SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 12
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBCO S_ALR_87004057 Specify Structure for Tax Jurisdiction Code 
2 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBCP S_ALR_87009504 Define Tax Jurisdictions 
3 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBCW S_ALR_87001434 Define Standard Reason Codes for Clearing w/ Payment Advice Notes 
4 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBD1 S_ALR_87004324 Change Posting Date for Parking Documents 
5 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBD2 S_ALR_87003301 Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Customers) 
6 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBD3 S_ALR_87003126 Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Vendors) 
7 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBD4 S_ALR_87005003 Define Account Group 
8 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBD5 S_ALR_87008828 Maintain Document Types for Bar Code Entry 
9 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBDA S_ALR_87003222 Define Income Types 
10 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBDB S_ALR_87004807 Define Recipient Codes 
11 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBDC S_ALR_87004961 Define Constants 
12 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBDF S_ALR_87001731 Select Standard Evaluations 
13 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBDI S_E4A_94000040 Assign Tax Group Version Time-Dependent 
14 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBDU S_ALR_87003393 Create Job for Document Data Transfer 
15 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBG8 S_ALR_87005032 Copy Reference 
16 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBG9 S_ALR_87005009 Define Reference 
17 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBH1 S_ALR_87003907 Copy to Company Code 
18 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBH2 S_ALR_87003993 Copy to Fiscal Year 
19 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBJ7 S_ALR_87001411 Define Report Variants for Bill of Exch.Charges Statement 
20 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBK9 S_ALR_87001677 Define Report Variants for Payment Notices 
21 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKA S_ALR_87003134 Define Report Variants for Customer Account Statements 
22 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKA0 S_ALR_87002871 Define Report Variants for Vendor Account Statements 
23 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKB S_ALR_87002648 Define Program Variants for Internal Documents 
24 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKC S_ALR_87003121 Define Report Variants for Individual Customer letters 
25 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKC0 S_ALR_87002953 Define Report Variants for Individual Vendor Letters 
26 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKD S_ALR_87001477 Define Report Variants for Document Extracts 
27 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKE S_ALR_87003147 Define Report Variants for Customer "Customer Statement" 
28 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKE0 S_ALR_87002866 Define Report Variants for Vendor "Customer Statement" 
29 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKF S_ALR_87001407 Define Report Variants for Failed Payments 
30 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKG S_ALR_87003129 Specify Selection Criteria for Customer Form Letters 
31 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKG0 S_ALR_87003066 Specify Selection Criteria for Vendor Form Letters 
32 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKR S_ALR_87001674 Assign Receipt Lots to Number Ranges 
33 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKS S_ALR_87001511 Define Stamp Tax 
34 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKT S_ALR_87001676 Create Receipt Lot 
35 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKU S_ALR_87003413 Define Tasks in Financial Calendar 
36 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKV S_ALR_87003415 Define Schedule for Financial Calendar 
37 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBKW S_ALR_87003417 Assign Tasks to Schedule for Financial Calendar 
38 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBL1 S_ALR_87004578 Generate List of Settings for Automatic Postings 
39 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBL2 S_ALR_87004611 Generate Error List for Automatic Postings 
40 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBL3 S_ALR_87002497 Generate List for Special General Ledger 
41 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBL4 S_ALR_87002489 Generate Error List for Special General Ledger 
42 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBL5 S_ALR_87001358 Generate Error List for Payment Program Configuration 
43 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBL6 S_ALR_87001325 Generate List for Dunning Program Configuration 
44 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBP2 S_ALR_87004685 Define User-Defined Distribution Keys 
45 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBR2 S_ALR_87001925 Delete Customer Master Data 
46 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBR20 S_ALR_87001917 Delete Vendor Master Data 
47 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBR3 S_ALR_87004359 Set Company Code to Productive 
48 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBR4 S_ALR_87002654 Delete bank master data 
49 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBR7 S_ALR_87004430 Archiving, Account Type Life 
50 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBR8 S_ALR_87004282 Archiving, Document Type Life 
51 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBRD S_ALR_87001899 Define Report Selection 
52 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBRK S_ALR_87001742 Define Report Selection 
53 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBRS S_ALR_87005189 Define Report Selection 
54 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBS2 S_ALR_87004346 Define Additional Local Currencies for Ledgers 
55 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBT1 S_ALR_87003437 Define Text IDs for Central Texts (Customers) 
56 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBT10 S_AL0_96000756 Define Text Identifications for Line Items 
57 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBT2 S_ALR_87003453 Define Text IDs for Accounting Texts (Customers) 
58 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBT3 S_ALR_87002010 Define Text IDs for Credit Management 
59 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBT4 S_ALR_87003197 Define Text IDs for Central Texts (Vendors) 
60 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBT5 S_ALR_87003191 Define Text IDs for Accounting Texts (Vendors) 
61 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBT6 S_ALR_87004981 Define Text IDs for Chart of Accounts Area 
62 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBT7 S_ALR_87004987 Define Text IDs for Company Code Area 
63 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBT8 S_ALR_87003707 Define Text IDs for Documents 
64 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBU1 S_ALR_87003644 Define Default Values 
65 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBV1 S_ALR_87002792 A/R: Calculation of Interest on Arrears 
66 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBV2 S_ALR_87004582 Prepare G/L Account Balance Interest Calculation 
67 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBV3 S_ALR_87002782 A/R: Balance Interest Calculation 
68 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBV9 S_ALR_87002787 Interest on Arrears Calculation (Vendors) 
69 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWA S_ALR_87004293 Create Workflow Variant for Parking Documents 
70 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWA1 S_ALR_87003449 Create Workflow Variant for Release for Payment 
71 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWB S_ALR_87004261 Define Release Approval Groups for Parking Documents 
72 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWB1 S_ALR_87003444 Define Release Approval Groups for Release for Payment 
73 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWC S_ALR_87004420 Define Release Approval Paths for Parking Documents 
74 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWC1 S_ALR_87003363 Define Release Approval Paths for Release for Payment 
75 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWD S_ALR_87004409 Assign Release Approval Paths for Parking Documents 
76 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWD1 S_ALR_87003365 Assign Release Approval Paths for Release for Payment 
77 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWE S_ALR_87004400 Assign Release Approval Procedure for Parking Documents 
78 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWE1 S_ALR_87003386 Assign Release Approval Procedure for Release for Payment 
79 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWF S_ALR_87004390 Define Users with Release Authorization for Parking Documents 
80 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWG S_ALR_87004381 Reset Release Approval (Customers) 
81 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWH S_ALR_87004073 Reset Release Approval (Vendors) 
82 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWI S_ALR_87004082 Reset Release Approval (G/L Accounts) 
83 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWJ S_ALR_87004273 Assign Company Code to a Workflow Variant for Parking Documents 
84 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWJ1 S_ALR_87003409 Assign Company Code Workflow Variant for Release for Payment 
85 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWK S_ALR_87004088 Reset Release Approval (Asset Accounts) 
86 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWP S_ALR_87003394 Define Users with Authorization to Payment Release 
87 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBWQ S_ALR_87003391 Define Relevant Document Types for Release for Payment 
88 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXA S_ALR_87002973 Define Account for Net Procedure 
89 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXB S_ALR_87001430 Define Account for Tax Clearing 
90 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXC S_ALR_87001499 Prepare Automatic Postings for Payment Program 
91 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXD S_ALR_87001426 Define Account for Tax Clearing 
92 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXE S_ALR_87002616 Prepare Reverse Bill of Exchange Posting (Customers) 
93 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXG S_ALR_87002413 Transfer Bank Directory Data - Country-Specific 
94 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXH S_ALR_87001441 Define Posting Keys for Clearing 
95 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXI S_ALR_87001475 Define Accounts for Cash Discount Granted 
96 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXJ S_ALR_87002992 Define Posting Keys for Fast Entry 
97 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXK S_ALR_87001443 Define Accounts for Bank Charges (Customers) 
98 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXL S_ALR_87001436 Define Accounts for Payment Differences 
99 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXM S_ALR_87003208 Define Accounts for Subsequent Adjustment 
100 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXR S_ALR_87001415 Define Reconciliation Accounts for Customer Down Payments 
101 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXS S_ALR_87002503 Define Accounts for Automatic Offsetting Entry 
102 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXT S_ALR_87002630 Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Vendors 
103 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXU S_ALR_87003366 Define Accounts for Cash Discount Taken 
104 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXV S_ALR_87003361 Define Accounts for Lost Cash Discount 
105 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBXY S_ALR_87002637 Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Customers 
106 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBY2 S_ALR_87004935 Copy Company Code 
107 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBY6 S_ALR_87004238 Enter Global Parameters 
108 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBY7 S_ALR_87004931 Copy Chart of Accounts 
109 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBY8 S_ALR_87004910 Delete Chart of Accounts 
110 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBY9 S_ALR_87004912 Transport Chart of Accounts 
111 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYA S_ALR_87005149 Prepare Cross-Company Code Transactions 
112 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYB S_ALR_87004874 Define Accounts for Overhead Cost Controlling 
113 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYC S_ALR_87003268 Define Accounts for Materials Management 
114 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYD S_ALR_87004752 Define Posting Keys for Postings to Assets 
115 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYE S_ALR_87003240 Define Income Statement Accounts 
116 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYG S_ALR_87003229 Define Balance Sheet Accounts 
117 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYH S_ALR_87001423 Define Accounts for Bill of Exchange Transactions 
118 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYK S_ALR_87001397 Define Bank Subaccounts 
119 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYM S_ALR_87001685 Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Bills of Exchange Payable 
120 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYN S_ALR_87001424 Define Alternative Reconcil.Acct for Bills/Exch.Receivable 
121 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYP S_ALR_87003225 Define Adjustment Accounts for GR/IR Clearing 
122 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYR S_ALR_87001427 Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Down Payments 
123 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYS S_ALR_87003280 Define Accounts for Withholding Tax 
124 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYT S_ALR_87001826 Define Accounts for Automatic HR Postings (A/R) 
125 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYU S_ALR_87001815 Define Accounts for Automatic HR Postings (A/P) 
126 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYY S_ALR_87003206 Define Account for Exchange Rate Difference Posting 
127 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBYZ S_ALR_87004003 Check Calculation Procedure 
128 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBZ8 S_ALR_87003402 Maintain Authorizations 
129 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBZ9 S_ALR_87003400 Authorization Objects 
130 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOPRF S_B90_38000004 Define prefixes for direct/indirect quotation exchange rates 
131 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOXK1 S_ALR_87003938 Define Subscreens for Coding Blocks 
132 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOYM1 S_EB5_05000163 Define Message Destination 
133 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOYM2 S_EB5_05000164 Maintain Reporting Country Indicator 
134 SIMG_CFMENUORFBOYM3 S_EB5_05000165 Define Rules for Assignment of Reporting Country Indicator 
135 SIMG_CFMENUORFBSM59 S_ALR_87004251 Define Physical Destination 
136 SIMG_CFMENUORFBT042A S_ALR_87001487 Configure Bank Selection for Payment Program 
137 SIMG_CFMENUORFBTCURR S_B20_88000153 Enter Exchange Rate via Worklist 
138 SIMG_CFMENUORFBTRWC S_ALR_87004125 Activate External Updating 
139 SIMG_CFMENUORFBTTXC S_ALR_87004161 Define Logical Destination 
140 SIMG_CFMENUORFBTXDE S_ALR_87004116 Activate External Tax Calculation 
141 SIMG_CFMENUORFBVKOA S_ALR_87004640 Prepare Revenue Account Determination 
142 SIMG_CFMENUORFBXDN1 S_ALR_87003434 Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts 
143 SIMG_CFMENUORFBXKN1 S_ALR_87003103 Create Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts 
144 SIMG_CFMENUORFC0001 S_ALR_87003071 Performing Necessary Activities Prior to Implementation 
145 SIMG_CFMENUORFCABUE S_ALR_87003048 Bundle data entry forms 
146 SIMG_CFMENUORFCAERH S_ALR_87003040 Define data entry forms 
147 SIMG_CFMENUORFCALOG S_ALR_87002999 Define a logical file name 
148 SIMG_CFMENUORFCANSY S_ALR_87003007 Define a logical filename 
149 SIMG_CFMENUORFCANZU S_ALR_87003010 Assign a logical filename 
150 SIMG_CFMENUORFCARCH S_ALR_87002643 Specify report groups for archive reports 
151 SIMG_CFMENUORFCAVAL S_ALR_87003064 Maintain validation 
152 SIMG_CFMENUORFCAZUO S_ALR_87003032 Assign to company 
153 SIMG_CFMENUORFCBAUE S_ALR_87002699 Translate transaction type group texts 
154 SIMG_CFMENUORFCBAWU S_ALR_87002548 Define document type 
155 SIMG_CFMENUORFCBUZU S_ALR_87002761 Assign report bundles 
156 SIMG_CFMENUORFCDBUE S_ALR_87003058 Bundle data entry forms 
157 SIMG_CFMENUORFCDEFA S_ALR_87002841 Set default transaction type 
158 SIMG_CFMENUORFCDERH S_ALR_87003068 Define data entry forms 
159 SIMG_CFMENUORFCDLOG S_ALR_87002799 Define a logical filename 
160 SIMG_CFMENUORFCDPLA S_ALR_87003044 Define validation checks 
161 SIMG_CFMENUORFCDZUO S_ALR_87002531 Assign to company 
162 SIMG_CFMENUORFCEBZT S_ALR_87002887 Maintain Texts for Reasons for Inclusion or Exemption 
163 SIMG_CFMENUORFCEISY S_ALR_87003037 Define a logical filename 
164 SIMG_CFMENUORFCEIZU S_ALR_87002984 Assign a logical filename 
165 SIMG_CFMENUORFCERST S_ALR_87002746 Specify date of first consolidation for companies 
166 SIMG_CFMENUORFCFEST S_ALR_87002972 Define FS chart of accounts 
167 SIMG_CFMENUORFCFGRW S_ALR_87002708 Define reports 
168 SIMG_CFMENUORFCFLOG S_ALR_87002500 Define a logical filename 
169 SIMG_CFMENUORFCFSCH S_ALR_87002505 Define data format for flexible upload 
170 SIMG_CFMENUORFCFZUO S_ALR_87002491 Assign to company 
171 SIMG_CFMENUORFCGC12 S_ALR_87002897 Maintain Companies 
172 SIMG_CFMENUORFCGC17 S_ALR_87002883 Maintain subgroups 
173 SIMG_CFMENUORFCGC25 S_ALR_87002339 Set up number ranges 
174 SIMG_CFMENUORFCGC27 S_ALR_87002788 Define journal entry reports 
175 SIMG_CFMENUORFCGC31 S_ALR_87002541 Define methods 
176 SIMG_CFMENUORFCGC35 S_ALR_87002649 Transport settings 
177 SIMG_CFMENUORFCGC51 S_ALR_87002794 Define report selections 
178 SIMG_CFMENUORFCGCRF S_ALR_87002364 Specify translation ratios 
179 SIMG_CFMENUORFCGS01 S_ALR_87002831 Maintain sets for totals items 
180 SIMG_CFMENUORFCK3TE S_ALR_87002627 Maintain FS items for K3 form 
181 SIMG_CFMENUORFCKMZU S_ALR_87002735 Assign methods 
182 SIMG_CFMENUORFCKUER S_ALR_87002486 Develop enhancements for transfer 
183 SIMG_CFMENUORFCLEDG S_ALR_87002906 Define Ledger Currency 
184 SIMG_CFMENUORFCLOES S_ALR_87002960 Delete default FS chart of accounts 
185 SIMG_CFMENUORFCMAZU S_ALR_87002714 Assign bundled activities 
186 SIMG_CFMENUORFCMEZU S_ALR_87002458 Assign methods 
187 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC01 S_ALR_87002778 Maintain sort criteria 
188 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC02 S_ALR_87002920 Maintain consolidation frequencies 
189 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC03 S_ALR_87002967 Modify FS chart of accounts 
190 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC04 S_ALR_87002815 Maintain selected items 
191 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC05 S_ALR_87002836 Maintain FS item texts 
192 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC07 S_ALR_87002605 Translate texts for reasons for inclusion/exemption 
193 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC08 S_ALR_87002804 Maintain transaction types 
194 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC09 S_ALR_87002592 Translate transaction type texts 
195 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC12 S_ALR_87002465 Bundle data entry forms 
196 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC13 S_ALR_87002576 Define rules 
197 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC14 S_ALR_87002978 Maintain versions 
198 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC15 S_ALR_87002690 Translate version texts 
199 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC16 S_ALR_87002477 Define data entry forms 
200 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC23 S_ALR_87002783 Define reports 
201 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC26 S_ALR_87002724 Define reclassifications 
202 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC27 S_ALR_87002445 Define IC eliminations 
203 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC28 S_ALR_87002399 Assign offsetting item 
204 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC29 S_ALR_87002422 Assign product groups to items 
205 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC30 S_ALR_87002668 Translate product group texts 
206 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC33 S_ALR_87002331 Set up document types 
207 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC35 S_ALR_87002719 Bundle activities 
208 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC36 S_ALR_87002569 Maintain warnings and error messages 
209 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC37 S_ALR_87002901 Set Up Ledgers 
210 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC40 S_ALR_87002910 Check Currencies 
211 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC41 S_ALR_87002354 Maintain Exchange Rates 
212 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC42 S_ALR_87002450 Define validation 
213 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC43 S_ALR_87002320 Maintain tax rates 
214 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC44 S_ALR_87002349 Determine currency devaluation 
215 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC47 S_ALR_87002371 Set Up Exchange Rate Types 
216 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC48 S_ALR_87002891 Maintain Reasons for Inclusion or Exemption 
217 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC49 S_ALR_87002635 Define custom reports 
218 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC51 S_ALR_87002412 Assign additional fields to product groups 
219 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC59 S_ALR_87002470 Print data entry forms 
220 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC78 S_ALR_87002955 Copy FS chart of accounts from financial statement version 
221 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC81 S_ALR_87002826 Change item numbers in FS chart of accounts 
222 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC83 S_ALR_87002821 Change item numbers in totals table 
223 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOC97 S_ALR_87002937 Copy FS chart of accounts from PC file 
224 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCA9 S_ALR_87002768 Bundle reports 
225 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCBD S_ALR_87002558 Assign FS items for balance carryforward 
226 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCBE S_ALR_87002438 Maintain selected items for proportional consolidation 
227 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCBF S_ALR_87002379 Maintain selected items 
228 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCBG S_ALR_87002390 Maintain selected items 
229 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCBH S_ALR_87002751 Maintain selected items 
230 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCBI S_ALR_87002731 Maintain selected items 
231 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCBK S_ALR_87002740 Set up consolidation methods 
232 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCCT S_ALR_87002942 Copy FS chart of accounts from FI chart of accounts 
233 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCDC S_ALR_87002808 Maintain transaction type groups 
234 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCDL S_ALR_87002656 Delete transaction data 
235 SIMG_CFMENUORFCOCL6 S_ALR_87002756 Import reports 
236 SIMG_CFMENUORFCONZU S_ALR_87002583 Assign bundles 
237 SIMG_CFMENUORFCPBAG S_ALR_87002551 Assign B/S clearing item for business area consolidation 
238 SIMG_CFMENUORFCPBGA S_ALR_87002995 Assign items for clearing entries 
239 SIMG_CFMENUORFCPCUE S_ALR_87002683 Translate texts for PC entry with DBase 
240 SIMG_CFMENUORFCPFLE S_ALR_87002932 Maintain FS Items 
241 SIMG_CFMENUORFCPLUE S_ALR_87002677 Translate warning and error messages for validation checks 
242 SIMG_CFMENUORFCPREG S_ALR_87002566 Assign rules 
243 SIMG_CFMENUORFCPROD S_ALR_87002430 Define product groups 
244 SIMG_CFMENUORFCPTPF S_ALR_87002599 Translate FS item texts 
245 SIMG_CFMENUORFCRZSY S_ALR_87003003 Define a logical filename 
246 SIMG_CFMENUORFCRZZU S_ALR_87002989 Assign a logical filename 
247 SIMG_CFMENUORFCSKUE S_ALR_87002660 Translate sort key texts 
248 SIMG_CFMENUORFCSOZU S_ALR_87002773 Assign sort criteria 
249 SIMG_CFMENUORFCSU02 S_ALR_87002612 Define profiles 
250 SIMG_CFMENUORFCSU03 S_ALR_87002619 Define authorizations 
251 SIMG_CFMENUORFCZU01 S_ALR_87002875 Specify characteristic values for first additional field 
252 SIMG_CFMENUORFCZU02 S_ALR_87002870 Specify characteristic values for second additional field 
253 SIMG_CFMENUORFCZU03 S_ALR_87002865 Specify characteristic values for third additional field 
254 SIMG_CFMENUORFCZU05 S_ALR_87002861 Define additional field categories 
255 SIMG_CFMENUORFCZU06 S_ALR_87002850 Specify combination of first and second additional fields 
256 SIMG_CFMENUORFCZU07 S_ALR_87002846 Specify combination of second and third additional fields 
257 SIMG_CFMENUORFCZU08 S_ALR_87002856 Assign additional field categories to companies 
258 SIMG_CFMENUORFF0000 S_ALR_87002685 Import Customizing Settings from the Consolidation System 
259 SIMG_CFMENUORFF1201 S_ALR_87002610 Set up realtime updating into Consolidation 
260 SIMG_CFMENUORFF1202 S_ALR_87002617 Set Up Periodic Extract 
261 SIMG_CFMENUORFF1203 S_ALR_87002646 Set up Rollups from User-Defined Ledger 
262 SIMG_CFMENUORFF1206 S_ALR_87002710 Determine the Scope of Consolidation 
263 SIMG_CFMENUORFF1207 S_ALR_87002633 Define and Assign Logical File Name 
264 SIMG_CFMENUORFF1208 S_ALR_87002640 Assign a logical filename 
265 SIMG_CFMENUORFF1209 S_ALR_87002624 Maintain Currency of the Consolidation Staging Ledger 
266 SIMG_CFMENUORFF1412 S_ALR_87002559 Enter Group Chart of Accounts in the Chart of Accounts List 
267 SIMG_CFMENUORFF2551 S_ALR_87002698 Set up Parallel Currencies in MM Materials Management 
268 SIMG_CFMENUORFF_1202 S_PL0_09000345 Set Up Periodic Extract 
269 SIMG_CFMENUORFF_1417 S_ALR_87002603 Print group account assignment 
270 SIMG_CFMENUORFF_1418 S_ALR_87002565 Assign Account Groups to Group Chart of Accounts 
271 SIMG_CFMENUORFF_2515 S_ALR_87002400 Set Chart of Depreciation 
272 SIMG_CFMENUORFF_4110 S_ALR_87002448 Perform System-Internal Transfer of Data 
273 SIMG_CFMENUORFF_4210 S_ALR_87002462 Reconcile General Ledger with Consolidation Staging Ledger 
274 SIMG_CFMENUORFF_4215 S_ALR_87002468 Reconcile general ledger w/consolidation processing ledger 
275 SIMG_CFMENUORFF_4220 S_ALR_87002457 Make Manual Entries in Consolidation Staging Ledger 
276 SIMG_CFMENUORFF_4310 S_ALR_87002474 Delete transaction data from realtime updates 
277 SIMG_CFMENUORFF_4320 S_ALR_87002481 Delete Transaction Data from Periodic Extracts 
278 SIMG_CFMENUORK1 S_ALR_87099786 Maintain Layout for Document Entry of Actual Data 
279 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KE0 S_ALR_87004404 Transfer CO Actual Data Periodically 
280 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KE1 S_ALR_87003687 Delete Transaction Data 
281 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KE2 S_ALR_87003667 Delete Profit Centers 
282 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KE4 S_ALR_87003700 Update Basic Settings 
283 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KE5 S_ALR_87004160 Maintain Controlling Area Settings 
284 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KE6 S_ALR_87004135 Activate Average Balance Ledger 
285 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KE7 S_ALR_87004263 Specify Time-Dependent Fields for Profit Centers 
286 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KE8 S_ALR_87004126 Maintain Document Summarization 
287 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEA S_ALR_87003936 Maintain Report Tree 
288 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEB S_ALR_87003797 Generate Reports 
289 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEG S_ALR_87003808 Import Reports 
290 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEH S_ALR_87003697 Define Report List 
291 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEK S_ALR_87004339 Define Account Determination for Internal Goods Movements 
292 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEL S_ALR_87004101 Assign Substitution Rules 
293 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEM S_ALR_87004108 Define Substitution Rules 
294 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEMD S_P00_07000091 Convert Profit Center Master Data to Release 4.6C 
295 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEN S_ALR_87004313 Define Special Handling for Internal Goods Movements 
296 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEO S_ALR_87004144 Choose Activities for Exit PCASELEK 
297 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEP S_ALR_87003763 Transport Environment 
298 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEQ S_ALR_87003719 Transport Master Data 
299 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KER S_ALR_87003905 Transport Plan Versions 
300 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KES S_ALR_87003875 Transport Settings for Actual Postings 
301 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KET S_ALR_87003655 Transport Information System 
302 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEU S_ALR_87003649 Transport Assessment/Distribution Cycles 
303 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEW S_ALR_87004287 Convert user-defined reports, groups, and allocations 
304 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEX S_ALR_87004212 Convert Totals Records 
305 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEY S_ALR_87004224 Convert Actual Line Items 
306 SIMG_CFMENUORK10KEZ S_ALR_87003737 Convert Plan Line Items 
307 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KE0 S_ALR_87004303 Transfer CO Plan Data 
308 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KE1 S_ALR_87004151 Analyze Settings 
309 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KE4 S_ALR_87003992 Check Assignments 
310 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KE4N S_EBS_44000462 Profit Center Where-Used List 
311 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KE6 S_ALR_87004053 Define Matchcode IDs for Profit Centers 
312 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KE8 S_ALR_87004348 Transfer FI Actual Data 
313 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KE9 S_ALR_87004439 Transfer SD Billing Documents 
314 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KEA S_ALR_87004364 Select and Transfer CO Actual Data 
315 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KEB S_ALR_87003972 Perform Fast Assignment 
316 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KEC S_ALR_87004437 Transfer MM Actual Data 
317 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KED S_ALR_87003817 Statistical Key Figures: Transfer Actual Opening Balance 
318 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KEE S_ALR_87003955 Statistical Key Figures: Transfer Plan Opening Balance 
319 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KEF S_ALR_87003641 Set Control Parameters for Actual Data 
320 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KEH S_ALR_87099688 Generate Opening Balance for Material Stocks 
321 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KEI S_ALR_87099687 Generate Opening Balance for Assets 
322 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KEJ S_ALR_87099689 Generate Opening Balance for Work in Process 
323 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KEK S_ALR_87099723 Generate Opening Balance for Payables and Receivables 
324 SIMG_CFMENUORK11KEM S_ALR_87004270 Copy Cost Center Groups 
325 SIMG_CFMENUORK12KEM S_ALR_87099690 Perform Account Control for Valuation Differences 
326 SIMG_CFMENUORK12KET S_ALR_87003659 Allow Balances To Be Carried Forward 
327 SIMG_CFMENUORK13KE1 S_ALR_87003848 Define Assessment 
328 SIMG_CFMENUORK13KE7 S_ALR_87003645 Define Assessment 
329 SIMG_CFMENUORK13KEG S_ALR_87003825 Choose Statistical Key Figures 
330 SIMG_CFMENUORK13KEH S_ALR_87003633 Choose Accounts 
331 SIMG_CFMENUORK13KEI S_ALR_87003631 Derivation Rules for Finding the Profit Center 
332 SIMG_CFMENUORK14KE1 S_ALR_87003866 Define Distribution 
333 SIMG_CFMENUORK14KE7 S_ALR_87003681 Define Distribution 
334 SIMG_CFMENUORK14KED S_ALR_87003774 Convert Allocation Cycles to Release 4.6 
335 SIMG_CFMENUORK17KEA S_ALR_87003677 Maintain Planning Layout for Costs/Revenues 
336 SIMG_CFMENUORK17KEF S_ALR_87003675 Maintain Planning Layout for Balance Sheet Accounts 
337 SIMG_CFMENUORK17KEI S_ALR_87003945 Transport Planning Layouts 
338 SIMG_CFMENUORK17KEJ S_ALR_87003838 Import Planning Layouts 
339 SIMG_CFMENUORK17KEK S_ALR_87003673 Maintain Planning Layout for Statistical Key Figures 
340 SIMG_CFMENUORK17KEQ S_ALR_87003964 Delete Long Texts 
341 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KE2 S_ALR_87015281 Maintain Field Movement 
342 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KE5 S_ALR_87015282 Maintain Substitution 
343 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KEB S_ALR_87004505 Define Price Dependencies (Condition Tables) 
344 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KED S_ALR_87004510 Define Access Sequences 
345 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KEG S_ALR_87004358 Define Pricing Reports 
346 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KEH S_ALR_87004486 Define Condition Exclusion for Groups of Conditions 
347 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KEN S_ALR_87004332 Define Valuation Clearing Account 
348 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KEO S_ALR_87004010 Derive Representative Materials 
349 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KER S_ALR_87003651 Derive Partner Profit Center in Sales 
350 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KES S_ALR_87003653 Derive Partner Profit Center in Purchasing 
351 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KET S_ALR_87003663 Assign Costing Key 
352 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KET1 S_ALR_87003693 Define Allowed Revenue Accounts 
353 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KET2 S_ALR_87003691 Define Allowed Stock Change Accounts 
354 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KET3 S_ALR_87003665 Define Keys for Accessing Material Cost Estimates 
355 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KET4 S_ALR_87003689 Update Material Direct Costs for Plan Quantities 
356 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KET5 S_ALR_87100102 Choice of Valuation for Calculation Base Values 
357 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KET6 S_ALR_87100709 Define Permitted Accounts 
358 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KEX S_ALR_87099900 Deactivate Conversion of Selected Condition Types 
359 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KEY S_ALR_87009279 Assign Field Movement to Company Code 
360 SIMG_CFMENUORK18KEZ S_ALR_87099803 Basic Settings for Pricing 
361 SIMG_CFMENUORK19KEI S_ALR_87099806 Transport Layout 
362 SIMG_CFMENUORK19KEJ S_ALR_87099807 Import Layout 
363 SIMG_CFMENUORK19KEK S_ALR_87099788 Maintain Layout for Entry of Statistical Key Figures 
364 SIMG_CFMENUORK19KES S_ALR_87099787 Maintain Layout for Document Entry 
365 SIMG_CFMENUORK1AS02 S_ALR_87004454 Assign Fixed Assets 
366 SIMG_CFMENUORK1CJ07 S_ALR_87004296 Assign Projects 
367 SIMG_CFMENUORK1CMOD S_ALR_87003639 Develop Enhancements for Profit Center Accounting 
368 SIMG_CFMENUORK1CO02 S_ALR_87004086 Assign PP Production Orders 
369 SIMG_CFMENUORK1COR2 S_ALR_87004078 Assign Process Orders 
370 SIMG_CFMENUORK1CP02 S_ALR_87004465 Assign Business Processes 
371 SIMG_CFMENUORK1FGRP S_ALR_87004517 Create Reports 
372 SIMG_CFMENUORK1FGRW S_ALR_87004521 Report Writer 
373 SIMG_CFMENUORK1FO62 S_ALR_87004447 Assign Real Estate Objects from Area RE Classic 
374 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GB02 S_ALR_87003883 Define Number Ranges for Local Documents 
375 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GCBA S_ALR_87004380 Maintain Document Types for Local Documents 
376 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GCBAA S_ALR_87003695 Maintain Document Types 
377 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GCBR S_ALR_87099865 Maintain Document Types for Rollup 
378 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GCO1 S_ALR_87003635 Transport Sets 
379 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GCO2 S_ALR_87003643 Transport Variables 
380 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GCRS S_ALR_87008988 Specify Report Languages 
381 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GCS6 S_ALR_87003657 Maintain Retained Earnings Accounts 
382 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GCT0 S_ALR_87003661 Transport Substitutions 
383 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GCT6 S_ALR_87003926 Transport Distribution Keys 
384 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GL20 S_ALR_87099866 Define Number Ranges for Rollup 
385 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GP31 S_ALR_87003669 Define Distribution Keys 
386 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GR21 S_ALR_87008989 Maintain Libraries 
387 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GS01 S_ALR_87003983 Maintain Sets 
388 SIMG_CFMENUORK1GS11 S_ALR_87004001 Maintain Variables 
389 SIMG_CFMENUORK1IW32 S_ALR_87004460 Assign Maintenance Orders 
390 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KBH1 S_ALR_87099692 Maintain Statistical Key Figure Groups 
391 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KCH1 S_ALR_87004232 Define Profit Center Groups 
392 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KCH4 S_ALR_87004279 Define Standard Hierarchy 
393 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE1V S_ALR_87099783 Execute Data Transfer 
394 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE51 S_ALR_87004246 Define Profit Center 
395 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE55 S_ALR_87100787 Assign Templates to Profit Centers 
396 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE59 S_ALR_87004255 Create Dummy Profit Center 
397 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE81 S_ALR_87008987 Maintain Report 
398 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE84 S_ALR_87008986 Maintain Form 
399 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE87 S_ALR_87003786 Define Report Groups and Read Programs for Archive 
400 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE8C S_ALR_87003917 Maintain Currency Translation Keys 
401 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE8K S_ALR_87008984 Maintain Key Figures 
402 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE8L S_ALR_87003706 Delete Reports 
403 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE8O S_ALR_87003730 Transport Reports 
404 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE8P S_ALR_87003726 Transport Forms 
405 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE8Q S_ALR_87003899 Import Reports 
406 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE8R S_ALR_87003892 Import Forms 
407 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE8U S_ALR_87003708 Delete Report Data 
408 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE8V S_ALR_87008985 Maintain Variables 
409 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KE8W S_ALR_87003703 Delete Forms 
410 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KEDP S_ALR_87003684 Maintain Account Determination 
411 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KEE0 S_ALR_87004387 Adjust Line Items and Totals Records 
412 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KEOA2 S_P00_07000273 Activate Inactive Profit Centers 
413 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KEOC2 S_P99_41000072 Enter Settings for Enterprise Organization 
414 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KEOD2 S_P00_07000274 Delete Inactive Profit Centers 
415 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KESF S_ALR_87003685 Maintain +/- Sign Rules 
416 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KK01 S_ALR_87008991 Define Statistical Key Figures 
417 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KKF2 S_ALR_87004070 Assign CO Production Orders 
418 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KKP2 S_ALR_87004060 Assign Cost Objects 
419 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KO02 S_ALR_87004473 Assign Internal Orders 
420 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KP34 S_ALR_87003671 Maintain Planner Profiles 
421 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KS02 S_ALR_87004478 Assign Cost Centers 
422 SIMG_CFMENUORK1KSKO S_ALR_87004239 Copy Cost Centers 
423 SIMG_CFMENUORK1MM02 S_ALR_87004117 Assign Material Masters 
424 SIMG_CFMENUORK1OB07 S_ALR_87004421 Define Exchange Rate Types 
425 SIMG_CFMENUORK1OB08 S_ALR_87004413 Define Exchange Rates 
426 SIMG_CFMENUORK1OBA5 S_ALR_87003744 Change Message Control 
427 SIMG_CFMENUORK1OCCL S_ALR_87003647 Identify Affiliated Companies 
428 SIMG_CFMENUORK1OKB9 S_ALR_87003637 Maintain Automatic Account Assignment of Revenue Elements 
429 SIMG_CFMENUORK1OKEQ S_ALR_87004395 Maintain Plan Versions 
430 SIMG_CFMENUORK1OKKS S_ALR_87004165 Set Controlling Area 
431 SIMG_CFMENUORK1PFCG S_ALR_87003755 Create Role, Generate Profile and Assign Users 
432 SIMG_CFMENUORK1TKA06 S_P99_41000071 Enter Settings for Enterprise Organization 
433 SIMG_CFMENUORK1VA02 S_ALR_87004092 Assign Sales Orders 
434 SIMG_CFMENUORK1VERT S_ALR_87004514 Set distribution of profit center data (ALE) 
435 SIMG_CFMENUORK1Z009 S_ALR_87004523 Supplements for Document Entry 
436 SIMG_CFMENUORK1Z022 S_ALR_87008837 Maintain Field Usage 
437 SIMG_CFMENUORK1Z042 S_ALR_87004322 Define Acct Determination for Production Variances in Delivs to other Pctrs 
438 SIMG_CFMENUORK1Z051 S_ALR_87004037 Choose Representative Materials 
439 SIMG_CFMENUORK1Z053 S_ALR_87004046 Activate Representative Materials 
440 SIMG_CFMENUORK2AG_VF S_ALR_87004334 Specify Method 
441 SIMG_CFMENUORK2FGRP S_ALR_87004140 Create Reports 
442 SIMG_CFMENUORK2GCRS S_ALR_87003966 Specify Report Languages 
443 SIMG_CFMENUORK2GCRS1 S_ALR_87003986 Specify Report Languages 
444 SIMG_CFMENUORK2GR21 S_ALR_87004120 Define Libraries 
445 SIMG_CFMENUORK2GR5G S_ALR_87004149 Generate Reports 
446 SIMG_CFMENUORK2KA01 S_ALR_87004308 Create Accrual Cost Elements 
447 SIMG_CFMENUORK2KA02 S_ALR_87004285 Create Cost Elements 
448 SIMG_CFMENUORK2KA021 S_ALR_87004317 Maintain Revenue Elements 
449 SIMG_CFMENUORK2KAH2 S_ALR_87004166 Create Cost Element Groups 
450 SIMG_CFMENUORK2KAL8 S_ALR_87003976 Generate Standard Reports 
451 SIMG_CFMENUORK2KALA S_ALR_87004034 Activate/Deactivate Reconciliation Ledger 
452 SIMG_CFMENUORK2KALI S_ALR_87003956 Import Standard Reports 
453 SIMG_CFMENUORK2KALN S_ALR_87004158 Maintain Report Tree 
454 SIMG_CFMENUORK2KSAZ S_ALR_87004007 Maintain Overhead Structure 
455 SIMG_CFMENUORK2OBYB S_ALR_87004044 Define Adjustment Accounts for Reconciliation Posting 
456 SIMG_CFMENUORK2OCMI S_ALR_87004130 Import Templates 
457 SIMG_CFMENUORK2OK13 S_ALR_87004055 Specify Document Number Range for Reconciliation Posting 
458 SIMG_CFMENUORK2OK19 S_ALR_87004087 Define Report Groups and Read Programs 
459 SIMG_CFMENUORK2OKA4 S_ALR_87004228 Define Cost Element Attribute Mix 
460 SIMG_CFMENUORK2OKA6 S_ALR_87004219 Define Cost Element Attributes 
461 SIMG_CFMENUORK2OKB2 S_ALR_87004257 Make Default Settings 
462 SIMG_CFMENUORK2OKB3 S_ALR_87004266 Create Batch Input Session 
463 SIMG_CFMENUORK2OKEC S_ALR_87004237 Define Search Helps for Cost Elements 
464 SIMG_CFMENUORK2OKEK S_ALR_87004247 Determine Time-Based Fields for Cost Elements 
465 SIMG_CFMENUORK2OKRS1 S_ALR_87003997 Define Cost Element Groups 
466 SIMG_CFMENUORK2SM35 S_ALR_87004276 Execute Batch Input Session 
467 SIMG_CFMENUORK2SU02 S_ALR_87004104 Maintain Profiles 
468 SIMG_CFMENUORK2SU03 S_ALR_87004093 Maintain Authorizations 
469 SIMG_CFMENUORK30KWT S_ALR_87004958 Transport Settings for Activity-Based Costing 
470 SIMG_CFMENUORK3KAL1 S_ALR_87005040 Follow-Up Posting to Reconciliation Ledger 
471 SIMG_CFMENUORK3KANK S_ALR_87005106 Maintain Number Ranges for Controlling Documents 
472 SIMG_CFMENUORK3KPRN S_ALR_87005002 Import Standard Settings for Resource Planning 
473 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OBA5 S_ALR_87005082 Change Message Control 
474 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKBA S_ALR_87005071 Post Follow-Up from Financial Accounting Documents 
475 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKBB S_ALR_87005074 Post Follow-Up from Materials Management Documents 
476 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKBC S_ALR_87005007 Post Follow-Up from Sales and Distribution Documents 
477 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKBF S_ALR_87004989 Import Standard Planning Layouts 
478 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKBG S_ALR_87005035 Post Follow-Up to Down Payments 
479 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKC3 S_ALR_87004963 Delete Transaction Data 
480 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKC4 S_ALR_87004973 Delete Cost Centers 
481 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKC5 S_ALR_87004970 Delete Cost Elements 
482 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKC6 S_ALR_87005055 Delete Activity Types 
483 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKC7 S_ALR_87005085 Define Validation 
484 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKC9 S_ALR_87005089 Define Substitution 
485 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKE5 S_ALR_87004978 Transport Settings for Organization 
486 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKE6 S_ALR_87004984 Transport Settings for Master Data 
487 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKE7 S_ALR_87004999 Transport Other Planning Settings 
488 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKE8 S_ALR_87004950 Transport Settings for Actual Postings 
489 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKE9 S_ALR_87004955 Transport Settings for Account Assign. Logic/Summarization 
490 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKEP S_ALR_87005012 Maintain Down Payment Updates in Controlling 
491 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKEQ S_ALR_87005110 Maintain Versions 
492 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKEV1 S_ALR_87005078 Set Up Transfer Prices in a Production System 
493 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKEX S_ALR_87004993 Transport Planning Layouts 
494 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKKP S_ALR_87005103 Maintain Controlling Area 
495 SIMG_CFMENUORK3OKO5 S_ALR_87005060 Delete Orders 
496 SIMG_CFMENUORK3SU02 S_ALR_87005119 Maintain Profiles 
497 SIMG_CFMENUORK3SU03 S_ALR_87005114 Maintain Authorizations 
498 SIMG_CFMENUORKA S_AL0_96000315 Assign field status variant to company code 
499 SIMG_CFMENUORKAABR S_ALR_87005193 Maintain Settlement Cost Elements 
500 SIMG_CFMENUORKABS42 S_ALR_87005283 Define Status Selection Profiles