SAP ABAP Application Component PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)
Basic Data
Application Component ABA0000231  
Application Component ID PLM  
Short Description   Product Lifecycle Management  
First Release Date 20030116 
First Release   640 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PLM-CFO Collaboration Folders  JSI0000002 
PLM-DOC Engineering Documents  APL0000011 
PLM-EXT Integration with External Applications  /RPM/X1D0000007 
PLM-FC Financial and Capacity Planning  /RPM/X1D0000004 
PLM-IFO Interactive Forms  ALN0000021 
PLM-LBK Logbook  AEN0000111 
PLM-PPM Product and Process Modeling  ALN0000151 
PLM-PPM-PDN Product Designer  ALN0000161 
PLM-PPM-RPL Product Data Replication  ALN0000162 
PLM-REP Reporting and Analytics  /RPM/X1D0000006 
PLM-RM Recipe Management  ALN0000101 
PLM-RM Resourcen Management  /RPM/X1D0000005 
PLM-RM-FRM Formula  ALN0000383 
PLM-RM-LBL Labeling  AER0000071 
PLM-RM-REC Recipe  ALN0000381 
PLM-RM-SPE Specification Database  ALN0000382 
PLM-RM-TRL Trial Management  ALN0000492 
PLM-RM-TRS Transformation  ALN0000384 
PLM-RPM Resource and Portfolio Management  /RPM/X1D0000001 
PLM-SER Services  /RPM/X1D0000003 
PLM-STR Structures  /RPM/X1D0000002 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ACO_BSP BSPs for Access Control Lists from Package ACO 
CBESH_UI_ODATA_PLM CestBON application OData services Product Lifecycle Mgmt 
CPRO Interface for File Explorer Integration 
DIMEB DIMEB: Maintenance Event Builder 
DIWPS DI: Work Packaging and Sequencing 
DIWPS_XI_PROXY XI PROXY Maintenance Period (Revision) 
DI_MRO_01 Enhancements MEB/LBK/HTL in EhP2 
DI_MSPPB Maintenance and Service Planning: Planning Board 
EA-PLM Structure Package R/3 Enterprise PLM Extension 
EA-PLM_COMMON_OBJECTS Central package for reuse objects 
ESH_PLM HANA search main content package for PLM 
ESH_PLM_DISCRETE HANA search development package for PLM discrete 
IUID_EA_01 Item Unique Identification / UNSWITCHED Pack. for ERP2005.3 
PROJECT_PORTFOLIO_MANAGEMENT Project Portfolio Management 
R3E_BCS_PLM BC Set Activation Switch for I/O PLM 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in   640