SAP ABAP IMG Activity SIMG_OHT044 (Assign Daily Work Schedule Dynamically)
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   PT (Application Component) Personnel Time Management
     PTIC (Package) HR Time Data: Customizing
IMG Activity
ID SIMG_OHT044 Assign Daily Work Schedule Dynamically  
Transaction Code S_AHR_61009004   IMG Activity: SIMG_OHT044 
Created on 19981221    
Customizing Attributes SIMG_OHT044   Dynamic Assignment Based on Clock-In Entries 
Customizing Activity SIMG_OHT044   Dynamic Assignment Based on Clock-In Entries 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.
Document Name SIMG_OHT044    

In this step, you can assign employees dynamically (according to their clock-in entry) to a daily work schedule, depending on their period work schedule.


A particular daily work schedule is to be assigned to employees who work according to the M3 period work schedule (3-shift operation 4W) depending on their clock-in time.
e.g.: clock-in between     5 a.m. and 7 a.m. --> F11 (early shift)
    2 p.m. and 3 p.m. --> S11 (late shift)
    10 p.m. and 11 p.m. --> N11 (night shift)


No substitution may exist for the employee.

Standard settings

If there is no substitution data and the employee participates in the dynamic assignment of daily work schedules, the daily work schedule is determined dynamically.


You need only perform these actions if the daily work schedule is determined according to the actual clock-in time, and not on the basis of the period work schedule.


  1. Decide which personnel subarea grouping for the daily work schedule and which period work schedule should be assigned dynamically to a daily work schedule.
  2. Enter '01' in the Type field if you do not require further details.
  3. Decide within which date interval and at which times a particular daily work schedule should be assigned dynamically.
  4. Enter the daily work schedule that should be assigned dynamically in the DWS field. Decide whether you want the daily work schedule variants to be taken into account. If you do, you can use one of the following three options:
    1. You can enter a variant in the Variant field.
    2. You can select the VarSt field if you want the variant to assigned using the Rules for determining variants view during work schedule generation. For more information, refer to the section Define rules for variants.
    3. You can select the OrigVar field if you want to adopt the original daily work schedule variant from the personal work schedule.
      Note that in this case, the original variant for the daily work schedule to be dynamically assigned may not exist within time evaluation. In such a situation, the daily work schedule is not dynamically assigned, and the personal work schedule remains unchanged.

Further notes

  • If dynamic assignment of the daily work schedule is only to be carried out for specific employees, please read the documentation on personnel calculation rule TD30.
  • If you require further refinements for the dynamic assignment of daily work schedules (different assignment for different employee groups despite identical period work schedule, for example), you can make a different entry in the Type field. You must also modify personnel calculation rule TD30 accordingly.

Business Attributes
ASAP Roadmap ID 204   Establish Functions and Processes 
Mandatory / Optional 2   Optional activity 
Critical / Non-Critical 2   Non-critical 
Country-Dependency A   Valid for all countries 
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SIMG SIMG_OHT044 0 HLA0003735 Time Evaluation with Clock Times 
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Maintenance object type C   Customizing Object 
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V_T552V V - View SM30 9999999999 Assign Daily Work Schedules Dynamically 
PCYC L - Logical transport object PE00 TD30 01 Modify Personnel Calculation Rule TD30 
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