SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index C, page 3
IMG Activity - C
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 CM_XX_AUDIT08 S_KK4_82001011 BAdI: Requirement Selection 
2 CM_XX_AUDIT09 S_KK4_82001012 Define Exception Reasons for Subrequirements 
3 CM_XX_AUDIT10 S_KK4_82001013 Performance Indices 
4 CM_XX_AUDIT11 S_KK4_82001014 Selection Methods 
5 CM_XX_AUDIT13 S_KK4_82001016 BAdI: Subrequirement Condition 
6 CM_XX_AUDIT14 S_KK4_82001017 Define Parameters for Filters and Conditions 
7 CM_XX_AUDIT15 S_KK4_82001018 Assign Parameters to Filters 
8 CM_XX_AUDIT16 S_KK4_82001019 Assign Parameters to Conditions 
9 CM_XX_AUDIT17 S_KK4_82001020 Define Subrequirements and Auxiliary Conditions 
10 CM_XX_AUDIT18 S_KK4_82001021 Define Version Statuses 
11 CM_XX_AUDIT19 S_KK4_82001022 Define Requirement Catalog Versions 
12 CM_XX_AUDIT20 S_KK4_82001023 Define Version Sets 
13 CM_XX_AUDIT21 S_KK4_82001024 Define Structure of Version Sets 
14 CM_XX_AUDIT22 S_KK4_82001025 Define Requirement Catalogs 
15 CM_XX_AUDIT23 S_KK4_82001026 Assign Requirement Patterns to Requirement Catalogs 
16 CM_XX_AUDIT24 S_KK4_82001027 Define Object Types for Catalog Responsibility 
17 CM_XX_AUDIT25 S_KK4_82001028 Define Execution Modes 
18 CM_XX_AUDIT26 S_KK4_82001054 Define Requirement Selections 
19 CM_XX_AUDIT27 S_KK4_82001058 Define Allowed Requirement Profile Types for Execution Modes 
20 CM_XX_AUDIT28 S_KK4_82001059 Define Booking Statuses Relevant for Execution Modes 
21 CM_XX_AUDIT29 S_KK4_82001267 Automate Assignment of Requirement Catalogs 
22 CM_XX_AUDIT30 S_KK4_82001268 BAdI: Assignment of Requirement Catalogs 
23 CM_XX_AUDIT31 S_KK4_82001290 Set Up Views of BSP Applications 
24 CM_XX_AUDIT32 S_KK4_82001291 Change SAP Action Names to Suit Individual Requirements 
25 CM_XX_AUDIT33 S_KK4_82001316 Define Default Execution Mode and Requirement Profile Type 
26 CM_XX_AUDIT34 S_KK4_82001317 BAdI: Overall Result of Audit 
27 CM_XX_AUDIT35 S_KK4_82001337 BAdI: Audit Permissibility Check 
28 CM_XX_AUDIT36 S_KK4_82001387 Define Irrelevant Key Figures for Execution Modes 
29 CM_XX_AUDIT37 S_KK4_82001390 Key Figures 
30 CM_XX_AUDIT38 S_ANI_82001568 Define Number Range Intervals for Rule Modules 
31 CM_XX_AUDIT39 S_PNI_82001592 Define Student Attributes for Requirement Profile Templates 
32 CM_XX_AUDIT40 S_PNI_82001593 BAdI: Requirement Profile Templates Based on Student Attributes 
33 CM_XX_AUTH01 S_KK4_82000834 Authorization Checks in Campus Management 
34 CM_XX_AUTH02 S_KK4_82000835 BAdI: Additional Authorization Checks 
35 CM_XX_BW01 S_KK4_82001542 Define Customer-Specific Event Linkages 
36 CM_XX_BW02 S_KK4_82001543 Display Event Linkages Defined by SAP and Redefine These 
37 CM_XX_CHANGEDOC01 S_KK4_82001448 Activate Creation of Change Documents for Infotypes 
38 CM_XX_COHORT01 S_PNI_82001574 Define Cohort Contexts 
39 CM_XX_COHORT02 S_PNI_82001575 Define Cohort Categories 
40 CM_XX_COHORT03 S_PNI_82001576 Define Allowed Object Types for Context Objects 
41 CM_XX_COHORT04 S_PNI_82001577 Define Selection Method Groups for Cohorts 
42 CM_XX_COHORT05 S_PNI_82001613 Define Time Constraint of Cohort Contexts 
43 CM_XX_COHORT06 S_P7I_82001625 Optimize Performance for Cohort 
44 CM_XX_CONFERQ01 S_ANI_82001549 Define Grade Calculation Methods 
45 CM_XX_CONFERQ02 S_ANI_82001550 BAdI: Grade Calculation Method 
46 CM_XX_CONFERQ03 S_ANI_82001551 Define Standard Grade Calculation Method 
47 CM_XX_CONFERQ04 S_ANI_82001552 Define Standard Key Figure for Grade Calculation Method 
48 CM_XX_CORR01 S_KK4_82001096 Define Selection Method Group 
49 CM_XX_CORR02 S_KK4_82001097 BAdI: Form Determination for Correspondence 
50 CM_XX_CORR03 S_KK4_82001098 Define Standard Address Type for Correspondence 
51 CM_XX_CORR04 S_KK4_82001139 Configure Activity-Based Correspondence Creation 
52 CM_XX_CORR05 S_ANI_82001545 Define Application Forms for Ad Hoc Correspondence 
53 CM_XX_ED004 S_P7I_82001656 Manage Repeated Subject in ED 
54 CM_XX_ED01 S_KK4_82001482 Allow Equivalency Determination for "Failed" Academic Work 
55 CM_XX_ED02 S_KK4_82001483 BAdI: Credits in Equivalency Determination 
56 CM_XX_ED03 S_KK4_82001537 BAdI: Academic Period for Transferred Work or Qualification 
57 CM_XX_ED99 S_KK4_82001489 Test 
58 CM_XX_EXAM01 S_KK4_82001339 Define Assessment Categories 
59 CM_XX_EXAM02 S_KK4_82001340 Define Subtype of Infotype 1002 for Assessment Coverage 
60 CM_XX_EXAM03 S_KK4_82001341 Define Exam Plans 
61 CM_XX_EXAM04 S_KK4_82001342 Define Exam Modes 
62 CM_XX_EXAM05 S_KK4_82001343 Set Up Exam Profiles 
63 CM_XX_EXAM07 S_KK4_82001345 Define Assessment Sessions 
64 CM_XX_EXAM08 S_KK4_82001346 Set Up Session Groups 
65 CM_XX_EXAM09 S_KK4_82001347 Set Session Group 
66 CM_XX_EXAM10 S_KK4_82001348 BAdI: Generate Short Text for Scheduled Assessments 
67 CM_XX_EXAM11 S_KK4_82001349 Define Customer Statuses 
68 CM_XX_EXAM12 S_KK4_82001350 Define Process Reasons 
69 CM_XX_EXAM13 S_KK4_82001512 BAdI: Determine Expected Assessment Processes 
70 CM_XX_EXAM14 S_KK4_82001352 BAdI: Open Assessment Process 
71 CM_XX_EXAM15 S_ANI_82001548 Define Characteristics for Graduation Ceremony 
72 CM_XX_EXAM16 S_ANI_82001560 Holds 
73 CM_XX_EXAM17 S_PNI_82001579 Assign Session Groups to Audit Types 
74 CM_XX_EXCH01 S_ANI_82001553 Define Exchange Program Categories 
75 CM_XX_EXCH02 S_ANI_82001554 Define Funding Programs 
76 CM_XX_EXCH03 S_ANI_82001555 Define Exchange Program Types 
77 CM_XX_EXCH04 S_ANI_82001556 Define Visiting Studies Choices 
78 CM_XX_EXCH05 S_ANI_82001557 Define External Admission Statuses 
79 CM_XX_EXCH06 S_ANI_82001558 Define Visiting Student Categories 
80 CM_XX_EXT_ACST S_KK4_82001066 Define External Academic Standings 
81 CM_XX_FLEXDE02 S_KK4_82000927 View Existing Data Structures 
82 CM_XX_FLEXDE03 S_KK4_82000928 Define Derivation Paths 
83 CM_XX_FLEXDE04 S_KK4_82000929 Assign Import Parameters for Derivation Path 
84 CM_XX_FLEXDE05 S_KK4_82000930 Assign Export Parameters for Derivation Path 
85 CM_XX_GPST03 S_KK4_82001310 Define Standard Company Code Group for Student Accounts 
86 CM_XX_GPST05 S_KK4_82000922 Define Time Limit-Dependent Address Determination 
87 CM_XX_GPST06 S_KK4_82000923 (De)Activate Automatic Student Account Creation and Update 
88 CM_XX_KEYF01 S_KK4_82001382 Define Input/Output Semantics of Key Figures 
89 CM_XX_KEYF02 S_KK4_82001384 Define Key Figures 
90 CM_XX_KEYF03 S_KK4_82001385 Define Allowed Input Semantics of Key Figures 
91 CM_XX_MOBU02 S_KK4_82000749 BAdI: Module Booking - Callup Point 0001 
92 CM_XX_MOBU03 S_KK4_82000790 Define Module Booking Reasons 
93 CM_XX_MOBU04 S_KK4_82000791 BAdI: Module Booking - Callup Point 0002 
94 CM_XX_MOBU05 S_KK4_82000792 BAdI: Module Booking - Callup Point 0003 
95 CM_XX_MOBU06 S_KK4_82000805 Configure Check for Observance of Booking Periods 
96 CM_XX_MOBU07 S_KK4_82000810 Define Mode for Withdrawal from Module Dialog 
97 CM_XX_MOBU08 S_KK4_82000811 BAdI: Cancellation Reason for Withdrawal From Module 
98 CM_XX_MOBU09 S_KK4_82000853 Define Module Booking Environment 
99 CM_XX_MOBU10 S_KK4_82000918 Define Exclusion Indicators for Module Booking 
100 CM_XX_MOBU11 S_KK4_82001381 Define Session Group for Module Booking 
101 CM_XX_MOBU12 S_KK4_82001449 BAdI: Override Prerequisite Check 
102 CM_XX_MOBU13 S_KK4_82001467 Define Buffering Duration for Availability Check in Module Booking 
103 CM_XX_PE02 S_KK4_82000735 Tips on Customizing Training and Event Management 
104 CM_XX_PIND01 S_KK4_82000896 Determine Calculation Points for Performance Indices 
105 CM_XX_PIND02 S_KK4_82000897 BAdI: Performance Index or Subrequirement Filters 
106 CM_XX_PIND03 S_KK4_82000898 BAdI: Performance Index Calculation 
107 CM_XX_PIND04 S_KK4_82000899 Define Parameters for Performance Indices 
108 CM_XX_PIND05 S_KK4_82000900 Define Academic Performance Indices 
109 CM_XX_PIND06 S_KK4_82000901 Assign Performance Indices to Calculation Points 
110 CM_XX_PROG01 S_KK4_82000893 Create Program Types 
111 CM_XX_PROG02 S_KK4_82000894 BAdI: Module Booking Applicability 
112 CM_XX_PROG03 S_KK4_82000895 BAdI: Subsequent Process of Program Type Progression 
113 CM_XX_PROG04 S_KK4_82001271 Assign Session Groups to Program Types 
114 CM_XX_RCM01 S_ANI_82001565 Activate Records Management 
115 CM_XX_RCM02 S_ANI_82001566 Define Use of Records Management 
116 CM_XX_RCM03 S_ANI_82001569 BAdI: Record Number and Description for Student Record 
117 CM_XX_RCM04 S_PNI_82001583 Define Document Types and Assign Anchor 
118 CM_XX_REGI01 S_KK4_82000793 Define Mode for Registration/Re-registration 
119 CM_XX_REGI02 S_KK4_82000849 Set Up Default Values for Registration 
120 CM_XX_REGI03 S_KK4_82000850 Set Up Registration Classifications 
121 CM_XX_REGI04 S_KK4_82001033 BAdI: Default Values for Registration 
122 CM_XX_REGI05 S_KK4_82001132 Define Fields Used to Map Anticipated Graduation 
123 CM_XX_REGI06 S_KK4_82001375 BAdI: Additional Admission Check for Registration 
124 CM_XX_REGI07 S_KK4_82001376 BAdI: Default Values for Change of Program 
125 CM_XX_REGI08 S_KK4_82000854 BAdI: Conversion of Academic Sessions 
126 CM_XX_REGI09 S_KK4_82001190 BAdI: Subsequent Activities for Registration Dialogs 
127 CM_XX_REGI10 S_KK4_82001279 Define Scenario Groups for the Application Overview 
128 CM_XX_REGI11 S_KK4_82001280 Define Scenarios per Scenario Group 
129 CM_XX_REGI12 S_KK4_82001281 Define Default Scenario Group per User 
130 CM_XX_REGW01 S_KK4_82000774 Set Up Logging of Messages 
131 CM_XX_REGW02 S_KK4_82000864 Define Messages for Message Control 
132 CM_XX_REGW03 S_KK4_82001215 Improve Performance of Rule Checks 
133 CM_XX_REGW04 S_ANI_82001564 BAdI: Overriding of Message Types 
134 CM_XX_REGW05 S_PNI_82001616 Define Filter Values for Message Control 
135 CM_XX_SE01 S_KK4_82000748 BAdI: Short Text for Event Packages 
136 CM_XX_SELM02 S_KK4_82000765 Assign Selection Methods to Selection Method Group 
137 CM_XX_SELM03 S_KK4_82000766 BAdI: Selection Method 
138 CM_XX_SELM04 S_KK4_82000969 Integrate Selection Methods in User-Defined Programs 
139 CM_XX_SELM05 S_KK4_82001121 Run Test Tool for Selection Methods 
140 CM_XX_STAT001 S_P7I_82001659 Assign Customer Status to Audit Type 
141 CM_XX_STAT02 S_KK4_82000796 Create Hold Groupings 
142 CM_XX_STAT03 S_KK4_82000797 Create Hold Types 
143 CM_XX_STAT04 S_KK4_82000798 Assign Attributes to Hold Types 
144 CM_XX_STAT05 S_KK4_82000799 Assign Hold Types to Callup Points and Activities 
145 CM_XX_STAT06 S_ANI_82001544 Assign Activities to Callup Points 
146 CM_XX_STAT07 S_KK4_82000800 Create Status Groupings 
147 CM_XX_STAT08 S_KK4_82000801 Create Customer Status Types 
148 CM_XX_STAT09 S_KK4_82000802 Assign Status Type Attributes 
149 CM_XX_STAT10 S_KK4_82000803 Assign Status Types to Callup Points 
150 CM_XX_STAT11 S_KK4_82000841 Maintain Time Constraint for Hold Types 
151 CM_XX_STAT12 S_KK4_82000833 Assign Structures to Activities 
152 CM_XX_STAT13 S_KK4_82000842 Maintain Time Constraint for Customer Statuses 
153 CM_XX_STAT14 S_KK4_82000843 Define Search Help Settings for Student Statuses 
154 CM_XX_STAT15 S_KK4_82000844 BAdI: Status Indicator Derivation 
155 CM_XX_STAT16 S_KK4_82000926 BAdI: Academic Specialization Booking 
156 CM_XX_STAT17 S_ANI_82001561 Assign Reasons to Activities 
157 CM_XX_STHD01 S_P7I_82001655 BAdI: Change Student Header Data 
158 CM_XX_STUD01 S_KK4_82000757 Define Dialog Transactions Subject to Data Privacy Rules 
159 CM_XX_STUD02 S_KK4_82000970 BAdI: Addition of Customer-Specific Function Codes to the Student File 
160 CM_XX_STUD03 S_KK4_82000760 Create Tab Pages 
161 CM_XX_STUD04 S_KK4_82000761 Assign Infotypes or BDT Screen to Tab Pages 
162 CM_XX_STUD05 S_KK4_82000762 Incorporate Tab Pages for Student Master Data 
163 CM_XX_STUD07 S_KK4_82000763 Create Dialog Texts for Data Privacy Warnings 
164 CM_XX_STUD08 S_KK4_82000772 Maintain Number Range Intervals for Object IDs 
165 CM_XX_STUD10 S_KK4_82000817 Create Tab Pages for Student File 
166 CM_XX_STUD11 S_KK4_82000818 Change Order of Tab Pages and/or Include Additional Subscreen 
167 CM_XX_STUD12 S_KK4_82000819 Adjust Tab Page Texts According to Own Requirements 
168 CM_XX_STUD13 S_KK4_82001453 BAdI: Tab Pages in the Student File 
169 CM_XX_STUD14 S_KK4_82000826 Create Note Types 
170 CM_XX_STUD15 S_KK4_82000827 Adjust Status Display to Individual Requirements 
171 CM_XX_STUD16 S_KK4_82000946 BAdI: Status Display in the Student Data Header 
172 CM_XX_STUD17 S_KK4_82001548 Define Standard Business Partner Role for CRM System 
173 CM_XX_STUD18 S_ANI_82001562 Activate Distribution of Student Data to Other Systems 
174 CM_XX_STUD20 S_KK4_82001146 Delete Student Data Before Production Startup 
175 CM_XX_STUD_REFUSER S_KK4_82000914 Define Reference User ID for Students 
176 CM_XX_STUD_USER S_KK4_82000913 Define Structure of Student User IDs 
177 CM_XX_TERW02 S_KK4_82000747 Remote-Enabled Function Modules in Campus Management 
178 CM_XX_TERW03 S_KK4_82001208 BAdI: Description of Business Event Schedule 
179 CM_XX_WAITL01 S_PNI_82001570 Define Standard Waiting List Level and Capacity 
180 CM_XX_WAITL02 S_PNI_82001571 Define Standard Booking Priorities 
181 CM_XX_WAITL03 S_PNI_82001572 BAdI: Sorting of Waiting Lists 
182 CM_XX_WAITL04 S_PNI_82001614 Define Waiting List Capacity at the Business Event Level 
183 CM_ZA S_ALR_87007359 Define levels in payment requests 
184 CNEVWB_CONFIRMATION S_AXC_91000035 Develop Customer-Specific Confirmations for the Progress Analysis Workbench 
185 CNS_APPL S_ABA_72000353 Create Applications that Generate Change Pointers 
186 CNS_CHK_CUSTOMIZING S_ABA_72000362 Check Customizing for Change Notification Service 
187 CNS_EXPOBJ S_ABA_72000354 Create Export Object Types 
188 CNS_EXP_REC S_ABA_72000356 Assign Allowed Export Object Types 
189 CNS_MAPP_CUST S_ABA_72000357 Register Applications that Receive Change Pointers 
190 CNS_RECEIVERS S_ABA_72000355 Create Applications that Receive Change Pointers 
191 CNTR_DFLT_ACL S_KA5_12001396 Add-In: Default Counter Update Values 
192 CO53_BJS S_E36_82000158 Send Control Instructions/Recipes 
193 CO54_BJS_PD S_E36_82000156 Send Process Messages (Plant-Dependent) 
194 CO54_BJS_PI S_E36_82000157 Send Process Messages (Plant-Independent) 
195 COCB110 S_ALR_87009548 Set Authorizations 
196 COCB111 S_ALR_87007509 Define authorizations 
197 COCB112 S_ALR_87007514 Define profiles 
198 COCB310 S_ALR_87007576 Define and Set Up Message Destinations 
199 COCB310-11 S_ALR_87007580 Define SAP Function Module 
200 COCB310-12 S_ALR_87007584 Define RFC Destination 
201 COCB310-13 S_ALR_87007588 Define ABAP Table 
202 COCB310-14 S_E36_82000096 Define Alert Categories 
203 COCB320 S_ALR_87008812 Define and Set Up Process Message Categories 
204 COCB331 S_ALR_87007596 Define Characteristics Groups for Process Messages 
205 COCB332 S_ALR_87007592 Define Characteristics for Process Messages 
206 COCB332-1 S_ALR_87007573 Use Function Exit for Automatic Char.Value Assignment 
207 COCB340 S_ALR_87007451 Define Background Job for Sending 
208 COCB350 S_ALR_87007459 Define Background Job for Deleting 
209 COCB411 S_ALR_87007467 Define Characteristics Groups for Process Instructions 
210 COCB412 S_ALR_87007474 Define Characteristics for Process Instructions 
211 COCB412-1 S_ALR_87007482 Use Function Exit for Automatic Char.Value Assignment 
212 COCB420 S_ALR_87007308 Define Process Instruction Categories (General) 
213 COCB431 S_ALR_87007336 Define Process Instruction Categories 
214 COCB432 S_ALR_87007344 Assign Characteristics to Process Parameters 
215 COCB433 S_ALR_87007519 Assign Characteristics to Process Data Requests 
216 COCB433-54 S_ALR_87007321 Create Function Modules for Input Validation 
217 COCB434 S_ALR_87007524 Assign Characteristics to Process Data Calculation Formulas 
218 COCB435 S_ALR_87007528 Assign Characteristics to Inspection Results Requests 
219 COCB436 S_ALR_87007532 Assign Characteristics to Dynamic Function Calls 
220 COCB436-4 S_ALR_87007328 Create Function Modules for Dynamic Function Calls 
221 COCB437 S_ALR_87007486 Assign Characteristics to Sequence Definitions 
222 COCB440 S_ALR_87007314 Define PI Categeories for SAP PI Sheet Using PI Assistant 
223 COCB450 S_ALN_01000603 Transport Long Texts of Process Instruction Categories 
224 COCB510 S_ALR_87007550 Define and Set Up Control Recipe Destinations 
225 COCB515 S_ALN_01000601 Edit Filters for Process Instruction Generation 
226 COCB520 S_ALR_87007545 Define RFC Destinations for Control Recipe Destinations 
227 COCB530 S_ALR_87007542 Define Background Job for Sending 
228 COCB540 S_ALR_87007538 Define Overview Variants for PI Sheets 
229 COCB55 S_E36_82000095 Signature Strategy 
230 COCB551 S_ALR_87007560 Define Authorization Groups 
231 COCB552 S_ALR_87007557 Define Individual Signatures 
232 COCB553 S_ALR_87007553 Define Signature Strategies 
233 COCB554 S_ALR_87007599 Maintain Basic Settings for Digital Signature 
234 COCB555 S_P00_07000108 Specify Signature Method for Approval Using Simple Signature 
235 COCB562 S_P00_07000222 Define Selection Variant for PI Sheets 
236 COCB564 S_P00_07000223 Assign Selection Variant to User 
237 COCB610 S_ALR_87007492 Copy Settings Between Plants 
238 COCB620 S_ALR_87007501 Create Where-Used Lists for Characteristics 
239 COCB630 S_ALR_87007504 Create Where-Used Lists for PI Categories in Master Recipe 
240 COCB641 S_ALR_87007569 Adopt Predefined Characteristics 
241 COCB642 S_ALR_87007564 Adopt Predefined Message Categories 
242 COCB642-A S_E36_82000250 Adopt Predefined Message Categories 
243 COCB643 S_P00_07000299 Adopt Predefined Display Variants 
244 COCF_ALERTS S_EE5_50000169 Settings for Sending Alerts 
245 COCF_BDSR_SN_SECTION S_E36_82000286 Enhancements and Changes to List of Shift Notes 
246 COCF_BD_SHIFT_REPORT S_E36_82000285 Enhancements for Shift Report Administration 
247 COCF_BD_SH_REP_EAM S_EE5_50000328 Enhancements for Shift Report Administration 
248 COCF_BD_SN_LIST_CUST S_EE5_50000024 Insert Customer's Own Selection Criteria in SHN4 
249 COCF_BD_SR_MDOC_EAM S_EE5_50000329 Enhancements of and Changes to List of Measurement Documents 
250 COCF_BD_SR_O_SEC_EAM S_EE5_50000330 Enhancements of and Changes to List of Maintenance Orders 
251 COCF_BD_SR_PDFCU_EAM S_EE5_50000331 Enhancement of Shift Report By Addition of Customer's Own Texts and Tables 
252 COCF_BD_SR_PMSEC_EAM S_EE5_50000332 Enhancements of and Changes to List of Maintenance Notifications 
253 COCF_BD_SR_PM_SECTIO S_EE5_50000327 Enhancements of and Changes to List of Maintenance Notifications 
254 COCF_BD_SR_PREVIEW S_EE5_50000155 Enhancements for the Shift Report Preview 
255 COCF_BD_SR_QM_SECTIO S_EE5_50000008 Enhancements and Changes to List of Quality Notifications 
256 COCF_BD_SR_SNSEC_EAM S_EE5_50000333 Enhancements and Changes to Shift Note List 
257 COCF_BERGRUPPE_SIGN S_PRN_53000556 Define Authorization Groups for Signature in Shift Report 
258 COCF_EINFACHSIGN S_E36_82000205 Specify Signature Method for Approval Using Simple Signature 
259 COCF_KNOWL_PROV S_PRN_53000669 Set Up Storage of Shift Reports and Full-Text Search 
260 COCF_KNOWL_PROV_EAM S_E36_82000139 Set Up Storage of Shift Reports and Full-Text Search 
261 COCF_KPRO_AKTIVIEREN S_PRN_53000666 Define Repository for Shift Reports 
262 COCF_KPRO_AKTIV_EAM S_E36_82000140 Define Repository for Shift Reports 
263 COCF_MANDASH_CAPTAB S_EE5_50000375 BAdI: Enhancements for Capacity Tab - Mfg Dashboard 
264 COCF_MANDASH_KPITAB S_EE5_50000376 BAdI: Enhancements for KPI Tab - Mfg Dashboard 
265 COCF_MANDASH_MATTAB S_EE5_50000377 BAdI: Enhancements for Material Tab - Mfg Dashboard 
266 COCF_MANDASH_OPERTAB S_EE5_50000378 BAdI: Enhancements for Operation Tab - Mfg Dashboard 
267 COCF_MANDASH_ORDER S_EE5_50000379 BAdI: Enhancements for Order Tab - Mfg Dashboard 
268 COCF_MANDASH_PLANACT S_EE5_50000380 BAdI: Enhancements for Plan Actual Tab - Mfg Dashboard 
269 COCF_MANDASH_TOOLTAB S_EE5_50000381 BAdI: Enhancements for Tools Tab - Mfg Dashboard 
270 COCF_ORD_SHIFT S_E36_82000247 BAdI: Change Shift and Quantity Layout 
271 COCF_SN_OP4A S_EE5_50000033 Define Shifts 
272 COCF_SN_VOLLTEXT S_E36_82000239 Make Settings for Full-Text Search 
273 COCF_VOLLTEXTSUCHE S_PRN_53000667 Define RFC Destination for Full-Text Search 
274 COCF_VOLLTEXT_IND S_PRN_53000668 Define Full-Text Indexing 
275 COCF_VOLLTXT_IND_EAM S_E36_82000141 Define Full-Text Indexing 
276 COCR_NUM S_PLN_06000201 Set Early Issue of Order Number 
277 COCR_PROF S_PLN_06000194 Assign Standard XSteps to the Production Scheduling Profile 
278 CODEPAGE_MIGRATIONS S_BCE_68001923 Document Codepage Migrations 
279 COL_ALE_DISTR S_SE3_50000194 Process Distribution Model 
280 COL_ALE_RFC_COL S_SE3_50000273 RFC Destinations for Method Calls in Collections Management System 
281 COL_ALE_RFC_FI S_SE3_50000193 RFC Destinations for Method Calls in the Accounting System 
282 COL_AUTO_TEXTID S_SE3_50000192 Define Text ID for Notes 
283 COL_BADI_BASIS_RULE S_SE3_50000243 BAdI: Basic Rules 
284 COL_BADI_RULE S_SE3_50000245 BAdI: Collection Rules 
285 COL_CASE_NUMBERRANGE S_SE3_50000189 Define Number Range Interval for Case 
286 COL_FDM_CUST05 S_AXA_22000091 Make Settings for Promise to Pay 
287 COL_FDM_CUST06 S_AXA_22000090 Activate SAP Collections Management 
288 COL_PROC_ACTIVATE S_SE3_50000200 Make Settings in Accounting 
289 COL_SCASE_01 S_SE3_50000182 Create and Process Case Record Model 
290 COL_SCMGVC_ATTRPROF S_SE3_50000184 Create Attribute Profile 
291 COL_SCMGVC_FUNCPROF S_SE3_50000185 Create Function Profile 
292 COL_SCMGVC_STATPROF S_SE3_50000188 Create Status Profile 
293 COL_SCMGVC_TEXTPROF S_SE3_50000187 Create Text Profile 
294 COL_SCMGV_CASETYPE S_SE3_50000190 Define Case Types 
295 COL_SCMG_SE75 S_SE3_50000186 Configure Text IDs 
296 COL_SRMREGEDIT_01 S_SE3_50000195 Create RMS ID 
297 COL_SRMREGEDIT_02 S_SE3_50000196 Create Element Type 
298 COL_SRMREGEDIT_03 S_SE3_50000183 Create Element Type for Case Record 
299 COL_UDMV_AUTO_STATUS S_SE3_50000191 Define Automatic Status Changes 
300 COMMCPE_KURSARTEN_DF S_AC0_52000421 Convert CPE Commodity Price Types 
301 COMMODITIES_CPE_DF S_AC0_52000420 Define Commodities for CPE 
302 COMMODITY_DF S_ALR_87007868 Define Commodities 
303 COMM_KURSARTEN_DF S_ALR_87007891 Convert Commodity Price Types 
304 COMM_MSG01 S_AE2_41000039 Configure System Message Type 
305 COMV_CT_SCMTYPE S_ABA_72000165 Define Standard Schema Types 
306 COMV_TAXJUR_ZPCD S_ABA_72000242 Assign Tax Jurisdictions to Postal Codes 
307 COMV_WEC_PSPID_ERPS S_EB5_05000510 Define Payment Service Providers 
308 COMV_WEC_PSP_SEL S_EB5_05000511 Activate Payment Service Providers (Client-Specific) 
309 COMV_WEC_UA_AGR21 S_EBS_44000346 Define List of Authorization Roles for B2B Web Shop 
310 COMV_WEC_UA_AGR2ERP S_EB5_05000691 Set Up Authorization Roles for B2B Web Shop 
311 COMV_WEC_UA_AGR2_1 S_EB5_05000680 Authorization Role for B2B Shop 
312 COMV_WEC_UA_AGR2_ERP S_EB5_05000679 Define Authorization Roles for B2B Web Shop 
313 COM_IL_CHECK S_S6D_98000005 BAdI: Check the Validity of a Relationship 
314 COM_PRD_ID_HANDLING S_S6D_98000009 BAdI: Identifier Processing for Product Distribution 
315 COM_PRD_POST_FILTER S_S6D_98000010 BAdI: Data Filtering for Product Distribution 
316 COM_PRODUCT_ACCT S_AEC_66000508 Define Account Assignment Groups 
317 COM_PRODUCT_ACTIVE S_A2C_40000070 Allow Inactive Products 
318 COM_PRODUCT_AUTH S_A2C_40000027 Define Authorization Groups 
319 COM_PRODUCT_CATS S_A2C_40000152 Assign Category Hierarchies to Applications 
320 COM_PRODUCT_CATTRANS S_AEC_66000481 Transport Categories 
321 COM_PRODUCT_COND S_A2C_40000112 Assign Condition Group to Application CRM 
322 COM_PRODUCT_CONFIG S_AEC_66000531 konfigurierbare Produkttypen zulassen 
323 COM_PRODUCT_CONTEXT S_A4C_68000112 Specify Context Data for ID Types 
324 COM_PRODUCT_COPY S_A4C_68001069 Copy Products 
325 COM_PRODUCT_CUSTMSG S_A2C_40000160 Define Characteristics of System Messages 
326 COM_PRODUCT_DELETE S_A4C_68001090 Delete Additional Product Data 
327 COM_PRODUCT_ENHNC01 S_A2C_40000030 Influence Internal Number Assignment 
328 COM_PRODUCT_ENHNC02 S_A2C_40000031 Influence External Number Assignment 
329 COM_PRODUCT_FAMIDPRO S_A4C_68000269 Assign ID Profile to Object Family 
330 COM_PRODUCT_FORMAT S_AEC_66000032 Define Output Format and Storage Format of Product IDs 
331 COM_PRODUCT_IDORDER S_A4C_68000282 Define Sequence of ID Types 
332 COM_PRODUCT_IDPROFIL S_A4C_68000111 Assign ID Profile to Product Type 
333 COM_PRODUCT_IDTYPE S_A4C_68000109 Define ID Types 
334 COM_PRODUCT_INACTIVE S_A4C_68000537 Deactivate Product Types 
335 COM_PRODUCT_INDEXTAB S_PLC_83000180 Activate Index Table for Search 
336 COM_PRODUCT_LOGSYS S_AEC_66000033 Maintain Storage Form of Product IDs for Logical Systems 
337 COM_PRODUCT_MAPLOG S_AEC_66000480 Assign Logical Systems 
338 COM_PRODUCT_NUMBER S_A2C_40000026 Specify Number Assignment Settings 
339 COM_PRODUCT_NUMMAT S_A2C_40000153 Define Number Ranges for the Product Type "Material" 
340 COM_PRODUCT_NUMOVIEW S_PIC_80000199 Preliminary Information About Number Assignment 
341 COM_PRODUCT_NUMSCHEM S_A2C_40000156 Define Category Numbering Schemes 
342 COM_PRODUCT_NUMSRV S_S7B_68000023 Define Number Ranges for the Product Type "Service" 
343 COM_PRODUCT_OBJFAM S_AEC_66000636 Define Object Families 
344 COM_PRODUCT_PCPROFIL S_A4C_68000916 Assign ID Profile to People-Centric UI 
345 COM_PRODUCT_PRODREF S_A4C_68000289 Allow Product References for Individual Objects 
346 COM_PRODUCT_PROFILE S_A4C_68000110 Define Profiles 
347 COM_PRODUCT_QSEARCH S_A4C_68001107 Define Shortcuts for ID Types in Quick Search 
348 COM_PRODUCT_STTYPGEN S_PLC_83000136 Register Applications for Set Type Generation (People-Centric UI) 
349 COM_PRODUCT_UPLOAD S_A2C_40000071 Allow Upload for a Product Type 
350 COM_PRODUCT_VIEWS S_A2C_40000073 Define Views 
351 COM_PROD_DX_JOB S_S7B_68000047 Schedule Data Exchange of Changes to Mini-Templates 
352 COM_PROD_MNT_UPD S_PAB_37000017 React to Product Changes 
353 COM_PROD_STANDALONE S_S7B_68000006 Product Without Customizing Transfer from Backend Systems 
354 COM_PROD_TEMPLATES S_PAB_09000015 Maintain Mini-Templates 
355 COM_WEC_PSP_INTEG_ER S_EB5_05000512 BAdI: Integration of the Payment Service Provider 
356 COM_WEC_PSP_INT_ERP S_EB5_05000608 BAdI: Integration of the Payment Service Provider 
357 COND_POWL_HEAD_V S_EAC_24000016 Define Search Criteria for Header Attributes 
358 COND_POWL_ITEM_V S_EAC_24000023 Define Search Criteria for Item Attributes 
359 COND_POWL_TEST S_EAC_24000028 Select and Test Condition Information 
360 COND_POWL_TEST_GEN S_EAC_24000030 Select and Test Condition Information 
361 CONEXCLUGROUP S_AEC_66000570 Maintain Exclusions 
362 CONFIRM_CUST_SUBSCR S_E36_82000164 BAdI: Change Customer-Specific Fields 
363 CONF_SECTION_EAM S_EE5_50000334 Enhancements to and Changes in Confirmation Data and Lists 
364 CONTAB_FLOWTYPES S_ALN_01002117 Define Flow Types for Condition Table 
365 CONTRACT S_ALN_01000018 Contract 
366 CONTRACT_TYPE S_ALN_01000017 Contract Type 
367 CONTYPGROUP S_AEC_66000504 Maintain Condition Type Group 
368 CONV0C S_P99_41000356 Set up conversion 
369 CONV0C_VC_SPE_PA S_P99_41000369 Define Conversion 
370 CONVERT_LOC S_AL0_96000011 Maintain Location-Dependent Conversion Data 
371 CONVERT_TO_DUVA S_ALN_01002476 BAdI: DÜVA-Download definieren 
372 CON_FAIC02 S_CWE_15000044 Define Price Types 
373 CON_FIN_COPROD_DISTR S_CWE_15000046 BAdI: Cost Distribution with Joint Production 
374 CON_FIN_FAIC01 S_SO7_28000037 Activate Texts After Language Import 
375 CON_FIN_MANUF_ORDER S_CWE_15000047 BAdI: Manufacturing Orders 
376 CON_FIN_VDOCTYPE S_SO7_28000021 Assign Document Type to Business Transaction Category 
377 COOMABC_MD_KEOA3 S_P00_07000258 Activate Inactive Business Processes 
378 COOMABC_MD_KEOD S_P00_07000259 Delete Inactive Business Processes 
379 COOMCCAAP_KBXXN_CUST S_ALR_87099829 Define Own Screen Variants for Postings in Controlling 
380 COOMCCAP_VC_SCENARIO S_ALR_87100779 Define Scenarios for Request for Adjustment Posting 
381 COOMCCAP_V_PCRACT S_ALR_87100793 Assign Adjustment Postings to Scenarios 
382 COOMCCAP_V_PCRTYPE S_ALR_87100788 Assign Own Scenarios for Request for Adjustment Posting 
383 COOMCCAP_V_PCRTYPE_T S_ALR_87100790 Activate Test Scenario for Request for Adjustment Posting 
384 COOMCCA_ISTILV_CMOD S_ALR_87009299 Develop Authorization Enhancements for Indirect Activity Allocation 
385 COOMCCA_ISTUML_CMOD S_ALR_87009298 Develop Authorization Enhancements for Assessment 
386 COOMCCA_ISTVERT_CMOD S_ALR_87009297 Develop Authorization Enhancements for Distribution 
387 COOMCCA_IST_CMOD S_ALR_87008899 Develop Authorization Enhancements for Periodic Repostings 
388 COOMCCA_KEO1 S_P99_41000184 Create Enterprise Organization 
389 COOMCCA_KEOA S_P00_07000250 Activate Inactive Master Data 
390 COOMCCA_KEOC1 S_ALR_87100127 Enter Settings for Enterprise Organization 
391 COOMCCA_KEOD S_P00_07000252 Delete Inactive Master Data 
392 COOMCCA_KEOG S_ALR_87100129 Generate Standard or Alternative Hierarchy from Enterprise Organization 
393 COOMCCA_MD_KEOA1 S_P00_07000251 Activate Inactive Cost Centers 
394 COOMCCA_MD_KEOD S_P00_07000253 Delete Inactive Cost Centers 
395 COOMCCA_OMGEN S_P99_41000066 Generate Enterprise Organization from Standard Hierarchy 
396 COOMCCA_OOOE S_ALR_87100869 Maintain Organizational Units for User Roles 
397 COOMCCA_VC_SCENARIO S_ALR_87100748 Define Own Scenarios for Request to Change Master Data 
398 COOMCCA_V_CREQ_SCEN S_ALR_87100817 Assign Own Scenarios for Requesting Master Data Changes 
399 COOMOPACL_KSR S_ALR_87099702 Maintain strategy sequences for automatic determination of settlement rules 
400 COOMOPA_CL_KSR S_ALR_87099739 Strategy Sequences for Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules 
401 COOMOPA_CL_KSR4 S_ALR_87099816 User-Defined Strategies for Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules 
402 COOMOPA_CL_V_TKB10_1 S_ALR_87100021 Display Strategies for Automatic Generation of Settlment Rules 
403 COOMOPA_IS_RPC0 S_ALR_87100138 Specify User Settings 
404 COOMOPA_IS_RPC0N S_PL0_09000015 Specify User Settings 
405 COOM_CCA_FP_ZUORDN_D S_P99_41000131 Assign Templates for Cost Centers 
406 COOM_CCA_IS_BP S_ALR_87099719 Specify User Settings 
407 COOM_CCA_IS_RPCO S_ALR_87099952 Enter User Settings 
408 COOM_CCA_MP_MDT S_ALR_87099894 Enter Settings for Manager's Desktop 
409 COOM_CCA_PLV_TEMPL S_P99_41000130 Template Allocation: Plan 
410 COOM_CCA_PU_HR S_ALR_87099896 Transfer Personnel Costs from HR 
411 COOM_CCA_P_MD S_ALR_87099767 Configure Manager's Desktop 
412 COOM_CCA_P_PD_HR S_ALR_87099766 Transfer Personnel Costs from HR (as of Release 4.6) 
413 COOM_CCA_ST_KM5V S_P99_41000310 Define Selection Variants for Cost Elements 
414 COOM_CEL_IS_RPCO S_ALR_87099953 Specify User Settings 
415 COOM_OPA_CL_KSR3 S_ALR_87099815 Assign Strategy Sequence To Order Type 
416 COOPC100   vvv 
417 COOPC110 S_PLN_16000038 Define RFC Destination for SAP ODA 
418 COOPC120 S_PLN_16000039 Define Settings for SAP ODA 
419 COPA1 S_ALR_87001696 Transfer LIS / CO-PA 
420 COPCACTAVR S_ALN_01000223 Set Up Transfer of Cost Component Split to CO-PA 
421 COPCACT_ACTIVATE S_ALR_87008077 Activate Actual Costing 
422 COPCACT_ASSIGN_NAME S_ALR_87008085 Assign User-Defined Names for Receipts/Consumptions 
423 COPCACT_INNAME S_ALR_87008076 Create User-Defined Names for Receipts/Consumptions 
424 COPCPCPMCSO S_ALN_01001017 User-Defined Error Management for Mass Costing of Sales Documents 
425 COPCPCPMCSO_BADI S_ALN_01001018 BAdI: Selection for Mass Costing of Sales Documents 
426 COPOC110 S_ALR_87100805 Define Process Manufacturing Cockpits 
427 COPY FORM S_AHR_61016588 OHAcaFO003 
428 COPY_OHTX5209 S_AHR_61010312 Set Up Internet Connection 
429 CORA_22 S_SH8_22000823 Specify Effectiveness 
430 CORRESPOND_BP_ROLES S_PLN_62000449 Define Role Types for Correspondence 
431 CORRESP_CONTROL_PARA S_AEN_10000070 Define General Control Parameters for Correspondence 
432 CORR_RCV_FIND S_AEN_10000380 Define Control Parameters for Recipient Determination 
433 CORR_TEXT_MODULE S_PLN_06000378 Determine Optional Text Modules 
434 CORR_USER_DEF_TEXT S_PLN_06000379 Determine Custom Text Fields 
435 COSTIMPORT S_SE3_62000015 Business Add-In: Import Costing Structure 
436 COUNTRYINSTALLATION S_PL0_09000067 Localize Sample Organizational Units 
437 CO_ISR_EXECUTION S_ALR_87100863 Define Settings for Execution Services 
438 CO_ISR_QISRCONF S_AC0_52000723 Define Scenario with ISR Wizard 
439 CO_ISR_QISRLIST S_AC0_52000750 Overview of Scenarios Created in ISR Wizard 
440 CO_ISR_TRANSPORT S_ALR_87100739 Settings for Template Transport 
441 CO_MES_INT_DISTRIBUT S_EB5_05000451 BAdI: Determination of Logical System from Order Data 
442 CO_MES_INT_FCODE S_EB5_05000452 BAdI: Control of Functions of Distributed Production Orders 
443 CO_MES_INT_FIELDS S_EB5_05000453 BAdI: Field Control for Distributed Production Orders 
444 CO_MES_INT_IDOC S_EB5_05000459 BAdI: Enhance IDoc for Production Order 
445 CO_MES_INT_LOGSYS S_EB5_05000450 Maintain Logical System for Distribution of Production Orders 
446 CO_MES_INT_ROUT_INB S_EBJ_98000088 Business Add-In for the Creation of Routings from SAP ME 
447 CO_ML_WIP S_EE6_85000155 Activate WIP at Actual Costs 
448 CO_OKCX S_P99_41000306 Set "Update All Currencies" Indicator 
449 CO_OKE5_TRANSPORT S_P99_41000168 Transport Template Settings 
450 CO_VC_ISRGRP S_AL0_19000083 Define Scenario Groups 
451 CO_VC_SCENARIO S_ALR_87100737 Define Scenarios 
452 CO_VOLLTEXT S_E4A_94000015 Make Settings for Full-Text Search 
453 CO_WIPB_CHG_CLSF S_E4A_94000147 BAdI: Change/Calculate on Basis of Characteristics Classification 
454 CO_WIPB_TA_COMP S_E4A_94000146 BAdI: Tolerance Valuation for Target/Actual Comparison Classification 
455 CPB_PM_IMG_0001 S_EB5_05000630 BAdI: Change of Stock Determination for Material Stock Information 
456 CPCRMSTOCK1 S_AXA_22000082 Define Critical Stock Values at Material Level 
457 CPCRMSTOCK2 S_AXA_22000083 Define Critical Stock Values at Material Group Level 
458 CPD_DEBITOR S_KFM_86000001 Define Suspense Account Customer 
459 CPEVC_MM_FORM S_PR0_40000291 Define CPE Formula 
460 CPEVC_MM_RULE S_PR0_40000289 Define CPE Term Rule 
461 CPEVC_MM_TERM S_PR0_40000290 Define CPE Term 
462 CPEVC_QUOTGROUP S_BYA_47000010 Define Quotation Group 
463 CPEVC_SD_FORM S_AXA_22000099 Define CPE Formula 
464 CPEVC_SD_RULE S_AXA_22000112 Define CPE Term Rule 
465 CPEVC_SD_TERM S_AXA_22000102 Define CPE Term 
466 CPEV_APPLSETTING S_BYA_47000044 Activate Commodity Pricing Engine 
467 CPEV_BLOCKING S_YYC_20000001 Define CPE Blocking Reasons 
468 CPEV_CALCRULE S_BYA_47000020 Define Calculation Rule 
469 CPEV_CNVSRCUSED S_BYA_47000018 Choose Quantity Conversion Sources 
470 CPEV_CONDTYPE S_P4S_79000010 Define Condition-Type-Specific Settings 
471 CPEV_CONVERSION S_BYA_47000016 Define Conversion Rule 
472 CPEV_CONVPLACE S_BYA_47000039 Define Conversion Place During Evaluation 
473 CPEV_COVMOVE S_BYA_47000031 Define Movement Reason for Coverage 
474 CPEV_EXTENSION S_BRK_62000013 Define CPE Extension 
475 CPEV_FA_FIELDREL S_EBS_44000309 Assign Condition Technique Fields to CPE Object Fields 
476 CPEV_FORMSTATUS S_BRK_62000023 Define CPE Formula Status 
477 CPEV_LOGSUBMOD S_BYA_47000037 Define CPE Submodule for CPE Analysis 
478 CPEV_MAPPING S_BYA_47000042 Filter and Map Document Data 
479 CPEV_MM_FA_PROC S_PR0_40000391 Determine Procedure for Formula Assembly 
480 CPEV_PERIODDET S_BYA_47000022 Define Period Determination Rule 
481 CPEV_PERSTATUS S_BRK_62000025 Define Period Determination Status 
482 CPEV_PRCFIXRULE S_BRK_62000021 Define Rule for Definition of Price Fixation Option 
483 CPEV_QTYCNVSRC S_BYA_47000013 Define Quantity Conversion Source 
484 CPEV_QUANCONV S_BYA_47000014 Define Quantity Conversion Rule 
485 CPEV_QUOTNAME S_BYA_47000009 Define Quotation Name 
486 CPEV_QUOTSRC S_BYA_47000007 Define Quotation Source 
487 CPEV_QUOTTYPE S_BYA_47000008 Define Quotation Type 
488 CPEV_REFDATEROUT S_BYA_47000017 Choose Reference Date and Time Routines 
489 CPEV_RFCDEST S_BYA_47000040 Define RFC Connection to CPE 
490 CPEV_ROUNDRULE S_BYA_47000011 Define Rounding Rule 
491 CPEV_ROUTINE S_BYA_47000038 Define CPE Routine 
492 CPEV_SD_BLOCKING S_PCO_36000322 Assign CPE Blocking Reasons to SD Blocking Reasons 
493 CPEV_SD_FA_PROC S_PR0_40000381 Determine Procedure for Formula Assembly 
494 CPEV_SURCHARGE S_BYA_47000021 Define Surcharge Rule 
495 CPEV_TERMSTATUS S_BRK_62000024 Define CPE Term Status 
496 CPEV_TERMTYPEFLD S_BYA_47000036 Maintain Field Mode Dependent on Term Type 
497 CPE_FILL_TEXT_TABLES S_AXA_22000106 BAdI: Fill data for CPE Customizing Text Tables 
498 CPF_A_BRFAPP S_V7S_56000005 Assign BRFplus Application to CPF Usage 
499 CPF_A_CAT S_V7S_56000002 Define Entries for Parameter Catalog 
500 CPF_A_DS_ROUT S_V7S_56000006 Define Data Source Routine