SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 30
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_SB_CTTYPGRP S_SOG_81000040 Define Contract Groups 
2 SIMG_SB_ENTVT S_SO7_65001254 Define CA Entitlement Volume Types 
3 SIMG_SB_MKT_TAX_DES S_SOG_81000025 Change the Marketing Cost Description 
4 SIMG_SB_NSRSN S_SO5_65000694 Define Product Control Not Selling Reason Codes 
5 SIMG_SB_OIU_IND_TER S_SO7_28000012 Define Industry Term Values for Pricing 
6 SIMG_SB_PROC_LIMIT S_SOG_81000023 Maintain the Dialog Process Limit for VL Doc 
7 SIMG_SB_REV_AR S_SOG_81000119 Configure Receivable Balance Categories 
8 SIMG_SB_SS_METH S_SO6_65000983 Define Sliding Scale Properties 
9 SIMG_SCD2 S_SO6_65000721 Define the Posting Co., Gravity ID, & Scale Definition and Default Codes 
10 SIMG_SCON101 S_BCE_68001285 Communication Method 
11 SIMG_SCON103 S_BCE_68001286 Conversion Rules 
12 SIMG_SCON301 S_BCE_68001287 Define Country Codes 
13 SIMG_SCON302 S_BCE_68001288 Country Codes Fax: Define Exceptions 
14 SIMG_SCON304 S_BCE_68001289 Number Conversion Rules for Inbound Faxes 
15 SIMG_SDORKKKEI1 S_ALR_87008120 Create PA Transfer Structure 
16 SIMG_SDORKKKO8N S_ALR_87008119 Maintain Number Ranges for Settlement Documents 
17 SIMG_SDORKKOKEU S_ALR_87008121 Create Source Structure 
18 SIMG_SDORKKOKO6 S_ALR_87008122 Create Allocation Structure 
19 SIMG_SDORKKOKO7 S_ALR_87008064 Create Settlement Profile 
20 SIMG_SD_BOS_ADTBOS01 S_KA5_12000040 Maintain Reports for Services 
21 SIMG_SD_PARTNER S_AL0_96000423 Set Up Partner Determination 
22 SIMG_SEPA_CT S_P7F_76000059 BAdI: SEPA Transfer - Display Payment Notes 
23 SIMG_SE_ORG_ISH_O41 S_KK4_74000446 Display Standard Work Organizer Types 
24 SIMG_SHIP_PLAN_0001 S_SO7_65001167 Maintain Attributes for Transportation Planning Point 
25 SIMG_SHP_PARTNER S_AL0_96000400 Set Up Partner Determination for Deliveries 
26 SIMG_SHP_USER_EXIT S_AL0_96000399 Previous User Exits in Shipping 
27 SIMG_SPECSYST_001 S_ALR_87100725 Determine Control Data 
28 SIMG_SPECSYST_002 S_ALR_87100726 Determine Profiles for Converting Units of Measure 
29 SIMG_SSM_RFC S_BIE_59000143 Replace RFC destination variables in roles 
30 SIMG_SSM_VAL S_BIE_59000142 Replace variables in web addresses (URLs) 
31 SIMG_SSR_0001 S_SO5_65000537 Define retail network business type 
32 SIMG_SSR_0002 S_SO5_65000538 Define service type 
33 SIMG_SSR_0003 S_SO5_65000539 Assign service type to business type 
34 SIMG_SSR_0004 S_SO5_65000540 Assign material group to business type 
35 SIMG_SSR_0005 S_SO5_65000541 Define retail network region 
36 SIMG_SSR_0006 S_SO5_65000542 Define retail network area 
37 SIMG_SSR_0007 S_SO5_65000543 Define retail network sub-area 
38 SIMG_SSR_0008 S_SO5_65000544 Define location area assignments 
39 SIMG_SSR_0009 S_SO5_65000545 Define customer data section 
40 SIMG_SSR_0010 S_SO5_65000546 Business add-in for business location status check 
41 SIMG_SSR_0011 S_SO5_65000547 Define alternative header subscreen 
42 SIMG_SSR_0012 S_SO5_65000548 Define sort criteria for location master table controls 
43 SIMG_SSR_0013 S_SO5_65000549 Define lead business type per location master screen 
44 SIMG_SSR_0014 S_SO5_65000550 Define lead business type per location master data section 
45 SIMG_SSR_0015 S_SO5_65000551 Define lead business type per location master field 
46 SIMG_SSR_0016 S_SO5_65000552 Assign Business Type to Business Location Type 
47 SIMG_SSR_0017 S_SO5_65000553 Define Business Location Status Codes 
48 SIMG_SSR_0018 S_SO5_65000554 Define business location brand 
49 SIMG_SSR_0019 S_SO5_65000555 Define business location valuation 
50 SIMG_SSR_0020 S_SO5_65000556 Define business location value differentiator 
51 SIMG_SSR_0021 S_SO5_65000558 Process definition 
52 SIMG_SSR_0022 S_SO5_65000559 Assign business type to process ID 
53 SIMG_SSR_0023 S_SO5_65000560 Maintain process control group 
54 SIMG_SSR_0024 S_SO5_65000561 Activate optimization 
55 SIMG_SSR_0025 S_SO5_65000562 Assign server group to process ID and define package size 
56 SIMG_SSR_0026 S_SO5_65000563 Define error codes 
57 SIMG_SSR_0027 S_SO5_65000564 Define processing profile 
58 SIMG_SSR_0028 S_SO5_65000565 Define price change reason 
59 SIMG_SSR_0030 S_SO5_65000567 Define and assign margin procedure 
60 SIMG_SSR_0031 S_SO5_65000568 Define screen layout for pricing maintenance 
61 SIMG_SSR_0032 S_SO5_65000569 Define access profile 
62 SIMG_SSR_0033 S_SO5_65000604 Maintain payment card categories 
63 SIMG_SSR_0034 S_SO5_65000605 Maintain payment card types 
64 SIMG_SSR_0035 S_SO5_65000606 Assign payment card type to company code 
65 SIMG_SSR_0036 S_SO5_65000607 Assign number ranges for payment card numbers to payment card types 
66 SIMG_SSR_0037 S_SO5_65000608 Maintain clearing house object 
67 SIMG_SSR_0038 S_SO5_65000609 Add to field catalog 
68 SIMG_SSR_0039 S_SO5_65000610 Condition tables 
69 SIMG_SSR_0040 S_SO5_65000611 Define access sequences 
70 SIMG_SSR_0041 S_SO5_65000612 Define condition types 
71 SIMG_SSR_0042 S_SO5_65000613 Maintain clearing house determination procedure 
72 SIMG_SSR_0043 S_SO5_65000614 Assign clearing house 
73 SIMG_SSR_0044 S_SO5_65000615 Maintain payment card plan types 
74 SIMG_SSR_0045 S_SO5_65000616 Maintain blocking reasons 
75 SIMG_SSR_0046 S_SO5_65000617 Define black list storage place 
76 SIMG_SSR_0047 S_SO5_65000618 Maintain validation groups 
77 SIMG_SSR_0049 S_SO5_65000620 Maintain splitting result 
78 SIMG_SSR_0052 S_SO5_65000623 Maintain complaint action 
79 SIMG_SSR_0053 S_SO5_65000624 Maintain complaint result 
80 SIMG_SSR_0055 S_SO5_65000626 Activate/deactivate captions 
81 SIMG_SSR_0056 S_SO5_65000627 Control displayed captions 
82 SIMG_SSR_0057 S_SO5_65000628 Maintain detailed transaction file number intervals 
83 SIMG_SSR_0058 S_SO5_65000629 Define conversion groups 
84 SIMG_SSR_0059 S_SO5_65000630 Business add-in for location master data exchange 
85 SIMG_SSR_0060 S_SO5_65000631 Business add-in for price data exchange 
86 SIMG_SSR_0061 S_SO5_65000632 Business add-in for meter reading exchange 
87 SIMG_SSR_0062 S_SO5_65000633 Business add-in for dip reading exchange 
88 SIMG_SSR_0063 S_SO5_65000634 Business add-in for payment card data upload 
89 SIMG_SSR_0064 S_SO5_65000635 Define clearing house settlement message structures 
90 SIMG_SSR_0065 S_SO5_65000636 Generate clearing house settlement message structures 
91 SIMG_SSR_0066 S_SO5_65000637 Business add-in for payment card data outbound processing 
92 SIMG_SSR_0067 S_SO5_65000638 Business add-in for clearing house transmission log update 
93 SIMG_SSR_0068 S_SO5_65000639 Define clearing house transmission number ranges 
94 SIMG_SSR_0069 S_SO5_65000640 Assign process to BAPI interface and business type 
95 SIMG_SSR_0070 S_SO5_65000641 Define business location status settings 
96 SIMG_SSR_0071 S_SO5_65000642 Define invoicing method 
97 SIMG_SSR_0072 S_SO5_65000643 Define invoicing document type 
98 SIMG_SSR_0073 S_SO5_65000644 Define aggregation procedure 
99 SIMG_SSR_0074 S_SO5_65000645 Define differences group: material differences 
100 SIMG_SSR_0075 S_SO5_65000646 Define differences group: service type differences 
101 SIMG_SSR_0076 S_SO5_65000647 Define differences group: location price cluster 
102 SIMG_SSR_0077 S_SO5_65000648 Business add-in for schedule determination 
103 SIMG_SSR_0078 S_SO5_65000649 Business add-in for prerequisite checks 
104 SIMG_SSR_0079 S_SO5_65000650 Business add-in for execution logic 
105 SIMG_SSR_0080 S_SO5_65000651 Business add-in for status update 
106 SIMG_SSR_0081 S_SO5_65000652 Business add-in for screen definition (column selection) 
107 SIMG_SSR_0082 S_SO5_65000653 Business add-in for row definition 
108 SIMG_SSR_0083 S_SO5_65000654 Business add-in for period definition 
109 SIMG_SSR_0084 S_SO5_65000655 Business add-in for header definition 
110 SIMG_SSR_0085 S_SO5_65000661 Business add-in for footer definition 
111 SIMG_SSR_0086 S_SO5_65000662 Business add-in for margin determination 
112 SIMG_SSR_0087 S_SO5_65000663 Business add-in for pricing comm. structure population 
113 SIMG_SSR_0088 S_SO5_65000664 Business add-in for pricing prop. det. row by row 
114 SIMG_SSR_0089 S_SO5_65000665 Business add-in for pricing prop. det. column by column 
115 SIMG_SSR_0090 S_SO5_65000666 Business add-in for meter readings user checks 
116 SIMG_SSR_0091 S_SO5_65000667 Business add-in for meter readings process schedule def. 
117 SIMG_SSR_0092 S_SO5_65000668 Business add-in for dip readings user checks 
118 SIMG_SSR_0093 S_SO5_65000669 Business add-in for dip readings process schedule definition 
119 SIMG_SSR_0094 S_SO5_65000670 Business add-in for tolerance base quantity determination 
120 SIMG_SSR_0095 S_SO5_65000671 Business add-in for validation 
121 SIMG_SSR_0096 S_SO5_65000672 Business add-in for splitting 
122 SIMG_SSR_0099 S_SO6_65000690 Define additional indicators for material handling group 
123 SIMG_SSR_0100 S_SO6_65000691 Maintain object types 
124 SIMG_SSR_0101 S_SO6_65000692 Business add-in for prerequisite grouping check 
125 SIMG_SSR_0102 S_SO6_65000693 Define subsequent processes 
126 SIMG_SSR_0103 S_SO6_65000694 Define completion strategy 
127 SIMG_SSR_0104 S_SO6_65000695 Assign completion strategy for payment cards 
128 SIMG_SSR_0105 S_SO6_65000696 Assign completion strategy for fuels meter readings 
129 SIMG_SSR_0106 S_SO6_65000697 Define customer-specific fields 
130 SIMG_SSR_0108 S_SO6_65000699 Business add-in for pricing prop. det. screen by screen 
131 SIMG_SSR_0109 S_SO6_65000700 Business add-in for report to pricing module comm. structure 
132 SIMG_SSR_0110 S_SO6_65000702 Business add-in for copy target line determination 
133 SIMG_SSR_0111 S_SO6_65000703 Define logistics document types 
134 SIMG_SSR_0113 S_SO6_65000705 Define location indicator 
135 SIMG_SSR_0114 S_SO6_65000706 Define document schema 
136 SIMG_SSR_0115 S_SO6_65000707 Assign document schema 
137 SIMG_SSR_0116 S_SO6_65000708 Business add-in for logistics document schedule for meter readings 
138 SIMG_SSR_0117 S_SO6_65000709 Business add-in to fill document before aggregation 
139 SIMG_SSR_0118 S_SO6_65000710 Business add-in to fill document after aggregation 
140 SIMG_SSR_0119 S_SO6_65000711 Maintain general program parameters 
141 SIMG_SSR_0121 S_SO6_65000714 Business add-in to modify invoicing base data 
142 SIMG_SSR_0122 S_SO6_65000715 Business add-in to fill aggregated table 
143 SIMG_SSR_0123 S_SO6_65000716 Business add-in to transfer values from aggregated table 
144 SIMG_SSR_0124 S_SO6_65000717 Business add-in for altern. fill for quantity and value in aggregated table 
145 SIMG_SSR_0125 S_SO6_65000718 Business add-in for determining invoicing document type 
146 SIMG_SSR_0126 S_SO6_65000719 Business add-in for filling additional communication structures 
147 SIMG_SSR_0127 S_SO6_65000720 Business add-in for altern. fill of comm. structure's quantity and value 
148 SIMG_SSR_0128 S_SO6_65000712 Assign completion strategy to payment card type and company code 
149 SIMG_SSR_0129 S_SO6_65000753 Assign completion strategy for fuels dip readings 
150 SIMG_SSR_0131 S_SO6_65000755 Maintain material restriction on material number 
151 SIMG_SSR_0132 S_SO6_65000756 Maintain material restriction on material class 
152 SIMG_SSR_0135 S_SO6_65000759 Maintain number ranges for clearing house settlement number 
153 SIMG_SSR_0138 S_SO6_65000762 Maintain payment card splitting 
154 SIMG_SSR_0139 S_SO6_65000763 Business add-in for incompletion check for detail transaction file 
155 SIMG_SSR_0140 S_SO6_65000764 Business add-in for price unit handling for detail transaction file 
156 SIMG_SSR_0141 S_SO6_65000765 Business add-in for fee cost distribution with payment card settlement 
157 SIMG_SSR_0142 S_SO6_65000766 Business add-in for building up reporting data for Daily Claim Report 
158 SIMG_SSR_0143 S_SO6_65000894 Assign process ID to transaction 
159 SIMG_SSR_0145 S_SO6_65000903 Assign completion strategy for invoice reversals 
160 SIMG_SSR_0146 S_SO6_65000911 Store Workbench 
161 SIMG_SSR_0147 S_SO6_65000913 Maintain update of PC infostructure 
162 SIMG_SSR_0148 S_SO6_65000914 Business add-in for retail network margin report 
163 SIMG_SSR_0149 S_SO6_65000950 Business add-in for user checks 
164 SIMG_SSR_0150 S_SO6_65000951 Business add-in for matrix configuration 
165 SIMG_SSR_0151 S_SO6_65000952 Business add-in for history selection 
166 SIMG_SSR_0152 S_SO6_65000953 Business add-in for save actions 
167 SIMG_SSR_0153 S_SO6_65000954 Business add-in for logistics document schedule for dip readings 
168 SIMG_SSR_0154 S_SO6_65000955 Business add-in for service type handling for detail transaction file 
169 SIMG_SSR_0155 S_SO6_65000956 Business add-in for complaint processing 
170 SIMG_SSR_0156 S_SO6_65000965 Define additional fields for value conversion 
171 SIMG_SSR_0157 S_SO6_65000969 Business add-in for control of meter readings rollover 
172 SIMG_SSR_0160 S_SOF_79000009 Business add-in for printing user exit for daily claim report 
173 SIMG_SSR_0161 S_SO7_65000979 Maintain payment card groups 
174 SIMG_SSR_0162 S_SO7_65000998 Maintain long text IDs 
175 SIMG_SSR_0163 S_SO7_65000999 Append structure management - subscreen assignments on business type level 
176 SIMG_SSR_0164 S_SO7_65001000 Business add-in for DTF pricing communication structures handling 
177 SIMG_SSR_0165 S_SO7_65001001 Business add-in for FI account postings user exit for deferred payments 
178 SIMG_SSR_0166 S_SO7_65001002 Define Sub-Total Columns for Report 
179 SIMG_SSR_0167 S_SO7_65001007 Define tabstrip captions 
180 SIMG_SSR_0168 S_SO7_65001008 Business add-in for actions before manual meter readings save 
181 SIMG_SSR_0169 S_SO7_65001011 Business add-in for determination of quantity for discounts 
182 SIMG_SSR_0170 S_SO7_65001012 Business add-in for filling appended fields for ALV display 
183 SIMG_SSR_0171 S_SO7_65001015 Business add-in for customizable reset button 
184 SIMG_SSR_0172 S_SO7_65001016 Maintain discounts 
185 SIMG_SSR_0173 S_SO7_65001022 Define aggregation schema 
186 SIMG_SSR_0174 S_SO7_65001023 Business add-in to manipulate entries after aggregation 
187 SIMG_SSR_0175 S_SO7_65001024 Business add-in to fill the aggregation variable key 
188 SIMG_SSR_0176 S_SO7_65001044 Maintain print document number range 
189 SIMG_SSR_0177 S_SO7_65001045 Maintain print index number range 
190 SIMG_SSR_0178 S_SO7_65001046 Define customer fields for print index 
191 SIMG_SSR_0179 S_SO7_65001047 Define source document categories 
192 SIMG_SSR_0180 S_SO7_65001048 Define print index update procedures 
193 SIMG_SSR_0181 S_SO7_65001049 Define print type groups 
194 SIMG_SSR_0182 S_SO7_65001050 Define print callup points 
195 SIMG_SSR_0183 S_SO7_65001051 Assign collective printing parameters 
196 SIMG_SSR_0184 S_SO7_65001052 Business add -in to skip update to print index table 
197 SIMG_SSR_0185 S_SO7_65001053 Business add-in to fill print index variable fields 
198 SIMG_SSR_0186 S_SO7_65001054 Business add-in to fill output determination communication structure 
199 SIMG_SSR_0187 S_SO7_65001055 Business add-in to manipulate print create ALV display 
200 SIMG_SSR_0188 S_SO7_65001056 Maintain Field Catalog 
201 SIMG_SSR_0189 S_SO7_65001063 Define Output Condition Tables 
202 SIMG_SSR_0190 S_SO7_65001057 Maintain Output Types 
203 SIMG_SSR_0191 S_SO7_65001058 Maintain Access Sequences 
204 SIMG_SSR_0192 S_SO7_65001059 Maintain Determination Procedure for Output Condition 
205 SIMG_SSR_0194 S_SO7_65001061 Assign Forms and Programs 
206 SIMG_SSR_0195 S_SO7_65001062 Assign Output Types to Partner Functions 
207 SIMG_SSR_0196 S_SO7_65001111 Define SD/FI posting groups 
208 SIMG_SSR_0197 S_SO7_65001112 Business add-in to determine the vendor and posting keys 
209 SIMG_SSR_0198 S_SO7_65001145 Archiving customizing for SSR 
210 SIMG_SSR_0199 S_SO7_65001146 Define message supression 
211 SIMG_SSR_0200 S_SO7_65001147 Assign aggregation schema for DBT reversals 
212 SIMG_SSR_0201 S_SO7_65001148 Configure fields for manual meter readings 
213 SIMG_SSR_0202 S_SO7_65001149 Define matchkey 
214 SIMG_SSR_0203 S_SO7_65001150 Maintain settings on clearing house level 
215 SIMG_SSR_0204 S_SO7_65001153 Maintain settings on clearing house, card type, and company code level 
216 SIMG_SSR_0205 S_SO7_65001154 Business add-in for calendar checks for settlement/transmission/recon. 
217 SIMG_SSR_0206 S_SO7_65001155 Business add-in for payment card fee calculation 
218 SIMG_SSR_0207 S_SO7_65001156 Business add-in for filling customer appended fields for recon. ALV display 
219 SIMG_SSR_0208 S_SO7_65001157 Business add-in for reconciliation matching logic 
220 SIMG_SSR_0209 S_SO7_65001158 Business add-in for reconciliation save logic for non-zero differences 
221 SIMG_SSR_0210 S_SO7_65001159 Cross-archiving object customizing 
222 SIMG_SSR_0211 S_SO7_65001160 Cross-client file names and paths 
223 SIMG_SSR_0212 S_SO7_65001161 Create logical file names 
224 SIMG_SSR_0213 S_SO7_65001162 Archiving object-specific customizing 
225 SIMG_SSR_0214 S_SOG_81000022 Define error codes 
226 SIMG_SSR_0215 S_SO7_65001173 Business add-in for message suppression 
227 SIMG_SSR_0216 S_SO7_65001210 Define meter events 
228 SIMG_SSR_0217 S_SO7_65001211 Assign subscreen for meter reading maintenance 
229 SIMG_SSR_0218 S_SO7_65001220 Maintain number ranges for reconciliation upload number 
230 SIMG_SSR_0219 S_SO7_65001221 Maintain number ranges for clearing house reconciliation number 
231 SIMG_SSR_0220 S_SO7_65001265 Generate DTF objects 
232 SIMG_SSR_0222 S_SOG_81000066 Business add-in for process chain 
233 SIMG_SSR_0223 S_SOG_81000103 Define alternative information subscreen 
234 SIMG_SSR_0231 S_ANI_44000027 Maintain Customer Sales Status 
235 SIMG_SSR_0232 S_ANI_44000035 BAdI: Determine Process ID for Payment Card Upload 
236 SIMG_SSR_224 S_SO7_28000016 BAdI: Insert Record into Aggregation Table While Filling DBT 
237 SIMG_SSR_225 S_SO7_28000017 BAdI: Modify Record in Aggregation Table While Filling DBT 
238 SIMG_SSR_226 S_SO7_28000018 Maintain Complaint Result on Company Code Level 
239 SIMG_SSR_227 S_SO7_28000019 BAdI: Determine Process ID for Aggregated Data Upload 
240 SIMG_SSR_228 S_SO7_28000020 BAdI: Fill Additional Data Table and Structure 
241 SIMG_SSR_229 S_SO7_28000031 BAdI: Exclude Functions for Detail Transaction File 
242 SIMG_SSR_MRAGG S_SO7_28000069 BAdI: Meter Readings - Manipulation Before Aggregation 
243 SIMG_STATREP1099 S_KK4_08000688 Note on 1099 Reporting 
244 SIMG_STRGPARALLEL S_PLN_62000517 Parallel Processing Control 
245 SIMG_STRUKTUROACR S_BCE_68001291 Maintain Repositories 
246 SIMG_SWFMOD_ROLE S_BCE_68002097 Manage Authorization 
247 SIMG_T042E_KR S_E4A_94000160 Define BoE Due Date Determination by Industry 
248 SIMG_TBRF230 S_ABA_72000175 Define Groups 
249 SIMG_TBRF230_2 S_PAB_09000014 Define Groups 
250 SIMG_TB_SEPA_ACTV S_P7F_76000060 SEPA Activation per Company Code 
251 SIMG_TB_SEPA_DD S_EIS_72000097 Lead Time Determination 
252 SIMG_TB_SEPA_DD_ACC S_EIS_72000098 Settings for Access 
253 SIMG_TB_SEPA_PM S_P7F_76000094 SEPA Payment Methods 
254 SIMG_TB_SEPA_RETCOD S_P7F_76000095 SEPA Return Reasons 
255 SIMG_TCURM_SUPPSLOC S_ALN_01002252 Activate Stock Transfer Between Storage Locations 
256 SIMG_TCV100SWITCH S_EBJ_98000135 Activate Enhanced Document Search 
257 SIMG_TDP_0001 S_SO5_65000185 Define External Rates 
258 SIMG_TDP_0005 S_SO5_65000225 Define Account Assignment 
259 SIMG_TDP_0006 S_SO5_65000215 Define Excise Duty Group 
260 SIMG_TDP_0007 S_SO5_65000216 Define Excise Duty Status 
261 SIMG_TDP_0008 S_SO5_65000217 Define Handling Type 
262 SIMG_TDP_0009 S_SO5_65000218 Define Pricing Indicator 
263 SIMG_TDP_0010 S_SO5_65000219 Define Combinations of Excise Duty, Tax Status, Account Determination 
264 SIMG_TDP_0011 S_SO5_65000220 Assign Excise Duty Status to Handling Type 
265 SIMG_TDP_0012 S_SO5_65000221 Define IS-Oil Company Code Parameters 
266 SIMG_TDP_0013 S_SO5_65000209 Define Excise Duty Defaults for Sales 
267 SIMG_TDP_0014 S_SO5_65000210 Define Excise Duty Defaults for Purchasing 
268 SIMG_TDP_0015 S_SO5_65000190 Define License Types 
269 SIMG_TDP_0016 S_SO5_65000191 Assign Condition Type to License Type 
270 SIMG_TDP_0017 S_SO5_65000184 Define Interstate Excise Tax 
271 SIMG_TDP_0018 S_SO5_65000177 Assign License Number to Storage Location 
272 SIMG_TDP_0020 S_SO5_65000071 Define Tracking Number Range 
273 SIMG_TDP_0021 S_SO5_65000072 Define Two-Step Transfer Control 
274 SIMG_TDP_0022 S_SO5_65000073 Define Material-Specific Tolerances 
275 SIMG_TDP_0023 S_SO5_65000189 Define Internal License Number Range 
276 SIMG_TDP_0024 S_SO5_65000208 Define Excise Duty Postings per Excise Duty Rate 
277 SIMG_TDP_0026 S_SO5_65000226 Activate Posting Line with Value Zero 
278 SIMG_TDP_0027 S_SO5_65000214 Configure Postings for Excise Duty 
279 SIMG_TDP_0028 S_SO5_65000211 Define Company Code Parameters for Production Orders 
280 SIMG_TDP_0029 S_SO5_65000212 Define Order Type-Dependent Default Values 
281 SIMG_TDP_0030 S_SO5_65000213 Define Default Values Dependent on Mat.Type and Excise Duty Group 
282 SIMG_TDP_0031 S_SO5_65000227 Configure Excise Duty Account Determination 
283 SIMG_TDP_0032 S_SO5_65000224 Configure Message Handling 
284 SIMG_TDP_0034 S_SO5_65000687 Define Excise Duty Grouping Code 
285 SIMG_TDP_0035 S_SO5_65000688 Define Combinations of Excise Duty Group and Handling Type 
286 SIMG_TDP_0036 S_SO5_65000689 Define Additional Plausibility Checks for Purchasing 
287 SIMG_TDP_0037 S_SO5_65000690 Define Additional Plausibility Checks for Sales 
288 SIMG_TDP_0038 S_SO5_65000691 Define Whether License Data Required 
289 SIMG_TDP_0039 S_SO6_65000732 Define Excise Duty Defaulting Rules for Purchasing 
290 SIMG_TDP_0040 S_SO7_65000977 Define Number Range for Excise Duty Revaluation 
291 SIMG_TDP_0041 S_SO7_65000992 Activate Excise Duty Postings per Movement Type 
292 SIMG_TDP_0042 S_SO7_65000993 Activate ED Consumption Posting/Activate Movement with Tracking Number 
293 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0001 S_SO5_65000178 Maintain material tax group 
294 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0002 S_SO5_65000179 Maintain customer tax group 
295 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0003 S_SO5_65000180 Maintain vendor tax group 
296 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0004 S_SO5_65000193 ICMS (exceptions) 
297 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0005 S_SO5_65000194 Complement ICMS (exceptions) 
298 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0006 S_SO5_65000197 Maintain ISS rate 
299 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0007 S_SO5_65000181 Maintain signed tax laws per country and state 
300 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0008 S_SO5_65000182 Maintain incoming taxation table 
301 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0009 S_SO5_65000183 Maintain percentage of alcohol in gasoline 
302 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0010 S_SO5_65000192 Maintain refinery taxation table 
303 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0011 S_SO5_65000201 Maintain printing exceptions for ICMS 
304 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0012 S_SO5_65000202 Maintain acquisition price table 
305 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0013 S_SO5_65000203 Maintain controlled price 
306 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0014 S_SO5_65000196 Maintain Sub.Trib. rules (exceptions) 
307 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0015 S_SO5_65000195 Complement ICMS rules inside calculation 
308 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0016 S_SO5_65000198 Maintain PIS/COFINS taxation table 
309 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0017 S_SO5_65000205 Maintain tax code in purchasing 
310 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0018 S_SO5_65000206 Maintain tax code in transfer outgoing 
311 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0020 S_SO5_65000204 Maintain posting exceptions for ICMS complement 
312 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0021 S_SO5_65000200 Maintain tax code in sales 
313 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0022 S_SO5_65000199 Maintain tax rates PIS/COFINS 
314 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0023 S_SO7_65000990 Maintain Zona Franca Discount 
315 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0024 S_SO7_65000991 Maintain PIS/COFINS Tax Laws 
316 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0025 S_SO7_65001020 Maintain Enhancements for SD and MM 
317 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0026 S_SO7_65001021 Maintain Global Plant Business Settings 
318 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0028 S_SO7_65001172 Maintain PMPF price table 
319 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0029 S_SO7_65001187 Maintain conditions for tax code 
320 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0030 S_SO7_65001188 Maintain ICMS deferred for sales 
321 SIMG_TDP_BRAZIL_0031 S_SO7_28000068 Maintain Dynamic Access Sequence 
322 SIMG_TDP_EDSL S_SO7_28000067 Excise Duty Special Ledger 
323 SIMG_TD_0001 S_SO5_65000159 Maintain product/compartment compatibility indicators 
324 SIMG_TD_0002 S_SO5_65000160 Maintain vehicle/customer compatibility indicators 
325 SIMG_TD_0003 S_SO5_65000161 Define shift rotas 
326 SIMG_TD_0004 S_SO5_65000162 Define license types 
327 SIMG_TD_0005 S_SO5_65000163 Define Transport Unit Types 
328 SIMG_TD_0006 S_SO5_65000164 Define Vehicle Types 
329 SIMG_TD_0007 S_SO5_65000166 Define driver number range 
330 SIMG_TD_0008 S_SO5_65000158 Define vehicle meter number range 
331 SIMG_TD_0009 S_SO5_65000150 Define tranport unit number range 
332 SIMG_TD_0010 S_SO5_65000151 Define Vehicle Number Range 
333 SIMG_TD_0011 S_SO5_65000152 Define rack meter number range 
334 SIMG_TD_0012 S_SO5_65000156 Define bulk shipment type 
335 SIMG_TD_0013 S_SO5_65000167 Define intransit storage location 
336 SIMG_TD_0014 S_SO5_65000169 Determine intransit storage location/cost centre 
337 SIMG_TD_0015 S_SO5_65000168 Define intransit posting group 
338 SIMG_TD_0016 S_SO5_65000170 Define intransit valuation type/handling type 
339 SIMG_TD_0017 S_SO5_65000171 Define TD reason codes 
340 SIMG_TD_0018 S_SO5_65000173 Define number ranges for bulk shipments 
341 SIMG_TD_0019 S_SO5_65000172 Define TD tolerances 
342 SIMG_TD_0020 S_SO5_65000132 Maintain condition tables 
343 SIMG_TD_0021 S_SO5_65000142 Maintain output types 
344 SIMG_TD_0022 S_SO5_65000143 Maintain access sequences 
345 SIMG_TD_0023 S_SO5_65000144 Maintain output condition determination procedure 
346 SIMG_TD_0024 S_SO5_65000145 Assign output condition determination procedure 
347 SIMG_TD_0025 S_SO5_65000146 Assign forms and programs 
348 SIMG_TD_0026 S_SO5_65000147 Maintain condition tables 
349 SIMG_TD_0027 S_SO5_65000148 Maintain output types 
350 SIMG_TD_0028 S_SO5_65000149 Maintain access sequences 
351 SIMG_TD_0029 S_SO5_65000141 Maintain output condition determination procedure 
352 SIMG_TD_0030 S_SO5_65000133 Assign output condition determination procedure 
353 SIMG_TD_0031 S_SO5_65000134 Assign forms and programs 
354 SIMG_TD_0032 S_SO5_65000135 Maintain condition tables 
355 SIMG_TD_0033 S_SO5_65000136 Maintain output types 
356 SIMG_TD_0034 S_SO5_65000137 Maintain access sequences 
357 SIMG_TD_0035 S_SO5_65000138 Maintain output condition determination procedure 
358 SIMG_TD_0036 S_SO5_65000139 Assign output condition determination procedure 
359 SIMG_TD_0037 S_SO5_65000140 Assign forms and programs 
360 SIMG_TD_0038 S_SO5_65000157 Define delivery tolerance message level 
361 SIMG_TD_0039 S_SO5_65000124 Define default texts 
362 SIMG_TD_0040 S_SO5_65000176 Define event document type 
363 SIMG_TD_0041 S_SO5_65000175 Define event type 
364 SIMG_TD_0042 S_SO5_65000174 Define event default groups and assign event types 
365 SIMG_TD_0063 S_SO5_65000122 Define shipment retention time 
366 SIMG_TD_0064 S_SO5_65000165 Maintain user screens 
367 SIMG_TD_0065 S_SO6_65000730 Define number range for mass processing error logs 
368 SIMG_TD_0066 S_SO7_65001196 Configure Message Handling 
369 SIMG_TD_DCP_001 S_SO7_65001126 Set parameters for delivery confirmation process 
370 SIMG_TD_TAS_0001 S_SO5_65000269 Define functions and function groups 
371 SIMG_TD_TAS_0002 S_SO5_65000270 Define control structures 
372 SIMG_TD_TAS_0003 S_SO5_65000267 Define load ID (LID) types and assign control structures 
373 SIMG_TD_TAS_0004 S_SO5_65000262 Define TAS relevance for pickup and shipment 
374 SIMG_TD_TAS_0005 S_SO5_65000263 Define TAS groups 
375 SIMG_TD_TAS_0006 S_SO5_65000264 Define LID reason codes 
376 SIMG_TD_TAS_0007 S_SO5_65000265 Define names for user fields 
377 SIMG_TD_TAS_0008 S_SO5_65000266 Define selection fields for release/revise LIDs 
378 SIMG_TD_TAS_0009 S_SO5_65000268 Maintain number ranges for LIDs 
379 SIMG_TD_TPI_0001 S_SO5_65000278 Define default group for sales order entry 
380 SIMG_TD_TPI_0002 S_SO5_65000275 Configure physical TPS 
381 SIMG_TD_TPI_0003 S_SO5_65000274 Maintain attributes of physical TPS 
382 SIMG_TD_TPI_0004 S_SO5_65000273 Configure logical TPS 
383 SIMG_TD_TPI_0005 S_SO5_65000272 Maintain attributes of logical TPS 
384 SIMG_TD_TPI_0006 S_SO5_65000271 Maintain text distribution for transportation planning point 
385 SIMG_TD_TPI_0007 S_SO5_65000279 Assign Relevance Type to Transportation Planning Point 
386 SIMG_TD_TPI_0008 S_SO5_65000276 Maintain TPI time frames for order processing 
387 SIMG_TD_TPI_0009 S_SO5_65000277 Activate transportation planning interface 
388 SIMG_TD_TPI_0010 S_SO7_65001168 Define Customer Capacity Group 
389 SIMG_TD_TPI_0011 S_SO7_65001169 Define Delivery Tolerances 
390 SIMG_TD_TPI_0013 S_SO7_65001171 Configure Message Handling 
391 SIMG_TD_TPI_0014 S_SO7_65001206 Select Group Type 
392 SIMG_TD_TPI_0015 S_SO7_65001257 Business Add-In for Splitting the Order Item Quantity 
393 SIMG_TD_TPI_0016 S_SO7_28000063 Assign Relevance Type 
394 SIMG_TD_TPI_0017 S_SO7_28000064 Assign Customer Capacity Group to Relevance Type 
395 SIMG_TEST0340340 S_ANI_08000760 Test 
396 SIMG_TIBAN_WO_ACCNO S_ACR_23000562 Activate IBAN without Bank Account Number 
397 SIMG_TICL069 S_KK4_08000549 Define Structure of Own Defined Navigation Tree 
398 SIMG_TICL078 S_KK4_08000551 Enhance Navigation Tree Types 
399 SIMG_TICL319 S_KK4_08000115 Define Time Reference per Policy Product 
400 SIMG_TICL364 S_P7I_08000885 Define Departments 
401 SIMG_TICL936 S_KK4_08000694 Define Predicate Classes 
402 SIMG_TKASC_RT_V S_E4A_94000191 Activate Overheads for Controlling Area and Business Transaction 
403 SIMG_TKSVD_CONF_V S_E4A_94000189 Activate Date From Time Sheet as Document Date for Confirmation 
404 SIMG_TKSVD_VC S_E4A_94000190 Special Valuation Date Settings 
405 SIMG_TLS_0001 S_KK4_66000057 Installing Standard Reports 
406 SIMG_TLS_0002 S_KK4_66000056 Report Selection 
407 SIMG_TLS_0009 S_KK4_66000055 Line Item Report List Variants 
408 SIMG_TLS_0010 S_KK4_66000054 Defining the JADE Report 
409 SIMG_TLS_0011 S_KK4_66000053 Deleting JVA Data 
410 SIMG_TLS_0012 S_KK4_66000051 Repository Objects 
411 SIMG_TLS_0013 S_KK4_66000050 Delete a Joint Venture 
412 SIMG_TLS_0014 S_KK4_66000052 Load Balancing Configuration 
413 SIMG_TLS_0015 S_KK4_66000049 Delete a JOA 
414 SIMG_TLS_0016 S_ALN_01001179 Activate JVA in a Client 
415 SIMG_TMFELDDEAKTIV S_PLN_62000795 Field Deactivation for Hide Zero Records Function 
416 SIMG_TNABETTEN S_KK4_74000228 AT: Define Number of Beds per Care Unit 
417 SIMG_TNAISP S_KK4_96000336 AT: ELDA - Institute Specifications 
418 SIMG_TNCMSCO S_KK4_96000644 AT: Maintain Institute Number Re-Mapping for EDI Scoring 
419 SIMG_TNWATBETTEN S_KK4_96000708 AT: Define Number of Beds per Department and Care Unit 
420 SIMG_TNWATDIA_STKR_E S_KK4_98000183 AT: Import LKF Asterisk-/Dagger Diagnosis Combinations 
421 SIMG_TNWATDIA_STKR_P S_KK4_98000182 AT: Maintain LKF Asterisk-/Dagger Diagnosis Combinations 
422 SIMG_TNWATFCO S_KK4_96000640 AT: ELDA: Maintain Error Codes 
423 SIMG_TNWATINTENS S_P7C_98000416 AT: Scoring - Intensivmodell 2012 pflegen 
424 SIMG_TNWATRDNOT S_KK4_96000641 AT: ELDA - Maintain Codes for Discharge Confirmation 
425 SIMG_TNWATSCOMSGID S_KK4_98000191 AT: Scoring - Maintain LKF Error-/Warning Codes 
426 SIMG_TNWAT_AAD S_ANI_98000215 AT: ELDA(L) - Maintain Outpatient Data Interchange Exclusion 
427 SIMG_TNWAT_ABB_KBL S_KK4_96000643 AT: Maintain KB/ASB Services for EDI Scoring 
428 SIMG_TNWAT_ANATOMY S_P7C_98000360 AT: Scoring - Anatomie-Codes pflegen 
429 SIMG_TNWAT_BETR S_P7C_98000270 AT: ELDA(L) - Ermittlung Betreuungsschein pflegen 
430 SIMG_TNWAT_EURS S_ANI_98000214 AT: ELDA(L) - Maintain Determination of Reason for Treatment 
431 SIMG_TNWAT_SCOPARAM S_KK4_98000189 AT: EDI System Control 
432 SIMG_TNWCH74 S_KK4_74000362 CH: Maintain Contract Scheme Determination 
433 SIMG_TNWCH90R S_KK4_98000197 CH, AT: Assign Function-to-Condition Type 
434 SIMG_TNWCHIVTOE S_KK4_96000382 CH: Ind. Contract Schemes Based on Org. Units 
435 SIMG_TNWCHMEDIDATACD S_KK4_98000159 CH: MEDIDATA - Maintain Codes 
436 SIMG_TNWCHMEDIDATAEX S_KK4_98000195 CH: ELACH/INXML - Maintain Transfer of Alternative Service Code 
437 SIMG_TNWCH_EDIKTR S_ANI_98000248 CH: ELACH/INXML - Control EDI Precedure at Insurance Provider 
438 SIMG_TNWCH_EDIKTR_EO S_P7C_98000361 CH: EOXML - Steuerung EDI-Verfahren für externe Aufträge 
439 SIMG_TPM63 S_PLN_62000785 Execute Data Transfer 
440 SIMG_TPM64 S_PLN_62000786 Reverse Data Transfer 
441 SIMG_TR-INFO-KAP S_ALN_01000604 Information System 
442 SIMG_TRCV_UPDATE S_PLN_06000134 Specify Update Types for Cash Management 
443 SIMG_TRIP_VAT_STATUS S_P7H_77000247 BAdI: Check Status of Data for VAT Refund 
444 SIMG_TSCHEDULEPARAM1 S_P00_07000295 Set External Scheduling Parameters 
445 SIMG_TSW_0001 S_SO5_65000253 Set import/export flag 
446 SIMG_TSW_0003 S_SO5_65000261 Assign TSW flag to mode of transport 
447 SIMG_TSW_0004 S_SO5_65000260 Define shipping types 
448 SIMG_TSW_0005 S_SO5_65000259 Define ticket number rules 
449 SIMG_TSW_0007 S_SO5_65000241 Define planning calendar 
450 SIMG_TSW_0008 S_SO5_65000240 Define a profile for safety stock coverage 
451 SIMG_TSW_0009 S_SO5_65000245 Define a profile for usage of safety stock calendar 
452 SIMG_TSW_0010 S_SO5_65000249 Maintain condition tables 
453 SIMG_TSW_0012 S_SO5_65000248 Maintain output types 
454 SIMG_TSW_0013 S_SO5_65000247 Maintain access sequences 
455 SIMG_TSW_0014 S_SO5_65000246 Maintain output determination procedure 
456 SIMG_TSW_0015 S_SO5_65000250 Assign output determination procedure 
457 SIMG_TSW_0016 S_SO5_65000242 Assign output type to partner function 
458 SIMG_TSW_0017 S_SO5_65000251 Assign forms and programs 
459 SIMG_TSW_0018 S_SO5_65000258 Assign EDI account numbers to vendors 
460 SIMG_TSW_0019 S_SO5_65000254 Assign nomination item type to IDoc item category 
461 SIMG_TSW_0020 S_SO5_65000256 Define nomination and ticket retention time 
462 SIMG_TSW_0021 S_SO5_65000257 Define number ranges for nominations 
463 SIMG_TSW_0022 S_SO5_65000244 Define number ranges for worklists 
464 SIMG_TSW_0023 S_SO5_65000255 Specify TSW control parameters 
465 SIMG_TSW_0024 S_SO6_65000772 Define mode of transport for rack issues 
466 SIMG_TSW_0025 S_SO6_65000773 Define movement type for rack issues 
467 SIMG_TSW_0030/OIJ S_SO7_65001165 Define tabstrips for stock projection worksheet 
468 SIMG_TSW_0031/OIJ S_SO7_65001166 Define additional partner roles for shipper 
469 SIMG_TSW_0032/OIJ S_SO7_65001175 Business Add-In for nomination query selection screen 
470 SIMG_TSW_0033/OIJ S_SO7_65001176 Business Add-In for nomination header validation 
471 SIMG_TSW_0034/OIJ S_SO7_65001177 Business Add-In for nomination item validation 
472 SIMG_TSW_0035/OIJ S_SO7_65001178 Define Validation Groups 
473 SIMG_TSW_0036/OIJ S_SO7_65001179 Define Status of Reported Quantities 
474 SIMG_TSW_0037/OIJ S_SO7_65001180 Define customer forecast types for rack issues 
475 SIMG_TSW_0038/OIJ S_SO7_65001181 Define History Horizon Indicators for Rack Issues 
476 SIMG_TSW_0039/OIJ S_SO7_65001182 Define Source Types for Physical Inventory Update 
477 SIMG_TSW_0040/OIJ S_SO7_65001183 Business Add-In to overwrite stock projection logic 
478 SIMG_TSW_0041/OIJ S_SO7_65001184 Business Add-In for rack issue forecasts 
479 SIMG_TSW_0042/OIJ S_SO7_65001185 Business Add-In to handle reported quantities 
480 SIMG_TSW_0100/OIJ S_SO7_65001189 Business Add-In for TSW Details 
481 SIMG_TSW_0101/OIJ S_SO7_65001190 Business Add-In for TSW Interfaces 
482 SIMG_TSW_0102/OIJ S_SO7_65001191 Business Add-In for nomination processing 
483 SIMG_TSW_0104/OIJ S_SO7_65001193 Business Add-In for TSW tickets 
484 SIMG_TSW_0106/OIJ S_SO7_65001195 Define number ranges for simulated nominations 
485 SIMG_TSW_0110/OIJ S_SO7_65001198 Define number ranges for pegging 
486 SIMG_TSW_0111/OIJ S_SO7_65001199 Define event date types 
487 SIMG_TSW_USERAUTH S_SO7_28000072 Define User Authorization to Change Shipments 
488 SIMG_T_BUCO S_PLN_16000018 Maintain screen configuration 
489 SIMG_T_GEN_US_2 S_PLN_16000120 Activate/deactivate US enhancements 
490 SIMG_T_PFCG S_PLN_16000017 Generate and assign Authorizations 
491 SIMG_T_RTPB19 S_PLN_16000014 Define fieldgroups relevant for authorization 
492 SIMG_T_RTP_US_CUST S_ALN_01000617 Maintain defaults and field statuses 
493 SIMG_T_RTP_US_PLAN_N S_ALN_01000356 Maintain number range interval for retirement plans 
494 SIMG_UMRECHNUNG S_ALR_87007944 Check Exchange Ratios for Currency Translation 
495 SIMG_UPSC01 S_PAB_25000002 Define Object Types 
496 SIMG_USERFIELDS_BTE S_ALR_87099895 Set Up User Fields for BTE 
497 SIMG_UST_MWST S_P7H_77000241 Advanced Treatment of Value Added Tax 
498 SIMG_V161VN S_ALN_01002267 Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule According to Storage Location 
499 SIMG_VAL_SUB_BTE S_ALR_87099724 Maintain User Exits for Validation / Substitution 
500 SIMG_VASNRGEN S_PLN_06000037 Define VAS order numbers range for warehouse