SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index C, page 4
IMG Activity - C
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 CPF_A_FORM S_V7S_56000003 Define Formula 
2 CPF_A_ROUT S_V7S_56000004 Define CPF Routine 
3 CPF_STRUC S_V7S_56000001 Define Custom Structure 
4 CPROW_CUST S_PPD_96000028 Make Settings for the WebDAV Interface 
5 CPRO_ACTIVATE_DEPREC S_PPD_96000030 Activate Windows File Explorer Integration from Release 3.1 
6 CPRO_ACT_WFL S_PTD_51000013 Activate Workflows 
7 CPRO_ALERT_CHNGALERT S_CP4_60000005 Change Alerts from Severities in Project Management 
8 CPRO_BAPIBUS2173IAPP S_CP4_60000023 BAdI: Individual Approval for BOR Object Phase 
9 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2164 S_CP4_60000012 BAdI: BOR Object Checklist Reference 
10 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2167 S_CP4_60000013 BAdI: BOR Object Phase in a Template 
11 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2168 S_CP4_60000016 BAdI: BOR Object Checklist Item in a Template 
12 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2169 S_CP4_60000017 BAdI: BOR Object Task in a Template 
13 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2170 S_CP4_60000018 BAdI: BOR Object Project Template 
14 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2171 S_CP4_60000019 BAdI: BOR Object Checklist Template 
15 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2172 S_CP4_60000020 BAdI: BOR Object Project Definition 
16 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2173 S_CP4_60000021 BAdI: BOR Object Phase 
17 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2173APP S_CP4_60000022 BAdI: Approval for BOR Object Phase 
18 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2174 S_CP4_60000024 BAdI: BOR Object Checklist Item 
19 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2175 S_CP4_60000025 BAdI: BOR Object Task 
20 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2176 S_CP4_60000026 BAdI: BOR Object Checklist Header 
21 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2177 S_CP4_60000027 BAdI: BOR Object Role 
22 CPRO_BAPI_BUS2178 S_CP4_60000037 BAdI: BOR Object Role in a Template 
23 CPRO_BUS_OBJ_LINK S_PCC_47000013 Define Object Link Types 
24 CPRO_BW_DATASOURCE S_APL_52000041 Generate DataSource for BW Status Objects 
25 CPRO_BW_SYSSTAT S_APL_52000039 Define BW Status Objects for the System Status 
26 CPRO_BW_USERSTAT S_APL_52000068 Define BW Status Objects for the User Status 
27 CPRO_CP_CHARACT S_PTD_51000005 BAdI: Change Integration of QM Master Inspection Characteristics 
28 CPRO_CP_CHARACT_UI S_PTD_51000006 BAdI: Change Search Helps for Control Plan Characteristics 
29 CPRO_CROOM_PORT S_PPD_96000032 Create Logical Ports 
30 CPRO_CUSTERW_ATTR S_APL_52000061 BAdI: Check/Change Fields in Project Management 
31 CPRO_CUSTERW_CHNGEUI S_APL_52000065 Make Customer-Specific Interface Changes 
32 CPRO_CUSTERW_DBERW S_APL_52000066 Enhance Database Tables 
33 CPRO_CUSTERW_EVENTS S_APL_52000062 BAdI: Events in Project Management Application Objects 
34 CPRO_CUSTERW_EXTRTAB S_PPD_96000040 Show Additional Tab Pages in Project Management 
35 CPRO_CUSTERW_FELDGRP S_CP4_60000010 Define Field Groups for Customer Fields 
36 CPRO_CUSTERW_FLDCTRL S_PPD_96000039 Set Up Field Control 
37 CPRO_CUSTERW_SEARCH S_APL_52000074 Enhance Search Help 
38 CPRO_CUSTERW_USRSTAT S_APL_52000063 Create/Change Status Profile for User Status 
39 CPRO_DEFLOGPORTS S_PCC_47000010 Define Logical Ports 
40 CPRO_DEFLOGPORTS_II S_X1D_36000058 Create Logical Ports Using SOA Manager 
41 CPRO_DEFWEBSERVALIAS S_PCC_47000011 Define Web Server Alias 
42 CPRO_DOK_DOKTYPE S_APL_52000047 Create Status Profile for Documents 
43 CPRO_DOK_OBJLNK S_CP4_60000008 Define Object Links for Documents in DMS 
44 CPRO_DPR_GANTT S_PTD_51000002 BAdI: Check or Change Graphical View Display 
45 CPRO_DPR_MPM0 S_PTD_51000001 BAdI: Influence or Check Functions in Multi-Project Management 
46 CPRO_EVA_ADDATTR S_APL_52000008 Fill Additional Attributes 
47 CPRO_EVA_ATTROBJ S_APL_52000001 Define Attributes and Object Types for Evaluations 
48 CPRO_EVA_EVADEF S_APL_52000003 Define Evaluations 
49 CPRO_EVA_EXTRAKTE S_APL_52000002 Define Extract Layouts 
50 CPRO_EVA_EXTR_PROTYP S_CP4_60000004 Assign Extract Layouts to Project Types 
51 CPRO_EVA_ICONDEF S_APL_52000004 Define Severity 
52 CPRO_EVA_OBJLKPUFFER S_APL_52000009 Buffer Object Links 
53 CPRO_EVA_SCHWELLWERT S_APL_52000005 Define Threshold Values 
54 CPRO_EXTENSIONS S_X1D_36000078 BAdI: Definition of Customer-Specific Tabs 
55 CPRO_FINR3_AKTINT S_APL_52000052 Activate Integration 
56 CPRO_FINR3_REPLKERLS S_APL_52000059 Replicate Cost/Revenue Rates 
57 CPRO_FINR3_USEREXIT S_AXA_22000093 Develop Enhancements 
58 CPRO_GEN_AREA S_PPD_96000029 Define Areas 
59 CPRO_GEN_CHANGE S_APL_52000049 Activate Change Documents 
60 CPRO_GEN_EVENTLINK S_APL_52000070 Transfer Business Partner Changes to WFM Core and Groupware 
61 CPRO_GEN_EXPERT S_APL_52000069 Define Search Scenario for the SAP Expert Finder 
62 CPRO_GEN_LOCATION S_PPD_96000027 Define Locations 
63 CPRO_GEN_OBJKTTYPGRP S_PPD_96000035 Group Object Types 
64 CPRO_GEN_PROJLANG S_PPD_96000052 Specify Text Languages 
65 CPRO_GEN_RFCDESTCFOL S_APL_52000007 Stipulate RFC Destination for Collaboration 
66 CPRO_GEN_SETTINGS S_X1D_36000083 Check Global Settings 
67 CPRO_GEN_STATPROFILE S_APL_52000058 Edit Status Profile 
68 CPRO_GEN_URL S_APL_52000006 Make General Interface Settings 
69 CPRO_GEN_URLABSOLUT S_APL_52000027 Define Absolute URL for Calling Project Management 
70 CPRO_GEN_VIEWS S_APL_52000048 Define Initial Views for cProjects 
71 CPRO_MSP_FIELDS S_APL_52000050 Assign Fields for Export from Project Management 
72 CPRO_MSP_FIELDS_IMP S_CP4_60000007 Assign Fields for Import to Project Management 
73 CPRO_MSP_INT_GEN S_PTD_51000081 Integration with Microsoft Project 
74 CPRO_PROJSTATBER_OBL S_CP4_60000009 Define Object Links for Project Status Reports in DMS 
75 CPRO_PRP_ALE S_APL_52000042 Application Link Enabling (ALE) for HR Integration 
76 CPRO_PRP_ASSIGN_BADI S_CP4_60000034 BAdI: Define Assigned Structural Profiles 
77 CPRO_PRP_BADI01 S_APL_52000043 Business Add-In: Customer Fields for Business Partner for Display in PRP 
78 CPRO_PRP_BADIALE S_APL_52000045 BAdI: Customer-Defined Inbound Processing 
79 CPRO_PRP_BUISNESSPA S_APL_52000030 Define Display Details for Business Partner 
80 CPRO_PRP_BUPA_HRINT S_CP4_60000039 Set Up Integration of HR 
81 CPRO_PRP_BUSINESSPA S_APL_52000031 Define Display Details for Business Partner 
82 CPRO_PRP_EMAIL S_APL_52000032 Assign Forms for E-mail and Groupware Communication 
83 CPRO_PRP_HOWTO_SA S_CP4_60000028 Getting Started - Structural Authorization 
84 CPRO_PRP_QUALIKAT S_APL_52000035 Edit Qualifications Catalog 
85 CPRO_PRP_QUALISYSTEM S_APL_52000071 Activate Qualification Search and Matchup Using WFM Core 
86 CPRO_PRP_RFCVAR S_APL_52000033 Define RFC Destination for WFM Core 
87 CPRO_PRP_ROLE S_APL_52000028 Define Role Types 
88 CPRO_PRP_ROLE_FUNCT S_PPD_96000023 Define Role Functions 
89 CPRO_PRP_ROLE_VERTLG S_PPD_96000026 Make General Settings for Distribution 
90 CPRO_PRP_SAP_MEM S_CP4_60000032 Save User Data in SAP Memory 
91 CPRO_PRP_SKALEN S_APL_52000034 Edit Scales 
92 CPRO_PRP_STRUCT_BADI S_CP4_60000033 BAdI: Structural Authorization 
93 CPRO_PRP_SYNCHRON S_APL_52000077 Transfer Changes to Assignment from Groupware 
94 CPRO_PRP_TIMEUNITS S_APL_52000029 Define Time Units 
95 CPRO_PRP_V_PRP_ACTN S_CP4_60000035 Define Staffing Actions 
96 CPRO_R3_SERVICES S_APL_52000072 Make Settings for Calling an SAP Transaction 
97 CPRO_R3_TNAUFRUFPS S_APL_52000019 Make Settings for the Linked SAP Objects 
98 CPRO_SAP_SETTINGS S_X1D_36000084 Override Default Global Settings 
99 CPRO_SRM_PRODCAT S_PPD_96000024 Specify Source System for SRM Categories 
100 CPRO_STRUK_CHCKLTYPE S_APL_52000013 Define Checklist Types 
101 CPRO_STRUK_CP_ITEMS S_APL_52000023 Define Characteristics in Control Plan 
102 CPRO_STRUK_CP_PRFPLN S_APL_52000064 BAdI: Object Creation in Control Plan 
103 CPRO_STRUK_CP_PROCST S_APL_52000022 Define Process Steps in Control Plan 
104 CPRO_STRUK_CP_SAMPLE S_APL_52000026 Define Sample Frequency 
105 CPRO_STRUK_CP_SYSTEM S_APL_52000025 Define Test Systems in Control Plan 
106 CPRO_STRUK_CP_TOOLS S_APL_52000024 Define Tools in Control Plan 
107 CPRO_STRUK_EINSTUFG S_APL_52000021 Define Categories for Control Plans 
108 CPRO_STRUK_FORM_PTYP S_CP4_60000002 Activate Forms per Project Type 
109 CPRO_STRUK_MAKEFORM S_APL_52000038 Create Forms 
110 CPRO_STRUK_OBJLNKTYP S_APL_52000018 Define Object Types for Object Links 
111 CPRO_STRUK_PDFFORMS S_PPD_96000058 Create PDF-Based Forms 
112 CPRO_STRUK_PHASETYPE S_APL_52000012 Define Phase Types 
113 CPRO_STRUK_PRINTBADI S_APL_52000017 BAdI: Forms 
114 CPRO_STRUK_PRINTFORM S_APL_52000016 Activate Print Forms 
115 CPRO_STRUK_PRIORITY S_PPD_96000034 Define Priorities 
116 CPRO_STRUK_PROCESS S_APL_52000011 Define Process 
117 CPRO_STRUK_PROJTANL S_APL_52000010 Define Project Reason 
118 CPRO_STRUK_PROJTYPE S_APL_52000015 Define Project Types 
119 CPRO_STRUK_TASKTYPE S_APL_52000014 Define Task Types 
120 CPRO_STRUK_TERMINART S_APL_52000020 Define Date Types for Display of External Dates in the Gantt Chart 
121 CPRO_STRUK_VERSMASK S_CP4_60000011 Define Permitted Version Numbers 
122 CPRO_WEBDAV S_PPD_96000033 Change WebDAV Attributes of the cFolders Objects to Be Transferred 
123 CPRO_WEBDAV_CPRO S_PPD_96000041 Change WebDAV Attributes of the Project Mgmt Objects to Be Transferred 
124 CPRO_WFE S_CP4_60000036 Specify URLs for Windows File Explorer Integration 
125 CPR_BADI_OBJLNK_QMMS S_AXA_22000067 BAdI: Creating a QM Notification 
126 CPR_DVS_DEFDOCS S_AXA_22000094 Specify Default Document Types per cProjects System 
127 CPR_DVS_DOKLINKSBADI S_AXA_22000095 BAdI: SAP DMS Document Links in cProjects 
128 CPR_FINR3_ATTRBTREP S_APL_52000055 Replicate Accounting-Relevant Characteristics 
129 CPR_FINR3_BADICALC2 S_AXA_22000042 BAdI: cProjects Costing Integration 
130 CPR_FINR3_BADI_CONTR S_AXC_91000054 BAdI: Controlling Parameters 
131 CPR_FINR3_COSCEN S_AX8_68000364 Create and Change Controlling Scenario 
132 CPR_FINR3_DEFKOERLS S_APL_52000053 Define Cost/Revenue Rates 
133 CPR_FINR3_FINDCOSCEN S_AX8_68000365 Define Controlling Scenario 
134 CPR_FINR3_FLEXMESSG S_AXA_22000046 Define User-Defined Message Types 
135 CPR_FINR3_INTCOCO S_APL_52000054 Make General Settings 
136 CPR_FINR3_KOSERSZUOG S_AX8_68000366 Assign Cost Elements and Activity Types 
137 CPR_FINR3_OBJLINK S_CP4_60000003 Define Object Links for Accounting Integration 
138 CPR_FINR3_SETTINGSR3 S_APL_52000056 Make Settings in ERP System 
139 CPR_FINR3_VCRMCO_ECP S_P7D_67000006 Settings for Easy Cost Planning 
140 CRD S_E36_82000242 Introduction to Credentialing 
141 CREATE_BRFPLUS_APPL S_EBJ_98000278 Create BRFplus Application 
142 CREATE_SHIFTNOTE_EAM S_E36_82000136 Make Settings for Shift Notes for Technical Object 
143 CREATE_SHIFT_NOTE S_PRN_53000553 Make Settings for Shift Notes 
144 CRMC_BL_APPL S_AEC_21000001 Application Scenario 
145 CRMC_BSP_ANALYSE S_PLC_83000114 Determine the Correct Model Access Class 
146 CRMC_BSP_CHECK_ROLES S_ABC_72000140 Check CRM Roles and Portal Roles for Consistency (As of CRM 4.0 SP XX) 
147 CRMC_BSP_CT S_S7B_68000007 Define Layout of the People-Centric UI (Customizing Tool) 
148 CRMC_BSP_SHOW_SERVER S_ABC_72000139 Determine the CRM Server for Portal (Available from 30.06.2003) 
149 CRMC_COMM_GRP S_PFC_31000010 Define Commission Groups 
150 CRMC_FM_CO_EXP S_EB5_05000464 Map Cost Elements to Expense Types for Marketing 
151 CRMC_PRT_MO S_AEC_21000059 Method for Object Type (Navigation) 
152 CRMC_PRT_ROLE_MO S_AEC_21000061 Assign Object Method to Role 
153 CRMC_PRT_ROLE_RL S_ABC_72000126 Assign Portal Role to Single Role 
154 CRMC_STANDARD_QUERY S_ABC_72000113 Define Standard Queries 
155 CRMC_TAX_LAND S_A2C_40000074 Assign Tax Tariff Codes to a Country 
156 CRMC_UNICODE_QV S_ABC_72000136 Unicode Modification for Query/Variant 
157 CRMC_VARIANTS_QUERY S_AEC_21000074 Copy Report for Delivery Queries 
158 CRMC_VARIANTS_QUERYC S_S7B_68000042 Copy Report for Delivery Queries 
159 CRMFIINT_T_MAPREVACC S_AXA_22000031 Settings for Billing Data Transfer to FI or FI-CA 
160 CRMFINT_IPM_BEAVTACC S_AXA_22000036 IPM: Data Values for Payment Confirmation of Outgoing Royalties 
161 CRMV_ACCESS S_AEC_21000018 Model Access 
162 CRMV_APPLLAYOUT S_AEC_21000034 Application/Layout 
163 CRMV_APPLSET S_AEC_21000033 Application Set 
164 CRMV_APPL_NAME S_S7B_68000013 Rename Application 
165 CRMV_APPL_NAMEC S_S7B_68000009 Rename Application 
166 CRMV_APPL_OTYP S_AEC_21000080 Assign Object Type to Application 
167 CRMV_APPL_VIEW S_PAB_09000002 Characteristics of View 
168 CRMV_APPL_VIEWC S_PAB_09000004 Characteristics of View 
169 CRMV_BAB_CUSTOMER S_PKC_58000030 Blueprint Application Builder 
170 CRMV_BAB_SAP S_ABC_72000112 Blueprint Application Builder (SAP Mode) 
171 CRMV_BLUEPRINT S_AEC_21000003 Layout 
172 CRMV_BLUEPRNTC S_AEC_21000020 Define Application Layout 
173 CRMV_BL_APPL S_AEC_21000002 Application 
174 CRMV_BL_APPSET S_AEC_21000032 Application Set 
175 CRMV_BL_BY S_AEC_21000015 Define Search Criteria Selection (Obsolete) 
176 CRMV_BL_SERCHC S_AEC_21000030 Search Group Structure 
177 CRMV_BL_SHOW S_AEC_21000016 Define Search Variant Selection 
178 CRMV_BL_SOURCE S_ABC_72000108 Data Source for Search Queries 
179 CRMV_BL_VARIAN_T S_ABC_72000109 Description for User Queries 
180 CRMV_BL_VIEW S_AEC_21000017 View 
181 CRMV_BSP_EVENT S_AEC_21000014 Event 
182 CRMV_BSP_EVENT_R S_ABA_72000202 Event Redefinition 
183 CRMV_BSP_MSGS S_AEC_21000019 Assign Message Log to Navigation 
184 CRMV_BSP_MSG_GRP S_AEC_21000079 Message Group 
185 CRMV_BSP_PROC S_PAB_37000030 Process Attributes 
186 CRMV_BSP_PROCC S_PAB_37000031 Process Attributes 
187 CRMV_BSP_PROCE S_PAB_37000029 Process 
188 CRMV_BSP_SESMGTC S_S7B_68000024 Manage Sessions 
189 CRMV_DESIGCONF S_PKC_58000032 Configuration CRM Designer 
190 CRMV_EVENTGRE S_ABC_72000110 Event Group 
191 CRMV_F4MAPREC S_AEC_21000075 Field Assignment for Transferring Values 
192 CRMV_F4MAPRECC S_AEC_21000077 Field Assignment for Transferring Values 
193 CRMV_F4MAPSND S_AEC_21000076 Field Assignment for Search Preassignment 
194 CRMV_F4MAPSNDC S_AEC_21000078 Field Assignment for Search Preassignment 
195 CRMV_F4MULTIDEF S_ABA_72000222 Field Assignment for Copying During Multiple Selection 
196 CRMV_F4MULTIDEFC S_ABA_72000223 Field Assignment for Copying During Multiple Selection 
197 CRMV_FIELDGRE S_AEC_21000005 Field Group 
198 CRMV_FIELDGROUP S_AEC_21000022 Field Group 
199 CRMV_FIELDGRP S_AEC_21000004 Field Group Structure 
200 CRMV_FIELDGRPC S_AEC_21000027 Field Group Structure 
201 CRMV_FLD_LABEL S_S7B_68000015 Rename Field Label 
202 CRMV_FLD_LABELC S_S7B_68000011 Rename Field Label 
203 CRMV_IC_LTX_URLS_ERP S_EB5_05000513 Define URL and Parameters for Web Channel Builder 
204 CRMV_MULTIGRE S_ABC_72000137 Multigroup 
205 CRMV_MULTIGRP S_ABC_72000127 Multigroup 
206 CRMV_MULTIGRPC S_ABC_72000138 Multi-Group Structure 
207 CRMV_MULTIGRPE S_ABC_72000128 Multigroup 
208 CRMV_PRT_LABEL S_S7B_68000012 Define Interface Texts 
209 CRMV_PRT_LABELC S_S7B_68000008 Define Interface Texts 
210 CRMV_PRT_MTD S_AEC_21000056 Define Method for Navigation 
211 CRMV_PRT_OTYPE S_AEC_21000055 Define Object Type for Navigation 
212 CRMV_REGTAB S_AEC_21000021 Tab Page Group 
213 CRMV_REGTABGRC S_AEC_21000028 Tab Page Group Structure 
214 CRMV_REGTABGRP S_AEC_21000007 Tabstrip 
215 CRMV_RGTABGRE S_AEC_21000006 Tab Page Group 
216 CRMV_SEARCHGROUP S_AEC_21000026 Search Scenario 
217 CRMV_SEARCHVAR S_AEC_21000011 Search Variant 
218 CRMV_SERACHGROUP S_AEC_21000025 Search Group 
219 CRMV_SERCHGRE S_AEC_21000010 Search Group 
220 CRMV_STEPGRC S_PAB_37000027 Step Group: Assign Events 
221 CRMV_STEPGRE S_PAB_37000025 Step Group 
222 CRMV_STEPGROUP S_PAB_37000023 Step Group 
223 CRMV_TLBARGRE S_AEC_21000012 Toolbar 
224 CRMV_TOOLBAR S_AEC_21000023 Toolbar 
225 CRMV_TOOLBARGC S_AEC_21000031 Toolbar Group Structure 
226 CRMV_TOOLBARGR S_AEC_21000013 Toolbar Functions 
227 CRMV_TOOL_CO S_PCO_36000111 Determine Cost Center and Activity Type for Tool 
228 CRMV_TXT_LABEL S_S7B_68000014 Rename Other Interface Texts 
229 CRMV_TXT_LABELC S_S7B_68000010 Rename Other Interface Texts 
230 CRMV_VERSION S_PAB_09000001 Characteristics of Version 
231 CRMV_VERSIONC S_PAB_09000003 Characteristics of Version 
232 CRMV_VIEWGRE S_AEC_21000008 View Switch Group 
233 CRMV_VIEWGROUP S_AEC_21000024 ViewSwitch 
234 CRMV_VIEWGRP S_AEC_21000009 ViewSwitch Alternatives 
235 CRMV_VIEWGRPC S_AEC_21000029 ViewSwitch Alternatives 
236 CRMV_VSETGRC S_PAB_37000024 View Set Group: Assign Events 
237 CRMV_VSETGRE S_PAB_37000021 Viewset Group 
238 CRMV_VSETGROUP S_PAB_37000022 Viewset Group 
239 CRMV_VSETGRP S_PAB_37000026 Viewset Group 
240 CRM_ACE_CU_ACRTY S_ALN_01001299 Assign Accrual Type to Transaction Type 
241 CRM_ACE_CU_COND S_ALN_01001300 Assign Relevant Revenue Elements 
242 CRM_ACE_CU_COPA S_ALN_01001325 CO-PA Integration 
243 CRM_ACE_CU_METH S_ALN_01001302 Assign Accrual Method 
244 CRM_ACE_INBOUND_BADI S_ALN_01001331 BAdI: CRM Data Transfer 
245 CRM_ACE_POSTING_BADI S_ALN_01001332 BADI: Post CRM Accruals in FI 
246 CRM_ALLG_WAEHR S_A2C_40000145 Currency conversion 
247 CRM_BL_CHECK S_AEC_21000035 Consistency Check 
248 CRM_BSP_ACM_SEARCH S_A4C_68001047 BAdI for Account Search 
249 CRM_BSP_DEB_CONCEPT S_PLC_83000132 Architecture for People-Centric User Interface: Overview 
250 CRM_BSP_DEB_FAQ S_PLC_83000134 FAQ 
251 CRM_BSP_DEB_GUIDELIN S_PLC_83000133 Debugging Guide (Through Portal, BSP Application ...) 
252 CRM_BSP_DELETE_QUERY S_S7B_68000043 Delete Search Queries 
253 CRM_BSP_LAYOUT S_AEC_21000051 Layout Generation 
254 CRM_BSP_LAYOUTC S_ABC_72000141 Layout Generation 
255 CRM_CCM_CUST00 S_EB5_05000092 Activate Claim Chargeback Recovery Process 
256 CRM_CCM_PAYMENT_TRAN S_EB5_05000093 Transfer Payment to CRM 
257 CRM_CCM_PMT_TRANSFER S_EB5_05000132 BAdI: Transfer Payment to CRM 
258 CRM_CHG_ACT_TYPE S_XBE_58000017 BAdI: Change Derivation of Activity Type 
259 CRM_COINT_CUS_TRFER S_XBE_58000013 BAdI: Define Reposting Cost Element 
260 CRM_COINT_CUS_TRFERP S_XBE_58000012 Business Add-In: Define Reposting Cost Element 
261 CRM_CON_FELDPR S_A2C_40000168 BADI for Field Checks, Default Values, Conversions, and so on 
262 CRM_CON_GENE S_AEC_66000255 Notes for Transferring Data from the R/3 System 
263 CRM_CON_SPRACH S_A2C_40000169 BADI for Language-Dependent Column Headings 
264 CRM_CON_ZEITZON S_A2C_40000170 Create General Configuration Parameters 
265 CRM_COOMOPA_CL_KSR S_AX8_68000382 Strategy sequences for automatic generation of settlement rules 
266 CRM_COOMOPA_CL_VTP S_XBE_58000001 Define Reposting Cost Element in Allocation Structure 
267 CRM_IAOM_ATTRIBUTES S_XBE_58000011 BAdI: Characteristics of the CO Account Assignment to Be Created/Changed 
268 CRM_IBASE_COMP_DELET S_A4C_68000659 Business Add-In: Additional Checks When Deleting Components 
269 CRM_IB_010 S_A2C_40000183 Define Installed Base Category and Installation Rules 
270 CRM_IB_020 S_A2C_40000184 Define Authorization Groups 
271 CRM_IB_030 S_A2C_40000185 Define Component Types 
272 CRM_IB_040 S_A2C_40000186 Make General Settings 
273 CRM_INIT_APPLSET_REL S_ABC_72000111 Application Set: Fill Assignment Tables 
274 CRM_LINK_CONST_CHECK S_ABC_72000123 Check Consistency of Object Links 
275 CRM_PRI_GRP S_AEC_66000203 Define Price Groups (for Customers) 
276 CRM_PRI_GRPROD S_AEC_66000205 Define Price Groups (for Products) 
277 CRM_PRI_GRUKON S_A2C_40000130 Create Maintenance Group 
278 CRM_PRI_INIT S_A4C_68000753 xx 
279 CRM_PRI_PFLEGSYST S_A2C_40000181 Determine System for Maintenance 
280 CRM_PRI_PRILI S_AEC_66000204 Define Price List Types (for Customers) 
281 CRM_QM_NOTIF S_AXC_91000006 BAdI: Mapping of CRM Data to ERP Quality Notification 
282 CRM_ROLE_CHECK S_ABC_72000124 Perform Role Check for Object Links 
283 CRM_ROLE_COPIER S_ABC_72000125 Use Role Copier for Object Links 
284 CRM_SIMG_IAOM_KOSTL S_AXA_22000078 BAdI: Cost Center Change 
285 CRM_SRV_ACCT_TOOL S_PCO_36000115 BAdI: Determine Tool Costs and Account Assignment 
286 CRM_SRV_BILL_BADI S_P7D_67000008 BAdI: Influence on Data During External Billing of CRM Service Documents 
287 CRM_SRV_BILL_MAP S_P7D_67000007 Map Transaction Types and Item Categories 
288 CRM_SRV_CATS_HR/CO S_AX7_68000104 Define Derivation of Attendance Type, Activity Type and Cost Element 
289 CRM_SRV_CATS_PROFIL S_AX7_68000103 Assign Data Entry Profile 
290 CRM_SRV_CATS_PROFILE S_EB5_05000001 BAdI: Change Data Entry Profile 
291 CRM_SRV_LOG_BADI_GR S_XBE_58000009 Business Add-In: Item Grouping 
292 CRM_SRV_LOG_DOCTYPE S_XBE_58000002 Set Purchasing Document Types for CRM Logistics Integration 
293 CRM_SRV_LOG_GR S_AXA_22000084 Grouping of Items 
294 CRM_SRV_LOG_MAP_PO S_XBE_58000005 Business Add-In: Processing of Transferred Data for Purchase Order 
295 CRM_SRV_LOG_MAP_PR S_XBE_58000004 Business Add-In: Processing of Transferred Data for Purchase Requisition 
296 CRM_SRV_LOG_MAP_RS S_XBE_58000010 Business Add-In: Processing of Transferred Data for Reservations 
297 CRM_SRV_LOG_MAP_TEXT S_XBE_58000008 Copying Rules for Texts When Creating Purchasing Documents 
298 CRM_SRV_LOG_SC_BADI S_XBE_58000003 Business Add-In: Determination of Logistics Scenario 
299 CRM_SRV_LOG_UPD_PO S_XBE_58000007 BAdI: Determination of Purchase Order Data Relevant for Update 
300 CRM_SRV_LOG_UPD_PR S_XBE_58000006 BAdI: Determination of Purchase Requisition Data Relevant for Update 
301 CRM_SRV_ORKAOKEU S_AX8_68000381 Create and Edit Source Structures 
302 CRM_SRV_PROD_001   Define Service Products 
303 CRM_SRV_SCENARIO S_AX8_68000349 Create and Change Logistics Scenario for Material Withdrawal 
304 CRM_TAX_GROUP S_AEC_66000483 Define Tax Types and Tax Groups 
305 CRM_TAX_VALIDATE_BP S_AXA_22000065 Check SAP CRM Business Partner Tax Group Settings 
306 CRM_TITEL S_AXA_22000107 Settings for Use of Accounting Indicators 
307 CRM_VOR_KON_KOND S_AEC_66000658 Define and Assign Groups of Condition Tables and Types 
308 CRWB_BADI_ADDOBJECTS S_PLN_16000135 BAdI: Set Up Additional Classes 
309 CRWB_BADI_INIT_ECM S_PLN_16000137 BAdI: Initialize Change Master Record 
310 CRWB_BADI_MODI_UPS S_PLN_16000035 BAdI: Modify UPS Data 
311 CSTP_VC S_KA5_12000417 Control STEP Processor 
312 CTS_CTO_CLIENT S_B20_88000036 Configure clients 
313 CTS_CTO_LOCK S_B20_88000035 Set system change option 
314 CTS_CURRENT_PROJECT S_BIO_23000007 Business Add-In for Defining the Current CTS Project 
315 CTS_REQUEST_CHECK S_BIO_23000003 Business Add-In when Editing Requests 
316 CTS_TASKDOC_TEMPLATE S_BIO_23000006 Business Add-In for Defining the Template for the Task Documentation 
317 CTS_TMS_DOMAIN S_B20_88000033 Configure transport domain 
318 CTS_TMS_ROUTES S_B20_88000034 Configure transport routes 
319 CTS_USEREXIT_EXPORT S_BIO_23000002 Business Add-In After Exporting a Transport Request 
320 CTS_USEREXIT_IMPORT S_BIO_23000001 Business Add-In After Importing Transport Requests 
321 CTWUL_LOCDEP S_S6B_86000006 BAdI: Where-Used List for Characteristics 
322 CTWUL_OTHER_USAGES S_S6B_86000004 BAdI: Where-Used List for Characteristics in Other Components 
323 CTWY05 S_KA5_12000848 Processing Statuses 
324 CUCUID_MISSED_CHAR S_S6B_86000001 BAdI: Take Out Non-Existent Characteristics 
325 CUI_ESS_GEN_HRF S_PLN_62000191 Salary Statement with HR Forms Workplace (HRFORMS) 
326 CUP-T012K-IT S_EBS_44000504 Define House Banks 
327 CURRENCY_VOLA_INPUT S_ALR_87008526 Enter Exchange Rate Volatilities 
328 CUR_CUR_CNTRYASS. S_AEC_66000359 Assign Currency To Country 
329 CUR_ROUNDING S_AEC_66000361 Assign Rounding Rules for Legal Entity / Business Place 
330 CUSTBUS S_ALR_87100781 Maintain Business Add-Ins for Invoice Verification 
331 CUSTOMER EXITS S_PL0_09000037 OHA_IE_RI091 
332 CUSTOMER_EXTENSION S_PCO_36000432 Notes on Implementation 
333 CUSTOMIZING_CHECK S_ALR_87015172 Check Customizing Settings 
334 CUST_AUT01 S_AL0_96000338 Change Configuration of Logging 
335 CUST_AUT02 S_AL0_96000339 Change Assignment of Transaction to Objects 
336 CUST_AUT04 S_AL0_96000340 Configure Long Text Logs 
337 CUST_CHECK S_AEC_66000637 Validate Customizing Settings 
338 CUST_PRODUCTIVE1   Transfer Customizing to Production Clients 
339 CUS_INF3_100 S_BCE_68001479 3. Carry out Release Customizing 
340 CUS_INF3_200 S_BCE_68001478 1. Generate New Enterprise IMG 
341 CUS_INF3_300 S_BCE_68001477 2. Generate New Project IMGs and Project Views 
342 CUS_INFO_1_100 S_BCE_68001468 4. Creating Enterprise IMG 
343 CUS_INFO_1_300 S_BCE_68001470 2. Setting Up Users 
344 CUS_INFO_1_400 S_BCE_68001469 3. Creating Change Requests 
345 CUS_INFO_1_500 S_BCE_68001467 5. Creating Customizing Projects 
346 CUS_INFO_2_200 S_BCE_68001475 2. Generate Enterprise IMG for Release Upgrade 
347 CUS_INFO_2_300 S_BCE_68001474 3. Carry out Release Customizing 
348 CUS_INFO_2_400 S_BCE_68001472 5. Generate New Enterprise IMG 
349 CUS_INFO_2_500 S_BCE_68001473 4. Create Change Requests 
350 CUS_INFO_2_600 S_BCE_68001476 6. Create Customizing Projects 
351 CVIC_CCID_LINK S_PCO_36000436 Assign Payment Cards 
352 CVIV_CP1_LINK S_AC0_52000755 Assign Department Numbers for Contact Person 
353 CVIV_CP2_LINK S_AC0_52000766 Assign Functions of Contact Person 
354 CVIV_CP3_LINK S_AC0_52000767 Assign Authority of Contact Person 
355 CVIV_CP4_LINK S_AC0_52000768 Assign VIP Indicator for Contact Person 
356 CVIV_CUST_TO_BP1 S_PCO_36000062 Define Number Assignment for Direction Customer to BP 
357 CVIV_CUST_TO_BP2 S_PCO_36000080 Define BP Role for Direction Customer to BP 
358 CVIV_LEGFORM_LNK S_AC0_52000775 Assign Legal Form to Legal Status 
359 CVIV_MARST_LINK S_AC0_52000776 Assign Marital Statuses 
360 CVIV_VEND_TO_BP1 S_PCO_36000065 Define Number Assignment for Direction Vendor to BP 
361 CVIV_VEND_TO_BP2 S_PCO_36000081 Define BP Role for Direction Vendor to BP 
362 CVI_CUSTOM_MAPPER S_PCO_36000102 BAdI: Data Assignment BP <-> Customer/Vendor/Contact Person 
363 CVI_DEFAULT_VALUES S_PCO_36000110 BAdI: Defaults for Creating Data from BP to Customer/Vendor 
364 CVI_MAP_BANKDETAILS S_PCO_36000105 BAdI: Data Assignment of Bank Details BP -> Customer/Vendor 
365 CVI_MAP_CONTACT S_PCO_36000446 Activate Assignment of Contact Persons 
366 CVI_MAP_CREDIT_CARDS S_PCO_36000106 BAdI: Data Assignment of Payment Cards BP <-> Customer 
367 CVI_MAP_TITLE S_PCO_36000109 BAdI: Data Assignment of Form of Address from Customer/Vendor to BP 
368 CVI_REQUIREMENTS_01 S_PCO_36000330 Preparatory Steps for Customer-Vendor Integration 
369 CVI_TERMINOLOGY S_PCO_36000018 Information About Terminology 
370 CVN_CFC S_ALR_87008895 Set Up Customer Exit for Batch Where-Used List 
371 CVSNUMEXPORT S_AER_95000446 Specify Number Ranges for the File Names for the Report Export 
372 CVSNUMRECN S_AER_95000447 Specify Number Ranges for Reports 
373 CV_CNV S_EBJ_98000258 Define Profile for Excluding Viewer Actions 
374 CWD_BADI_RET_CWNCWMA S_PRN_53000070 BAdI: Retrieving Campaign Weighed and Order-Related Materials 
375 CWD_EQUI_CLASS_CHAR S_PRN_53000069 Define Equip. Class and Charac. Name for Weigh Cabin Attrib. 
376 CWD_MAP_CRDTOSCALE S_PRN_53000068 Assign Control Recipe Destination to Weigh Cabin 
377 CWD_MAT_INDIENTRY S_PRN_53000066 Define Materials for Campaign Weighing - Individual Entry 
378 CWD_MAT_RANGENTRY S_PRN_53000067 Define Materials for Campaign Weighing - Range Entry 
379 CWTY000 S_KA5_12000834 General Settings 
380 CWTY001 S_KA5_12000835 Define Warranty Claim Types 
381 CWTY07MS1 S_KA5_12001021 Define Message Groups 
382 CWTYA01 S_KA5_12000849 Actions 
383 CWTYA06 S_KA5_12000851 Action Code - Function Code - Assignment 
384 CWTYC01 S_KA5_12000860 Copy Schema Assignment 
385 CWTYR06 S_KA5_12000916 Messages - Decision Code - Assignment 
386 CWTY_ADDACCASS S_KA5_12001140 Define Automatic CO Account Assignment Determination 
387 CWTY_BUTTONPROFILES S_KA5_12001196 Define Pushbutton Profiles 
388 CWTY_CHCKACTIONCRTL S_PEN_05000365 Check Action Profile 
389 CWTY_ITEMTYPEGROUPS S_KA5_12001195 Define Item Type Groups 
390 CWTY_ITEMTYPES S_KA5_12001194 Define Item Types 
391 CWTY_MWTY_PREPS S_KA5_12001217 Prepare Warranty Check 
392 CWTY_MWTY_SETTINGS S_KA5_12001216 Define Settings for Master Warranty Check 
393 CWTY_PATRANS S_KA5_12001141 Define PA Transfer Structures 
394 CWTY_PRIC_AUXACCASS S_KA5_12001215 Allow Changeability of CO Account Assignments for Condition Types 
395 CWTY_PRIC_CNDTYPEASS S_KA5_12001293 Define Default Values for Header Conditions 
396 CWTY_SUBSTITUTION S_KA5_12001150 Define Substitutions 
397 CWTY_VALIDATION S_KA5_12001149 Specify Validations 
398 CWTY_VSEXITS S_KA5_12001148 Define Client-Dependent User Exits