SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 29
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_ORKK_UMGEBPER S_ALR_87008276 Maintain Environments and Function Trees 
2 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_ABR S_ALR_87008046 Create Settlement Cost Elements 
3 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_CMODZ S_ALR_87008035 Develop Enhancements for Overhead Calculation 
4 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_EX S_ALR_87008071 Define Exception Rules 
5 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_KA02 S_ALR_87008058 Define Cost Elements for WIP Calculation 
6 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_KA06 S_ALR_87008270 Maintain Overhead Cost Elements 
7 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_KZB2 S_ALR_87008274 Define Calculation Bases 
8 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_KZE2 S_ALR_87008036 Define Credits 
9 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_KZM2 S_ALR_87008272 Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates 
10 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_KZS2 S_ALR_87008268 Define Costing Sheets 
11 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_KZZ2 S_ALR_87008275 Define Percentage Overhead Rates 
12 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_OKZ1 S_ALR_87008278 Define Origin Groups 
13 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_OKZ2 S_ALR_87008033 Define Overhead Groups 
14 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_OPR1 S_ALR_87008039 Assign Messages 
15 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_OPR4 S_ALR_87008038 Define User-Defined Message Types 
16 SIMG_ORKK_WERK_ZID S_ALR_87008026 Define Line IDs 
17 SIMG_ORKK_ZUORDAUF S_ALR_87008040 Assign Templates to Cost Objects 
18 SIMG_ORKK_ZUORDIMMA S_ALR_87008115 Assign Templates to Cost Objects 
19 SIMG_ORKK_ZUORDKAUF S_ALR_87007995 Assign Templates to Cost Objects 
20 SIMG_ORKSSM30_PERSAB S_ALR_87005415 Define Substitute Cost Centers for Payroll 
21 SIMG_ORKSSM30_PERSKO S_ALR_87005412 Assign Personnel Costs to Cost Centers 
22 SIMG_ORKSSM34_LAY_I S_ALR_87005401 Create Order Layout for Accrual Orders 
23 SIMG_ORKSSM34_LAY_P S_ALR_87005804 Create Order Layout for Accrual Orders 
24 SIMG_ORKS_AUTHO_PFCG S_ALR_87008639 Define Authorizations and Profiles 
25 SIMG_ORKS_BERGEN S_PLN_62000357 Automatic Generation of Default Authorizations 
26 SIMG_ORKS_BERGENBADI S_SLN_44000004 BADI for Generating Default Authorizations 
27 SIMG_ORKS_CMODZ S_ALR_87005751 Develop Enhancements for Overhead Rates 
28 SIMG_ORKS_CMOD_ABGR S_ALR_87005462 Develop Enhancements for Percentage Method 
29 SIMG_ORKS_COPY_CMOD S_ALR_87005861 Program Enhancements for Copying Plan and Actual Data 
30 SIMG_ORKS_ERKOS_0KM1 S_ALR_87005868 Define List Variants for Group Processing 
31 SIMG_ORKS_EWEP_CMOD S_ALR_87005679 Enhancements for Line Item Reports 
32 SIMG_ORKS_EWKOS_CMOD S_ALR_87005894 Program Enhancements for Cost Center Master Data 
33 SIMG_ORKS_EWLRT_CMOD S_ALR_87005813 Program Enhancements for Activity Type Master Data 
34 SIMG_ORKS_EWZYK_CMOD S_ALR_87005708 Develop Authorization Enhancements for Periodic Reposting and Allocations 
35 SIMG_ORKS_EXTRA_GRE9 S_ALR_87005701 Determine Settings for Extract Management 
36 SIMG_ORKS_FMU1 S_ALR_87005673 Define Document Types for Funds Commitment 
37 SIMG_ORKS_IS_RPCO S_ALR_87100136 Specify User Settings 
38 SIMG_ORKS_KA06 S_ALR_87005444 Define Overhead Cost Elements 
39 SIMG_ORKS_KA06_UMIST S_ALR_87005738 Create Assessment Cost Elements 
40 SIMG_ORKS_KA06_UMPLA S_ALR_87003679 Create Assessment Cost Elements 
41 SIMG_ORKS_KBC5 S_ALR_87005465 Define Screen Variants for Manual Cost Allocation 
42 SIMG_ORKS_KGF4 S_ALR_87005674 Define Dependencies 
43 SIMG_ORKS_KK06 S_ALR_87005749 Define Condition Tables 
44 SIMG_ORKS_KL01_ILV_I S_ALR_87005791 Define Activity Types for Indirect Activity Allocation 
45 SIMG_ORKS_KL01_ILV_P S_ALR_87005468 Define Activity Types for Indirect Activity Allocation 
46 SIMG_ORKS_KM1V S_ALR_87005865 Define Selection Variants for Cost Centers 
47 SIMG_ORKS_KM1V_GKZ S_ALR_87005753 Define Selection Variants for Overhead Rates 
48 SIMG_ORKS_KM7V S_ALR_87005882 Define Selection Variants for Activity Types 
49 SIMG_ORKS_KSES_IST S_ALR_87005740 Define Allocation Structures 
50 SIMG_ORKS_KSES_PLAN S_ALR_87005536 Define Allocation Structures 
51 SIMG_ORKS_KZB2 S_ALR_87005429 Define Calculation Bases Referring to Cost Element and Origin 
52 SIMG_ORKS_KZB4 S_AL0_96000370 Define Calculation Bases Referring to Cost Center and Activity Type 
53 SIMG_ORKS_KZE2 S_ALR_87005439 Define Credits 
54 SIMG_ORKS_KZM2 S_ALR_87005435 Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates 
55 SIMG_ORKS_KZS2 S_ALR_87005426 Define Costing Sheets 
56 SIMG_ORKS_KZZ2 S_ALR_87005432 Define Percentage Overhead Rates 
57 SIMG_ORKS_PARAM_RPXN S_ALR_87005721 Specify Report Currency 
58 SIMG_ORKS_SELEK_RPCN S_ALR_87005711 Define Selection Criteria 
59 SIMG_ORKS_SELVAR S_ALR_87005699 Define Selection Variants 
60 SIMG_ORTSLAGE S_ALR_87009577 Define District 
61 SIMG_OSC1 S_BCE_68000252 Maintain Appointment Types 
62 SIMG_OSC4 S_BCE_68001546 Maintain Groups for Appointment Types 
63 SIMG_OSC_WF_REPLY S_BCE_68001574 Activate Workflow for Appointment Requests 
64 SIMG_PAWCOUNTER S_BCE_68002037 PAW Counter 
65 SIMG_PAWSETTINGS S_BCE_68002038 PAW - Settings 
66 SIMG_PAW_COUNTER S_BCE_68002060 PAW - Counter 
67 SIMG_PAW_INITIAL S_BCE_68002113 PAW - Initial Settings 
68 SIMG_PAW_RESULTS S_BCE_68002062 PAW - Results Transfer Control 
69 SIMG_PAW_WEBTEST S_BCE_68002061 PAW - Web Test Settings 
70 SIMG_PAY_ES_ANTI S_AHR_61019058 Create seniority wage type 
71 SIMG_PAY_ES_CCNANTIG S_AHR_61019057 Create seniority wage type 
72 SIMG_PAY_ES_CNIANT S_AHR_61019047 Create seniority amount wage type 
73 SIMG_PAY_ES_FORM_TC2 S_AHR_61019056 Assign Sapscript document for each type of document 
74 SIMG_PAY_ES_REGUL S_PH9_46000618 Configure regularization of employment tax (IRPF) type 
75 SIMG_PBCS0023 S_P1H_12000020 Activation of BAdI Implementation 
76 SIMG_PBCS_N_WOROLBU S_P1H_12000025 Role Definition Budget Control System 
77 SIMG_PBCS_WOROLBU S_P1H_12000024 Role Definition 
78 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_001 S_PL0_09000113 Choose Information Columns 
79 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_002 S_PL0_09000114 Define Shift Abbreviations with Different Valuation 
80 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_003 S_PL0_09000115 Define Shift Abbreviations with Indicator 
81 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_004 S_PL0_09000124 Set Color 
82 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_005 S_PL0_09000126 Activate Immediate Evaluation of Time Information 
83 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_006 S_PL0_09000160 Implement Business Add-In for Immediate Valuation 
84 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_007 S_PL0_09000194 Activate Assignment of Shift Abbreviation 
85 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_008 S_PL0_09000195 Activate Cumulation of Requirements 
86 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_009 S_PL0_09000196 Define Exception List 
87 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_010 S_PL0_09000197 Activate Implementation for Business Add-In 
88 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_011 S_PL0_09000198 Activate Adhoc Check of Working Time Laws 
89 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_012 S_PL0_09000199 Activate Functionality 
90 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_014 S_L6B_69000195 Activate Special Day Markings 
91 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_015 S_L6B_69000196 Select Days 
92 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_016 S_L6B_69000255 Select Information Columns and Define Standard Valuation 
93 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_020 S_L6B_69000463 Set Up Background Process for Time Evaluation 
94 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_030 S_L6B_69000660 Activate Employee Sorting 
95 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_031 S_L6B_69000661 Define Information Columns for Sorting 
96 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_040 S_PL0_86000073 Activate Long-Term Temporary Assignments 
97 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_041 S_AC0_52000045 Activate Restoration of Original Shifts 
98 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_045 S_XC0_18000002 Activate Update of Time Data/Temporary Assignments on Saving 
99 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_047 S_XC0_18000003 Activate Temporary Assignment Despite Attendance/Absence 
100 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_050 S_AC0_52000371 Activate Protection of Employee Preferences 
101 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_051 S_AC0_52000372 Extend Ready for Input Status of Info Field in Shift Details 
102 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_052 S_AC0_52000373 Display Previous and Following Days in Assignment Assistant 
103 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_053 S_AC0_52000475 Activate Creation of Change Documents for Target Plan 
104 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_060 S_AC0_52000505 Set Up Enhanced Cumulation of Requirements 
105 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_070 S_PCO_36000292 Create Reporting Time Types and Assign Attendances/Absences 
106 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_071 S_PCO_36000297 Activate Access to Absence Planner from Shift Planning 
107 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_072 S_PCO_36000295 Define High Season 
108 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_074 S_PCO_36000296 Define Profile 
109 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_080 S_PCO_36000323 Activate Pool Management 
110 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_081 S_PCO_36000387 Pool Management 
111 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_082 S_PCO_36000324 Selection IDs 
112 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_088 S_PCO_36000325 Assign Selection ID Group to a Profile 
113 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_090 S_PCO_36000402 Activate Retention of Availability Abbreviation 
114 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_200 S_L6B_69000355 Activate Hourly Balance Line 
115 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_201 S_L6B_69000356 Activate Information Line 
116 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_202 S_L6B_69000359 Define Information Types 
117 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_BADI S_L6B_69000351 BAdI: Adhoc Update of Info Columns 
118 SIMG_PBS_PTSP_SPALTE S_L9C_94001672 Activate Additional Information Columns and Info Column Grouping 
119 SIMG_PBS_PT_001 S_PL0_09000112 Choose Information Columns 
120 SIMG_PDCSU02 S_ALR_87007919 Define profiles 
121 SIMG_PDCSU03 S_ALR_87007922 Define authorizations 
122 SIMG_PDC_BA10 S_ALR_87007943 Transfer configuration data to the subsystem 
123 SIMG_PDC_BA11 S_ALR_87007939 Define subsystem configuration 
124 SIMG_PDC_BDEGRUPPE S_ALR_87007945 Define groupings for subsystems 
125 SIMG_PDC_CI21 S_ALR_87007930 Define communication parameters 
126 SIMG_PDC_CI31 S_ALR_87007907 Define communication parameters 
127 SIMG_PDC_CI36 S_ALR_87007894 Define communication parameters 
128 SIMG_PDC_CI41 S_ALR_87007915 Define communication parameters 
129 SIMG_PDC_HJOB_KK-ALL S_ALR_87007948 Schedule background jobs for update of all PDC messages 
130 SIMG_PDC_HJOB_PM S_ALR_87007901 Schedule background jobs for PDC 
131 SIMG_PDC_HJOB_PP S_ALR_87007911 Schedule background jobs for PDC 
132 SIMG_PDC_HJOB_PPPK S_ALR_87007926 Schedule background jobs 
133 SIMG_PDC_HJOB_PS S_ALR_87007934 Schedule background jobs for PDC 
134 SIMG_PDC_HR S_ALR_87100611 Time Management (HR, Communication Channel 1) 
135 SIMG_PDC_PA06 S_ALR_87007950 Create number range for time events and acct.assignment data 
136 SIMG_PDR_BADICHG2UPS S_PLN_16000155 Change Object Type for ALE Distribution Packet 
137 SIMG_PDR_BADIREC2UPS S_PLN_16000154 Define Packet Type per Partner System 
138 SIMG_PDR_BERECHT S_PLN_16000427 Define Authorizations 
139 SIMG_PDR_CIBASE2UPS S_PLN_16000153 Transform CM Object Type into UPS Object Type 
140 SIMG_PDR_OVPS_VTDIBP S_PLN_16000199 Define Context 
141 SIMG_PDR_UPSC03 S_ABA_72000142 Define Scenarios and Maintain Packet Assignments 
142 SIMG_PERINAT_ANMANRI S_KK4_74000565 PERINATAL: Anamnestic risks 
143 SIMG_PERINAT_ASSARI S_KK4_74000566 PERINATAL: Current pregnancy risk factors 
144 SIMG_PERINAT_AZGGIND S_KK4_74000577 PERINATAL: Indication for induction of labor 
145 SIMG_PERINAT_EKIERKR S_KK4_74000588 PERINATAL: Illnesses (Child) 
146 SIMG_PERINAT_EKIFBID S_KK4_74000589 PERINATAL: Malformations 
147 SIMG_PERINAT_EKIVERG S_KK4_74000590 PERINATAL: Reasons for (Child) Transfer/Discharge 
148 SIMG_PERINAT_GEBMOD S_KK4_96000319 PERINAT: Geburtsmodus 
149 SIMG_PERINAT_GKIGM S_KK4_74000591 PERINATAL: Indication for an OR delivery 
150 SIMG_PERINAT_GKIGPO S_KK4_74000592 PERINATAL: Labor position 
151 SIMG_PERINAT_GKIGRIS S_KK4_74000593 PERINATAL: Birth risks 
152 SIMG_PERINAT_GKIGVW S_KK4_74000594 PERINATAL: Birth injuries 
153 SIMG_PERINAT_GKIKLAG S_KK4_74000595 PERINATAL: Fetal presentations 
154 SIMG_PERINAT_KATB S_KK4_74000596 PERINATAL: Special findings in the course of pregnancy 
155 SIMG_PERINAT_KATD S_KK4_74000587 PERINATAL: Causes of death (child) 
156 SIMG_PERINAT_MITARB S_KK4_74000578 PERINATAL: Obstetrics team member 
157 SIMG_PERINAT_NATION S_KK4_74000579 PERINATAL: Table of nationality keys 
158 SIMG_PERINAT_NBERUF S_KK4_74000580 PERINATAL: Table of occupations 
159 SIMG_PERINAT_PNDDIIC S_KK4_74000581 PERINATAL: Indication for a Doppler sonography (internal) 
160 SIMG_PERINAT_PNDDRIC S_KK4_74000582 PERINATAL: Pathological risks from Doppler findings (extrnl) 
161 SIMG_PERINAT_PNDFBC S_KK4_74000583 PERINATAL: Malformations - prenatal 
162 SIMG_PERINAT_PNDSEIN S_KK4_74000584 PERINATAL: Indication for a Doppler sonography (external) 
163 SIMG_PERINAT_VEKL S_KK4_74000585 PERINATAL: Pediatric clinics 
164 SIMG_PFCG_ROLES S_EE6_85000171 Assign PFCG Role to Users 
165 SIMG_PHON220 S_BCE_68000215 Activate Telephony/Choose Work Center Identification 
166 SIMG_PHON310 S_BCE_68000216 Number Conversion Rules for Inbound Calls 
167 SIMG_PHON320 S_BCE_68000217 Define Address Data Areas 
168 SIMG_PM_DOCU S_KK4_08000739 Documentation on Interface to FS-PM 
169 SIMG_PM_EXITS S_P7I_60000040 Exit Routines for Master Entities (PRA/PM Integration) 
170 SIMG_PM_MAP S_P7I_60000041 PRA/PM Integration Mapping 
171 SIMG_PP3ORKKKANK S_ALR_87008235 Define Number Ranges for Variance Documents 
172 SIMG_PP3ORKKKEI1 S_ALR_87008244 Create PA Transfer Structure 
173 SIMG_PP3ORKKKO8N S_ALR_87008242 Maintain Number Ranges for Settlement Documents 
174 SIMG_PP3ORKKKOT2 S_ALR_87008264 Check Order Types 
175 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKA8 S_ALR_87008249 Define Primary Data for Input Price Variances 
176 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKEU S_ALR_87008246 Create Source Structure 
177 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKG1 S_ALR_87008231 Define Results Analysis Keys 
178 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKG4 S_ALR_87008263 Define Update 
179 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKG5 S_ALR_87008261 Define Assignment 
180 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKG6 S_ALR_87008248 Define Number Ranges 
181 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKG8 S_ALR_87008247 Define Posting Rules for Settling Work in Process 
182 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKG9 S_ALR_87008233 Define Results Analysis Versions 
183 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKGD S_ALR_87008234 Define Valuation Method (Target Costs) 
184 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKO6 S_ALR_87008238 Create Allocation Structure 
185 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKO7 S_ALR_87008232 Create Settlement Profile 
186 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKV1 S_ALR_87008251 Define Variance Keys 
187 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKV6 S_ALR_87008250 Define Target Cost Versions 
188 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKVG S_ALR_87008253 Define Variance Variants 
189 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKVW S_ALR_87008252 Define Default Variance Keys for Plants 
190 SIMG_PP3ORKKOKZ3 S_ALR_87008277 Define Cost-Accounting-Relevant Default Values for Order Types and Plants 
191 SIMG_PP3ORKKOPK9 S_ALR_87008245 Define Goods Received Valuation for Order Delivery 
192 SIMG_PP3ORKKOPL1 S_ALR_87008271 Check Costing Variants for Product Cost Collectors 
193 SIMG_PP3ORKKOPN2 S_ALR_87008267 Check Valuation Variants for Product Cost Collectors 
194 SIMG_PPA S_PLN_16000138 Prompt Payment Act 
195 SIMG_PPPI_CRP S_ALR_87007903 Capacity Planning 
196 SIMG_PPPI_MRP S_ALR_87007900 Material Requirements Planning 
197 SIMG_PPPI_POI S_ALR_87007896 Production Optimization Interface 
198 SIMG_PPPI_PP S_ALR_87007893 Production Planning 
199 SIMG_PPPI_SOP S_ALR_87007890 Sales & Operations Planning (SOP) 
200 SIMG_PRA_UOMBADI S_SOG_81000127 Business- Add- In for Unit of measure (UOM) 
201 SIMG_PRODLOS S_ALR_87008379 Production Lot Planning 
202 SIMG_PRO_0001 S_KK4_66000125 Processes 
203 SIMG_PRO_0002 S_KK4_66000124 Posting Methods 
204 SIMG_PRO_0003 S_KK4_66000113 Posting Rules 
205 SIMG_PRO_0004 S_KK4_66000116 RI Manipulation Rules 
206 SIMG_PRO_0005 S_KK4_66000127 Assessment 
207 SIMG_PRO_0006 S_KK4_66000128 Distribution 
208 SIMG_PRO_0007 S_KK4_66000028 Settlement 
209 SIMG_PRO_0008 S_KK4_66000026 Cost Calculations 
210 SIMG_PRO_0009 S_KK4_66000025 Other JV Postings 
211 SIMG_PRO_0010 S_KK4_66000023 Mapping Valuation Types to Cost Objects 
212 SIMG_PRO_0011A S_KK4_66000038 Maintain Condition Types 
213 SIMG_PRO_0011B S_KK4_66000029 Maintain Access Sequences 
214 SIMG_PRO_0011C S_KK4_66000037 Maintain CRP Procedures 
215 SIMG_PRO_0011D S_KK4_66000036 Maintain Schema Determination 
216 SIMG_PRO_0011E S_KK4_66000020 Display Condition Tables 
217 SIMG_PRO_0011F S_KK4_66000021 Maintain Condition Tables 
218 SIMG_PRO_0011G S_KK4_66000022 Maintain Field Catalogs 
219 SIMG_PRO_0011H S_KK4_66000035 Create Base Price Conditions 
220 SIMG_PRO_0011I S_KK4_66000034 Create Base Price Conditions with Reference 
221 SIMG_PRO_0011J S_KK4_66000033 Change Base Price Conditions 
222 SIMG_PRO_0011K S_KK4_66000032 Display Base Price Conditions 
223 SIMG_PRO_0011L S_KK4_66000031 Account and Recovery Indicator Determination 
224 SIMG_PRO_0012 S_KK4_66000030 Depreciation Area Updates 
225 SIMG_PRO_0013 S_KK4_66000009 Transaction Types 
226 SIMG_PRO_0014 S_KK4_66000008 Equity Change Asset Transaction Types 
227 SIMG_PRO_0014A S_SK4_49000001 Field transfer for new assets in JV asset transfers 
228 SIMG_PRO_0015 S_KK4_66000007 Estimated Book Cost indices 
229 SIMG_PRO_0016 S_KK4_66000006 Index Series 
230 SIMG_PRO_0017 S_KK4_66000005 Risk Labor Cost Elements 
231 SIMG_PRO_0018 S_KK4_66000004 Stepped Rate Rules 
232 SIMG_PRO_0019 S_KK4_66000003 Drilling Key Figures 
233 SIMG_PRO_0020 S_KK4_66000002 Producing Key Figures 
234 SIMG_PRO_0021 S_KK4_66000001 Create 
235 SIMG_PRO_0022 S_KK4_66000010 Change 
236 SIMG_PRO_0023 S_KK4_66000019 Display 
237 SIMG_PRO_0024 S_KK4_66000018 Accounts 
238 SIMG_PRO_0025 S_KK4_66000017 Cost Centers 
239 SIMG_PRO_0026 S_KK4_66000016 Projects/WBS Elements 
240 SIMG_PRO_0027 S_KK4_66000015 Networks 
241 SIMG_PRO_0028 S_KK4_66000014 Internal Orders 
242 SIMG_PRO_0029 S_KK4_66000013 Transaction Type Modification 
243 SIMG_PRO_0030 S_KK4_66000027 CO/FI reconciliation. 
244 SIMG_PRO_0031 S_KK4_96000372 Payment Term Schema 
245 SIMG_PRO_009A S_KK4_66000024 Material Condition Codes 
246 SIMG_PR_CHAMTD S_SO5_65000701 Chemical Analysis Measurement type Configuration 
247 SIMG_PR_CHRT S_SO5_65000706 Define Chart Types 
248 SIMG_PR_CRTYP S_SO5_65000707 Define Crude Types 
249 SIMG_PR_DN_GRP S_SO5_65000695 Define number range groups for Delivery Network 
250 SIMG_PR_FL_GRP S_SO5_65000696 Define number range groups for Field 
251 SIMG_PR_FNCFG S_SO5_65000712 Define Production Configurable Functions 
252 SIMG_PR_LIFEST S_SO5_65000709 Define Lifestage Events 
253 SIMG_PR_LOUISIANA S_SO7_65001074 Louisiana (old reporting version) 
254 SIMG_PR_MPMTD S_SO5_65000702 Measurement Point Volumes Measurement Type Configuration 
255 SIMG_PR_MP_GRP S_SO5_65000697 Define number range groups for Measurement Point 
256 SIMG_PR_MTRCLS S_SO5_65000710 Define Meter Classes 
257 SIMG_PR_MV_CFG S_SO5_65000703 Define Volume Allocation Metered Volume Configuration 
258 SIMG_PR_NPSTS S_SO5_65000711 Define Non Producing Status Codes 
259 SIMG_PR_PAM S_SO5_65000716 Define Plant Allocation Methods 
260 SIMG_PR_PFLOC S_SO5_65000713 Define Platform Locations 
261 SIMG_PR_PFTYP S_SO5_65000715 Define Platform Types 
262 SIMG_PR_PF_GRP S_SO5_65000698 Define number range groups for Platforms 
263 SIMG_PR_PMCD S_SO5_65000714 Define Producing Methods 
264 SIMG_PR_RS_GRP S_SO5_65000699 Define number range groups for Reservoir 
265 SIMG_PR_SKFX S_SO7_65001081 PRA to CO SKF Cross Reference - OIUPR_SKFX 
266 SIMG_PR_TCM S_SO5_65000717 Define Theoretical Calculation Methods 
267 SIMG_PR_TNK_USAGE S_SO6_65000902 MP Volumes Tank Strapping Usage Configuration 
268 SIMG_PR_TRMTH S_SO5_65000718 Define Transportation Methods 
269 SIMG_PR_VLICD S_SO5_65000719 Volume Indicators 
270 SIMG_PR_VLSRC S_SO5_65000720 Define Volume Sources 
271 SIMG_PR_VTRCLS S_SO5_65000721 Define Volume Type Gas Lift Gas Reclassification 
272 SIMG_PR_VTXRG S_SO5_65000722 Define Volume Type Cross Reference to Reproduced Gas 
273 SIMG_PR_WCDWN S_SO5_65000708 Define Downtime Reasons 
274 SIMG_PR_WC_STS S_SO5_65000723 Define Well Completion Status Codes 
275 SIMG_PR_WLDEV S_SO5_65000724 Define Well Drilling Directions 
276 SIMG_PR_WLPROG S_SO5_65000725 Define Well Completion Programs 
277 SIMG_PR_WLPUR S_SO5_65000726 Define Well Completion Purposes 
278 SIMG_PR_WL_GRP S_SO5_65000700 Define number range groups for Well 
279 SIMG_PR_WSWCX S_SO6_65000898 Define Well Class/Well Status Xref 
280 SIMG_PR_WTMTD S_SO5_65000704 Well Test Measurement Type Configuration 
281 SIMG_PR_WVMTD S_SO5_65000705 Well Completion Volumes Measurement Type Configuration 
282 SIMG_PSFMG_ACCASST S_PLN_16000087 Kontierungselemente aktivieren 
283 SIMG_PSFMG_BADIAUTH S_PLN_16000091 BAdI: Grants Management Coding Block Berechtigungsprüfung 
284 SIMG_PSFMG_BADIGMREP S_PLN_16000090 BAdI: Grants Management Coding Block Berechtigungsprüfung 
285 SIMG_PSFMG_BDGTREVAL S_PLN_16000094 BADi: Enhancement for GM Revaluation: Display Exchange Rate Factor 
286 SIMG_PSFMG_BDGTTRFR S_PLN_16000093 BADi: Budget Transfer to Funds Management 
288 SIMG_PSFMG_FUNDTYPE S_PLN_16000089 Maintain GM Fund Type for FM Fund Type 
289 SIMG_PSFMG_GMREP S_PLN_16000096 Enhancement Functions for GM Reporting 
290 SIMG_PSFMG_OF23N S_ALN_01000899 Maintain Payment Amounts for Fast Pay/Accelerated Pay 
291 SIMG_PSFMG_OF23Q S_ALN_01000900 Maintain Payment Terms for Fast Pay/Accelerated Pay 
292 SIMG_PSFMG_OF23Y S_ALN_01000898 Maintain Material Groups for Fast Pay 
293 SIMG_PSFMG_OFIV S_ALN_01000896 Maintain Rules for Invoice Line Item Handling 
294 SIMG_PSFMG_POSTAUTH S_PLN_16000092 BAdI: Grants Management Berechtigungsprüfung 
295 SIMG_PSFMG_SPONSOBJ S_PLN_16000095 BAdI: Grants Management Sponsored Object 
296 SIMG_PSFMG_VFM01BLNK S_PLN_16000088 LEERZEICHEN als Wert für Kontierungselemente erlauben 
297 SIMG_PSFMG_V_FM023B S_ALN_01000894 Maintain Minimum and Maximum Penalty Amounts 
298 SIMG_PSFMG_V_FM023P S_PLN_16000147 Assign Payment Term to Material Group 
299 SIMG_PSFMG_V_FM023R S_ALN_01000893 Define Interest Rates and CVFR 
300 SIMG_PSFMG_V_FM023U S_ALN_01000892 Create Penalty Interest Reason Codes 
301 SIMG_PSFMG_V_FM034U S_ALN_01000887 Enter Treasury Processing Time 
302 SIMG_PSFMG_V_FM043U S_ALN_01000890 Define Processing Time for Automatic Outgoing Payments 
303 SIMG_PSMFG_ABP S_P2U_59000008 Maintain Parameters for Automatic Budget Postings 
304 SIMG_PSMFG_ABP_HEADR S_ALN_01002055 Define Budget Entry Document Header Defaults 
305 SIMG_PSMFG_ACCTBL S_ALN_01000878 General Settings for Accountable Properties 
306 SIMG_PSMFG_ACCTBL2 S_ALN_01000879 Transaction Types 
307 SIMG_PSMFG_ACCTBLAAC S_ALN_01000880 Account Assignment Categories 
308 SIMG_PSMFG_ACCTCLAS1 S_PLN_06000226 BL Account Classification 
309 SIMG_PSMFG_ACCTCLASS S_PLN_06000025 Account Classification 
310 SIMG_PSMFG_ACCTMOVT S_ALN_01000881 Movement Types 
311 SIMG_PSMFG_ACENCYID S_ALN_01000907 Assign File ID and Agency ID to Payment Method 
312 SIMG_PSMFG_ADJ_DOCT S_PLN_62000368 Document Types for Adjustments 
313 SIMG_PSMFG_ADJ_USER S_PLN_62000370 Maintain User Names for Adjustment Types 
314 SIMG_PSMFG_AGENCYTR S_MJE_44000003 Maintain Transfer Agency and Account 
315 SIMG_PSMFG_ALC S_ALN_01000903 Maintain Agency Location Code 
316 SIMG_PSMFG_ALCPO S_ALN_01000904 Assign ALC and Payment Office to Payment Method Supplement 
317 SIMG_PSMFG_APMESSAGE S_PLN_06000414 BAdI: Accelerated Pay Message Handling 
318 SIMG_PSMFG_AP_PRDET S_PLN_06000400 BAdI: Allow Further Logic in Determining Accountable Property 
319 SIMG_PSMFG_AP_PRVAL S_PLN_06000401 BAdI: Change Values to be Transmitted to the Asset Record 
320 SIMG_PSMFG_BADBILL S_ALN_01000910 Maintain Bad Invoice Reason Codes 
321 SIMG_PSMFG_BADIAUTH1 S_ALN_01001190 BAdI: Grants Management Coding Block Authority Check 
322 SIMG_PSMFG_BADIIPAC S_PLN_06000402 BAdI: Override IPAC Standard Code 
323 SIMG_PSMFG_BADIREP S_ALN_01001192 BAdI: Enhancement Functions for GM Reporting 
324 SIMG_PSMFG_BADISS01 S_PLN_06000403 BAdI: Invoice Batching 
325 SIMG_PSMFG_BADISS02 S_PLN_06000404 BAdI: Certification 
326 SIMG_PSMFG_BGTACT S_PLN_06000084 Budget/Actuals Allowed for Budgetary Ledger 
327 SIMG_PSMFG_BLAREA S_PLN_06000243 Definition of BL Areas 
328 SIMG_PSMFG_BLAREAFLD S_PLN_06000244 Source Fields for BL Areas 
329 SIMG_PSMFG_BLBASIC S_PLN_06000083 Activate Budgetary Ledger Variant 
330 SIMG_PSMFG_BLEXT_DRV S_AEN_10000460 BAdI: Enhancements US Federal BL Account Derivations 
331 SIMG_PSMFG_BL_ZEROBL S_SLN_44000015 Assign Fields for Zero Balance Check 
332 SIMG_PSMFG_BUTYPE S_PLN_06000081 Maintain Budget Type Attributes 
333 SIMG_PSMFG_COCKPIT S_ALN_01002346 Federal Extension Derivation Access 
334 SIMG_PSMFG_DITFBT S_ALN_01000901 Maintain DIT and FBT Accounts 
335 SIMG_PSMFG_DOCTODOC S_PLN_16000045 Document-to-Document Tolerances 
336 SIMG_PSMFG_EDITATTR S_PLN_06000021 Maintain SGL Account Master Table 
337 SIMG_PSMFG_ENTERCODE S_MJE_44000002 Define Treasury Subclass Codes 
338 SIMG_PSMFG_FACTS2CB S_PLN_06000405 BAdI: Apportionment Category B Detail Field 
339 SIMG_PSMFG_FASTPAY S_PLN_16000031 Fast Pay and Accelerated Pay 
340 SIMG_PSMFG_FGACTIVE S_ALN_01002344 Activate Federal Government Functionality 
341 SIMG_PSMFG_FGYEFIELD S_PLN_06000078 Collected Fields Year-End 
342 SIMG_PSMFG_FLDMVNT S_PLN_06000080 US Budgetary Ledger Field Movements 
343 SIMG_PSMFG_FMABPDERI S_ALN_01002056 Maintain Derivation Strategy for Automatic Budget Postings 
344 SIMG_PSMFG_FMABPRULE S_ALN_01002057 Rules Derivation Only 
345 SIMG_PSMFG_FMBLACCT S_PLN_06000082 Allowed Sources for Postings to Accounts 
346 SIMG_PSMFG_FMBLYRCL1 S_PLN_06000023 Year-End Account Assignment Derivation 
347 SIMG_PSMFG_FMBLYRLC1 S_PLN_06000022 Year-End Account Assignment Derivation 
348 SIMG_PSMFG_FMFG2_SGL S_PLN_06000019 Maintain FACTS II SGL Accounts 
349 SIMG_PSMFG_FMFG_YRCL S_PLN_06000077 Year-End Closing Rules 
350 SIMG_PSMFG_FMRECUR S_ALN_01002045 Configure Recurring Obligations 
351 SIMG_PSMFG_FMSGDER S_MJE_44000011 Define Derivation Strategy 
352 SIMG_PSMFG_FORMERBL S_ALN_01002345 Settings for Former Budgetary Ledger 
353 SIMG_PSMFG_FSN S_MJE_44000005 Maintain Fiscal Station Number 
354 SIMG_PSMFG_IMPROPER S_PLN_16000032 Maintain Reason Codes for Invoices 
355 SIMG_PSMFG_INVPANEL S_PLN_06000415 BAdI: Additional Processing of Improper Invoice Panel 
356 SIMG_PSMFG_IPAC_ACC S_MJE_44000007 Prepare Automatic Posting for IPAC 
357 SIMG_PSMFG_IPAC_DOCR S_MJE_44000006 Maintain IPAC Document Reference Number 
358 SIMG_PSMFG_OBPN S_ALN_01001170 Define Account for Penalty Interest 
359 SIMG_PSMFG_OFBL S_PLN_06000024 Settings for Former Budgetary Ledger 
360 SIMG_PSMFG_OFFSTBADI S_PLN_06000413 BAdI: Treasury Offset 
361 SIMG_PSMFG_OFPK S_PLN_06000224 Define Posting Key 
362 SIMG_PSMFG_PAYTSUPPT S_PLN_16000165 Define Payment Method Supplements 
363 SIMG_PSMFG_PMT S_ALN_01000905 Assign Payment Type to Payment Method 
364 SIMG_PSMFG_PO S_ALN_01000902 Maintain Payment Office 
365 SIMG_PSMFG_POSTAUTH1 S_ALN_01001191 BAdI: Grants Management Authority Check 
366 SIMG_PSMFG_PPABADI S_PLN_06000406 BAdI: Further Invoice Processing Configuration 
367 SIMG_PSMFG_PRECBADI S_PLN_06000420 BAdI: Modify Output Columns for Unfilled Orders Program 
368 SIMG_PSMFG_RCNRULE S_ALN_01002047 Define Reconciliation Rule 
369 SIMG_PSMFG_RCNSLICE S_ALN_01002046 Define Reconciliation Data Slice 
370 SIMG_PSMFG_RECONSUBT S_AEN_10000374 Define Subtotal Groups 
371 SIMG_PSMFG_RECURRING S_MJE_44000015 Configure Recurring Obligations 
372 SIMG_PSMFG_REIMBURSE S_MJE_44000014 Define Reimbursable Orders 
373 SIMG_PSMFG_RE_ADP S_AEN_10000366 Automatic Down Payments 
374 SIMG_PSMFG_RFC S_ALN_01000908 Maintain Regional Financial Center Derivation 
375 SIMG_PSMFG_RO_YCLOSE S_AEN_10000393 Year-End Closing 
376 SIMG_PSMFG_RPTA_DERI S_P7U_18000015 Maintain Derivation for Additional Reporting Attributes 
377 SIMG_PSMFG_RPTA_EXIT S_P7U_18000016 BAdI: Use of Reporting Attributes 
378 SIMG_PSMFG_RPTA_TOOL S_P7U_18000014 Configure Additional Reporting Attributes 
379 SIMG_PSMFG_RPTL_CUST S_P7U_18000012 Customize Report Layout 
380 SIMG_PSMFG_RPTL_INFO S_P7U_18000011 Define Report Layouts 
381 SIMG_PSMFG_RPTL_TOOL S_P7U_18000013 Report Layout Tool 
382 SIMG_PSMFG_SF224 S_ALN_01002062 Assign FI Document Type, Account and Fund to Treasury Subclass Code 
383 SIMG_PSMFG_SF224_ALC S_P7U_18000006 Maintain Agency Location Code 
384 SIMG_PSMFG_SF224_DER S_P7U_18000005 Maintain Derivation Strategy for SF-224 
385 SIMG_PSMFG_SF224_TS S_PLN_06000287 Maintain Treasury Subclasses 
386 SIMG_PSMFG_SGLACCT S_PLN_06000079 Budget Status of Accounts 
387 SIMG_PSMFG_SUBCODE S_MJE_44000001 Assign FI Document Type to Treasury Subclass Code 
388 SIMG_PSMFG_USERGROUP S_MJE_44000010 Create User Groups 
389 SIMG_PSMFG_VFMFG023G S_PLN_06000429 Activate Prompt Payment Act 
390 SIMG_PSM_BADI_FMDRV1 S_PLN_06000246 BAdI: Enhanced Functions for Account Assignment Derivation 
391 SIMG_PSM_FG_ACTIVEA S_P7U_18000019 Activate Online Edits 
392 SIMG_PSM_FG_FAFIELDS S_P7U_18000001 Maintain Field Selection String for Functional Area 
393 SIMG_PSM_FG_LINESCOR S_AEN_10000924 Payment Lines Correction 
394 SIMG_PSM_FG_TPEXCPTN S_AEN_10000353 Define Trading Partner Exceptions 
395 SIMG_PSM_FM_FUNDPRO S_AEN_10000819 Edit Field Selection String for Funded Programs 
396 SIMG_PSM_GTE_CONSIST S_P7U_18000002 BAdI: Budget Document Consistency Check 
397 SIMG_PSM_PRUDENCE S_AEN_10000351 Define Derivation Strategy for Principle of Prudence 
398 SIMG_PSS_ACTIVATE S_ALN_01000094 Activate/Deactivate Payment Statistical Sampling 
399 SIMG_PSS_CLERK S_ALN_01000882 PSS: Clerk/Supervisor 
400 SIMG_PSS_RELATIONS S_ALN_01000103 Payment Statistical Sampling: Relationship Clerk Supervisor 
401 SIMG_PSS_RULES S_ALN_01000102 Define Payment Statistical Sampling Rules 
402 SIMG_PS_EASY_COST01 S_E36_82000107 Activate Planning for Network Activities with Easy Cost Planning 
403 SIMG_PS_FC_WORKBENCH S_E38_98000057 Process Settings for Forecast Workbench 
404 SIMG_PS_FIELD_SELECT S_E38_98000073 Define Field Selection for Components 
405 SIMG_PS_FORECAST_WB S_E36_82000082 Make Settings for Forecast Workbench 
406 SIMG_PS_MULTI_LANG S_E38_98000048 Activate Multi-Language Support 
407 SIMG_PS_PRO_TRACK S_E38_98000054 Process Status Combination Code 
408 SIMG_PS_PRO_TRACK01 S_E36_82000087 Define Standard Events for Work Breakdown Structures 
409 SIMG_PS_PRO_TRACK02 S_E36_82000088 Define Event Scenarios for Work Breakdown Structures 
410 SIMG_PS_PRO_TRACK03 S_E36_82000089 Process Event Relations within a Scenario 
411 SIMG_PS_PRO_TRACK04 S_E36_82000091 Define Progress Tracking Profile for Work Breakdown Structures 
412 SIMG_PS_PRO_TRACK05 S_E36_82000092 Define Status Infotypes for Work Breakdown Structures 
413 SIMG_PS_PRO_TRACK06 S_E36_82000093 Define Standard Events for Networks 
414 SIMG_PS_PRO_TRACK07 S_E36_82000094 Define Event Scenarios for Networks 
415 SIMG_PS_PRO_TRACK08 S_E36_82000104 Process Event Relations within a Scenario (Network) 
416 SIMG_PS_PRO_TRACK09 S_E36_82000105 Define Progress Tracking Profile for Networks 
417 SIMG_PS_PRO_TRACK10 S_E36_82000106 Define Status Infotypes for Networks 
418 SIMG_PS_STAT_KEY S_E38_98000052 Tab Page: Activate Statistical Key Figures 
419 SIMG_PTSP_EVOPT_DEF S_PL0_86000008 Define Default Values for Assignment Strategy 
420 SIMG_QG2 S_SO6_65000722 Define Quotation Groups and Group Items 
421 SIMG_RAD_BA07 S_KK4_96000441 BAdI: Change the Worklist Entries 
422 SIMG_RAL_001 S_YI3_39000143 Configure Read Acess Logging 
423 SIMG_REFERENZZI S_ALR_87007956 Check Reference Interest Rates 
424 SIMG_REFXES S_EEI_69000029 Define Hierarchical Location Structure 
425 SIMG_REFXES_LUM S_EEI_69000030 Make General Settings for Land Use Management 
426 SIMG_REFXES_SDC S_EEI_69000035 Information on Settings for Security Deposit 
427 SIMG_REGSTRUC_FILL S_BIE_59000191 Import Reference Data 
428 SIMG_REGSTRUC_GROUP S_BCE_68000284 Define Regional Structure Groups 
429 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SR10 S_BIE_59000185 Create Cities Individually 
430 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SR11 S_BIE_59000186 Change cities individually 
431 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SR12 S_BIE_59000187 Display Cities Individually 
432 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SR20 S_BIE_59000188 Create Streets Individually 
433 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SR21 S_BIE_59000189 Change Streets Individually 
434 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SR22 S_BIE_59000190 Display Streets Individually 
435 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SR30 S_BIE_59000182 Create Postal Codes Individually 
436 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SR31 S_BIE_59000183 Change Postal Codes Individually 
437 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SR32 S_BIE_59000184 Display Postal Codes Individually 
438 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SRN1 S_BCE_68000280 Maintain Number Ranges for Cities 
439 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SRN2 S_BCE_68000281 Maintain Number Ranges for Streets 
440 SIMG_REGSTRUC_SRN3 S_BCE_68000282 Maintain Number Ranges for Postal Codes 
441 SIMG_REGSTRUC_STTYPE S_BCE_68000283 Maintain Street Type 
442 SIMG_REPAIR S_PLN_06000020 Repair Test 
443 SIMG_REPORTING_ACTIV S_SOG_81000017 Activate Production/Tax and Royalty Reports 
444 SIMG_RMBK1 S_KK4_13000229 Define Derivation Strategy 
445 SIMG_RMD01 S_KK4_13000243 Maintain General Derivation Strategy 
446 SIMG_RMDR1 S_KK4_13000231 Define Derivation Strategy 
447 SIMG_RMIBKKA S_KK4_13000227 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
448 SIMG_RMIFGDT S_KK4_13000230 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
449 SIMG_RMIJBFX S_AEN_10000326 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
450 SIMG_RMIJBLOAN S_AEN_10000325 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
451 SIMG_RMIJBMM S_AEN_10000328 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
452 SIMG_RMIJBVT S_KK4_13000221 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
453 SIMG_RMIJB_DETR S_AEN_10000327 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
454 SIMG_RMVT1 S_KK4_13000222 Define Derivation Strategy 
455 SIMG_RNWATICD10 S_KK4_96000650 AT: Import Diagnosis Catalogs 
456 SIMG_RNWATLKFGRUPPEN S_KK4_96000646 AT: Import LKF Groups for Scoring 
457 SIMG_RNWATMELBI S_KK4_96000645 AT: Import MEL Services for Scoring 
458 SIMG_RNWATMELZUO S_KK4_96000648 AT: Import MEL Service Assignments for Scoring 
459 SIMG_RNWATSCOHOECHST S_KK4_96000647 AT: Import Ceiling Limits for Scoring 
460 SIMG_RNWATSCOMSGLOAD S_KK4_98000190 AT: Scoring - Import LKF Error-/Warning Codes 
461 SIMG_RTXXCATF S_E4A_94000084 Show Field Catalog 
462 SIMG_RTXXCATS S_E4A_94000083 Show Segment Catalog 
463 SIMG_RUNDUNGSREGELN S_ALR_87007967 Check Rounding Rules for Currencies 
464 SIMG_RV_CYC S_SOG_81000006 Define Accounting Cycle Control 
465 SIMG_RV_SID S_SOG_81000010 Define State Default Interest Rates 
466 SIMG_SALABLAGEOAC0 S_BCE_68000236 Define Content Repositories 
467 SIMG_SALAPPLIKOAA4 S_BCE_68000230 Maintain Applications 
468 SIMG_SALARCHGEROAD6 S_BCE_68000227 Maintain archive device 
469 SIMG_SALBARARCHOAC5 S_BCE_68000232 Activate Bar Code Entry 
470 SIMG_SALBARCODEOAD4 S_BCE_68000248 Register Bar Code Types 
471 SIMG_SALBENAROAA1 S_BCE_68000231 Maintain User Storage System 
472 SIMG_SALCUCHECKOACK S_BCE_68000249 Carry out Customizing check 
473 SIMG_SALDOKARTENOAC2 S_BCE_68000246 Edit Document Types 
474 SIMG_SALDOKTYPENOAD2 S_BCE_68000247 Edit Document Classes 
475 SIMG_SALDOKWIZOAD5 S_BCE_68000250 Use Document Types Customizing Wizard 
476 SIMG_SALERGVERKNOABA S_BCE_68000234 Display the results of the link check 
477 SIMG_SALGRUNDOAG1 S_BCE_68000235 Maintain All Basic Settings 
478 SIMG_SALJOBSOAAT S_BCE_68000239 Schedule Storage Job for Print Lists 
479 SIMG_SALNUMMOANR S_BCE_68000240 Maintain Number Ranges 
480 SIMG_SALPROTOOAA3 S_BCE_68000229 Maintain Protocols 
481 SIMG_SALQUEUEOAQ1 S_BCE_68000238 Create Queues 
482 SIMG_SALVERKNOACH S_BCE_68000392 Perform link check 
483 SIMG_SALVERKNTABOAD3 S_BCE_68000245 Register Link Tables 
484 SIMG_SALVOREINOAWS S_BCE_68000244 Maintain Presettings for Storage Scenarios 
485 SIMG_SALWFDOKARTSOA0 S_BCE_68000202 Assign Document Type to a Workflow 
486 SIMG_SALWFPARAMOACA S_BCE_68000201 Maintain Workflow Parameters 
487 SIMG_SALWWIZOAWW S_BCE_68000226 Use Workflow Wizard 
488 SIMG_SAPA_ADR_VERS S_BCE_68000278 Activate International Address Versions 
489 SIMG_SAPB_DEINDEX S_BCE_68000380 Build up data element index 
490 SIMG_SAPB_DUMPREORG S_BCE_68000269 Reorganize ABAP Runtime Error Short Dumps 
491 SIMG_SAPB_MAPPENREOR S_BCE_68000268 Reorganizing Batch Input Sessions 
492 SIMG_SAPB_REC_CLIENT S_BCE_68000267 Tables Changes Recording 
493 SIMG_SAPB_SLAKNUM S_BCE_68001461 Collect instance logs with different numbers 
494 SIMG_SAPB_SLDATWECHS S_BCE_68001462 Control log file change 
495 SIMG_SAPB_SPOOLREORG S_BCE_68000270 Reorganize Spool Objects 
496 SIMG_SAPCOML2 S_ALR_87007419 Assign warehouse number to plant/storage location 
497 SIMG_SAPZOZAP S_ALR_87007356 Maintain System Settings 
498 SIMG_SAPZOZBP S_ALR_87007348 Maintain Time Zones 
499 SIMG_SAPZOZCG S_ALR_87007331 Maintain Geographical Assignments 
500 SIMG_SB_BLRSN S_SO5_65000692 Define Adjustment Reason Codes