SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 4
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_CFMENUFBIC034 S_E36_82000170 Upload Contact Person Data 
2 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC00 S_PLN_62000472 Activate Transaction Data Tables 
3 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC002 S_PLN_62000454 Check Assignment of Operational Accounts to Group Accounts 
4 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC003 S_PLN_62000459 Manually Assign Operational Accounts to Group Accounts 
5 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC004 S_PLN_62000460 Automatically Assign Operational Accounts to Group Accounts 
6 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC005 S_PLN_62000461 Check Assignment of Operational Chart of Accounts to Group Chart 
7 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC006 S_PLN_62000462 Check Assignment of Company Codes to Companies 
8 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC007 S_PLN_62000470 Define Ledger 
9 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC008 S_PLN_62000471 Activate Transaction Data Tables 
10 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC009 S_PLN_62000473 Create Additional Fields 
11 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC010 S_PLN_62000476 Define Ledger 
12 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC011 S_PLN_62000477 Create Additional Fields 
13 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC012 S_PLN_62000478 Companies to be Reconciled 
14 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC013 S_PLN_62000479 Companies to be Reconciled 
15 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC014 S_SLN_44000001 Maintain Field Catalogs 
16 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC015 S_PLN_62000514 Define Reconciliation Process Detail Attributes 
17 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC016 S_SLN_44000009 Set Up Display Categories 
18 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC017 S_P3E_60000040 Initial Transfer of Documents from Financial Accounting 
19 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC018 S_P3E_60000048 Maintain Field Movement 
20 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC019 S_P3E_60000050 Activate Process 
21 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC020 S_P3E_60000051 Activate Processes 
22 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC021 S_P3E_60000052 Define Enhancements 
23 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC022 S_P3E_60000053 Define Ledger 
24 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC023 S_P3E_60000054 Companies to be Reconciled 
25 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC050 S_E4E_66000207 Generate Default Customizing 
26 SIMG_CFMENUFBICRC051 S_E4E_66000233 Generate Default Customizing 
27 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC002 S_PLN_62000513 Define Reconciliation Process Attributes 
28 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC005 S_PLN_62000507 Maintain Message Templates 
29 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC006 S_PLN_62000508 Maintain Placeholders for Messages 
30 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC007 S_PLN_62000509 Set Up Reconciliation Display 
31 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC008 S_PLN_62000510 Define Sets 
32 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC009 S_PLN_62000511 Define Rules for Document Assignments 
33 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC010 S_PLN_62000512 Define Possible Status for Documents 
34 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC011 S_P3E_60000041 Maintain Number Range for Group Reference Numbers 
35 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC012 S_SLN_44000012 Set Up Object Groups and Subgroups 
36 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC013 S_P3E_60000004 Define Contact Person Database 
37 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC014 S_P3E_60000005 Define Application ID 
38 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC015 S_P3E_60000006 Define Enhancements 
39 SIMG_CFMENUFBRC016 S_P3E_60000056 Define Enhancements 
40 SIMG_CFMENUFNMAFZ96I S_ALR_87007485 Settings for Automatically Creating Customers 
41 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFN-1 S_ALR_87004689 Loan Number 
42 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFN-4 S_ALR_87004722 Daybook Number 
43 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFN-5 S_ALR_87004596 Condition Number (Process Management) 
44 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFN-6 S_ALR_87004562 Rollover Number 
45 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNC1 S_ALR_87003924 Define Collateral Types 
46 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNC2 S_ALR_87004150 Define Document Types 
47 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNC3 S_ALR_87004623 Assign Loan Types to a Product Type 
48 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNC4 S_ALR_87004045 Assign Document Groups to Product Type 
49 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNC5 S_ALR_87004615 Define Notice Types 
50 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNC6 S_ALR_87004131 Define File Storage Location 
51 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNC8 S_ALR_87004604 Define Offer Acceptance Types 
52 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNC9 S_ALR_87004609 Define Reasons for Non-Acceptance 
53 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCA S_ALR_87004776 Define Group Key 1 
54 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCB S_ALR_87004629 Define Purpose of Loan 
55 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCC S_ALR_87004772 Define Group Key 2 
56 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCD S_ALR_87003740 Order Wording 
57 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCE S_ALR_87004141 Define Document Groups 
58 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCF S_ALR_87004791 Define Posting Special Treatment 
59 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCG S_ALR_87004405 Define Reasons for Immediate IP Generation 
60 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCH S_ALR_87004639 Define Terms 
61 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCI S_ALR_87004634 Define Finance Type 
62 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCJ S_ALR_87004860 Define Borrower Special Treatment 
63 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCK S_ALR_87004644 Define Borrower's Note Types 
64 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCL S_ALR_87004784 Define Home Statements 
65 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCM S_ALR_87004464 Payment Level 
66 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCN S_ALR_87003975 Define Building Methods 
67 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCO S_ALR_87004574 Define Loan Classes 
68 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCQ S_ALR_87004799 Define Land Register Types 
69 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCS S_ALR_87004823 Undisclosed Assignment 
70 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCT S_ALR_87004471 Limit Value/Amounts Equal 
71 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCU S_ALR_87004159 Define Evaluation Criteria 
72 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCV S_ALR_87004846 Define Branch Offices 
73 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCW S_ALR_87004840 Define Regions 
74 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCX S_ALR_87004737 Define Payment Form 
75 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCY S_ALR_87003954 Define Special Treatment 
76 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNCZ S_ALR_87003750 Order Letter Text 
77 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFND1 S_ALR_87003935 Define Guarantee Types I 
78 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFND3 S_ALR_87004487 Assign Flow Types to IP Processing Category 
79 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFND5 S_ALR_87004545 Manual Posting Parameters 
80 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFND8 S_ALR_87004105 Define Pledge Status 
81 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFND9 S_ALR_87004552 Define Company Code-Specific Texts 
82 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNDA S_ALR_87004495 Set Default Values for Dunning Block and Payment Method 
83 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNFA S_ALR_87003870 Define Logical Fields 
84 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNFB S_ALR_87003878 Define Register 
85 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNFC S_ALR_87003887 Define Report Functions 
86 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNFD S_ALR_87003791 Define Transaction Functions 
87 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNFE S_ALR_87003801 Assign Functions to Register 
88 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNFF S_ALR_87003811 Variant-Relevant Condition Types 
89 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNQ5 S_ALR_87004682 Check Flow Types 
90 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNQ7 S_ALR_87004741 Generate Flow Types 
91 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNQA S_ALR_87003965 Define Building Part IDs 
92 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNQB S_ALR_87003999 Define Assessment Quality 
93 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNQC S_ALR_87004009 Define Valuation Procedure 
94 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNQD S_ALR_87004036 Define Valuation Rating Base 
95 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNQE S_ALR_87003904 Define Administrative Costs 
96 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNS4 S_ALR_87004173 Sort/Output Fields for Position Lists 
97 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNS6 S_ALR_87004254 Initial Installation 
98 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFNZA S_ALR_87004443 Define Account Determination 
99 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFOC9 S_ALR_87003914 Define Charge Types 
100 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFOCA S_ALR_87003985 Define Usage Types 
101 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFOCP S_ALR_87004557 Define Transport Connections 
102 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFOCQ S_ALR_87004837 Define District 
103 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFODP S_ALR_87004054 Definition 
104 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFODQ S_ALR_87004063 Assignment 
105 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFW56 S_ALR_87004768 Define Group Key 3 
106 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFW57 S_ALR_87004795 Define Group Key 4 
107 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFWR1 S_ALR_87004436 Control Automatic Determination of Account Assignment Ref. 
108 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFWRE S_ALR_87004179 Sort/Output Fields for Revenue Lists (Cross-Treasury) 
109 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ17 S_ALR_87004589 Define Release Hierarchy 
110 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ18 S_ALR_87004593 Define Release Status Parameters 
111 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ19 S_ALR_87004584 Maintain Active Indicators 
112 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ21 S_ALR_87004696 Define Number Components 
113 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ30 S_ALR_87004787 Define Restraints on Drawing 
114 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ32 S_ALR_87004191 Display BAV Stock Indicators 
115 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ33 S_ALR_87004202 Define Stock Indicators for Tax Office 
116 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ34 S_ALR_87004197 Change BAV Stock Indicators 
117 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ51 S_ALR_87004866 Define Financial Accounting Asset Grouping 
118 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ52 S_ALR_87004537 Define Reasons for Reversal 
119 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ53 S_ALR_87004327 Premium Reserve Fund List Number 
120 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ54 S_ALR_87004338 Subsection 
121 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ55 S_ALR_87004350 Define Insurance Branch Indicators 
122 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ56 S_ALR_87004863 Define Balance Sheet Indicator 
123 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ58 S_ALR_87004424 Define Account Assignment Reference 
124 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ62 S_ALR_87004370 BAV Group 102 
125 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ75 S_ALR_87004379 BAV Group 201/600 
126 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ81 S_ALR_87004267 BAV Group R11/76 
127 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ84 S_ALR_87004360 Asset Type DV3,DV8 
128 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ89 S_ALR_87004868 Define SCB Asset Grouping 
129 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ91 S_ALR_87004834 Define Default Values to Automatically Create Customers 
130 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZ94 S_ALR_87004857 Define Default Values per Product Type 
131 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZBA S_ALR_87004670 Assign Offsetting Flow 
132 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZBD S_ALR_87004675 Assign Flow Types to Flow Category 
133 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZBK S_ALR_87004233 Define Calculation Forms 
134 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZBM S_ALR_87004810 Define Object Types 
135 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZCF S_ALR_87004749 Define Condition Types 
136 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZCH S_ALR_87004717 Define Condition Groups 
137 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZCJ S_ALR_87004662 Define Product Types 
138 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZCS S_ALR_87004655 Define Flow Types 
139 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZCW S_ALR_87004733 Define Additional Text Key 
140 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZCX S_ALR_87004506 Define Special Interest Indicator 
141 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZD4 S_ALR_87004500 Define Plausibility Checks 
142 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZID S_ALR_87004185 Define Number Range for BAV Identification Numbers 
143 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZKE S_ALR_87004727 Event Control 
144 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZTA S_ALR_87004074 Define Documents 
145 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZW0 S_ALR_87004277 Define Work Areas 
146 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZW2 S_ALR_87004288 Define Messages for Work Areas 
147 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZZ1 S_ALR_87003820 Define Evaluation Criteria 
148 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZZ2 S_ALR_87003829 Define Priorities 
149 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZZ5 S_ALR_87004479 Assign Account Statement 
150 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZZB S_ALR_87003836 Define Sort Sequence 
151 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZZD S_ALR_87004458 Evaluation Criteria Management 
152 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCFZZE S_ALR_87004452 Assign Flow Type to Evaluation Criteria 
153 SIMG_CFMENUFNMCOBY4 S_ALR_87004316 Copy Company Code 
154 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW-1 S_ALR_87004318 Define Number Ranges for Security Classes 
155 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW-3 S_ALR_87003828 Define Number Ranges for Transaction 
156 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW1 S_ALR_87009625 Define Number Ranges for Product Types 
157 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW32 S_ALR_87007925 Define Company Code Additional Data 
158 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW40 S_ALR_87004172 Define Classification for Bonds 
159 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW41 S_ALR_87004214 Define Shareholding Types 
160 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW42 S_ALR_87004207 Define Shareholding Structures 
161 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW43 S_ALR_87003910 Define Currency Swap Account 
162 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW45 S_ALR_87003864 Define Blocking Flags 
163 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW46 S_ALR_87004201 Define Holdings 
164 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW47 S_ALR_87003782 Define Tax Rates 
165 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW49 S_ALR_87003818 Define Reservation Reasons 
166 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW50 S_ALR_87004091 Define Treatment of Capitalized Costs in Operative Valuation Area 
167 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW52 S_ALR_87007852 Deleted: Not relevant for Enterprise 2.0 
168 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW53 S_ALR_87004079 Assign Company Code 
169 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW54 S_ALR_87004343 Assign Repayment Types to Product Types 
170 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW55 S_ALR_87004231 Assign Classification for Bonds 
171 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW58 S_ALR_87004274 Define Exchange 
172 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW59 S_ALR_87004295 Define Secondary Indexes 
173 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW80 S_ALR_87004183 Maintain Stock Market Tiers 
174 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFWFO S_ALR_87003890 Define Correspondence Activities 
175 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFWID S_ALR_87004143 Maintain Number Range for BAV Identification Numbers 
176 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFWR1 S_ALR_87003748 Control Automatic Determination of Account Assignment Ref. 
177 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFWS1 S_ALR_87004005 Assign Clerk 
178 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFWS2 S_ALR_87003994 Display Clerk Assignment 
179 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFWT4 S_ALR_87004059 Position List 
180 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFWTR S_ALR_87004114 Position Trend List 
181 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFWZA S_ALR_87003738 Define Account Determination 
182 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ18 S_ALR_87003855 Define Release Status Parameters 
183 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ19 S_ALR_87003805 Maintain Active Indicators 
184 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ51 S_ALR_87003724 Define Indicators for Balance Sheet Grouping 
185 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ52 S_ALR_87003771 Define Reasons for Reversal 
186 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ56 S_ALR_87003794 Define Balance Sheet Indicator 
187 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ63 S_ALR_87003931 BAV Group 102 
188 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ65 S_ALR_87004050 Premium Reserve Fund List Number 
189 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ67 S_ALR_87003962 Subsection Number for PRF 
190 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ70 S_ALR_87003974 BAV Group Sample 1 
191 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ76 S_ALR_87003920 BAV Group 201/600 
192 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ85 S_ALR_87003943 Asset Type 
193 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ87 S_ALR_87003759 Define Account Assignment Reference 
194 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ89 S_ALR_87003712 Define SCB Indicators for Asset Groups 
195 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZBB S_ALR_87004386 Assign Offsetting Flow for Generating Incoming Payments 
196 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZBE S_ALR_87004407 Assign Flow Types to Flow Category 
197 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZBH S_ALR_87007921 Define Calculation Indicator 
198 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZBW S_ALR_87004353 Define Status Transfers per Product Type 
199 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZC6 S_ALR_87004244 Define Product Types 
200 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZC7 S_ALR_87004449 Define Company Code-Dependent Settings for the Product Type 
201 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZCE S_ALR_87004419 Define Condition Types 
202 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZCG S_ALR_87004431 Define Condition Groups 
203 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZCT S_ALR_87004374 Define Flow Types 
204 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZFD S_ALR_87004363 Assign Planning Levels 
205 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZW0 S_ALR_87004041 Define Work Areas 
206 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZW2 S_ALR_87004033 Define Messages for Work Area 
207 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZWE S_ALR_87004284 Define Currency Units 
208 SIMG_CFMENUFWMCTBCC S_ALR_87003900 Define Correspondence Type 
209 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0CMOD S_ALR_87006367 Develop Enhancements for Master Data Exits 
210 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0FGRP S_ALR_87006056 Report Painter Reports 
211 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GAL1 S_ALR_87006210 Update Assignment Table EDIMAP 
212 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GAL2 S_ALR_87006205 Generate Import/Export Programs 
213 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GAR8 S_ALR_87005982 Define Report Groups and Read Programs 
214 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GAR9 S_ALR_87005988 Generate Archive Reports 
215 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GB02 S_ALR_87006456 Maintain Local Number Ranges 
216 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GB03 S_ALR_87006459 Maintain Global Number Ranges 
217 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GB04 S_ALR_87006455 Maintain Local Number Ranges 
218 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GB05 S_ALR_87006453 Maintain Global Number Ranges 
219 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCA1 S_ALR_87006447 Maintain Field Usage for Assessment 
220 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCA2 S_ALR_87006096 Maintain Field Groups for Assessment 
221 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCA3 S_ALR_87006087 Define Data Fields 
222 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCA4 S_ALR_87006083 Enter Data Field Texts 
223 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCA5 S_ALR_87006078 Maintain System Information 
224 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCA6 S_ALR_87006450 Maintain Field Usage for Distribution 
225 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCA7 S_ALR_87006091 Maintain Field Groups for Distribution 
226 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCA8 S_ALR_87006463 Activate Partner Object Update 
227 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCA9 S_ALR_87006333 Check Allocation Settings 
228 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCAC S_ALR_87006197 Compare Ledgers 
229 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCAG S_ALR_87005994 Generate Code for Archiving 
230 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCB1 S_ALR_87006377 Maintain Company Codes 
231 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCBA S_ALR_87006462 Define Valid Document Types 
232 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCBR S_ALR_87006065 Maintain Valid Document Types 
233 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCBX S_ALR_87006448 Maintain Valid Document Types 
234 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCCG S_ALR_87006407 Update Code 
235 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCD1 S_ALR_87006235 Perform Diagnosis 
236 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCD2 S_ALR_87006279 Display Control Report 
237 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCD3 S_ALR_87006322 Use Graphic Navigation 
238 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCD5 S_ALR_87006328 Check Currencies 
239 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCD6 S_ALR_87006410 Display Assignments Graphically 
240 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCDE S_ALR_87006201 Delete Transaction Data 
241 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCE3 S_ALR_87006240 Maintain Authorizations 
242 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCF2 S_ALR_87006431 Maintain Field Movements 
243 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCG2 S_ALR_87006404 Maintain Global Companies 
244 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCGE S_ALR_87006457 Activate Global Line Items 
245 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCGG S_ALR_87006443 Update GLU1 
246 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCI1 S_ALR_87006417 Install table without object table 
247 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCI2 S_ALR_87006421 Install Table with Object Table 
248 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCI4 S_ALR_87006434 Maintain Fixed Field Movements 
249 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCIN S_ALR_87006422 Define Table Group 
250 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCIQ S_ALR_87006414 Execute Express Installation 
251 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCL2 S_ALR_87006430 Define Ledger 
252 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCLE S_ALR_87006445 Activate Local Line Items 
253 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCM1 S_ALR_87006213 Convert Tables 
254 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCP1 S_ALR_87006465 Maintain Local Posting Periods 
255 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCP2 S_ALR_87006466 Maintain Global Posting Periods 
256 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCP3 S_ALR_87006381 Maintain Local Version Parameters 
257 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCP4 S_ALR_87006460 Maintain Global Version Parameters 
258 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCP5 S_ALR_87006390 Maintain Local Plan Periods 
259 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCP6 S_ALR_87006387 Maintain Global Plan Periods 
260 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCR2 S_ALR_87006072 Maintain Field Movements 
261 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCR5 S_ALR_87006069 Maintain Substitution 
262 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCRB S_ALR_87005976 Define Report Selection 
263 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCRE1 S_ALR_87006052 Activate Drilldown Reporting for FI-SL Tables 
264 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCRE2 S_ALR_87006049 Deactivate Drilldown Reporting for FI-SL Tables 
265 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCRF S_ALR_87006108 Maintain currency translation factors 
266 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCRS S_ALR_87006012 Define Report Writer Languages 
267 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCS1 S_ALR_87006372 Maintain Integrated Master Data 
268 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCS5 S_ALR_87006000 Assign Field Movements 
269 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCS6 S_ALR_87006060 Maintain Local Retained Earnings Accounts 
270 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCS7 S_ALR_87006006 Maintain Global Retained Earnings Accounts 
271 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCT0 S_ALR_87006141 Transport Substitutions 
272 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCT1 S_ALR_87006181 Transport Ledgers 
273 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCT2 S_ALR_87006287 Transport Central FI-SL Control 
274 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCT3 S_ALR_87006229 Transport Table-Dependent Control 
275 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCT4 S_ALR_87006175 Transport Rollups 
276 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCT5 S_ALR_87006169 Transport Planning Parameters 
277 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCT6 S_ALR_87006163 Transport Distribution Keys 
278 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCT7 S_ALR_87006158 Transport Allocation Cycles 
279 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCT8 S_ALR_87006152 Transport Document Types 
280 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCT9 S_ALR_87006145 Transport Validations 
281 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCTA S_ALR_87006186 Transport Rules 
282 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCTR S_ALR_87006220 Transport Report Writer Objects 
283 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCTS S_ALR_87006224 Transport Sets and Variables 
284 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCU2 S_ALR_87006441 Update GLU2 
285 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCUT S_ALR_87006356 Maintain User Tables 
286 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCV2 S_ALR_87006432 Maintain Activities 
287 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCVB S_ALR_87006439 Maintain Update Type 
288 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCVI S_ALR_87006461 Maintain Actual Versions 
289 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCVO S_ALR_87006428 Perform Preparation 
290 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCVP S_ALR_87006384 Maintain Plan Versions 
291 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCVV S_ALR_87006346 Maintain Local Validation 
292 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCVW S_ALR_87006339 Maintain Global Validation 
293 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCVX S_ALR_87006401 Maintain Local Substitution 
294 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCVY S_ALR_87006398 Maintain Global Substitution 
295 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCVZ S_ALR_87006294 Logical Rules for Validation and Substitition 
296 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCW1 S_ALR_87006135 Define Versions 
297 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCW2 S_ALR_87006126 Assign Local Currency Translation Methods 
298 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCW3 S_ALR_87006122 Assign Global Currency Translation Methods 
299 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCW4 S_ALR_87006130 Define Currency Translation Methods 
300 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCW5 S_ALR_87006116 Maintain Historical Currency Translation 
301 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCW6 S_ALR_87006104 Maintain Exchange Rates 
302 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCW8 S_ALR_87006112 Maintain Exchange Rate Types 
303 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCX1 S_ALR_87006393 Maintain Cross-Client User Exits 
304 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCX2 S_ALR_87006396 Maintain Client-Specific User Exits 
305 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GD61 S_ALR_87006351 Maintain Code Combinations 
306 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GGB0 S_ALR_87006307 Maintain Validation 
307 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GGB1 S_ALR_87006300 Maintain Substitution 
308 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GL20 S_ALR_87006100 Maintain Number Ranges 
309 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GP32 S_ALR_87006451 Define User-Defined Distribution Keys 
310 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GP42 S_ALR_87006464 Maintain planning parameters 
311 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GR12 S_ALR_87005967 Define Standard Layouts 
312 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GR22 S_ALR_87005959 Define Libraries 
313 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GS02 S_ALR_87006318 Define Sets 
314 SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GS12 S_ALR_87006313 Maintain Variables 
315 SIMG_CFMENUGCUOGCI3 S_ALR_87006437 Maintain Table Directory 
316 SIMG_CFMENUJB01PFCG S_KK4_13000340 Create Role/Authorization Profile and Assign Users 
317 SIMG_CFMENULEACTION S_KA5_12000623 Program Actions 
318 SIMG_CFMENULECJIT07 S_KA5_12000249 JIT Customer Exits 
319 SIMG_CFMENULEMESSTYP S_KA5_12001411 Define Message Types 
320 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT08 S_KA5_12000243 Define Number Ranges 
321 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT1 S_KA5_12000240 Define Actions 
322 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT13   Define Profile for Summarized JIT Calls (SumJC) 
323 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT14 S_KA5_12000467 Define Control Profile for Summarized JIT Calls (SumJC) 
324 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT15 S_KA5_12000251 Define Number Ranges 
325 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT2 S_KA5_12000241 Define External Status and Internal Processing Status 
326 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT22 S_KA5_12000259 Assign Operator 
327 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT23 S_KA5_12000260 Activate Event Linkage 
328 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT24 S_KA5_12000484 Define Control Profile for Delivery 
329 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT25 S_KA5_12000949 Define Additional JIT Reference Numbers 
330 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT26 S_KA5_12000938 Define Control Profile for Handling Units (HU) 
331 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT3 S_KA5_12000242 Define Call Control 
332 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT4 S_KA5_12000245 Define Components Group Determination 
333 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT50 S_KA5_12000871 Define Replenishment Strategies for External Procurement 
334 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT51 S_KA5_12000873 Define Replenishment Strategies for Stock Transfer 
335 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT52 S_KA5_12000874 Define External Procurement Strategy for Sequenced JIT Call 
336 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT53 S_KA5_12000875 Define Scheduling Profiles 
337 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT54 S_KA5_12000876 Define Storage Location Vendors 
338 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT58 S_KA5_12000868 Define Actions 
339 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT59 S_KA5_12000869 Define Internal Processing Status 
340 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT6 S_KA5_12000247 Define Bar Code Qualifier 
341 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT60 S_KA5_12000870 Define Call Control 
342 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT61 S_KA5_12000877 Define Number Ranges 
343 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT63 S_KA5_12001412 Define Bar Code Qualifier 
344 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT64 S_KA5_12001386 Define JIT Call Profile 
345 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT7 S_KA5_12000248 Define Print Formatting 
346 SIMG_CFMENULEOJIT8 S_KA5_12000244 Define Control Profile for Internal Calls 
347 SIMG_CFMENULEOJITLQ S_KA5_12000494 Delivery Confirmation 
348 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELM01 S_KA5_12000618 Change Condition Table 
349 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELM04 S_KA5_12000617 Determine Field Catalog for Messages 
350 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELM11 S_KA5_12000619 Define Access Sequences 
351 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELM21 S_KA5_12000620 Define Message Types 
352 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELM31 S_KA5_12000621 Define Message Determination Procedures 
353 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELM41 S_KA5_12000622 Assign Message Determination Schemas to Plant 
354 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO1 S_KA5_12000610 Define Actions 
355 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO11 S_KA5_12000613 Define Action Controls and Define Action Matrices 
356 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO12 S_KA5_12000611 Define Vehicle Status 
357 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO13 S_KA5_12000627 Define Availability 
358 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO14 S_KA5_12000612 Define Vehicle Usage 
359 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO18 S_KA5_12000606 Define Vehicle Search Areas 
360 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO19 S_KA5_12000607 Define VMS Roles 
361 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO2 S_KA5_12000628 Determine Number Ranges for Internal Vehicle Number 
362 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO20 S_KA5_12000608 Define Vehicle Categories 
363 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO21 S_KA5_12000609 Assign Roles and Vehicle Categories 
364 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO27 S_KA5_12000685 Define Sharing Level 
365 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO29 S_KA5_12001356 Define Search Views 
366 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO3 S_KA5_12000629 Define Number Ranges for Action Control Determination 
367 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO4 S_KA5_12000624 Define Additional Data for Vehicle 
368 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO5 S_KA5_12000614 Define External Status 
369 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO6 S_KA5_12000615 Define Technical Details for Actions 
370 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO7 S_KA5_12000675 Assign Own Dialog Messages 
371 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO8 S_KA5_12000886 Define Number Ranges for Determination of Configuration Change Profile 
372 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELO9 S_KA5_12000633 Include Object Characteristics in Configuration 
373 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELOL S_KA5_12000828 Define Vehicle Locations 
374 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELOTX S_KA5_12001357 Define Fields for TREX Download 
375 SIMG_CFMENULEOVELOVS S_KA5_12000978 Initialize Category Rule Maintenance 
376 SIMG_CFMENULEVL10 S_ALR_87099908 Configure List Profile 
377 SIMG_CFMENULEVL10CR S_P99_41000187 Maintain Parameters for Creating Deliveries 
378 SIMG_CFMENULEVL10EX S_P99_41000188 Exclude Function Codes from List Status 
379 SIMG_CFMENULEVL10SZ S_ALR_87099909 Assignment of List Profile to Delivery Scenario 
380 SIMG_CFMENULICRU S_ALR_87008503 ICI: Use Grouping Codes 
381 SIMG_CFMENULSD0VTCFP S_P00_07000030 Set Freight Planning for Forwarding Agents 
382 SIMG_CFMENULSDTTPLST S_P00_07000199 Transportation Planning Point Determination 
383 SIMG_CFMENUMRN9DELTA S_EB5_05000387 Maintain Balance Sheet Valuation Delta Run 
384 SIMG_CFMENUNGLM S_E4A_94000247 Customizing and Performance Monitor 
385 SIMG_CFMENUNM01ON05 S_KK4_74000338 Maintain Client-Specific Basic Control 
386 SIMG_CFMENUNMA3ONO1 S_KK4_74000030 AT: Define Flat Rate Types 
387 SIMG_CFMENUNMA3ONO2 S_KK4_74000043 AT: Determine Flat Rate Types 
388 SIMG_CFMENUNMA3ONO3 S_KK4_74000042 AT: Define Rules for Determining Flat Rate Types 
389 SIMG_CFMENUNMA3ONO4 S_KK4_74000041 AT: Define Flat Rate Scale 
390 SIMG_CFMENUNMA3ONO5 S_KK4_74000040 AT: Define Exclusions for Flat Rates 
391 SIMG_CFMENUNMA3ONO6 S_KK4_74000039 AT: Define Individual Outpatient Services 
392 SIMG_CFMENUNMA4ONS1 S_KK4_74000217 AT: Define Selection Procedure 
393 SIMG_CFMENUNMAGONOA S_KK4_74000017 AT: Define Types of Coverage/IP Type for VAT Assessment 
394 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON01 S_KK4_74000340 Maintain Institution-Specific Basic Control 
395 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON02 S_KK4_74000351 Maintain Institution-Specific, Time-Dependent Parameters 
396 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON03 S_KK4_74000234 Define Screen Sequence 
397 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON04 S_KK4_74000236 Maintain Screen Modification 
398 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON06 S_KK4_74000349 Maintain Client-Specific, Time-Dependent Parameters 
399 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON14 S_KK4_74000313 Maintain Postal Codes 
400 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON17 S_KK4_74000247 Maintain Forms of Address 
401 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON18 S_KK4_74000249 Maintain Titles / Name Affixes 
402 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON19 S_KK4_74000348 Maintain Client-Specific, Time-Independent Parameters 
403 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON20 S_KK4_74000350 Maintain Institution-Specific, Time-Independent Parameters 
404 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON21 S_KK4_74000319 Maintain Sex 
405 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON50 S_KK4_74000300 Define Organizational Unit Categories 
406 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON51 S_KK4_74000302 Maintain Hierarchy of Organizational Unit Categories 
407 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON52 S_KK4_74000299 Maintain Specialty Hierarchy 
408 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON54 S_KK4_74000303 Code Specialties 
409 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON60 S_KK4_74000307 Define Building Unit Categories 
410 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON61 S_KK4_74000306 Maintain Hierarchy of Building Unit Categories 
411 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON62 S_KK4_74000297 Define Facilities 
412 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON64 S_KK4_74000308 Define Blocking Reasons 
413 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON68 S_KK4_74000305 Assign Building Unit Categories to Org. Unit Categories 
414 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON74 S_KK4_74000285 Define Specialty Categories 
415 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONB2 S_KK4_74000389 Configure Healthcare Smart Card 
416 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONK1 S_KK4_74000391 Assign Systems to Applications 
417 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONK2 S_KK4_74000386 Assign Applications to Events 
418 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONK3 S_KK4_74000417 Display Defined Events 
419 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONK4 S_KK4_74000425 Configure Events 
420 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONK5 S_KK4_74000387 Define Application Parameters 
421 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONK6 S_KK4_74000413 Define Connected Systems and Characteristics 
422 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONN1 S_KK4_74000295 Define Number Ranges for Organizational Units 
423 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONN2 S_KK4_74000298 Define Number Ranges for Building Units 
424 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONN3 S_KK4_74000296 Define Number Ranges for Employees 
425 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONOB S_KK4_74000301 AT: Maintain Regional Fund Function Codes for Organizational Units 
426 SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ONP1 S_KK4_74000254 Determine Periods 
427 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON16 S_KK4_74000315 Maintain Parishes 
428 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON25 S_KK4_74000318 Maintain Name Elements for Patient Index Search 
429 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON26 S_KK4_74000310 Maintain Marital Status 
430 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON27 S_KK4_74000321 Maintain Religious Denominations 
431 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON28 S_KK4_74000320 Maintain Relationships 
432 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON29 S_KK4_74000256 Assign Organizational Categories to Case Types 
433 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON30 S_KK4_74000255 Define Functions of a Case-to-Case Assignment 
434 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON34 S_KK4_74000276 Define Accident Types 
435 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON36 S_KK4_74000324 Diagnoses - Define Catalog Categories 
436 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON37 S_KK4_74000333 Diagnoses - Maintain Codes 
437 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON39 S_KK4_74000263 Maintain Risk Factors 
438 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON41 S_KK4_74000246 Define Case Types 
439 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON42 S_KK4_74000253 Define Functions of a Case-to-Person Assignment 
440 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON43 S_KK4_74000233 Define Movement Categories 
441 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON44 S_KK4_74000232 Define Movement Types 
442 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON45 S_KK4_74000272 Define Disposition at Time of Discharge 
443 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON47 S_KK4_74000259 Maintain Causes of Death 
444 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON48 S_KK4_74000258 Maintain Birth Procedures 
445 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON49 S_KK4_74000269 Maintain Delivery Categories 
446 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON4A S_KK4_74000245 Define Case Categories 
447 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON59 S_KK4_74000240 Define Visit Statuses (Outpatient) 
448 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON80 S_KK4_74000406 Set OU-Specific Parameters for Medical Record Management 
449 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON81 S_KK4_74000403 Maintain Borrowing Reasons 
450 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ON83 S_KK4_74000388 Define Borrowers and Their Borrowing Authorizations 
451 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ONB8 S_KK4_74000242 Define Reasons for Movement 
452 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ONDT S_KK4_74000239 Define Outpatient Scheduling Types 
453 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ONE5 S_KK4_74000437 Surgeries - Import ICPM Catalog 
454 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ONN4 S_KK4_74000312 Define Number Ranges for Patients 
455 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ONN5 S_KK4_74000248 Define Number Ranges for Cases 
456 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ONVB S_KK4_74000252 Define Classification Categories 
457 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ONVC S_KK4_74000244 Define Classification Types 
458 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ONVD S_KK4_74000270 Define Levels for Nursing Acuity Classification 
459 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ONVI S_KK4_74000277 Set Parameters for Nursing Acuity Classification 
460 SIMG_CFMENUNMO2ONWA S_KK4_74000314 Enter Bad Debt Parties 
461 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3NT10 S_KK4_74000092 Remap Service Codes 
462 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3NT50 S_KK4_74000114 Define Billing Types 
463 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ON07 S_KK4_74000396 Define In-House Service Catalog 
464 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ON32 S_KK4_74000084 Configure Copayment 
465 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ON33 S_KK4_74000083 Maintain Parameters for Copayment Requests 
466 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ON35 S_KK4_74000365 Maintain Copayment Waivers 
467 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ON46 S_KK4_74000372 Define Types of Coverage 
468 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ON55 S_KK4_74000081 Configure Down Payment 
469 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ON56 S_KK4_74000080 Maintain Parameters for Down Payment Requests 
470 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ON66 S_KK4_74000093 Set Up Service-Based Service Catalog Determination 
471 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ON80 S_KK4_74000113 Determine Billing Types 
472 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ON87 S_KK4_74000094 Determine Billing Catalog 
473 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ONAA S_KK4_74000364 Maintain Contract Schemes 
474 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ONB9 S_KK4_74000420 Maintain Exclusions/Inclusions for Service Pairs 
475 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ONBT S_KK4_74000392 Enter Reasons for Multiplication Factors 
476 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ONL1 S_KK4_74000419 Maintain Exclusions for Groups 
477 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ONL2 S_KK4_74000418 Maintain Inclusions for Groups 
478 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ONL5 S_KK4_74000414 Define Rule Types and Maintain Check Procedure 
479 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ONV1 S_KK4_74000075 Define Treatment Categories 
480 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ONV3 S_KK4_74000074 Assign Case Classifications to Treatment Categories 
481 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ONV5 S_KK4_74000073 Assign Services to Treatment Categories 
482 SIMG_CFMENUNMO3UMF2 S_KK4_74000424 Maintain Messages 
483 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4NC10 S_KK4_74000208 Create Message Types 
484 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4NC20 S_KK4_74000206 Create Message Segments 
485 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4NRCM S_KK4_74000121 Use HCM Auxiliary Programs 
486 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON01 S_KK4_74000141 Activate Automatic Message Dispatch 
487 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON70 S_KK4_74000172 Display Keys / Texts 
488 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON71 S_KK4_74000171 Assign Events to Work Organizer Types (SAP Preset Values) 
489 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON72 S_KK4_74000170 Assign Events to Work Organizer Types (Customer) 
490 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON73 S_KK4_74000169 Maintain Keys / Texts 
491 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON75 S_KK4_74000151 Configure Unconditioned Output Control 
492 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON76 S_KK4_74000150 Configure Output Conditioned by Ins. Provider and IP Type 
493 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON77 S_KK4_74000168 Assign Windows and Text Elements to Work Organizers 
494 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON78 S_KK4_74000146 Assign Output Devices to Input Devices (Printer - Terminal) 
495 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON79 S_KK4_74000167 Assign Printers to Work Organizers 
496 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON7A S_KK4_74000149 Configure Output Conditioned by Billing Type and IP Type 
497 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON7B S_KK4_74000166 Assign Work Organizers to Organizational Units 
498 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON7C S_KK4_74000147 Display List of Settings 
499 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON7F S_KK4_74000148 Set Filters for Work Organizer Output at Events 
500 SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON88 S_KK4_74000226 Determine Catalog Columns