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Customizing Attributes SIMG_ISHMED_CADEVFTP   Settings for SAPFTP 
Customizing Activity SIMG_ISHMED_CADEVFTP   Settings for SAPFTP 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.


Within the framework of the device interface, it is possible to retrieve files from an FTP server (GET). If you wish to send files (PUT) e.g. from customer-specific programming, you can also use FTP functionality by calling a function module (ISH_N2_DS_PUT_SAPFTP).

You can use table TN2SAPFTP to make entries concerning FTP servers for retrieving (GET) and sending (PUT) files.


Ensure that the RFC connection for SAPFTPA has been maintained under TCP/IP connections ( TA SM59 ) and works. The standard functionality of SAP is used for the FTP service (started on the application server).

Standard settings

As entries from TXCOM are used as sequence criteria for all other areas of communication, this is referenced here.

As the target system for a partner system from which you wish to receive (GET) make a TXCOM entry which ends with 2 and, for a partner system to which you wish to send, an entry which ends with 1.

The Control Parameter fields have the following meaning:

  • User: User name for login
  • Password: Password for login (is coded once entered)
  • Target Machine: Enter the FTP server here (usually the URL or IP address)
  • RFC Destination: Enter here SAPFTPA to start the SAP FTP function on the application server (normal case). If you enter SAPFTP here, the system will attempt to start the FTP process on the front end (extreme exception).
  • Phys. Path: Here you enter the work directory on the FTP server, to which you wish to toggle.
  • File Extension: Here you enter the file extension (e.g. .txt), which classifies the files in the directory, which should be retrieved (only for FTP-GET)
  • Position Name: Here you enter the offset in characters, with which the file name begins (only for FTP-GET)


Depending on the type of FTP server different behavior is demonstrated and, in particular differing syntax is returned after the DIR command.

Initial tests can be executed using the report RSFTP001 to RSFTP009. The offset e.g. can be determined with RSFTP002 and the command 'dir', as the characters are counted in the following screen display.


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ASAP Roadmap ID 201   Make global settings 
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SIMG SIMG_ISHMED_CADEVFTP 0 I010004300 Clinical System 
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TN2SAPFTP S - Table (with text table) N2DS_SAPFTP_CUST  
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