SAP ABAP Application Component LO (Logistics - General)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0006433  
Application Component ID LO  
Short Description   Logistics - General  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
LO-AB Agency Business (Global Trade)  ALR0000097 
LO-AB-BSP Portal Connection  PLN0000033 
LO-AB-CA Distribution  EB50000041 
LO-AB-IFW Invoice Forecasting  EBS0000091 
LO-AB-II Incoming Invoices  ALR0000098 
LO-AB-RS Remuneration Settlement  ALR0000099 
LO-AB-TC Trading Contract  ALR0002253 
LO-ADM Additionals Management  I020004207 
LO-ARM Advanced Returns Management  E4A0000031 
LO-ARM-INS Inspection  EBS0000031 
LO-BM Batches  HLA0009761 
LO-BM-AI Active Ingredient Management  HLA0100729 
LO-BM-BC Batch Specification  HLA0100725 
LO-BM-BD Batch Determination  HLA0100727 
LO-BM-BF Basic Functions  AL00000025 
LO-BM-BH Batch History  E4A0000061 
LO-BM-BIC Batch Information Cockpit  AL00000026 
LO-BM-BS Batch Status Management  HLA0100726 
LO-BM-DOB Documentary Batches  AC00000042 
LO-BM-DRV Derivation  ALR0078972 
LO-BM-DX Data exchange  AL00000027 
LO-BM-INT Integration  AL00000028 
LO-BM-MD Batch master  ALR0008402 
LO-BM-OB Original Batch  PL00000011 
LO-BM-SA Overall rel.  ALR0078971 
LO-BM-SL MHD processing  ALR0008403 
LO-BM-UOM Batch-specific Units of Measure  AL00000053 
LO-BM-WUL Batch Where-Used List  HLA0100728 
LO-CEP Collaborative Engineering and Project Management  ALR0078007 
LO-CEP-CTL Collaborative Engineering Offline Components  AC00000043 
LO-CM Configuration management  ALR0008404 
LO-CMM Commodity Management in Logistics  EBJ0000022 
LO-CMM-BF Basic Functions  EBJ0000023 
LO-CMM-PEV Period-End Valuation  EBJ0000151 
LO-CMM-PEV-MM Period-End Valuation in Materials Management  EBJ0000152 
LO-CMM-PEV-SD Period-End Valuation in Sales and Distribution  EBJ0000153 
LO-ECH Engineering Change Management  HLA0006409 
LO-ECH-CDK Change Documents  HLA0006419 
LO-ECH-LST Reporting  HLA0006819 
LO-ECH-MRC Change Master Management  HLA0006417 
LO-ECH-OBJ Linked Objects  HLA0006418 
LO-ELR Electronic Data Records  AL00000071 
LO-EWB Engineering workbench  ALR0009531 
LO-GEN Generic Cross Application Components  EB50000051 
LO-GEN-EMF Enhanced Material Search and Material View  EBS0000021 
LO-GEN-SE Service Enablement  EB50000052 
LO-GT Global Trade  ALN0000251 
LO-GT-CHB Chargeback  PEN0000031 
LO-GT-PM Position Management  ALN0000255 
LO-GT-TC Trading Contract  ALN0000252 
LO-GT-TC-VC Variant Configuration  ALN0000271 
LO-GT-TE Expenses  ALN0000253 
LO-GT-TEW Trading Execution Workbench  ALN0000254 
LO-GTF General Application Functions  AC00000071 
LO-GTF-KFM Generic KPI Watch List  AC00000072 
LO-GTF-POW Personalizable Worklist of Objects  AC00000073 
LO-HU Handling Unit Management  HUM0000001 
LO-HU-AP Automatic packing  HUM0000013 
LO-HU-BF Basic functions  HUM0000002 
LO-HU-IS Information system  HUM0000014 
LO-HU-MD Master data  HUM0000012 
LO-HU-PR Editing  HUM0000011 
LO-INT ERP Logistik Integration  EBS0000071 
LO-INT-COD CRM On Demand Integration  EBS0000072 
LO-INT-ESO SAP Sourcing Integration  EBS0000073 
LO-INT-TM Transportation Management Integration  EBS0000074 
LO-INT-TM-DL Lieferabwicklung  EBS0000075 
LO-INT-TM-IV Rechnungsprüfung  EBS0000076 
LO-INT-TM-PUR Einkauf  EBS0000077 
LO-INT-TM-SLS Verkauf  EBS0000078 
LO-INT-TRM Treasury and Risk Management Integration  EBS0000079 
LO-INT-TRM-IM Bestandsführung  EBS0000080 
LO-INT-TRM-IV Rechnungsprüfung  EBS0000081 
LO-INT-TRM-PUR Einkauf  EBS0000082 
LO-INT-TRM-SD Vertrieb und Versand  EBS0000083 
LO-LIS Logistics Information System (LIS)  HLA0006423 
LO-LIS-DC Data Collection  HLA0006426 
LO-LIS-EWS Early Warning System  HLA0006429 
LO-LIS-FLX Flexible Analyses  AL00000054 
LO-LIS-LIB Logistics Information Library  HLA0006427 
LO-LIS-PLN Planning  HLA0006700 
LO-LIS-REP Reporting  HLA0006424 
LO-MAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning  ALR0006032 
LO-MD Logistics Basic Data  HLA0006434 
LO-MD-BOM Bills of Material  HLA0006856 
LO-MD-BOM-OBM Sales Order BOM  HLA0006413 
LO-MD-BP Business Partners  HLA0006890 
LO-MD-BP-CM Customer Master  HLA0001520 
LO-MD-BP-CM-ES Enterprise Services in Customer Master  E380000041 
LO-MD-BP-VM Vendor Master  HLA0001521 
LO-MD-BP-VM-ES Enterprise Services in Vendor Master  E380000042 
LO-MD-MG Material Groups  I020004200 
LO-MD-MM Material Master  HLA0006031 
LO-MD-MPA Assignment of Markdown Profiles  AC00000081 
LO-MD-PC Product Catalog  HLA0009790 
LO-MD-PL Plant Master  I020004211 
LO-MD-PPE Integrated Product and Process Engineering  AL00000024 
LO-MD-PPW Price Planning Workbench  AC00000082 
LO-MD-PR Promotion  I020004205 
LO-MD-PVS Product Variant Structure  KAM0000003 
LO-MD-PVS Product Variant Structure  P450002042 
LO-MD-QO Quantity optimizing  ALR0008401 
LO-MD-RA Assortment  I020004201 
LO-MD-RA-ASL Assortment List  ALR0000101 
LO-MD-RA-MT Assortment Maintenance  ALR0000100 
LO-MD-RPC Retail Pricing  I020004202 
LO-MD-SE Season  I020004206 
LO-MD-SE-MDF Markdown Planning  ALR0000103 
LO-MD-SE-MT Season Processing  ALR0000102 
LO-MD-SN Serial Numbers  HLA0001522 
LO-MD-SN-PUR Serial Numbers in Purchasing  EB50000021 
LO-MD-UID Unique Identification  E380000021 
LO-MDS Merchandise Distribution  ALR0000095 
LO-MDS-AL Allocation  I020004210 
LO-MDS-CPO Collective Purchase Order  ALR0002161 
LO-MDS-DPR Distribution Processing  ALR0000096 
LO-PDM Product Data Management  HLA0100782 
LO-PDM-GF General Functions  HLA0100783 
LO-PDM-GF-OBR Product Structure Browser  HLA0100784 
LO-PR Forecast  HLA0006800 
LO-PR-MOD Forecast Models  HLA0009751 
LO-PR-MON Model Monitoring  HLA0009754 
LO-PR-MTD Forecast Procedures  HLA0009753 
LO-PR-REF Reference Material in Forecast  HLA0009755 
LO-PR-SEL Model Selection  HLA0009752 
LO-RIS Retail Information System (RIS)  I020004208 
LO-RIS-DC Data Collection  ALR0000106 
LO-RIS-EWS Early Warning System  ALR0000108 
LO-RIS-LIB Connection to Logistics Information Library  ALR0000107 
LO-RIS-PLN Planning  ALR0000105 
LO-RIS-REP Reporting  ALR0000104 
LO-S95 ANSI/ISA S95 Interface  AEN0000021 
LO-SCI Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (SCPI)  HLA0009815 
LO-SCI-AIN Auto-ID Backend Integration  ALN0000471 
LO-SCI-DRP Distribution Resource Planning  HLA0009817 
LO-SCI-POI Production Optimization Interface (POI)  HLA0009816 
LO-SPM Service Parts Management  AC00000091 
LO-SPM-INB Goods Receipt Process  AC00000093 
LO-SPM-OUT Goods Issue Process  AC00000092 
LO-SPM-RET Complaints and Returns  AC00000094 
LO-SPM-RET-CON Consolidator Portal  PCO0000041 
LO-SPM-STO Stock Transfers  AC00000095 
LO-SPM-X Cross-Application Topics  AC00000096 
LO-SRS SAP Retail Store  ALR0002251 
LO-TIM Scheduling  ALR0002252 
LO-TM Transportation Management Integration  EB50000081 
LO-VC Variant Configuration  HLA0006411 
LO-VC-CHR Characteristic Value Assignment / Interface Design  ALR0009203 
LO-VC-CLN Class Node  ALR0009204 
LO-VC-CPR Configuration Profile  HLA0006412 
LO-VC-DEP Dependencies  HLA0006815 
LO-VC-DEP-NET Dependency Net  HLA0100812 
LO-VC-DEP-SIN Single Dependency  HLA0100811 
LO-VC-ECO Engineering Configuration (Order BOM)  ALR0009201 
LO-VC-IAD IPC Adapter  AEN0000112 
LO-VC-INT Integration  HLA0006818 
LO-VC-LOI LO Integration  ALR0009206 
LO-VC-MAT Material Variants / Type Matching  ALR0009205 
LO-VC-PME Product Modeling Environment  AC00000044 
LO-VC-REP Reporting  HLA0006817 
LO-VC-SCO Sales Configuration  ALR0009202 
LO-VC-SIM Simulation  HLA0100815 
LO-VC-VFU Variant Functions  HLA0100814 
LO-VC-VTA Variant Tables  HLA0100813 
LO-VC-WUI Variant Configuration Web User Interface  EB50000011 
LO-WTY Warranty Claim Processing  ALN0000451 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/BODS/RS_DS_FM_APPL DataServices: ECC related Functions 
/CWM/CORE CWM Applications 
/KYK/OPS_GENERAL General Objects in Operations 
/SPE/VL_ADVRET_SFWS_UI2 Advanced Returns Enhancements in VA 
ALOM Application components LO 
ALOP Process model objects LO 
APPL_CONTENT_OPS Analytics Content - OPS Area 
AR0P Process Model Objects Retail (Article) 
AR1P Process Model Objects Retail (Site) 
AR2P Process Model Objects Retail (Material Group) 
AR3P Process Model Objects for Retail (Assortment) 
AR4P Process Model Objects Retail (Pricing) 
AR5P Process Model Objects Retail (Promotion) 
AR6P Process Model Objects for Retail (Sales Orders) 
AR7P Process Model Objects Retail (Shipping) 
AR8P Process Model Objects for Retail (POS Interface) 
AR9P Process Model Objects for Retail (Purchasing) 
ARTP Process Model Objects for Retail (Allocation Table) 
ARZP Process Model Objects for Retail (Warehouse and Inv. Mngmnt) 
ASAPTERM_LO Terminology and Glossary: Translation in LO 
ASMM Service Management Structures 
BADI_MIG_EA_APPL BADI composite and implementations 
BADI_MIG_PI_SAP_APPL BADI composite and implementations 
BADI_MIG_SAP_APPL BADI composite and implementations 
CBESH_UI_ODATA_LO C'estBON application OData services Logistics 
CDPI Characteristic-Dependent Planning 
CRHR Integration of HR personnel system in Logistics 
CRM40FF CRM Functions as of SAP Release 4.0B 
CRM45FF CRM Functionality from SAP Release 4.5B 
CRM_TI_INTEG_MAIN Trading Industries: CRM Integration 
DIMP_STD Standard Objects of DIMP Industries 
DI_HBS Real Estate Sales and Configuration Mngmt. (Home Building) 
DI_HBS_APP Home Building - Append Structures 
EA-RETAIL Structure Package R/3 Enterprise RETAIL 
EA-RETAIL-BADI Implementations of Kernel-Based BAdIs (External Switch) 
EA-RETAIL-BADI-EC Compilation of Enhancement Implementations for EA-RETAIL 
EA-RETAIL-BADI-ENH Implementation of Kernel-Based BadIs (Conceptual) 
EA-RETAIL-EXT Enhancements for R/3 Enterprise Addon RETAIL (IDs) 
EC_PORTAL Contracting-Portal 
ESH_LO HANA search main content package for Logistics 
FJ1B Customer Exits (Brazil) 
ISAUTO_AKH New Application Components for Automotive 1.0 
ISAUTO_AKH_APP New Application Components - Append Structures 
ISAUTO_SIC_DATA_ACCESS Read and write data in Supplier Information Cockpit 
ISR_RETAIL_TEST_CASES Test Case for Business Functions in Retail 
ISR_RETAIL_TEST_CASES_EHP3 Test Case for Business Functions in Retail 
ISR_RETAIL_TEST_CASES_EHP4 Test Cases for Business Functions in Retail EHP4 
ISR_RETAIL_TEST_CASES_EHP5 Test Cases for Business Functions in Retail EHP5 
ISR_RETAIL_TEST_CASES_EHP6 Test Cases for Business Functions in Retail EHP6 
ISR_RETAIL_TEST_CASES_EHP7 Test Cases for Business Functions for Retail EHP7 
J1HL THRF Localization Thailand: Development Class for Logistics 
LE_SHP_ADVRET_SFWS_SC1 Advanced Returns Enhancements in LE_SHP 
LOG_SFWS_TRM_INT_01 Enhancement package for switch LOG_SFWS_TRM_INT_01 
LOG_SFWS_TRM_INT_02 Enhancement package for switch LOG_SFWS_TRM_INT_02 
LO_COMMON_OBJECTS Logistics common objects 
LO_GEN_2_XI_PROXY Service Enabling: Logistics General proxies 
LO_IMG Customizing - Logistics, General 
MB_ADVRET_SFWS_SC1 Advanced Returns Enhancements in MB 
MCW_AA_FR Planning requirements for perishables, development plug in 
ME_ADVRET_SFWS_SC1 Advanced Returns Enhancements in ME 
MKOR Correction programs with delivery (RL) 
MRM_ADVRET_SFWS_SC1 Advanced Returns Enhancements in MRM 
NDBT New Dimension Plug-In: Business Transaction Events 
NDBT_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package 1 - NDBT General 
NDBU New Dimension PlugIn: BTEs - Not Dependent on Release 
OIL IS OIL: Standard objects 
OILF IS-Oil Marketing Retail Network MRN (standard objects) 
OPS_SME_SFWS_POWL1_SBCS Collective switch package for SME POWL Switch BC Sets (6.04) 
PH_SAMPLE Sample Management for Pharmaceuticals 
PI_CRM_AFS AFS 5.0 Connectivity 
PI_CRM_OIL Plug-In Objects for Data Exchange CRM/IS-Oil 
PLANT_MANAGER Plant Manager 
PLANT_MANAGER_SFWS_SC_OIS Switch Paket for Plant Manager Coding 
PPPIWP MiniApps for Process Manufacturing 
R3E_BCS_RETAIL BC - Set Archiving Switch to EA-RETAIL 
U200 Logistics general 
VA_ADVRET_SFWS_SC1 Advanced Returns Enhancements in VA 
VA_ADVRET_SFWS_SC2 Advanced Returns Enhancements in VA 
VA_ADVRET_SFWS_UI1 Advanced Returns Enhancements in VA 
VA_ADVRET_SFWS_UI2 Advanced Returns Enhancements in VA 
VF_ADVRET_SFWS_SC1 Advanced Returns Enhancements in VF 
VPBW Product Hierarchy 
VP_AFS Template Projects AFS 
VZ_ADVRET_SFWS_SC1 Advanced Returns Enhancements in VZ 
WAFS AFS: Apparel Footware Solution 
WAPPL_USABILITY Package for usability switching in Trading industries 
WB2B_DDIC Trading Contract: DDIC Objects Retained in AL0 
WCCH Customizing country specifics Switzerland 
WCNG_BADI BadI Impl. for Consignment Processing (Ext. Switch) 
WCST Customizing Store Workbench 
WCWB ISR: Online Store Workbench (Customizing) 
WG Application development R/3 Retail cross application tasks 
WLCH Country specifics Switzerland 
WMGW_ARTICLEMASTER Higher-Level Pack. Assignment for Article Master Enhancement 
WMGW_MATRIX_MAINTENANCE Article Maintenance by Characteristics 
WMGW_PICTURE Material Image Data 
WMGW_SCREENS Article Master Subscreen Pool AddOn 
WMGW_UTILITIES Help Programs in Article Master Environment 
WMGW_VENDOR_ART_CHAR Vendor Article Characteristics 
WPRC_BADI BAdI Implementations for Procurement (External Switch) 
WRF_R3E_BCS_RETAIL RTFASH: Enhancement ID / BC Set Activation Switch 
WRT_REUSE_DB Reuse development objects for DB access optimizations 
WRT_REUSE_MAIN Reusable objects for Retail 
WZRE_PI_SWITCH Switches for Trade 
W_ISR_AUDIT Retail: Measurement for License Audit 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in