SAP ABAP Application Component ICM (Incentive and Commission Management (ICM))
Basic Data
Application Component KK40000031  
Application Component ID ICM  
Short Description   Incentive and Commission Management (ICM)  
First Release Date 20011119 
First Release   46C 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
ICM-BR Business Reporting  AER0000063 
ICM-CO Standard Delivery, Preconfiguration  AER0000061 
ICM-CRD Credentialing (CRD)  PRN0000071 
ICM-MD Basic and Master Data  PLN0000062 
ICM-MO Modelling & Implementation  PLN0000061 
ICM-PFO Portfolio Assignment (PFO  AER0000064 
ICM-PR Processes  AER0000062 
ICM-PR-PP Periodic and Mass Data Processes  PLN0000063 
ICM-PR-TA Transaction Data Processes (No Mass Data)  PLN0000064 
ICM-TO Technical Integration, Tools  PLN0000065 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/ICMTEST/CS_A New Package for Testing 
CACS Commissions: General Service Functions 
CACS-SE_CO_XI_PROXY XI Proxies for Global Data Types (GDTs) 
CACS00 ICM: Kernel Package 
CACS00_IB EMPTY Commissions: Inbound Interface & Buffer/Pending Cases 
CACS00_INTERIM EMPTY FS-CS: Generation Templates 
CACS03 ICM: Liability 
CACS06 ICM: Guarantees 
CACS08 ICM: Flat Rates 
CACS09 ICM: Settlement (Technical) 
CACS10 ICM: Basis Technology 
CACS10_SFW01 ICM: Enhancement Implementations in Main Package CACS10 
CACS10_SFW02 ICM: Enhancement Impl. in Main Package CACS10, EHP4 
CACS10_SFW03 ICM: Enhancement Impl. in Main Package CACS10, EHP5 
CACS11 ICM: Retention (Technical) 
CACS14 ICM: Correspondence (Technical) 
CACS141 ICM: Correspondence: Transaction Data 
CACS142 ICM: Correspondence: Master Data 
CACS143 ICM: Correspondence: Administration 
CACS144 ICM: Correspondence: UI 
CACS145 ICM: Correspondence: DDIC + APIs for DDIC 
CACS146 ICM: Correspondence: Released DDIC 
CACS1D ICM: DDIC for ICM Basis Technology Package 
CACS20 ICM: Basis Framework 
CACS20_SFW01 ICM: Enhancement Implementations in Main Package CACS20 
CACS20_SFW02 ICM: Enhancement Impl. in Main Package CACS10, EHP4 
CACS20_SFW03 ICM: Enhancement Impl. in Main Package CACS20, EHP5 
CACS20_XI_PROXY ICM: Proxies for XI Objects 
CACS24 ICM: Additional Commission Case (Technical) 
CACS25 ICM Remuneration Scheduling 
CACS26 ICM: Target Agreements 
CACS27 ICM: Actual Commission 
CACS29 ICM: Target Agreements - Configuration - Sample 
CACS2A ICM: Basis for Trigger-Based Release 
CACS2D ICM: DDIC for ICM Basis Framework 
CACS30 ICM: Tools / Implementation 
CACS30_SFW01 ICM: Enhancement Implementations in Main Package CACS30 
CACS30_SFW02 ICM: Enhancement Impl. in Main Package CACS30, EHP4 
CACS30_SFW03 ICM: Enhancement Impl. in Main Package CACS30, EHP5 
CACS3D ICM: DDIC for ICM Tools / Implementation Packages 
CACS40 ICM: Enhancement Packages / Implementation 
CACS40_SFW01 ICM: Enhancement Implementations in Main Package CACS40 
CACS40_SFW02 ICM: Enhancement Impl. in Main Package CACS40, EHP4 
CACS40_SFW03 ICM: Enhancement Impl. in Main Package CACS40,EHP5 
CACS41 ICM: Entitlement and Liability Transfer 
CACS42 ICM: Partnerships 
CACS44 ICM Entitlement and Liab.Transfer in Settlement Scheduling 
CACS45 ICM: ELT Scenario Delivery 
CACS47 ICM: Liability, Tools with Condition Technique 
CACS4D ICM: DDIC for Packages ICM Enhancement Packages / Implement. 
CACS50 ICM: Integration Help for Other Components 
CACS50_SFW01 ICM: Enhancement Implementations in Main Package CACS50 
CACS50_SFW02 ICM: Enhancement Impl. in Main Package CACS50, EHP4 
CACS50_SFW03 ICM: Enhancement Impl. in Main Package CACS50, EHP5 
CACS71 ICM: Integration Credentialing 
CACSA1 ICM Actual Commission: General 
CACSA2 ICM Actual Commission: Master Data 
CACSA3 ICM Actual Commission: Transaction Data 
CACSA4 ICM Actual Commission: Administration 
CACSA5 ICM Actual Commission: Database Tables 
CACSAC EMPTY Commissions: Ledger 
CACSAL ICM: Aplication Log 
CACSAPPL ICM: Application Administration 
CACSAU ICM: Authorization 
CACSBR ICM: Business Rules Editor 
CACSBR1 Business Rules Editor: UI 
CACSBR2 Business Rules Editor: Application 
CACSBR3 Business Rules Editor: Database 
CACSBW Commissions: Business Warehouse 
CACSC0 ICM: Standard contract UI: Webdynpro ABAP 
CACSC1 ICM: Standard Contract: ABAP-Based UI Components 
CACSC2 ICM: Standard Contract: UI Services 
CACSC3 ICM: Standard Contract: Services (Facade Classes) 
CACSC4 ICM: Standard Contract: Business Objects 
CACSC5 ICM: Standard Contract: Database Accesses 
CACSC6 ICM: Standard Contract: DDIC Repository 
CACSC7 ICM: Standard Contract: Database Tables 
CACSC8 ICM: Standard Contract: Global Types 
CACSC9 ICM: Standard contract: RFC-Layer for WD (ABAP) 
CACSCA ICM: Additional Commission Cases 
CACSCA1 ICM: Additional Commission Case: Transaction Data 
CACSCA2 ICM: Additional Commission Case: Master Data 
CACSCA3 ICM: Additional Commission Case: Administration 
CACSCA4 ICM: Additional Commission Case: UI 
CACSCA5 ICM: Additional Commission Case: DDIC + APIs for DDIC 
CACSCATT EMPTY Commissions: Test Tools (To be Delivered) 
CACSCB ICM: Contract Bundle 'Light' 
CACSCC ICM: Commission Case 'Light' 
CACSCD ICM: Connection IS-CD (Supplementations in CS System) 
CACSCG ICM: Customizing & Generation 
CACSCL ICM: Enhancement Packages Implementation for Authorizations 
CACSCO Correspondence Basis 
CACSCO1 Correspondence: Abstract Objects: Transaction Data 
CACSCO2 Correspondence: Abstract Objects: Master Data 
CACSCO3 Correspondence: Abstract Objects: Administration 
CACSCO4 Correspondence: Abstract Objects: UI 
CACSCO5 Correspondence: Abstract Objects: DDIC + APIs for DDIC 
CACSCO6 Correspondence: Abstract Objects: Released DDIC 
CACSCP ICM: Retroactive Case Processing (RCP) 
CACSCR ICM: Correspondence 
CACSCRM EMPTY CRM Elements in Commission System 
CACSCS ICM: Correspondence 
CACSCT ICM: Commission Contract 'Light' 
CACSCU ICM: General Delivery Customizing & Profiles 
CACSCUST ICM: Customizing Copier 
CACSCX ICM: Standard Contract (Contract Components) 
CACSCY ICM: Standard Contract (Agreement Components) 
CACSDB ICM: Delete & Archive 
CACSDC ICM: Database Conversions 
CACSDD ICM: Draft Data for Commission Applications 
CACSDG ICM: Data Formatting for Construction and Generation 
CACSDL ICM: Construction: Logic 
CACSDM ICM: Determination Methods 
CACSDO ICM: Commission Document 'Light' 
CACSDP ICM: Interface Dispatcher 
CACSDR ICM: Construction Rules 
CACSDU ICM: Construction: User Interface 
CACSE1 ICM: ELT Application 
CACSE2 ICM: ELT Persistence 
CACSE3 ICM: Entitlement and Liability Transfer (ELT) Interface 
CACSE4 ICM: ELT Enhancements 
CACSE5 PFO Enhancement 
CACSEU EMPTY ICM: Euro Conversion 
CACSEXIT00 ICM: Exits, In Particular Generation Templates 
CACSF1 ICM: Flat Rates: Transaction Data 
CACSF2 ICM: Flat Rates: Master Data 
CACSF3 ICM: Flat Rates: Administration 
CACSF4 ICM: Flat Rates: UI 
CACSF5 ICM: Flat Rates: DDIC + APIs for DDIC 
CACSF6 ICM Flat Rates: Released DDIC 
CACSFA ICM: Connection to FICA 
CACSFE OBSOLETE : ICM: Formula Editor (remuneration, valuation) 
CACSFI Commissions: Connection to FI (Additions to CS System) 
CACSFM ICM: Determination Methods 
CACSFN ICM: UI for Determination Methods 
CACSFO ICM: Determination; UI BAdI Implementation 
CACSFPP ICM Connection to FPP 
CACSFR ICM: Flat-Rate Remuneration 
CACSGC ICM: Utility Programs for Generation and Copy 
CACSGEN ICM: Design and Generation 
CACSGENUT Help for Generator 
CACSGP ICM: Enhancements to Central Business Partner 
CACSGR ICM: Generation 
CACSGT ICM: General Tools for ICM Framework 
CACSGU ICM: Guarantees 
CACSGU1 ICM: Guarantees: Transaction Data 
CACSGU2 ICM: Guarantees: Master Data 
CACSGU3 ICM: Guarantees: Administration 
CACSGU4 ICM: Guarantees: UI 
CACSGU5 ICM: Guarantees: DDIC + APIs for DDIC 
CACSGU6 ICM Guarantees: Released DDIC 
CACSHR Commissions: HR Link (Enhancements in CS System) 
CACSHR_HR ICM: HR Link (Enhancements in HR System) 
CACSIB Commissions: Inbound Interface & Buffer/Pending Cases 
CACSIMGA ISF: Cross-Application IMG Activities 
CACSIN ICM: Rem Inquiry, Ranking, Target Achievement 
CACSINSFS Components of Commissions System for Insurances 
CACSIS EMPTY Commissions: Reporting & Information System 
CACSISCD EMPTY Commissions: Disbursement FS-CD 
CACSL1 ICM: Liability (DDIC) 
CACSL2 ICM: Liability (Application) 
CACSL3 ICM Liability: Released DDIC 
CACSLC ICM: Local Currency Conversion 
CACSLI ICM: Liability 
CACSLOS ICM: Logical Services 
CACSM2 ICM: Valuation Through Copy Services 
CACSMC ICM: Message Control 
CACSMD 'EMPTY' Commissions: Master Data 
CACSNO ICM: Notification 
CACSNO1 ICM: Notification: DDIC + APIs for DDIC 
CACSNO2 ICM: Notification: Transaction Data 
CACSNO3 ICM: Notification: Released DDIC 
CACSO1 Framework for Object Assignment (FOA): Interface 
CACSO2 Framework for Object Assignment (FOA): Persistence 
CACSO3 Framework for Object Assignment (FOA): Application 
CACSO4 Framework for Object Assignment (FOA): Services 
CACSO5 Framework for Object Assignment (FOA): Exits 
CACSOA Framework for Object Assignment (FOA) 
CACSOBS ICM: Obsolete Objects 
CACSOC ICM: Assignment, Authorization, and Evaluation 
CACSP1 ICM: Partnerships, Master Data 
CACSP2 ICM: Partnerships, Commission Case 
CACSP3 ICM: Partnerships, Configuration 
CACSPD ICM: Implementation for PD-ORG 
CACSPH ICM: Period Control 
CACSPH1 ICM: Period Control: Process Flow 
CACSPH2 ICM: Period Control: UI 
CACSPH3 ICM: Period Control: DDIC + API's 
CACSPH4 ICM: Period Control: Administration 
CACSPP ICM: Periodic Processing 
CACSPR ICM: Process Control 
CACSPY ICM: Distribution & Offsetting 
CACSQR ICM: Quick Rule Engine 
CACSR1 ICM: Retention: Transaction Data 
CACSR2 ICM: Retention: Master Data 
CACSR3 ICM: Retention: Administration 
CACSR4 ICM: Retention: UI 
CACSR5 ICM: Retention: DDIC + APIs for DDIC 
CACSR6 ICM: Retention: Released DDIC 
CACSRC ICM: Enhancement Packages / Implementation for Reporting 
CACSRE ICM: Regional-Specific Enhancements 
CACSRFC ICM: Connection with Other Systems 
CACSRI ICM: Runtime Administration 
CACSRI1 ICM: Run Administration: Process Flow 
CACSRI2 ICM: Run Administration: UI 
CACSRI3 ICM: Run Administration: DDI + APIs 
CACSRI4 ICM: Run Administration: Administration 
CACSRO ICM: Retention 
CACSRT ICM: Enhancement Packages / Implementation for Reporting 
CACSS0 ICM: Settlement: DDIC + APIs for DDIC 
CACSS1 ICM Settlement Scheduling: General 
CACSS10 ICM Settlement: Released DDIC 
CACSS2 ICM Settlement Scheduling: Master Data 
CACSS3 ICM Settlement Scheduling: Transaction Data 
CACSS4 ICM Settlement Scheduling: Administration 
CACSS5 ICM Settlement Scheduling: Database Tables 
CACSS6 ICM: Settlement: Transaction Data 
CACSS7 ICM: Settlement: Master Data 
CACSS8 ICM: Settlement: Administration 
CACSS9 ICM: Settlement: UI 
CACSSA ICM: Segment Assignment 
CACSSC ICM: Standard Commission Contract 
CACSSC9 Obsolete! 
CACSSD ICM: SD Condition Technique 
CACSSDM ICM: Enhancements to the SD Condition Technique 
CACSSE ICM: Settlement 
CACSSG ICM: Services & Generic 
CACSSL ICM Settlement Lock (for fast track approval) 
CACSST ICM: Enhancement Packages/Implementation for Settlement 
CACST2 ICM: Target Agreements UI 
CACST3 ICM: Target Agreements Persistence 
CACST4 ICM: Target Agreements Application 
CACSTA ICM: Target Agreements AES Usage 
CACSTB ICM: Target Agreements - Use in Portfolio Assignment 
CACSTF ICM: Tools for ICM Framework 
CACSTO ICM: Evaluation Tools and Repair Tools or Test Processes 
CACSTR ICM: Additional Commission Case 
CACSTREE ICM: Package for CACS Trees 
CACSTT ICM: Evaluation Tools and Test Processes 
CACSTX Complex Valuation - LOS 
CACSUS ICM Settlement Scheduling: Universal Successor 
CACSVC EMPTY Commissions: Valuation, Remuneration & Distribution 
CACSVERS ICM: Versioning 
CACSVF ICM: Cross-Functions for Views and View Clusters 
CACSW1 ICM: Persistence in Workflow 
CACSW2 ICM: Application for Workflow 
CACSWA ICM: Guarantees 
CACSWF ICM: Workflow 
CACSXCD ICM: New Connection to CD 
CACSXCD1 ICM: CD Adapter: Transaction Data 
CACSXCD2 ICM: CD Adapter: Master Data 
CACSXCD3 ICM: CD Adapter: Administration 
CACSXCD6 ICM: CD Adapter: Released DDIC 
CACSXFA ICM: New Connection to FICA 
CACSXFA1 ICM: FI-CA Adapter: Transaction Data 
CACSXFA2 ICM: FI-CA Adapter: Master Data 
CACSXFA3 ICM: FI-CA Adapter: Administration 
CACSXFA6 ICM: FI-CA Adapter: Released DDIC 
CACSXFI ICM: New Connection to FI 
CACSXFI1 ICM: FI Adapter: Transaction Data 
CACSXFI2 ICM: FI Adapter: Master Data 
CACSXFI3 ICM: FI Adapter: Administration 
CACSXFI6 ICM: FI Adapter: Released DDIC 
CACSXHR ICM: New Connection to HR 
CACSXHR1 ICM: HR Adapter: Transaction Data 
CACSXHR2 ICM: HR Adapter: Master Data 
CACSXHR3 ICM: HR Adapter: Administration 
CACSXHR6 ICM: HR Adapter: Released DDIC 
CACSXI ICM: genereted objects for XI 
CACSY EMPTY Commissions: Reconciliation & Technical Analysis 
CACS_05_EHP3_SFWS_SC ICM: Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP3 (Coding) 
CACS_05_EHP3_SFWS_UI_SC ICM: Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP3 (UI) 
CACS_05_EHP4_SFWS_SC ICM: Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP4 (Coding) 
CACS_05_EHP4_SFWS_UI_SC ICM: Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP3 (UI) 
CACS_05_EHP5_SFWS_SC ICM Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP5 (Coding) 
CACS_05_EHP5_SFWS_UI_SC ICM Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP5 (UI) 
CACS_05_EHP5_TEST_CASES Package for External Test Case Templates (EHP5) 
CACS_05_EHP6_ELT_SFWS_SC Switchable Package for ELT 
CACS_05_EHP6_SFWS_SC Switchable Package for EA_ICM_ICM_CORE_04 
CACS_05_EHP6_SFWS_UI Switchable Package for EA_ICM_ICM_CORE_04 
CACS_CONDBDT EMPTY Commissions: Link Condition Technique to CommContract 
CACS_CONDITIONS EMPTY Commissions: Condition Technique Link 
CACS_CORR1 ICM: Correspondence Based on Smart Forms & PDFs 
CACS_CORR2 ICM: Correspondence Based on SAPScript 
CACS_CORR3 ICM: General Bases for Correspondence 
CACS_CRD_EN_TEST_CASES Package for External Test Case Templates (Credentialing: EN) 
CACS_CRD_TEST_CASES Package for External Test Case Templates (Credentialing) 
CACS_EXT ICM: Universal Successor Scenario 
CACS_ICM_EN_TEST_CASES Package for External Test Case Templates (ICM): English 
CACS_ICM_TEST_CASES Package for External Test Case Templates (ICM) 
CACS_PFO_TEST_CASES Package for External Test Case Templates (PFO) 
CACS_SYS EMPTY: Administration for IMG System 
CAXRU1 ICM: 'Content-Package' for (All) Scenario Packages 
CAXSD0 Sales Document Integration (SD, CRM and industries) 
CAXSI0 Sales Invoice/ Billing Document Integration (SD,CRM ...) 
CAXSO0 Sales Order Integration (SD, CRM und industries) 
CAXT00 Internal SAP Tools to Create Test Applications 
CAXT01 ICM: Scenario for Rudimentary One-Click Application 
CAXT99 ICM: Scenario for Complete One-Click Application 
CRD-SE_CO_XI_PROXY CRD: XI Proxies for Global Data Types (GDTs) 
CRD000 Credentialing 
CRDEIF Credentialing: External Interfaces 
CRDEIF_XI_PROXY CRD: Proxies for XI Objects 
CRDMDA Credentialing: Master Data 
CRDPRV Credentialing: Private Objects (DDIC, etc.) 
CRDRUN Credentialing: Runtime 
CRDUI0 Cred. Assignments: RFC Layer for WD (ABAP) 
CRDUI1 Cred. Assignments: UI WebDynpro ABAP 
CRDUIR Credentialing: UI 
CRD_05_EHP3_SFWS_SC CRD: Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP3 (Coding) 
CRD_05_EHP3_SFWS_UI_SC CRD: Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP3 (UI) 
CRD_05_EHP4_SFWS_SC CRD: Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP4 (Coding) 
CRD_05_EHP4_SFWS_UI_SC CRD: Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP4 (UI) 
CRM001 ICM: CRM Integration 
DBM000 ICM: Basic Package for Integrat. Dealer Business Management 
DBM001 ICM: 'Content Package' for Dealer Business Management 
EA-ICM Structure Package Incentives and Commission Management 
FICA00 ICM: Basic Package for Integration FICA 
FICA01 ICM: #Content Package# for FICA 
FPP Framework for Parallel Processing (FPP) 
FPPCO Framework for Parallel Processing (FPP): Control 
FPPIL Framework for Parallel Processing (FPP): Interaction Layer 
FPPUI Framework for Parallel Processing (FPP): User Interface 
FSCS01 ICM: Insurance-Specific Solutions 
FSPM00 ICM: Base Package for Integration of Policy Management - ICM 
FSPM01 ICM: 'Content Package 1' for Integrat.of Policy Management 
FSPM02 ICM: 'Content Package 2' for Policy Management Integration 
PFO100 Main Package for Portfolio Assignment 
PFO110 Portfolio Assignment: DDIC Types 
PFO120 Portfolio Assignment: Tables, Views, Indices 
PFO130 Portfolio Assignment: Kernel Functions 
PFO140 Portfolio Assignment: Complex Methods 
PFO150 Portfolio Assignment: Maintenance and Exits 
PFO155 Portfolio Assignment: Maintenance Functions 
PFO157 Portfolio Assignment: Exits 
PFO160 Portfolio Assignment: GUI 
PFO170 Portfolio Assignment: FOA Connection 
PFO180 PFO: BI Connection 
PFO_05_EHP3_SFWS_SC PFO: Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP3 (Coding) 
PFO_05_EHP3_SFWS_UI_SC PFO: Enhancement Package for ERP2005, EhP3 (UI) 
PFO_06_EHP6_SFWS_SC Switchable Package for PFO ELT 
R3E_BCS_ICM BC Set Activation Switch for EA-ICM 
Software Component EA-APPL  SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials 
SAP Release Created in   464