SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index C, page 2
IMG Activity - C
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 CMP_00_RP_009 S_AHR_61019212 Read Data on Customer-Defined Subcategory (Other Compensation) 
2 CMP_00_RP_010 S_AHR_61019213 Read Data on Customer-Defined Category 
3 CMP_00_RP_013 S_AHR_61019235 Read Data on Subcategory Defined by SAP (Personnel Development) 
4 CMP_00_RP_014 S_AHR_61019236 Read Data on Customer-Defined Subcategory (Personnel Development) 
5 CMP_00_RP_015 S_AHR_61019246 Determine Standard Forms for Total Compensation Statement 
6 CMP_00_RP_016 S_AHR_61019247 Create Form for Total Compensation Statement 
7 CMP_00_RP_017 S_AHR_61019276 Feature: Determine Address Type 
8 CMP_00_RP_018 S_AHR_61019277 Read Data on Subcategory Defined by SAP (Benefits) 
9 CMP_00_RP_019 S_AHR_61019278 Read Data on Customer-Defined Subcategory (Benefits) 
10 CMP_00_RP_020 S_PL0_09000344 Business Add-In: Reference Salary for Calculation of Compa-Ratio 
11 CMP_00_RP_021 S_L6B_69000059 Business Add-In: Authorization Check for Total Compensation Statement 
12 CMP_00_WF_001 S_AHR_61019008 Set up workflow 'Approval Process for Comp. Adjustments' 
13 CMP_00_WF_002 S_PH0_48000222 Set up 'Follow-up action after award exercised' workflow 
14 CMP_00_WF_003 S_PH0_48000223 Set up 'Award expiration' workflow 
15 CMP_00_WF_004 S_AL0_96000300 Assign Workflow Events to Life Events 
16 CMP_00_WF_005 S_AL0_96000516 Set Up 'Creating Life Events' Workflow 
17 CMP_XX_UE_001 S_AHR_61013826 User Exit: Updating User-Defined Infotypes 
18 CMP_XX_UE_002 S_AHR_61013839 User Exit: Calculation Base 
19 CMS_ANL_CALC_LTOV S_P7F_76000066 Business Add-In: Calculation of Loan to Value Ratio 
20 CMS_CSADMIN S_BIE_59000174 Administrate Content Server 
21 CMS_LIQ S_AEN_10000531 Define Liquidation Measure Types 
22 CMS_LIQ_CASHFLOW_TYP S_AEN_10000532 Define Cash Flow Types 
23 CMS_LIQ_OBJ_SYS S_PEN_05000115 Define Reference Object Systems for Liquidation Objects 
24 CMS_LIQ_PRODATE_TYP S_AEN_10000534 Define Process Date Types 
25 CMS_LIQ_RES_FORSALE S_AEN_10000533 Define Results for Foreclosure Sale 
26 CMS_LIQ_SCVAR S_PEN_05000114 Assign Object Screens to Liquidation Types 
27 CMS_OAC0 S_BIE_59000023 Define Content Repositories 
28 CMS_OACI S_BIE_59000175 Send information to RFC Content Server 
29 CMS_OACR S_BIE_59000021 Maintain content repositories 
30 CMS_OACT S_BIE_59000020 Define and Assign Content Categories 
31 CMS_OACT_001 S_BCE_68001444 Define Content Categories 
32 CMS_OADI S_BIE_59000027 Override Content Categories in Accordance with Location 
33 CMS_OADI_001 S_BCE_68001446 Define Distribution of Categories 
34 CMS_OALO S_BIE_59000019 Define locations 
35 CMS_OALO_001 S_BCE_68001445 Define Locations 
36 CMS_OMS_LIQ_V S_PEN_05000121 Assign Value Types as Market Values 
37 CMS_RELNOTE_ERP2005 S_AEN_10000707 Release Notes 
38 CMS_RE_ONLN_VALN S_PEN_05000116 Business Add-In : Online Valuation of Real Estate 
39 CMS_SCMSCA S_BIE_59000176 Define Caches 
40 CMS_SCMSHO S_BIE_59000177 Define Host and Properties 
41 CMS_SCMSIP S_BIE_59000218 Define Locations of IP Sub-Networks 
42 CMS_SEC_BANK_ID S_ALN_01002366 Business Add-In: Bank Identification and Details 
43 CMS_VAL_COMP S_AEN_10000944 Define Valuation Components 
44 CMS_VAL_RES S_AEN_10000947 Define Value Calculation Methods 
45 CMT-APP-GEN S_ALR_87100758 General Settings 
46 CMTAPPGEN S_ALR_87100759 General Settings 
47 CMTAPPLC S_ALR_87100760 Define Life Cycle Profile 
48 CMTCUS22 S_ALR_87100795 Define Number Ranges 
49 CMTCUS32 S_ALR_87100796 Define Number Ranges 
50 CMTCUS42 S_ALR_87100797 Define Number Ranges 
51 CMTCUSEX S_KA5_12000825 Define Explosion Profile 
52 CMTOBJBASSTAT S_ALR_87100794 Define Status Profiles 
53 CMTOBJDEFGEN S_ALR_87100761 Define General Settings for Configuration Definition 
54 CMTOBJDEFSTAT S_ALR_87100789 Define Status Profiles 
55 CMTOBJFOLSTAT S_ALR_87100791 Define Status Profiles 
56 CMVT034 S_E4A_94000060 Determine Account Assignments and Document Splitting 
57 CMVT036M S_AC0_52000740 Level Assignment for Earmarked Funds 
58 CMVT036M2 S_AC0_52000741 Group Assignment for Missing Account 
59 CMX02 S_PLN_06000188 Define Namespaces for Scopes of Generation and Valuation Symbols 
60 CMX04 S_PLN_06000193 Release Namespaces 
61 CMX20 S_PLN_06000386 Define Authorization Groups for Standard XStep Repository 
62 CMX21 S_EAE_99000004 Settings for Standard XStep Repository 
63 CMX_CR100 S_ALN_01001115 Define RFC Destinations for Control Recipe Destinations 
64 CMX_CR200 S_ALN_01001116 Define and Set Up Control Recipe Destinations 
65 CMX_CR300 S_ALN_01001117 Transport Predefined Message Categories to Central SAP System 
66 CMX_CR400 S_ALN_01001118 Set Up Process Message Categories in Decentralized SAP System 
67 CMX_CR500 S_ALN_01001119 Set Up Characteristics for Process Messages in Decentralized SAP System 
68 CMX_CR600 S_PLN_16000069 Transport Predefined Message Categories to Decentralized SAP System 
69 CMX_CR700 S_PLN_16000108 Define and Set Up Message Destinations in Decentralized SAP System 
70 CMX_DA110 S_ALN_01000966 BAdI: Registration of a Manufacturing Data Access Service 
71 CMX_PM100 S_ALN_01000963 BAdI: Process Message Selection 
72 CMX_XSRSRVXSV S_PLN_06000251 BAdI: Enhancements for Standard XStep Repository 
73 CMX_XSR_CPV S_EE5_50000247 Define Reference Plant for Cross-Plant Standard XStep Repository 
74 CMX_XSSRVGEN S_PLN_06000249 BAdI: Definition of Scopes of Generation for XSteps 
75 CMX_XSSRVSYM S_PLN_06000250 BAdI: Definition of Valuation Symbols for XSteps 
76 CMX_XS_VM_DL S_EE5_50000310 Define Preferred Default Language 
77 CMX_XS_VM_TL_PIC S_EE5_50000309 Define Translatable Process Instruction Characteristics 
78 CM_AC_XX_060 S_KK4_82000136 Define and Release Fee Calculation Procedures 
79 CM_AC_XX_110 S_KK4_82000135 Maintain Condition Records 
80 CM_AS_XX_010 S_KK4_82000104 Assign Time Limit Sequence to Time Limit Fields 
81 CM_AS_XX_020 S_KK4_82000105 Maintain Pricing Procedures 
82 CM_AS_XX_030 S_KK4_82000110 Define Condition Tables 
83 CM_AS_XX_040 S_KK4_82000111 Define Access Sequences 
84 CM_AS_XX_050 S_KK4_82000112 Define Condition Types 
85 CM_AS_XX_070 S_KK4_82000114 Define Fee Calculation Procedure 
86 CM_AS_XX_080 S_KK4_82000115 Generate Test Data 
87 CM_AS_XX_090 S_KK4_82000116 Run Test Program for Fee Calculation 
88 CM_AS_XX_100 S_KK4_82000117 Maintain field catalog 
89 CM_AS_XX_120 S_KK4_82000138 Determine Document Currency 
90 CM_AS_XX_180 S_KK4_82000144 Define New Fields 
91 CM_AS_XX_190 S_KK4_82000145 Assign New Fields to Field Catalog 
92 CM_AS_XX_210 S_KK4_82001368 Define Number Ranges for Fee Calculation Documents 
93 CM_AS_XX_211 S_KK4_82001369 Define Number Ranges for Fee Calculation Documents 
94 CM_AS_XX_212 S_KK4_82001370 Assign Number Ranges to Fee Calculation Documents 
95 CM_AS_XX_213 S_KK4_82001371 Save Price per Item 
96 CM_AS_XX_220 S_KK4_82000180 Determine Document Type 
97 CM_AS_XX_221 S_KK4_82001228 Determine Sales/Purchases Tax Code for Student Accounting 
98 CM_AS_XX_230 S_KK4_82000181 Determine G/L Account 
99 CM_AS_XX_240 S_KK4_82000182 Determine Main Transaction and Subtransaction for Fee Calculation 
100 CM_AS_XX_251 S_KK4_82000434 Determine Contract Object Type 
101 CM_AS_XX_280 S_KK4_82000203 Define Account Keys 
102 CM_AS_XX_300 S_KK4_82000204 Define CO Rule Elements and Assign Function Modules 
103 CM_AS_XX_301 S_SK4_82000463 Define Grant Types 
104 CM_AS_XX_302 S_SK4_82000464 Define Grant Statuses for External Management System 
105 CM_AS_XX_303 S_SK4_82000465 Define Document Type for Grant Evaluation 
106 CM_AS_XX_306 S_SK4_82000470 Define Main Transactions and Subtransactions for Grant Evaluation 
107 CM_AS_XX_308 S_SK4_82000480 BAdI: Determine Data for Pricing 
108 CM_AS_XX_309 S_SK4_82000481 Define Versions for Statistical Documents 
109 CM_AS_XX_310 S_KK4_82000205 Define CO Rules and Assign CO Rule Elements 
110 CM_AS_XX_311 S_KK4_82001231 BAdI: Delta Posting in Fee Calculation 
111 CM_AS_XX_312 S_ANI_82001559 BAdI: Checks Before Posting of Grants 
112 CM_AS_XX_320 S_KK4_82000206 Define CO Rules for CO Account Assignment 
113 CM_AS_XX_334 S_KK4_82000730 Define Fixed CO Account Assignment for Revenue Elements 
114 CM_AS_XX_340 S_KK4_82001446 Fee Distribution to Several Company Codes 
115 CM_AS_XX_410 S_KK4_82000148 Define Condition Records 
116 CM_AS_XX_420 S_KK4_82000149 Check Asssigned Date Fields 
117 CM_AS_XX_430 S_KK4_82000150 Define Fee Calculation Steps and Assign Step Elements 
118 CM_AS_XX_500 S_KK4_82000993 Define Package Size for Parallel Processing in Fee Calculation 
119 CM_AS_XX_501 S_KK4_82001247 Using Selection Methods in Mass FI-CA Activities 
120 CM_AS_XX_502 S_KK4_82001060 Allow Grant Assignment for Full Academic Years 
121 CM_AS_XX_530 S_KK4_82000259 Define Authorization for Payment Cards 
122 CM_AS_XX_540 S_KK4_82000307 Define Merchant IDs 
123 CM_AS_XX_550 S_KK4_82000274 BAdI: Pricing in Student Accounting 
124 CM_AS_XX_560 S_KK4_82000309 Assign Merchant IDs to Company Codes 
125 CM_AS_XX_571 S_SK4_82000435 Maintain Fee Calculation Periods 
126 CM_AS_XX_572 S_SK4_82000436 Set Up Processing Modes for Fee Calculation 
127 CM_AS_XX_574 S_SK4_82000438 Assign Key Date Categories to Object Types 
128 CM_AS_XX_576 S_SK4_82000439 Define Default RFC Group 
129 CM_AS_XX_580 S_SK4_82000453 Assign Academic Years and Sessions to Fee Calculation Periods 
130 CM_AS_XX_581 S_SK4_82000454 Define Fee Calculation Periods 
131 CM_AS_XX_591 S_SK4_82000462 Define Server Group 
132 CM_AS_XX_602 S_KK4_82000915 Define Infotype Groups 
133 CM_AS_XX_603 S_KK4_82000916 Assign Infotypes to Infotype Groups 
134 CM_AS_XX_605 S_KK4_82000917 Define Document Settings for Application Fee Requests 
135 CM_AS_XX_609 S_KK4_82000924 Define Application Status for Paid Application Fees 
136 CM_AS_XX_610 S_KK4_82000475 Define Due Date Schedules 
137 CM_AS_XX_611 S_KK4_82000947 Define Standard Grant Status 
138 CM_AS_XX_620 S_KK4_82000476 Maintain Due Date Schedules 
139 CM_AS_XX_630 S_KK4_82000499 Derive Due Date Schedule from Program or Module/Event Package 
140 CM_AS_XX_640 S_KK4_82000997 BAdI: Integration of Grants in Fee Calculation 
141 CM_AS_XX_700 S_KK4_82000504 Set Up Contract Object Type Groupings 
142 CM_AS_XX_701 S_KK4_82000467 Define Requirements for Pricing 
143 CM_AS_XX_702 S_KK4_82000468 Define Formulas For Pricing 
144 CM_AS_XX_710 S_KK4_82000505 Set Up Appropriations 
145 CM_AS_XX_750 S_KK4_82000509 Define Grant Prerequisite Types 
146 CM_AS_XX_760 S_KK4_82000510 Define Grant Disbursement Types 
147 CM_AS_XX_770 S_KK4_82001459 Define Standard Relationship Between Sponsors and Contract Accounts 
148 CM_AS_XX_781 S_KK4_82000661 Define Number Ranges for Grant Documents 
149 CM_AS_XX_782 S_KK4_82000662 Assign Number Ranges to Grant Documents 
150 CM_AS_XX_784 S_KK4_82000666 Define Grant Statuses for Internal Management System 
151 CM_AS_XX_786 S_KK4_82000692 Define Clearing Account for Grant Evaluation 
152 CM_AS_XX_787 S_KK4_82000714 Define Accounts for Receivables/Payables 
153 CM_AS_XX_800 S_KK4_82000981 Financial Holds 
154 CM_AS_XX_900 S_KK4_82001312 Check Currency Customizing Settings 
155 CM_AS_XX_WAITL01 S_PNI_82001573 Include Waiting List Bookings in Student Accounting 
156 CM_DE_010 S_KI4_55000165 Set Up Module Group Categories 
157 CM_LIQUI_ZAHLTERMIN S_ALR_87100559 Liquidity Forecast: Payment Date Determinations and Assignments 
158 CM_OLPSCC_V_TCC20 S_ALR_87003793 Define signature network for change master record 
159 CM_OLPSCC_V_TCC20T S_ALR_87003781 Describe signature network for change master record 
160 CM_OLPSCC_V_TCC21 S_ALR_87003770 Define signature network for objects 
161 CM_OLPSCC_V_TCC21T S_ALR_87003761 Describe signature network for objects 
162 CM_OVPS_CVDI S_ALN_01001023 Document Distribution 
163 CM_UC_004 S_KK4_82000217 Set up Exam Boards 
164 CM_UC_005 S_KK4_82000218 Set up Exam Qualifications 
165 CM_UC_009 S_KK4_82000223 Mapping from EBL Subject Code to SAP Subject Code 
166 CM_UC_010 S_KK4_82000224 Set up Match Indicator 
167 CM_UC_011 S_KK4_82000228 Set up Schools 
168 CM_UC_012 S_KK4_82000229 Mapping from MARVIN School Code to SAP External Org. Unit 
169 CM_UC_013 S_KK4_82000230 Set up Additional Qualifications 
170 CM_UC_014 S_KK4_82000231 Set up Other Qualifications 
171 CM_UC_015 S_KK4_82000232 Set up Interview Priority 
172 CM_UC_016 S_KK4_82000234 Set up MARVIN Institution Codes 
173 CM_UC_017 S_KK4_82000235 Set up Organization of Institutions 
174 CM_UC_018 S_KK4_82000236 Mapping from UCAS Campus to SAP Campus 
175 CM_UC_019 S_KK4_82000237 Set up Programs of Study 
176 CM_UC_020 S_KK4_82000238 Mapping from MARVIN Course code to SAP Program of Study 
177 CM_UC_021 S_KK4_82000239 Offered Courses per Institution 
178 CM_UC_022 S_KK4_82000240 Mapping from MARVIN Campus Code to SAP Org. Unit 
179 CM_UC_023 S_KK4_82000241 Mapping from UCAS Point of Entry to SAP Program Stage 
180 CM_UC_024 S_KK4_82000242 Set up UCAS Action 
181 CM_UC_025 S_KK4_82000243 Set up Substitution Flag 
182 CM_UC_026 S_KK4_82000244 Set up Confirmation Status 
183 CM_UC_027 S_KK4_82000245 Set up Confirmation History 
184 CM_UC_029 S_KK4_82000246 Mapping from UCAS Disabilities to SAP Challenge Type 
185 CM_UC_030 S_KK4_82000247 Mapping from UCAS Title to SAP Title/Form of Address 
186 CM_UC_031 S_KK4_82000248 Mapping from UCAS Social Class to SAP Social Class 
187 CM_UC_032 S_KK4_82000249 Mapping from UCAS Ethnic Origin to SAP Ethnic Group 
188 CM_UC_033 S_KK4_82000250 Mapping from UCAS Occupational Group to SAP Activity 
189 CM_UC_034 S_KK4_82000251 Mapping from UCAS Nationality/Country/County to SAP Country/County Code 
190 CM_UC_036 S_KK4_82000252 Set up Local Educational Authority (LEA) Codes 
191 CM_UC_037 S_KK4_82000253 Set up Higher Education Institutions 
192 CM_UC_038 S_KK4_82000254 Set up Residential Categories 
193 CM_UC_039 S_KK4_82001216 HESA: Set up Further Education Institutions 
194 CM_UC_044 S_KK4_82000261 Define Qualifications for Points Calculation 
195 CM_UC_045 S_KK4_82000263 Define Unique Identifier for Current Institution (MARVIN Code) 
196 CM_UC_046 S_KK4_82000264 Define Default Month for Admission 
197 CM_UC_047 S_KK4_82000266 Set up Default Session Variant and Program Plan for Program of Study 
198 CM_UC_049 S_KK4_82000278 Define Unique Identifier for Current Institution (HESA CODE) 
199 CM_UC_050 S_KK4_82000283 Define BADI for Calculation of Points Scored 
200 CM_UC_051 S_KK4_82000297 Set up Fee Payer Codes 
201 CM_UC_052 S_KK4_82000298 Set up Qualification Level 
202 CM_UC_053 S_KK4_82000299 Set up Qualification Types 
203 CM_UC_054 S_KK4_82000300 Combine Default Conditions/Comments with Programs of Study 
204 CM_UC_055 S_KK4_82000301 Define Default Conditions/Comments 
205 CM_UC_056 S_KK4_82000839 Define Socioeconomic Classes 
206 CM_UC_057 S_SK4_82000442 Define abbreviations for Conditions/Comments 
207 CM_UC_058 S_KK4_82001001 Maintain UCAS admission category 
208 CM_UC_059 S_KK4_82001002 Maintain UCAS address type to be assigned to the transmitted UCAS address 
209 CM_UC_060 S_KK4_82001238 BAdI: UCAS Admission Academic Session 
210 CM_UC_061 S_P7I_82001674 Set up Exam Level Code 
211 CM_UC_101 S_SK4_82000445 Define Global Path to UCAS Files 
212 CM_UC_102 S_SK4_82000460 Import UCAS support files 
213 CM_UC_103 S_KK4_82001086 Maintain Number Range Settings for UCAS Number 
214 CM_UC_104 S_KK4_82001088 Set up SAP Student Number with UCAS Number Format 
215 CM_UC_57 S_KK4_82001037 BAdI: UCAS Tansmitted Address 
216 CM_UC_60 S_KK4_82001036 Set up MARVIN subject codes 
217 CM_UC_LNK_001 S_P7I_82001664 Map Address Details to Comm/Address Independent 
218 CM_UC_LNK_0011 S_P7I_82001663 Maintain UCAS Offer Subjects 
219 CM_UC_LNK_002 S_P7I_82001665 Map Occupational Group to Social Economic Group 
220 CM_UC_LNK_004 S_P7I_82001666 Maintatin UCAS Error Codes and Descriptions 
221 CM_UC_LNK_006 S_P7I_82001667 Activate UCASLink 
222 CM_UC_LNK_007 S_P7I_82001669 UCASLink Web service Master Data 
223 CM_UC_LNK_008 S_P7I_82001670 Web Service user credentials 
224 CM_UC_LNK_009 S_P7I_82001671 BAdI: Map Applicant ID to Student Number 
225 CM_US_1098T_001 S_KK4_82001443 Basic Information 
226 CM_US_1098T_01 S_KK4_82001454 Edit Tuition Statement Derivation 
227 CM_US_1098T_02 S_KK4_82001456 Maintain Generic Parameter Values 
228 CM_US_1098T_03 S_KK4_82001455 Assign 1098-T Report to DMEE Tree 
229 CM_US_1098T_04 S_KK4_82001460 Assign 1098-T Residence Status to Standard Residence Status 
230 CM_US_1098T_05 S_KK4_82001461 Assign 1098-T Types of Training to Degree Levels 
231 CM_US_1098T_06 S_KK4_82001462 Assign 1098-T Training Times to Degree Levels 
232 CM_US_1098T_08 S_P7I_82001693 Map Relevant Prior Reporting Years to Reporting Year 
233 CM_US_1098T_09 S_P7I_82001694 Maintain Valid 1098-T Application Form 
234 CM_US_1098T_10 S_P7I_82001695 Define Graduate and Undergraduate Programe Types 
235 CM_US_1098T_11 S_P7I_82001696 Define Performance Index for Full Time Credit Load 
236 CM_US_1098T_12 S_P7I_82001697 Define Business Partner ID Type and Address Type 
237 CM_US_207_COM_RES_01 S_P7I_82001639 Determine Composite Result Creation 
238 CM_US_207_COM_RES_02 S_P7I_82001640 Maintain Subtests Exclusion 
239 CM_US_207_COM_RES_03 S_P7I_82001641 Maintain Result Sources 
240 CM_US_207_COM_RES_04 S_P7I_82001642 Maintain Invalidating Reasons For External Tests 
241 CM_US_207_COM_RES_05 S_P7I_82001643 Maintain External Test Result Status 
242 CM_US_207_COM_RES_06 S_P7I_82001645 BAdI: Maintain Composite Results 
243 CM_US_207_COM_RES_07 S_P7I_82001646 Maintain Calculation Rules 
244 CM_US_IPEDS_001 S_KK4_82001332 Basic Information 
245 CM_US_IPEDS_002 S_KK4_82001442 Define IPEDS Deregistration Reasons 
246 CM_US_IPEDS_01 S_KK4_82001276 BAdI: Conversion of Discipline Values to CIP Codes 
247 CM_US_IPEDS_015 S_KK4_82001409 Indicate First-Time Student for Admission Categories 
248 CM_US_IPEDS_03 S_KK4_82001292 Derive CIP Codes from Module Group Variants 
249 CM_US_IPEDS_04 S_KK4_82001293 Define IPEDS Award Levels 
250 CM_US_IPEDS_05 S_KK4_82001294 Assign IPEDS Award Levels to Degree Types 
251 CM_US_IPEDS_06 S_KK4_82001295 Define IPEDS Student Levels 
252 CM_US_IPEDS_07 S_KK4_82001296 Assign IPEDS Student Levels to Degree Levels 
253 CM_US_IPEDS_08 S_KK4_82001297 Define IPEDS Ethnic Groups 
254 CM_US_IPEDS_09 S_KK4_82001298 Assign IPEDS Ethnic Groups to Standard Ethnic Origins 
255 CM_US_IPEDS_10 S_KK4_82001300 Define Module Group Category as Major 
256 CM_US_IPEDS_11 S_KK4_82001301 Determine High-School Completion 
257 CM_US_IPEDS_12 S_KK4_82001302 Assign CIP Codes for Fall Enrollment 
258 CM_US_IPEDS_13 S_KK4_82001303 Determine First-Year Progress Classification 
259 CM_US_IPEDS_14 S_KK4_82001304 Assign IPEDS Deregistration Reasons to Standard Deregistration Reasons 
260 CM_US_IPEDS_15 S_KK4_82001305 Define Sports Types 
261 CM_US_IPEDS_16 S_KK4_82001306 Assign Sports Type Codes 
262 CM_US_IPEDS_17 S_KK4_82001311 Define IPEDS Residence Status 
263 CM_US_IPEDS_18 S_KK4_82001313 Assign IPEDS Residence Statuses to Standard Residence Statuses 
264 CM_US_IPEDS_19 S_KK4_82001314 Assign IPEDS Reports to DMEE Trees 
265 CM_US_IPEDS_20 S_KK4_82001318 Assign IPEDS First-Time Students to Admission Categories 
266 CM_US_IPEDS_41 S_P7I_82001675 Maintain IPEDS Ethnicity Functionality 
267 CM_US_IPEDS_42 S_P7I_82001676 Maintain Constants for Ethnic Origin 
268 CM_US_IPEDS_43 S_P7I_82001677 Maintains IPEDS Ethnicity 
269 CM_US_IPEDS_44 S_P7I_82001678 Mapping Race Codes 
270 CM_US_LNK_0012 S_P7I_82001668 Activate Personal ID and Deactivate Applicant Number 
271 CM_US_LNK_0013 S_P7I_82001672 Maintain Action for Send Decision 
272 CM_US_LNK_0014 S_P7I_82001673 BAdI: Maintain User Authorizations for Send Decision 
273 CM_US_NSCH_001 S_PNI_82001591 Basic Information 
274 CM_US_NSCH_01 S_PNI_82001584 Define NSCH Degree Levels 
275 CM_US_NSCH_02 S_PNI_82001585 Assign NSCH Degree Levels to Standard Degree Levels 
276 CM_US_NSCH_03 S_PNI_82001586 Define NSCH Enrollment Statuses for Enrolled Students 
277 CM_US_NSCH_04 S_PNI_82001587 Define NSCH Enrollment Statuses for Deregistered Students 
278 CM_US_NSCH_05 S_PNI_82001588 Assign NSCH Enrollment Statuses for Enrolled Students to NSCH Degree Levels 
279 CM_US_NSCH_06 S_PNI_82001589 Assign NSCH Enrollment Statuses for Deregistered Students to Dereg. Reasons 
280 CM_US_NSCH_07 S_PNI_82001590 Define NSCH Privacy Levels and Confidentiality 
281 CM_US_SEVIS_001 S_KK4_82001441 Basic Information 
282 CM_US_SEVIS_002 S_PNI_82001594 Define SEVIS Dependent Codes 
283 CM_US_SEVIS_003 S_PNI_82001595 Assign SEVIS Dependent Codes to Standard Relationship Types 
284 CM_US_SEVIS_005 S_KK4_82001457 Maintain Generic Parameter Values 
285 CM_US_SEVIS_01 S_KK4_82001422 Define SEVIS Student Categories 
286 CM_US_SEVIS_02 S_KK4_82001423 Define SEVIS Visa Types 
287 CM_US_SEVIS_03 S_KK4_82001424 Assign SEVIS Visa Types to Standard Visa Types 
288 CM_US_SEVIS_04 S_KK4_82001425 Define SEVIS Education Levels 
289 CM_US_SEVIS_05 S_KK4_82001426 Assign SEVIS Education Levels to Degree Types 
290 CM_US_SEVIS_06 S_KK4_82001427 Define SEVIS Note Types 
291 CM_US_SEVIS_07 S_KK4_82001428 Assign SEVIS Note Types to Standard Note Types 
292 CM_US_SEVIS_08 S_KK4_82001429 Define SEVIS Fund Types 
293 CM_US_SEVIS_09 S_KK4_82001430 Define SEVIS Expense Types 
294 CM_US_SEVIS_10 S_KK4_82001431 Assign SEVIS XML Tag Names to IDOC Tag Names 
295 CM_US_SEVIS_11 S_KK4_82001432 Assign SEVIS Country Codes to Standard Country Codes 
296 CM_US_SEVIS_EV_004 S_PNI_82001596 Define SEVIS Matriculation Codes 
297 CM_US_SEVIS_EV_005 S_PNI_82001597 Assign SEVIS Matriculation Codes to Standard Degree Levels 
298 CM_US_SEVIS_EV_006 S_PNI_82001598 Define SEVIS Position Codes 
299 CM_US_VETERANS_001 S_KK4_82001440 Basic Information 
300 CM_US_VETERANS_01 S_KK4_82001328 Assign Veterans' Statuses to Service Statuses 
301 CM_US_VETERANS_02 S_KK4_82001329 Assign Veterans' Training Times to Degree Levels 
302 CM_US_VETERANS_03 S_KK4_82001330 Assign Veterans' Types of Training to Degree Levels 
303 CM_US_VETERANS_04 S_KK4_82001338 BAdI: Veterans' Data 
304 CM_XX_101 S_KI4_55000166 Define Challenge Groups 
305 CM_XX_1010 S_KK4_82000414 Create Progression Statuses 
306 CM_XX_102 S_KI4_55000167 Define Challenge Types 
307 CM_XX_1020 S_KK4_82000415 Set Up Status Network 
308 CM_XX_1026 S_KK4_82000575 Set Up Residence Statuses 
309 CM_XX_1027 S_KK4_82000576 Set Up Visa Types 
310 CM_XX_103 S_KI4_55000168 Set Up Social Classes 
311 CM_XX_1031 S_KK4_82000577 Define Service Statuses 
312 CM_XX_105 S_KI4_55000223 Create Religious Denominations 
313 CM_XX_1052 S_KK4_82000578 Define Data Privacy Levels and Assign Data Privacy Warnings 
314 CM_XX_106 S_KK4_82000572 Define Country of University 
315 CM_XX_108 S_KK4_82000573 Input Values for Cross-Application Check Tables 
316 CM_XX_109 S_KK4_82000574 Check Countries, Regions, and Counties 
317 CM_XX_1091 S_KK4_82000579 Define Default Business Partner Type for Related Persons 
318 CM_XX_1092 S_KK4_82000580 Define Default Business Partner Grouping for Related Persons 
319 CM_XX_1093 S_KK4_82000581 Set Up Relationships to University 
320 CM_XX_1094 S_KK4_82000582 Set Up Degree Types and Assign Degree Levels 
321 CM_XX_1095 S_KK4_82000583 Set Up Relationship Types for Student/Related Person Relationships 
322 CM_XX_110 S_KI4_55000265 Set Up Disciplines 
323 CM_XX_111 S_KI4_55000169 Define Student Groups 
324 CM_XX_1110 S_KK4_82000422 Display Calculation Points 
325 CM_XX_112 S_KI4_55000296 Set Up Academic Levels 
326 CM_XX_1120 S_KK4_82000423 BAdI: Average Grade Calculation 
327 CM_XX_1130 S_KK4_82000425 Combine Calculation Points with Average Grade Calculations 
328 CM_XX_114 S_KI4_55000308 Set Up Cancellation Reasons 
329 CM_XX_116 S_KI4_55000309 Define Alternative Assessment Methods for Modules 
330 CM_XX_120 S_KI4_55000186 Set Up Academic Levels for External Subjects 
331 CM_XX_1210 S_SK4_82000449 Set Up Qualification Groups 
332 CM_XX_1220 S_SK4_82000450 Set Up Qualification Disciplines 
333 CM_XX_1230 S_SK4_82000451 Set Up Degree Types and Assign Degree Levels 
334 CM_XX_1231 S_KK4_82000501 Set Up Degree Levels 
335 CM_XX_1232 S_KK4_82000961 Set Up Functions 
336 CM_XX_124 S_SK4_82000456 Change Display and Sequence of Tab Pages 
337 CM_XX_1240 S_SK4_82000458 Check Tab Page Standard Settings 
338 CM_XX_1241 S_SK4_82000457 Adjust Tab Page Texts According to Own Requirements 
339 CM_XX_1244 S_KK4_82000457 Define Default Setting for Line Layout in Account Balance List 
340 CM_XX_125 S_KI4_55000187 Set Up Disciplines for External Subjects 
341 CM_XX_130 S_KI4_55000188 Set Up Categories for External Subjects 
342 CM_XX_132 S_KI4_55000322 Define Number Range Intervals for Student Numbers 
343 CM_XX_133 S_KI4_55000323 Define Internal and External Number Ranges 
344 CM_XX_135 S_KI4_55000324 BAdI: Student Number Assignment 
345 CM_XX_139 S_KI4_55000329 Define Method for Student Number Assignment 
346 CM_XX_140 S_KK4_82000503 Set Up Admission Categories 
347 CM_XX_1410 S_KK4_82000513 Set Up Credit Types 
348 CM_XX_142 S_KK4_82000523 Set Up Registration Types 
349 CM_XX_143 S_SK4_82000444 Assign Reasons to Activities 
350 CM_XX_144 S_KK4_82000734 Configure Setting of User Statuses in Notification Processing 
351 CM_XX_145 S_KK4_82000458 Define Alumnus Relationship for De-registration Reasons 
352 CM_XX_146 S_KK4_82000502 BAdI: Organizational Unit of Alumnus 
353 CM_XX_1500 S_KK4_82000548 Set Up Grade Symbols 
354 CM_XX_1510 S_KK4_82000676 Set Up Industry Sectors 
355 CM_XX_1520 S_KK4_82000677 Set Up Jobs 
356 CM_XX_1530 S_KK4_82000678 Set Up Employer Work Contracts 
357 CM_XX_170 S_SK4_82000441 Define Top Organizational Unit 
358 CM_XX_180 S_KI4_55000337 Define Student Fee Categories 
359 CM_XX_181 S_KI4_55000338 Define Benefit Categories 
360 CM_XX_182 S_KI4_55000339 Define Discount/Surcharge Category 1 
361 CM_XX_183 S_KI4_55000340 Define Discount/Surcharge Category 2 
362 CM_XX_184 S_KI4_55000341 Define Discount/Surcharge Category 3 
363 CM_XX_185 S_KI4_55000342 Define Program of Study Fee Categories 
364 CM_XX_186 S_KI4_55000343 Define Module Fee Categories 
365 CM_XX_187 S_KI4_55000344 Define Refund Types 
366 CM_XX_188 S_KI4_55000345 Define Time Limit Sequences and Assign Time Limits 
367 CM_XX_189 S_KI4_55000346 Assign Time Limits to Time Limit Sequences 
368 CM_XX_190 S_KK4_82000177 cbb 
369 CM_XX_191 S_SK4_82000446 Define Discount/Surcharge Category 4 
370 CM_XX_192 S_SK4_82000447 Define Discount/Surcharge Category 5 
371 CM_XX_193 S_SK4_82000448 Define Discount/Surcharge Category 6 
372 CM_XX_200 S_KI4_55000224 Define Alternative Academic Scale 
373 CM_XX_2001 S_SK4_82000433 Set Up Module Group Variants 
374 CM_XX_2002 S_SK4_82000434 Set Up Module Group Variant/Category Combinations 
375 CM_XX_2003 S_P7I_82001632 Define Fee Categories for Module Groups 
376 CM_XX_2004 S_P7I_82001633 Define Fee-Relevant Module Group Categories within Module Group Variant 
377 CM_XX_209 S_KK4_82000732 Define Start Date for Student Master Records 
378 CM_XX_220 S_KI4_55000317 Create Rule Containers 
379 CM_XX_300 S_KK4_82000544 Set Up Transcript Categories 
380 CM_XX_301 S_KI4_55000256 Define Credit Type for Internal Academic Work 
381 CM_XX_303 S_KK4_82000545 Set Up Return Statuses of Students at External Organizations 
382 CM_XX_304 S_KK4_82000602 Set Up Special Distinctions for Academic Degrees and Qualifications 
383 CM_XX_305 S_KK4_82000549 Set Up Academic Sessions of External Organizations 
384 CM_XX_306 S_KK4_82000550 Set Up Bases for Accomplished Credits 
385 CM_XX_307 S_KK4_82000551 Set Up Bases for Accomplished Credits 
386 CM_XX_308 S_KK4_82000552 Set Up Coded Notes 
387 CM_XX_310 S_KI4_55000225 Define Examination Regulations 
388 CM_XX_334 S_SK4_82000443 Define Standard Business Partner Type for Students 
389 CM_XX_335 S_KK4_82000500 Define Standard Business Partner Type for Students 
390 CM_XX_336 S_KK4_82000664 Define Unit of Measurement for Module Value 
391 CM_XX_338 S_KK4_82001373 Check Contract Account Settings 
392 CM_XX_339 S_KK4_82000562 Check Settings for Students as Business Partners 
393 CM_XX_340 S_SK4_82000475 Define Standard Business Partner Grouping for Students 
394 CM_XX_341 S_PNI_82001619 Define Sample for Contract Account Categories 
395 CM_XX_342 S_SK4_82000467 Define Contract Account Category for Student Accounts 
396 CM_XX_343 S_SK4_82000471 Maintain Payment Methods and Due Date Schedules for Contract Account 
397 CM_XX_344 S_SK4_82000472 Define Lock Reason for Outgoing Payments 
398 CM_XX_345 S_SK4_82000473 Define Interest Key, Tolerance Group, and Clearing Category 
399 CM_XX_347 S_SK4_82000476 Maintain Contract Object Types To Be Created Automatically 
400 CM_XX_348 S_SK4_82000477 Set Up First Event Package Category 
401 CM_XX_349 S_SK4_82000478 Set Up Second Event Package Category 
402 CM_XX_350 S_KK4_82001364 Create RFC Destination for Automatic Creation and Update 
403 CM_XX_351 S_KK4_82001365 Set RFC Destination for Automatic Creation and Update 
404 CM_XX_352 S_KK4_82001366 Set Up Customer-Specific Triggers for Automatic Account Data Update 
405 CM_XX_353 S_KK4_82001367 BAdI: Student Account Data 
406 CM_XX_361 S_KK4_82000634 Map Marital Status Settings 
407 CM_XX_362 S_KK4_82000635 Map Form-of-Address Key Settings 
408 CM_XX_363 S_KK4_82000642 Define Standard Relationship Between Contract Accounts and Students 
409 CM_XX_364 S_KK4_82000643 Define Due Date Schedules for Contract Object Types 
410 CM_XX_365 S_KK4_82000654 Update Student Contract Account Data 
411 CM_XX_366 S_KK4_82000694 Define Correspondence Variant and Dunning Procedure 
412 CM_XX_368 S_KK4_82000704 Define Special Module Fee Categories 
413 CM_XX_369 S_KK4_82000715 BAdI: Business Partner in Campus Management 
414 CM_XX_390 S_KK4_82000724 Create New Descriptions for Averages 
415 CM_XX_410 S_KK4_82000521 Define Progress Classifications 
416 CM_XX_420 S_KK4_82000522 Create Program Types 
417 CM_XX_500 S_KK4_82000716 BAdI: Determine/Derive Organizational Unit of Student 
418 CM_XX_501 S_KK4_82000731 Calculate Student's Part-Time/Full-Time Status 
419 CM_XX_705 S_KK4_82000176 Define Session Types 
420 CM_XX_710 S_KI4_55000286 Set Up Program Choices 
421 CM_XX_760 S_SK4_82000440 Set Up Process Types 
422 CM_XX_810 S_KI4_55000249 Set Up Academic Scales 
423 CM_XX_820 S_KI4_55000262 Assign Country-Specific Scales 
424 CM_XX_830 S_KI4_55000271 Define Standard Scales 
425 CM_XX_840 S_KK4_82001466 Set System Scale 
426 CM_XX_904 S_KK4_82000527 Activity Title 
427 CM_XX_905 S_KK4_82000519 Set Up Category Classifications 
428 CM_XX_907 S_KK4_82000546 Set Up Coding Systems 
429 CM_XX_910 S_KI4_55000270 Set Up and Classify External Organization Categories 
430 CM_XX_915 S_KK4_82000530 Set Up Communication Types for Contact Persons 
431 CM_XX_930 S_KK4_82000687 Set Up Test Types 
432 CM_XX_931 S_KK4_82000688 Set Up Sources of External Test Results 
433 CM_XX_AKAL01 S_KK4_82000820 Define Mandatory Time Limits for Academic Calendar 
434 CM_XX_AKAL02 S_KK4_82000821 Define General Evaluation of Academic Calendars 
435 CM_XX_AKAL03 S_KK4_82000822 Define Evaluation Paths for Specific Callup Points 
436 CM_XX_AKAL04 S_KK4_82001241 Define Default Session for Full Academic Years 
437 CM_XX_AKAL05 S_KK4_82001270 Set Up Session Groups 
438 CM_XX_AKST01 S_KK4_82000998 Define System Response for Number Assignment (Internal/External) 
439 CM_XX_AKST02 S_KK4_82000782 Define Units for Teaching Effort and Contact Hours 
440 CM_XX_AKST03 S_KK4_82000783 Create Delivery Modes 
441 CM_XX_AKST04 S_KK4_82000784 Define Repetition Types 
442 CM_XX_AKST05 S_KK4_82000785 Define Teaching Emphases 
443 CM_XX_AKST06 S_KK4_82000786 Set Up Session Patterns 
444 CM_XX_AKST07 S_KK4_82000787 Define Session Patterns 
445 CM_XX_AKST08 S_KK4_82000836 BAdI: Subscreen Enhancement for Event Offerings 
446 CM_XX_AKST09 S_KK4_82001212 Tips Configuring External Academic Structures 
447 CM_XX_AKST10 S_KK4_82000838 Create Statuses for Individual Work Assignments 
448 CM_XX_AKST11 S_KK4_82000852 Create Reasons for Changing the Submission Date 
449 CM_XX_AKST12 S_KK4_82001213 Tips on Transporting Personnel Planning Objects 
450 CM_XX_AKST13 S_KK4_82001249 Define Categories with Booking Deletion Protection 
451 CM_XX_AKST14 S_KK4_82001319 Define Time Units for Program Duration 
452 CM_XX_AKST15 S_KK4_82001447 Define Whether Processing Should Include Event Packages 
453 CM_XX_AKST16 S_KK4_82001528 Define Teaching Activity Groupings and Assign Units 
454 CM_XX_AKST17 S_KK4_82001529 Define Teaching Activities 
455 CM_XX_AKST18 S_KK4_82001530 Define Calculation Rules for Teaching Activities 
456 CM_XX_AKST19 S_KK4_82001531 Weight Teaching Activities by Category 
457 CM_XX_AKST20 S_KK4_82001532 Tips on Setting Up the Teaching Workload 
458 CM_XX_AKST21 S_PNI_82001580 Define Initial Status of Business Events 
459 CM_XX_AKST22 S_PNI_82001581 Define Standard Resource Types for Room and Instructor 
460 CM_XX_AKST23 S_PNI_82001582 Define Processing Statuses for Academic Event Planning 
461 CM_XX_AKST24 S_PNI_82001615 Define Evaluation Paths for Event Offerings 
462 CM_XX_APPR_01 S_KK4_82001289 Define Default Key Figure 
463 CM_XX_APPR_02 S_PNI_82001599 Define Standard Settings for Calculation 
464 CM_XX_APPR_03 S_PNI_82001600 Define Authorization Profiles for Appraisals 
465 CM_XX_APPR_04 S_PNI_82001601 Build Authorization Profiles for Appraisals 
466 CM_XX_APPR_05 S_PNI_82001602 Define Administrator Authorization for Appraisal Data 
467 CM_XX_APPR_06 S_PNI_82001605 Define Standard Authorization Profile for Appraisals 
468 CM_XX_APPR_07 S_PNI_82001609 Switch Automatic Assignment of Creating Appraiser On/Off 
469 CM_XX_APPR_08 S_PNI_82001610 Switch Automatic Assignment of Creation Date On/Off 
470 CM_XX_APPR_BADI_ADM S_KK4_82000909 BAdI: Appraisal and Module Booking Data 
471 CM_XX_APPR_BADI_FUP S_KK4_82000908 BAdI: Control Assignment of Credits 
472 CM_XX_APPR_BADI_PERS S_KK4_82000950 BAdI: Appraiser 
473 CM_XX_APPR_BADI_SYM S_KK4_82000907 BAdI: Additional Grade Symbols 
474 CM_XX_APPR_ELEM S_KK4_82000903 Define Appraisal Elements 
475 CM_XX_APPR_REMARK S_KK4_82001264 Define Appraisal Remarks 
476 CM_XX_APPR_REPATTMP0 S_P7I_82001648 Define Calculation Method 
477 CM_XX_APPR_REPATTMP1 S_P7I_82001651 Define Default Calculation Method 
478 CM_XX_APPR_REPATTMP2 S_P7I_82001649 BAdI: Build Calculation Method 
479 CM_XX_APPR_REPATTMP3 S_P7I_82001650 Assign Calculation Method to Key Figure 
480 CM_XX_APPR_STATUS S_KK4_82000931 Create Appraisal Statuses 
481 CM_XX_APPR_SW_ELEM S_KK4_82000912 Define Default Appraisal Element 
482 CM_XX_APPR_SW_TEMPL S_KK4_82000911 Define Default Appraisal Template 
483 CM_XX_APPR_TEMPL S_KK4_82000905 Define Appraisal Templates 
484 CM_XX_APPR_TEMPL_ASG S_KK4_82000906 Build Appraisal Template 
485 CM_XX_APPR_TYP S_KK4_82000902 Define Appraisal Types 
486 CM_XX_APPR_TYP_ELEM S_KK4_82000904 Assign Appraisal Elements to Appraisal Types 
487 CM_XX_ARCH01 S_KK4_82001354 Activate Archive Infostructure for Activity Documents 
488 CM_XX_ARCH02 S_KK4_82001355 Activate Archive Infostructure for Lower-Level Appraisals 
489 CM_XX_ARCH03 S_KK4_82001356 Activate Archive Infostructure for Contract Objects 
490 CM_XX_ARCH04 S_KK4_82001357 Activate Archive Infostructure for Contract Accounts 
491 CM_XX_ARCH05 S_KK4_82001538 Activate Archive Infostructure for Fee Calculation Documents 
492 CM_XX_ARCH06 S_ANI_82001546 Activate Archive Infostructure for Study Data 
493 CM_XX_ARCH07 S_ANI_82001547 Activate Archive Infostructure for Business Partners 
494 CM_XX_AUDIT01 S_KK4_82001003 Define Audit Types 
495 CM_XX_AUDIT02 S_KK4_82001005 Assign Callup Points to Audit Types 
496 CM_XX_AUDIT03 S_KK4_82001006 Define Requirement Profile Types 
497 CM_XX_AUDIT04 S_KK4_82001353 Define Parameters for Audit Types 
498 CM_XX_AUDIT05 S_KK4_82001008 Define (Abstract) Requirements 
499 CM_XX_AUDIT06 S_KK4_82001009 Define Requirement Patterns 
500 CM_XX_AUDIT07 S_KK4_82001010 Define Structure of Requirement Patterns