SAP ABAP Application Component QM (Quality Management)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009540  
Application Component ID QM  
Short Description   Quality Management  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
QM-ADB Adobe Forms  AC00000061 
QM-ADB-PRN Print Form  AC00000062 
QM-CA Quality Certificates  HLA0006215 
QM-CA-CG Certificate Creation  HLA0006217 
QM-CA-MD Basic Data for Certificates  HLA0006216 
QM-CA-RE Certificate Receipt  ALR0008410 
QM-IM Quality Inspection  HLA0009542 
QM-IM-IC Appraisal Costs  HLA0006206 
QM-IM-IL Inspection Lot Creation  HLA0006211 
QM-IM-RR Results Recording  HLA0006212 
QM-IM-RR-CHR Characteristic Results  HLA0001808 
QM-IM-RR-DEF Defects  HLA0001809 
QM-IM-SM Sample Management  HLA0100686 
QM-IM-UD Inspection Lot Completion  HLA0006213 
QM-IT Test Equipment Management  HLA0100778 
QM-IT-BD Master Data  HLA0100779 
QM-IT-CP Calibration Planning  HLA0100780 
QM-IT-CV Calibration Inspection  HLA0100781 
QM-PT Quality Planning  HLA0009541 
QM-PT-BD Basic Data  HLA0006200 
QM-PT-BD-CAT Catalog  HLA0001801 
QM-PT-BD-ICH Inspection Characteristic  HLA0001802 
QM-PT-BD-IMT Inspection Method  HLA0001803 
QM-PT-BD-MM Material Master  HLA0001800 
QM-PT-BD-SPL Samples and SPC  HLA0006202 
QM-PT-CP Control Plan  E360000021 
QM-PT-FA Failure Mode and Effects Analysis  AER0000051 
QM-PT-IP Inspection Planning  HLA0006201 
QM-PT-RP QM Control in Logistics  HLA0006210 
QM-PT-RP-PRC QM Control in Procurement  HLA0001806 
QM-PT-RP-SD QM Control in Sales and Distribution  HLA0001807 
QM-QC Quality Control  HLA0009543 
QM-QC-AQC Active Quality Control  HLA0006208 
QM-QC-AQC-CHT Control Charts  HLA0001812 
QM-QC-AQC-LEV Quality Level  HLA0001811 
QM-QC-AQC-VEV Update of Vendor Evaluation  HLA0001813 
QM-QC-IS Information System  HLA0006207 
QM-QC-IS-DTC Data Retrieval  HLA0001841 
QM-QC-IS-EWS Early Warning System  HLA0001810 
QM-QC-IS-LIB Logistics Information Library  HLA0001842 
QM-QC-IS-PLN Planning  HLA0001840 
QM-QC-IS-RPT Reporting  HLA0001839 
QM-QN Quality Notifications  HLA0006218 
QM-QN-CO Nonconformity Costs  HLA0001814 
QM-QN-NM Processing Quality Notifications  HLA0006832 
QM-QN-NM-8D QM 8D-Report Automotive  PRN0000101 
QM-QN-NT Creating Quality Notifications  HLA0006831 
QM-ST Stability Studies  ALN0000001 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
AQMM Application components QM 
AQMP Process model objects QM 
ASAPTERM_QM Terminology and Glossary: Translation in QM 
CBESH_UI_ODATA_QM CestBON application OData services Quality Management 
ESH_QM HANA Search Main Content Package for QM 
NFEM Message: Connection to SCEM 
NFEX Notification: Extraction of Release-Independent Objects 
ODATA_QM OData Services for QM 
ODATA_QM_NOTIFICATION OData Services for Notification 
OPS_QM_TEST_CASES_FROM_EHP6 Test Cases for QM Business Functions as of EhP6 
PLM_NOTIFICATIONS PLM Portals: Notifications 
PLM_NOTIFICATIONS_46C PLM Portals: Notifications 
QALL_SFWS_SC QM Enhancements 
QALL_SFWS_UI1 QM Enhancements UI 
QISR_EXAMPLES Internal Service Requests: Example Scenarios 
QMBW QM: BW Extraction 
QMEM Inspection Lot: Connection to SCEM (Release Indep.) 
QMEM_RD Inspection Lot: Connection to SCEM 
QMEX QM: Extraction of Release-independent Objects 
QMPMCS_WP Services for CS/QM/PM Workplaces 
QMWP QM Workplace 
QM_ETCT_EA_APPL_605 External Testcases for Quality Management 605 
QM_ETCT_SAP_APPL_605 External Testcases for Quality Management 605 
QM_IMG_EA IMG Enhancements for QM 
QM_SFWS_DSR QM: Selection Option for Remark in Digital Signature 
QNWEB Web Application for Notifications (ISR) 
QPCP_SFWS_UI1 UI Switch Package for Control Plan 
U600 Quality Management 
WAO_46C_QUALITY_MANAGEMENT MiniApp: Quality Management (Release-Dependent 46C Part) 
WAO_QUALITY_MANAGEMENT MiniApp: Quality Management (Release-Independent Part) 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in