SAP ABAP Package CACSCC (ICM: Commission Case 'Light')
Basic Data
Package CACSCC   
Short Description   ICM: Commission Case 'Light'    
Super package CACS00   ICM: Kernel Package 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 20021213  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
CACS00_ACT Commission Case Activities  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_BDL Rebundling Order for Triggering Subobjects  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_B_VAR_ACT Variants for Commission Case Activities  TRANSP   L  
CACS00_B_VAR_BDL Variants for Bundling  TRANSP   L  
CACS00_B_VAR_CAS Variants for Commission Case  TRANSP   L  
CACS00_B_VAR_INV Variants for Commission Case Participants  TRANSP   L  
CACS00_B_VAR_LIN Variants for Alternative Commission  TRANSP   L  
CACS00_B_VAR_OBJ Variants for Commission Case Object Data  TRANSP   L  
CACS00_B_VAR_PAR Variants for Commission Case Participant  TRANSP   L  
CACS00_B_VAR_REL Variants for Participant Relations  TRANSP   L  
CACS00_CAS Commission Case  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCACT Commission Document: Activities  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCDT Comn: Detail Items for Remuneration Rows  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCFI_H Data Transfer: FI Documents (Header Data)  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCFI_P Data Transfer: FI Documents (Items)  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCHD Commission Document Header  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCINV Participant in Commission Document  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCOBJ Commission Document: Object Data  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCPAR Participation of Commission Document  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCRE01 Do Not Use! Enhancement Data Remuneration Lines  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCREL Commission Document: Relationships Between Participants  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCSE01 Do Not Use! Enhancement Data Settlement Rows  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCSEDT Line Item Detail Line  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCVA Commission Document, Valuation  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_DOCVA01 Do Not Use! Enhancement Data Evaluation Rows  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_INV Commission Case Participants  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_LIN Variant Commissions  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_OBJ Commission Case Object Data  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_OBJHIST Change History of Subobjects That Trigger Commission  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_PAR Commission Case Participation  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_REL Participant Relations in a Commission Participation  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_SUMRE Totals Table for Remuneration  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_SUMRE01 Commissions: Reference Totals Table for Compensation  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_SUMSE Totals Table for Settlement  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_SUMSE01 Commissions: Reference Totals Table for Settlement  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_SUMVA Totals Table for Valuation  TRANSP   A  
CACS00_SUMVA01 Commissions: Reference Totals Table for Valuation  TRANSP   A  
CACS_B_VAR Variants for BDTI  TRANSP   L  
CACS_COILOG Recording of the Keys of Records Processed with COI  TRANSP   L  
CACS_EDTLOG Commissions: Log Table EDT  TRANSP   A  
CACS_EDTPROT Commissions: Log for EDT Interface Supply  TRANSP   A  
CACS_MASSLOG Log Table for Mass Processing  TRANSP   A  
TCACS_ACT Activity Types  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_ACT_T Name of Activity Types  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_CASE_BUF Information if buffer should be used in Commission Case  TRANSP   C  
TCACS_CAS_RANGES Commissions: Number Ranges for Commission Cases  TRANSP   C  
TCACS_DOC_RANGES Commissions: Number Ranges for Commission Documents  TRANSP   C  
TCACS_HIDEDOC01 Hidden Tables/Structures in Document Creation/Display  TRANSP   S  
TCACS_HIDEDOC02 Hidden Fields in Document Creation/Display  TRANSP   S  
TCACS_INCUST Contains the Number of Valid Runtime Errors  TRANSP   C  
TCACS_INDDIC File Names of Dictionary Information Files  TRANSP   C  
TCACS_INOPT Commissions: Input Options  TRANSP   C  
TCACS_INVREL Participant Determination for Commission Calculation  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_OFFS Comn: Offsetting  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_OFFS_T Comn: Name of Offsetting Types  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_PARCON Global Settings for Participation Construction  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_PCACT Participation Construction: Activities Template  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_PCINV Participation Construction: Participants Template  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_PCMET Participation Construction: Construction Methods  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_PCMET_T Participation Construction: Constr. Methods (Text Table)  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_PROCSU Results Types of Remuneration from Commission Case  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_PROCSU_T Assign Update to Results Types Remuneration in Comn Case  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_PROCTYPES Commission Case: Behavior In Event of Errors  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_RESP Comn.: Liability Types  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_RESP_T Comn.: Name of Liability Types  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_RESULT_T Result types  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_RSLTYP Allowed Result Types  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_RSLTYPT Allowed Result Types  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_TRME Triggering Method (incl. Assignment to Activity Types)  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_TRME_T Names of Triggering Methods  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_UPD Update Categories  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_UPD_T Update Categories  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_VAL Comn.: Valuation Types  TRANSP   E  
TCACS_VAL_T Comn.: Valuation Types  TRANSP   E  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
CACSB001 Display Pending Cases  CACS_BUFFER  
CACSB002 Edit Pending Cases  CACS_BUFFER  
CACSMD500 Create Commission Case     
CACSMD501 Create Commission Case  CACS_BUSSTART  
CACSMD502 Change Commission Case  BUSSTART  
CACSMD503 Display Commission Case  BUSSTART  
CACSMD504 Reset Commission Case  BUSSTART  
CACSMD505 Reactivate Commission Case  BUSSTART  
CACSMD531 Create Commission Case  CACS_BUSSTART  
CACSMD533 Display Commission Case  BUSSTART  
CACS_BDTI_SEL_01 Create Commission Case Selection  CACS_BUSSTART_DIRECT  
CACS_BDTI_SEL_02 Change Commission Case Selection  CACS_BUSSTART_DIRECT  
CACS_BDTI_SEL_03 Display Commission Case Selection  CACS_BUSSTART_DIRECT  
CACS_BDTI_SEL_04 Reset Commission Case Selection  CACS_BUSSTART_DIRECT  
CACS_BDTI_SEL_07 Reactivate Commission Case Selection  CACS_BUSSTART_DIRECT  
CACS_BDTI_SEL_1 Create Commission Case Selection  SAPLCACS_BDTI_SELECTION  
CACS_BDTI_SEL_2 Change Commission Case Selection  SAPLCACS_BDTI_SELECTION  
CACS_BDTI_SEL_3 Display Commission Case Selection  SAPLCACS_BDTI_SELECTION  
CACS_BDTI_SEL_4 Reset Commission Case Selection  SAPLCACS_BDTI_SELECTION  
CACS_BDTI_SEL_7 Reactivate Commission Case Selection  SAPLCACS_BDTI_SELECTION  
CACS_CAS_LIST Commission Case Display  CACS_CAS_LIST  
CACS_COI Mass Resetting  CACS_COI  
CACS_CSI0001 CSI Control: Applications  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0002 CSI Control: Field Groups  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0003 CSI Control: Views  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0004 CSI Control: Sections  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0005 CSI Control: Screens  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0006 CSI Control: Screen Sequences  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0007 CSI Control: Events  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0008 CSI Control: GUI Standard Functions  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0009 CSI Control: GUI Additionl Functions  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0010 CSI Control: Search Helps  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0011 CSI Control: Assign ScrnFld->DBField  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0012 CSI Control: Field Grouping Criteria  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0013 CSI Control: Role Categories  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0014 CSI Control: Role Category Groups  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0015 CSI Control: Application Transactns  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0016 CSI Control: Tables  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0017 CSI Control: External Applications  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0018 CSI Control: Activities  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0023 CSI Control: Data Sets  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0100 CSI Cust.: Field Grouping Activity  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_CSI0105 CSI Cust: Field Grpng Ext. Applictns  BUSVIEWS  
CACS_EDT_MENUE External Data Transfer  SAPLCACS_EDT  
CACS_INPUT_VIEW Commissions: Calling the View  SAPLCACS_INPUT_CUST  
CACS_MRU Mass Updating  CACS_MRU  
CACS_SHOW_MASSLOG Display Logs for Mass Processing  CACS_SHOW_MASSLOG_ALV  
S_AEN_10000178 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_E4E_66000227 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PRN_53000768 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component EA-APPL  SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials 
SAP Release Created in   200   
Application Component ICM (KK40000031) Incentive and Commission Management (ICM) 
Package CACSCC  ICM: Commission Case 'Light'