SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 13
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_CFMENUORKABS52 S_ALR_87005261 Define Authorization Keys for Status Management 
2 SIMG_CFMENUORKACJBN S_ALR_87005399 Set up Availability Control Again 
3 SIMG_CFMENUORKACKNR S_ALR_87005428 Assign Number Ranges for Unit Costing 
4 SIMG_CFMENUORKACL00 S_ALR_87005172 Maintain User-Defined Characteristics 
5 SIMG_CFMENUORKACL001 S_ALR_87005236 Maintain User-Defined Characteristics (Classification) 
6 SIMG_CFMENUORKACMOD S_ALR_87005232 Develop Enhancements for Order Master Data 
7 SIMG_CFMENUORKACMODZ S_ALR_87004977 Develop Enhancements for Overhead Rates 
8 SIMG_CFMENUORKAFGRW S_ALR_87005145 Define Report Writer Reports 
9 SIMG_CFMENUORKAFMU3 S_AL0_96000314 Define field status variant 
10 SIMG_CFMENUORKAFMU5 S_AL0_96000318 Define field status groups 
11 SIMG_CFMENUORKAFMU7 S_AL0_96000319 Define field selection string 
12 SIMG_CFMENUORKAFMUN S_AL0_96000320 Assign field selection string 
13 SIMG_CFMENUORKAFMUV S_AL0_96000317 Assign field status variant to company code 
14 SIMG_CFMENUORKAGCRS S_ALR_87005214 Specify Report Languages 
15 SIMG_CFMENUORKAGCRS1 S_ALR_87005205 Specify Report Languages 
16 SIMG_CFMENUORKAGR21 S_ALR_87005203 Maintain Libraries 
17 SIMG_CFMENUORKAGR5G S_ALR_87005141 Generate Reports 
18 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKA06 S_ALR_87005108 Maintain Overhead Cost Elements 
19 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKAH2 S_ALR_87005251 Maintain Cost Element Groups 
20 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKAH21 S_ALR_87005200 Maintain Cost Element Groups 
21 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKAK2 S_ALR_87005252 Maintain Statistical Key Figures 
22 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKANK S_ALR_87005225 Assign Planning Transactions to Number Ranges 
23 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKANKI S_ALR_87005069 Assign Actual Business Transactions to Number Ranges 
24 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKBC1 S_ALR_87005054 Define Screen Variants for Reposting Costs 
25 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKBC2 S_ALR_87005084 Define Screen Variants for Internal Activity Allocation 
26 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKBC3 S_ALR_87005116 Define Screen Variants for Statistical Key Figures 
27 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKBC4 S_ALR_87005048 Define Screen Variants for Reposting Revenues 
28 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKBH21 S_ALR_87005217 Process Statistical Key Figure Groups 
29 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKBH22 S_ALR_87005247 Maintain Statistical Key Figure Groups 
30 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKEI1 S_ALR_87005184 Maintain PA Transfer Structure 
31 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKO02 S_ALR_87005294 Define Model Orders 
32 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKO021 S_ALR_87004969 Maintain Costing Sheet and Overhead Key in Sample Orders 
33 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKO8N S_ALR_87005177 Maintain Number Ranges for Settlement Documents 
34 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKOH9 S_ALR_87005249 Maintain Order Groups 
35 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKOH91 S_ALR_87005219 Maintain Order Groups 
36 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKONK S_ALR_87005265 Maintain Number Ranges for Orders 
37 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKOT2 S_ALR_87005266 Define Order Types 
38 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKOT21 S_ALR_87005221 Integrated Planning in Order Types as Default 
39 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKOT22 S_ALR_87005169 Activate Classification in the Order Type 
40 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKOV2 S_ALR_87005259 Define Transaction Groups for Order Status Management 
41 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKOW1 S_ALR_87005113 Define Periodic Repostings 
42 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKOW11 S_ALR_87005305 Define Periodic Repostings 
43 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKP34 S_ALR_87005241 Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles 
44 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKPG5 S_ALR_87005245 Create Planning Layouts for Cost Element Planning 
45 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKPH2 S_ALR_87005240 Maintain User-Defined Distribution Keys 
46 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKPH5 S_ALR_87005243 Create Planning Layouts for Statistical Key Figure Planning 
47 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKZB2 S_ALR_87005100 Define Calculation Bases Referring to Cost Element and Origin 
48 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKZB4 S_AL0_96000341 Define Calculation Bases Referring to Cost Center and Activity Type 
49 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKZE2 S_ALR_87005091 Define Credits 
50 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKZM2 S_ALR_87005094 Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates 
51 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKZS2 S_ALR_87005104 Maintain Calculation Procedures 
52 SIMG_CFMENUORKAKZZ2 S_ALR_87005098 Define Percentage Overhead Rates 
53 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOITA S_ALR_87004962 Define Investment Profile 
54 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOITBX S_ALR_87004957 Define Assignment of AuC Classes per Source Assignment 
55 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOK02 S_ALR_87005263 Define Status Profiles 
56 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOK10 S_ALR_87005223 Maintain Versions 
57 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOK11 S_ALR_87005419 Maintain Number Ranges for Overall Planning 
58 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOK111 S_ALR_87005408 Maintain Number Ranges for Budgeting 
59 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOK14 S_ALR_87005396 Maintain Budget Manager 
60 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOK60 S_ALR_87005072 Define Number Ranges 
61 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKB9 S_ALR_87005065 Maintain Automatic Account Assignment 
62 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKC8 S_ALR_87005227 Maintain Exchange Rates 
63 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKD6 S_ALR_87005216 Import Reports 
64 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKEP S_ALR_87005061 Define Default Cost Elements for Down Payments 
65 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKEU S_ALR_87005187 Maintain Source Structure 
66 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKG1 S_ALR_87005033 Maintain Capitalization Keys 
67 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKGL S_ALR_87005010 Define Capitalization Versions 
68 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKK1 S_ALR_87005238 Specify Valuation Variants 
69 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKKD S_ALR_87005168 Configure Selection Screen (Classification) 
70 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKKP S_ALR_87005267 Activate Order Management in Controlling Area 
71 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKL1 S_ALR_87005137 Maintain Report Tree 
72 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKO1 S_ALR_87005275 Create Search Help for Orders 
73 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKO6 S_ALR_87005190 Maintain Allocation Structures 
74 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKO7 S_ALR_87005181 Maintain Settlement Profiles 
75 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKO8 S_ALR_87005278 Define Processing Groups 
76 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKO9 S_ALR_87005229 Define Exchange Rate Types 
77 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKOA1 S_ALR_87005413 Maintain Settlement 
78 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKOB S_ALR_87005411 Maintain Budget Profile 
79 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKOC S_ALR_87005405 Define Tolerance Limits for Availability Control 
80 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKOL S_ALR_87005281 Maintain List Variants for Collective Processing 
81 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKOR S_ALR_87005285 Define Selection Rules 
82 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKOU S_ALR_87005280 Maintain Substitution Rules for Collective Processing 
83 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKOV S_ALR_87005286 Define Selection Variants 
84 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKOV1 S_ALR_87005178 Define Selection Variants for Settlement 
85 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKOV2 S_ALR_87005208 Define Selection Variants for Order Reports 
86 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKOZ S_ALR_87005302 Define Plan Overhead Rates 
87 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKRA S_ALR_87005165 Maintain Summarization Hierarchy 
88 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKRX S_ALR_87005174 Choose and Generate Characteristics 
89 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOKSA S_ALR_87005212 Generate Reports 
90 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOPTK S_ALR_87005402 Specify Exempt Cost Elements from Availability Control 
91 SIMG_CFMENUORKAORMI S_ALR_87005148 Import Templates 
92 SIMG_CFMENUORKAOVA S_ALR_87005080 Activate Commitments Management 
93 SIMG_CFMENUORKAPL S_ALR_87005425 Maintain Planning Profiles for Overall Planning 
94 SIMG_CFMENUORKASE11 S_ALR_87005290 Change Individual Master Data Fields 
95 SIMG_CFMENUORKASU03 S_ALR_87005155 Internal Orders 
96 SIMG_CFMENUORKATKKBH S_ALR_87005162 Define Exception Rules 
97 SIMG_CFMENUORKE3055 S_ALR_87005786 Define Process Cost Assessment 
98 SIMG_CFMENUORKE3060 S_ALR_87005778 Define LIS Interface 
99 SIMG_CFMENUORKE3065 S_ALR_87005785 Set up Indirect Allocation of Activities from Processes 
100 SIMG_CFMENUORKE3075 S_ALR_87005777 Assign Characteristic Group to Plan Version 
101 SIMG_CFMENUORKE5055 S_ALR_87005696 Define Process Cost Assessment 
102 SIMG_CFMENUORKE5065 S_ALR_87005689 Set up Indirect Allocation of Activities from Processes 
103 SIMG_CFMENUORKE5095 S_ALR_87005705 Maintain Template Environment and Function Trees 
104 SIMG_CFMENUORKE5310 S_ALR_87005566 Define PA Transfer Structure for Variance Settlement 
105 SIMG_CFMENUORKE5610 S_ALR_87005704 Assign Accounts for Internal Goods Movements 
106 SIMG_CFMENUORKE6110 S_ALR_87005660 Assign Display Attributes 
107 SIMG_CFMENUORKE7410 S_ALR_87005779 Define Number Ranges for New Record Types 
108 SIMG_CFMENUORKE7600 S_ALR_87005790 Printing with Microsoft Word for Windows 
109 SIMG_CFMENUORKE8KEV S_ALR_87099841 Create Condition Types and Costing Sheets 
110 SIMG_CFMENUORKECPT2 S_ALR_87005707 Maintain Template 
111 SIMG_CFMENUORKEFILE S_ALR_87005746 Cross-Client File Names and Paths 
112 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE0C S_ALR_87005732 Run Initial Supply for Distributed Profitability Analysis 
113 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE0E S_ALR_87005731 Generate/Update Message Type 
114 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE0F S_ALR_87005730 Activate Distributed Profitability Analysis 
115 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE0I S_AC0_52000641 Prepare Archiving 
116 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE14 S_ALR_87005733 Define Planning Layout 
117 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE17 S_ALR_87005718 Define Authorization Objects for Planning 
118 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE19 S_ALR_87005630 Reorganize Planning Layouts 
119 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE1I S_ALR_87005578 Define Ratios and Ratio Schemes 
120 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE1O S_ALR_87005580 Create Exit Number for Customer Enhancement 
121 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE1Q S_ALR_87005632 Reorganize Long Texts 
122 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE1R S_ALR_87005576 Define Weighting Groups 
123 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE1T S_ALR_87005572 Maintain Forecast Profiles 
124 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE21S S_P99_41000309 Valuation Simulation 
125 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE2K S_ALR_87005652 Calculated Values as Reference for Top-Down Distribution 
126 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE2S S_ALR_87005624 Summarize Data During Update 
127 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE2U S_ALR_87005769 Assign Fields 
128 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE31 S_ALR_87005667 Create Profitability Report 
129 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE34 S_ALR_87005642 Define Forms for Profitability Reports 
130 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE37 S_ALR_87005723 Define Authorization Objects for the Information System 
131 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE39 S_ALR_87005703 Reorganize Report Data 
132 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3A S_ALR_87005712 Reorganize Reports 
133 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3C S_ALR_87005676 Reorganize Forms 
134 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3D S_ALR_87005638 Reorganize Line Item Layouts 
135 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3E S_ALR_87005640 Define Variables for Reports 
136 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3F S_ALR_87005661 Define Line Item Layout 
137 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3I S_ALR_87005618 Transport 
138 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3J S_ALR_87005634 Import 
139 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3K S_ALR_87005648 Assign Cost Element Hierarchy for Account-Based CO-PA 
140 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3P S_ALR_87005672 Maintain Variant Groups 
141 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3Q S_ALR_87005665 Maintain Variants 
142 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3R S_ALR_87005670 Schedule Variant Groups 
143 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3S S_ALR_87005662 Define Variant Groups 
144 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3T S_ALR_87005546 Reorganize Variant Groups 
145 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3X S_ALR_87005666 Assign Reports/Report Selection to Role 
146 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE3Z S_ALR_87005569 Convert Reports 
147 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE40 S_ALR_87005759 Define Access to Standard Cost Estimates 
148 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE45 S_ALR_87005714 Assign Value Fields 
149 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE46 S_ALR_87005727 Maintain Calculation Procedures 
150 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE47 S_ALR_87005726 Create Condition Types 
151 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE48 S_ALR_87005725 Define Access Sequences 
152 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4A S_ALR_87005724 Define Condition Tables 
153 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4D S_ALR_87005771 Define Structure of External Data 
154 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4F S_ALR_87005628 Prepare Subsequent Posting of Sales Orders 
155 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4G S_ALR_87005622 Assign Characteristic Groups for Assignment Screen 
156 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4H S_ALR_87005760 Assign Costing Keys to Products 
157 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4I S_ALR_87005535 Assign Value Fields 
158 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4I2 S_ALR_87005525 Assign Value Fields 
159 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4J S_ALR_87005761 Assign Costing Keys to Material Types 
160 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4L S_ALR_87005717 Define Pricing Reports 
161 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4MI S_ALR_87005512 Assign Quantity Fields 
162 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4MP S_ALR_87005728 Assign Quantity Fields 
163 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4MS S_ALR_87005626 Store Quantities in CO-PA Standard Unit of Measure 
164 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4R S_ALR_87005763 Assign Value Fields 
165 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4S S_ALR_87005584 Post Billing Documents Subsequently 
166 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4SC S_E4A_94000061 Subsequent Posting of CRM Billing Documents 
167 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4SF S_EB5_05000504 Subsequent Posting of Documents from Financial Accounting 
168 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4SM S_EB5_05000505 Subsequent Posting of Documents from Materials Management 
169 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4ST S_ALR_87099682 Simulate Billing Document Transfer 
170 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4T S_ALR_87005614 Post Sales Orders Subsequently 
171 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4TS S_ALR_87100746 Simulation of Document Transfer from Incoming Sales Orders 
172 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4U S_ALR_87005767 Define and Assign Valuation Strategy 
173 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE4W S_ALR_87005515 Reset Value/Quantity Fields 
174 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE91 S_ALR_87005664 Create Reports Based on Line Items 
175 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE94 S_ALR_87005663 Define Forms for Reports Based on Line Items 
176 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE97 S_ALR_87005768 Define Authorization Objects for Reports Based on Line Items 
177 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE9D S_ALR_87005692 Reorganize Forms for Reports Based on Line Items 
178 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEA0 S_ALR_87005737 Maintain Operating Concern 
179 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEA5 S_ALR_87005754 Maintain Characteristics 
180 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEA6 S_ALR_87005756 Maintain Value Fields 
181 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEAE S_ALR_87005698 Generate Template Environment for CO-PA 
182 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEAI S_E4A_94000161 Check Value Flow from FI 
183 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEAS S_ALR_87005680 Specify Characteristics for Selection and Update 
184 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEAT S_ALR_87005532 Check Value Flow in Billing Document Transfer 
185 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEAW S_ALR_87099935 Check Value Flow from Order/Project Settlement 
186 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEB0N S_EB5_05000498 Create Transaction Data DataSource 
187 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEB1 S_EB5_05000499 Create Hierarchy DataSource 
188 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEB6 S_EB5_05000497 Assign Key Figures 
189 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEBD S_ALR_87005744 Set Operating Concern 
190 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEC3 S_ALR_87005656 Define Currency Translation Keys 
191 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKECM S_ALR_87005518 Check Customizing Settings 
192 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKECO S_AL0_96000599 Activate Transfer of Cost Component Split During Activity Allocation 
193 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKECP S_ALR_87005739 Copy Operating Concern including Customizing 
194 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEDB S_ALR_87099933 Delete Transaction Data 
195 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEDP S_ALR_87005772 Maintain Account Determination 
196 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEDR S_ALR_87005765 Define Characteristic Derivation 
197 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEDV S_ALR_87005563 Define Summarization Levels 
198 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEDVP S_ALR_87099920 Have Proposal Created Automatically 
199 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEF1 S_ALR_87005776 Maintain Revaluation Keys 
200 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEF3 S_ALR_87005586 Maintain Events 
201 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEFA S_ALR_87005787 Define Data Interface 
202 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEFB S_ALR_87005788 Maintain Transfer Rules 
203 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEG1 S_ALR_87005686 Set Up Indirect Allocation of Activities from Cost Centers/Processes 
204 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEG7 S_ALR_87005781 Set Up Indirect Allocation of Activities from Cost Centers/Processes 
205 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEGD S_ALR_87099729 Display Cycle Overview of Actual Activity Allocation 
206 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEGE S_ALR_87099737 Display Cycle Overview of Plan Activity Allocation 
207 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEGF S_AL0_96000522 Activate Transfer of Cost Component Split 
208 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEHA S_EB5_05000812 Create SAP HANA Reporting Model 
209 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEHC S_EB5_05000809 Set Up SAP HANA Integration 
210 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEHC0 S_EB5_05000811 Acceleration with SAP HANA (CO-PA Accelerator) 
211 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEHW S_EB5_05000810 Execute Data Transfer 
212 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEI1 S_ALR_87005520 Define PA Transfer Structure for Settlement 
213 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEI1U S_ALR_87100554 Define PA Transfer Structure for Assessment 
214 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEI2 S_ALR_87005539 Maintain PA Transfer Structure for Direct Postings 
215 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEI3 S_ALR_87005683 Maintain PA Transfer Structure for Template and Activity Allocation 
216 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEICO S_AL0_96000602 Maintain Cost Component Split Assignments for Activity Allocation 
217 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEIP S_EBS_44000556 Generation: Virtual InfoProvider 
218 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEKE S_ALR_87005654 Activate Profitability Analysis 
219 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEKF S_ALR_87005529 Activate Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders 
220 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEKG S_ALR_87005650 Activate Profit Center Valuation 
221 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEKW S_ALR_87005709 Maintain Template Determination and Other Update Characteristics 
222 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEN1 S_ALR_87005636 Define Number Ranges for Actual Postings 
223 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEN2 S_ALR_87005720 Define Number Ranges for Planning Data 
224 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEP1 S_ALR_87005773 Define Record Types 
225 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEPA S_ALR_87005620 Maintain Characteristic Groups 
226 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEPC S_ALR_87005762 Assign Costing Keys to Any Characteristics 
227 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEPD S_ALR_87005644 Define Characteristic Groups for the Information System 
228 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEPE S_ALR_87005582 Maintain Segment-Specific Revaluation Keys 
229 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEPF S_ALR_87005775 Maintain Segment-Specific Distribution Keys 
230 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEPG S_ALR_87005573 Maintain Segment-Specific Forecast Profiles 
231 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEPH S_ALR_87005611 Maintain Segment-Specific Events 
232 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEPM S_ALR_87099700 Set Up Planning Framework 
233 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEPMU S_P99_41000189 Create Planning Level from Planning Layout 
234 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEPS S_ALR_87005616 Define Plan Structure 
235 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEPV S_ALR_87005784 Assign Receiver Plan Version 
236 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEQ3 S_ALR_87005741 Define Profitability Segment Characteristics (Segment-Lvl Characteristics) 
237 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEQ3A S_ALR_87005735 Define Segment-Level Characteristics for Distributed CO-PA 
238 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKER1 S_ALR_87005658 Define Key Figure Schemes 
239 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKES1 S_ALR_87005764 Maintain Characteristic Values 
240 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKES3 S_ALR_87005646 Define Characteristics Hierarchy 
241 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKES4 S_ALR_87005702 Transfer Customer Rebate Agreements 
242 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKESF S_ALR_87005780 Maintain +/- Sign Rules 
243 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKETE S_ALR_87011759 Use SAP Operating Concern Template 
244 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKETR S_ALR_87005758 Translate Texts 
245 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEU1 S_ALR_87005550 Define Structure of Cost Center Assessment/Process Cost Assessment 
246 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEU7 S_ALR_87005782 Define Structure of Cost Center Assessment/Process Cost Assessment 
247 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEUD S_ALR_87099725 Display Cycle Overview of Actual Assessment 
248 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEUE S_ALR_87099727 Display Cycle Overview of Plan Assessment 
249 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEUH S_ALR_87005543 Define Calculated Values for Use as Reference Values 
250 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEV1 S_ALR_87005774 Maintain Distribution Keys 
251 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEVF S_ALR_87005736 Define Value Field Assignments 
252 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEVFG S_ALR_87099684 Maintain Value Field Groups 
253 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEVG S_ALR_87005678 Define Record Types for Selecting Cost Drivers 
254 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEVG2 S_ALR_87099685 Assign Characteristic Groups for Line Item Screens 
255 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEVG3 S_ALR_87099686 Assign Value Field Groups for Line Item Screens 
256 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEVG4 S_ALR_87099868 Assign Characteristic Groups to Actual Cycles 
257 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEVG5 S_ALR_87099869 Assign Characteristic Groups to Plan Cycles 
258 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEVG6 S_AL0_96000695 Assign PA Transfer Structure to Business Transaction 
259 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEVG7 S_AL0_96000696 Assign PA Transfer Structure to Business Transaction 
260 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEVP S_ALR_87005729 Define Distribution Profiles 
261 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKP34 S_ALR_87005734 Display Planner Profiles 
262 SIMG_CFMENUORKEKSES S_ALR_87005557 Define Allocation Structure 
263 SIMG_CFMENUORKEMODIF S_ALR_87005747 SAP Enhancements 
264 SIMG_CFMENUORKEOKB9 S_ALR_87005559 Automatic Account Assignment 
265 SIMG_CFMENUORKEOKEQ S_ALR_87005722 Maintain Versions 
266 SIMG_CFMENUORKEOKO7 S_ALR_87005523 Assign PA Transfer Structure to Settlement Profile 
267 SIMG_CFMENUORKEOKOA S_ALR_87005700 Assign PA Transfer Structure to Settlement Profile 
268 SIMG_CFMENUORKEOKU7 S_ALR_87005668 Define Headers and Footers for Basic Reports 
269 SIMG_CFMENUORKEPCACT S_ALR_87100829 Define Access to Actual Costing/Material Ledger 
270 SIMG_CFMENUORKEPFCG S_ALR_87005766 Create Role/Authorization Profile and Assign Users 
271 SIMG_CFMENUORKESF01 S_ALR_87005752 Create Logical File Names 
272 SIMG_CFMENUORKESF07 S_ALR_87005750 List File Names 
273 SIMG_CFMENUORKEWE60 S_ALR_87005783 Display IDoc Type 
274 SIMG_CFMENUORKKCCF1 S_ALR_87008218 Define Message Control 
275 SIMG_CFMENUORKKCKC1 S_ALR_87008191 Check Settings 
276 SIMG_CFMENUORKKCKNR S_ALR_87008189 Assign Number Ranges for Costing Documents 
277 SIMG_CFMENUORKKCL00 S_ALR_87008101 Define User-Defined Characteristics 
278 SIMG_CFMENUORKKCMODZ S_ALR_87008208 Develop Enhancements for Overhead Calculation 
279 SIMG_CFMENUORKKCO44 S_ALR_87008070 Define Status Selection Profiles 
280 SIMG_CFMENUORKKFGRP S_ALR_87008095 Create User-Defined Reports 
281 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKA06 S_ALR_87008204 Maintain Overhead Cost Elements 
282 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKANK S_ALR_87008053 Define Number Ranges for Variance Documents 
283 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKEI1 S_ALR_87008043 Create PA Transfer Structure 
284 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKK02 S_ALR_87008148 Link Statistical Key Figures to LIS 
285 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKK03 S_ALR_87008140 Link Statistical Key Figures to LIS 
286 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKK65 S_ALR_87008143 Define Layouts for Cost Element and Activity Type Planning 
287 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKK95 S_ALR_87008142 Define Layouts for Planning Statistical Key Figures 
288 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKE5 S_ALR_87005067 Delete Base Planning Objects 
289 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKO1 S_ALR_87008092 Define Reports 
290 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKO4 S_ALR_87008093 Define Forms 
291 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKO7 S_ALR_87008094 Define Key Figures 
292 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKO8 S_ALR_87008072 Background Processing 
293 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKOH S_ALR_87008066 Transport Reports 
294 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKOI S_ALR_87008067 Transport Forms 
295 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKOJ S_ALR_87008068 Import Reports 
296 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKOK S_ALR_87008069 Import Forms 
297 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKON S_ALR_87008065 Delete Report Data 
298 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKOO S_ALR_87008074 Delete Reports 
299 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKOP S_ALR_87008073 Delete Forms 
300 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKPV S_ALR_87005064 Delete Cost Objects 
301 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKKR0 S_ALR_87008086 Maintain Summarization Hierarchies 
302 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKO8N S_ALR_87008052 Maintain Number Ranges for Settlement Documents 
303 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKOT2 S_ALR_87008023 Check Order Types 
304 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKP34 S_ALR_87008141 Create User-Defined Planner Profiles 
305 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKVC0 S_ALR_87008149 Maintain Cost Object / Key Figure Assignment 
306 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKVC2 S_ALR_87008147 Maintain Cost Object / Key Figure Assignment 
307 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKZB2 S_ALR_87008202 Define Calculation Bases 
308 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKZE2 S_ALR_87008209 Define Credits 
309 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKZM2 S_ALR_87008210 Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates 
310 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKZS2 S_ALR_87008203 Define Costing Sheets 
311 SIMG_CFMENUORKKKZZ2 S_ALR_87008201 Define Percentage Overhead Rates 
312 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKA8 S_ALR_87008059 Define Primary Data for Input Price Variances 
313 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKEU S_ALR_87008044 Create Source Structure 
314 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKG1 S_ALR_87008004 Create Results Analysis Keys 
315 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKG2 S_ALR_87008003 Define Results Analysis Versions 
316 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKG3 S_ALR_87008002 Define Valuation Methods for Results Analysis 
317 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKG4 S_ALR_87008008 Define Update for Results Analysis 
318 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKG5 S_ALR_87008000 Define Assignment for Results Analysis 
319 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKG6 S_ALR_87008006 Maintain Number Ranges for Results Analysis Documents 
320 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKG8 S_ALR_87008007 Define Posting Rules for Settlement to Financial Accounting 
321 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKG9 S_ALR_87008028 Define Results Analysis Versions 
322 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKIP S_KA5_12000962 Define Costing Variants 
323 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKIQ S_KA5_12000963 Define Costing Types 
324 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKIR S_KA5_12000964 Define Valuation Variants 
325 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKK4 S_ALR_87008198 Define Valuation Variants 
326 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKK5 S_ALR_87008224 Define Quantity Structure Control 
327 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKK6 S_ALR_87008196 Define Date Control 
328 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKK7 S_ALR_87008186 Define Price Factors 
329 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKK9 S_ALR_87008187 Define Relevancy to Costing 
330 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKKC S_ALR_87008100 Define Selection Screens for Order List 
331 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKKI S_ALR_87008199 Define Costing Types 
332 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKKM S_ALR_87008197 Define Transfer Control 
333 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKKN S_ALR_87008200 Define Costing Variants 
334 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKKO S_ALR_87008183 Define Costing Variants 
335 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKO6 S_ALR_87008045 Create Allocation Structure 
336 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKO7 S_ALR_87008047 Create Settlement Profile 
337 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKOS S_ALR_87008021 Define Planning Profiles for CO Production Orders 
338 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKRA S_ALR_87008099 Maintain Order Hierarchies 
339 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKRX S_ALR_87008102 Choose and Generate Characteristics 
340 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKS2 S_ALR_87008104 Generate Reports for Product Cost by Order 
341 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKS3 S_ALR_87008091 Generate Reports for Product Cost by Sales Order 
342 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKS8 S_ALR_87008082 Generate Reports for Product Cost Planning 
343 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKS9 S_ALR_87008107 Generate Reports for Product Cost by Period 
344 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKSB S_ALR_87008105 Import Reports for Product Cost by Order 
345 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKSD S_ALR_87008097 Import Reports for Product Cost by Sales Order 
346 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKSL S_ALR_87008083 Import Reports for Product Cost Planning 
347 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKSP S_ALR_87008098 Import Reports for Product Cost by Period 
348 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKSV S_ALR_87008081 Maintain Cost Component Group for Report Writer 
349 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKT9 S_ALR_87008088 Generate Reports for Costs for Intangible Goods and Services 
350 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKTA S_ALR_87008089 Import Reports for Costs for Intangible Goods and Services 
351 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKTZ S_ALR_87008192 Define Cost Component Structure 
352 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKV1 S_ALR_87008054 Define Variance Keys 
353 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKV2 S_ALR_87008255 Define Variance Keys 
354 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKV6 S_ALR_87008060 Define Target Cost Versions 
355 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKV7 S_ALR_87008256 Define Target Cost Versions 
356 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKVG S_ALR_87008062 Check Variance Variants 
357 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKVH S_ALR_87008260 Define Variance Variants 
358 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKVW S_ALR_87008063 Define Default Variance Keys for Plants 
359 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKY0 S_ALR_87008013 Check Valuation Variants for Product Costing 
360 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKY1 S_ALR_87008017 Check Costing Variants for Unit Costing 
361 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKY2 S_ALR_87008025 Check Costing Variants for CO Production Orders 
362 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKY3 S_ALR_87008129 Check Costing Variants for Cost Object ID 
363 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKY5 S_ALR_87008024 Check Valuation Variants for CO Production Orders 
364 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKY6 S_ALR_87008144 Check Valuation Variants for Cost Object ID 
365 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKY7 S_ALR_87008010 Check Valuation Variants for Unit Costing 
366 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKY9 S_ALR_87008015 Check Costing Variants for Product Costing 
367 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKYA S_ALR_87008014 Check Costing Types 
368 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKYC S_ALR_87008240 Check Material Accounts for Settlement 
369 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKYV S_ALR_87008168 Activate Cross-Company Costing 
370 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKYW S_ALR_87008167 Activate Cost Component Split in Controlling Area Currency 
371 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKZ1 S_ALR_87008205 Define Origin Groups 
372 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKZ2 S_ALR_87008206 Define Overhead Groups 
373 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKZ3 S_ALR_87008022 Define Cost-Accounting-Relevant Default Values for Order Types and Plants 
374 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKZ4 S_ALR_87008229 Check Control Keys for Operations 
375 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKZ5 S_ALR_87008239 Define Cost Object Categories for Cost Object Hierarchies 
376 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKZ6 S_ALR_87008279 Define Cost Object Profiles for Cost Object Hierarchies 
377 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKZ7 S_ALR_87008127 Define Cost Object Categories 
378 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKZ8 S_ALR_87008128 Define Cost Object Profiles 
379 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOKZZ S_ALR_87008188 Define Message Types for Standard Cost Estimate 
380 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOMD9 S_ALR_87008214 Check Special Procurement Types 
381 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOME9 S_ALR_87007988 Check Account Assignment Categories 
382 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOMS4 S_ALR_87008223 Check Material Status 
383 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOP51 S_ALR_87008228 Check Settings for Formulas 
384 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOP54 S_ALR_87008227 Check Formulas for Costing 
385 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPJF S_ALR_87008221 Check Automatic Routing Selection 
386 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPJG S_ALR_87008220 Check Settings for Generated Operations 
387 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPJI S_ALR_87008226 Check BOM Selection 
388 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPJM S_ALR_87008225 Check BOM Application 
389 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPK9 S_ALR_87008030 Define Goods Received Valuation for Order Delivery 
390 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPL1 S_ALR_87008037 Check Costing Variants for Manufacturing Orders (PP) 
391 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPN2 S_ALR_87008031 Check Valuation Variants for Manufacturing Orders (PP) 
392 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPPS S_ALR_87007979 Check Planning Strategies 
393 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPPT S_ALR_87007978 Check Strategy Groups 
394 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPPU S_ALR_87007987 Check Strategy Group for MRP Group 
395 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPR1 S_ALR_87008219 Assign Messages 
396 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPR3 S_ALR_87008217 Define Error Search 
397 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOPR4 S_ALR_87008136 Define User-Defined Message Types 
398 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOS32 S_ALR_87008215 Check Alternative Selection for Multiple BOM 
399 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOSM2 S_ALR_87008222 Check Attributes of Material Types 
400 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOSP3 S_ALR_87008241 Check Control Data for Repetitive Manufacturing Profiles 
401 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOSP5 S_ALR_87008243 Activate Generation of Cost Log in Repetitive Manufacturing 
402 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOVZ1 S_ALR_87007980 Check Control of Requirements Type Determination 
403 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOVZG S_ALR_87007982 Check Requirements Classes 
404 SIMG_CFMENUORKKOVZH S_ALR_87007981 Check Requirements Types 
405 SIMG_CFMENUORKKVOFA S_ALR_87007994 Check Document Types for Invoices 
406 SIMG_CFMENUORKKVOV4 S_ALR_87007984 Check Assignment of Item Categories 
407 SIMG_CFMENUORKKVOV7 S_ALR_87007986 Check Item Categories 
408 SIMG_CFMENUORKOMGEN S_P00_07000284 Generate Enterprise Organization from Profit Center Standard Hierarchy 
409 SIMG_CFMENUORKOMGENP S_P00_07000283 Generate Enterprise Organization from Profit Center Standard Hierarchy 
410 SIMG_CFMENUORKSACTDA S_AL0_96000819 BAdI: Implement Transfer of External CO Actual Data 
411 SIMG_CFMENUORKSAR13 S_ALR_87005876 Transfer Depreciation, Interest and Investments from FI-AA 
412 SIMG_CFMENUORKSCTU1 S_ALR_87005797 Define Environments and Function Trees 
413 SIMG_CFMENUORKSFGRP S_ALR_87005715 Create Reports 
414 SIMG_CFMENUORKSGCRS S_ALR_87005675 Specify Report Languages 
415 SIMG_CFMENUORKSGCRS2 S_ALR_87005681 Specify Report Languages 
416 SIMG_CFMENUORKSGR21 S_ALR_87005684 Define Libraries 
417 SIMG_CFMENUORKSGR5G S_ALR_87005716 Generate Reports 
418 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKA01 S_ALR_87005880 Create Accrual Cost Elements 
419 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKA011 S_ALR_87005898 Create Accrual Cost Elements 
420 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKA012 S_ALR_87005448 Create Accrual Cost Elements 
421 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKA013 S_ALR_87005458 Create Accrual Cost Elements 
422 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKA04 S_ALR_87005878 Define Cost Elements for Activity Allocation 
423 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKA05 S_ALR_87001032 Check Units of Measure in Cost Element Master Data 
424 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKAH1 S_ALR_87006940 Maintain Cost Element Groups 
425 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKAH2 S_ALR_87005838 Define Cost Element Groups 
426 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKAH21 S_ALR_87001035 Define Cost Element Groups 
427 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKAH22 S_ALR_87005690 Define Cost Element Groups 
428 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKBC1 S_ALR_87005552 Define Screen Variants for Reposting Costs 
429 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKBC2 S_ALR_87001029 Define Screen Variants for Internal Activity Allocation 
430 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKBC3 S_ALR_87001028 Define Screen Variants for Statistical Key Figures 
431 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKBC4 S_ALR_87005554 Define Screen Variants for Reposting Revenues 
432 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKBH2 S_ALR_87005798 Maintain Statistical Key Figure Groups 
433 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKBH21 S_ALR_87005836 Define Statistical Key Figure Groups 
434 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKBH22 S_ALR_87005697 Define Statistical Key Figure Groups 
435 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKCAL1 S_ALR_87005507 Determine Send/Recv Categories for Indirect Acty Allocation 
436 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKCAL2 S_ALR_87005745 Determine Send/Recv Categories for Indirect Acty Allocation 
437 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKCAP1 S_ALR_87005809 Determine Sender/Receiver Types for Periodic Reposting 
438 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKCAP2 S_ALR_87005409 Determine Sender/Receiver Types for Periodic Reposting 
439 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKCAU1 S_ALR_87005509 Specify Receiver Types for Assessment 
440 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKCAU2 S_ALR_87005748 Specify Receiver Types for Assessment 
441 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKCAV1 S_ALR_87005902 Specify Receiver Types for Distribution 
442 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKCAV2 S_ALR_87005755 Specify Receiver Types for Distribution 
443 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKK01 S_ALR_87005795 Maintain Statistical Key Figures 
444 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKK03 S_ALR_87005859 Define Link Between Statistical Key Figures and LIS 
445 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKK031 S_ALR_87005418 Define Link Between Statistical Key Figures and LIS 
446 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKL01 S_ALR_87005890 Create Activity Types 
447 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKL02 S_ALR_87005544 Maintain Activity Types for Direct Activity Allocation 
448 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKL03 S_ALR_87005743 Maintain Activity Types for Direct Activity Allocation 
449 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKLH2 S_ALR_87005806 Define Activity Type Groups 
450 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKLH21 S_ALR_87005842 Define Activity Type Groups 
451 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKLH22 S_ALR_87005695 Define Activity Type Groups 
452 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKO01 S_ALR_87005886 Create Accrual Orders 
453 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKO011 S_ALR_87005404 Create Accrual Orders 
454 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKOT2 S_ALR_87005805 Determine Order Types for Accrual Orders 
455 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKOT21 S_ALR_87005398 Determine Order Types for Accrual Orders 
456 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKP34 S_ALR_87005852 Define User-Defined Planner Profiles 
457 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKP65 S_ALR_87005833 Create Planning Layouts for Cost Element Planning 
458 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKP75 S_ALR_87005827 Create Planning Layouts for Activity Type Planning 
459 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKP81 S_ALR_87005851 Define User-Defined Distribution Keys 
460 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKP85 S_ALR_87005824 Create Planning Layouts for Statistical Key Figure Planning 
461 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKPHR S_ALR_87005854 Transfer Personnel Costs from HR (up to Release 4.5B) 
462 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKPR2 S_ALR_87005801 Define Resources 
463 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKPR6 S_ALR_87005799 Maintain Resource Prices 
464 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKPRI S_ALR_87005847 Define Price Tables 
465 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKPRK S_ALR_87005846 Define Access Sequences 
466 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKPT1 S_ALR_87005796 Define Templates 
467 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKPU1 S_ALR_87005815 Define Revaluation 
468 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKR01 S_ALR_87001033 Maintain Summarization 
469 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKS02 S_ALR_87005871 Create Cost Centers 
470 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKS03 S_ALR_87005884 Create Accrual Cost Centers 
471 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKS031 S_ALR_87005406 Create Accrual Cost Centers 
472 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSAJ S_ALR_87005455 Maintain Target=Actual Credit 
473 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSAZ S_ALR_87005863 Maintain Overhead Structure 
474 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSAZI S_ALR_87005460 Maintain Overhead Structure 
475 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSC1 S_ALR_87005792 Define Indirect Activity Allocation 
476 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSC7 S_ALR_87005471 Define Indirect Activity Allocation 
477 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSH2 S_ALR_87005840 Define Cost Center Groups 
478 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSH21 S_ALR_87005693 Define Cost Center Groups 
479 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSH3 S_ALR_87005853 Define Cost Center Groups 
480 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSU1 S_ALR_87005742 Maintain Assessment 
481 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSU7 S_ALR_87005540 Define Assessment 
482 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSV1 S_ALR_87005757 Define Distribution 
483 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSV7 S_ALR_87005903 Define Distribution 
484 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSW1 S_ALR_87005395 Define Periodic Repostings 
485 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKSW7 S_ALR_87005808 Define Periodic Repostings 
486 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKVA0 S_ALR_87005892 Define Assignment of Cost Centers to Key Figures 
487 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKVA2 S_ALR_87005421 Define Assignment of Cost Centers to Key Figures 
488 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKVD0 S_ALR_87005888 Define Assignment of Cost Centers/Activity Types to Key Figures 
489 SIMG_CFMENUORKSKVD2 S_ALR_87005424 Define Assignment of Cost Centers/Activity Types to Key Figures 
490 SIMG_CFMENUORKSOB07 S_ALR_87005849 Define Exchange Rate Types 
491 SIMG_CFMENUORKSOB08 S_ALR_87005820 Define Exchange Rates 
492 SIMG_CFMENUORKSOK60 S_ALR_87005612 Define Number Ranges for Funds Commitment 
493 SIMG_CFMENUORKSOKA2 S_ALR_87005896 Define Cost Center Categories 
494 SIMG_CFMENUORKSOKA8 S_ALR_87005770 Determine Primary Data Input Price Variances 
495 SIMG_CFMENUORKSOKB6 S_ALR_87005677 Generate Standard Reports 
496 SIMG_CFMENUORKSOKB9 S_ALR_87005548 Edit Automatic Account Assignment 
497 SIMG_CFMENUORKSOKD3 S_ALR_87005687 Import Standard Reports 
498 SIMG_CFMENUORKSOKEA S_ALR_87005855 Define Search Helps for Cost Centers 
499 SIMG_CFMENUORKSOKEE S_ALR_87005807 Define Search Helps for Activity Types 
500 SIMG_CFMENUORKSOKEG S_ALR_87005857 Define Time-Based Fields for Cost Centers