SAP ABAP Application Component LO-MD (Logistics Basic Data)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0006434  
Application Component ID LO-MD  
Short Description   Logistics Basic Data  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
LO-MD-BOM Bills of Material  HLA0006856 
LO-MD-BOM-OBM Sales Order BOM  HLA0006413 
LO-MD-BP Business Partners  HLA0006890 
LO-MD-BP-CM Customer Master  HLA0001520 
LO-MD-BP-CM-ES Enterprise Services in Customer Master  E380000041 
LO-MD-BP-VM Vendor Master  HLA0001521 
LO-MD-BP-VM-ES Enterprise Services in Vendor Master  E380000042 
LO-MD-MG Material Groups  I020004200 
LO-MD-MM Material Master  HLA0006031 
LO-MD-MPA Assignment of Markdown Profiles  AC00000081 
LO-MD-PC Product Catalog  HLA0009790 
LO-MD-PL Plant Master  I020004211 
LO-MD-PPE Integrated Product and Process Engineering  AL00000024 
LO-MD-PPW Price Planning Workbench  AC00000082 
LO-MD-PR Promotion  I020004205 
LO-MD-PVS Product Variant Structure  P450002042 
LO-MD-PVS Product Variant Structure  KAM0000003 
LO-MD-QO Quantity optimizing  ALR0008401 
LO-MD-RA Assortment  I020004201 
LO-MD-RA-ASL Assortment List  ALR0000101 
LO-MD-RA-MT Assortment Maintenance  ALR0000100 
LO-MD-RPC Retail Pricing  I020004202 
LO-MD-SE Season  I020004206 
LO-MD-SE-MDF Markdown Planning  ALR0000103 
LO-MD-SE-MT Season Processing  ALR0000102 
LO-MD-SN Serial Numbers  HLA0001522 
LO-MD-SN-PUR Serial Numbers in Purchasing  EB50000021 
LO-MD-UID Unique Identification  E380000021 
LO-MDS Merchandise Distribution  ALR0000095 
LO-MDS-AL Allocation  I020004210 
LO-MDS-CPO Collective Purchase Order  ALR0002161 
LO-MDS-DPR Distribution Processing  ALR0000096 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ASAPTERM_LO_MD Terminology and Glossary: Translation in LO-MD 
CM_BW Category Management: CDT Extraction 
CM_MD Category Management - Master Data 
CM_WF Category Management: Workflow 
DMF_BUS_LOGIC Business Logic 
DMF_CORE Core Objects for common usage 
DMF_DB_ACCESS Data Base accesses 
DMF_DDIC Data Dictionary Objects for DMF 
DMF_MAIN Outbound to Demand Management Foundation 
DMF_SFWS_1 Switched package for DMF 
ESH_LO_MD HANA search package for LO-MD 
LOCATION Location 
LOSE Master data (vendor, customer, plant): Support ext. applic. 
MC_OFFER_HARMONIZATION_SFWS Switched Package for MCF: Offer Harmonization 
MDBC Stock determination Customizing 
MDBF Stock determination 
MDMF Master Data Management, Generic Services 
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_EH_F Event History.(F for function) 
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_EH_S Event History.(S for structure/ddic)structures 
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_F Individual object and configuration structures (F 
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_ONEORDER_F one order link.(F for function) 
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_ONEORDER_S one order link.(S for structure/ddi) 
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_RELATION_F Individual object and relations -> BUPA , PR 
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_RELATION_S Individual object and relations -> BUPA , PRes 
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_S Individual object and configuration structures 
WAO_46C_CUSTOMER_MASTER_COPA MiniApp: Customer Master; 46C Part 
WAO_46C_MATERIAL_MASTER_COPA MiniApp: Material Master; 46C Part 
WAO_CUSTOMER_MASTER_COPA MiniApp: Customer Master (Release-Independent Part) 
WAO_MATERIAL_MASTER_COPA MiniApp: Material Master (Release-Independent Part) 
WCOS ISR: Online Store (Customizing) 
WCV2 IS-R: Master data distribution (Customizing) 
WEWU EMU conversions in retail 
WRF_CM_MD Category Management - Master Data 
WRF_FRE_CORE SAP F&R Core Objects 
WRF_FRE_CORE_SFWS_UI SAP F&R Core Objects Enhancement UI 
WRF_FRE_IF Transfer references for article without historic data to F&R 
WRF_REF References for Materials Without History 
WSFW Business Function Set ISR_RETAIL in Switch Framework 
WSFW_ADD Business Function Set Retail 
WSFW_BADI_DEFINITION General BAdIs for SFW Business Function Set ISR_RETAIL 
WSFW_BADI_IMPLEMENTATION BAdI Implementations SFW Business Function Set ISR_RETAIL 
WSTRGROUPING Holds store grouping development 
WSTRMASSMAINT Mass maintenance development 
WZRE_SWITCH Package for Agency Business Switches 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in