SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index C
IMG Activity - C
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 CA-NCSCR S_ALR_87100674 Define Screen Templates 
2 CA-NCT S_ALR_87100673 Define Notification Types 
3 CA-NV S_ALR_87100712 Define List Variants 
4 CA-NW S_ALR_87100698 Activate Workflow Template and Assign Processor 
5 CABPCRMC_BUT_APP_MNT S_PAB_37000015 Define Maintenance Format for Goods Receiving and Visiting Hours 
6 CABP_BUPA_TB003 S_PAB_37000010 Define BP Roles 
7 CABP_BUPA_TB003C S_PAB_37000012 Define BP Role Exclusion Groups 
8 CABP_BUPA_TB003G S_PAB_37000011 Define BP Role Groupings 
9 CABP_GPB_BUPA_TB903 S_ABA_72000147 Assign Layout Groups to Relationship Categories 
10 CABP_GPB_V_TB901 S_ABA_72000117 Properties of Business Partner Relationship Categories 
11 CABP_GPB_V_TB901_RF S_ABA_72000118 Characteristics of Role Definition Categories 
12 CABP_ID S_ABA_72000221 Indentification Number Concept 
13 CABP_ROLES S_S7B_68000016 Concept of Business Partner Roles 
14 CABP_USE_V_TBZ5A S_ABA_72000120 Assignment of Activities to Views 
15 CABP_USE_V_TBZ5E S_ABA_72000119 Views 
16 CABP_V_ BUT_DUAL_APR S_S4S_21000054 Define Dual Control For Setting The Four Eye Principle Of Unblocking 
17 CABP_V_BUTEOPAPP S_SI3_21000036 Define and Store Application Names for EOP Check 
18 CABP_V_BUTEOPARV S_SI3_21000037 Define and Store Application Rule Variants for EOP Check 
19 CABP_V_BUTEOPCONS S_SI3_21000035 Store EOP Details of Consolidation System ID 
20 CABP_V_BUTEOPFM S_SI3_21000030 Define Application Function Modules Registered for EOP Check 
21 CABP_V_BUTEOPFM_UNBL S_S4S_21000055 Define Registered Function Modules for Unblock BP 
22 CABP_V_BUTNXTCHK S_SI3_21000031 Define Next Check Period 
23 CABP_V_BUTREGSYS_REM S_SI3_21000032 Define RFC Destinations of Systems Connected to the Master System 
24 CABP_V_BUTRELCHK S_S4S_21000052 Define and Store Relationship Categories 
25 CABP_V_BUTROLECHK S_S4S_21000051 Define and Store Business Partner Roles 
26 CABP_V_BUT_CALL_FU S_ABA_72000207 Activate Function Modules 
27 CABP_V_BUT_UNBLK_RES S_S4S_21000053 Define Reasons For Unblocking Business Partner 
28 CABP_V_TB005 S_ABA_72000047 Maintain Data Origin Type 
29 CABP_V_TB039 S_A2C_40000107 Identification Number Categories 
30 CABP_V_TB039A S_A2C_40000108 Identification Number Types 
31 CABP_V_TB056 S_ABA_72000243 Activation Switch for Functions 
32 CABP_V_TB109 S_PAB_37000013 Define Application Transactions 
33 CABP_V_TB901 S_ABA_72000115 Properties of Business Partner Relationship Categories 
34 CABP_V_TB901_1 S_S6D_98000001 Generate Change Documents for Deleted Relationships 
35 CABP_V_TB901_RF S_ABA_72000116 Characteristics of Role Definition Categories 
36 CACHE_PRELOAD S_BCE_68001752 Define Cache Preload 
37 CACL_CHARACTER_INPUT S_S6B_86000005 BAdI: Ready for Input Status of Characteristic 
38 CACSNO S_PRN_53000260 Notification 
39 CACS_CACS_FFLTHD S_ALN_01002519 Process Number Ranges for Fulfillment Level Headers 
40 CACS_DET_UNIV_SUCC S_EE6_85000169 BAdI: Determination of Universal Successor 
41 CACS_ELT_ASSIGNMENT S_EE6_85000164 BAdI: Filtering of Assignment Instructions 
42 CACS_ICM_DOKU S_E36_82000240 Introduction to Incentive and Commission Management 
43 CACS_LCC_CHECKS S_E36_82000128 Check Data Consistency Before Local Currency Changeover 
44 CACS_LCC_SUM_BUILD S_E36_82000135 Recreate Totals Tables 
45 CACS_PERIOD_RULE S_KK4_08000121 Maintain Period Rules 
46 CACS_VC_BUSCLAIM S_KK4_08000122 Edit Entitlement Categories for Each Business Transaction/Business Obj.Type 
47 CACS_VC_RULE_RULING S_KK4_08000125 Edit Standard Remuneration Clearing Agreement 
48 CACS_VC_TCACS_INVREL S_KK4_08000123 Edit Settings for Indirect Participants (Evaluation Paths etc.) 
49 CACS_VC_TCACS_RESULT S_KK4_08000133 Maintain Update Categories for Each Results Type 
50 CACS_VC_TOOL_SERV_ME S_KK4_08000124 Maintain Methods/Services 
51 CACS_V_TCACS_AUT08A S_KK4_08000126 Define Quantifying Authorizations for Amount Fields 
52 CACS_V_TCACS_AUT08B S_KK4_08000127 Define Quantifying Authorizations for Quantity Fields 
53 CACS_V_TCACS_AUT08C S_KK4_08000128 Define Quantifying Authorizations for Free Fields 
54 CAD-DESKTOP S_PLN_16000029 CAD Desktop 
55 CAD-SYSTEM S_ALN_01000164 Customizing for CAD System 
56 CAD-SYSTEMS S_ALN_01000163 CAD Systems 
57 CAD-SYSTEM_TEST S_ALN_01000166 CAD system 
58 CAGTF_HAP_PA_008 S_Y1B_28000001 Define User Interface for Appraisal Template 
59 CALE_PRIO S_BIE_59000144 Maintain Priorities for Appointments 
60 CAPC_BUCG S_ABA_72000112 Field Grouping per Payment Card Category 
61 CAPC_BUCH S_ABA_72000111 Field Grouping per Activity 
62 CAPC_BUCV S_ABA_72000113 Field Grouping Client-Wide 
63 CATS0101 S_ALR_87001258 Basic Settings 
64 CATS0201 S_ALR_87001244 Set Up Data Entry Profiles 
65 CATS0202 S_ALR_87001247 Choose Fields 
66 CATS0203 S_ALR_87001250 Define Rejection Reasons 
67 CATS0204 S_ALR_87001253 Define Distribution Function 
68 CATS0205 S_ALR_87001218 Define Distribution Strategies 
69 CATS0206 S_ALR_87001221 Define Requirements Distribution 
70 CATS0207 S_ALR_87001256 Set Default for Number Range Intervals 
71 CATS0208 S_ALR_87001224 Determine Variant of Approval Report for Workflow 
72 CATS0209 S_PL0_09000007 Set Up Data Entry Profiles 
73 CATS0211 S_PCO_36000085 Define Rules for Special Approval 
74 CATS0212 S_PCO_36000087 Formulate Rules for Special Approval 
75 CATS0213 S_PCO_36000086 Specify Rule Groups for Special Approval 
76 CATS0214 S_PCO_36000088 BAdI: CATS Approval 
77 CATS0215 S_PCO_36000089 Assign Rule Groups to Data Entry Profiles 
78 CATS0220 S_XC0_18000010 Workflow: Specify Method for Executing UWL Item 
79 CATS0301 S_ALR_87001238 Create Customer Fields 
80 CATS0302 S_ALR_87001233 Define Print Reports 
81 CATS0303 S_ALR_87001234 Create SAP Enhancements for the Time Sheet 
82 CATS0304 S_PL0_09000064 BAdI: Influence Setup of Worklist 
83 CATS0305 S_PL0_09000229 BAdI: Change Derived Values 
84 CATS0401 S_ALR_87001227 Fill CO Documents 
85 CATS0402 S_PL0_09000001 Settings for Distributed Systems (ALE) 
86 CATS0501 S_ALR_87001230 Create Authorizations for Data Entry Profiles 
87 CATS0502 S_ALR_87008523 Maintain Authorizations 
88 CATS1001 S_ALR_87001241 Set Up Data Entry Profiles and Field Selection 
89 CATS1001N S_ALN_01000125 Set Up Internet Time Sheet (CATS) 
90 CATS1002 S_P00_07000125 Modify Possible Entries Help 
91 CATS1003 S_PL0_09000245 Select Allowed Absence Types 
92 CATSNB_005 S_AX8_68000367 Set up data entry profiles 
93 CATSNB_010 S_AX8_68000355 Schedule Synchronization of Static Objects 
94 CATSNB_020 S_AX8_68000358 Set Up Period for Target Hours and Data Storage 
95 CATSNB_030 S_AX8_68000359 Create and Distribute HTML Documentation 
96 CATSNB_035 S_AXA_22000040 Adapt User Interface Texts 
97 CATSNB_040 S_AX8_68000360 Choose Fields for Data Entry Section 
98 CATSNB_050 S_AX8_68000361 Link Data Entry Profiles to Field Selections 
99 CATSNB_060 S_AX8_68000362 Choose Fields for Detail Area 
100 CATSNB_070 S_AX8_68000363 Link Data Entry Profiles to Field Selections 
101 CATSXT_01 S_PL0_09000004 BAdI: Display and Approval of Working Times 
102 CATSXT_02 S_PL0_09000005 BAdI: Customer-Specific Fields and Data Checks 
103 CATS_BADI_SERV_ATTR S_EB5_05000417 BAdI: Assign Service Attribute to CO 
104 CATS_CAC9 S_EB5_05000416 Maintain Service Attributes in CATS 
105 CATS_CE S_E4A_94000282 CATS Classic for Concurrent Employment 
106 CATT_ETT S_BCE_68000291 Include External Test Tool 
107 CAUFVD_CHANGE S_PL0_86000013 BAdI: Overall Network Scheduling with Selection Option 
108 CA_NCC S_ALR_87100714 Maintain Catalogs 
109 CA_NCP S_ALR_87100715 Define Catalog Profiles 
110 CA_NV S_ALR_87100713 Define List Variants 
111 CA_N_CALC S_P00_07000174 Determine Costing Variant 
112 CA_SOA_CATMSGNO S_BTD_53000011 Assign Error Categories to Messages 
113 CA_SOA_PRIO2CAT S_BTD_53000009 Assign Priority to Error Category 
114 CA_SOA_PROXY S_BTD_53000010 Synchronous Services Using the Error Categorizer 
115 CA_SOA_PRXMSGGRP S_BTD_53000012 Assign Message Category Groups to Services 
116 CA_SOA_PRXPRCAT S_BTD_53000013 Assign Priority to Error Category per Service 
117 CBGL_GLMRECN S_AER_95000533 Specify Number Ranges for Allocation of Record Numbers 
118 CBRC_AUTH_100 S_PRN_53000220 Specify Authorizations 
119 CBRC_CHCK_ONLINE S_AER_95000470 Set Up Notification Check 
120 CBRC_CHECK_PREREQUIS S_SH1_20000007 Check Prerequisites 
121 CBRC_COUNTRY S_EE5_50000213 Specify Rules for Country Determination 
122 CBRC_DATA_TRANSFER S_SH1_20000014 Specify Data Transfer (Property Tree) 
123 CBRC_ERRORMAIL S_SH1_20000002 Specify Error Message Recipients 
124 CBRC_ERR_MESSAGES S_SH1_20000010 Specify Error Message Recipients 
125 CBRC_JOB_VOL_TRACKNG S_SH1_20000012 Set Up Job for Volume Tracking 
126 CBRC_LIMITS S_SH1_20000004 Specify Quantity Limits and Reactions on Overall Status 
127 CBRC_MONITORING S_SH1_20000011 Specify Functions for Volume Monitoring 
128 CBRC_ONLINE_CHECKS S_SH1_20000013 Set Up Online Checks 
129 CBRC_PERIODS S_SH1_20000009 Specify Monitoring Periods 
130 CBRC_POLYMONO_COMP S_EE6_85000050 Specify Polymer Labeling and Monomer Composition 
131 CBRC_QUAN_TSCA S_AER_95000471 Set Up Monitoring for TSCA 12B 
132 CBRC_SDCONDTAB S_SH1_20000001 Specify Blocking Conditions 
133 CBRC_SELECT_CRITERIA S_SH1_20000008 Specify Selection Criteria for Volume Tracking 
134 CBRC_SPECIFY_BW S_EE5_50000220 Specify Bonded Warehouses 
135 CBRC_TRACK_SCENARIOS S_SH1_20000006 Specify Scenarios 
136 CBRC_USEREXITS S_SH1_20000003 Specify Environment Parameters for Notification Checks 
137 CC S_SE3_62000030 Create Cost Component Split Elements 
138 CCC S_ALN_01000262 wertr 
139 CCCCC S_ALR_87099876 cccccccccccccccccc 
140 CCE_00_GP_005 S_AL0_96000484 Change Grouping Rules for Personnel Assignments 
141 CCE_00_GP_006 S_AL0_96000485 Change Grouping Reasons for Personnel Assignments 
142 CCE_00_GP_009 S_AL0_96000711 Change Assignment of Grouping Rules to Grouping Reasons 
143 CCE_00_GP_010 S_L6B_69000048 BAdI: Data Sharing - Repair Sequence 
144 CCE_00_GP_011 S_L6B_69000049 Repairing Data Sharing Inconsistencies 
145 CCE_00_GP_100 S_AL0_96000829 Grouping Personnel Assignments 
146 CCE_00_MS_001 S_PL0_09000071 Activate Concurrent Employment 
147 CCE_00_MS_002 S_L7D_24001285 Activate Authorization to Change Own Data for Concurrent Employment 
148 CCE_00_MS_003 S_L7D_24001286 BAdI: Determine All Personnel Assignments of a User 
149 CCE_00_QUALI_001 S_S7B_68000078 BAdI: Merge Proficiencies of a Qualification in a Period 
150 CCE_00_QUALI_002 S_L1B_76000001 BAdI: Set Recipient of the Qualification Workflow 
151 CCIHC_EPTYPE_FC S_ALN_01002164 Assign Functions to Agent Types 
152 CCS S_SE3_62000028 Create Cost Component Split and Cost Component Split Elements 
153 CCSEQ_ACTIVE_V S_AEN_10000802 Activate Change Sequence Graph 
154 CDESK_BADI_ADD_FUNCT S_E4E_66000010 BAdI: Change Data in Additional Functions 
155 CDESK_BADI_BOM S_PLN_62000485 BAdI: Adjust Material BOM Functions 
156 CDESK_BADI_COPY_DLG S_PLN_62000425 BAdI: Suppress Dialog When Copying Document Info Records 
157 CDESK_BADI_COPY_DOC S_PLN_62000415 BAdI: Copy Without Checking Document Type 
158 CDESK_BADI_MAIN S_PLN_62000442 BAdI: Change Data from CAD Desktop Functions 
159 CDESK_BOM S_PLN_62000486 BAdI: Adjust Material BOM Functions 
160 CDESK_CAD_CHANGE S_PLN_62000487 BAdI: Change Data Before Callback 
161 CDESK_EX_DEFSOL S_EE6_85000195 BAdI: Define Default Solutions for Conflicts 
162 CDESK_GROUPS S_ALN_01000169 Group Maintenance 
163 CDESK_MATERIAL S_PLN_62000488 BAdI: Adjust Material Functions 
164 CDESK_SRV_DIR S_EEI_69000185 BAdI: Attributes and Versioning for Document Info Records 
165 CDESK_SRV_DIR_STR S_EEI_69000186 BAdI: Additional Attributes for Document Structure 
166 CDESK_SRV_SEARCH S_EEI_69000187 BAdI: Search Service (Attributes and Execution) 
167 CDESK_TBM_ADDIN S_PLN_62000489 BAdI: Adjust Interface of CAD Desktop 
168 CERTIFICATE_STRUKTUR S_B90_38000017 HTTP - Content Repository: Sending a Certificate 
169 CEWB_CHA_MENU_EXTERN S_AL0_96000812 Business Add-In for Menu Enhancements in the EWB 
170 CFB_BADI_CALCULATE_B S_EBS_44000196 BADI: Calculate Best-Before Date in Process Order 
171 CFB_BADI_SET_DATE S_EBS_44000195 BAdI: Define Date of Manufacture 
172 CFB_MIGO_SCALES_TAB_ S_EBS_44000160 BAdI: Modifications for Weighing 
173 CFB_RB_CUST S_EBS_44000149 Make Settings for Clearing Remaining Batch Quantities 
174 CFB_SCALE S_EBS_44000157 Define Scale Control 
175 CFB_SCALE_ASSIGN S_EBS_44000159 Assign Scale Group 
176 CFB_SCALE_GROUP S_EBS_44000158 Define Scale Group 
177 CFB_V_RMC_BSART S_EBS_44000145 Configure Document Types for Raw Material Procurement Cockpit 
178 CFB_V_RMC_PERIOD S_EBS_44000144 Define Periods Under Review 
179 CFG_IPC_ADAPT S_PEN_05000022 Maintain Reference to Configuration User Interfaces 
180 CFMALMART S_ALN_01000229 Define ALM Valuation Type 
181 CFMENUCX01_1413 S_PLN_62000376 Manually Assign Operational Accounts to Group Accounts 
182 CFMENUCX01_1414 S_PLN_62000375 Automatically Assign Operational Accounts to Group Accounts 
183 CFMENUCX01_1415 S_PLN_62000377 Check Assignment of Operational Accounts to Group Accounts 
184 CFMENUCX01_1416 S_PLN_62000374 Check Assignment of Operational Chart of Accounts to Group Chart of Account 
185 CFMENULEBORALLG S_KA5_12000878 Define General Profiles 
186 CFMENULEBORBADIREG S_KA5_12001460 BAdI: Registration 
187 CFMENULEBORBADITRACK S_KA5_12001123 Change the Trackability of Shipments 
188 CFMENULEBORDBADIDIAL S_KA5_12001124 Make Customer-Specific Adjustments to Dialog 
189 CFMENULEBORDBADIPOD S_KA5_12001125 Implement Customer-Specific Purchase Order Determination 
190 CFMENULEBORFILT S_KA5_12000923 Define Filter Profiles 
191 CFMENULEBORFUNK S_KA5_12000919 Define Function Profiles 
192 CFMENULEBORKONF S_KA5_12000924 Define Configuration Profiles 
193 CFMENULEBOROBJE S_KA5_12000920 Define Object Profiles 
194 CFMENULEBORPROF S_KA5_12000925 Assign Profile for Goods Receipt 
195 CFMENULEBORSELE S_KA5_12000921 Define Selection Profiles 
196 CFMENULEBORSPAL S_KA5_12000922 Define Column Profiles 
197 CFMENUO000O2CL S_ALR_87011758 Maintain User Profile 
198 CFMENUOFDIANGEBOT S_ALR_87007649 Lease-Out Offer: Status 
199 CFMENUOFDIVTIVWB01 S_ALR_87008368 Partial Cost Efficiency Analysis: Maintain Status 
200 CFMENUOHP0777BIRTH S_AHR_61018870 Specify Start Date as Variable for Person Data 
201 CFMENUOHP0OOKONTI S_PH0_48000227 Set Subtypes for Quota Planning 
202 CFMENUOHP1BADISTRU S_PH0_48000095 BAdI: Structural Authorization 
203 CFMENUOHP1HFW29 S_PH0_48000547 Exclude Infotypes when Copying Internal Objects 
204 CFMENUOHP1OOKONTI S_PH0_48000226 Define Calculation in Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) 
205 CFMENUOLMEOMFS_A S_ALR_87099705 Fields Relevant to Printouts of Changes 
206 CFMENUOLMEOMGQ_A S_P99_41000391 Check Release Strategies 
207 CFMENUOLMEOMGSCK_1A S_P99_41000390 Check Release Strategies 
208 CFMENUOLMEOMHS_A S_P99_41000342 Process Transfer File 
209 CFMENUOLMEOMHT_A S_P99_41000345 Process Transfer File 
210 CFMENUOLMEOMHU_A S_P99_41000341 Generate Example Transfer File for Purchasing Info Records 
211 CFMENUOLMEOMHV_A S_P99_41000344 Generate Example Transfer File for Purchase Requisitions 
212 CFMENUOLMEOMQ4_A S_P99_41000346 Generate Example Transfer File for Purchase Orders 
213 CFMENUOLMEOMQ5_A S_P99_41000348 Process Transfer File 
214 CFMENUOLMEOMQ6_A S_P99_41000347 Generate Example Transfer File for PO Texts 
215 CFMENUOLMESXDA_A S_P99_41000343 Carry Out Data Transfer for Purchasing Info Records 
216 CFMENUOLMESXDA_D S_P99_41000350 Carry Out Data Transfer for Purchase Requisitions 
217 CFMENUOLMESXDA_G S_P99_41000349 Carry Out Data Transfer for Purchase Orders 
218 CFMENUOLMESXDA_J S_P99_41000351 Carry Out Data Transfer for PO History 
219 CFMENUOLMESXDA_M S_P99_41000352 Carry Out Data Transfer for PO Texts 
220 CFMENUOLME_OMFT_A S_ALR_87099666 Maintain Requirements for Message Control 
221 CFMENUOLMRNADU S_ALR_87008973 Printer Determination by Message Type/User 
222 CFMENUOLMWOMWZ S_P00_07000060 Exclude LIFO/FIFO Online Update 
223 CFMENUOLMWOMX1 S_ALR_87008131 Activate Valuation Areas for Material Ledger 
224 CFMENUOLMWOMX2 S_ALR_87008130 Assign Currency Types to Material Ledger Type 
225 CFMENUOLMWOMX3 S_ALR_87008138 Assign Material Ledger Types to Valuation Area 
226 CFMENUOLPROKTZ S_ALR_87100850 Define Cost Component Structure 
227 CFMENUOLPSPECMP_PD S_ALN_01002196 Maintain Variable-Size Item Formulas 
228 CFMENUOLPSPPE01_PD S_ALN_01002181 Define General iPPE Customizing 
229 CFMENUOLPSPPE02_PD S_ALN_01002187 Define General iPPE Node Types 
230 CFMENUOLPSPPE03 S_ALN_01002188 Define iPPE Variant Types 
231 CFMENUOLPSPPE04_PD S_ALN_01002189 Define iPPE Alternative Types 
232 CFMENUOLPSPPE05_PD S_ALN_01002190 Define General iPPE Relationship Types 
233 CFMENUOLPSPPE11_PD S_ALN_01002191 Define iPPE User Profiles 
234 CFMENUOLPSPPE12_PD S_ALN_01002194 Define Tab Pages for iPPE Workbench Detail Area 
235 CFMENUOLPSPPE14_PD S_ALN_01002193 Define Reports for the Report Tree 
236 CFMENUOLPSPPEHD_PD S_ALN_01002213 Define Settings for Access Object 
237 CFMENUOLPS_TCC10T S_ALR_87003911 Describe Release Key 
238 CFMENUOLPS_VCCOSS S_P00_07000123 Define Selection Profiles 
239 CFMENUOLSCNRC S_P00_07000069 Assign Search Procedure to Network Type and Activate Check 
240 CFMENUOM00OJI3 S_KA5_12000955 Define Time Definition 
241 CFMENUOPPCCUS1 S_KA5_12000630 Number Range Object for DI Backflush 
242 CFMENUORFAVOR21_NEW S_EEI_69000160 Define Transaction Types for Retirements 
243 CFMENUORFAVOR31_NEW S_EEI_69000162 Define Transaction Types for Transfers 
244 CFMENUORFAVOR71_NEW S_EEI_69000166 Define Transaction Types for Manual Depreciation 
245 CFMENUORFBWKRT S_B5A_57000002 Assign Exchange Rate to the Worklist 
246 CFMENUORFBWKST S_B5A_57000001 Define Worklist for Exchange Rate Entry 
247 CFMENUORK30KEX S_P99_41000006 Transport Planning Layouts 
248 CFMENUSAPCFILE S_BCE_68000254 Cross-Client Maintenance of File Names and Paths 
249 CFMENUSAPOX16 S_PLN_62000373 Check Assignment of Company Codes to Companies 
250 CFMENU_CX01_1205 S_SL0_21000015 Define Rollup for Data Export from (New) General Ledger 
251 CFMENU_OCHA_DOCU S_ALR_87100784 Activate Document Management for Batches 
252 CFMENU_OCHA_FAF S_ALR_87006944 Assign Fields to Field Groups 
253 CFMENU_OCHA_FAL S_ALR_87006959 Edit Field Selection Control 
254 CFMENU_OCHA_USERWORK S_P00_07000190 Assign Worklist Folder to Users 
255 CFMENU_OCHA_WORKLIST S_P00_07000047 Define Worklist Folder 
256 CFMENU_T_SCOT S_ALR_87007776 Display System Status 
257 CFMENU_T_SPAD S_ALR_87007769 Manage Spool Administration 
258 CFMENU_V_SXCONV S_ALR_87007771 Define Conversion 
259 CFM_BP_RELEASE S_KFM_86000019 Activate Release 
260 CFM_BP_RELEASE_PARA S_KFM_86000020 Maintain and Activate Release Parameters 
261 CFM_CR_LMSDCIACT S_KFM_86000168 Activate Integrated Default Risk Limit Check 
262 CFM_CR_VV_KLARRC_01 S_KFM_86000169 Define Default Risk Rule 
263 CFM_FTBAS_RDPT S_KFM_86000002 Define Classes for Redemption Schedule Sets 
264 CFM_FTBAS_RDPT_SET S_KFM_86000003 Define Redemption Schedule Sets 
265 CFM_MC_HM S_PL7_36000038 Copy Settings for Hedge Management 
266 CFM_PBB_KOPIER S_SHV_87000003 Copy Settings for Parallel Valuation Areas 
267 CFM_TPMADTLL S_KFM_86000053 Define Account Assignment Reference Determination (Loans) 
268 CFM_TPM_ADTLC S_KFM_86000052 Define Account Asst Reference Determination (Securities/Listed Derivatives) 
269 CFOKCMOKUY S_ALR_87000154 Display structure and environment of an aspect 
270 CFOKCMOKXB S_ALR_87000382 Transport Settings 
271 CFOKCMOKXC S_ALR_87000314 Reorganize view maintenance modules 
272 CFOLDERS_100_010 S_AXC_91000042 Specify cFolders System Data 
273 CFOLDERS_BI_DOCUMENT S_PCO_36000282 cFolders Back-End Integration: Documents 
274 CFOLDERS_BI_MAIN01 S_PCO_36000283 User Exits for cFolders Back-End Integration 
275 CFOP_DET_PREP S_E4A_94000029 BAdI: Parameter Changes for CFOP Determination 
276 CFORFB2T059L S_ALR_87004872 Define Minimum Amounts for 1099 Report 
277 CFORFBT001CM S_ALR_87002383 Assign Permitted Credit Control Areas to Company Code 
278 CFORFBT059E S_ALR_87003250 Check Income Types 
279 CFORFBT059PR S_ALR_87003621 Portray Dependencies Between Withholding Tax Types 
280 CFORFBT059REXT S_ALR_87004876 Define Recipient Code for Extended Withholding Tax 
281 CFORFBTHKON S_ALR_87002480 Define Alternative Reconciliation Accounts 
282 CFTCMES S_ALR_87100627 Configure Communication 
283 CFX_BI_EXPORT S_PCO_36000136 Export Objects to cFolders 
284 CFX_BI_EXPORT_REN_CO S_EB5_05000353 Rename Collaboration 
285 CFX_BI_IMPORT S_E38_98000065 Check Objects During Import from cFolders 
286 CFX_BI_PDN S_PEN_05000131 Integration of iPPE in cFolders 
287 CFX_BP_ADJUST S_PCC_47000001 Set Up SAP Business Partner for cFolders 
288 CFX_BP_SETV S_PPD_96000009 Make Global Settings for Organizations 
289 CFX_BUTTONS S_PPD_96000002 BAdI: User-Defined Buttons 
290 CFX_ECN_SET_V S_PTD_51000003 Set Up Display Options 
291 CFX_EXT_IMG S_EB5_05000268 Activate cFolders Integration from BOM Reporting Transactions 
292 CFX_GENERIC_OBJECT S_PPD_96000001 Checks for Generic Objects and Object Categories 
293 CFX_ORG_INTEGRATION S_PPD_96000051 BAdI: Use New Relationship Types and Roles 
294 CFX_ORG_USERS S_PPD_96000010 Specify System Users in cFolders 
295 CFX_RFC_USERS S_PTD_51000004 Define RFC Users 
296 CFX_SEARCH S_PTD_51000038 Filter Search Results 
297 CFX_SRM_SC S_PPD_96000006 SRM Shopping Cart in cFolders 
298 CFX_STATUS_TRANS S_PPD_96000004 BAdI: User-Defined Actions for Status Transitions 
299 CFX_STATUS_TRANS_UI S_PPD_96000005 BAdI: User-Defined Actions for Status Transitions (UI) 
300 CFX_STRUCTURE_EXPORT S_PPD_96000042 BAdI: Structure Export from cFolders 
301 CFX_THUMBNAIL S_PPD_96000007 Thumbnails 
302 CFX_UD_BUTTON S_PPD_96000003 Define User-Defined Buttons 
303 CFX_UD_STAT_ACT S_PPD_96000008 Define User-Defined Actions for Status Transitions 
304 CFX_UNIQUE_FOL_NAMES S_PPD_96000050 Check Whether Duplicate Folder Names Can Be Created 
305 CFX_V_EXT_IMG S_EB5_05000269 Activate cFolders Integration from BOM Reporting Transactions 
306 CFX_V_EXT_ING S_EB5_05000267 wtqw 
307 CF_OLPSCC_VC_TC85 S_ALR_87003804 Define signature strategy 
308 CF_OLPSCC_V_TC81 S_ALR_87003822 Define authorization group 
309 CF_OLPSCC_V_TC83 S_ALR_87003814 Define single signature 
310 CF_OVPS_ODI1 S_ALR_87007770 Maintain Number Range for Distribution Order ID 
311 CF_OVPS_ODI2 S_ALR_87007772 Maintain Number Range for Initial Order ID 
312 CF_OVPS_ODI3 S_ALR_87007773 Maintain Number Range for Distribution Order Package ID 
313 CF_OVPS_ODI4 S_ALR_87007668 Maintain Number Range for Partial Order ID 
314 CF_OVPS_ODI5 S_ALR_87007672 Maintain Number Range for Original Application Files 
315 CF_OVPS_ODI6 S_ALR_87007675 Maintain Number Range for Recipient Lists 
316 CF_OVPS_VC_TC85 S_ALR_87007742 Define Signature Strategy 
317 CF_OVPS_V_TC81 S_ALR_87007736 Define Authorization Group 
318 CF_OVPS_V_TC83 S_ALR_87007738 Define Individual Signature 
319 CF_OVPS_V_TDIBP S_ALR_87007680 Define Context 
320 CF_OVPS_V_TDIBPT S_ALR_87007684 Describe Context 
321 CF_OVPS_V_TDIC S_ALR_87007694 Define Distribution Types 
322 CF_OVPS_V_TDICO S_ALR_87007652 Define Copy Type 
323 CF_OVPS_V_TDICOT S_ALR_87007655 Describe Copy Type 
324 CF_OVPS_V_TDICT S_ALR_87007663 Describe Distribution Types 
325 CF_OVPS_V_TDIEV S_ALR_87007689 Assign Context to an Event 
326 CF_OVPS_V_TDIEX S_ALR_87007635 Generation of Distribution Order Packages 
327 CF_OVPS_V_TDIM S_ALR_87007640 Define Medium 
328 CF_OVPS_V_TDIMCT S_ALR_87007648 Assign Medium to Distribution Type 
329 CF_OVPS_V_TDIMT S_ALR_87007643 Describe Medium 
330 CF_OVPS_V_TDIPR S_ALR_87007659 Define Plotter 
331 CF_OVPS_V_TDWI S_ALR_87007729 Define Field Group for Document Type 
332 CF_OVPS_V_TDWIU S_ALR_87007732 Assign User to Field Group 
333 CGCNIMPEXP S_AER_95000452 Specify Number Ranges for Import/Export Parameter Passing 
334 CGCNOHORD S_AER_95000453 Specify Number Ranges for WWI Order Numbers in Table ESTOH 
335 CGCNRCNGRP S_AER_95000463 Specify Number Range for Group Management Objects 
336 CGCNSESSID S_AER_95000465 Specify Number Range for Unique Key for a Session 
337 CGCNWWIACL S_AER_95000466 Specify Number Range for Archive Link ID for Temp. Original Files 
338 CGCNWWIDOC S_AER_95000467 Specify Number Ranges for WWI Document Numbers in DMS 
339 CGCNWWIORD S_AER_95000468 Specify Number Ranges for WWI Report Templates 
340 CHAP OHAIT_77000 S_PH9_46000455 Form 770 
341 CHAPISSR_MIG_FLOWS S_PLN_06000115 Bestands- und Bewegungsmigration für das SAP-Versicherungsmeldewesen 2003 
342 CHAPOALE_HRDST_SD S_PH9_46000170 Billing Business Events 
343 CHAPOALE_HR_HRDST_SD S_PH9_46000169 Billing Business Events 
344 CHAP_GM S_ALN_01001012 Grants Management 
345 CHAP_ISPSFM_SAMPLING S_ALN_01000077 US Government - Payment Statistical Sampling 
346 CHAP_OALE_CLASS S_BCE_68002002 Distribution Using Object Classes 
347 CHAP_PARTNER S_KFM_86000294 Additional Partner Assignments 
348 CHAP_PSMFG_PPA S_PLN_16000044 Prompt Payment Act 
349 CHAP_SAMPLING S_ALN_01000078 US Government: Payment Statistical Sampling 
350 CHBSPSTYP S_SA5_06000003 WBS link type 
351 CHECK_INPUT_ACL S_KA5_12001391 Add-In: Check Logbook Input 
352 CHEK_AREA_FOR_PARVAL S_EEI_69000046 Check Active Depreciation Areas for Asset Accounting (New) 
353 CHINA01 S_P7D_67000018 Maintain Currency Codes 
354 CHINA02 S_P7D_67000019 Maintain Report Item Information 
355 CHINA03 S_P7D_67000020 Maintain Account Information 
356 CHINA04 S_P7D_67000021 Maintain GL Accounts for Operating Activities 
357 CHINA05 S_P7D_67000022 Assign Report Items to GL Accounts 
358 CHINA06 S_P7D_67000023 Assign Report Items to GL Accounts (Additional Info) 
359 CHINA07 S_P7D_67000024 Maintain Subtotal Lines 
360 CHINA08 S_P7D_67000025 Maintain Detailed Expense Accounts 
361 CHINA09 S_P7D_67000026 Maintain Expense Account Mapping 
362 CHINA10 S_P7D_67000027 BAdI: Table Content Modification 
363 CHINA11 S_P7D_67000028 BAdI: Balance Sheet Output 
364 CHINA12 S_P7D_67000029 BAdI: User Entry Check 
365 CHINA13 S_P7D_67000030 BAdI: Change Accountant Names 
366 CHINA14 S_EBJ_45000008 Golden Audit Overview 
367 CHINA15 S_EBJ_45000009 Golden Audit Overview 
368 CHINA16 S_EBJ_45000031 Define Cash Flow Items 
369 CH_LAENDERSPEZFUNKT S_PLN_06000182 Activate Country-Specific Functions 
370 CH_LOKALISIERUNG S_PLN_06000181 Activate Localization 
371 CH_RUNDUNGEINHEIT S_PLN_06000183 Define Currency-Dependent Default Values for Condition Type 
372 CH_VERWENDUNG S_PLN_06000184 Assign Note to Payee Categories 
373 CIAP_C_ACCOUNT S_EBJ_98000417 Identify G/L Account for ICMS to Recover and Residue 
374 CIAP_C_CFOP S_EBJ_98000418 Determine Relevance of CIAP Record Creation 
375 CIAP_C_NO_QUO_BP S_EBJ_98000419 Determine Quotas per Company Code/Business Place 
376 CIAP_C_NO_QUO_ST S_EBJ_98000420 Determine Quotas per Country/Region 
377 CIC_BDC_CICAG S_ALR_87001235 Maintain Table and Field Assignments for Container Data 
378 CIC_CCMHTMLCONF S_ALR_87100020 Maintain HTML Configuration for Application Area 
379 CIC_CICAD S_ALR_87001289 Define BDC Name and Required Transaction 
380 CIC_CICAE S_ALR_87001287 Define Input Sequence for Each BDC Session 
381 CIC_CICAF S_ALR_87001237 Maintain Values for Constants 
382 CIC_CICAH S_ALR_87001240 Assign Function Modules to Folders 
383 CIC_CICAI S_ALR_87001243 BDC Field Assignments 
384 CIC_CICAJ S_ALR_87001246 Preassignments for Parameter IDs 
385 CIC_CICAK S_ALR_87001219 Output Mapping 
386 CIC_CICAL S_ALR_87001251 Define Customer-Specific Component Variants 
387 CIC_EWFC0 S_ALR_87001223 Define Configuration Profiles for Action Box 
388 CIC_EWFC1 S_ALR_87100019 Define Configuration Profile for Transactions from HTML 
389 CIC_VCICTOOLBARCLUST S_ALR_87001275 Deactivate Function Codes in Toolbars 
390 CIC_V_CCMAC S_ALR_87001257 Define Customer-Specific Activities 
391 CIC_V_CCMACTPROF S_ALR_87001226 Assign Activities to the Logging Profile 
392 CIC_V_CCMADKEY S_ALR_87001260 Define Details for Customer-Specific Activities 
393 CIC_V_CCMCBQCLUST S_ALR_87001266 Maintain Profile Assignments for Callbacks 
394 CIC_V_CCMCBQUES S_ALR_87001264 Define Callback Queues 
395 CIC_V_CCMCCONT S_ALR_87001248 Define Component Containers 
396 CIC_V_CCMCCPROF S_ALR_87001281 Maintain Call Center Profile 
397 CIC_V_CCMCLBC S_ALR_87001268 Make Profile Settings for Callbacks 
398 CIC_V_CCMCSEARCH S_ALR_87001232 Define Profiles for Search Strategies 
399 CIC_V_CCMCTIADMIN S_ALR_87001285 Maintain Profile of CTI Component 
400 CIC_V_CCMCTIBKEY S_ALR_87001262 Define Customer-Specific Function Keys 
401 CIC_V_CCMCTIPROF S_ALR_87001273 Set Quick Keys 
402 CIC_V_CCMCTIQUEUEA S_ALR_87001283 Assign Telephone Queues to CTI Profiles 
403 CIC_V_CCMSCRPROF S_ALR_87001229 Assign Activities to the Scripting Profile 
404 CIC_V_CICCCONF S_ALR_87001291 Maintain Front Office Framework ID and Parameters 
405 CIC_V_CICCCONF_CUST S_ALR_87001272 Define Customer-Specific Components 
406 CIC_V_CICFHCASSN S_ALR_87001279 Assignment of Hidden Components to Framework IDs 
407 CIC_V_CICFSCASSN S_ALR_87001293 Assignment of Visible Components to Framework IDs 
408 CIC_V_CICPROF S_ALR_87001270 Maintain CIC Profile 
409 CIC_V_CICPROFMAST S_ALR_87001254 Assign Customer-Specific Profiles to Components 
410 CIC_V_CICTOOLBAR S_ALR_87001277 Define Toolbars and GUI Status 
411 CIF_BADI_MATSEL S_AXC_91000046 BAdI: Restrict Material Selection in Integration Model 
412 CIF_ENHANCE_AMPL S_E4A_94000131 BAdI: Modify Approved Manufacturer Parts List Transfer 
413 CKMLBB_FIFO_VARIANT S_E38_98000152 Define FIFO Variant 
414 CKMLBB_ML_CALC_SCHEM S_E38_98000151 Define Key Figure Scheme 
415 CKMLDUVN001 S_ALN_01000200 Activate Distribution of Consumption Quantities 
416 CKMLDUVN001L S_ALN_01000201 Activate Distribution of Consumption Differences 
417 CKMLDUVN_CHOOSE_RECV S_PLN_16000048 BAdI: Receiver Search for Revaluation of Consumption 
418 CKML_COST_SPLIT S_PL0_09000062 BAdI: External Apportionment Structure for Joint Production 
419 CKML_CROSS_COMPANY S_EB5_05000659 BAdI: Control of Cross-Company Code Transfers 
420 CKML_PARALLELEWAEH S_ALR_87099812 Activate Material Ledger Currencies Display in Material Master 
421 CLAIM_REPORT_ADD_1 S_AL0_96000566 Business Add-In: Data Change in 'Claim Overview' Report 
422 CLAIM_REPORT_ADD_2 S_AL0_96000567 Business Add-In: Data Change in 'Claim Hierarchy' Report 
423 CLI_FLOWTYPES S_ALN_01002116 Determine Relevant Flow Types for Credit Life Insurance 
424 CLI_INSURANCE S_PLN_06000017 Define Rates for Credit Life Insurance 
425 CLI_OCCUP S_PLN_06000029 Define Occupational Groups for Credit Life Insurance 
426 CLI_RECALC_BO S_PLN_06000075 Establish Transfer of CLI Difference Amount for Each Business Operation 
427 CLM_00_CL105 S_AHR_61012722 Define claims plan general data 
428 CLM_00_CL_105 S_AHR_61015399 Define Claim Plan General Data 
429 CLM_00_CL_110 S_AHR_61012723 Define Dependent Cover for Claims 
430 CLM_00_CL_115 S_AHR_61012724 Assign Family Member to Dependent Cover 
431 CLM_00_CL_121 S_AHR_61012725 Define Doctor Details 
432 CLM_00_CL_122 S_AHR_61012726 Define Panel 
433 CLM_00_CL_123 S_AHR_61012727 Assign Doctors to Panel 
434 CLM_00_CL_125 S_AHR_61012728 Define Employee Claim Groupings for Program 
435 CLM_00_CL_130 S_AHR_61012729 Define Claim Variant for Program 
436 CLM_00_CL_135 S_AHR_61012730 Define Claim Rule for Program 
437 CLM_00_CL_140 S_AHR_61012731 Assign Claim Variant to Program 
438 CLM_00_CL_145 S_AHR_61012732 Define Employee Claim Groupings for Plan 
439 CLM_00_CL_150 S_AHR_61012733 Define Claim Variant for Plan 
440 CLM_00_CL_155 S_AHR_61012734 Define Claim Rule for Plan 
441 CLM_00_CL_160 S_AHR_61014405 Define Claim Plan Options 
442 CLM_00_CL_165 S_AHR_61014424 Assign Claim Plan Attributes 
443 CLS_IVIEW_KABC S_AX7_68000287 Relationship Class Type - Define Object Key 
444 CLS_IVIEW_KABCN S_AX7_68000288 Relationship Class Type - Define Object Search 
445 CL_LO_OIF_GUIBB_FPLA S_EB5_05000209 Customize Form for Billing Plan 
446 CL_NFE_PRINT S_P6D_40000146 BAdI: General Enhancements for Electronic Fiscal Documents 
447 CL_SD_NFTYPE S_P6D_40000149 BAdI: Redetermination of Nota Fiscal Type per Line Item 
448 CM-EXT-TRANSSCRIPT S_KK4_82000156 External Grades 
449 CM-TRANSSCRIPT-STATE S_KK4_82000157 Set Up Transcript Statuses 
450 CMAP_VC S_KA5_12000276 Set Up Model for Semantic Mapping 
451 CMD_MAP_STRUCTURE_I S_AC0_52000866 Customer Data Mapping in Internal Database 
452 CMD_MAP_STRUC_I_IMPL S_AC0_52000868 Business Add-In: Customer Data Mapping in Internal Database 
453 CMD_MAP_STRUC_O_IMPL S_AC0_52000869 Business Add-In: Customer Data Mapping in External Database 
454 CMMENUOLMEOMERB_A S_ALR_87100745 System Enhancements 
455 CMMENUORFA_MITKO1 S_AL0_96000020 Activate Account Assignment Objects 
456 CMMENUORFA_MITKO2 S_KI4_38000341 Specify Account Assignment Types for Account Assignment Objects 
457 CMMENUORFA_MITKO3 S_KI4_38000352 Process Error Table 
458 CMMENUORFA_MITKO4 S_KI4_38000351 Display of Active Account Assignment Objects 
459 CMM_GR_REPRICING S_EBJ_98000388 BAdI: Repricing at Goods Receipt 
460 CMM_INDEX S_EBJ_98000247 Adjust MM-Specific Index Relevance for Worklist 
461 CMM_INDEX_SD S_EBJ_98000253 Adjust SD-Specific Index Relevance for Worklist 
462 CMM_MTM_ADD_FIELDS S_EBJ_98000228 Include Additional Fields in Mark-to-Market Reporting 
463 CMM_MTM_BUKRS S_EBJ_98000171 Define Control Parameters per Company Code 
464 CMM_MTM_CALC S_EBJ_98000170 Assign Condition Types to Groups 
465 CMM_MTM_CGROUPT S_EBJ_98000160 Define Groups of Conditions 
466 CMM_MTM_DATE_DET S_EBJ_98000172 Define Rules for Determining Discounting Date 
467 CMM_MTM_DATE_DETERM S_EBJ_98000180 Determine Date for Discounting 
468 CMM_MTM_OVERVIEW S_EBJ_98000179 Overview 
469 CMM_PEV_AD S_EBJ_98000246 Maintain Number Assignment for Accrual Documents 
470 CMPC_0001 S_XBO_45000001 Maintain Field Catalog 
471 CMPC_0002 S_XBO_45000002 Maintain Condition Tables 
472 CMPC_0003 S_XBO_45000003 Maintain Access Sequences 
473 CMPC_0004 S_XBO_45000004 Optimize Accesses 
474 CMPC_0005 S_XBO_45000005 Maintain Condition Types 
475 CMPC_0006 S_XBO_45000006 Maintain Determination Procedure 
476 CMPC_0007 S_XBO_45000007 Activate Campaign Determination 
477 CMPC_0008 S_AXA_22000018 Process Pricing Report 
478 CMPD_ASSIGNMENT_MERG S_PCO_36000124 Business Add-In for Merging Assigned Campaigns 
479 CMPD_CUS_ASSIGNMENT S_PCO_36000125 Business Add-In for Validating the Campaign Assignment 
480 CMPD_CUS_EXECUTE S_AXA_22000047 Business Add-In for Controlling Campaign Determination 
481 CMP_00_AD_001 S_AHR_61019207 Set Control Parameters 
482 CMP_00_BS_001 S_PH0_48000430 Define InfoSet 
483 CMP_00_JP_001 S_AHR_61019206 Specify default values 
484 CMP_00_JP_002 S_AHR_61019298 Set up weblinks to survey providers 
485 CMP_00_LT_001 S_AL0_96000296 Define Exercise Groups 
486 CMP_00_LT_002 S_AL0_96000265 Define the Exercise Group Feature 
487 CMP_00_LT_003 S_AL0_96000267 Define Exercise Window 
488 CMP_00_LT_004 S_AL0_96000298 Specify Wage Types for Payroll Integration 
489 CMP_00_LT_005 S_AL0_96000305 Prepare Stock Splits 
490 CMP_00_LT_03 S_AL0_96000266 Define Exercise Window 
491 CMP_00_PS_001 S_PL0_09000449 Business Add-In for Pay Scale Reclassification 
492 CMP_00_PS_002 S_PL0_09000476 Specify Filter Value for BAdI for Pay Scale Reclassification 
493 CMP_00_PS_003 S_PL0_09000477 Assign Filter Value for BAdI for Pay Scale Reclassification 
494 CMP_00_RP_002 S_AHR_61019201 Determine Calculation of Compa-Ratio 
495 CMP_00_RP_003 S_AHR_61019202 Prepare Participation in Salary Survey 
496 CMP_00_RP_004 S_AHR_61019203 Determine Structure of Total Compensation Statement 
497 CMP_00_RP_005 S_AHR_61019204 Select Wage Types for 'Pay' category 
498 CMP_00_RP_006 S_AHR_61019209 Read Data on Subcategory Defined by SAP (Pay) 
499 CMP_00_RP_007 S_AHR_61019210 Read Data on Customer-Defined Subcategory (Pay) 
500 CMP_00_RP_008 S_AHR_61019211 Read Data on Subcategory Defined by SAP (Other Compensation)