SAP ABAP Application Component SD-SLS (Sales)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009601  
Application Component ID SD-SLS  
Short Description   Sales  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
SD-SLS-API SD API Interface, LORD  E4A0000033 
SD-SLS-ES Enterprise Services in Sales  E380000052 
SD-SLS-GF Basic Functions  HLA0006007 
SD-SLS-OA Outline Agreements (Customer)  HLA0006010 
SD-SLS-OA-CCO Customer Contract  HLA0001826 
SD-SLS-OA-SCH Customer Scheduling Agreement  HLA0001827 
SD-SLS-OA-SCO Service Contracts  HLA0100731 
SD-SLS-PLL Part Load Lift Orders  ALN0000008 
SD-SLS-PLL-OBS Remaining Beverage - Obsolete Objects  ALN0000012 
SD-SLS-QUT Customer Inquiries / Quotations  HLA0006008 
SD-SLS-RE Complaints  HLA0006011 
SD-SLS-RE-SR Sales Returns  ALN0000435 
SD-SLS-SO Sales Orders  HLA0006009 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/CBAD/AD01_SFWS_SC1 Contract Billing Switch Package - AD01 
/CBAD/CONTRACT_MOD Contract Billing 
/CBAD/MCEX_SFWS_SC1 Contract Billing Switch Package - MCEX 
/CBAD/MCEX_SFWS_UI1 Contract Billing UI Switch Package - MCEX 
/CBAD/MCS_SFWS_SC1 Contract Billing Switch Package - MCS 
/CBAD/VA_SFWS_SC1 Contract Billing Switch Package - VA 
/CBAD/VF_PRC_CORE_SFWS_SC1 Contract Billing Switch Package - VF_PRC_CORE 
/CBAD/VF_PRC_GUI_SFWS_SC1 Contract Billing Switch Package - VF_PRC_GUI 
/CBAD/VF_SFWS_SC1 Contract Billing Switch Package - VF 
/CBAD/VKON_SFWS_SC1 Contract Billing Switch Package - VKON 
/CBAD/VPK_SFWS_SC1 Contract Billing Switch Package - VPK 
/CBAD/VZ_SFWS_SC1 Contract Billing Switch Package - VZ 
CRM_IPC Integration IPC Engine with E-Commerce 
ERP_PRS_SD Professional Services; parts in SD Core 
ERP_SALES_LORD ERP Sales Lean Order 
ERP_SALES_LORD_ESOA_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package 1 - eSOA/SD Lean Order (6.03) 
ERP_SALES_LORD_SFWS_SC Coding Switch Package 1 - SD Lean Order 
ERP_SALES_LORD_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package 1 - SD Lean Order 
ERP_SALES_LORD_SFWS_SC2 Coding Switch Package 2 - SD Lean Order (6.03) 
ERP_SALES_LORD_SFWS_SC3 Coding Switch Package 3 - SD Lean Order (6.04) 
ERP_SALES_LORD_SFWS_UI1 UI Switch Package 1 - SD Lean Order 
ERP_SALES_O2C_SLS ERP Sales Order 2 Cash - Sales 
ERP_SALES_O2C_SLS_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package 1 - O2C SD-SLS (6.03) 
ERP_SALES_O2C_SLS_SFWS_SC2 Coding Switch Package 2 - O2C SD-SLS (6.04) 
ERP_SALES_PORTAL ERP Sales Portal Roles 
ERP_SLS_LO_GAF_EWB GAF Enhancement WB for the LO OIF application 
ERP_SLS_LO_OIF_SFWS_UI4 UI Switch Package 4 - SD Lean Order (6.05) 
ERP_SLS_TEMPLATE Sales Template 
ESH_SD_SLS HANA search main content package for SD Sales 
LOG_SD_CI_02_TEST_CASES External Test Cases for Business Function LOG_SD_CI_02_EhP5 
OPS_SFWS_VA_HOL Switch Package for Handover Location in SD 
U302 Sales 
VACA Sales - Plug-In Enhancement for CRM 
VA_BADI BADIs R/3 Sales 
VA_SD_SFWS_SC2 Coding Switch Package 2 - SD Sales General (6.03) 
VA_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package 1 - SD Sales General 
VA_SFWS_UI1 UI Switch Package 1 - SD Sales General 
VA_SFWS_UI2 UI Switch Package 2 - SD Sales General (6.03) 
VA_SFWS_UI3 UI Switch Package 3 - SD Sales General (6.04) 
VOW Sales and distribution organizational data 
VOWCORE General Services: SD Organizational Data 
VZ_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package 1 - SD Sales Central Functions 
VZ_SFWS_SC2 Coding Switch Package 2 - SD Sales Central Functions (6.03) 
VZ_SFWS_UI1 UI Switch Package 1 - SD Sales Central Functions 
WCK2 IS-R: Credit card management (Customizing) 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in