SAP ABAP Application Component LO-MD-BP-VM (Vendor Master)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0001521  
Application Component ID LO-MD-BP-VM  
Short Description   Vendor Master  
First Release Date 19960119 
First Release   30C 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
LO-MD-BP-VM-ES Enterprise Services in Vendor Master  E380000042 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CGV R/3 Appl.development: Distribution vendor master records ALE 
CVCD CRM Vendor Master Data Exchange (Release-Dependent) 
CVCI CRM Vendor Master Data Exchange 
ERP_PURCH_VENDOR_API Vendor Maintenance API 
ESH_LO_MD_BP_VM Hana Search Package for Vendor 
FBK_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package - Vendors 
VMD_INTERFACE Vendor Interface 
WAO_46C_VENDOR_MASTER MiniApp: Vendor Master (Release Dep. 4.6C Part) 
WAO_VENDOR_MASTER MiniApp: Vendor Master 
WCL1 IS-R: Vendor master (Customizing) 
WLIFCORE General services vendor master 
WPDTC Calculation of Planned Delivery Time 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in