SAP ABAP Application Component PPM (Portfolio and Project Management)
Basic Data
Application Component L1B0000002  
Application Component ID PPM  
Short Description   Portfolio and Project Management  
First Release Date 20081125 
First Release   702 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PPM-CF Common Functions  PTD0000001 
PPM-CF-BP Business Package  PTD0000011 
PPM-CF-DFM Decision Flow Management  PTD0000002 
PPM-CF-PMI Project Management Integration  PTD0000003 
PPM-PFM Portfolio Management  /RPM/XSD0000011 
PPM-PRO Project Management  APL0000008 
PPM-PRO-BW BW Interface  APL0000026 
PPM-PRO-CPL Control Plan  CP40000006 
PPM-PRO-DOC Documents  APL0000023 
PPM-PRO-EVA Evaluations  APL0000025 
PPM-PRO-EXT Connection to External Systems  CP40000003 
PPM-PRO-EXT-API BAPI Interface for cProjects  CP40000005 
PPM-PRO-EXT-COL Collaborations  PPD0000001 
PPM-PRO-EXT-FIN cProjects Accounting Integration  APL0000071 
PPM-PRO-EXT-OBL Object Links  APL0000027 
PPM-PRO-EXT-PMT External Project Management Tools  CP40000004 
PPM-PRO-EXT-SRM SRM Integration  PCC0000002 
PPM-PRO-RES Resources  APL0000031 
PPM-PRO-STR Structure  APL0000022 
PPM-PRO-VER Versions  CP40000002 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
INM_CPPM Capital Project and Portfolio Management 
INM_CPPM_MAIN Capital Project and Portfolio Management 
INM_EA_APPL Innovation Management 
ODATA_PPM ODATA services for PPM 
PPM_IMG Portfolio and Project Management IMG Objects 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in   702