SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index S, page 15
IMG Activity - S
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 SIMG_CMMENUOEDISU03 S_BCE_68000242 Maintain authorizations 
2 SIMG_CMMENUOFDI0014 S_ALR_87006863 Define Settlement Variants 
3 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIALTMV S_ALR_87007051 Data Transfer Lease-Outs 
4 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIANUEB S_ALR_87007717 Cross-Application Components - Document Management 
5 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIBWA10 S_ALR_87007746 Service Charge Settlement, Operating Expenses Settlement 
6 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIBWA11 S_ALR_87007745 Incoming Payments: Underpayment, Overpayment 
7 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIBWA12 S_ALR_87007743 Irrecoverable Debt 
8 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIBWA13 S_ALR_87007741 Management Contract 
9 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIBWA2 S_ALR_87007688 Basic Rent, Surcharges, Flat Rates 
10 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIBWA3 S_ALR_87007704 Advance Payments for Operating Costs 
11 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIBWA4 S_ALR_87007709 Rent Reduction 
12 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIBWA5 S_ALR_87007681 Cash Deposit 
13 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIBWA7 S_ALR_87007690 Advance Payments for Sales-Based Rents 
14 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIBWA8 S_ALR_87007698 One-Time Postings 
15 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIBWA9 S_ALR_87007737 Instalment Payments 
16 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIFB01 S_ALR_87007420 Basic Settings for Company Codes/Financial Asset Management 
17 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIFND3 S_ALR_87006999 Assign Flow Types to Incoming Payments Rejection 
18 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIFNZA S_ALR_87006998 Maintain Account Determination for Incoming Payments Rejection 
19 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIFOZW S_ALR_87007032 Determine Dunnable Payment Methods 
20 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIPS S_ALR_87007753 Project System 
21 SIMG_CMMENUOFDIUNTER S_ALR_87007702 Enterprise Structure 
22 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU21 S_AHR_61010377 Create media 
23 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU22 S_AHR_61010381 Create recruitment instruments 
24 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU23 S_AHR_61010384 Create addresses for recruitment instruments 
25 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU25 S_AHR_61010389 Create positions 
26 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU3C S_AHR_61010275 Change applicant actions 
27 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU3D S_AHR_61010414 Set permissible status reasons for each applicant status 
28 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU3E S_AHR_61010419 Create status reasons 
29 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU3F S_AHR_61010424 Change status texts 
30 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU3G S_AHR_61010268 Change info groups 
31 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU44 S_AHR_61010252 Create standard texts for applicant correspondence 
32 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU45 S_AHR_61010217 Create signature line for letters to applicants 
33 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU46 S_AHR_61010206 Define variables for creating text 
34 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU47 S_AHR_61010260 Change name format for applicant 
35 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU47B S_AHR_61018768 Change name format for applicant 
36 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU48 S_AHR_61010225 Set parameters for mail connection 
37 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU4A S_AHR_61010294 Create default values 
38 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU4B S_AHR_61010290 Create sequence 
39 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU4E S_AHR_61010361 Create unsolicited application groups 
40 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU4G S_AHR_61010405 Create priorities for vacancy assignment 
41 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU55 S_AHR_61010281 Create applicant activity types 
42 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU5A S_AHR_61010286 Change automatic creation of applicant activities 
43 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU5C S_AHR_61010394 Create personnel officer 
44 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU5S S_AHR_61010399 Create applicant groups 
45 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU5T S_AHR_61010352 Create applicant ranges 
46 SIMG_CMMENUOH40OU73 S_AHR_61010244 Set word processing system 
47 SIMG_CMMENUOH40UO71 S_AHR_61010235 Create standard texts for mail connection 
48 SIMG_CMMENUOIFDIPM S_ALR_87007754 Plant Maintenance 
49 SIMG_CMMENUOKCM0010 S_ALR_87000500 Print in MS Word for Windows 
50 SIMG_CMMENUOKCMUB S_ALR_87000066 Maintain User Parameters and Fixed Values 
51 SIMG_CMMENUOLISFOSI S_ALR_87000697 Simulate Update 
52 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBGWE03 S_ALR_87000247 Maintain Condition Table 
53 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBGWE04 S_ALR_87000242 Maintain Output Types 
54 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBGWE05 S_ALR_87000237 Maintain Access Sequences 
55 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBGWE06 S_ALR_87000232 Assign Output Types to Partner Functions 
56 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBGWE07 S_ALR_87000227 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
57 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBGWE08 S_ALR_87000217 Assign Output Determination Procedure 
58 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBGWE09 S_ALR_87000223 Maintain Output 
59 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBNAKO S_ALR_87000145 Maintain Conditions 
60 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBNAKT S_ALR_87000166 Maintain Condition Tables 
61 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBOMB7 S_ALR_87000316 Prepare Test Data (Limited Field Selection) 
62 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBOMB8 S_ALR_87000300 Prepare Test Data (Limited Field Selection) 
63 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBOMC6 S_ALR_87000205 Create Test Data 
64 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBOMCG S_ALR_87000252 Inventory Management and Physical Inventory 
65 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBSXDA S_P99_41000134 Inventory Management and Physical Inventory Data Transfer 
66 SIMG_CMMENUOLMBTIPN S_ALR_87000538 Tips for Fast Setting of Output Determination 
67 SIMG_CMMENUOLMCBED S_ALR_87000894 Maintain Requirements 
68 SIMG_CMMENUOLMCFELD S_ALR_87000930 Maintain Self-Defined Field Catalogs 
69 SIMG_CMMENUOLMCFORM S_ALR_87000919 Maintain Formulas 
70 SIMG_CMMENUOLMCINFP S_ALR_87000928 Maintain Self-Defined Information Structures 
71 SIMG_CMMENUOLMCLAY S_ALR_87000626 Determine standard layout 
72 SIMG_CMMENUOLMCSETS S_ALR_87000592 Maintain sets 
73 SIMG_CMMENUOLMCVABL S_ALR_87000596 Maintain variables 
74 SIMG_CMMENUOLMDOMI6 S_ALR_87000637 Material requirements planning 
75 SIMG_CMMENUOLME0002 S_ALR_87002461 Maintain Search Helps for Purchasing Documents 
76 SIMG_CMMENUOLME0011 S_ALR_87001707 Maintain Conditions for Services 
77 SIMG_CMMENUOLMEABRE2 S_ALR_87002097 Maintain Company Code for Subsequent Settlement at Plant Level 
78 SIMG_CMMENUOLMEABREC S_ALR_87002098 Control of the "Subsequent Settlement" Process 
79 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENA001 S_ALR_87099984 Maintain User Groups and Assign Bus. Vol. Tolerance Groups 
80 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENA002 S_ALR_87099985 Define Business Volume Tolerance Groups 
81 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF001 S_ALR_87099957 Message determination 
82 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF003 S_ALR_87099958 Maintain Condition Tables 
83 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF004 S_ALR_87099959 Maintain Message Types 
84 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF005 S_ALR_87099960 Maintain Access Sequences 
85 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF006 S_ALR_87099961 Assign Partner Roles to Message Types 
86 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF007 S_ALR_87099962 Maintain Message Determination Schema 
87 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF008 S_ALR_87099963 Assign Form/Processing Program to Message Type 
88 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF009 S_ALR_87099973 Define Requirements 
89 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF011 S_ALR_87099975 Define Forms 
90 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF012 S_ALR_87099976 Maintain Form Text Assignment 
91 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF014 S_ALR_87099977 Assign Output Devices and Print Parameters 
92 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF015 S_ALR_87099978 Maintain Condition Tables 
93 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF016 S_ALR_87099979 Maintain Message Types 
94 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF017 S_ALR_87099980 Maintain Access Sequences 
95 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF018 S_ALR_87099981 Assign Partner Roles to Message Types 
96 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF019 S_ALR_87099982 Maintain Message Determination Schema 
97 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF020 S_ALR_87099983 Assign Form/Processing Program to Message Type 
98 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENF021 S_P99_41000186 Storing Printouts 
99 SIMG_CMMENUOLMENTRAR S_P99_41000381 Maintain Residence Time for Archiving 
100 SIMG_CMMENUOLMEOMG7 S_ALR_87002042 Purchasing 
101 SIMG_CMMENUOLMETORP S_ALR_87002117 Maintain Appointment (Door Usage) Profile 
102 SIMG_CMMENUOLMETORT S_ALR_87002124 Reasons for Date Variance 
103 SIMG_CMMENUOLMETORZ S_ALR_87002125 Assignment of Profile to Warehouse Number 
104 SIMG_CMMENUOLMOD-A S_P99_41000180 Develop Enhancements for External Services 
105 SIMG_CMMENUOLMRB S_ALR_87002492 Create Reporting 
106 SIMG_CMMENUOLMSRETL1 S_P00_07000205 Check Settings Related to Structured Materials 
107 SIMG_CMMENUOLMWB S_ALR_87002393 Reporting 
108 SIMG_CMMENUOLPFCOWF1 S_PCO_36000356 Maintain Assignment of Processors 
109 SIMG_CMMENUOLPFPFCG S_ALR_87008959 Authorization Management 
110 SIMG_CMMENUOLPFPFOM S_PCO_36000357 Link MRP Controllers with the Organizational Management 
111 SIMG_CMMENUOLPFSWE2 S_PCO_36000358 Maintain Event Linkage 
112 SIMG_CMMENUOLPFWF01 S_ALR_87009552 Trigger Points (Obsolete) 
113 SIMG_CMMENUOLPFWF02 S_ALR_87009553 Purchase Order Changes 
114 SIMG_CMMENUOLPFWF03 S_ALR_87009554 Production Order Phases 
115 SIMG_CMMENUOLPFWF04 S_ALR_87009555 Production Order Changes 
116 SIMG_CMMENUOLPFWF05 S_ALR_87009556 Variances in Confirmations 
117 SIMG_CMMENUOLPKFELDR S_ALR_87004340 Change selection list for fields in sort-layout key 
118 SIMG_CMMENUOLPKFIXI S_ALR_87004375 Fix time periods on capacity planning table 
119 SIMG_CMMENUOLPKINFO S_ALR_87004412 Change texts for graphical objects and status line 
120 SIMG_CMMENUOLPKOPDK S_ALR_87004175 Define list versions of standard overview 
121 SIMG_CMMENUOLPKOPDM S_ALR_87004123 Define list versions of detailed capacity list 
122 SIMG_CMMENUOLPKSEQUE S_ALR_87004230 Define dispatching sequence for operations 
123 SIMG_CMMENUOLPKSORTI S_ALR_87004349 Assign new values to fields in sort-layout key 
124 SIMG_CMMENUOLPKTABLE S_ALR_87004311 Display user data in table section of planning tables 
125 SIMG_CMMENUOLPKVORG S_ALR_87004256 Change operation data 
126 SIMG_CMMENUOLPRKDPS S_ALR_87005595 Assign Sales Orders to Project Account 
127 SIMG_CMMENUOLPROP13 S_ALR_87005097 Define screen selection for work centers 
128 SIMG_CMMENUOLPROP131 S_ALR_87004677 Define screen selection for work centers 
129 SIMG_CMMENUOLPSACT01 S_KA5_12000680 Define Standard Value Determination Type 
130 SIMG_CMMENUOLQNOQNS1 S_ALR_87004476 Maintain Catalogs 
131 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDBONU4 S_ALR_87007475 Activate Rebate Processing 
132 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDCS S_ALR_87099968 Create Tab Layouts for Consumer Data 
133 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDCS1 S_ALR_87009231 Define determination procedure for cross selling 
134 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDCS2 S_ALR_87009232 Define And Assign Cross-Selling Profile 
135 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDCS3 S_P99_41000153 Maintain Customer/Document Procedures For Cross Selling 
136 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDFA S_ALR_87006427 Listing/Exclusion 
137 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDFI S_ALR_87099966 Create Tab Layouts for Company Code Data 
138 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDFKM S_ALR_87007034 Define Dependencies Of Revenue Account Determination 
139 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDFLRF1 S_ALR_87005922 Scheduling With Route Schedule For Sales Document Type 
140 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDFLRF2 S_ALR_87005932 Scheduling With Route Schedule For Delivery Type 
141 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDGD S_ALR_87099964 Create Tab Layouts for General Data 
142 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDKWLS S_ALR_87006697 Delivery Split by Warehouse Number 
143 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDKWLS1 S_ALR_87006704 Number Ranges for Wave Picks 
144 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDKWLS2 S_ALR_87006705 Define Group Types for Wave Picks 
145 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDKWLS3 S_ALR_87006699 Define Number Range for Group 
146 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDNFF   Define Forms 
147 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDOVL2 S_ALR_87006845 Assign Shipping Points 
148 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDOVSF S_ALR_87006842 Define Shipping Conditions 
149 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDOVSX S_ALR_87006844 Define Loading Groups 
150 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDPOTA S_ALR_87007239 Customer Potential Analysis 
151 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDSD S_ALR_87099965 Create Tab Layouts for Sales Area Data 
152 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDSLV S_ALR_87006767 Control Update of Workload Data 
153 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDUS10 S_ALR_87005867 User Exits For Shipping 
154 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDUS11 S_ALR_87005862 User Exits For Billing 
155 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVB S_ALR_87007104 Maintain Copy Control for Sales Documents 
156 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVBX1 S_ALR_87006717 Specify Copy Control for Deliveries 
157 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVBX2 S_ALR_87007674 Maintain Copying Control For Billing Documents 
158 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVBX3 S_ALR_87007201 Maintain Copy Control For Sales Activities 
159 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVED1 S_ALR_87001633 Control of Foreign Trade Messages 
160 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVI28 S_ALR_87001631 EDI: Maintain Customs Identification Numbers for Vendors 
161 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVI56 S_ALR_87001632 EDI: Maintain Customs Identification Numbers for Customers 
162 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVI65 S_ALR_87001573 Maintain Market Organization 
163 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVI66 S_ALR_87001572 Number of Market Organization 
164 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVI67 S_ALR_87001571 EU Market Product List Numbers 
165 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVI69 S_ALR_87001582 Maintain CAP Product Groups 
166 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVOE4 S_ALR_87005835 Convert External To Internal Partner Numbers 
167 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDVZP S_ALR_87006769 Maintain Time of Comparison for Forming Wave Picks 
168 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDWP S_ALR_87006770 Maintain Wave Picks Profile 
169 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDWR S_ALR_87006772 Maintain Timeslot Group for Wave Pick 
170 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDXWSN1 S_ALR_87007083 Number Range For Product Proposal Module For Value Contract 
171 SIMG_CMMENUOLSDZS S_ALR_87006771 Maintain Time Slots 
172 SIMG_CMMENUOPP1BADI S_AL0_96000477 Business Add-Ins for Requirements Planning 
173 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_1411 S_ALR_87002572 Create group chart of accounts from FS chart of accounts 
174 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_1413 S_ALR_87002591 Manually Assign Group Accounts to (Operational) Accounts 
175 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_1414 S_ALR_87002584 Automatically Assign Group Accounts to (Operational) Accts 
176 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_1415 S_ALR_87002596 Check group account assignments for completion 
177 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_1416 S_ALR_87002578 Assign Group Chart of Accts to (Transaction) Chart of Accts 
178 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_1421 S_ALR_87002651 Build a Financial Statement Version for the Group 
179 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_1423 S_ALR_87002657 Create FS chart of accounts from financial statement version 
180 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_1510 S_ALR_87002681 Maintain Transaction Types for Consolidation 
181 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_1520 S_ALR_87002671 Assign Asset Transaction Types 
182 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_1530 S_ALR_87002663 Set Transaction Types as Required Entry 
183 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_1540 S_ALR_87002675 Define Validation for Account/Transaction Type 
184 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2110 S_ALR_87002703 Insert Company into Customer Master Record 
185 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2120 S_ALR_87002705 Insert Company into Vendor Master Record 
186 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2130 S_ALR_87002695 Insert Company into G/L Account Master Record 
187 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2210 S_ALR_87002356 Maintain Document Types for Transaction Processing 
188 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2411 S_ALR_87002365 Set Parallel Currencies in FI Financial Accounting 
189 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2421 S_ALR_87002381 Check Use of "Parallel Currencies" 
190 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2520 S_ALR_87002411 Maintain Depreciation Area 
191 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2521 S_ALR_87002374 Set Chart of Depreciation 
192 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2525 S_ALR_87002421 Check Account Assignments 
193 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2530 S_ALR_87002297 Maintain Capitalization Key 
194 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2535 S_ALR_87002304 Assign Capitalization Percentage Rates 
195 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_2540 S_ALR_87002311 Controlling: Check Account Assignments 
196 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3140 S_ALR_87002325 Assign Company/Cons.Business Area to Consolidation Unit 
197 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3150 S_ALR_87002318 Activate Business Area Balance Sheets 
198 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3210 S_ALR_87002333 Maintain Field Status Groups for G/L Accounts 
199 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3220 S_ALR_87002343 Specify Accounts for Subsequent Adjustment 
200 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3240 S_ALR_87002350 Maintain Document Types for Subsequent Debiting of BAs 
201 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3310 S_ALR_87002689 Asset Accounting: Assign Business Areas 
202 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3420 S_ALR_87002427 Define Account Determination for Reconciliation Entries 
203 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3430 S_ALR_87002490 Maintain Document Types 
204 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3505 S_ALR_87002496 Identify Companies Within the Same Client 
205 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3510 S_ALR_87002502 Assign Division/Valuation Area to Business Area 
206 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3520 S_ALR_87002508 Maintain Field Selection Group for Division 
207 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3525 S_ALR_87002512 Specify FI Account for Price Differences 
208 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3530 S_ALR_87002539 Maintain CO Assignments for Price Differences 
209 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3604 S_ALR_87002545 Identify Companies Within the Same Client 
210 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3605 S_ALR_87002552 Assign Rules per Sales Area 
211 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3606 S_ALR_87002434 Assign Business Area per Plant and Division 
212 SIMG_CMMENUORFF_3610 S_ALR_87002442 Assign Business Area per Sales Area 
213 SIMG_CMMENUORKE3065 S_ALR_87005789 Check Active Value Flows of Actual Data 
214 SIMG_CMMENUOSD6OPIN S_P99_41000263 Define Number Ranges for Packing Instructions 
215 SIMG_CMMENUOSDWTYKA1 S_KA5_12001033 Catalog Structure 
216 SIMG_CMMENUOSDWTYKAT S_KA5_12001032 Characteristics Management 
217 SIMG_CMP_XX_BAS_001 S_AHR_61016708 Define Profile View 
218 SIMG_CMP_XX_INT_001 S_AHR_61014417 Define Profile View 
219 SIMG_CMP_XX_LTI_001 S_AHR_61014406 Define Change Events 
220 SIMG_CMP_XX_LTI_002 S_AHR_61014407 Define Exercise Methods 
221 SIMG_CMP_XX_LTI_003 S_AHR_61014408 Define Life Event Types 
222 SIMG_CMP_XX_LTI_004 S_AHR_61014409 Define Vesting Rules 
223 SIMG_CMP_XX_LTI_005 S_AHR_61014410 Assign Attributes for Awards 
224 SIMG_CMP_XX_LTI_006 S_AHR_61014411 Define Country-Dependent Award Attributes 
225 SIMG_CMP_XX_LTI_007 S_AHR_61014412 Define Pricing Information for Awards 
226 SIMG_CMP_XX_LTI_008 S_AHR_61014413 Set Up Changes Due to Life Event 
227 SIMG_CMP_XX_LTI_009 S_AHR_61016423 Define Awards 
228 SIMG_CMS_ S_ALN_01002170 ASDFAF 
229 SIMG_CMS_ACG_ASN_ROL S_PLN_62000624 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
230 SIMG_CMS_ACG_RELOBJ S_PLN_62000623 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
231 SIMG_CMS_ACG_RTW_LNK S_PLN_62000625 Assign WF and Sub-Workflow to Release Procedure 
232 SIMG_CMS_ACRCR_RL_SP S_PLN_62000708 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
233 SIMG_CMS_ACR_ACT S_PLN_62000699 Define Activities 
234 SIMG_CMS_ACR_ACT_GRP S_PLN_62000700 Define Activity Groups 
235 SIMG_CMS_ACR_ADDPLCK S_PLN_62000698 Business Add-In: Additional Plausibility Checks 
236 SIMG_CMS_ACR_ASGN_NR S_PLN_62000621 Assign Number Ranges to Aircraft Types 
237 SIMG_CMS_ACR_CHECK S_AEN_10000159 Plausibility Checks for Aircrafts 
238 SIMG_CMS_ACR_CHRQ S_PLN_62000701 Define Change Request Types 
239 SIMG_CMS_ACR_CR_ACT S_PLN_62000703 Define Activities for Change Requests 
240 SIMG_CMS_ACR_CR_AGRP S_PLN_62000705 Define Activity Groups for Change Requests 
241 SIMG_CMS_ACR_CR_ST S_PLN_62000710 Define Status Transition on Release of Change Request 
242 SIMG_CMS_ACR_CR_STPF S_PLN_62000702 Assign Status Profiles to Change Request Types 
243 SIMG_CMS_ACR_PLCKSET S_PLN_62000696 Define Plausibility Check Sets 
244 SIMG_CMS_ACR_PLPRC S_PLN_62000693 Define Plausibility Processor 
245 SIMG_CMS_ACR_PL_CHK S_PLN_62000694 Define Plausibility Checks 
246 SIMG_CMS_ACR_REL S_PLN_62000690 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
247 SIMG_CMS_ACR_REL_PR S_PLN_62000706 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
248 SIMG_CMS_ACR_REL_ROL S_PLN_62000691 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
249 SIMG_CMS_ACR_RTWLNK S_PLN_62000692 Assign Release WF and Release Procedure WF to Release Procedures 
250 SIMG_CMS_ACR_RTW_LNK S_PLN_62000709 Assign Release WF and Release WF Procedure to Release Procedures 
251 SIMG_CMS_ACR_SCRSTR S_PLN_62000684 Define Screen Structures 
252 SIMG_CMS_ACR_STAT_PF S_PLN_62000688 Define Status Profiles 
253 SIMG_CMS_ACR_STA_ASN S_PLN_62000689 Assign Status Profiles to Process Control Keys 
254 SIMG_CMS_ADMN_UNIT S_ALN_01001808 Define Administration Organizational Units 
255 SIMG_CMS_ADNL_PRPRIG S_PLN_62000627 Define Additional Property Rights 
256 SIMG_CMS_ADNL_PRTRIG S_PLN_62000626 Define Additional Property Rights 
257 SIMG_CMS_AIR_ASN_PKY S_PLN_62000683 Assign Process Control Keys to Aircraft Types 
258 SIMG_CMS_AIR_NR S_PLN_62000620 Define Number Ranges 
259 SIMG_CMS_AIR_OBJSCRN S_PLN_62000685 Define Object Screens 
260 SIMG_CMS_AIR_PCNKEY S_PLN_62000682 Define Process Control Keys 
261 SIMG_CMS_AIR_TYP S_PLN_62000619 Define Aircraft Types 
262 SIMG_CMS_ANL_SMT_FRM S_ALN_01001885 Define SmartForm Attributes for Collateral Sheet 
263 SIMG_CMS_ARCH_PPRREC S_PLN_62000540 Assign Archives for Paper Records 
264 SIMG_CMS_ASN_RFC_DES S_ALN_01001876 Assign RFC Destination to Default Implementation 
265 SIMG_CMS_ASN_RTY_RGP S_PLN_62000582 Assign Collateral Agreement Types to Relationship Groups 
266 SIMG_CMS_ASN_STDFRCL S_PLN_62000615 Assign Application Form for Correspondence 
267 SIMG_CMS_AST_ACT S_ALN_01001825 Define Activities 
268 SIMG_CMS_AST_ACT_GRP S_ALN_01001826 Define Activity Groups 
269 SIMG_CMS_AST_CHECK S_ALN_01002133 Business Add-In: Additional Plausibility Checks 
270 SIMG_CMS_AST_CR_ACT S_ALN_01001828 Define Activities 
271 SIMG_CMS_AST_CR_REL S_ALN_01001934 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
272 SIMG_CMS_AST_CR_ST S_ALN_01001935 Define Status Transition on Release 
273 SIMG_CMS_AST_CR_STPF S_ALN_01001829 Assign Status Profile to Change Request Types 
274 SIMG_CMS_AST_CR_STTN S_ALN_01001832 Define Status Transition 
275 SIMG_CMS_AST_CR_TY S_ALN_01001827 Define Change Request Types 
276 SIMG_CMS_AST_CR_TYP S_ALN_01001932 Define Change Request Types 
277 SIMG_CMS_AST_FLDS S_ALN_01001806 Define Field Names 
278 SIMG_CMS_AST_IMP_DLG S_PLN_62000748 Business Add-In : Asset - OMS Dialog Interface 
279 SIMG_CMS_AST_IMP_NDG S_PLN_62000749 Business Add-In : Asset - OMS Non-dialog Interface 
280 SIMG_CMS_AST_LINK_WF S_ALN_01001833 Assign Release WF and Release Procedure WF to Release Procedures 
281 SIMG_CMS_AST_LQTYP S_ALN_01001795 Define Liquidation Types 
282 SIMG_CMS_AST_NR S_ALN_01001801 Define Number Ranges 
283 SIMG_CMS_AST_NR_ASS S_ALN_01001802 Assign Number Ranges to Asset Types 
284 SIMG_CMS_AST_PLCHK S_ALN_01001822 Define Plausibility Checks 
285 SIMG_CMS_AST_PLCHSET S_ALN_01001823 Define Plausibility Check Sets 
286 SIMG_CMS_AST_PLCKASN S_ALN_01001824 Assign Plausibility Check to UI Elements 
287 SIMG_CMS_AST_PLCKSET S_ALN_01001930 Define Plausibility Check Sets 
288 SIMG_CMS_AST_PLCK_UI S_ALN_01001931 Assign Plausibility Checks to UI Elements 
289 SIMG_CMS_AST_PLPRC S_ALN_01001821 Define Plausibility Processor 
290 SIMG_CMS_AST_PL_CHK S_ALN_01001929 Define Plausibility Checks 
291 SIMG_CMS_AST_REL S_ALN_01001927 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
292 SIMG_CMS_AST_REL_PR S_ALN_01001933 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
293 SIMG_CMS_AST_REL_PRO S_ALN_01001830 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
294 SIMG_CMS_AST_REL_ROL S_ALN_01001831 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
295 SIMG_CMS_AST_REL_STP S_ALN_01001819 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
296 SIMG_CMS_AST_RISKCOD S_ALN_01001805 Define Risk Codes 
297 SIMG_CMS_AST_RTWLNK S_PLN_62000630 Assign Release WF and Release Procedure WF to Release Procedures 
298 SIMG_CMS_AST_RTW_LNK S_ALN_01001928 Assign Release WF and Release Procedure WF to Release Procedures 
299 SIMG_CMS_AST_SAS_TY S_ALN_01001804 Define Sub-Asset Types 
300 SIMG_CMS_AST_SAS_TYP S_PLN_62000763 Define Sub-asset Types 
301 SIMG_CMS_AST_SCRVAR S_ALN_01001924 Define Screen Structures 
302 SIMG_CMS_AST_SCRV_AS S_ALN_01001926 Assign Object Screens to Asset Types 
303 SIMG_CMS_AST_SCVAR S_ALN_01001815 Assign Screen Variants to Asset Types 
304 SIMG_CMS_AST_STATPF S_ALN_01001817 Assign Status Profile to Asset Type 
305 SIMG_CMS_AST_STA_ASN S_ALN_01001915 Assign Status Profiles to Control Keys 
306 SIMG_CMS_AST_STA_PRF S_ALN_01001912 Define Status Profiles 
307 SIMG_CMS_AST_TYP S_ALN_01001800 Define Asset Types 
308 SIMG_CMS_AST_TYP_P S_ALN_01002132 Assign Process Control Keys to Asset Types 
309 SIMG_CMS_AST_WF_REL S_ALN_01001820 Assign Release WF and Release Procedure WF to Release Procedures 
310 SIMG_CMS_AUTH_PROF S_PLN_62000516 Maintain Authorization Profiles 
311 SIMG_CMS_BADI_BP_ALT S_ALN_01001942 Define Alternate Implementation 
312 SIMG_CMS_BADI_CLVAL S_ALN_01001888 Business Add-In: Distribution of Collateral Value 
313 SIMG_CMS_BADI_COLVAL S_ALN_01001887 Business Add-In for Distribution of Collateral Value 
314 SIMG_CMS_BADI_DC_ALT S_ALN_01001943 Define Alternate Implementation 
315 SIMG_CMS_BADI_GETDAT S_ALN_01001899 Business Add-In: Interface to Class Master Data System 
316 SIMG_CMS_BADI_GETRBL S_ALN_01001881 Business Add-In: Get Receivable 
317 SIMG_CMS_BADI_LENRNG S_ALN_01001889 Business Add-In: Distribution of Lending Ranges 
318 SIMG_CMS_BADI_LENVAL S_ALN_01001886 Business Add-In for Distribution of Collateral Value 
319 SIMG_CMS_BADI_RBLIST S_ALN_01001882 Business Add-In: Get Receivables List 
320 SIMG_CMS_BADI_RBLMTN S_ALN_01001883 Business Add-In: Maintain Receivable 
321 SIMG_CMS_BADI_RBLSRH S_ALN_01001884 Business Add-In: Search for a Receivable 
322 SIMG_CMS_BADI_VALINT S_ALN_01001898 Business Add-In: Interface to Valuation System 
323 SIMG_CMS_BADI_VALN S_ALN_01001940 Business Add-In: New Implementation for Valuation Methods 
324 SIMG_CMS_BANKAREA S_ALN_01001784 Define BankArea 
325 SIMG_CMS_BASEL_DEXPR S_ALN_01001891 Maintain Settings for Data Extraction Process 
326 SIMG_CMS_BDLASN_OSRN S_PLN_62000609 Assign Object Screens to Collateral Object Bundle Types 
327 SIMG_CMS_BDL_ASGN_NR S_PLN_62000596 Assign Number Range Types to Collateral Object Bundle Types 
328 SIMG_CMS_BDL_CHECK S_AEN_10000160 Plausibility Checks for Object Bundles 
329 SIMG_CMS_BDL_NR S_PLN_62000595 Define Number Ranges 
330 SIMG_CMS_BDL_TYP S_PLN_62000546 Define Collateral Object Bundle Types 
331 SIMG_CMS_BDT S_PLN_16000240 Settings using the Business Data Toolset 
332 SIMG_CMS_BPF S_ALN_01001797 Define Partner Functions 
333 SIMG_CMS_BPF_SET S_ALN_01002022 Define Partner Function Sets 
334 SIMG_CMS_BP_FUNCTION S_ALN_01001977 Define Business Partner Functions 
335 SIMG_CMS_BUNDLE_NR S_PLN_62000571 Define Number Ranges 
336 SIMG_CMS_BUNDLE_TYP S_PLN_62000570 Define Collateral Object Bundle Types 
337 SIMG_CMS_BUN_ASGN_NR S_PLN_62000572 Assign Number Ranges to Collateral Object Bundle Types 
338 SIMG_CMS_BUN_OBJSCRN S_PLN_62000584 Define Object Screens 
339 SIMG_CMS_CAG S_ALN_01001848 Define Field Names for Collateral Agreement Types 
340 SIMG_CMS_CAGTY_GRPTY S_PLN_62000607 Assign Collateral Agreement Types to Relationship Group Types 
341 SIMG_CMS_CAG_ACT S_ALN_01001862 Define Activities 
342 SIMG_CMS_CAG_ACT_GRP S_ALN_01001863 Define Activity Groups 
343 SIMG_CMS_CAG_ASGR S_ALN_01001842 Define Assignment Reasons 
344 SIMG_CMS_CAG_AST_TYP S_ALN_01001839 Assign Asset Types to Collateral Agreement Types 
345 SIMG_CMS_CAG_BLKRS S_ALN_01001843 Define Portion Restrictions 
346 SIMG_CMS_CAG_BPF S_ALN_01001834 Define Partner Functions for Collateral Agreement Types 
347 SIMG_CMS_CAG_BPF_SET S_ALN_01002246 Define Partner Function Sets 
348 SIMG_CMS_CAG_CHECK S_ALN_01002171 Business Add-In: Additional Plausibility Checks 
349 SIMG_CMS_CAG_CR_ACT S_ALN_01001865 Define Activities 
350 SIMG_CMS_CAG_CR_AGRP S_ALN_01002137 Define Activity Groups 
351 SIMG_CMS_CAG_CR_STPF S_ALN_01001866 Assign Status Profile to Change Request Types 
352 SIMG_CMS_CAG_CR_TY S_ALN_01001864 Define Change Request Types 
353 SIMG_CMS_CAG_CST_TYP S_PLN_62000764 Define Cost Types 
354 SIMG_CMS_CAG_DOC_SET S_ALN_01001837 Define Document Type Sets 
355 SIMG_CMS_CAG_FLDS S_ALN_01001849 Define Field Names for Collateral Agreement Types 
356 SIMG_CMS_CAG_FSTAT S_ALN_01001850 Define Object Screens 
357 SIMG_CMS_CAG_FST_ASN S_ALN_01001852 Assign Object Screens to Collateral Agreement Types 
358 SIMG_CMS_CAG_LIQRSN S_ALN_01001796 Define Liquidation Reasons 
359 SIMG_CMS_CAG_LIQ_MOD S_PLN_62000761 Define Liquidation Modes 
360 SIMG_CMS_CAG_MQCRT S_ALN_01001844 Define Minimum Qualitative Criteria 
361 SIMG_CMS_CAG_MQEXP S_ALN_01001845 Define Minimum Qualitative Exceptions 
362 SIMG_CMS_CAG_MQR S_PLN_06000048 Define Minimum Qualitative Reasons 
363 SIMG_CMS_CAG_NR S_ALN_01001835 Define Number Ranges 
364 SIMG_CMS_CAG_NR_TYP S_ALN_01001836 Assign Number Ranges to Collateral Agreement Types 
365 SIMG_CMS_CAG_PCN_REL S_ALN_01001867 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
366 SIMG_CMS_CAG_PLCHK S_ALN_01001859 Define Plausibility Checks 
367 SIMG_CMS_CAG_PLC_SET S_ALN_01001860 Define Plausibility Check Sets 
368 SIMG_CMS_CAG_PLPRC S_ALN_01001858 Define Plausibility Processor 
369 SIMG_CMS_CAG_PL_UI S_ALN_01001861 Assign Plausibility Check to UI Elements 
370 SIMG_CMS_CAG_REL_PRO S_ALN_01001855 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
371 SIMG_CMS_CAG_REL_ROL S_ALN_01001856 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
372 SIMG_CMS_CAG_ROL_REL S_ALN_01001868 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
373 SIMG_CMS_CAG_RTWLNK S_PLN_62000629 Assign Release WF and Release Procedure WF to Release Procedures 
374 SIMG_CMS_CAG_RTW_LNK S_ALN_01001857 Assign Release WF and Release Procedure WF to Release Procedures 
375 SIMG_CMS_CAG_SA_SET S_PLN_62000618 Define Special Arrangement Sets 
376 SIMG_CMS_CAG_SA_TYP S_PLN_62000617 Define Special Arrangement Types 
377 SIMG_CMS_CAG_SCCI S_PLN_06000199 Define Credit Insurance Covers 
378 SIMG_CMS_CAG_SCVAR S_ALN_01001851 Define Screen Structures 
379 SIMG_CMS_CAG_STAT_PF S_ALN_01001853 Define Status Profiles 
380 SIMG_CMS_CAG_STA_ASN S_ALN_01001854 Assign Status Profile to Control Keys 
381 SIMG_CMS_CAG_ST_TSN S_ALN_01001869 Define Status Transition on Release 
382 SIMG_CMS_CAG_TERMPER S_ALN_01001840 Define Termination Notice Periods 
383 SIMG_CMS_CAG_TRMRSN S_ALN_01001847 Define Termination Types 
384 SIMG_CMS_CAG_TRTYP S_ALN_01001841 Define Termination Right Types 
385 SIMG_CMS_CAG_TYP S_ALN_01001838 Define Collateral Agreement Types 
386 SIMG_CMS_CAG_TYP_P S_ALN_01002136 Assign Control Keys to Collateral Agreement Types 
387 SIMG_CMS_CHG_TYP S_ALN_01001803 Assign Collateral Agreement Types to Asset Types 
388 SIMG_CMS_CLAIM_NR S_PLN_62000569 Define Number Ranges 
389 SIMG_CMS_CLAIM_TYP S_PLN_62000549 Define Claim Types 
390 SIMG_CMS_CLM_ASGN_NR S_PLN_62000555 Assign Number Ranges to Claim Types 
391 SIMG_CMS_CLM_CHECK S_AEN_10000163 Plausibility Checks for Claims 
392 SIMG_CMS_CLM_OBJSCRN S_PLN_62000588 Assign Object Screens to Claim Types 
393 SIMG_CMS_CLNT_CURR S_ALN_01001809 Define Default Currency at Client Level 
394 SIMG_CMS_COBCR_RL_SP S_PLN_62000737 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
395 SIMG_CMS_COB_ACR_CLS S_PLN_62000756 Define Aircraft Classification Types 
396 SIMG_CMS_COB_ACT S_PLN_62000726 Define Activities 
397 SIMG_CMS_COB_ACT_GRP S_PLN_62000731 Define Activity Groups 
398 SIMG_CMS_COB_ADDPLCK S_PLN_62000730 Business Add-In: Additional Plausibility Checks 
399 SIMG_CMS_COB_ASN_NR S_PLN_62000723 Assign Number Ranges to Collateral Object Types 
400 SIMG_CMS_COB_ASN_PKY S_PLN_62000715 Assign Process Control Keys to Collateral Object Types 
401 SIMG_CMS_COB_CHRQ S_PLN_62000732 Define Change Request Types 
402 SIMG_CMS_COB_CLM_CLS S_PLN_62000774 Define Classification Types for Claims 
403 SIMG_CMS_COB_CR_ACT S_PLN_62000734 Define Activities for Change Requests 
404 SIMG_CMS_COB_CR_AGRP S_PLN_62000735 Define Activity Groups for Change Requests 
405 SIMG_CMS_COB_CR_ST S_PLN_62000739 Define Status Transition on Release of Change Request 
406 SIMG_CMS_COB_CR_STPF S_PLN_62000733 Assign Status Profiles to Change Request Types 
407 SIMG_CMS_COB_DEV_CLS S_PLN_62000758 Define Classification Types for Device Types 
408 SIMG_CMS_COB_INV_CLS S_PLN_62000759 Define Classification Types for Inventory Types 
409 SIMG_CMS_COB_NR S_PLN_62000722 Define Number Ranges 
410 SIMG_CMS_COB_PAT_CLS S_PLN_62000773 Define Classification Types for Patents 
411 SIMG_CMS_COB_PLCKSET S_PLN_62000720 Define Plausibility Check Sets 
412 SIMG_CMS_COB_PLCK_UI S_PLN_62000721 Assign Plausibility Checks to UI Elements 
413 SIMG_CMS_COB_PLPRC S_PLN_62000718 Define Plausibility Processor 
414 SIMG_CMS_COB_PL_CHK S_PLN_62000719 Define Plausibility Checks 
415 SIMG_CMS_COB_REL S_PLN_62000727 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
416 SIMG_CMS_COB_REL_PR S_PLN_62000736 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
417 SIMG_CMS_COB_REL_ROL S_PLN_62000728 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
418 SIMG_CMS_COB_RTWLNK S_PLN_62000729 Assign Release WF and Release Procedure WF to Release Procedures 
419 SIMG_CMS_COB_RTW_LNK S_PLN_62000738 Assign Release WF and Release WF Procedure to Release Procedures 
420 SIMG_CMS_COB_STAT_PF S_PLN_62000740 Define Status Profiles 
421 SIMG_CMS_COB_STA_ASN S_PLN_62000741 Assign Status Profiles to Process Control Keys 
422 SIMG_CMS_COB_VEH_CLS S_PLN_62000757 Define Classifications for Vehicle Types 
423 SIMG_CMS_CORE_AS_TYP S_ALN_01000995 Define Asset Types 
424 SIMG_CMS_CORE_CAG S_ALN_01000999 Define Collateral Agreement Types 
425 SIMG_CMS_CORE_CR_SYS S_ALN_01000993 Maintain Credit Systems 
426 SIMG_CMS_CORE_DOC_TY S_ALN_01000991 Maintain Document Types 
427 SIMG_CMS_CORE_OB_SYS S_ALN_01000992 Maintain Object Systems 
428 SIMG_CMS_CORE_PD_SET S_ALN_01000998 Define Product Sets 
429 SIMG_CMS_CORE_PRD S_ALN_01000997 Define Products 
430 SIMG_CMS_CORE_RSK_CD S_ALN_01000994 Common Maintain Risk Codes 
431 SIMG_CMS_CORE_TRANS S_ALN_01000985 Define Transactions 
432 SIMG_CMS_CORR_ADDTYP S_PLN_62000524 Define Address Types 
433 SIMG_CMS_CORR_APPFRM S_PLN_62000532 Assign Application Forms for Correspondence 
434 SIMG_CMS_CORR_ARCH S_PLN_62000576 Assign Archives for Paper Records 
435 SIMG_CMS_CORR_ESENDC S_PLN_62000536 Define Shipping Control 
436 SIMG_CMS_CORR_ESNDTY S_PLN_62000535 Define External Send Types 
437 SIMG_CMS_CORR_FRMCLS S_PLN_62000531 Define Application Forms 
438 SIMG_CMS_CORR_GRP S_PLN_62000529 Define Correspondence Groups 
439 SIMG_CMS_CORR_ROLE S_PLN_62000530 Define Correspondence Roles 
440 SIMG_CMS_CORR_STDFRM S_PLN_62000538 Define Standard Form Classes 
441 SIMG_CMS_CORR_STFRCL S_PLN_62000578 Define Standard Form Classes 
442 SIMG_CMS_CORR_TRN_FM S_PLN_62000534 Define Translation of Application Forms 
443 SIMG_CMS_CORR_TYP S_PLN_62000525 Define Correspondence Types 
444 SIMG_CMS_COR_ARC_PRC S_PLN_62000752 Define Archives for Paper Records 
445 SIMG_CMS_COR_FRM_CLS S_PLN_62000533 Define Form Classes 
446 SIMG_CMS_COR_TYP S_PLN_62000577 Define Correspondence Types 
447 SIMG_CMS_DBT_FLDST S_ALN_01001814 Define Field Status Variants 
448 SIMG_CMS_DEVCR_RL_SP S_PLN_62000679 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
449 SIMG_CMS_DEV_ACT S_PLN_62000672 Define Activities 
450 SIMG_CMS_DEV_ACT_GRP S_PLN_62000673 Define Activity Groups 
451 SIMG_CMS_DEV_ADDPLCK S_PLN_62000671 Business Add-In: Additional Plausibility Checks 
452 SIMG_CMS_DEV_ASN_NR S_PLN_62000552 Assign Number Ranges to Device Types 
453 SIMG_CMS_DEV_ASN_PKY S_PLN_62000660 Assign Process Control Keys to Device Types 
454 SIMG_CMS_DEV_CHECK S_AEN_10000164 Plausibility Checks for Devices 
455 SIMG_CMS_DEV_CHRQ S_PLN_62000674 Define Change Request Types 
456 SIMG_CMS_DEV_CR_ACT S_PLN_62000676 Define Activities for Change Requests 
457 SIMG_CMS_DEV_CR_AGRP S_PLN_62000677 Define Activity Groups for Change Requests 
458 SIMG_CMS_DEV_CR_ST S_PLN_62000681 Define Status Transition on Release of Change Request 
459 SIMG_CMS_DEV_CR_STPF S_PLN_62000675 Assign Status Profiles to Change Request Types 
460 SIMG_CMS_DEV_NR S_PLN_62000563 Maintain Number Ranges 
461 SIMG_CMS_DEV_OBJSCRN S_PLN_62000586 Define Object Screens 
462 SIMG_CMS_DEV_PCNKEY S_PLN_62000659 Define Process Control Keys 
463 SIMG_CMS_DEV_PLCKSET S_PLN_62000669 Define Plausibility Check Sets 
464 SIMG_CMS_DEV_PLPRC S_PLN_62000667 Define Plausibility Processor 
465 SIMG_CMS_DEV_PL_CHK S_PLN_62000668 Define Plausibility Checks 
466 SIMG_CMS_DEV_REL S_PLN_62000664 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
467 SIMG_CMS_DEV_REL_PR S_PLN_62000678 Assign Release Object to Release Procedure 
468 SIMG_CMS_DEV_REL_ROL S_PLN_62000665 Assign Standard Role to Release Steps 
469 SIMG_CMS_DEV_RTWLNK S_PLN_62000666 Assign Release WF and Release Procedure WF to Release Procedures 
470 SIMG_CMS_DEV_RTW_LNK S_PLN_62000680 Assign Release WF and Release WF Procedure to Release Procedures 
471 SIMG_CMS_DEV_SCRSTR S_PLN_62000661 Define Screen Structures 
472 SIMG_CMS_DEV_STAT_PF S_PLN_62000662 Define Status Profiles 
473 SIMG_CMS_DEV_STA_ASN S_PLN_62000663 Assign Status Profiles to Process Control Keys 
474 SIMG_CMS_DEV_TYP S_PLN_62000541 Define Devices Types 
475 SIMG_CMS_DOCSET S_ALN_01001798 Define Document Sets 
476 SIMG_CMS_DOC_ASS_RFC S_ALN_01001794 Assign RFC Destination to Default Implementation 
477 SIMG_CMS_DOC_PLOC S_ALN_01002024 Define Physical Location 
478 SIMG_CMS_DOC_SET S_ALN_01002023 Define Physical Location 
479 SIMG_CMS_DOC_TYP S_ALN_01001919 Define Document Types 
480 SIMG_CMS_FLDSTAT_VAR S_ALN_01001925 Define Object Screens 
481 SIMG_CMS_FSBP_MROL S_ALN_01002097 Map FS Business Partner Roles to CM Partner Function 
482 SIMG_CMS_INS_ASGN_NR S_PLN_62000554 Assign Number Ranges to Insurance Types 
483 SIMG_CMS_INS_CHECK S_AEN_10000161 Plausibility Checks for Insurance Objects 
484 SIMG_CMS_INS_GENERAL S_PLN_62000567 Define Insurance Types for Collateral Objects 
485 SIMG_CMS_INS_INRISK S_PLN_62000574 Define Insured Risk Types 
486 SIMG_CMS_INS_LIFE S_PLN_62000548 Define Insurance Types 
487 SIMG_CMS_INS_NR S_PLN_62000568 Define Number Ranges 
488 SIMG_CMS_INS_OBJSCRN S_PLN_62000597 Assign Object Screens to Insurance Types 
489 SIMG_CMS_INS_RSKTYP S_PLN_62000598 Define Insured Risk Types 
490 SIMG_CMS_INS_SET S_PLN_62000557 Define Insurance Sets 
491 SIMG_CMS_INS_STAT S_PLN_62000599 Define Insurance Statuses 
492 SIMG_CMS_INS_STATUS S_PLN_62000575 Define Insurance Statuses 
493 SIMG_CMS_INS_STLTYP S_PLN_62000573 Define Insurance Settlement Types 
494 SIMG_CMS_INS_TYP S_PLN_62000547 Define General Insurance Types 
495 SIMG_CMS_INV_ASGN_NR S_PLN_62000553 Assign Number Ranges to Inventory Types 
496 SIMG_CMS_INV_CHECK S_AEN_10000162 Plausibility Checks for Inventory Objects 
497 SIMG_CMS_INV_NR S_PLN_62000564 Maintain Number Ranges 
498 SIMG_CMS_INV_OBJSCRN S_PLN_62000587 Assign Object Screens to Inventory Types 
499 SIMG_CMS_INV_TYP S_PLN_62000545 Define Inventory Types 
500 SIMG_CMS_LR_LR_INT S_PLN_62000751 Business Add-In : Land Register Interface