SAP ABAP Application Component PS (Project System)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009550  
Application Component ID PS  
Short Description   Project System  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PS-APP Project Budgeting  HLA0006823 
PS-APP-CB Budget Allocation  HLA0001571 
PS-APP-CB Budget Update  HLA0001572 
PS-APP-CB Budget Release  HLA0001573 
PS-APP-CB Availability Control for Project Budgets  HLA0001574 
PS-APP-FB Cash Budget  HLA0006825 
PS-CAF Payments  HLA0100705 
PS-CAF-ACT Actual Payments and Forecast  HLA0006826 
PS-CAF-PLN Planned Payments  HLA0006682 
PS-CAF-PLN-CAL Costing  HLA0100707 
PS-CAF-PLN-PLN Planning  HLA0100706 
PS-CLM Claim Management  ALR0077563 
PS-CON Confirmation  HLA0006830 
PS-CON-CAT Time Sheet  HLA0100716 
PS-CON-EXT Decentralized Confirmation (PDC)  HLA0001577 
PS-CON-NET Confirmation of Network Activities  HLA0001575 
PS-COS Costs  HLA0009554 
PS-COS-ACT Actual Costs and Forecast  HLA0006687 
PS-COS-BUD Budget  HLA0006824 
PS-COS-PER Automatic and Periodic Allocations  HLA0006688 
PS-COS-PER-ABC Process Costs  HLA0100701 
PS-COS-PER-IC Interest  HLA0001582 
PS-COS-PER-OC Overhead  HLA0001581 
PS-COS-PER-PT Periodic Transfer  HLA0001580 
PS-COS-PER-SE Settlement  HLA0001585 
PS-COS-PLN Planned Costs  HLA0006680 
PS-COS-PLN-CAL Costing  HLA0001565 
PS-COS-PLN-PLN Planning  HLA0001564 
PS-CRP Resources  HLA0006683 
PS-CRP-CMP Capacity Leveling  HLA0006828 
PS-CRP-PLN Capacity Planning  HLA0001562 
PS-CRP-PRS Shift Planning  HLA0100708 
PS-CRP-PRT Production Resources/Tools  HLA0006820 
PS-CRP-SRV External Services Management  HLA0100710 
PS-CRP-WFP Workforce Planning  HLA0100709 
PS-DAT Dates  HLA0006681 
PS-DAT-NET Network Scheduling  HLA0001570 
PS-DAT-WBS Date Planning  HLA0001569 
PS-DOC Document  HLA0006674 
PS-DOC-DMS Document Processing  HLA0001557 
PS-DOC-TXT Project Texts  HLA0001556 
PS-EXE Project Execution / Integration  HLA0009552 
PS-EXE-CLS Period-End Closing in Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing  HLA0001579 
PS-EXE-CON Integration with Time Management  HLA0001576 
PS-EXE-GF General Functions  HLA0006686 
PS-HLP Handling Large Projects  EE60000031 
PS-HLP-CAC Handling Large Projects: Cache  EE60000035 
PS-HLP-DRF Handling Large Projects: Drafts  EE60000034 
PS-HLP-ORD Handling Large Projects: PM/CS Order Handling  EE60000037 
PS-HLP-PE Handling Large Projects: Project Editor  EE60000033 
PS-HLP-PW Handling Large Projects: Project Worklist  EE60000032 
PS-HLP-SCH Handling Large Projects: Project Editor Scheduling  EE60000036 
PS-IS Information System  HLA0009553 
PS-IS-CON Responsibility Accounting  HLA0100721 
PS-IS-CON-CRP Capacities  HLA0006695 
PS-IS-CON-MAT Material  HLA0006694 
PS-IS-CON-SUM Project Summarization  HLA0100722 
PS-IS-FIN Finances  HLA0006692 
PS-IS-GF General Functions  HLA0006689 
PS-IS-GRF Graphic  HLA0001587 
PS-IS-INT Interfaces and Enhancements  HLA0100723 
PS-IS-INT-EXT Interfaces with External Systems  HLA0001588 
PS-IS-REP Project Reports  HLA0001586 
PS-IS-REP-ACC Accounting  HLA0006691 
PS-IS-REP-LOG Logistics  HLA0006693 
PS-IS-REP-ST Structure  HLA0006690 
PS-IS-TRA Trend Analyses  HLA0100720 
PS-MAT Material  HLA0006684 
PS-MAT-DLV Delivery  HLA0100715 
PS-MAT-INT Bill of Material Transfer  HLA0100714 
PS-MAT-PRC Procurement  HLA0006827 
PS-MAT-PRO Project-Oriented Procurement  PLN0000021 
PS-OPS-WBS WBS Maintenance  HLA0001558 
PS-PLN-COS Overhead  HLA0001566 
PS-PRG Progress  HLA0100719 
PS-PRG-EVA Progress Analysis  HLA0006697 
PS-PRG-EVA-ACT Earned Value Analysis  HLA0001590 
PS-PRG-EVA-PLN Planning  HLA0001583 
PS-PRG-IND Statistical Key Figures  HLA0001568 
PS-PRG-TRC Progress Tracking  PLN0000012 
PS-REV Revenues and Earnings  HLA0100702 
PS-REV-ACT Actual Revenues and Forecast  HLA0006829 
PS-REV-CPR Construction Progress Report  ALN0000441 
PS-REV-IO Project-Related Incoming Orders  ALR0002261 
PS-REV-PLN Planned Revenues  HLA0006822 
PS-REV-PLN-CAL Costing  HLA0100704 
PS-REV-PLN-PLN Planning  HLA0100703 
PS-REV-RA Results Analysis  HLA0001584 
PS-REV-TRF Transfer Prices and Decentralized Responsibility  HLA0001559 
PS-SIM Simulation  HLA0100717 
PS-ST Structures  HLA0100687 
PS-ST-INT Interface to External Project Software  HLA0100689 
PS-ST-OPR Operative Structures  HLA0009555 
PS-ST-OPR-DEF Project Definition  HLA0006676 
PS-ST-OPR-MIL Milestone  HLA0006679 
PS-ST-OPR-NET Network and Activity  HLA0006678 
PS-ST-OPR-NET-MAIN Network Maintenance  HLA0001560 
PS-ST-OPR-NET-PRINT Printing Networks  HLA0001561 
PS-ST-OPR-NET-SUB Subnetworks  HLA0001563 
PS-ST-OPR-ORD Orders for Projects  HLA0001567 
PS-ST-OPR-PB Project Builder  ALR0008412 
PS-ST-OPR-PLN Structure Planning  HLA0100688 
PS-ST-OPR-PPB Project Planning Board  HLA0006821 
PS-ST-OPR-WBS Work Breakdown Structure  HLA0006677 
PS-ST-TMP Templates  HLA0009551 
PS-ST-TMP-DEF Standard Project Definition  HLA0006670 
PS-ST-TMP-MIL Standard Milestone  HLA0006673 
PS-ST-TMP-NET Standard Network  HLA0006672 
PS-ST-TMP-WBS Standard Work Breakdown Structure  HLA0006671 
PS-VER Versions  HLA0100718 
PS-WFL SAP Business Workflow Connection  HLA0009106 
PS-XX-PS International Functionality (Public Sector)  PSXX000001 
PSM Public Sector Management  I150004900 
PSM-EC Expenditure Certification  AEN0000051 
PSM-FA Fund Accounting  PLN0000041 
PSM-FG Functions for U.S. Federal Government  ALN0000203 
PSM-FG-AP Cost-Relevant Asset  ALN0000206 
PSM-FG-BL Budgetary Ledger  ALN0000191 
PSM-FG-IS Information System  ALN0000193 
PSM-FG-PP US Prompt Payment Act  ALN0000204 
PSM-FG-RS Sampling Procedure Invoice Verification  ALN0000207 
PSM-FG-TC Central Cash Desk Procedure  ALN0000205 
PSM-FM Funds Management  I150004901 
PSM-FM-BCS Budget Control System  ALN0000194 
PSM-FM-BCS-AC Availability Control  ALN0000196 
PSM-FM-BCS-BU Budgeting  ALN0000195 
PSM-FM-BL Budgetary Ledger  PLN0000081 
PSM-FM-BU Budgeting and Availability Control  I150004903 
PSM-FM-BU-AC Availability Control  KI48000002 
PSM-FM-BU-BF Basic Functions of Budgeting  KI48000001 
PSM-FM-BU-CE Unilateral and Reciprocal Cover Eligibility  KI48000003 
PSM-FM-BU-RB Revenues Increasing the Budget  I150004910 
PSM-FM-CL Closing Operations  I150004907 
PSM-FM-DE Special Function Public Sector Germany  KI48000007 
PSM-FM-IS Information system  I150004908 
PSM-FM-MD Master Data  I150004902 
PSM-FM-PO Funds Management-Specific Postings  I150004904 
PSM-FM-PO-CA Cash Desk  KI48000006 
PSM-FM-PO-EF Earmarked Funds and Funds Transfers  KI48000004 
PSM-FM-PO-RE Request  KI48000005 
PSM-FM-UP Actual Update and Commitment Update  I150004905 
PSM-FM-US Special Functions for the US Federal Government  ALN0000192 
PSM-GM Grants Management  ALN0000197 
PSM-GM-GTE Grantee Management  AEN0000081 
PSM-GM-GTE-BU Budgeting and Availability Control  ALN0000199 
PSM-GM-GTE-GM Grants Management - Specific Postings  ALN0000200 
PSM-GM-GTE-IS Information System  ALN0000202 
PSM-GM-GTE-MD Master Data  ALN0000198 
PSM-GM-GTE-UP Actual Update and Commitment Update  ALN0000201 
PSM-GM-GTR Grantor Management  AEN0000082 
PSM-GM-GTR-GM Grantor Management - Specific Postings         AEN0000101 
PSM-GM-GTR-IS Information System  AEN0000102 
PSM-GM-GTR-MD Master Data  AEN0000083 
PSM-GM-GTR-UP Actual Update and Commitment Update           AEN0000091 
PSM-GPR Government Procurement  /SAPPSPRO/PEN0000071 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
APSM Application components PS 
APSP Process model objects PS 
ASAPTERM_PS Terminology and Glossary: Translation in BC 
CBESH_UI_ODATA_PS CestBON application OData services Project System 
CBZID Variable Object Identifiers 
CNCORE R/3 Application development: PS Basic data 
CNCT CNCT Function modules for CATTs in CN 
CNROL Roles in the Project System 
CPSSV Application Development: R/3 PS Service Modules 
EA-APPL_CONTENT_HLP_CACHE Analytics Content for Handling Large Projects Cache 
EA-APPL_CONTENT_PS Analytics Content (Search and BI) for Project Systems 
KAP_LCC Life Cycle Costing 
KAP_LCC_D Lifecycle Accounting (Release-Dependent) 
KAP_PTR Extraction: Progress Tracking for Bus. Info. Warehouse 
MYOBJECTS_FOR_CATS_REL myObjects for CATS by Release 
ODATA_PS Odata backend for Project Systems 
PLM_PROJECT_SYSTEM PLM Portals: Project System 
PLM_PROJECT_SYSTEM_46C PLM Portals: Project System 
PLM_PROJECT_SYSTEM_46FF PLM Portal: Project System (From Release 4.6B) 
PLM_SE_PRS_XI_PROXY Proxy implementations for Project System 
PSB_BO Main Package for PS BO 
PSU_WUI PS WEB UI Main Package 
PS_CORE PS Core Package for switches 
PS_EA_EHP3_SFWS_UI_2 PS Extension UI 2 package 
PS_EHP3_CORE_SFWS_UI UI package for PS developments in EHP3 
PS_EHP3_CORE_SFWS_UI_2 PS UI changes related to UI switch 2 
PS_EHP3_TEST_CASES PS package ofr external testcases 
PS_EXT ps extension package for switches 
PS_HLP_CACHE Handling Large Projects:-Cache 
PS_HLP_SWITCH PS HLP package for storing switches 
PS_HLP_TEST_CASES Package to store external test case for handling large proje 
PS_TEST_CASES PS External Test Cases 
RS_IMG_PS OLTP IMG PS (Project System) 
U800 Project System 
WAO_46C_CLAIM_MANAGEMENT Claim Management: 46C Part 
WAO_46C_COLLABORATIVE_ENG_PM MiniApp: CEP (Release-Dependent 46C Part) 
WAO_46C_PROJECT_SYSTEM Project System: 46C Developments 
WAO_CLAIM_MANAGEMENT Claim Management: Release-Independent Part 
WAO_COLLABORATIVE_ENG_PM MiniAPP: CEP (Release-Independent Part) 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in