field Profiles 
261 SIMG_FMSPLIT_GRP S_AEN_10000254 Maintain Rule Groups 
262 SIMG_FMSPLIT_GRP1 S_AEN_10000823 Maintain Rule Groups 
263 SIMG_FMSPLIT_MAINT S_AEN_10000236 BAdI: Enhancements to Account Assignment Splitting Rule Maintenance 
264 SIMG_FMSPLIT_MAINT1 S_AEN_10000866 BAdI: Enhancements for Maintenance of Account Assignment Distribution Rules 
265 SIMG_FMSPLIT_RULEDB1 S_AEN_10000867 BAdI: Account Assignment Distribution Rule - User-Defined Fields 
266 SIMG_FMSPLIT_RULE_DB S_AEN_10000237 BAdI: Account Splitting User-Defined Fields Input/Output 
267 SIMG_FM_AUTOM_CLEAR S_AEN_10000593 Configure Automatic Clearing of Down Payments/Down Payment Requests 
268 SIMG_FM_BADI_FMEUFC1 S_AER_95000066 BAdI: Checks for Objects in Expenditure Certification 
269 SIMG_FM_BADI_FMEUFDS S_AER_95000067 BAdI: Document Selection for Expenditure Certification 
270 SIMG_FM_ONLINE_ASST S_ALN_01002513 BAdI: Field Status for FM Account Assignment for Orders 
271 SIMG_FORTSCHREIBALT S_PLN_62000784 Assign Update Types for Legacy Data Transfer 
272 SIMG_FORTSCHREIBDEF S_PLN_62000783 Define Update Types and Assign Usages 
273 SIMG_FSE1_XBRL S_VBS_01000036 Generate Financial Statement Versions (Electronic Financial Statement) 
274 SIMG_FSSC_MESSAGES S_EB5_05000443 How to Define Source Field Messages and Elements 
275 SIMG_FT_DATENSELEK S_P99_41000210 Data Selection Control 
276 SIMG_GEOCD_GEOCD2CLS S_BIE_59000303 Register Geocoding Program in the System 
277 SIMG_GEOCD_GEOCDRLFL S_BIE_59000304 Assign Relevant Address Fields for Geocoding 
278 SIMG_GEOCD_GEOCODERS S_BIE_59000302 Assign Geocoding Program to Countries 
279 SIMG_GEOCD_GEOT005 S_BIE_59000305 Process Geographical Data for Countries 
280 SIMG_GEOCD_GEOT005S S_BIE_59000306 Process Geographical Data for Countries and Regions 
281 SIMG_GEOCD_TM_010 S_AEN_10000093 Set Up RFC Connection for Accessing Geodatabase 
282 SIMG_GEOCD_TM_0100 S_AEN_10000173 Set Up RFC Connection for Accessing IGS 
283 SIMG_GEOCD_TM_0101 S_AEN_10000207 Use of Internet Graphics Service (IGS) in Travel Management 
284 SIMG_GKFM_KF_BW S_S7B_68000049 Determination of Key Figure Values from SAP BW 
285 SIMG_GKFM_KF_ERP S_S7B_68000048 Determination of Key Figure Values from SAP ERP or SAP R/3 
286 SIMG_GKFM_KF_EXT S_S7B_68000050 Determination of Key Figure Values from External System 
287 SIMG_GKFM_KF_SOURCE S_S7B_68000056 Define Logical System for Key Figure Values 
288 SIMG_GLT0FGI1 S_ALR_87008927 Create, Change, Display Report 
289 SIMG_GLT0FGI4 S_ALR_87008907 Create, Change, Display Form 
290 SIMG_GLT0FGIO S_ALR_87008928 Transport Report 
291 SIMG_GLT0FGIP S_ALR_87008916 Transport Form 
292 SIMG_GLT0FGIQ S_ALR_87008929 Import Report from Client 000 
293 SIMG_GLT0FGIR S_ALR_87008925 Import Form from Client 000 
294 SIMG_GLT0FGIT S_ALR_87008917 Translate Reports 
295 SIMG_GLT0FGIV S_ALR_87008932 Define Global Variables 
296 SIMG_GLT0FGIX S_ALR_87008930 Delete Report 
297 SIMG_GLT0FGIY S_ALR_87008931 Delete Report Data 
298 SIMG_GLT0FGIZ S_ALR_87008926 Delete Form 
299 SIMG_GLT0GA11 S_ALR_87008953 Define Actual Assessment 
300 SIMG_GLT0GA27 S_ALR_87008901 Define Plan Assessment 
301 SIMG_GLT0GA31 S_ALR_87008954 Define Actual Distribution 
302 SIMG_GLT0GA47 S_ALR_87008902 Define Plan Distribution 
303 SIMG_GLT0GBEB_ACCDET S_ALR_87008933 Define Zero-Balance Clearing Account 
304 SIMG_GLT0GCAC S_ALR_87008923 Compare Ledgers 
305 SIMG_GLT0GCHE S_ALR_87008939 Check Settings for General Ledger Accounting 
306 SIMG_GLT0GCT4 S_ALR_87008910 Transport Rollup 
307 SIMG_GLT0GCT6 S_ALR_87008900 Transport Distribution Keys 
308 SIMG_GLT0GCT7 S_ALR_87008950 Transport Assessment and Distribution Cycles 
309 SIMG_GLT0GCTS S_ALR_87008922 Transport Sets and Variables 
310 SIMG_GLT0GINS S_ALR_87008934 Include Fields in Totals Table 
311 SIMG_GLT0GL21 S_ALR_87008951 Define Rollup 
312 SIMG_GLT0GLCF S_ALR_87008904 Enter Detail Specifications for P & L Accounts 
313 SIMG_GLT0GLDE S_ALR_87008924 Delete Plan Data and Actual Data from Rollup Ledgers 
314 SIMG_GLT0GLGCU1 S_ALR_87008905 Transfer Documents 
315 SIMG_GLT0GLGCU2 S_ALR_87008906 Transfer Balance Carryforward 
316 SIMG_GLT0GLL2 S_ALR_87008936 Select Scenarios (Obsolete) 
317 SIMG_GLT0GLL2_SPLIT S_ALR_87008935 Assign Ledger Splitting Method and Fields 
318 SIMG_GLT0GLR2 S_ALR_87008941 Define Rollup Ledgers 
319 SIMG_GLT0GS02 S_ALR_87008920 Define Sets 
320 SIMG_GLT0GS12 S_ALR_87008921 Define Variables 
321 SIMG_GLT0OB53 S_ALR_87008903 Define Retained Earnings Account 
322 SIMG_GLT0OBG1 S_ALR_87008938 Define Offsetting Account 
323 SIMG_GLT0OBRX S_ALR_87008918 Maintain Report Tree 
324 SIMG_GLT0T000GL S_ALR_87008940 Activate Flexible General Ledger 
325 SIMG_GLT0T001A S_ALR_87008952 Define Currencies of Leading Ledger 
326 SIMG_GLT0T882G_GL S_ALR_87008945 Check Settings for Valuations and Currencies (Obsolete) 
327 SIMG_GLT0V_001_GKF S_ALR_87008937 Define Method for Determining Offsetting Account 
328 SIMG_GLT0_T800D S_ALR_87008942 Define Master Data Check 
329 SIMG_GLT0_T8G12 S_ALR_87008944 Classify Document Types for Document Splitting 
330 SIMG_GLT0_T8G17 S_ALR_87008943 Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting 
331 SIMG_GMDERIVE S_ALN_01000843 Maintain Grants Management Assignment Derivation Rules 
332 SIMG_GM_ S_ALN_01000822 Sponsor 
333 SIMG_GM_ACCTGROUP S_ALN_01001208 Account Group Assignment 
334 SIMG_GM_ACTIVATEAVC S_ALN_01001467 Prepare Activation of Availability Control 
335 SIMG_GM_ADJUSTLEDGER S_PLN_06000348 Adjust Ledger for User-Specific Availability Control 
336 SIMG_GM_AUTHGROUP S_ALN_01001207 Maintain Grant Authorization Groups 
337 SIMG_GM_AUTHTYPE S_ALN_01001206 Maintain Grant Authorization Types 
338 SIMG_GM_AVC_ACTGRP S_ALN_01001198 Edit Activity Groups 
339 SIMG_GM_AVC_ACTIVATE S_PLN_16000279 Maintain Activation Status for GM Availability Control Ledger 
340 SIMG_GM_AVC_ATTRIB S_PLN_16000283 Assign Attributes for GM Availability Control Ledger 
341 SIMG_GM_AVC_CRTLEDGR S_ALN_01001458 Create User-Defined Ledger for Availability Control 
342 SIMG_GM_AVC_DERIACTG S_PLN_16000282 Derive GM Activity Groups 
343 SIMG_GM_AVC_DERIAO S_PLN_16000280 Define Account Assignment Derivation of Availability Control Objects 
344 SIMG_GM_AVC_DERITPRF S_PLN_16000281 Maintain Derivation Strategy for Overriding the Standard Tolerance Profile 
345 SIMG_GM_AVC_EDITACT S_PLN_06000195 Edit Activity Groups 
346 SIMG_GM_AVC_EDITSTR S_PLN_06000196 Edit Derivation Strategy for Activity Groups 
347 SIMG_GM_AVC_FILTACT S_PLN_16000357 Define Budget Values as Consumed Amounts 
348 SIMG_GM_AVC_FILTERS S_PLN_16000284 Define Filter Settings for Consumable Budget 
349 SIMG_GM_AVC_LEDGER S_PLN_16000278 Maintain Ledger for Availability Control 
350 SIMG_GM_AVC_SOURCE S_PLN_16000277 Maintain Data Sources for Availability Ledger 
351 SIMG_GM_AVC_SPECIAL S_ALN_01001469 Define Special Assignments for Checking Horizon 
352 SIMG_GM_AVC_STATUS S_ALN_01001470 Maintain Activation Status for GM Availability Control Ledger 
353 SIMG_GM_AVC_STDCUST S_ALN_01001457 Check Standard Customizing of Availability Control 
354 SIMG_GM_AVC_TOLLIM S_ALN_01001197 Edit Tolerance Profiles 
355 SIMG_GM_BADIAUTH S_AEN_10000204 BAdI: Check Posting Authorization 
356 SIMG_GM_BADIAUTH1 S_ALN_01001189 BaDi: Grants Management Coding Block Authority Check 
357 SIMG_GM_BADIGRANTCPY S_ALN_01002607 BAdI: Override Source Data from Reference Grant 
358 SIMG_GM_BADIREVAL S_ALN_01001200 BAdI: Enhancement for GM Revaluation: Display Exchange Rate 
359 SIMG_GM_BADI_EXTCHK S_AEN_10000379 BAdI: Extended Check for Object Mapper 
360 SIMG_GM_BADI_GTCOPY S_ALN_01002614 BAdI: Override Copied Data from Reference Grant 
361 SIMG_GM_BADI_NBR S_PLN_06000270 BAdI: Grant Number Modifications for External Assignment 
362 SIMG_GM_BADI_POSTCON S_PLN_62000240 BAdI: Check GM Update Logic 
363 SIMG_GM_BADI_REVALVT S_PLN_62000293 BAdI: Allow Value Type Specification in Revaluation 
364 SIMG_GM_BADI_RRB S_PLN_06000269 BAdI: Fill Alternative CO Objects 
365 SIMG_GM_BADI_SDORDER S_PLN_62000227 BAdI: Map Grant Master Data to Sales Order 
366 SIMG_GM_BED_HDR S_ALN_01002264 BAdI: Override Default Budget Entry Document Header Values 
367 SIMG_GM_BGDOCTYPES S_ALN_01000828 Configure GM Budget Document Types 
368 SIMG_GM_BG_DOCTYPES S_ALN_01001217 Configure GM Budget Document Types 
369 SIMG_GM_BILLINGRULES S_ALN_01000823 Configure GM Billing Rules 
370 SIMG_GM_BILLRULES S_ALN_01001193 Configure GM Billing Rules 
371 SIMG_GM_BUDGET CO S_ALN_01002166 Deactivate Account Assignment Elements in CO 
372 SIMG_GM_BUDGETCHANGE S_PLN_06000130 Maintain Number Range Interval for Budget Change Documents 
373 SIMG_GM_BUDGETVERS S_ALN_01000830 GM Budget Version 
374 SIMG_GM_BUDGET_CO S_ALN_01002168 Deactivate Account Assignment Elements in CO 
375 SIMG_GM_BUDGET_NR S_ALN_01001218 Maintain Number Range Interval for Entry Documents 
376 SIMG_GM_BUDGET_VERS S_ALN_01001216 Assign Budget Phase to Version 
377 SIMG_GM_BUSINESSPTR S_ALN_01001209 Business Partner Integration with Records Management 
378 SIMG_GM_CHECKHORIZON S_ALN_01001468 Assign Standard Value for Checking Horizon 
379 SIMG_GM_CLASSGROUP S_ALN_01001210 Maintain Class Authorization Groups 
380 SIMG_GM_CLASSID S_ALN_01001212 Maintain Text ID for Sponsored Class 
381 SIMG_GM_COCDSETTINGS S_ALN_01001185 Maintain Company Code Settings 
382 SIMG_GM_CODOC S_ALN_01002587 Reconciliation of Controlling Documents in GM 
383 SIMG_GM_COSTRULES S_ALN_01001194 Configure Cost Sharing Rules 
384 SIMG_GM_CSRULES S_ALN_01000825 Configure Cost Sharing Rules 
385 SIMG_GM_CUSTOMER S_ALN_01000838 Sponsor/Customer Details 
386 SIMG_GM_DEF_BUDGET S_PLN_06000172 Budget Workflow Settings 
387 SIMG_GM_DEF_GRTMAST S_PLN_06000173 Workflow Settings for Grant Master Data 
388 SIMG_GM_DELBGTDOCS S_PLN_62000503 Delete Budget Documents 
389 SIMG_GM_DELETEGMLINE S_ALN_01002589 Delete GM Actual Line Items 
390 SIMG_GM_DERIVE S_ALN_01001201 Maintain Grants Management Assignment Derivation Rules 
391 SIMG_GM_EARMARKED S_ALN_01002582 Reconciliation of Earmarked Funds in GM 
392 SIMG_GM_FIELDGROUPS S_ALN_01001205 GM Grant Control: Field Group for Authorizations 
393 SIMG_GM_FIPARKED S_PLN_62000176 Reconciliation of FI Parked Documents in GM 
394 SIMG_GM_FI_TO_GM S_ALN_01002588 Transfer FI Documents to GM Ledger 
395 SIMG_GM_FMFUNDTYPE S_ALN_01001202 Maintain GM Fund Type for FM Fund Type 
396 SIMG_GM_FUNDTYPE S_ALN_01001059 Maintain Fund Type 
397 SIMG_GM_GMCOINTEGRAT S_ALN_01000861 Activate CO-GM Integration 
398 SIMG_GM_GMLEDGER S_PLN_06000316 Maintaining Grant Ledgers 
399 SIMG_GM_GMPBC S_ALN_01002066 Activate Integration with Position Budgeting and Control 
400 SIMG_GM_GMS103 S_ALN_01000844 Maintain Field Groups for Authorizations 
401 SIMG_GM_GRANTCOPY S_ALN_01002608 BAdI: Override Data Copied from Reference Grant 
402 SIMG_GM_GRANTINFUNDS S_PLN_06000311 BAdI: Allow Grant Planning in Funds Management 
403 SIMG_GM_GRANTNOT S_PLN_16000164 Grant setzen auf: nicht relevant für Grants Management 
404 SIMG_GM_GRANTNOTREL S_PLN_16000242 Set Grant as Not Relevant for Grants Management 
405 SIMG_GM_GRANTRLSHIPS S_ALN_01002245 Maintain Grant Relationships 
406 SIMG_GM_GRANTTYPE S_ALN_01001204 Maintain Grant Types 
407 SIMG_GM_GRANTTYPES S_ALN_01000845 Maintain Grant Types 
408 SIMG_GM_GTE_GAAP S_AEN_10000507 Maintain Accrual Accounts 
409 SIMG_GM_IDC_BADI S_PLN_06000225 BAdI: Assign Alternative Cost Object and Check IDC Relevance 
410 SIMG_GM_IDC_CHART S_ALN_01000827 Chart of Account Settings for GM Indirect Costs 
411 SIMG_GM_IDC_CHTACC S_ALN_01001196 Chart of Account Settings for GM Indirect Costs 
412 SIMG_GM_INDCOST S_ALN_01001195 Configure Indirect Cost Rules 
413 SIMG_GM_INDIRECTCOST S_ALN_01000826 Configure Indirect Cost Rules 
414 SIMG_GM_INTEGBADI S_ALN_01002244 BAdI: Integration with Records Management 
415 SIMG_GM_MESSAGES S_PLN_16000030 Nachrichtensteuerung für Grants Management ändern 
416 SIMG_GM_MESSAGETYPE S_ALN_01001188 Change Message Control for Grants Management 
417 SIMG_GM_MM_TO_GM S_P7U_18000004 Transfer MM Documents to GM Ledger 
418 SIMG_GM_NUMBERRANGE S_ALN_01000953 Maintain GM Number Ranges 
419 SIMG_GM_NUMBERRANGES S_ALN_01000846 Maintain GM Number Ranges 
420 SIMG_GM_NUMBERS S_ALN_01001203 Maintain Grant Number Ranges 
421 SIMG_GM_OVERRIDE S_ALN_01001394 BAdI: Grants Management: Override Updating Attributes 
422 SIMG_GM_PARTNER S_ALN_01000860 Business Partner Integration with Records Mgt 
423 SIMG_GM_PPAIMPROPER S_ALN_01000877 Improper Invoices 
424 SIMG_GM_PROGGRP S_ALN_01001211 Maintain Program Authorization Groups 
425 SIMG_GM_PROGRAM_ID S_ALN_01001213 Maintain Text ID for Sponsored Program 
426 SIMG_GM_PURCORD S_ALN_01002580 Reconciliation of Purchase Orders in GM 
427 SIMG_GM_PURCREQ S_ALN_01002579 Reconciliation of Purchase Requisitions in GM 
428 SIMG_GM_REVALUATION S_ALN_01000831 Enter Default Settings for GM Revaluation 
429 SIMG_GM_REVALUE S_ALN_01001009 Default FM Settings for GM Revaluation 
430 SIMG_GM_RIBCALC S_ALN_01002611 Maintain Calculation Rule for GM RIB 
431 SIMG_GM_RIBRULE S_ALN_01002610 Maintain Derivation Strategy for Rule Generation 
432 SIMG_GM_RIBSTRAT S_ALN_01002609 Define Derivation Strategy for GM RIB Objects 
433 SIMG_GM_RT_DATEBADI S_PLN_06000268 BAdI: Define Date for GM Report Tracking 
434 SIMG_GM_RT_REPCLASS S_PLN_06000265 Maintain Report Classes 
435 SIMG_GM_RT_REPRULE S_PLN_06000267 Maintain Report Rules 
436 SIMG_GM_RT_SCHEDRULE S_PLN_06000266 Maintain Schedule Rules 
437 SIMG_GM_SPCLASS S_ALN_01000824 Sponsored Class Authorization Groups 
438 SIMG_GM_SPCLASSAUTH S_ALN_01000841 Maintain Class Authorization Groups 
439 SIMG_GM_SPONSOREDOBJ S_ALN_01001199 BAdI: Business Add-In for Sponsored Objects 
440 SIMG_GM_SPPROGAUTH S_ALN_01000842 Maintain Program Authorization Groups 
441 SIMG_GM_TEXTID_CLASS S_PLN_16000118 Maintain Text ID for Sponsored Class 
442 SIMG_GM_TEXTID_PROG S_PLN_16000119 Maintain Text ID for Sponsored Program 
443 SIMG_GM_TIMESPLIT S_ALN_01000832 Configure GM Time Splitting Rules 
444 SIMG_GM_TIME_SPLIT S_ALN_01001215 Configure GM Time Splitting Rules 
445 SIMG_GM_UPDATE S_ALN_01000817 Maintain Update Settings 
446 SIMG_GM_UPDATE_SETS S_ALN_01001186 Maintain Update Settings 
447 SIMG_GM_VALUETYPES S_ALN_01000819 Maintain GM Value Types 
448 SIMG_GM_VALUETYPES1 S_ALN_01001187 Maintain GM Value Types 
449 SIMG_GRANT_BP1 S_PLN_06000362 Extending the Master Data Through the BDT 
450 SIMG_GRUND_BELAST S_ALR_87009574 Define Debit Types 
451 SIMG_GTE_AWARDTYPES S_PEN_05000140 Maintain Award Types 
452 SIMG_GTE_BDGT_SETTG S_AEN_10000688 GM Budget Transaction Settings 
453 SIMG_GTE_GAAPVT S_AEN_10001028 Accrual Value Type 
454 SIMG_GTE_GMLOC S_PEN_05000199 Maintain Letters of Credit 
455 SIMG_GTE_GMRESP S_PEN_05000139 Maintain Grant Responsibilities 
456 SIMG_GTE_LDCODES S_PEN_05000141 Maintain Legislative District Codes 
457 SIMG_GTE_PAYMTRULES S_PEN_05000142 Maintain Payment Rules 
458 SIMG_GTFMCCOMMHIER S_BCE_68000292 Determine Communication Strategy 
459 SIMG_GTR_BADI_BAPIS S_AEN_10000461 BAdI: BAPI 0038 - Customer Enhancement for Funded Program 
460 SIMG_GTR_BADI_DERIVE S_AEN_10000469 BAdI: Grantor Management Derivation Enhancement 
461 SIMG_GTR_BADI_WRAPPR S_AEN_10000462 BAdI: Funded Program Wrapper 
462 SIMG_GTR_GTRDERIVE S_AEN_10000897 Maintain Grantor Derivation Strategies 
463 SIMG_GTR_INTEGRATE S_AEN_10001005 Integration Scenarios 
464 SIMG_GTSDGDSGEN S_EB5_05000446 Define GTI Tax Invoice Keys 
465 SIMG_GTSDGDSKTYP S_EBJ_98000115 Define Invoice Types 
466 SIMG_GTSDGDSTXCAT S_EB5_05000439 Assign Goods Tax Catalogs to Tax Codes 
467 SIMG_HPM_0001 S_SO5_65000074 Define Conversion Group and External Function Module Settings 
468 SIMG_HPM_0002 S_SO5_65000075 Define QCI Parameters 
469 SIMG_HPM_0003 S_SO5_65000076 Define Conversion Mode 
470 SIMG_HPM_0004 S_SO5_65000067 BAdI: Dimension Conversion 
471 SIMG_HPM_0005 S_SO5_65000068 BAdI: External Function Call 
472 SIMG_HPM_0006 S_SO5_65000069 Use Oil and Gas Quantity Calculator 
473 SIMG_HPM_0007 S_SO5_65000070 Execute Report to Check Quantity Conversion Results 
474 SIMG_HPM_0008 S_SO5_65000077 Define Reading Group 
475 SIMG_HPM_0009 S_SO5_65000679 BAdI: Natural Gas Conversion 
476 SIMG_HPM_0010 S_SO5_65000680 BAdI: Rounding and Checking of Quantities and Parameters 
477 SIMG_HPM_0011 S_SO5_65000681 Define Additional Stockkeeping Units of Measurement 
478 SIMG_HPM_0012 S_SO5_65000682 Select QCI Default Table 
479 SIMG_HPM_0013 S_SO5_65000685 BAdI: Raw Material Conversion 
480 SIMG_HPM_0014 S_SO5_65000686 Configure Message Handling 
481 SIMG_HPM_0015 S_SO6_65000685 Define Volume Correction Factors for Industrial Aromatic Hydrocarbons 
482 SIMG_HPM_0016 S_SO6_65000729 Define Physical Properties for Natural Gas Components 
483 SIMG_HPM_0017 S_SO6_65000738 Activate SAP Conversion Routines for Natural Gas 
484 SIMG_HPM_0018 S_SO7_65000978 BAdI: Determination of Default Parameter Sets 
485 SIMG_HPM_0019 S_SO7_65001251 Define Settings for Goods Movements (Transaction MIGO) 
486 SIMG_HPM_SILO_0001 S_SO6_65000733 Define Storage Object Class 
487 SIMG_HPM_SILO_0002 S_SO6_65000734 Define Additional Settings for Storage Object Class 
488 SIMG_HPM_SILO_0003 S_SO6_65000735 Define Storage Location as Storage Location for Silo/Tank Management 
489 SIMG_HPM_SILO_0004 S_SO6_65000736 Define Material Assignments 
490 SIMG_HPM_SILO_0005 S_SO6_65000737 Define Worklists 
491 SIMG_HPM_SILO_0006 S_SO6_65000774 Define Settings for Analysis of Goods Movements between Tank Dips 
492 SIMG_HPM_SILO_0007 S_SO6_65000980 BAdI: Tank Dip Analysis Based on Goods Movements 
493 SIMG_HPM_SILO_0008 S_SO6_65000981 BAdI: Tank Dip Calculation 
494 SIMG_HPM_SILO_0009 S_SO6_65000982 BAdI: Check of Goods Movements 
495 SIMG_HPM_SILO_0010 S_SO7_65001117 BAdI: Additional Customer Fields 
496 SIMG_HPM_SILO_0011 S_SO7_65001123 Configure Message Handling 
497 SIMG_HUMAWSTAT S_P9C_18000013 Define User Status Profile 
498 SIMG_HUMBWART S_ALR_87100603 Maintain Goods Movements for Handling Unit Stock-Posting 
499 SIMG_HUMGLLFLAF S_P99_41000253 Delivery Type Determination 
500 SIMG_HUMGLLFTAWE S_P99_41000254 Define Sequence of Transfer Order - Goods Receipt