SAP ABAP Application Component SD (Sales and Distribution)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009600  
Application Component ID SD  
Short Description   Sales and Distribution  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
SD-BF Basic Functions  HLA0006560 
SD-BF-AC Availability Check  HLA0006562 
SD-BF-AC-SOA Enterprise SOA  EB50000001 
SD-BF-ACT Account Determination  HLA0006568 
SD-BF-AS Material Sorting  ALN0000433 
SD-BF-CM Credit Management  HLA0006563 
SD-BF-CPE CPE in SD  PR00000062 
SD-BF-CS Cross Selling  PCO0000002 
SD-BF-EC Extra Charge  ALN0000007 
SD-BF-FG Free Goods  HLA0100730 
SD-BF-FM Funds Management  PCO0000001 
SD-BF-MD Material Determination  HLA0006564 
SD-BF-OC Output Determination  HLA0006565 
SD-BF-PD Partner determination  P450002041 
SD-BF-PR Pricing and Conditions  HLA0006561 
SD-BF-SMI Supplier Managed Inventory  E4E0000001 
SD-BF-TP Word Processing  HLA0006566 
SD-BF-TX Taxes  HLA0006567 
SD-BIL Billing  HLA0009603 
SD-BIL-CA Account Assignment  HLA0006584 
SD-BIL-EM Empties Management  ALN0000434 
SD-BIL-GF Basic Functions  HLA0006580 
SD-BIL-IL Invoice List  HLA0006582 
SD-BIL-IV Processing Billing Documents  HLA0006581 
SD-BIL-IV-BP Billing Plan  HLA0100734 
SD-BIL-IV-CP Complaints Processing  PLN0000071 
SD-BIL-IV-DP Down Payments  HLA0100735 
SD-BIL-IV-IB Intercompany Billing  HLA0100737 
SD-BIL-IV-PC Payment Cards  HLA0100732 
SD-BIL-IV-SBI Self-Billing Proced.  PLN0000072 
SD-BIL-IV-SM Expense-Related Billing  HLA0100736 
SD-BIL-RB Rebate Processing  HLA0006583 
SD-BIL-RB-ENH Extended Rebate  ALN0000432 
SD-BIL-RB-PL Pendulum List Indirect Sales  ALN0000436 
SD-BIL-RR Revenue recognition  ALR0006031 
SD-CAS Sales Support  HLA0009604 
SD-CAS-BD Basic Data  HLA0006585 
SD-CAS-SA Sales Activities  HLA0006587 
SD-CAS-SP Sales Promotions  HLA0006586 
SD-CH Contract Handling  ALN0000009 
SD-EDI Electronic Data Interchange  HLA0009607 
SD-EDI-IM Inbound Message Processing  HLA0006591 
SD-EDI-OM Outbound Message Processing  HLA0006590 
SD-FT Foreign Trade  HLA0006576 
SD-FT-COM Communication / Printing  HLA0001835 
SD-FT-CON Legal Control  HLA0001832 
SD-FT-GOV Declarations to Authorities  HLA0001834 
SD-FT-IMP Import Processing  HLA0100739 
SD-FT-LOC Documentary Payment Guarantee  HLA0100738 
SD-FT-PRE Preference Handling  HLA0001833 
SD-FT-PRO Basic Functions  HLA0001831 
SD-IS Information System  HLA0009605 
SD-IS-DC Data Collection  HLA0009766 
SD-IS-EWS Early Warning System  HLA0001836 
SD-IS-LIS Interface to Logistics Information Library (LIL)  HLA0009765 
SD-IS-PLN Planning  HLA0009764 
SD-IS-REP Reporting  HLA0009763 
SD-MD Master Data  HLA0009606 
SD-MD-AM Agreements  HLA0006003 
SD-MD-AM-CMI Customer Material Information  HLA0001823 
SD-MD-AM-PRO Promotions / Sales Deals  HLA0001825 
SD-MD-AM-RAG Rebate Agreements  HLA0001824 
SD-MD-CH Customer Hierarchy  AC00000045 
SD-MD-CM Conditions  HLA0006002 
SD-MD-MM Material Maintenance  HLA0006859 
SD-MD-MM-CS Additional Material Functions  PR00000051 
SD-MD-MM-DET Material Determination  HLA0001822 
SD-MD-MM-LIS Material Listing / Exclusion  HLA0001821 
SD-MD-MM-PPR Item Proposal  HLA0001820 
SD-POS POS Interface  I020004209 
SD-POS-IN POS Interface - Inbound  HLA0100861 
SD-POS-OUT POS Interface - Outbound  HLA0100862 
SD-SLS Sales  HLA0009601 
SD-SLS-API SD API Interface, LORD  E4A0000033 
SD-SLS-ES Enterprise Services in Sales  E380000052 
SD-SLS-GF Basic Functions  HLA0006007 
SD-SLS-OA Outline Agreements (Customer)  HLA0006010 
SD-SLS-OA-CCO Customer Contract  HLA0001826 
SD-SLS-OA-SCH Customer Scheduling Agreement  HLA0001827 
SD-SLS-OA-SCO Service Contracts  HLA0100731 
SD-SLS-PLL Part Load Lift Orders  ALN0000008 
SD-SLS-PLL-OBS Remaining Beverage - Obsolete Objects  ALN0000012 
SD-SLS-QUT Customer Inquiries / Quotations  HLA0006008 
SD-SLS-RE Complaints  HLA0006011 
SD-SLS-RE-SR Sales Returns  ALN0000435 
SD-SLS-SO Sales Orders  HLA0006009 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/ERP/SD Local Analytics Content for Sales & Distribution 
/KYK/OPS_SD Sales and Distribution 
APPL_CONTENT_OPS_SD Analytics Content for SD 
APPL_CONTENT_OPS_SD_ABAP Analytics Content for SD, ABAP Part 
ASAPTERM_SD Terminology and Glossary: Translation in SD 
ASDM Application components SD 
ASDP Process model objects SD 
BF_SD_01 Switch Packages in dependency to Business Function SD_01 
CBESH_UI_ODATA_SD CestBON application OData services Sales and Distrubution 
CRM_CMS_BILL_CAP_RD Rel Dep CMS plugin package to capture billing data 
CRM_CMS_BILL_CAP_RI Rel Ind CMS plugin package to capture billing data 
CRM_IPM_ERP IPM backend Development 
CRM_MKTTG_EXCHANGE_SFWS_SC1 Target Group exchange: switched objects (non-UI) 
EA-CP Consumer Products 
EA-ISSE Industry-Specific Sales Enhancements 
ERP_O2C_CUSTOM_SFWS_UI1 UI Switch Package 1 - SD O2C Basics Customizing 
ERP_SALES_O2C ERP Sales Order 2 Cash 
ERP_SALES_O2C_BPR ERP Sales Order 2 Cash - PFCG role for internal sales rep. 
ERP_SALES_O2C_MAIN ERP Sales Order 2 Cash - Main 
ERP_SALES_O2C_MAIN_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package 1 - O2C SD-MAIN (6.04) 
ERP_SALES_O2C_WHOLESALE ERP Sales Order 2 Cash - Wholesale 
ERP_SALES_O2C_WHOLESA_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package 1 - O2C SD-WHOLESALE (6.04) 
ERP_SALES_PORTAL_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package 1 - SD Sales Portal 
ERP_SALES_PORTAL_SFWS_UI1 UI Switch Package 1 - SD Portal 
ERP_SD_ANALYTICS_CORE Sales, Billing and Delivery Analytics - Core 
ERP_SD_ANALYTICS_CORE_TR Sales, Billing and Delivery Analytics - Translation Relevant 
ERP_SD_SFWS_POWL1_SBCS Collective switch package for POWL Switch BC Sets (6.04) 
ESH_SD HANA search main content package for SD 
FIN_LOC_CI_9_TEST_CASES Test Case Template for FIN_LOC_CI_9_Test_Cases 
ID-SD-CN SD Localization (Chile, China, Peru): Document Printing 
ID-SD-CN-SFWS-INVTYP China Golden Tax Interface EhP5e:Switch Package 
LOG_DOC_SEARCH_IMPL Logistics - Search Wrapper Implementations 
LOG_SD_616_SWITCHES SD Switches for SAP ERP 6.16 
LOG_SD_617_SWITCHES SD Switches for SAP ERP 6.17 
LOG_SD_ADVORD_TEST_CASES Test Cases for Business Function LOG_SD_ADVORD 
LOG_SD_CI_01_TEST_CASES Test Cases for Business Function LOG_SD_CI_01 
LOG_SD_SFWS_PRICE_INQUIRY Code Enhancement Package - SD Price Inquiry 
LOG_SD_SFWS_PRICE_LIST Code Enhancement Package - SD Price List 
LOG_SD_SFWS_PRICING_MULTI_ITEM Code Enhancement Package - SD Pricing Multi Item 
LOG_SD_SIMP_02_TEST_CASES External Test Cases for Bus. Function LOG_SD_SIMP_02_EhP4 
R3E_BCS_CP BC Set Activation Flag for EA_CP 
R3E_BCS_ISSE BC Set Activation Flag for EA-ISSE 
SD_01_TEST_CASES External Test Cases SD_01 
U300 Sales and Distribution 
VA_SFWS_MATERIAL_INDEX Code Enhancement Package - SD Material Index (VAPMA) 
VA_SFWS_PARTNER_INDEX Code Enhancement Package - SD Partner Index (VAKPA) 
VBER Enhancement of Sales Area Data for Customer Records 
VD_PDF_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package 1 - SD PDF Printing (6.03) 
VF_SFWS_MEV_01 Enhancement package for switch SD_SFWS_MEV_01 
VIPC SCE Basis, Control IPC Using HTML Control 
VIPCSV IPC Basis Service 
VKON_SFWS_REBATE_INDEX Code Enhancement Package - SD Rebate Index (VBOX) 
VNSI Development Class for NuSkin Objects 
VZ0C_616 Enhancement of Cust. R/3 SD Centr. Func. for SAP ERP 6.16 
VZ_SFWS_REPORT_OPT Code Enhancement Package - SD Report Optimization 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in