SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 9
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROK02 S_ALR_87005204 Create User Status Profile 
2 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROK11 S_ALR_87004633 Create Number Ranges for Planning 
3 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKG1 S_ALR_87004581 Maintain results analysis keys 
4 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKG2 S_ALR_87004576 Maintain results analysis versions 
5 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKG3 S_ALR_87004572 Define Valuation Methods for Results Analysis 
6 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKG4 S_ALR_87003940 Define Update for Results Analysis 
7 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKG5 S_ALR_87003950 Define assignments for results analysis 
8 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKG6 S_ALR_87003897 Check Number Ranges for Results Analysis Documents 
9 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKG8 S_ALR_87003930 Define Posting Rules for Settlement to Accounting 
10 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKK1 S_ALR_87005503 Create Costing Variant 
11 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKK3 S_ALR_87005583 Define Costing Types 
12 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKK4 S_ALR_87005502 Define Valuation Variants 
13 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKO6 S_ALR_87004315 Create Allocation Structure 
14 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKO7 S_ALR_87004289 Create Settlement Profile 
15 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKOH S_ALR_87004699 Maintain Cost Element Group in Chart of Accounts 
16 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKRB S_ALR_87004882 Define Summarization Hierarchy 
17 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKRX S_ALR_87004887 Define User-Defined Characteristics 
18 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKS7 S_ALR_87004747 Generate Reports 
19 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROKSR S_ALR_87004683 Import Reports 
20 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROMD0 S_ALR_87005109 Specify MRP Controller 
21 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROOPSP S_ALR_87005191 Specify Parameters for Network Type 
22 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP10 S_ALR_87005120 Specify person responsible for work center 
23 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP101 S_ALR_87004129 Specify person responsible for work center 
24 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP17 S_ALR_87004914 Define Formula Parameters 
25 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP21 S_ALR_87004940 Maintain Formula Definitions 
26 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP26 S_ALR_87005237 Define suitability 
27 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP28 S_ALR_87004922 Define Key for Performance Efficiency Rate 
28 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP32 S_ALR_87004927 Define Capacity Categories 
29 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP34 S_ALR_87004925 Define Capacity Planners 
30 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP40 S_ALR_87005228 Specify work center categories 
31 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP401 S_ALR_87004146 Specify work center categories 
32 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP42 S_ALR_87005136 Maintain Data for Default Work Center 
33 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP421 S_ALR_87004121 Maintain Data for Default Work Center 
34 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP45 S_ALR_87005115 Define Usage 
35 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP451 S_ALR_87004138 Define Usage 
36 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP47 S_ALR_87005163 Define Usage 
37 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP65 S_ALR_87005101 Define Formula Parameters 
38 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP72 S_ALR_87005105 Define PRT Control Key 
39 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP73 S_ALR_87005170 Define PRT Authorization Group 
40 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP74 S_ALR_87005160 Define PRT Group Key 
41 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP80 S_ALR_87005166 Define PRT Status 
42 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROP82 S_ALR_87005093 Maintain Formula Definitions 
43 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPA0 S_ALR_87004835 Define Selection Combination 
44 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPA2 S_ALR_87004833 Define Selection Profiles 
45 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPA3 S_ALR_87004830 Define Options Profiles 
46 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPA4 S_ALR_87004826 Define List Profiles 
47 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPA5 S_ALR_87004822 Define Graphic Profiles 
48 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPA6 S_ALR_87004817 Define Overall Profiles 
49 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPA8 S_ALR_87004853 Define Columns 
50 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPB1 S_ALR_87004850 Define Overview Variants 
51 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPC5 S_ALR_87004849 Specify Maximum Number of Data Records 
52 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPCV S_ALR_87004052 Specify Parameters for Network Scheduling 
53 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPJ7 S_ALR_87005350 Define standard network usage 
54 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPJ9 S_ALR_87005260 Maintain Planner Groups 
55 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPJJ S_ALR_87004899 Define Checking Scope 
56 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPJK S_ALR_87004897 Define Checking Control 
57 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPJL S_ALR_87004913 Define Checking Rules 
58 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPJN S_ALR_87004085 Define Scheduling Types 
59 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPJO S_ALR_87004075 Define Time Units 
60 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPJS S_ALR_87004062 Define Reduction Strategies 
61 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPK5 S_ALR_87004906 Define Causes for Variances 
62 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPL1 S_ALR_87005506 Define Costing Variants 
63 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPS0 S_ALR_87005175 Define print controls for shop papers 
64 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPS1 S_ALR_87005306 User Fields 
65 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPS2 S_ALR_87005368 Maintain texts for relationship types 
66 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPS3 S_ALR_87005144 Define Text Types for PS Texts 
67 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPS4 S_ALR_87005194 Maintain network profiles 
68 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPS5 S_ALR_87005262 Maintain Standard Network Profiles 
69 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPS6 S_ALR_87005375 Specify Persons Responsible for WBS Elements 
70 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPS7 S_ALR_87005385 Specify Applicants for WBS elements 
71 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPS9 S_ALR_87005438 Maintain Budget Profiles 
72 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSA S_ALR_87005389 Create Project Profile 
73 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSB S_ALR_87005500 Create/Change Planning Profile 
74 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSC S_ALR_87005427 Define Tolerance Limits 
75 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSG S_ALR_87005222 Define Change Profile 
76 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSH S_ALR_87005246 Define Control Key for Activities 
77 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSJ S_ALR_87005492 Define Project Coding Mask 
78 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSK S_ALR_87005495 Define Special Characters for Projects 
79 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSL S_ALR_87005004 Define Profiles for Calling Overviews 
80 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSM S_ALR_87004943 Define Overall Profiles for Information System 
81 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSO S_ALR_87005393 Create Project Types for WBS Elements 
82 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSR S_ALR_87005282 Define Milestone Usage 
83 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPST S_ALR_87004908 Define Confirmation Parameters 
84 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPSU S_ALR_87005233 Define control key 
85 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPT3 S_ALR_87005510 Matchcodes for Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) 
86 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPT4 S_ALR_87005309 Edit Matchcode for Standard Networks 
87 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPT5 S_ALR_87005339 Edit Network Matchcodes 
88 SIMG_CFMENUOLPROPTK S_ALR_87005382 Specify Exempt Cost Elements 
89 SIMG_CFMENUOLPRORRS S_ALR_87004751 Define Languages 
90 SIMG_CFMENUOLPRSU02 S_ALR_87004841 Define Profiles 
91 SIMG_CFMENUOLPRSU03 S_ALR_87004847 Project System 
92 SIMG_CFMENUOLPRUMFK1 S_ALR_87005589 Microsoft Excel 
93 SIMG_CFMENUOLPRUMFK2 S_ALR_87005588 Microsoft Project 
94 SIMG_CFMENUOLPRUMFK3 S_ALR_87005597 MS Project for downloading/uploading standard networks 
96 SIMG_CFMENUOLPRVKBN S_ALR_87005430 Create Number Ranges for Budgeting 
97 SIMG_CFMENUOLPRWSS S_ALR_87004838 Define Sets 
98 SIMG_CFMENUOLPRWSW S_ALR_87004859 Define Variables 
99 SIMG_CFMENUOLPS S_ALR_87100806 Define Field Selection for the Engineering Workbench 
100 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSBS02 S_ALR_87003749 Define Status Profiles 
101 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSCANM S_ALR_87003816 Define Number Ranges for Reference Rate Routings 
102 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSCANR S_ALR_87003826 Define Number Ranges for Rate Routings 
103 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSCCW1 S_ALR_87003885 Make settings for Workflow 
104 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSCJEC S_P99_41000370 Define Currency Translation Keys 
105 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSCLVL S_ALR_87004480 Define Profile for Output Lists 
106 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSFLO01 S_ALN_01001043 Define Types of Reporting Point 
107 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOKK7 S_ALR_87004272 Define Relevancy to Costing 
108 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOKK9 S_ALR_87004450 Define Relevancy to Costing 
109 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOM10 S_ALR_87004621 Define supply areas 
110 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP00 S_ALR_87004667 Define control key 
111 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP04 S_ALR_87003785 Define Line Length for Long Texts 
112 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP09 S_ALR_87013020 Edit alternative activity description 
113 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP10 S_ALR_87004628 Determine person responsible 
114 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP11 S_ALR_87004002 Define period pattern key 
115 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP13 S_ALR_87004076 Set up work center screen sequence 
116 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP14 S_ALR_87004632 Define type of standard value determination 
117 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP15 S_ALR_87004186 Define profile 
118 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP17 S_ALR_87003973 Define formula parameters for work centers 
119 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP18 S_ALR_87003860 Define Setup Type and Setup Group 
120 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP19 S_ALR_87004614 Define standard value key 
121 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP20 S_ALR_87004661 Define setup type 
122 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP21 S_ALR_87003963 Define formulas for work centers 
123 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP22 S_ALR_87004646 Define wage group 
124 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP26 S_ALR_87004594 Define suitability 
125 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP28 S_ALR_87003982 Define key for performance efficiency rate 
126 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP30 S_ALR_87004619 Define move time matrix 
127 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP32 S_ALR_87004598 Define capacity categories 
128 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP34 S_ALR_87004610 Determine capacity planner 
129 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP35 S_ALR_87004102 Define key for performance efficiency rate 
130 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP36 S_ALR_87004111 Define default capacity 
131 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP37 S_ALR_87003991 Define version of available capacity 
132 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP39 S_ALR_87004066 Define graphics profile 
133 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP40 S_ALR_87004695 Define work center category 
134 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP41 S_ALR_87004058 Define work center matchcodes 
135 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP42 S_ALR_87004602 Define default work center 
136 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP44 S_ALR_87003923 Define Task List Usage 
137 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP45 S_ALR_87004642 Define task list usage 
138 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP46 S_ALR_87003839 Define Routing Statuses 
139 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP47 S_ALR_87004170 Define Task List Usage Keys 
140 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP48 S_ALR_87003913 Configure Planner Group 
141 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP49 S_ALR_87004361 Define Matchcode for Routing 
142 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP4A S_ALR_87004012 Define shift sequence 
143 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP4F S_ALR_87004286 Define Overview Variants for Scheduling 
144 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP50 S_ALR_87003746 Define Material Type Assignments 
145 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP51 S_ALR_87004095 Define formula parameters for work centers 
146 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP52 S_ALR_87004385 Define Formula Parameters 
147 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP54 S_ALR_87004084 Define formulas for work centers 
148 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP55 S_ALR_87004377 Define Formulas 
149 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP58 S_ALR_87003772 Define Profiles with Default Values 
150 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP5A S_ALR_87003760 Define Field Selection 
151 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP62 S_ALR_87004048 Define Number Ranges for Routings 
152 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP63 S_ALR_87003933 Define Number Ranges for Reference Operation Sets 
153 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP65 S_ALR_87004137 Define formula parameters 
154 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP67 S_ALR_87003879 Define Control Key 
155 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP70 S_ALR_87004394 Define PRT Control Keys 
156 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP71 S_ALR_87003849 Define Wage Group 
157 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP72 S_ALR_87004142 Define PRT control keys 
158 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP73 S_ALR_87004242 Define PRT authorization group 
159 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP74 S_ALR_87004163 Define PRT group key 
160 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP76 S_ALR_87004314 Define Suitability 
161 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP77 S_ALR_87004344 Edit Working Areas 
162 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP78 S_ALR_87004304 Define Type of Standard Value Determination 
163 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP7A S_ALR_87004119 Define PRT matchcode 
164 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP7B S_ALR_87004605 Define parameters 
165 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP80 S_ALR_87004178 Define PRT status 
166 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP82 S_ALR_87004128 Define formulas 
167 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP8A S_ALR_87003798 Define Standard Value Descriptions in Operation Overviews 
168 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOP8B S_ALR_87003806 Maintain Task List Types and Set SET/GET Parameters 
169 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPB3 S_ALR_87003953 Define distribution function 
170 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPB4 S_ALR_87003942 Define distribution strategy 
171 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPB5 S_ALR_87004039 Define distribution key 
172 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPE0 S_ALR_87004180 Define sort string 
173 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPE1 S_ALR_87004235 Define value type 
174 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPE2 S_ALR_87004226 Define machine type 
175 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPE3 S_ALR_87004216 Define planner group 
176 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPE4 S_ALR_87004211 Define control parameters 
177 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPE6 S_ALR_87004203 Define rounding category and rounding rule 
178 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPE8 S_ALR_87004198 Define rounding categories and additional values key 
179 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPEA S_ALR_87004250 Define User Selection 
180 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPEB S_ALR_87004323 Select Automatically 
181 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPEC S_ALR_87004294 Define User-Defined Fields 
182 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPFA S_ALR_87004688 Define Field Selection 
183 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPJS S_ALR_87003871 Define Reduction Strategy 
184 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPL2 S_ALR_87004258 Define Group for Standard Trigger Points 
185 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPL3 S_ALR_87004265 Define (Standard) Trigger Point Usage 
186 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPPE1 S_KA5_12000414 Define User Profiles for iPPE 
187 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPPE3 S_KA5_12000416 iPPE User Assignment 
188 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPPE7 S_KA5_12000493 Connection of Time Analysis Systems 
189 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPV1 S_KA5_12000407 Define General iPPE Customizing 
190 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPV1P S_ALN_01002180 Define General iPPE Customizing 
191 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPV2 S_KA5_12000408 Define General iPPE Node Types 
192 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPV3 S_KA5_12000409 Define General iPPE Relationship Types 
193 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPV4 S_KA5_12000410 Define iPPE Variants 
194 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPV5 S_KA5_12000412 Define iPPE Alternatives 
195 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPV6 S_KA5_12000413 iPPE Model Assignments 
196 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOPV8 S_KA5_12000419 Define Types of Reporting Point 
197 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS11 S_ALR_87004567 Define Spare Part Indicators 
198 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS12 S_ALR_87004563 Define Material Provision Indicators 
199 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS13 S_ALR_87004586 Define Item Categories 
200 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS14 S_ALR_87004579 Define Allowed Material Types for BOM Items 
201 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS15 S_ALR_87004571 Define Variable-Size Item Formulas 
202 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS16 S_ALR_87004583 Define Object Types 
203 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS17 S_ALR_87004558 Define Explosion Types 
204 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS20 S_ALR_87004546 Define BOM Usages 
205 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS21 S_ALR_87004543 Define Default Values for the Item Status 
206 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS22 S_ALR_87004538 Define Copy Default for Item Status 
207 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS23 S_ALR_87004529 Define BOM Status 
208 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS24 S_ALR_87004533 Define Material Types Allowed for BOM Header 
209 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS25 S_ALR_87004590 Configure History Requirement for BOMs 
210 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS26 S_ALR_87004525 Define Laboratory/Design Office 
211 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS27 S_ALR_87004553 Define Modification Parameters 
212 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS28 S_ALR_87004550 Define Default Values 
213 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS29 S_ALR_87004496 Define User-Specific Settings 
214 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS30 S_ALR_87004434 Define Applications 
215 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS31 S_ALR_87004444 Define Order of Priority for BOM Usages 
216 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS32 S_ALR_87004425 Define Alternative Determination for Multiple BOMs 
217 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS33 S_ALR_87004418 Define Alternative Determination for Inventory Management 
218 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS34 S_ALR_87004513 Define Alternative Determination for Costing 
219 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS35 S_ALR_87004411 Define Alternative Determination for Production 
220 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS36 S_ALR_87004507 Define Alternative Determination for Sales and Distribution 
221 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS37 S_ALR_87004502 Define Alternative Determination for Plant Maintenance 
222 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS38 S_ALR_87004402 Define Alternative Determination for MRP 
223 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS41 S_ALR_87004466 Transfer BOM without long text 
224 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS43 S_ALR_87004652 Transfer BOM changes 
225 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS44 S_ALR_87004681 Transfer variants for BOM 
226 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS45 S_ALR_87004674 Transfer BOM with long text 
227 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS51 S_ALR_87003998 Define Statuses for Change Master Records 
228 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS52 S_ALR_87003834 Edit Matchcodes 
229 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS53 S_ALR_87003867 Define Number Ranges 
230 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS54 S_ALR_87003969 Set Control Data 
231 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS55 S_ALR_87003989 Define Revision Levels for Materials 
232 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS56 S_ALR_87003902 Define Change Types for Change Master Records 
233 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS57 S_ALR_87003978 Define Revision Levels for Documents 
234 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS58 S_ALR_87003894 Define Change Types for Objects 
235 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS59 S_ALR_87003876 Maintain Profile 
236 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS60 S_ALR_87003959 Define Parameters 
237 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS61 S_ALR_87003929 Define Effectivity Types 
238 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS62 S_ALR_87003948 Describe Parameters 
239 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS65 S_ALR_87014356 Enter Descriptions of Effectivity Types 
240 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS67 S_ALR_87015144 Maintain Effectivity Profiles 
241 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS70 S_ALR_87004488 Create User Defaults for Output Lists 
242 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS71 S_AL0_96000201 Define Output Format for Change Number 
243 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS72 S_P99_41000156 Set Workflow for ECR/ECO 
244 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOS73 S_P99_41000155 Set Workflow for Object Management Record 
245 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOSSZ S_ALR_87004192 Set Authorizations 
246 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOSVS S_ALR_87004519 Define Distribution Keys 
247 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSOVT6 S_ALR_87004459 Define Relevancy to Sales 
248 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSPPDOK S_ALN_01001041 iPPE PS Interface: Settings for Document Type 
249 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSPPE35 S_ALN_01001040 Maintain Profile for Interface Between iPPE and Project System 
250 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSQSUB S_ALR_87004637 Define subsystems 
251 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSRES01 S_KA5_12000907 Define Resource-Specific Node Types 
252 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSSDT S_ALR_87004474 Data Transfer Workbench: Material BOM 
253 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSSFAC S_ALR_87100804 Define field selection for the Engineering Workbench 
254 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSSXDA S_ALR_87004371 Data Transfer Workbench: Routing 
255 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSTCC10 S_ALR_87003921 Define Release Key 
256 SIMG_CFMENUOLPSUAPL   Define Overview Variants for Object View 
257 SIMG_CFMENUOLQBOQB1 S_ALR_87004764 Define Control Keys 
258 SIMG_CFMENUOLQBOQB2 S_ALR_87004746 Define Keys for Certificate Processing 
259 SIMG_CFMENUOLQBOQB3 S_ALR_87004725 Define Delivery Block 
260 SIMG_CFMENUOLQBOQB4 S_ALR_87004729 Define Document Types 
261 SIMG_CFMENUOLQBOQBS S_ALR_87004734 Define QM Systems 
262 SIMG_CFMENUOLQIOQI1 S_ALR_87005327 Define Update for Each Origin 
263 SIMG_CFMENUOLQIOQI2 S_ALR_87005330 Divide Quality Scores Into Classes 
264 SIMG_CFMENUOLQIOQR0 S_ALR_87004692 Organize Archiving 
265 SIMG_CFMENUOLQNOQNA S_ALR_87004312 Define Shop Papers, Forms, Print Programs 
266 SIMG_CFMENUOLQNOQND S_ALR_87004302 Define Printer 
267 SIMG_CFMENUOLQNOQNM1 S_ALR_87004463 Define Notification Types 
268 SIMG_CFMENUOLQNOQNM2 S_ALR_87004483 Define Priorities 
269 SIMG_CFMENUOLQNOQNM3 S_ALR_87004281 Define Status Profile 
270 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQ02 S_ALR_87004709 Supplement Units of Measurement and Units of Measure 
271 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQ44 S_ALR_87004700 Define Task List Usages 
272 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQ46 S_ALR_87004706 Define Task List Status 
273 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQ48 S_ALR_87004711 Define Planner Group 
274 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQ50 S_ALR_87004694 Assign Task List Types to Material Types 
275 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQ58 S_ALR_87004687 Maintain Profiles for Default Values 
276 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQ62 S_ALR_87004666 Maintain Number Ranges for Inspection Plans 
277 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQ67 S_ALR_87004680 Define Control Keys for Inspection Operations 
278 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQ76 S_ALR_87004757 Define Qualifications 
279 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQC2 S_ALR_87004792 Define Inspector Qualification 
280 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQC4 S_ALR_87004767 Define Catalog Types 
281 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQC7 S_ALR_87004774 Define Defect Classes 
282 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQCA S_ALR_87004796 Define Characteristic Weighting 
283 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQCC S_ALR_87004785 Define Default Values for Control Indicators 
284 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQCE S_ALR_87004788 Define Tolerance Keys 
285 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQCH S_ALR_87005304 Enter Identifier for Units To Be Inspected 
286 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQCS S_ALR_87004781 Define Estimation Procedure for Fraction of Defects 
287 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQEC S_ALR_87004721 Define User Fields 
288 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQEP S_ALR_87004815 Define Inspection Severities 
289 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQS1 S_ALR_87003757 Maintain Settings at Plant Level 
290 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSOQSS S_ALR_87003768 Maintain Settings at Client Level 
291 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSQDA1 S_ALR_87004812 Define Sample Determination 
292 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSQDM1 S_ALR_87004819 Define Valuation Mode 
293 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSQS29 S_ALR_87004777 Define Number Range 
294 SIMG_CFMENUOLQSQS39 S_ALR_87004770 Maintain Number Ranges for Inspection Methods 
295 SIMG_CFMENUOLQWCQ85 S_ALR_87005292 Define Print Control, Forms, Print Programs 
296 SIMG_CFMENUOLQWOQE3 S_ALR_87005342 Define Filter for Inspection Characteristics 
297 SIMG_CFMENUOLQWOQL1 S_ALR_87005374 Maintain Inspection Types 
298 SIMG_CFMENUOLQWOQL2 S_ALR_87005369 Define Default Values for Inspection Type 
299 SIMG_CFMENUOLQWOQL4 S_ALR_87005373 Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types 
300 SIMG_CFMENUOLQWOQV1 S_ALR_87005381 Define Follow-Up Actions 
301 SIMG_CFMENUOLQWOQV3 S_ALR_87005386 Define Quality Score Procedure 
302 SIMG_CFMENUOLQWQA09 S_ALR_87005371 Maintain Number Ranges 
303 SIMG_CFMENUOLQWQE29 S_ALR_87005345 Define Number Ranges for Characteristic Confirmation 
304 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VI1 S_ALR_87005919 Selection Variants for Shipment Cost List and Worklist 
305 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VRF S_ALR_87005931 Maintain Route Determination 
306 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VSH S_ALR_87006841 Configure Global Shipping Data 
307 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTA S_ALR_87006440 Define Shipping Types 
308 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTB S_ALR_87006444 Define Modes of Transport 
309 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTC S_ALR_87006449 Define Routes and Stages 
310 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTD S_ALR_87006452 Define Transportation Connection Points 
311 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTE S_ALR_87006446 Maintain Stages For All Routes 
312 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTG S_ALR_87008570 Maintain Materials Cumulation for Routes 
313 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTKT S_ALR_87006420 Assign Event Group to Shipment Type 
314 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTL S_ALR_87005920 Define and Assign Activity Profiles 
315 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTP S_ALR_87008569 Maintain Transportation Planning Point for External Systems 
316 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTR S_ALR_87005936 Maintain Transportation Relevance 
317 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTS S_ALR_87008562 Maintain Planning Restriction for Routes 
318 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VTW S_ALR_87006412 Define Special Processing Indicator 
319 SIMG_CFMENUOLSD0VX1 S_ALR_87001533 Maintain Selection Variants for MITI Declarations (Japan) 
320 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDA5KR S_P00_07000013 Change Message Control for Vendor Master Data 
321 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDABSCH   Maintain Condition Type For 100% Discount 
322 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDABSEN S_ALR_87006293 Issuer Specifications for Shipment Credit Memos 
323 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDARBEI S_ALR_87006183 Maintain Working Hours 
324 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDARCH2 S_ALR_87005810 Archiving Control For Sales Documents 
325 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDAUKRE S_ALR_87007586 Automatic Posting To Vendor Account (SAP-EDI) 
326 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBA1 S_ALR_87006969 Define Layout of Worklists 
327 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBD S_ALR_87007306 Define Requirements 
328 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBD50 S_ALR_87008558 Activate Change Management for Master Data 
329 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBD64 S_ALR_87008566 Maintain Allocation of Non-SAP System to ALE Output 
330 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBEDKA S_ALR_87007005 Maintain Requirements Classes For Costing/Account Assignment 
331 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBEKRE S_ALR_87005948 Maintain Authorizations 
332 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBEREI S_ALR_87006695 Define Material Staging Areas 
333 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBEST S_ALR_87006716 Define Order Confirmations for Inbound Deliveries 
334 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBK001 S_ALR_87100059 Maintain Field Catalog 
335 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBK002 S_ALR_87100060 Maintain Condition Table 
336 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBK003 S_ALR_87100061 Maintain Access Sequence 
337 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBK004 S_ALR_87100062 Maintain Condition Type 
338 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBK005 S_ALR_87100063 Maintain Pricing Schema 
339 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBK006 S_ALR_87100064 Activation of Bonus Buy Determination 
340 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBONU3 S_ALR_87007327 Condition Technique For Rebate Processing 
341 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBONU6 S_ALR_87007582 Define material rebate group 
342 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBONU7 S_ALR_87007316 Account Determination For Rebates 
343 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBONU9 S_ALR_87007578 Recalculate Subtotals For Rebate Processing 
344 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBS02 S_ALR_87007117 Define And Assign Status Profile 
345 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBZFRR S_ALR_87006797 Determine by Route Schedule/Storage Condition 
346 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDBZFWR S_ALR_87006795 Determine by Ship-To Party/Storage Condition 
347 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDCL01 S_ALR_87006930 Define Selection Classes 
348 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDCOZU S_ALR_87006301 Automatic Determination of CO Assignments 
349 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDCU70 S_ALR_87006929 Define Sort Rules 
350 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDDAT07 S_ALR_87005818 Transfer Data From Sales Documents (Up To 3.1x) 
351 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDDAUER S_ALR_87006188 Maintain Duration 
352 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDDREOH   Pricing For Inclusive Free Goods Without Item Generation 
353 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDECT S_PCO_36000456 Enter Settings 
354 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDERLKO S_ALR_87007016 Maintain Account Determination 
355 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDERLTY S_ALR_87007014 Set Revenue Recognition For Item Categories 
356 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDESDF S_KA5_12000974 Customer-Specific Description of Additional Fields in Scheduling Agreement 
357 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDESDP S_KA5_12000973 Maintain Tolerance Profile for Forecast and JIT Delivery Schedules 
358 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDESR S_ALR_87007735 Special Features For Printing Invoices (POR Procedure) 
359 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDFORM S_ALR_87100872 Define Forms and Print Programs 
360 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDFP1   Define Pricing By Item Category 
361 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDFP2   Maintain Price-Relevant Master Data Fields 
362 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDFP3 S_ALR_87006679 Define Condition Tables 
363 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDFP4 S_P99_41000311 Define And Assign Pricing Procedures 
364 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDFP5 S_ALR_87009616 Maintain Pricing Report 
365 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDFS1   Define Tax Determination Rules 
366 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDGENE S_ALR_87002236 Legal Control 
367 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDGOTX S_ALR_87001549 Define Texts for License Masters 
368 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDGRENZ S_ALR_87006487 Calculate Statistical Values 
369 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDHR S_ALR_87006591 Use Sales Employee Without HR 
370 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDHUPRP S_P00_07000200 Assign HU Output Types and Printer to Print Profiles 
371 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDIACIA S_ALR_87006485 Foreign Trade: Import Data Display 
372 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDINDEX S_ALR_87006245 Define Condition Index 
373 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDKAIP S_AL0_96000454 Maintain Key Conversion of Document Types for Cross-System Flow of Goods 
374 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDKALK S_ALR_87006713 Define And Assign Pricing Procedure For Value Contract 
375 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDKONT S_ALR_87006314 Maintain Account Assignment Category 
376 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDKOPKO S_ALR_87006285 Copy Control For Conditions 
377 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLIEF S_ALR_87007109 Define Agreed Delivery Times 
378 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLIST S_ALR_87007368 Maintain List Layout 
379 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLOF1 S_ALR_87006703 Storage Location Determination with Situation 
380 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLOF2 S_ALR_87006702 Define Situations 
381 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLWM1 S_ALR_87006692 Define control parameters and number ranges f. warehouse no. 
382 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLWM2 S_ALR_87006693 Define storage Type 
383 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLWM3 S_ALR_87006696 Define Picking Areas 
384 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLWM4 S_ALR_87006690 Define Transfer Types 
385 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLWM5 S_ALR_87006684 Define Movement Types 
386 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLWM6 S_ALR_87006685 Define Difference Indicators 
387 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLWM7 S_ALR_87006686 Define Print Control 
388 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLWM8 S_ALR_87006687 Inventory Management Interface 
389 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDLWM9 S_ALR_87006688 Control "Plant/Storage Location/Warehouse No." Assignment 
390 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDMATGR S_ALR_87002367 Define Material Groups 
391 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDMERCH S_ALR_87007440 Maintain Merchant IDs 
392 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDMODA6 S_ALR_87005877 New Fields for Batch Determination 
393 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDMODAD S_ALR_87005834 User Exits For Credit Checks And Risk Management 
394 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDMXLIN S_ALR_87007619 Maintain Maximum Number Of Billing Items 
395 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDMY11 S_ALR_87007232 Define Search Helps For Sales Activity Types 
396 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDMY12 S_ALR_87006725 Define Matchcodes for Deliveries 
397 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNAKAL   Maintain Pricing Procedure For Pricing 
398 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNAKOP   Maintain Copying Control 
399 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNAKOS   Set Transfer Of Costs To Main Item 
400 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNARL S_ALR_87007644 Maintain Output For Invoice Lists 
401 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNATNF S_ALR_87005887 New Fields For Free Goods Determination 
402 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNF02   Maintain Condition Tables 
403 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNF03 S_ALR_87008824 Maintain Output Types 
404 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNF04   Maintain Access Sequences 
405 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNF05   Assign Output Types To Partner Functions 
406 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNF06 S_P00_07000233 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
407 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNF07   Assign Output Determination Procedures 
408 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNF3 S_ALR_87006238 Assign Form Texts 
409 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNG02 S_ALR_87006668 Maintain Condition Tables 
410 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNG03 S_ALR_87008822 Maintain Output Types 
411 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNG04 S_ALR_87006669 Maintain Access Sequences 
412 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNG06 S_ALR_87006670 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
413 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNG07 S_ALR_87006659 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
414 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNK03 S_ALR_87008819 Maintain output types 
415 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNKDK S_ALR_87100741 Define Number Range for Extended Passes 
416 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNKO02 S_ALR_87005930 Maintain Condition Tables 
417 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNKO03 S_ALR_87008826 Maintain Output Types 
418 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNKO04 S_ALR_87005939 Maintain Access Sequences 
419 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNKO05 S_ALR_87005941 Assign Output Types To Partner Functions 
420 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNKO06 S_ALR_87005942 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
421 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNKO07 S_ALR_87005944 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
422 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNKPS S_ALR_87100740 Define a Number Range for Passes 
423 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNL02 S_ALR_87006066 Maintain Condition Tables 
424 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNL03 S_ALR_87008820 Maintain Output Types 
425 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNL04 S_ALR_87006080 Maintain Access Sequences 
426 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNL05 S_ALR_87006086 Assign output types to partner functions 
427 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNL06 S_ALR_87006090 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
428 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNL07 S_ALR_87006094 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
429 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNL11 S_ALR_87006968 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
430 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNL12 S_ALR_87006960 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
431 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNT02 S_ALR_87006433 Maintain Condition Tables 
432 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNT03 S_ALR_87008823 Maintain Output Types 
433 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNT04 S_ALR_87006423 Maintain Access Sequences 
434 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNT05 S_ALR_87006399 Assign Output Types To Partner Functions 
435 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNT06 S_ALR_87006378 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
436 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNT07 S_ALR_87006373 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
437 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNV02 S_ALR_87005907 Maintain Condition Tables 
438 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNV03 S_ALR_87008825 Maintain Output Types 
439 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNV04 S_ALR_87005923 Maintain Access Sequences 
440 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNV05 S_ALR_87005925 Assign Output Types To Partner Functions 
441 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNV06 S_ALR_87005927 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
442 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNV07 S_ALR_87005928 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
443 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNVE02 S_ALR_87005950 Maintain Condition Tables 
444 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNVE03 S_ALR_87008821 Maintain Output Types 
445 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNVE04 S_ALR_87006053 Maintain Access Sequences 
446 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNVE05 S_ALR_87006058 Assign Output Types To Partner Functions 
447 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNVE06 S_ALR_87006062 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
448 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDNVE07 S_ALR_87006233 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
449 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOB20 S_ALR_87001766 Define Transaction-Dependent Screen Layout 
450 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOB31 S_ALR_87001706 Define and Assign Field Authorization Groups 
451 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOB32 S_P9C_18000037 Define Attributes 
452 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOB33 S_AL0_96000223 Define Condition Groups 
453 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOB49 S_ALR_87001700 Define Customer Matchcodes 
454 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOBD2 S_ALR_87001819 Define Account Groups and Field Selection for Customers 
455 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOBXX S_ALR_87001694 Check Search Fields for Debtors 
456 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOCR4 S_ALR_87007431 Maintain Texts Describing Card Check Results 
457 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOIS1 S_ALR_87006806 Central Control Parameters For Serial Numbers 
458 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOIS2 S_ALR_87006807 Determine Serial Number Profiles 
459 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOMA5   Maintain Field Catalog 
460 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOMGT S_ALR_87002226 Import Screens In Purchasing Document 
461 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOMIH S_ALR_87006103 Checking Rule For Updating Backorders 
462 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOMNG S_ALR_87006731 Define Indicator for Communication 
463 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOMS6 S_ALR_87006700 Define Storage Conditions 
464 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOMSI S_ALR_87001751 Maintain Matchcodes 
465 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOMTB S_ALR_87008564 Define Logical Non-SAP Systems 
466 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOOVA7 S_ALR_87001618 Activate Documentary Payments per Item Category 
467 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOTF1 S_ALR_87006415 Maintain Freight Code Sets and Freight Codes 
468 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV08 S_ALR_87009617 Maintain Condition Index 
469 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV1 S_ALR_87006608 Define Industry Sector Codes 
470 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV13 S_ALR_87006366 Maintain Prerequisites for Material Determination 
471 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV14 S_ALR_87006418 Assign Procedures To Sales Document Types 
472 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV1Z S_ALR_87006115 Maintain Procedure 
473 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV2 S_ALR_87006606 Define Legal Statuses 
474 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV23   Condition Exclusion For Condition Types And Records 
475 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV2Z S_ALR_87006120 Define Object 
476 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV31   Condition Exclusion For Groups Of Conditions 
477 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV3Z S_ALR_87006124 Specify Hierarchy 
478 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV4Z S_ALR_87006206 Control Product Allocation 
479 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV5Z S_ALR_87006165 Define Consumption Periods 
480 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV60 S_ALR_87007056 Maintain Field Catalog 
481 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV62 S_ALR_87007054 Maintain Condition Tables 
482 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV64 S_ALR_87007010 Assign G/L Accounts 
483 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV65 S_ALR_87007046 Maintain Account Determination Procedure 
484 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV66 S_ALR_87007043 Maintain Condition Types 
485 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV67 S_ALR_87007059 Maintain Access Sequences 
486 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV68 S_ALR_87007048 Assign Account Determination Procedure 
487 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV6Z S_ALR_87006214 Process Flow For Each Schedule Line Category 
488 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV71   Maintain Condition Tables 
489 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV73   Maintain Field Catalog 
490 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV74   Maintain Access Sequences 
491 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV75   Maintain Condition Types 
492 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV76   Maintain Account Determination Procedure 
493 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV77   Assign G/L Accounts 
494 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV78   Assign Account Determination Procedure 
495 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV7Z S_ALR_87006218 Permit Collective Product Allocation In Info Structures 
496 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV81 S_ALR_87007391 Maintain Condition Tables 
497 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV83 S_ALR_87007413 Maintain Field Catalog 
498 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV84 S_ALR_87007383 Maintain Access Sequences 
499 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV85 S_ALR_87007375 Maintain Condition Types 
500 SIMG_CFMENUOLSDOV86 S_ALR_87007466 Maintain Procedures