SAP ABAP Application Component LO-AB (Agency Business (Global Trade))
Basic Data
Application Component ALR0000097  
Application Component ID LO-AB  
Short Description   Agency Business (Global Trade)  
First Release Date 19980421 
First Release   45A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
LO-AB-BSP Portal Connection  PLN0000033 
LO-AB-CA Distribution  EB50000041 
LO-AB-IFW Invoice Forecasting  EBS0000091 
LO-AB-II Incoming Invoices  ALR0000098 
LO-AB-RS Remuneration Settlement  ALR0000099 
LO-AB-TC Trading Contract  ALR0002253 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPQUERY/AGENCY Agency Business Query 
J1B_AB_BR Localization Agency Business Brazil 
MCWZ R/3 Application Development: LIS settlement 
R3E_BCS_GLTRADE BC - Set Activation Switch to EA-GLTRADE 
WLF_RETURN Returns via Single Settlement Requests 
WLF_REUSE Reuse DDIC objects for GTM and coupling between EAs 
WUF Transformation Tools 
WUF_GENERAL Objects for All Packages Within WUF 
WUF_MODEL Processing 
WUF_PERS Persistence Layer 
WUF_UI User Interfaces 
WZRE Agency Business 
WZREDOTCOM Agency Business on the Internet 
WZRE_ACCOUNTING Agency Business: FI Integration 
WZRE_ADD_ON Agency Business (Add-Ons) 
WZRE_ADD_ON_BADI BAdI Impl. for Agency Business (Ext. Switch) 
WZRE_ADOBE Adobe Forms (Main Package) 
WZRE_AIL Agency Business: Inbound/Outbound Interfaces 
WZRE_BADI_IMPL_PI_SFWS_CS Agency Business: Switchable BAdI Implementation Plug-In 
WZRE_BADI_IMPL_SFWS_CS Agency Business: Switchable BAdI Implementations 
WZRE_BADI_IMPL_SFWS_CS_3 Agency Business: Switchable BAdI Implementations 
WZRE_BADI_IMPL_SFWS_CS_4 Agency Business: Switchable BAdI Implementations EhP4 
WZRE_BADI_IMPL_SFWS_CS_5 Agency Business: Switchable BAdI Implementations EHP5 
WZRE_BADI_IMPL_SFWS_CS_6 Agency Business: Switchable BAdI Implementations in EHP6 
WZRE_BADI_IMPL_SFWS_CS_7 Agency Business: Switchable BAdI Implementations EHP7 
WZRE_CM Agency Business: Connection to SAP Credit Management 
WZRE_CPE AB: Formula Pricing Integration 
WZRE_EXTERNAL_POSTING External posting via agency business 
WZRE_FORM_DEFINITION Definition of SAP Interactive Forms Based on Adobe 
WZRE_FORM_PROCESS Processing Adobe Forms 
WZRE_MASS Agency Business: Mass Processing 
WZRE_MCEX_SFWS_UI1 Agency Business: UI Switch Package - MCEX 
WZRE_SERVICES OO Wrapping of Agency Business + Services 
WZRE_SETTLEMENT_METHODS Agency Business: Settlement Methods 
WZRE_VC Agency Business: Link to Configuration 
WZRE_XI_PROXY Agency Business: SOA proxy implementations 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in