SAP ABAP IMG Activity COCB610 (Copy Settings Between Plants)
EA-APPL (Software Component) SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials
   PP-PI-PMA (Application Component) Process Management
     CMX_TOOLS (Package) Manufacturing Execution: Tools
IMG Activity
ID COCB610 Copy Settings Between Plants  
Transaction Code S_ALR_87007492   IMG Activity: COCB610 
Created on 19981222    
Customizing Attributes COCB610   Copy Settings Between Plants 
Customizing Activity COCB610   Copy Settings Between Plants 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.
Document Name COCB610    

In this section you copy process management settings from one plant to another one.

The individual Customizing objects are always copied together with their assignments.

The system does not copy

  • an object and its assignments, if the object already exists in the target plant
  • assignments, if the assigned object does not exist in the target plant and was not selected for copying

When the copying is finished you get a list of the copied objects as well as a list of the objects that were not copied.


The process message categories A1 and A2 and the destination E1 are to be copied from plant 0001 to plant 0002.

        Existing settings:    The system copies:

        plant 0001    plant 0002

Message cat.        A1    -        A1

Charact. assignments        M1    -        M1

        M2    -        M2

Destin. assignments        E1    -        E1

        E5    -        -

        E6    -        E6

Message cat.        A2    A2        -

Charact. assignments        M1    M1        -

        M6    -        -

Destin. assignments        E1    -        -

Characteristics        M1    M1        -

        M2    M2        -

        M6    M6        -

Destination        E1    -        E1

        E5    -        -

        E6    E6        -


  1. Enter the original plant and the target plant on the initial screen of the copy function and choose the object types for which you want to copy settings.
  2. Create a list of objects that exist in the original plant by choosing the Execute function.
  3. Select the objects you want to copy and press the function key Copy.

Business Attributes
ASAP Roadmap ID 204   Establish Functions and Processes 
Mandatory / Optional 2   Optional activity 
Critical / Non-Critical 2   Non-critical 
Country-Dependency A   Valid for all countries 
Assigned Application Components
Documentation Object Class Documentation Object Name Current line number Application Component Application Component Name
SIMG COCB610 0 HLA0006253 Process Management 
Maintenance Objects
Maintenance object type C   Customizing Object 
Assigned objects
Customizing Object Object Type Transaction Code Sub-object Do not Summarize Skip Subset Dialog Box Description for multiple selections
IMGDUMMY D - Dummy object O20C 0000000001 Copy default settings between plants 
Last changed by/on SAP  19981222 
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