SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 19
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_ISHCH_HONARTEN S_KK4_74000055 CH, AT: Fee Types with Fee Subgroups 
2 SIMG_ISHCH_HONBER S_KK4_74000054 CH, AT: Fee Authorization 
3 SIMG_ISHCH_HONERM S_KK4_74000036 CH, AT: Determination of Fee Breakdown Codes 
4 SIMG_ISHCH_HONREL S_KK4_74000056 CH, AT: Fee Relevancy 
5 SIMG_ISHCH_KONTENF S_KK4_74000033 CH, AT: Account Determination 
6 SIMG_ISHCH_LIMIT S_KK4_96000589 CH, AT: Limit Value 
7 SIMG_ISHCH_POOLS S_KK4_74000051 CH, AT: Pools 
8 SIMG_ISHCH_SYSTPAR S_KK4_74000057 CH, AT: Maintain System Parameters for Fee-Based Billing 
9 SIMG_ISHCH_VERRKTO S_KK4_74000035 AT: Billing Account 
10 SIMG_ISHCM_BAPIS S_KK4_96000303 IS-H BAPIs: Overview, Information 
11 SIMG_ISHCM_EXTPROG S_KK4_74000452 Explain Programming of Partner Programs 
12 SIMG_ISHCM_FCTDOC S_KK4_74000433 IS-HCM Function Description 
13 SIMG_ISHCM_GD_CRIT S_KK4_74000449 Explain Procedure in Critical Situations 
14 SIMG_ISHCM_GD_CUFO S_KK4_74000161 Create Customer Message Formats 
15 SIMG_ISHCM_GD_ERRS S_KK4_74000160 Troubleshooting 
16 SIMG_ISHCM_GD_INST S_KK4_74000434 Instructions for Installing HCM Transceiver 
17 SIMG_ISHCM_GD_RECV S_KK4_74000162 Explain Message Receipt Customizing 
18 SIMG_ISHCM_GD_SEND S_KK4_74000163 Explain Message Dispatch Customizing 
19 SIMG_ISHCM_REPORTS S_KK4_74000159 Overview of Auxiliary Programs and Other Utilities 
20 SIMG_ISHCM_TRANSPORT S_KK4_74000448 Transport of Table Entries 
21 SIMG_ISHCM_TYPSPEC S_KK4_74000441 Describe Special Features of Message Formats 
22 SIMG_ISHMED_AMBBG_01 S_KK4_96000692 WCA Forms: Maintain Number Range Object 
23 SIMG_ISHMED_AMBBG_02 S_KK4_96000693 Set Up Document Viewer 
24 SIMG_ISHMED_AMBBG_04 S_KK4_96000695 Configure Stamps 
25 SIMG_ISHMED_AMBBG_05 S_ANI_98000271 Configure Annual Evaluations 
26 SIMG_ISHMED_AMBGF_0 S_KK4_96000694 Set Up Print Output 
27 SIMG_ISHMED_AMBU S_KK4_96000625 Additional Component Requires Further License 
28 SIMG_ISHMED_ANFTYP S_KK4_96000546 Request Type Definition 
29 SIMG_ISHMED_ANNR S_KK4_74000615 Define number ranges for anesthesia 
30 SIMG_ISHMED_ASPEKTE S_KK4_96000623 Set Up New Aspects in Patient Organizer/Patient Viewer 
31 SIMG_ISHMED_AT_LD_SU S_PNI_98000306 BAdI: AT Additional Fields Presetting 
32 SIMG_ISHMED_BADI S_KK4_98000075 BADI Implementation for Surgery View Type 
33 SIMG_ISHMED_BADI_BEW S_KK4_96000416 BADI: Presetting of Movements 
34 SIMG_ISHMED_BADI_CAN S_KK4_98000065 BAdI: Cancel Function 
35 SIMG_ISHMED_BADI_OP1 S_KK4_98000076 BAdI Implementation Surgery View Type 
36 SIMG_ISHMED_BADI_OP2 S_KK4_98000078 BAdI Implementation OR Schedule Update 
37 SIMG_ISHMED_BADI_TP1 S_KK4_98000085 BAdI Implementation - Transport Orders View Type 
38 SIMG_ISHMED_BADI_TP2 S_KK4_98000086 User Exits Patient Transport Service 
39 SIMG_ISHMED_BADI_TP3 S_KK4_98000087 BAdI Implementation - Dispatcher Work Station 
40 SIMG_ISHMED_BADI_TP4 S_KK4_98000103 BAdI for Checking Planning Authorities and Time Slot Comments 
41 SIMG_ISHMED_BADI_TP5 S_KK4_98000155 BAdI Implementation - Transport Order Evaluation: Calculate Duration 
42 SIMG_ISHMED_BAPIS S_KK4_96000606 IS-H*MED BAPIs: Overview, Information 
43 SIMG_ISHMED_BESUSTAT S_KK4_74000602 Define Visit Statuses (Outpatient) 
44 SIMG_ISHMED_BILDMOD S_KK4_74000641 Maintain image modifications in the document management 
45 SIMG_ISHMED_CABC S_PRI_97000053 Import Document Category Definitions with BC Sets 
46 SIMG_ISHMED_CACORDCB S_PRI_97000064 BC Set with Settings for Cardiological CORD Components 
47 SIMG_ISHMED_CACORDCD S_PRI_97000063 Description of Cardiological CORD Components 
48 SIMG_ISHMED_CACORDCI S_PRI_97000065 Document Fields with Prefindings for CORD 
49 SIMG_ISHMED_CACORDCN S_PRI_97000066 Maintenance of Proposal Values for Text Fields 
50 SIMG_ISHMED_CACORDTY S_PRI_97000067 Set Up Order Types for Clinical Order 
51 SIMG_ISHMED_CADEVACT S_PRI_97000074 Interface - Document Assignment dep. on OK Code 
52 SIMG_ISHMED_CADEVCUS S_PRI_97000075 Maintain Field Mapping for Each Document Category 
53 SIMG_ISHMED_CADEVDOC S_PRI_97000068 Description of File Interface 
54 SIMG_ISHMED_CADEVDOT S_PRI_97000069 Description for Maintenance of Technical Settings 
55 SIMG_ISHMED_CADEVFTP S_PRI_97000072 Settings for SAPFTP 
56 SIMG_ISHMED_CADEVICE S_PRI_97000073 Interface Information/Formats 
57 SIMG_ISHMED_CADOCEXE S_PRI_97000061 Settings for Jump to File Viewer 
58 SIMG_ISHMED_CAGDTCUS S_PRI_97000062 Settings for Software Calls on Work Station via GDT 
59 SIMG_ISHMED_CAGENDIA S_PRI_97000059 Maintain Diagnosis Proposal with Field Reference 
60 SIMG_ISHMED_CAHCMADJ S_PRI_97000071 Maintenance of Technical Settings 
61 SIMG_ISHMED_CAHKNR S_PRI_97000060 Maintain Number Range for Cardiac Catheter Number 
62 SIMG_ISHMED_CAIBADI S_PRI_97000076 BadI: File Formatting File Interface Device Data 
63 SIMG_ISHMED_CAINTRO S_PRI_97000051 General Introduction to Cardiology Departmental Solution 
64 SIMG_ISHMED_CALLOF S_P7C_98000381 BAdI: Checks for Preventing Calls 
65 SIMG_ISHMED_CALSYSHC S_PRI_97000070 Create a Logical System for HCM (with Presetting) 
66 SIMG_ISHMED_CAN2KA S_PRI_97000057 Maintenance of Combo Box Values for PMD Fields 
67 SIMG_ISHMED_CANT32 S_PRI_97000058 Maintain Procedure Proposals for Services 
68 SIMG_ISHMED_CAN_MEEV S_PNI_98000305 Maintain Cancellation Reasons 
69 SIMG_ISHMED_CAN_MEOR S_PNI_98000304 Maintain Cancellation Reasons 
70 SIMG_ISHMED_CAPDOCNE S_PRI_97000056 Copy a Cardiological Sample Document 
71 SIMG_ISHMED_CAPDOCU S_PRI_97000054 General Information on Functionality 
72 SIMG_ISHMED_CAPDOCUH S_PRI_97000055 Notes on Cardiac Catheter Documentation 
73 SIMG_ISHMED_CAPMD S_PRI_97000052 Supplied Cardiological Sample Documents 
74 SIMG_ISHMED_CLINWPUX S_KK4_96000373 BAdI: Enhancements in Clinical Order View Type 
75 SIMG_ISHMED_COMPCON S_PNI_98000309 Maintain Settings for Medical Service Entry 
76 SIMG_ISHMED_CYCLE S_KK4_98000029 Set Up Cycles 
77 SIMG_ISHMED_DGAIEIN S_KK4_96000614 Qualitätssicherung Anästhesie (DGAI) einrichten - Aktivitäten 
78 SIMG_ISHMED_DI01 S_P7C_98000343 BAdI: Initialize Dictation and Speech Recognition System 
79 SIMG_ISHMED_DI02 S_P7C_98000344 BAdI: Implement Speech Recording Functions 
80 SIMG_ISHMED_DI03 S_P7C_98000345 BAdI: Implement Speech Recognition Functions 
81 SIMG_ISHMED_DI04 S_P7C_98000341 Maintain Dictation System 
82 SIMG_ISHMED_DI05 S_P7C_98000342 Assign Dictation System to a Terminal 
83 SIMG_ISHMED_DI06 S_P7C_98000377 BAdI: Adapt Application Toolbar 
84 SIMG_ISHMED_DI07 S_P7C_98000375 Assign Dictation Function to a WordContainer Document Category 
85 SIMG_ISHMED_DI08 S_P7C_98000376 Assign Keywords to Text Fields 
86 SIMG_ISHMED_DOC_PR10 S_ANI_98000279 BAdI: Create Document 
87 SIMG_ISHMED_DOC_PR20 S_ANI_98000280 BAdI: Edit Document 
88 SIMG_ISHMED_DOC_PR30 S_PNI_98000307 BAdI: Authorization Check in Document Processing 
89 SIMG_ISHMED_DVS10 S_KK4_74000642 Define document types 
90 SIMG_ISHMED_DWSCTX01 S_ANI_98000268 BAdI: Context Viewer 
91 SIMG_ISHMED_DWSFCT01 S_ANI_98000270 BAdI: Implement Global Functions 
92 SIMG_ISHMED_DWSPATOV S_PNI_98000313 BAdI: Patient Overview 
93 SIMG_ISHMED_DWSPV01 S_ANI_98000269 Configure Patient Viewer 
94 SIMG_ISHMED_DWSSIT01 S_ANI_98000266 Maintain Life Cycle of Situations 
95 SIMG_ISHMED_DWSSIT02 S_ANI_98000267 Schedule Deletion Report for Situations 
96 SIMG_ISHMED_DWSWL01 S_ANI_98000265 Assign Occupational Groups 
97 SIMG_ISHMED_DWSWPHD S_PNI_98000312 BAdI: Work Station Header 
98 SIMG_ISHMED_EINZEITA S_KK4_74000607 Define Institution as Time-Dependent 
99 SIMG_ISHMED_EINZEITU S_KK4_74000606 Define Institution as Time-Independent 
100 SIMG_ISHMED_EXTN1LTE S_P7C_98000379 Activate Long Text Editor N1LTE for Clinical Order 
101 SIMG_ISHMED_E_ADMDIA S_ANI_98000259 BAdI - Control 'Administer Drug' Function 
102 SIMG_ISHMED_E_ADMSCR S_ANI_98000258 BAdI - Customer-Specific "Administer Drug" Screen Control 
103 SIMG_ISHMED_E_ADMSIM S_ANI_98000264 BAdI - Control 'Quick Administration Drug' 
104 SIMG_ISHMED_E_CHEVST S_ANI_98000236 BAdI - 'Change Event Status' Control Function 
105 SIMG_ISHMED_E_DRUGSC S_ANI_98000261 BAdI - Customer-Specific Screens for 'Administer Drug' Function 
106 SIMG_ISHMED_E_ENDEVT S_ANI_98000235 BAdI - 'Exit Event' Control Function 
107 SIMG_ISHMED_E_EVSIMP S_ANI_98000234 BAdI - Control of Quick Administration Drug 
108 SIMG_ISHMED_E_EVTGEN S_ANI_98000237 BAdI - Control Before Standard Event Generation 
109 SIMG_ISHMED_E_EXPRNR S_ANI_98000263 BAdI - Fill Order Profile Number 
110 SIMG_ISHMED_E_ME_EVT S_ANI_98000240 BAdI - Control After Standard Event Generation 
111 SIMG_ISHMED_E_PREVEN S_ANI_98000238 BAdI - Change Event Generation Horizon 
112 SIMG_ISHMED_E_PRPRI S_ANI_98000256 BAdI - Control Call of Prescription Print 
113 SIMG_ISHMED_E_WP_013 S_ANI_98000239 BAdI - Drug Events/Inpatient Nursing Service View Type 
114 SIMG_ISHMED_FD S_KK4_74000639 Create External Data Module 
115 SIMG_ISHMED_FDBS S_KK4_74000638 Available External Data Modules 
116 SIMG_ISHMED_FDBSNUM S_KK4_74000640 Set Up Number Ranges for External Data and Link References 
117 SIMG_ISHMED_GUISTAT S_KK4_96000335 Specify User-/User Group-Specific GUI Status 
118 SIMG_ISHMED_IM_BEFFS S_ANI_98000257 BAdI - Control Before Determination of Fill Source 
119 SIMG_ISHMED_IM_CHSTA S_ANI_98000260 BAdI - Set Event Status for IM 
120 SIMG_ISHMED_IM_POSTC S_ANI_98000262 BAdI - Control Connection to MM 
121 SIMG_ISHMED_INTV_ZUO S_KK4_74000598 Assign Interval to Number Range Object 
122 SIMG_ISHMED_KENNZEI S_KK4_74000605 IS-H*MED: Maintain Indicators 
123 SIMG_ISHMED_LABSLIST S_KK4_74000636 Available link modules 
124 SIMG_ISHMED_LSTGRTYP S_KK4_74000612 Maintain Service Grouping Types 
125 SIMG_ISHMED_LTE_BADI S_KK4_96000429 BAdI for Automatic Setting of the Branch Mark in the Long Text Field 
126 SIMG_ISHMED_MDV_01 S_KK4_74000627 Define special indicators 
127 SIMG_ISHMED_N1APRI S_KK4_74000600 Maintain Priorities 
128 SIMG_ISHMED_N1STPL S_KK4_74000559 Maintain key for nursing plan profile 
129 SIMG_ISHMED_N1STZYOE S_KK4_98000030 Prioritize Cycles Depending on OU 
130 SIMG_ISHMED_N2ANART S_KK4_74000616 Define anesthesia types 
131 SIMG_ISHMED_N2BK S_KK4_74000575 Maintain keys for basic nursing catalog 
132 SIMG_ISHMED_N2DGAIST S_KK4_96000604 Kerndatensatz Anästhesie - Datenversorgung pflegen 
133 SIMG_ISHMED_N2DGAIUM S_KK4_96000605 Kerndatensatz Anästhesie - Mapping pflegen 
134 SIMG_ISHMED_N2DZ S_KK4_74000401 Maintain Hierarchic Catalog 
135 SIMG_ISHMED_N2GT S_KK4_74000561 Maintain keys for classification areas 
136 SIMG_ISHMED_N2HL S_KK4_74000400 Maintain Diagnosis Hit List for OU 
137 SIMG_ISHMED_N2LABS S_KK4_74000637 Create link modules 
138 SIMG_ISHMED_N2PS S_KK4_74000567 Maintain keys for standardized nursing plan 
139 SIMG_ISHMED_NCXTY S_KK4_96000567 Set Up Tab Pages for Request Hit List 
140 SIMG_ISHMED_NCXTY_PR S_KK4_96000574 Order Type Selection List: Set Up Tab Pages 
141 SIMG_ISHMED_NOCTY S_KK4_96000568 Assign Tab Page to Requesting Organizational Unit 
142 SIMG_ISHMED_NOCTY_PR S_KK4_96000575 Order Type Selection List: Assign Tab Pages to Initiating OUs 
143 SIMG_ISHMED_NRKR_ANF S_KK4_74000604 Define Number Ranges for Requests 
144 SIMG_ISHMED_NRKR_ATP S_KK4_74000597 Define Number Ranges by Request Type 
145 SIMG_ISHMED_NRKR_FID S_KK4_96000289 Define Number Range for Transport Orders 
146 SIMG_ISHMED_NRKR_UNF S_KK4_74000603 Define Number Ranges for Accident Numbers 
147 SIMG_ISHMED_NRKR_VKG S_KK4_74000617 Define Item ID 
148 SIMG_ISHMED_NRKR_VP S_KK4_96000602 Define Number Range for Vital Signs 
149 SIMG_ISHMED_OD00 S_KK4_74000644 Set up number ranges for document numbers 
150 SIMG_ISHMED_OD02 S_KK4_74000635 Maintain authorization 
151 SIMG_ISHMED_OD03 S_KK4_74000628 Maintain authorization profiles 
152 SIMG_ISHMED_OD11 S_KK4_74000643 Maintain object 
153 SIMG_ISHMED_OPANFZPI S_KK4_96000426 Define Time Interpretations for the Surgery Request 
154 SIMG_ISHMED_OPDOKEIN S_KK4_74000572 Define OR documentation 
155 SIMG_ISHMED_OPD_01 S_KK4_96000687 BAdI: Define Entry Dialog for Outpatient Clinic Folder Entries 
156 SIMG_ISHMED_OPD_02 S_KK4_96000688 BAdI: Define View for Outpatient Clinic Folder Entries 
157 SIMG_ISHMED_OPD_03 S_KK4_96000690 Preset Outpatient Clinic Folder Entry 
158 SIMG_ISHMED_OPD_04 S_KK4_96000704 BAdI: Define Print Output for Selected Outpatient Clinic Folder Entries 
159 SIMG_ISHMED_OPNKRS S_KK4_74000614 Define number ranges for OR system 
160 SIMG_ISHMED_OPZEITEN S_KK4_74000573 Define OR times 
161 SIMG_ISHMED_O_CALC S_ANI_98000219 BAdI - Calculations 
162 SIMG_ISHMED_O_CHMOST S_ANI_98000222 BAdI - Control 'Change Order Status' Function 
163 SIMG_ISHMED_O_COPY S_ANI_98000225 BAdI - Control 'Copy Order' Function 
164 SIMG_ISHMED_O_DESCR S_ANI_98000233 BAdI - Control Description of Order 
165 SIMG_ISHMED_O_DETERM S_ANI_98000224 BAdI - Fill Change Attribute for Order 
166 SIMG_ISHMED_O_DIALOG S_ANI_98000229 BAdI - Process Control of Medication Order 
167 SIMG_ISHMED_O_DRUGSE S_ANI_98000226 BAdI - Call Checks During Drug Selection 
168 SIMG_ISHMED_O_DRUGSU S_ANI_98000254 BAdI - Control Drug Substitution 
169 SIMG_ISHMED_O_DYNAM S_ANI_98000227 BAdI - Cust.-Spec. Control Screen for Order Dialog 
170 SIMG_ISHMED_O_ENDORD S_ANI_98000220 BAdI - Control 'End Order' Function 
171 SIMG_ISHMED_O_ENTRY S_ANI_98000230 BAdI - Entry to Order Dialog 
172 SIMG_ISHMED_O_EXTORD S_ANI_98000221 BAdI - Control 'Extend Order' 
173 SIMG_ISHMED_O_HARDST S_ANI_98000231 BAdI - Calculate Max. Duration of Medication Order 
174 SIMG_ISHMED_O_NEWRVE S_ANI_98000228 BAdI - Fill Change Attribute of Flow Rate Changes 
175 SIMG_ISHMED_O_PURPOS S_ANI_98000255 BAdI - Preset Purpose 
176 SIMG_ISHMED_O_SUSPOR S_ANI_98000223 BAdI - Control 'Suspend Order' Function 
177 SIMG_ISHMED_O_WP_12 S_ANI_98000232 BAdI - Clinical Work Station, Drug Orders View Type 
178 SIMG_ISHMED_PACSERE S_KK4_96000341 Configure Resources, Related Events and Filters 
179 SIMG_ISHMED_PACSGER S_KK4_96000340 Define Resources (AE Titles) 
180 SIMG_ISHMED_PACSGER1 S_ANI_98000297 Define Resources (AE Titles) 
181 SIMG_ISHMED_PACSGER2 S_ANI_98000298 Define Modality-OU Assignment 
182 SIMG_ISHMED_PACSZUO S_KK4_96000339 Maintain PACS Assignments 
183 SIMG_ISHMED_PARPFLEG S_KK4_74000608 Overall Parameter Maintenance 
184 SIMG_ISHMED_PERI001 S_KK4_74000619 Component Requiring License 
185 SIMG_ISHMED_PERI002 S_KK4_74000563 Define number range for births 
186 SIMG_ISHMED_PERI003 S_KK4_74000564 Define documents 
187 SIMG_ISHMED_PERI004 S_KK4_96000636 Assign Documents in Monitor 
188 SIMG_ISHMED_PERI005 S_KK4_96000638 Transport Delimitation Table 
189 SIMG_ISHMED_PERI006 S_KK4_96000639 Delimitations for Delivery Room Statistics 
190 SIMG_ISHMED_PERI007 S_KK4_96000709 Define Number Range For QA Transactions 
191 SIMG_ISHMED_PERI008 S_AIR_98000315 Maintain Settings for Data Export and Coding 
192 SIMG_ISHMED_PRESC S_P7C_98000318 Document Category Assignment for Print Prescription 
193 SIMG_ISHMED_PRG_PLN S_KK4_96000679 Determine Planning View for Surgery Appointments 
194 SIMG_ISHMED_PTINP S_KK4_96000421 Set Up Inpatient Scheduling Types 
195 SIMG_ISHMED_PTS_FST S_KK4_96000350 Specify transport order status 
196 SIMG_ISHMED_PTS_STGR S_KK4_96000351 Define Cancellation Reasons 
197 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD001 S_KK4_74000618 IS-H*MED: Radiology 
198 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD002 S_KK4_74000586 Radiology Documentation 
199 SIMG_ISHMED_RADSTUDY S_KK4_96000385 Define RIS Study 
200 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_ADT0 S_KK4_96000401 Patient Management with MITRA PACS Broker 
201 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_AN S_KK4_96000320 Angiography (vessel display) 
202 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_ANF S_KK4_96000391 Define Radiological Request 
203 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BA01 S_KK4_96000394 BAdI: Creating a DICOM Object Code (Globally Unique Identifier) 
204 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BA02 S_KK4_96000395 BAdI: Processing after Setting the Examination Status 
205 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BA03 S_KK4_96000396 BAdI: Selectively Send Worklist Entries 
206 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BA04 S_KK4_96000397 BAdI: Study - Read Status-Dependent Data 
207 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BA05 S_KK4_96000398 BAdI: Create RIS Study Key 
208 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BA06 S_KK4_96000399 BAdI: Connect to External Image-Viewer 
209 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BA07 S_KK4_96000549 BAdI: Connect to Web Image Viewer 
210 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BA08 S_KK4_96000550 BAdI: Connect Image Viewer as Program Call 
211 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BA09 S_KK4_96000551 BAdI: Define Worklists 
212 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BA10 S_KK4_96000616 BAdI: Prefetching 
213 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BA11 S_KK4_96000618 BAdI: Worklist - Customer-Specific Service Selection 
214 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BEF S_KK4_96000387 Define Findings Document 
215 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_BFAP S_KK4_96000388 Layout Findings Work Station 
216 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_CT S_KK4_96000321 Computer tomography 
217 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_EXAM S_KK4_96000392 Define Radiological Examination 
218 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_KR S_KK4_96000322 Conventional X-Ray 
219 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_LEI S_KK4_96000383 Maintain Radiology-Related Service Master Data 
220 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_MAP0 S_KK4_96000406 Assign RIS Attributes to Attributes in PACS (Map Rules) 
221 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_MAP1 S_KK4_96000411 BAdI: Conversion, Formatting of Attribute Values 
222 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_MRT S_KK4_96000323 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tomography MRT 
223 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_MSI0 S_KK4_96000400 MITRA Simple Interface (MSI) 
224 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_NU S_KK4_96000324 Nuclear medic. 
225 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_ORG S_KK4_96000346 Maintain Organ Data 
226 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_ORG0 S_KK4_96000405 Work Organizers 
227 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_PARA S_KK4_96000328 Maintain Parameters 
228 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_RNR S_KK4_96000345 Number range for routing tasks 
229 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_ROU S_KK4_96000380 Set up autorouting 
230 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_RPT0 S_KK4_96000402 Results Management with MITRA PACS Broker 
231 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_RSKO S_KK4_96000344 Define Risk Ractors 
232 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_SO S_KK4_96000325 Sonography 
233 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_STDY S_KK4_96000327 Load study parameter(s) 
234 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_TD S_KK4_96000386 Define Examination Documents 
235 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_USER S_KK4_96000326 Assignment of SAP-UserID to employee 
236 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_VIEW S_KK4_96000393 Define Image Viewer 
237 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_VIS S_KK4_96000389 X-Ray Rounds 
238 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_WL S_KK4_96000390 Configure Worklist Management 
239 SIMG_ISHMED_RAD_WL0 S_KK4_96000404 Worklist Management with MITRA PACS Broker 
240 SIMG_ISHMED_RN2DGAIS S_KK4_96000612 Kerndatensatz Anästhesie - Einrichtung kopieren 
241 SIMG_ISHMED_SET_GET S_KK4_74000622 Display Available User Parameters in IS-H*MED 
242 SIMG_ISHMED_SORT S_KK4_96000624 BAdI: Sorting Order in Patient Organizer 
243 SIMG_ISHMED_STATUS S_KK4_98000016 BAdI: Individually Set Window Header 
244 SIMG_ISHMED_SWORT S_KK4_74000399 Set Up Catalog for Keyword Search 
245 SIMG_ISHMED_S_COMMIT S_ANI_98000241 BAdI - Control Actions at COMMIT 
246 SIMG_ISHMED_S_HEIGHT S_ANI_98000242 BAdI - Change Height of Patient 
247 SIMG_ISHMED_S_OBJ S_ANI_98000243 BAdI - Retrieve Object for Other Object 
248 SIMG_ISHMED_S_PARAM S_ANI_98000246 BAdI - Read Customer-Specific Parameters 
249 SIMG_ISHMED_S_VMA S_ANI_98000244 BAdI - Determine Employee Responsible 
250 SIMG_ISHMED_S_WEIGHT S_ANI_98000245 BAdI - Change Weight of Patient 
251 SIMG_ISHMED_TN26A S_KK4_74000264 Define Diagnosis Assignment Types for Hierarchy Creation 
252 SIMG_ISHMED_TN26C S_KK4_74000630 Maintain diagnostic certainty 
253 SIMG_ISHMED_TN26D S_KK4_74000631 Maintain Diagnosis Supplement 
254 SIMG_ISHMED_TN26E S_KK4_74000629 Maintain localization 
255 SIMG_ISHMED_TN26F S_KK4_74000266 Define Input Help for Coding Diagnoses 
256 SIMG_ISHMED_TN26G S_KK4_74000265 Define Keyword Catalog for OU-Specific Keyword Search 
257 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2DOCAR S_KK4_96000304 Specify system settings for archiving applications 
258 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2K0 S_KK4_74000574 Define catalog categories for basic nursing catalog 
259 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2K1 S_KK4_74000576 Define catalog categories for standardized nursing plan 
260 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2K2 S_KK4_74000560 Define catalog categories for classification areas 
261 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2K3 S_KK4_74000562 Specify assignment of service catalog to classificat. areas 
262 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2K4 S_KK4_74000558 Define catalog categories for nursing plan profiles 
263 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2KUM01 S_KK4_74000623 Specify service groups for cumulative findings 
264 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2KUM02 S_KK4_74000634 Assign services to service groups for cumulative findings 
265 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2KUM03 S_KK4_74000625 Control cumulative findings output 
266 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2KUM04 S_KK4_74000632 Control lab data transfer 
267 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2KUM05 S_KK4_74000626 Define cumulative findings 
268 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2KUM06 S_KK4_74000624 Assign document categories to cumulative findings 
269 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2KUM07 S_KK4_74000633 Assign service groups to cumulative findings 
270 SIMG_ISHMED_TN2PCDES S_KK4_74000610 Installation of Desktop Components for This Client 
271 SIMG_ISHMED_TR_SUPP S_KK4_96000545 Transport Support for Master Data and Customizing 
272 SIMG_ISHMED_TT S_KK4_98000023 Treatment Contract 
273 SIMG_ISHMED_TTAUTCAT S_KK4_98000024 Maintain Authorization Category 
274 SIMG_ISHMED_TTREASON S_KK4_98000026 Define Reason Category 
275 SIMG_ISHMED_UEX_OP S_KK4_98000077 Available User Exits Surgery Module 
276 SIMG_ISHMED_USEREXIT S_KK4_74000621 Display Available User Exits and BAdIs 
277 SIMG_ISHMED_USRMA S_KK4_74000609 Assign User ID to Employees 
278 SIMG_ISHMED_VD_00 S_KK4_96000581 Define Number Range for Progress Entries 
279 SIMG_ISHMED_VD_01 S_KK4_96000532 BAdI: Define Entry for Progress Entries 
280 SIMG_ISHMED_VD_02 S_KK4_96000666 BAdI: Define View for Progress Entries 
281 SIMG_ISHMED_VD_03 S_KK4_96000667 Adapt Standard View 
282 SIMG_ISHMED_VKGPTSRC S_KK4_96000439 BAdI to Control Patient Index Search 
283 SIMG_ISHMED_VKGSTOID S_KK4_96000617 Set Up Cancellation Reasons 
284 SIMG_ISHMED_VKGTYP S_KK4_96000420 Set Up Preregistration Types -> Remove When Doc. Added to CORD 
285 SIMG_ISHMED_VKGZPI S_KK4_96000425 Set Up Time Interpretations 
286 SIMG_ISHMED_VS_STGR S_KK4_96000603 Define Cancellation Reasons 
287 SIMG_ISHMED_V_N1ABSG S_KK4_96000314 Maintain reasons for termination in the nursing plan 
288 SIMG_ISHMED_V_N1AST S_KK4_74000599 Maintain Request Status 
289 SIMG_ISHMED_V_N1LSTA S_KK4_74000611 Maintain Service Status 
290 SIMG_ISHMED_V_N1PFAB S_KK4_96000342 Specify termination reasons 
291 SIMG_ISHMED_V_N1SR S_KK4_74000568 Set Up Time Interpretations 
292 SIMG_ISHMED_V_N1STGR S_KK4_74000613 Maintain Cancellation Reasons 
293 SIMG_ISHMED_V_N1SU S_KK4_74000569 Maintain Degrees of Infection 
294 SIMG_ISHMED_V_N1TA S_KK4_74000601 Maintain Transport Types 
295 SIMG_ISHMED_WLPRI S_KK4_96000434 Set Up Priority for Preregistration 
296 SIMG_ISHMED_WORD01 S_KK4_96000542 Pushbuttons for the WordContainer 
297 SIMG_ISHMED_WORD02 S_KK4_96000543 Filter for Pushbuttons in the WordContainer 
298 SIMG_ISHMED_WORD03 S_KK4_98000161 Save WordContainer Document 
299 SIMG_ISHMED_WORD3 S_ANI_98000202 Execute Macro When Changing Document 
300 SIMG_ISHMED_WORD_BEG S_KK4_96000668 PC Documents Before Processing 
301 SIMG_ISHMED_WORD_END S_KK4_96000669 PC Documents After Processing 
302 SIMG_ISHMED_WPTITLE S_KK4_96000632 BAdI: Change View Title in Clinical Work Station 
303 SIMG_ISHMED_WP_013 S_ANI_98000216 BAdI Implementation - Drug Events/Inpatient Nursing Service View Type 
304 SIMG_ISHMED_WP_DOC S_ANI_98000249 BAdI: Enhancements in Documents View Type 
305 SIMG_ISHMED_ZYKLUS S_KK4_98000022 Define Cycles 
306 SIMG_ISHM_OPD_03 S_KK4_96000691 Maintain Case List Parameter 
307 SIMG_ISHPAYCL S_KK4_74000086 SG, CA: Define Patient Class 
308 SIMG_ISH_BADI_DCOD S_KK4_96000365 BAdI: User Exit for Coding Diagnoses 
309 SIMG_ISH_CH_LEISCHN S_KK4_98000021 IS-H CH: Interface for Services 
310 SIMG_ISH_CH_XML_ROLE S_ANI_90000010 CH: ALIS Service Interface - XML Function Assignment 
311 SIMG_ISH_NRKR_VKG S_KK4_96000424 Define Number Range for Pregistration ID 
312 SIMG_ISH_PRGNR S_KK4_96000582 Set Up Preregistration Numbers 
313 SIMG_ISPSCA_FKKORDNR S_KK4_82000939 Define Number Ranges 
314 SIMG_ISPSCA_FQORD1 S_KK4_82000941 Define Specifications for Document Creation 
315 SIMG_ISPSDEOFRA S_KI4_55000055 Create/Change Report Selection 
316 SIMG_ISPSDE_BUDHORIZ S_KI4_38000136 Define Planning Horizon 
317 SIMG_ISPSDE_F823   Assign Revenue Type to Object Class 
318 SIMG_ISPSDE_F8O0   Delete Bank Details for Revenue Types and/or Objects 
319 SIMG_ISPSDE_OFY5 S_KI4_38000164 Only Transfer Approved Residual Budgets at Fiscal Year Change 
320 SIMG_ISPSDE_V_FIPVV S_KI4_38000151 Change Layout for Official Record of Change 
321 SIMG_ISPSFM_DERRULES   Specify Account Assignment Derivation Rules 
322 SIMG_ISPSFM_F8P4   Delete Help Data for Execution 
323 SIMG_ISPSFM_F8P5 S_KI4_38000350 Delete "Preprocess. Proc. Subldgr Acct to SAP Subldgr Account" Assignment 
324 SIMG_ISPSFM_F8P6 S_KI4_38000319 Assign Preprocessing Procedure Subledger Account to a SAP Subledger Account 
325 SIMG_ISPSFM_FMNSD S_PLN_16000285 Rebuild FM Open Item Data for SD Orders 
326 SIMG_ISPSFM_FMNSD1 S_PLN_16000306 Reconstruct FM Open Items for SD Orders 
327 SIMG_ISPSFM_FMPDCUST S_KI4_38000331 Define Settings for Payment Distribution 
328 SIMG_ISPSFM_GGB0 S_KI4_38000169 Define Funds Management Validation 
329 SIMG_ISPSFM_MRP_PR S_PLN_06000032 Reconstruct FI Documents for Purchase Requisitions in Requirement Planning 
330 SIMG_ISPSFM_MRP_PRS S_PLN_06000033 Reconstruct FI Docs for Purchase Reqs for Material Requirement Planning 
331 SIMG_ISPSFM_OBPE S_KI4_38000144 Define Account for Penalty Interests 
332 SIMG_ISPSFM_OFAK   Activate/Deactivate Prompt Payment Act 
333 SIMG_ISPSFM_OFIV S_KI4_38000315 Maintain Rules for Invoice Splitting 
334 SIMG_ISPSFM_PDNO S_KI4_38000332 Define Number Ranges for Payment Distribution 
335 SIMG_ISPSFM_RULES   Specify Rules for Account Derivation 
336 SIMG_ISPSFM_T023G   Activate/ Deactivate the Prompt Payment Act 
337 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_023B S_KI4_38000130 Define Amount Interval for Penalty Charges 
338 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_FM023E   Maintain Rules for Invoice Splitting 
339 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_FM023P S_KI4_38000129 Assign Payment Term to Material Group 
340 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_FM023R S_KI4_38000128 Define Penalty Interest Rate 
341 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_FM023U S_KI4_38000126 Create Penalty Interest Reason Codes 
342 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_FM034U S_KI4_38000127 Define Processing Time for Automatic Outgoing Payments 
343 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_PSO52 S_KI4_38000150 Create Earmarked Funds for Standing Request 
344 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_PSO53 S_KI4_38000154 Define Petty Amount Limits 
345 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_PSO54 S_KI4_38000157 Define Posting Information for Petty Amounts 
346 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_T023G S_ALN_01000128 Activate/Deactivate Prompt Payment Act 
347 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_TBP4A S_KI4_38000125 Create Budget Subtypes 
348 SIMG_ISPSFM_V_TBP4B S_KI4_38000124 Enter Settings for Budget Subtypes 
349 SIMG_IST_KONTOKLASSE S_KK4_74002455 Define Account Categories 
350 SIMG_ISUUTSU_000002 S_KK4_82000860 Activate Monitoring of Mass Runs 
351 SIMG_ISUUTSU_000003 S_KK4_82000861 Allocate Business Objects to Messages 
352 SIMG_IWB_HELP S_BIE_59000222 Setting Variants for Help (SAP Library) 
353 SIMG_JB01_JBM2 S_KK4_13000013 Define Standard Disbursement Procedure for Loans 
354 SIMG_JB01_VORKALK001 S_KK4_13000012 Define Forms for Preliminary Costing of Loans 
355 SIMG_JB02_CMOD S_KK4_13000245 Define SAP Enhancements 
356 SIMG_JBDBALCOST S_KK4_13000026 Characteristic Derivation for Volume Costing 
357 SIMG_JBRCT S_KK4_13000223 Transport Characteristic Values 
358 SIMG_JBRCU S_KK4_13000224 Define Characteristic Values 
359 SIMG_JBR_US_ACCT_MAP S_PLN_16000250 Assign Accounts for Complete Balancing to the Portfolio Hierarchy 
360 SIMG_JBSTNK S_KK4_13000199 Manage Number Ranges for Datasets for Backtesting 
361 SIMG_JBVABREG S_KK4_13000234 Define Write-Down Rule 
362 SIMG_JBVBV2 S_KK4_13000201 Define Value-at-Risk Type 
363 SIMG_JBVCBGR S_KK4_13000253 Define Position Groups 
364 SIMG_JBVCLZB S_KK4_13000183 Define Maturity Band 
365 SIMG_JBVCPH S_KK4_13000236 Define Portfolio Hierarchy 
366 SIMG_JBVCSI S_KK4_13000237 Define View 
367 SIMG_JEPOST_CTL S_P7I_60000046 Configure JE Posting control functions 
368 SIMG_JE_ACCT_CAT S_SO7_65001065 Configure Accounting Category 
369 SIMG_JE_RULES S_SO7_65000988 Configure Journal Entry Accounting Rules 
370 SIMG_JFMIP_VTCULIV S_ACR_23000430 Set Changeability of Quantity and Amount for Multiple Account Assignment 
371 SIMG_JVA_GJGL S_EE6_85000176 General Ledger Integration 
372 SIMG_KEN_AUT_AUSH S_BIE_59000013 Automatic Instantiation after Import 
373 SIMG_KEN_EXP_ASSIGN S_BIE_59000014 Assignments 
374 SIMG_KEN_EXP_RANGE S_BIE_59000010 Selection of a Number Area for HTML Export 
375 SIMG_KEN_EXP_SERVER S_BIE_59000015 Server 
376 SIMG_KEN_EXP_SYSTEM S_BIE_59000016 System 
377 SIMG_KEN_EXP_VARIANT S_BIE_59000012 Export variants 
378 SIMG_KEN_EXRTAB S_BIE_59000011 HTML Export Number Areas for File Names 
379 SIMG_KEN_EXTCHAIN S_BIE_59000005 Enhancement Chains 
380 SIMG_KEN_EXTENSION S_BIE_59000006 Enhancements 
381 SIMG_KEN_EXT_APPL S_BIE_59000024 Sequence of Enhancements 
382 SIMG_KEN_FLDRGRP S_BIE_59000009 Definition of Folder Groups 
383 SIMG_KEN_FORMATS S_BIE_59000004 File Formats of Info Objects 
384 SIMG_KEN_HELPTYPE S_BIE_59000026 Usage of Help Type "DynamicHelp" 
385 SIMG_KEN_LINK40ADEST S_BIE_59000003 For Systems as of Release 4.0A (RFC Link) 
386 SIMG_KEN_PROFILES S_BIE_59000017 Assignment of Authorization Profiles 
387 SIMG_KEN_R3LINK31 S_BIE_59000002 For Systems of Release 3.1 
388 SIMG_KEN_VIEWDEST S_BIE_59000025 Defone Display Destination (Knowledge Warehouse System) 
389 SIMG_KKEKORKKOKK4 S_ALR_87008181 Define Valuation Variants 
390 SIMG_KKSORKKOKG1 S_ALR_87008029 Define Results Analysis Keys 
391 SIMG_KKSORKKOKG3 S_ALR_87008027 Define Valuation Method (Actual Costs) 
392 SIMG_KKSORKKOKG4 S_ALR_87008057 Define Update 
393 SIMG_KKSORKKOKG5 S_ALR_87008042 Define Assignment 
394 SIMG_KKSORKKOKG6 S_ALR_87008055 Define Number Ranges 
395 SIMG_KKSORKKOKG8 S_ALR_87008056 Define Posting Rules for Settling Work in Process 
396 SIMG_KLABL S_KK4_13000306 Derive Default Risk Control Parameters 
397 SIMG_KLBEWFAK S_KK4_13000311 Define Valuation Factor Determination 
398 SIMG_KLRRDEF S_KK4_13000289 Edit Recovers Rates 
399 SIMG_KL_JBRCU S_KFM_86000272 Define Characteristic Values 
400 SIMG_KL_JBVCSI S_KFM_86000270 Define View 
401 SIMG_KL_RMD01 S_KFM_86000274 Define Derivation Strategy for Integrated Financial Object Processing 
402 SIMG_KOPLAN1 S_ALR_87006320 Assign Approp. Request Type to Planning Profile 
403 SIMG_KPRO_OAC0 S_ALR_87008796 Maintain storage system 
404 SIMG_KURSSPANNE S_ALR_87007966 Check Rate Spreads 
405 SIMG_KURST_WAEHRG S_ALR_87007965 Check Rate Types 
406 SIMG_KW_AUTHCHK_AREA S_BIE_59000273 Deactivation of the Authorization Checks for the Display 
407 SIMG_KW_AUTH_PROPS S_BIE_59000250 Authorization Check for Attribute Maintenance 
408 SIMG_KW_EXPORT_MAIL S_BIE_59000232 Export Mail Service 
409 SIMG_KW_EXT_REL S_BIE_59000255 Sequence of Enhancements in Customer Namespace 
410 SIMG_KW_ORG_MANAGE S_BIE_59000238 Create Organizational Plan 
411 SIMG_KW_SERVER_AREAS S_BCE_68001527 Define Web Server for Document Areas 
412 SIMG_KW_SERVER_CLASS S_BCE_68001528 Define Web Server for Document Classes 
413 SIMG_KW_TRANSPORT S_BIE_59000239 Transport 
414 SIMG_KW_WF2 S_BIE_59000254 Copy Editing 
415 SIMG_KW_WF_APPR S_BIE_59000253 Approval Procedure 
416 SIMG_KW_WORKFLOW S_BIE_59000240 Activate Workflows for Areas 
417 SIMG_K_VAL_DATE_SET S_E4A_94000188 BAdI: Maintain Valuation Date 
418 SIMG_LAGE S_ALR_87009576 Define Location 
419 SIMG_LDAP_CONNECT S_BCE_68001810 Configure LDAP Connector 
420 SIMG_LDAP_SERVER S_BCE_68001813 Configure LDAP Server 
421 SIMG_LDAP_SYSTUSR S_BCE_68001811 Define LDAP Users 
422 SIMG_LDAP_SYSUSR S_BCE_68001812 Define LDAP Users 
423 SIMG_LEARCHLIKP S_ALR_87003723 Control of delivery archiving 
424 SIMG_LEARCHLVS S_ALR_87003727 Archiving Concept for Warehouse Management 
425 SIMG_LEARCHVFKK S_ALR_87003709 Control of archiving of shipment costs 
426 SIMG_LEARCHVTTK S_ALR_87003716 Control of shipment archiving 
427 SIMG_LECDADDINS S_PLN_06000107 Cross-Docking Enhancements 
428 SIMG_LECDALERTVALUE S_ALN_01002280 Map Alert Values 
429 SIMG_LECDDECISIONNR S_PLN_06000308 Define Cross-Docking Decision Number Range 
430 SIMG_LECDOBJATTR S_ALN_01002278 Define Object Class Attributes 
431 SIMG_LECDOBJCLASS S_ALN_01002271 Define Object Classes 
432 SIMG_LECDOBJID S_ALN_01002276 Define Unique Object Class Identifiers, Permitted Movements and Hierarchy 
433 SIMG_LECDOBJMETHODS S_ALN_01002277 Define Object Class Methods 
434 SIMG_LECDRELEVANCY S_ALN_01002265 Define Cross-Docking Relevancy for Movement Types 
435 SIMG_LECDWHSETTING S_PLN_06000026 Maintain Warehouse Level Settings 
436 SIMG_LEDCC S_ALN_01002275 Define Storage Type Settings 
437 SIMG_LEIDWCSL S_AL0_96000512 Activate CSL 
438 SIMG_LEIDWV_TVFO_14 S_AL0_96000726 Maintain Conditions for Delivery Distribution 
439 SIMG_LESI001 S_DTR_07000029 Control WMS-TRM Interface for Transfer Orders 
440 SIMG_LESI002 S_ALN_01000592 Control WMS-TRM interface for transfer orders 
441 SIMG_LESI003 S_ALN_01000593 Maintain Storage Bins by Definition Rule 
442 SIMG_LESI004 S_DTR_07000040 Update of Outbound Delivery 
443 SIMG_LESI005 S_ALN_01000594 Maintain Storage Types 
444 SIMG_LESI007 S_ALN_01000595 Maintain Staging Areas 
445 SIMG_LESI009 S_ALN_01000596 Copy Storage Bin Definition Rules for Mass Maintenance 
446 SIMG_LESI011 S_ALN_01000597 Maintain Storage Bins by Selection 
447 SIMG_LESI012 S_ALN_01001134 Assign Site 
448 SIMG_LEVASADDINS S_PLN_06000142 VAS Processing Enhancements 
449 SIMG_LEVASALERTVALUE S_ALN_01002284 Map Alert Values 
450 SIMG_LEVASDEFINEMENU S_ALN_01002287 RF User Enabling 
451 SIMG_LEVASDEFNR S_PLN_06000103 Define VAS Order Number Ranges 
452 SIMG_LEVASDISPSCREEN S_ALN_01002289 Define Display Profiles and Physical Screens 
453 SIMG_LEVASFLOWLOGIC S_ALN_01002291 Define Flow Logic 
454 SIMG_LEVASOBJATTR S_ALN_01002282 Define Object Class Attributes 
455 SIMG_LEVASOBJCLASS S_ALN_01002268 Define Object Classes 
456 SIMG_LEVASOBJID S_ALN_01002281 Define Unique Object Class Identifiers, Permitted Movements and Hierarchy 
457 SIMG_LEVASOBJMETHODS S_ALN_01002270 Define Object Class Methods 
458 SIMG_LEVASOPI0OFP2 S_ALN_01001433 Define Access Sequence for VAS Template Determination 
459 SIMG_LEVASOPI0OFP3 S_ALN_01001434 Define Determination Type for VAS Template 
460 SIMG_LEVASOPI0OFP4 S_ALN_01001435 Define Procedure for VAS Template Determination 
461 SIMG_LEVASOPI0OFP8 S_ALN_01001432 Define Key for VAS Template Determination 
462 SIMG_LEVASOPI0OVHU3 S_ALN_01001436 Define Number Ranges for VAS Template Determination Records 
463 SIMG_LEVASPERSONAL S_ALN_01002288 Personalize User Data 
464 SIMG_LEVASSCRNLAYOUT S_ALN_01002290 Define Control Screen Layout 
465 SIMG_LEVASVONR S_PLN_06000036 Define VAS Order Number Ranges 
466 SIMG_LEVERWBER S_ALR_87003721 Define Authorizations 
467 SIMG_LEVERWPROF S_ALR_87003713 Define Profiles 
468 SIMG_LEVMDEFINEMENUS S_PLN_06000046 Define Menus 
469 SIMG_LEVMDEFUSERDEV S_PLN_06000052 RF users & devices 
470 SIMG_LEVMMAINTPRDV S_PLN_06000045 RF Users/Devices Enabling 
471 SIMG_LEYMACTNR S_ALN_01001416 Define Yard Activity Number Ranges 
472 SIMG_LEYMADDINS S_PLN_06000053 Activity Processing Enhancements 
473 SIMG_LEYMALERTVALUE S_ALN_01001415 Map Alert Values 
474 SIMG_LEYMALLPACKMATS S_PLN_06000222 Define Allowed Vehicle Types (Packaging Materials) 
475 SIMG_LEYMDEFINEMENUS S_ALN_01001483 Define Menus 
476 SIMG_LEYMDISPLSCREEN S_ALN_01001485 Define Display Profiles and Physical Screens 
477 SIMG_LEYMDOORS S_ALN_01001404 Define Doors 
478 SIMG_LEYMFLOWLOGIC S_ALN_01001487 Define Flow Logic 
479 SIMG_LEYMHUNR S_ALN_01001422 Define Vehicle (HU) Number Ranges 
480 SIMG_LEYMLOCGRP S_ALN_01001419 Define Yard Location Groups 
481 SIMG_LEYMLOCGRPREL S_ALN_01001420 Define Location Group Relationships 
482 SIMG_LEYMLOCTIME S_ALN_01001421 Define Location - Time Properties 
483 SIMG_LEYMLOCTYPE S_ALN_01001408 Define Location Type - Vehicle Type Group Relationships 
484 SIMG_LEYMMAINFWAG S_PLN_06000044 Define Forwarding Agent Vehicle Types 
485 SIMG_LEYMMATGPPCKMAT S_PLN_06000223 Define Material Group for Vehicle Types (Packaging Materials) 
486 SIMG_LEYMOBJATTR S_ALN_01001414 Define Object Class Attributes 
487 SIMG_LEYMOBJCLASS S_ALN_01001411 Define Object Classes 
488 SIMG_LEYMOBJID S_ALN_01001412 Define Unique Object Class Identifiers, Permitted Movements and Hierarchy 
489 SIMG_LEYMOBJMETHODS S_ALN_01001413 Define Object Class Methods 
490 SIMG_LEYMPACKMAT S_ALN_01001424 Define Vehicle Type Groups (Packaging Material Types) 
491 SIMG_LEYMPACKMATGRP S_ALN_01001425 Define Material Group for Packaging Materials 
492 SIMG_LEYMPERSONAL S_ALN_01001484 Personalize User Data 
493 SIMG_LEYMPRNTST S_PLN_06000346 Define Yard Printers 
494 SIMG_LEYMREASCODE S_ALN_01001410 Define Reason Codes 
495 SIMG_LEYMSCHEDPROF S_ALN_01001407 Define Scheduling Profiles 
496 SIMG_LEYMSCRCONVTOOL S_PLN_06000235 Screen Conversion Tool 
497 SIMG_LEYMSCRNLAYOUT S_ALN_01001486 Define Control Screen Layout 
498 SIMG_LEYMSTAGEAREA S_ALN_01001403 Define Staging Areas 
499 SIMG_LEYMSTRTYPE S_PLN_06000245 Assign Storage Types to Yard Location Groups 
500 SIMG_LEYMVEHICLENR S_PLN_06000132 Define Vehicle (HU) Number Ranges