SAP ABAP Software Component EA-APPL (SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials)
Basic Data
Software Component EA-APPL   
Short Description SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials   
Component type N   Application Extensions
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
SD-SLS-PLL-OBS ALN0000012 Remaining Beverage - Obsolete Objects 
LE-DSD ALN0000421 Direct Store Delivery 
SD-BF-EC ALN0000007 Extra Charge 
SD-BIL-EM ALN0000434 Empties Management 
SD-BF-AS ALN0000433 Material Sorting 
LE-DSD-RP-LU ALN0000002 Loading Units 
MM-PUR-EM AEN0000071 Empties Management (When Extension EA-CP Is Active) 
MM-IV-EM AEN0000074 Empties Management (When Extension EA-CP Is Active) 
MM-PUR-EM-PO AEN0000073 Empties Management in Purchase Orders 
LE-DSD-RP ALN0000424 Transportation Planning 
SD-SLS-RE-SR ALN0000435 Sales Returns 
MM-IM-ED ALN0000437 Excise Duty 
SD-BIL-RB-PL ALN0000436 Pendulum List Indirect Sales 
SD-SLS-PLL ALN0000008 Part Load Lift Orders 
LE-DSD-OC-VD ALN0000004 Valuated Delivery Note 
PM-WOC-MO HLA0006648 Maintenance Orders 
PM-WOC-MO-CUM EB50000130 Compatible Units Management 
LE-DSD-RA-CP ALN0000005 Cash Payer 
LE-DSD-RA-DE ALN0000006 Tour Data Entry 
LE-DSD-DI /DSD/E360000011 Device Interface 
LE-DSD-ES /DSD/E360000003 Electonic Signature 
LE-DSD-GS /DSD/E360000001 Generic Statistical Data 
LE-DSD-DC-DU P3E0000002 Download/Upload 
LE-DSD-LOC AEN0000121 DSD Localization 
LE-DSD-DC-CN P3E0000003 DSD Connector 
LE-DSD-DC P3E0000001 Handheld Connectivity 
LE-DSD-RA-SL ALN0000431 Route Settlement 
LE-DSD-ST /DSD/E360000002 Tour Status 
LE-DSD-SV /DSD/E4E0000011 Stock Visibility 
LE-DSD-VC ALN0000423 Visit Control 
ICM KK40000031 Incentive and Commission Management (ICM) 
IS-REA /J7L/REN0000002 Recycling Administration 
IS-REA-COR /J7L/REN0000003 Recycling Administration Core Functions 
IS-REA-COR-DEC /J7L/REN0000006 Recycling Administration: Declaration 
FI-LA ALN0000461 Lease Accounting 
CO HLA0009400 Controlling 
PM-WOC-MH HLA0006650 Maintenance History 
DI-WI-DP /SAPDII/KS10000013 Dealer Portal 
MM HLA0009510 Materials Management 
FI-AF-DPC ALN0000402 Down Payment Chains 
LE-DSD-VSO ALN0000425 Vehicle Space Optimization 
LE-DSD-VSO-MP ALN0000426 Main Process 
LE-DSD-VSO-PP ALN0000427 Picking 
PLM-LBK AEN0000111 Logbook 
PM-EQM-CC PLN0000023 Configuration Control 
EHS-SAF HLA0100681 Product Safety 
LO-SCI-AIN ALN0000471 Auto-ID Backend Integration 
LE-MOB ALR0008406 Mobile data entry 
LE ALR0000091 Logistics Execution 
LO-S95 AEN0000021 ANSI/ISA S95 Interface 
SD-BIL-IV-SBI PLN0000072 Self-Billing Proced. 
LO HLA0006433 Logistics - General 
MM-PUR-EM-DIC AEN0000072 Item Calculator 
EHS-BD ALN0000221 Basic Data and Tools 
EHS-BD-CCK PRN0000031 Compliance Check 
EHS HLA0003435 Environment, Health and Safety 
EHS-DGP HLA0100682 Dangerous Goods Management 
EHS-HSM ALN0000231 Hazardous Substance Management 
EHS-IHS SH10000008 Industrial Hygiene and Safety 
EHS-WA SH10000001 Waste Management 
LO-ECH HLA0006409 Engineering Change Management 
CA-CAD HLB0006408 CAD Integration 
PP-PI-CFB EBS0000004 Consumer Products for Food & Beverage 
LO-VC-IAD AEN0000112 IPC Adapter 
PS-CLM ALR0077563 Claim Management 
LO-VC-CPR HLA0006412 Configuration Profile 
CA-CL HLB0006402 Classification 
LO-PDM-GF HLA0100783 General Functions 
SD-BIL-IV-CP PLN0000071 Complaints Processing 
LO-CM ALR0008404 Configuration management 
PP-PI-PMA-PMC AL00000072 Browser-Based PI Sheet / Cockpit 
PP-PI-PMA-RCP HLA0006279 Control Recipe 
PP-PI-PMA HLA0006253 Process Management 
PP-PI-PMA-MSG HLA0006278 Process Message 
PS-COS-PLN-CAL HLA0001565 Costing 
PS-IS-REP HLA0001586 Project Reports 
PS-MAT-PRO PLN0000021 Project-Oriented Procurement 
PS-ST HLA0100687 Structures 
PP-SFC HLA0009525 Production Orders 
PP-SFC-IS HLA0100774 Information System 
PM-WOC HLA0009533 Maintenance Processing 
PP-PI-POR HLA0006252 Process Order 
LO-VC HLA0006411 Variant Configuration 
PP-SFC-EXE-CON HLA0100777 Confirmations 
PP-MES EBS0000003 Integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems 
PP-MRP HLA0009524 Material Requirements Planning 
PP-PI-MD-MRC HLA0006271 Master Recipe 
LO-MD-PPE AL00000024 Integrated Product and Process Engineering 
PLM-RM ALN0000101 Recipe Management 
PLM-PPM-RPL ALN0000162 Product Data Replication 
LO-MD-BOM HLA0006856 Bills of Material 
LO-VC-DEP-NET HLA0100812 Dependency Net 
CA-DMS HLB0006401 Document Management System 
CA-DMS-EDT HLB0006850 Document Processing 
PP-PI-PMA-CWD AER0000091 Campaign Weighing and Dispensing 
LO-PDM-GF-OBR HLA0100784 Product Structure Browser 
PM HLA0009530 Plant Maintenance 
PLM ABA0000231 Product Lifecycle Management 
PM-PRM-TL HLA0006646 Maintenance Task Lists 
PM-EQM HLA0009531 Technical Objects 
PM-PRO-WS PLN0000022 Revision Planning 
DI-WI /SAPDII/KS10000012 Discrete Industries Web Interface 
PS-REV HLA0100702 Revenues and Earnings 
PS-REV-ACT HLA0006829 Actual Revenues and Forecast 
LO-WTY ALN0000451 Warranty Claim Processing 
LE-DSD-RA ALN0000429 Route Accounting 
CA HLB0009110 Cross-Application Components 
PP-PN-ANL EE60000012 Analytics 
PS HLA0009550 Project System 
CA-EPT-POC BT60000013 Process Orchestration for Built-In Processes 
SD HLA0009600 Sales and Distribution 
LE-TRM AL00000041 Task & Resource Management 
LE-WM HLA0009518 Warehouse Management 
CA-EPT-SPI BSD0000065 Service Provider Infrastructure 
IS-PRS-LS BTD0000182 Lean Staffing 
PP HLA0009520 Production Planning and Control 
LO-GEN-SE EB50000052 Service Enablement 
PM-AV EE50000051 Asset Viewer 
PM-PRM-MP HLA0006645 Maintenance Plans 
PM-WOC-LE E4A0000011 List Editing 
PP-PN EB50000111 Production Network 
PP-PN-ALN EB50000113 Production Allocation 
PP-PN-GIS EE60000011 Geographical Information System 
PP-PN-MES EB50000116 Measurement System 
PP-PN-NO EB50000112 Network Objects 
PP-PN-NM EB50000115 Network Modeler 
PP-PN-OWN EBS0000041 Ownership 
PP-PN-NOP EB50000114 Network Operations 
PM-EQM-SF-EM AER0000111 Emmisions Management Integration 
EHS-BD-SPE HLA0003436 Specification Management 
EHS-IHS-WA SH10000011 Work Area Management 
LE-WM-IFC HLA0006603 Interfaces 
SD-BIL-RB-ENH ALN0000432 Extended Rebate 
PS-PRG-TRC PLN0000012 Progress Tracking 
FI-LOC P6D0000001 Localization 
PM-EQM-EQ HLA0006642 Equipment 
PM-EQM-FL HLA0006641 Functional Locations 
PPM L1B0000002 Portfolio and Project Management 
PM-WOC-MN HLA0006647 Maintenance Notifications 
PM-EQM-SF-MPC HLA0001591 Measuring Points and Counters 
CA-SUR ABA0000071 Web Survey 
CS-CM-SN HLA0009594 Service Notifications 
PM-WOC-JC HLA0006649 Completion Confirmations 
CS-SE HLA0009595 Service Processing 
IS-REA-DIS /J7L/REN0000011 Recycling Administration Distributed Systems 
IS-REA-COR-TLS /J7L/REN0000008 Recycling Administration: Tools 
LE-WM-CD ALN0000291 Cross-Docking 
PM-EQM-THO PRN0000041 Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects 
LE-WM-DCC ALN0000301 Dynamic Cycle Counting 
LE-WM-VAS ALN0000292 Value-Added Services 
LE-YM ALN0000293 Yard Management 
MM-SRV HLA0006033 External Services 
LO-MD-MM HLA0006031 Material Master 
CA-NO BIO0000031 Messages 
QM HLA0009540 Quality Management 
QM-QN HLA0006218 Quality Notifications 
EHS-HEA AHR0000431 Occupational Health 
PM-WOC-MN-PAM E360000031 Pool Asset Management 
PLM-IFO ALN0000021 Interactive Forms 
LO-PDM HLA0100782 Product Data Management 
QM-PT-FA AER0000051 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis 
PLM-PPM ALN0000151 Product and Process Modeling 
PLM-PPM-PDN ALN0000161 Product Designer 
LO-VC-PME AC00000044 Product Modeling Environment 
PS-COS HLA0009554 Costs 
PS-COS-PLN HLA0006680 Planned Costs 
QM-IM-RR HLA0006212 Results Recording 
QM-QC-AQC HLA0006208 Active Quality Control 
QM-PT HLA0009541 Quality Planning 
QM-PT-IP HLA0006201 Inspection Planning 
QM-ADB-PRN AC00000062 Print Form 
QM-QN-NM-8D PRN0000101 QM 8D-Report Automotive 
QM-QN-NM HLA0006832 Processing Quality Notifications 
QM-QN-NT HLA0006831 Creating Quality Notifications 
QM-PT-CP E360000021 Control Plan 
QM-IM HLA0009542 Quality Inspection 
QM-IM-UD HLA0006213 Inspection Lot Completion 
EP-PCT-MAN PCO0000031 Manufacturing Content 
EP-PCT-MAN-PS EE50000083 BP for Production Supervisor 
PLM-RM-REC ALN0000381 Recipe 
PLM-RM-TRS ALN0000384 Transformation 
PLM-RM-TRL ALN0000492 Trial Management 
EP-PCT-MAN-MT PEN0000052 Business Package for Maintenance Technician 
EP-PCT-MAN-MP PRN0000121 BP for Maintenance Planner 
EP-PCT-MAN-MS PRN0000122 BP for Maintenance Supervisor 
EP-PCT-PLM-PSS PEN0000041 Business Package for Project Self-Service 
EP-PCT-MAN-QI PEN0000051 Business Package for Quality Inspector 
CA-GTF-UPS PAB0000021 Distribution Unit / Distribution Packet 
LO-BM HLA0009761 Batches 
SD-MD-CM HLA0006002 Conditions 
SD-BF-SMI E4E0000001 Supplier Managed Inventory 
PM-WCM PK40000001 Work Clearance Management 
PM-WCM-ADB-PRN AEN0000032 Print Form